John Klaumann 1818/19 - 1880+

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John (or Johann) Klaumann (Senior)

Born: 1818/19*  ** Prussia

Died:  after 1880 Kansas

Married: 1st Henrietta __ about 1840 in Prussia

2nd ___ about 1860/61  

Parents:  unknown, German

Occupation:  Locksmith and farmer

Immigrated to America 28 May 1858 (port entrance).*  Kansas Cyclopedia states Spring 1857. 


Henrette/Henrietta __. (1st wife)

Born: 1821/22 German*

Died:  3 August 1857****, but believe this date should be 1858.

Immigrated/Arrived in U.S: 28 May 1858*

Parents: unknown, both born in Germany


Henrietta __. (2nd wife)

       Born:  February 1836 in West Prussia/Germany**

       Children: 7 with 7 living in 1900**.           

       Died:  beyond 1910

       Immigrated to U.S: 1871*** but date should closer to 1861         

       Parents:  unknown, both born in Germany


* Ship/Port Record

* 1880 U.S. Census record

** 1900 U.S. Census record

***1910 U.S. Census record

**** from "Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History, etc with supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence," Standard Pub. Co, Chicago, 1912 in 3 volumes, as posted by the Kansas State Historical Society.  This reference on Herman Klaumann will shorten to "Kansas Cyclopedia, 1912" used below. 


2nd Edition: Morphew?Murphy Story, J.R. Murphy, 1 January 2006


Spelling of Klaumann


            The use of Klauman and Klaumann spellings is not understood at this time.    


Other Klaumanns in Kansas


An additional immigrant, William B. Klaumann, immigrated to the U.S. in 1880 and the 1900 U.S. Census reported him adjacent to Henry Klauman in Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas (See the 1900 and 1920 census at the end of this chapter.)  A relationship can be presumed from Old World ties.    


Known Locations for John Klaumann, Sr.

(1) Prussia

(2) New York City, N.Y.1858

(3) Possibly - Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

(4) Muscatine County, Iowa, about 1858/62 to 1870

(5) Republic County, Kansas, beginning 1870 or 1871


Years in Prussia


            John Klaumann was "a locksmith, and was employed by the Krupp Gun Factory, where he had charge of a department (from Kansas Cyclopedia, 1912)


Klaumann Family Immigration to America in 1858


The Klaumann family sailed on the passenger list of the ship, Athena.



Passenger list for ship “Athena,” which arrived 28 May 1858 in New York City from Breman, Germany:


“Klarmann, Johann,” age 39, male, tailor, from Germany

Henriette, age 36

Christine, age 16

Gustav, age 9

Hermann, age 7

Carl, 11 months, infant

(From “Germans to America – Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports,” by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby)



J.F. Murphy wrote that “The Klaumanns saved their money and bought passage on a sailing vessel which required six weeks to get to America.  They landed in New York about 1858 or 1859 with his wife....”  Louis H. Klauman (as related to J.W. Murphy in 1954) stated that "our father, Herman Klaumann, was seven and a half years old at the time his parents came to America....”   The Kansas Cyclopedia (1912) reported: "In the spring of 1857, the family immigrated to America" and that Henrietta "died 3 August 1857, a few months after reaching this country."


Klaumanns in New York City and/or Chicago


            "Shortly thereafter, (the Klaumanns) settled in Chicago among a colony of German friends (From J.F. Murphy)."


Klaumanns in Muscatine County, Iowa to 1870


Kansas Cyclopedia 1912 reported that "the family settled at Muscatine County, Iowa.  After coming to this country the family met with many discouragements."  John "was employed in a packing house and a saw mill for a time, at the meager wages of fifty cents per day.  He struggled along for a few years, when he engaged in farming in Muscatine County, and met with fair success."       


            Louis H. Klaumann added that the parents of Herman Klaumann "settled in Iowa with their four children, Hannah (Scludty), Christina (Bauht), Gus K., and Herman K.  Hannah married (a Schudly) and lived in Muscatine, Iowa, until her death.”  John Senior married 2nd to Henrietta __ about 1860 or 1861 and "to this union 11 children were born (From Louis H. Klaumann).”   His oldest son, Gustav Klauman, married May 1870 in Muscatine County, Iowa.  


John Klaumann Family in Kansas, beginning ~1870 or 1871


About 1870 or 1871, the Klaumans moved on to Republic County, Kansas and settled on a 160 acre farm in section 32 of Richland Township. 


            “Grandpa, Gus, and Christine moved to and lived many years in Kansas, near Cuba, Republic County....(Louis H. Klaumann)"   


The 1880 U.S. Census of Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas (dated 26 June 1880) lists the separate families of John Klaumann, Gustav Klaumann and Lewis Baecht (who married Christina Klaumann).


