David Wilcockson “I” (Wilcoxon, Wilcox) of Tennessee:


Birth/Death: 22 October 1742 to 25 February 1834 at age 91 years, per grave stone, Gibsonville Cemetery, Giles County, Tennessee.

Married Kezia __

Will or estate administration: Not yet identified.  Has anyone looked for one?

Surname Spelling unstable David “I” and includes Wilcoxson, Willcoxson, Wilcockson, Wilcoxon,Wilcoxen, Wilcocks, Wilcock, Willcox, Wilcox.  Use of two syllables was more common in earlier years.

Parents are currently debated; many advocates exist for John Wilcockson (~1720) + wife Sarah Boone; As of 8/12/2013, y-dna tests are not helping to define David Wilcockson’s relationship to his parents.     

This revision 8/12/2013, J. R. Murphy, planetmurphy.org.


Kezia ___, wife of David Wilcockson:


Birth/Death: 16 July 1761 to 18 December 1856, per grave stone, Gibsonville Cemetery

Maiden name reported to be Cope, but original source(s) need identification.

Will or estate administration: Not yet identified

Parents are not known. 


Part One - Controversy over David Willcockson’s Origins


There are two David Wilcoxsons (various spellings - Wilcox, etc) who need to be untangled.

1 - David Wilcoxson (born 1742 to 1834 Giles County, Tennessee) is our subject here and is claimed by some descendants to be a son of John (1720 - 1798) and Sarah Boone Wilcoxson.   For briefness, sometimes he will be called “Tennessee’s David Wilcockson” or David Wilcockson “I.”


2 - David Wilcox (born ~1747/50 to 1814/15 Franklin County, Kentucky), son of George Wilcoxson “II” (~1730 – 1785): See his write-up in the George Wilcockson (1692 – 1739) chapter.


Separating the two Davids by spelling differences doesn’t work.  The problem with Tennessee’s David Wilcoxson is his back-trail prior to Tennessee.  He may have lived in Kentucky before 1790, but he doesn’t cleanly separate out from the other David.   In fact, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records for his son David Jr. (1796 – 1883) state he (junior) was born in North Carolina.   This is a helpful clue.   Until there is a better understanding, most findings for David Wilcox/Wilcoxson in Rowan County, North Carolina and in Kentucky appear to belong to David Wilcox/Wilcoxson, son of George.   


Charles S. Hunt* disputes this…“disagree with your recent conclusion that David Willcockson was not a son of John.”  Reasons given:

(1). Name of first child of John and Sarah Wilcoxson is David.

(2). 1768 Rowan County tax list: David is more likely a son of John Wilcoxson.

(3). 1761 Rowan County tax list: John Wilcockson is next to to Benjamin Cutbeard/Cutbirth (~1740 to ~1817), who married about 1759 to Elizabeth Wilcoxson, daughter of John.   Cutbirth was at Boonesborough along with David.    David and Cutbeard/Cutbirth and their families moved to southern middle Tennessee.  Later the 1820 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee shows David Wilcoxon (Senior) next to Daniel Cutbirth - son of Benjamin Cutbirth, Senior.

(4). Isaac Willcockson, son of David Willcockson, had a son named John Boone Willcockson.

Thanks go to Charles S. Hunt for his concern, comments, and information including Gibsonville Cemetery data, emails courtesy 12 & 15 May, and 18 June 2011.  He found the cemetery info on a website - maury/Giles-Marshall-LincolnCountyCemWeb.


Part Two - What Current y-dna Testing is Telling Us


            This writer’s (Jim Murphy) previous analysis of y-dna tests for descendants of David Willcockson (1742 - 1833), Isaac Wilcockson (1724 – 1765), John Wilcockson (1720 – 1798) are now withdrawn.  This analysis is apparently causing confusion.   Lisa Wilcox, Administrator for the Wilcox surname on familytreedna.com writes that firm conclusions can’t be drawn and can be misleading.  She states: “I honestly don’t know that yDNA testing will ever be able to parse out the exact relationship between your early 1700’s Wilcockson men.”

Email, courtesy Lisa Wilcox, 8 August 2013.  


