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George Eggers

Born: date and location unknown, possibly in Scotland

Marriage bond to “Avis Beard” on 4 July 1749 at Monmouth County, New Jersey (NJ State Archives Record).

Religion: Presbyterian, but wife Avis was not present during Baptisms – why?      

Died after 1766, locations unknown

Parents - unknown

Occupation: Blacksmith

Immigration date unknown; before 1745.


Avis (Bowne?) Beard.  Her marriage name "Beard" (Baird) was from her marriage record to George Eggers which states she was a widow.  Avis married 1st to John Baird, Jr. (born 27 January 1706/07 and died 6 February 1747.*)   Maiden name Bowne is very speculative at this time. 

Born - date unknown.  Speculation might suggest ~1710 – 1715+.    

      Died - date unknown.          

Parents - unknown. 

                        * date of death from Old Tennent Church record


2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy; Previous revision 2 April 2008; this revision 18 October 2012.


This account is written to help descendants know more about their Eggers ancestors.  


    My appreciation goes out to Cindy Lowe for generously sharing her Eggers information with this website.  Progress and development of this Eggers history would so much less without her.    


(I). Locations That George and Avis Eggers Lived in America


1. Monmouth County, New Jersey from mid 1740’s to about 1766 or nearby.

2. 1766+…Highlands of New York, according to son Landrine Egger’s pension application.   

3. Unknown whether one or both made it to Orange County, New York; Date of deaths and location are unknown   


(II). Thoughts on origins of George Eggers


“George’s parents are still unknown, although (Scotland’s) Thomas Edgar (sometimes, spelled Egger, Ager) holds some promise (either as close relative or grand-ancestor).”   One researcher (Karen Ard) found another “Thomas Eggers of Switzerland married to Jeannette Landrine, of England.”  (From Cindy Lowe, e-mail 8/31/01)


Another thought surfaces.  There was an Eager clan in Orange County, New York who was from Ireland.   The very first deed for George Eggers' son, Daniel Eggers, in 1779 North Carolina was spelled and signed "Eagers."  An "Eagers" spelling variation has not been checked during earlier research efforts.


(III). Possible Relatives in Early New Jersey   


            This Thomas Eggers may or may not be the “Thomas Edgar (brother-in-law) and his son Alexander who are listed in the 1726 will of Thomas Brown. 


1726 December 5/1740 February 3 – Middlesex County, New Jersey: Will of Thomas Brown of Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, yeoman, dated 5 December 1726.  Mother is Annapel Brown.  Brothers are William, Andrew, and James Brown.  Sister is Christian Brown.  Names Alexander, son of Thomas Eger, Annaple, daughter of John Mootry.  Real and personal estate.  Executors: Brother-in-law "Thomas Eggers" and brother William Brown.  Witnesses are Rob't Hude, Will'm Stone, and D. Stewart.  Proved 3 February 1740. 

Liber 2, page 390, (source - page 69, Calendar of NJ Wills II)


Thomas Eggers was born 19 October 1681 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died 16 June 1759 in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey.  He is listed as a freeholder in 1752 Middlesex County, with one undated list stating the town of Woodbridge.  Thomas married Jennet Knox (daughter of William Knox and Annabel Gordon) and had 7 known children, but no child by the name of George. 


1728 May 14/1729 April 16 – Middlesex County, New Jersey: Will of Agnuas Watson dated 14 May 1728, mentioned “worthy friend Thomas Ageor (Ager), merchant” of the town of Woodbridge, Middlesex County, and nominated Thomas Ager and Robert Hude to be executors.  Probate 16 April 1729.

Monmouth County, New Jersey, from Cindy Lowe, e-mail 8/13/01 and 5/1/02


(IV). Thoughts on Avis Eggers' Origins

Maiden Name - Bowne - ???


Speculation exists on Avis' maiden name, which could be Bowne, a surname pronounced as one syllable – "Bone."  Proof is lacking.   The source of the Bowne surname may be Peter Bowne, who is a witness to two John Baird, Jr. records.  Peter might be the son of Andrew Bowne (~1671) + Anna Seabrook, but proof is lacking.    