Back in 1954, James W. Murphy reported that Charles Klaumann, son of Herman Klaumann, had some Herman letters which he could not read, and a few documents in German.   Unfortunately, these have disappeared. 


Children of John Klaumann + Henriette __ (First Wife)


Their five children names are based on the ship’s record, and brief family records.   Other details are derived from Census records and website listings and are considered much less accurate.    


(1) Christina Klauman was born 1845/46 in Germany.   Christina married Lewis (Louis) Baecht and lived 1st in Chicago to about 1875 and then moved to Republic County, Kansas in about 1875 to 1876, and lived near her father.  Louis Klaumann stated she “moved with her father and Gus K to near Cuba, Kansas where Herman Sr. married again.”   The spelling of the surname “Baecht” or “Buecht” has been a question.  However the surname is Baecht (e-mail of Bryant Baecht 5 December 2005)  Children:  Caroline Baecht (1865/66; Hannah Baecht (1867/68); Rosanna Baecht (1871/72); Charles Baecht (1874/75); Lewis Baecht (1876/77); Herman Baecht (8 January 1880)


(2) Gustav "Gus" K. Klaumann (born 1848/49) married on 11 May 1870 at Muscatine County, Iowa (county record) to Agnes Ewert (1848/49 - >1910).  Their children were all born in Kansas and information is from websites: 

(i) Clara Klauman (1870/71);

(ii) Charles Klauman (November 1871) and married Alice __.  Lived in Logan County, Oklahoma in 1900

(iii) Elizabeth Klauman (1874/75);

(iv) Mearigna (Lizzy) Klauman (November 1876) to Emil Ritterbush (November 1875) and lived in Logan County, Oklahoma in 1900 (It is possible “Lizzy” could be confused with sister Elizabeth);

(v) Gustav Bernard Klauman (9 May 1880 at Cuba, Republic County, Kansas to 13 July 1945 at Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado.  In 1910, he was single and living with his mother Agnes in Cloud County, Kansas.  Gustav B. Klaumann married Estella Augusta Diller);

(vi) Agnes Klauman (January 1883) and lived in Logan County, Oklahoma in 1900; possibly more children.


(3). Herman Klaumann (30 May 1851 in Rhineprice, Prussia **** and died 30 November 1914) married on 1 July 1875 at Cook County, Illinois to Fredericka Steyer (19 February 18 1855 to 7 November 1928).  Four children.  There is a separate chapter for his family.


(4) Carl Klaumann was born June 1857.  No further record.


(5). Hannah Klaumann was born about 1860 in America.  He married a “Scludly” (Schudly, etc) and lived in Muscatine, Iowa, until her death (from Louis Klaumann).


Children of John Klaumann + Henrietta __ (Second Wife)


            Their seven children are based on census records and are lacking family records for confirmation.


(1). John Klauman, Jr.. (born 1862/63 in Iowa) was not married during 1880 - 1910 Census records and lived in Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas.


(2).  Henry Klauman (born January 1865 Iowa) married about 1890 to Amelia __ (December 1873 Wisconsin).   They lived in Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas in 1900 – 1920, per census records.  Children are (per census):


      (i) Arthur C. Klauman, November 1887, Kansas, married Emma Havel (1889/1890).

      (ii) Eddie Klauman, April 1889, Kansas

(iii) Henry Klauman, January 1892 Kansas

(iv) Lawrence Klauman, 11 December 1893 Kansas – August 1983

(v) Louie Klauman, April 1895, Kansas

(vi) Carrie Klauman, November 1896, Kansas

(vii) Matilda Klauman, 1898/99 Kansas

(viiii) Lilia Klauman, 1900/01 Kansas

(ix) Herman Klauman, 1 March 1902 Kansas – August 1987

(x) Albina Klauman, 1903/04 Kansas

(xi) John Klauman, 1904/05 Kansas

(xii) Lenard Klauman, 1906/07 Kansas

(xiii) Amelia Klauman, 1907/08 Kansas


(3). Amelia Klauman was born 1867/68 in Iowa.


(4). Martha Klauman (born 1870/71 in Kansas) married on 26 November 1892 in Belliville, Republic County, Kansas, to Matthew Pentico (18 September 1865).


(5). Louis Klauman (May 1872, Kansas) married about 1868 to Amanda __ (April 1875 Nebraska).  They were living in 1900 Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas and in 1920 Neosho County, Kansas.  Their children are (per census records):

      (i) Cloud(?) Klauman (son, February 1897, Kansas)

      (ii) Clarence Klauman (April 1898, Kansas)

      (iii)  Leona Klauman (January 1900, Kansas)

      (iv) Edith Klauman (1902/03, Kansas)

      (v) Earl Klauman (1906/07, Kansas)

      (vi) Bertie Klauman (1908/09, Kansas)

      (vii) Francis Klauman (son, 1901/02, Kansas)

      (viii) Merle Klauman (son, 1904/05, Kansas)

      (ix) Opal Klauman (1906/07)


(6) Henrietta Klaumann was born 1875/76 in Kansas and was single in 1910 where she lived with her brother John Klaumann and mother Henietta Klaumann in Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas.