            Do not get discouraged, but be aware of what Lisa says!  In the mean time, this writer continues to recommend more y-dna testing.  Y-dna results from descendants of George Wilcockson (~1730-1785), brother to John Wilcockson (1720 – 1798), do not seem to be available and could be helpful.


Part Three - Overview for David Willcockson and family


            From Charles Hunt: “The core location for our Middle Tennessee group was in northwestern Giles County, around Gibsonville.  Many of them are buried in the Old Gibsonville Cemetery.  They occasionally spilled over into neighboring Maury County to the north and Lawrence County to the west.  The simple version of the story is that a couple of David Sr.’s sons died fairly young.   David Jr. and his family went to Collin County, Texas.  Isaac died about 1847, but led by his son Samuel, Isaac’s children, including a son named John Boone Willcockson, went to Green County, Arkansas with Grandma in tow.  It’s really a little more complicated than that.  There was actually a bit of movement back and forth between Texas and Arkansas.  There was also a strange wild card, Samuel Willcoxson, born 20 November 1780 and buried in Collin County, Texas.  He is sometimes called a son of David Sr., but he was actually fairly clearly a son of Samuel and a grandson of John Willcockson and Sarah Boone.  He and his wife, Martha, are buried in Huson Cemetery, along with David’s group.  Their high quality tombstone clearly says “Father” and “Mother,” but I can find none of their children in Texas.”

Thank you Charles!  Email courtesy of Charles Hunt, 18 June 2011.


Part Four - Detailing for David Wilcockson


Rowan County, North Carolina Records:


(Controversial) 1768 Rowan County Tax – list of Morgan Bryan - that part Davie County: "John Wilcockson" together with "David Wilcocks" – 2 polls


Kentucky Records


(Controversial) 1775 Kentucky: “Thirty men of us came out in 1775.  It was 1776 when we got here… (They included)…David Wilcox, son of John W., nephew of Col. Boon….”

William G. Scroggins 6 September 1998 on John Willcockson; his source from Draper Manuscript 16C976, 9 Sh 18B  


(Probably) Rutherford and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina 1790 – 1809


            The following is probably Tennessee’s David Wilcoxson.  The best Rutherford-Lincoln clue is David’s 1800 U.S. Census for Rutherford County.  The four males in the census match his known children in numbers.


            Before 1790 – where was David?   


1790 U.S. Census of Lincoln County, North Carolina: Dav Wilcocks 1 -2- 1- 0 – 0 with 1 – free white males 16+, 2 – w.m. under 16, 3 – free white females, 4 – all other free persons regardless of race or gender, and 5 – slaves.  Ancestry.com places name in Burke County, but image definitely states Lincoln County at the top of the page.   Review of neighbors adjacent “Dav. Wilcocks” indicates they belonged in Lincoln County.  During these years Lincoln shared a common boundary with Rutherford County.  


Comment: Search for deeds or land grants in Lincoln County came up empty.


1792 Rutherford County, North Carolina deed: Indenture 3 November 1792 from Andrew Hudlow, Plantar, Rutherford County, NC deeded to David Wilcoxson of same county…for 80 pounds money…a tract of land lying and being in Rutherford…upper part of a tract of land granted to Thomas Cookly patent…lying on both sides of a small creek called Sheppards Creek…50 acres.  (Signed) Andrew Hudlow.  Witnesses: William Bowler and James Ross.   Entered: 10 March 1795, #1361, DB L, 367.    1797, this land was sold (over exposed film – very hard to read) on 7 October 1797(?).  David Wilcox of Rutherford County, NC deeded to Michael Tanner of same county….for 30 pounds money, lying in Rutherford County….on __ Creek called Sheppards(?) Creek… __ acres.  (Signed) David Wilcox (seal).  Witnesses: Richard Lewis and James Morris.  Court: 6 August 1798, DB 7-9, page 404. 


1793 March 5 – Rutherford County: Marriage of George Hay to Mary Purdon, with bondsman David Willcockson.

Marriages of Rutherford County, North Carolina, 1779-1868, by Brent Holcomb, 1986, page 66.