There were many early Bowne entries in Monmouth and Middlesex County, New Jersey, some living in the Middletown, Monmouth County area as early as 1684.  A Librarian at the Swarthmore College Quaker Historical Library stated that Colonial Bownes from New York were Quaker while Monmouth County, New Jersey Bownes were not (2006).  




  The Beard surname of George Eggers' wife comes from Monmouth County marriage record: "George Egger" to "Avis Beard" on 4 July 1749.  The marriage document states that Avis was widow.


            The rare first name of "Avis" appears as a wife to John Baird, Jr. which is found in Baird's will of 1747.  Note that Baird's will was proved or probated one day after George married Avis.   The following is the will of John Baird naming wife Avis Baird.


1747 February 5 – Middlesex County, New Jersey: Will abstract of John Baird of Middlesex County: To my wife, Avis Baird, so long as she doth continue to be my widow, to bring up my children and family.  Upon and after she doth cease to be my widow, to bring up my children and family.  Upon and after she doth cease to be my widow I do ordain and appoint that my estate be equally divided amongst my wife and children which may be living at that time except 10 pounds I give more to my oldest son William Baird than the rest....  I do appoint for my executors my two brothers, Andrew and Zebulon, my wife Avis, and Peter Bowne.  Proved 5 July 1749, Lib. 5, Page 310 (from Calendar of NJ Wills II, page 31 and Lee's Genealogy of New Jersey, Volume 2, page 567, 1918, courtesy of Cindy Lowe.    


Additional information about John Baird, Jr. is found in the following deeds:


1741 February 13 –Monmouth County, New Jersey: (Abstract from original) To all Christian People...comes John Baird of Freehold in Monmouth County in the Eastern Division of the Province of New Jersey, Yeoman.   Send greeting, know ye that this said John Baird for in consideration of the love, good will, and affection which I now and do bear towards my son, John Baird...grant to his son...tract of land situate lying and being in Freehold aforesaid, ...tract of land situate, lying and being in Freehold lot 40...which tract of land was granted to the said John Baird by deed from John Johnson, Esq. ...(on) 13th day of April 1716.... (continuing) on the south side of Topanemus Brook beginning in the southeast corner of the land formerly belonging to Thomas Warms(?)...running north to Topanemus Boork, thence down the brook…to the line that divides between John Baird and Tunig(?) VanderVeer, thence up the Little Bogg Brook...running round the edge of the Bogg, including the the most southerly line of said land formerly Thomas Warne ...which tract of land was granted and confirmed to the said John by deed from Thomas Warne bearing date 8 December 1695.  (Dated) 25th March in the 14th year of the Reign of our (King)...1741.  (Signed) John Baird.  Witness: Mary Forman, William Murdock. 


1741 April 20 – Monmouth County, New Jersey: (Abstract record, which follows deed) John Baird, Junior bond to John Baird Senior, entered 20 April 1741.    Know all men by this __ that I, John Baird Junior of Freehold, Monmouth County East New Jersey Province, yeoman, is firmly bound unto John Baird Senior of the same place...(owe him) 100 pounds  lawful be paid unto the said John Baird Senior or his attorney, heirs, executors....this 16th day of March 1740/41.  (Signed) John Baird   Witnesses: Peter Bowne, John Bruce.  Dated: 18 April 1741.

(Liber E, page 310 as found in New Jersey Archives, First Series, Volume 30, Abstracts of Wills, Volume 11, 1730-1750, page 31.  Monmouth County Deed Book H, page 292-294 at Monmouth County Archives.)


Comment:  Topanemus Brook begins near today's Marlboro and empties into the Matchaponix Brook between Englishtown and Tennent, Monmouth County, New Jersey


Names of John and Avis Baird, Jr.'s children are not fully known, with the total being five or more.  This writer (J. Murphy) thinks our understanding of Avis may change.  For instance, Avis had two sons by the first name of William – William Baird and William Eggers.  This might this suggest one of her husbands had an earlier wife.   Children names include:


(1) William Baird was identified as the eldest son in John Baird Jr.'s will of 1747.   Possibly, he married in 1758 to Margaret O'Riley (O'Rilley or Riley) and died 1794.  He is easily confused with William Baird, son of John Baird, Senior. 