(7). Rose Klauman, (September 1880, Kansas).


Census Records for the Klaumans


1870 U.S. Census for District 8, City of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois:


            Louis Ruecht, 39, Prussia; Christine Ruecht 24 Prussia; Caroline Ruecht 4, Illinois; Hannah Ruecht 2, Illinois; Louis Ruecht 6/12, Illinois, Herman Klaumann, 19, appen. Cabinet maker, born Prussia. 


1880 U.S. Census of Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas:


Klauman, John 61, farmer, born Germany, parents born Germany; Henrietta Klauman 42, wife, born Germany, parents born Germany; John Klauman, son, 17, born Iowa, single; Henry Klauman, son, 15, Iowa; Amelia Klauman, daughter, 12, Iowa; Martha Klauman, daughter, 9, Kansas; Lewis Klauman, son, 7, Kansas; Henrietta Klauman, daughter 4, Kansas (page 16).


Klauman, Gustav 32, farmer, Germany, parents born Germany; Agnes Klauman 31, Germany, parents born Germany; Clara Klauman 9, Kansas; Charles Klauman 7, Kansas; Elizabeth Klauman 5, Kansas; Mearisgna Klauman (f), 3 Kansas; Gustav Klauman 1/12, 9th May, Kansas (page 17).


Lewis Baecht (Louis) 50, farmer, born Germany, parents born Germany; Christina Baecht 37, wife, born Germany; Caroline Baecht 16, born Illinois; Hannah Baecht 12, born Illinois; Rosanna Baecht 8, born Illinois; Charles Baecht 5, born Illinois; Lewis Baecht 3, born Kansas; Herman Baecht 4/12, 8 January 1880, born Kansas, (page 16)


1900 U.S. Census of Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas:


            Louis Klauman, May 1872, 28, married 4 years, Kansas, Germany, Germany, farmer; Amanda Klauman, wife, April 1875, 25, married 4 years, 3 children, 3 living, Nebraska, Ohio, Nebraska; Cloud Klauman, son, February 1897, 3, Kansas; Clarence W. Klauman, son April 1898, 2, Kansas; Leona Klauman, daughter, January 1900, 4/12, Kansas (page 138D).


            Henrietta Klauman, head, February 1836, 64, widow, 7 children, 7 living, West Prussia, Prussia, West Prussia, immigrated 1862, 38 years in U.S. naturalized, farmer; John Klauman, son, May 1864, 36, single, Iowa, Prussia, West Prussia, farmer; Henrietta Klauman, daugher, December 1875, 24, single, Iowa; Rosa Klauman, daughter, September 1880, 19, single, Kansas. (page 142A)


            William B. Klauman, head, February 1855, 45, married 17 years, Germany, Germany, Germany, immigrated 1880, in U.S. 20 years, naturalized, farmer; Emilia Klauman, wife, October 1867, 32, married 17 years, 7 children, 5 living, Iowa, Germany, Germany; Charley Klauman, son, June 1885, 14, Kansas; Emma Klauman, daughter, July 1890, 9, Kansas; Burtha Klauman, daughter, December 1893, 6, Kansas; William Klauman, son, April 1896, 4, Kansas; Emil Klauman, son, February 1899, 1, Kansas.  Next entry in census is:


            Henry Klauman, head, January 1865, 35, married 10 years, Iowa, Prussia, Prussia, farmer; Amalia Klauman, wife, December 1873, 2 married 10 years, 6 children, 6 living, Wisconsin, Bohemia, Bohemia; Arthur Klauman, November 1887, 12, Kansas; Eddie Klauman, April 1889, 10, Kansas; Henry Klauman, January 1892, 8, Kansas; Lorance Klauman, son, December 1893, 6, Kansas; Loi Klauman, son April 1895, 5, Kansas; Carrie Klauman, daughter, November 1896, 3, Kansas; Matilda Klauman, daughter, October 1898, 1, Kansas; Jullie Klauman, daughter, March 1900, 2/12, Kansas. 