1797 Rutherford County, NC deed: Indenture made 7 October 1797 from Richard Lewis of Rutherford County, NC deeded to David Wilcox of Rutherford County, NC…for 50 pounds money…a tract or parcel of land in Rutherford County…beginning Lewis’ line opposite George Hays(?) dwelling and following said Lewis’ line and Robinsons(?) (or Ricksonor, etc) crossing above the old brick yard then extending (and) crossing creek to the back line, containing about 50 acres.  Signed: R. Lewis (seal).  Witnesses: James Morris, Daniel Tanner.  (Comment: Name of creek not mentioned).  Entered 30 May 1799, #756, DB10/pg312.   This land was sold 4 August 1809 by David Wilcockson of Rutherford County, NC and deeded to George Hay(?) (hard to read)…for $180…beginning in Leonard Daniels line opposite to the said George Harp(Hay?) dwelling house…along conditional line made by Richard Lewis and Wilkockson…crossing above…brick yard.. and then crossing the creek…50 acres.  Signed: David Wilkockson (seal).  Witnesses: Jno Welch, Sarah (‘X) Dyrden(?) (or Ryrden).  Entered 16 February 1810, #199, DB25/133    


1800 U.S. Census Rutherford Co, NC: David Wilcock 4-0-0-0-1; 1-0-0-1-0; 0 – 0. Key to numbers: There are two series of 5 numbers with the 1st being males and 2nd females.  1 – 0-10 age, 2 – 10-16, 3 – 16-26, 4 – 26-45, 5 – 45+. Next to last number is other free persons except Indians not taxed, last number is slaves.  Notice that the four male boys are a good fit for Tennessee’s David.


1800 Rutherford County, NC deed: Indenture 14 (month torn off) 1800, John and David Miller of Rutherford County, North Carolina deeded to David Wilcocks of same County…for 39 pounds money…a certain tract or parcel of land in the county aforesaid on Drury’s Branch of Cleghorns Creek including the sale(mill?) and __ cabbin….beginning at a stake on the south side of the branch…crossing the branch.  (Formerly, this land was) entered 14 October 1795…and contains 100 acres.  Signed: David Miller (seal) and John Miller (seal).  Witness: Russell Twitty.   Entered 4 July 1800, #998, DB12/157.   


This land was sold 3 September 1805 by David Wilcoxson of Rutherford County, NC and deeded to John Eckins of same county…that the said Wilcockson was paid 75 pounds money…a certain tract of land on Drury’s Branch of Cleghorns Creek including the Mill and the Cabbin, beginning at a post Oak on the top of a ridge…on the south side of the branch…to near the Waggon Road…(formerly, this land was) entered the 14th day of October 1798…contains 100 acres.    Signed: David Wilcockson (seal) and Casannah (‘x” her mark) Wilcockson.  Witnesses: Jno Welch, George Hug. Entered 23 February 1819, #240, DB 29-31, page 529.   


Comment: Signature line is the only time Casannah appears.  This would seem to be a misspelling, but the deed book clearly spells “Casannah.”  The correct name could be Cassiah (Keziah), Susanna, or Cassandra, but this is only speculation.  Cleghorns Creek flows south of Rutherfordton, Rutherford County to empty into the Broad - Green River interface at the Rutherford-Polk County line.   


Early Rutherford County records two other Wilcoxes on Green River: Isaac Wilcox sold out on 2 September 1782 and Samuel Wilcox on 7 September 1784, with both deeds stating they were residing in Rutherford County at the time.   Although their first name patterns are excellent fits, David arrived in Rutherford after they left.   Lewis reported Samuel Wilcox came from Virginia before settling in Rutherford County, then moved to Woodford County, Kentucky area between 1781 to 1784 (date slightly too early-JM), before moving to Tennessee and finally to its Red River area in 1787 or so.    

1 - Red River Settlers: Records of Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Counties, Tennessee, by Edythe John Rucker Whitley, 2010, page 86

2 - Genealogy of the Lewis Family in American by William Terrell Lewis, 1893, page 241.    


Tennessee Locations and Events


(consider) 1801 and 1806 Williamson County, Tennessee tax lists: There are no Wilcocks by any spelling on these lists.  Giles County was established 1809 from Maury.  Maury County was established 1807 from Williamson County. 

Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists by Byron and Barbara Sistler, 1977.

1812 and 1819 Giles County, Tennessee tax list is Isaac Wilcockson, thought to be his son.

1814 June 6 - Giles County Court:  David Wilcockson produced one wolf scalp.  He may be the son.  (Court Minutes, 1814, page 129.)                      

1815 March 6 - Giles County Court: David Wilcox (Wilcoxen) produced a wolf scalp over 4 months old.  (Court Minutes Book 1815, page 349)

1819 Giles County, Tennessee tax list – David Wilcockson Sr. and Jr.

1820 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee:  David Wilcoxon (Sr.) on same page as his sons, Aaron, David (Jr), Isaac Wilcoxon.  Next to the oldest David Wilcoxon is Daniel Cutbirth.

1827 February 24 - Giles County: Survey for David Wilcoxen (Junior), assignee of James Ashworth, 43.75 acres on waters of Big Creek, Range 2, Section 2, adjacent David Wilcoxsen, Senior.  Chain Carriers: George Cutbirth and __ Fozbun, cc.

Land Entry Abstracts, Giles County, Tennessee, #107.

1830 U.S. Census Giles County, Tennessee, adjacent to his sons, David Wilcoxson Jr., Jesse Wilcoxson, and Isaac Wilcoxson.  This 1830 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee states David Wilcoxson, Senior was between 80-90 years of age (1740-1750) which is compatible with reports for his age.  His wife’s age was between 70-80.  David Junior’s age was 30-40 (1790-1800) which supports his birth date of 9 March 1796.

1834 February 25 – Gibsonville Cemetery, Giles County, Tennessee - Grave stone: “David Wilcoxon, 22 Oct 1742 – 25 February 1834, aged 91 years.”

1856 December 18 – Gibsonville Cemetery Grave stone: In memory of Kezia, wife David Willcox, Jr. was born July 16th 1761, died December 18, 1856, aged 95 years, 5 months & 2 days.    Gibsonville Cemetery is on Highway 245 from Columbia to Campbellsville Road.


Part Five - Children of David Wilcoxson - Tennessee


(1) Aaron Wilcoxson (1 April 1789 to 4 January 1824 from Gibsonville Cemetery grave stone, Giles County, Tennessee).  On the 1820 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee with a birth date ranging between 1765-1796.    His 1820 U.S. Census of Giles County shows he is married, has a wife and 2 sons between the ages of 0-10 years (born 1810-1820).   After his death, his father David Wilcoxson “I” appears to have one of these sons in 1830.   Speculation exists that this son might be John Willcockson who married 25 August 1838 Maury County to Nancy Jane Ellis (county record).


 (2) Isaac Wilcockson (1790/94 to ~1847) married Sinah or Sina __ (1792/93 North Carolina to 1860, possibly Cache Township, Greene County, Arkansas).  Maiden name reported as Clinkenbeard, but thought incorrect and surname belongs to a different Sinah. 

Thanks go to Charles S. Hunt, emails courtesy 15 August 2011 - from various sources.


Locations for Isaac and Sinah Wilcockson:


1812 Giles County, Tennessee tax list: Isaac Wilcockson

1819 Giles County tax list: Isaac Wilcockson


1820, 1830, 1840 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee; when combined suggest his birth date between 1790-1794.    One public member tree on ancestry.com states Isaac is on the 1836 Giles County tax with 122 acres, 1 slave and 1 poll.


1850 U.S. Census of Lawrence County, Tennessee:  Sina Wilcoxson, age 57 – born North Carolina, without Isaac and has 6 other Wilcoxsons with ages between 7 and 23.   Adjacent to her on the census is Samuel Wilcoxson and his wife wife Francis, both age 32 and 8 children. 


Children of Isaac and Sina Wilcoxson are thought to be:

(i) Daniel Wilcockson (~1815)

(ii) Samuel Willcockson (30 July 1817 to 2 August 1887 Marble Falls, Newton County, Arkansas) married about 1835 to Francis Gibson. Both are buried at the Elmwood Cemetery, south of Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas.  They lived in 1850 Lawrence County, Tennessee, 1860 Greene County Arkansas, and 1870 - 1880 Mill Creek, Newton County, Arkansas.  They had about 17 children with the 1st son named Isaac W. Willcockson.


1850 September 7 – Giles County, Tennessee: Samuel Willcoxson deeded to William Fry for $375 a tract of land in Giles County, Tennessee, 14th Civil District on the __ waters of Big Creek, Range 1, Section 2, containing 112 acres…to corner of Thomas W. Lovel’s extention…to William Hickman’s, now Moses Lutham to a stake in the line of Moses Luthams…of David Willcoxson, Jr’s. Survey…to middle of the branch.  Signed: Samuel Willcockson (seal).  Indexed as Saml. Wilcoxen.  Witnesses: R.G. Abernathy, Henry Gibson.  Entered 25 January 1851.    


Charles Hunt adds the following from Goodspeed’s History, summarized: Sam Willcockson and Frances Gibson were Tennesseans and came to Greene County, Arkansas in 1850.  They settled the west side of Crowley’s ridge, but sold this soon after and purchased 200 acres nearby.  Here, he erected a steam saw and grist-mill in 1853 which was the first of its kind in the area.  He soon erected a nice residence and became the owner of 1000 acres of land.  Sam held many minor offices in the county, was elected two terms to the State Legislature from Greene County.   He assisted in the organization of local school districts, held the office of school commissioner for many years.  In 1870 or 1871, he sold his extensive farming interests in the county and moved to Newton County.  Here, he purchased a large sawing and flouring mill, and a cotton gin.  After doing a successful business for many years, he sold out and next moved to Brown County where he bought a farm until lived there until 1886, when he died.

Email courtesy Charles Hunt, 12/28/2011.  His source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas, Goodspeed, 1889.   


(iii) Mary Hannah “Polly” Wilcockson (10 October 1820 Lawrence County, Tennessee to 3 March 1882 Collin County, Texas) married James Wesley Lovell

(iv) Ursula Lenus Wilcockson (~1822) married Franklin Marrow (Morrow?)

(v) Sarah Wilcockson (25 October 1824) married on 3 December 1843 to James Benjamin Kidd (13 September 1823 – 27 March 1889 Lawrence County)

(vi) William W. Wilcockson (~1820) married Mary Rose.

(vii) Elizabeth Wilcockson (9 March 1826 to 8 January 1910 Greene County, Arkansas) married Levi Pillow.

(viii) Louisa June Wilcockson (~1832 to <1855) married William Franklin Morrow.

(ix) Nancy M. Wilcockson (~1835)

(x) John Boone Wilcockson (~1837).

(xi) Isaac Parker Wilcockson (22 July 1840 Giles County, Tn to 6 February 1876 Green County, Arkansas)

(xii) David F. Wilcockson (~1843) and served in 5th Arkansas Infantry.    


(3) David Wilcoxen “II” (9 March 1796 – 4 February 1883) married Sabrina Cutbirth (~5 February 1799 to 26 January 1877 and buried at Huson Cemetery, Farmersville, Collin County, Texas).  Sabrina’s grave stone gave both date of death and how long she lived – 77 years, 11 months, and 10 days.  Sabrina is a descendant of John Wilcockson (~1720 – 1798).


1820, 1830 Giles County, Tennessee (U.S. Census).   On the 1820 U.S. Census of Tennessee, David Wilcoxon (Sr.) is next to Daniel Cutbirth (age 45+) and near David Wilcoxon, Jr.  Charles Hunt adds that David Jr. and family went to Texas, tending to use the spelling of Wilcoxson.

1827 February 24 - Giles County: Survey for David Wilcoxen, assignee of James Ashworth, 43.75 acres onwaters of Big Creek, Range 2, Section 2, adjacent David Wilcoxsen, Senior.  Chain Carriers: George Cutbirth and __ Fozbun, cc.

Land Entry Abstracts, Giles County, Tennessee, #107.

1840 Maury County, Tennessee U.S. Census: David Willcox, age 40-50 

1850 Maury County, Tennessee U.S. Census: David Wilcox 54 - born Kentucky, Sebra 50 - born Kentucky, and three children ages 17-20, born Tennessee.