1900 U.S. Census of Logan County, Oklahoma


2nd Ward, Guthie, Logan County, Oklahoma


Agnes Klauman, age 17, sister-in-law, born January 1883 in Kansas.  Parents both born in Germany.  Lived with household of Emil Ritterbush, head, November 1875, age 24, born Nebraska, parents born Germany; Lizzy Ritterbush, wife, November 1876, age 23, born Kansas, parents born Germany


Rose Hill Township, Logan County, Oklahoma


Charles Klaumann, age 28, November 1871, Kansas, Germany, Germany; Alice Klaumann, age 32, January 1868, married 7 years, Illinois, Indiana, Indiana; Carl Klaumann, 6, January 1894, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas; Jama (?) Klaumann, daughter, 4, September 1895, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas.


1910 U.S. Census of Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas


            John Klauman, 46, single, Iowa, Germ-Germany, parents Germ-Germany; Henrietta Klauman, mother, 74, widower, 7 children, 7 living, born Germ-Germany, parents same, Immigrated 1871; Henietta Klauman, sister, 34, single, born Kansas, parents born Germ-Germany. (page 170A).


            Henry Klauman 45, head, born Iowa, married 2 – 24 years, parents born Ger-Germany; Amelia Klauman, 36, married 1 – 24 years, 11 children, 11 living. Born Wisconsin, parents born Aust-Bohemian; Henry Klauman 18, Kansas; Lawrence Klauman 16, Kansas; Louie Klauman 14 Kansas; Carrie Klauman 13, Kansas; Matilda Klauman, 11, Kansas; Lilia Klauman 9, Kansas; Herman Klauman 8, Kansas; Albina Klauman 6, Kansas; Johnnie Klauman 5, Kansas; Lenard Klauman 3 Kansas; Amelia Klauman 2 Kansas.  John Sterba, hired man, 18, Born August Bohemian, parents same.


1910 U.S. Census of Elk Creek Township, Republic County, Kansas, page 100B


            Arthur C. Klauman, 23, head, married 1 year, born Kansas, father born Iowa, mother born Kansas, farmer; Emma Klauman, wife, 20, married 1 year, no children, born Kansas, parents born Aus. Bohemian.


1910 U.S. Census of Lincoln Township, Republic County, Kansas, page 146A:


William Klaumann, head, 55, married-1, 26 years, born Germany, parents born Germany, family; Amelia Klaumann, wife, 43, M-1, 26 years, 8 children 6 living, Iowa, born Germ-Germany; _ha_ Klaumann son, 23, born Kansas; Emma Klaumann 18, Kansas; Bertha Klaumann 16, Kansas; William Klaumann 14, Kansas; Emil Klaumann, son, 11, Kansas; Ernest Klaumann 8, Kansas.


1910 U.S. Census of Shirley Township, Cloud County, Kansas, page 177A.


            Gustav B. Klauman, head 29, single, born Kansas, parent Germ-Germany, farmer; Anges Klauman, mother, 61, widow, 8 children, 6 living, born Ger-Germany; parents same.


1920 U.S. Census of Lincoln Township, Republic County, Kansas, page 1A.


            William G. Klaumann, 64, immigrated 1880?, naturalized 1885, Rhineland-Germany, Germany, Germany, farmer; Amelia Klaumann, wife 52, Iowa, Germany, Germany; Emma Klaumann, daughter 28, single, Kansas; Bertha Klaumann, daughter 26, single, Kansas; William G. Klaumann, Jr. son, 23, single, Kansas; Emil F. Klaumann, son, 20, single; Ernest O. Klaumann, son, 12, Kansas.


1920 U.S. Census of Richland Township, Republic County, Kansas:


            Louie Klaumann, head, 24, Kansas, Germany, Bohemia; Anna Klauman, wife 26, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio; Wesley Klaumann, son 3? Kansas. (page 8A)


            Henry Klauman, 55, head, Iowa, Germany, Germany, farmer; Amelia Klauman, wife 47, Wisconsin, Bohemia, Bohemia; Julia Klauman, daughter 19, Kansas; Herman Klauman, son, 17, Kansas; Allina Klauman, daughter 16, Kansas; John Klauman, son, 14, Kansas; Bernard? Klauman, son 13, Kansas; Amelia Klauman, daughter 11, Kansas; Lenora Klauman, duaghter 7, Kansas. (Page 7A)


1920 U.S. Census of Chetopa Township, Neosho County, Kansas, page 10A.


            Louis Klauman 46, head, Kansas, Germany, Germany, farmer; Amanda Klauman, wife 44, Nebraska, U.S. U.S; Clarence Klauman, son 21, single, Kansas, carpenter – railroad; Leona Klauman, daughter 20, single, Kansas, _ railroad; Edith Klauman, daughter 17, Kansas; Earl Klauman, son 13, Kansas; Bertie Klauman, 11 Kansas; Francis Klauman, son, 8, Kansas; Merle Klauman, son 5, Kansas; Opal Klauman, daughter 3, Kansas.