1860 Collin County, Texas U.S. Census: David Willcoxson 65 born NC and Sabrina Willcoxson age 70, born Tennessee

1870 Collin County, Texas U.S. Census: David Wilcoxson 75, born North Carolina, without wife Sabrina.    However, “Sabey Wilcoxen,” age 81 is found in the family of John Morrow (age 47) and his wife Mary Morrow, age 44.   Mary is probably Sabrina’s daughter.

1880 Collin County, Texas U.S. Census: David Willcoxon age 85, born N.C., parents born N.C., living in family of N. Willcoxon, age 24, Tennessee.


Children of David Wilcoxson + Sabrina Cutbirth:

As listed in findagrave.com + some census records

(i) Isaac Aaron Willcoxson (1816 - 1864)^ + Martha Ann Bailey (1820 – 1877)^

(ii) David L. Willcoxson (20 August 1820 – 2 July 1877)^ married in Maury County 27 June 1848 to _ (Nancy P.) Bailey 1822-1897)^  County record.

(iii) Mary Naomi A. Wilcoxson (1826 - 1902), possibly married John Morrow.

(iv) Coleman William Willcoxson (1829/30 - 1902)

(v) Granville P. Willcoxon (1830/31 - 1873)

(vi) Robert Madison Willcoxson (17 July 1832/33 – 19 May 1910)^ + Mary Susan Morrow (1836-1891)^

^ Buried at Huson Cemetery, Collin County, Texas.


(4) Jesse Wilcoxson was born 16 September 1798 and died 27 January 1843 and is buried in the Gibsonville Cemetery.    Wife was Katharine or Catharine Martin (19 Oct. 1804 to 23 Dec. 1881 and buried Gibsonville Cemetery).  Her grave stone states she was the wife of Jesse Wilcoxson. 


1830 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee: Jesse Wilcoxson + wife + 1 son 0-5 + 2 daughters 0-5 + 1 daughter 5-10

1840 U.S. Census of Giles County: Jesse Wilcoxon + wife + 2 sons 0-5 + 1 son 5-10 + 2 daughters 5-10 + 2 daughters 10-15 + 1 daughter 15-20.

1850 U.S. Census of Giles County: Catherine Wilcox 46 Ky, Margaret Wilcox 22 Tn, Thomas Wilcox 20 n, Sinah Wilcox 18 Tn, Catharine Wilcox 16 Tn, Robert Wilcox 16 Tn, Martin Wilcox 12 Tn, Sarah Jane Wilcox 8 Tn. 

1860 U.S. Census of Giles County: Catherine Wilcoxon 56 Ky, Martin Wilcoxon 20 Tn, Sarah Wilcoxon 18 Tn.   


Jesse Wilcoxson’s children names are incompletely known, born Tennessee, and from 1850 census.  Currently, missing names appear to be 3 daughters.


(i) Thomas W. Wilcoxon (1729/30), son of Jesse Wilcoxson. 


1860 U.S. Census of P.O. Lynnville, Giles County, Tennessee: Thomas Wilcoxon, age 30, with Nancy Wilcoxon 28, and children.

1870 U.S. Census of Giles County, Tennessee:  Thomas W. Wilcoxon 40 with probable (2nd?) wife Elizabeth Wilcoxon ~30, and 8 Wilcoxon children are living in the family of Samuel L. Hindman age 36 and his wife Lina (or better Sina) M. Hindman, age 37 and their 5 children.


Children of Thomas W. Wilcoxson include: James R. Wilcoxon (1853/4), Mary C.
Wilcoxon, (1854/55), William M. Wilcoxon (1857/58), Elizabeth J. Wilcoxon (1859), Robert F. Wilcoxon (1861/62), Sarah E. Wilcoxon (1853/54), Thomas G. Wilcoxon (1865/66), Nancy T. Wilcoxon (1868/69)


(ii) Sinah M. Wilcox (1731/32) married Samuel L. Hindman.

(iii) Catharine Wilcox (1733/34)

(iv) Robert Wilcox (1733/34)

(v) Martin Wilcoxon (~1737/40)

(vi) Sarah Jane Wilcoxon (1741/42)