(2) Mary Baird.  The "History of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania" states Mary Baird was a daughter of John and Avis Baird and lists her as a sister to Major William Baird and Captain John Baird, all of Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Mary Baird of Freehold, Monmouth County married on 18 November 1762 to Joseph Bullman of Monmouth County, a son of Thomas Bullman and Anna Walling.  Bullman was an ensign with Captain Carter and Colonel Hathaway, and moved to Loyalhanna Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. 

"History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania" by John N. Boucher, Volume One and "New Jersey Marriages, Colonial Era, 1665-1800," courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 18 March 2008.


(3) John Baird


(4) Andrew Baird (28 January 1736/37 to >1787) married Hannah Green (born 1746 Hunterdon County, New Jersey and died 1811 Rowan County, North Carolina, buried at the Jersey Baptist Church in today's Davison County).  Hannah was the daughter of Jeremiah Green and Joanna Hunt.  Baird sources at the Monmouth County Historical Society suggest an earlier 1727 birth date for Andrew Baird, son of Avis + John Baird, Jr.  On 9 November 1785, an Andrew "Beard" purchased Swearing Creek land in Rowan County, North Carolina from Landrine Eggers (see Landrine Eggers's deed). Andrew and Hannah Baird had 8 children and named a daughter "Avis" (1766 – 1840) who married John Wood.  This Avis connection permitted North Carolina's Andrew Baird to be identified as a son of John Baird, Jr. (1707-1747) of Monmouth County, New Jersey. 

Sources for Andrew + Hannah Baird and Zebulon Baird:  "Immigrants to America Before 1750," compiled by F.A Virkus; "This Old Monmouth of Ours," by William Hornor, as found in "Outline of descendants taken from Baird Book," by L. Baird Chamblis, located in Baird and Eggers files at Monmouth County Historical Society.  Andrew and Zebulon Baird's birth dates are from website sources and should be considered suspect.       


(5) Zebulon Baird (28 January 1743/44) married on 11 April 1765 in Monmouth County to Lidy (Lydia) Heldrege (NJ State Archives).  They moved to North Carolina.  In 1779 Rowan County (now Davison County), North Carolina, Daniel Eggers was granted land on Swearing Creek adjacent to Zebulon Bard (Baird).  In 1787, the names of Zebulon and Andrew Baird were recorded in Wilkes County, North Carolina (from State Census of N.C. 1784-1787).  Later they moved to Wilson County, Tennessee.  Zebulon provided shoe leather, skins and shoes for Revolutionary War soldiers.  


Other names for children of John and Avis Baird, Jr. appear speculative.  L. Baird Chambliss in his "Outline of Baird Descendants" added Alexander and Elizabeth with no source nor dates given.     


The only Bairds in Orange County 1st Presbyterian Church, Goshen, New York records are (1) a 1794 record of marriage for William Baird to Elizabeth Vail, and (2) a 24 September 1780 marriage for Elizabeth Byard to James Kid.  


(V). George and Avis Eggers

Monmouth and Morris County, New Jersey – before 1745 to about 1766        


            George Eggers' son, Landrine Eggers, age 75, requested a pension in Ashe County, North Carolina on 10 November 1832 for his services as a soldier in the American Revolution.  He was a private and stated:  “He was born in New Jersey near the Valley of Freehold, and when he was nine years old, his father removed to the Highlands of New York, in the neighborhood of Goshen." 


George is found on records at the Old Tennent Church (founded by Scotsmen) in Monmouth County, New Jersey.   This church still exists and has an address of 448 Tennent Road, Monmouth County, Manalapan, New Jersey.  This is on State Highway 3, slightly northeast of the crossroads to Tennent.  The church's website at


1745 September 4 – (Old) Tennant Church: List of Communicant Members (included) "George Edger"


1745 East New Jersey:  George Eggers in behalf of William Pool of County of Monmouth attending was called in and informed the Board that on the first of June last, James Alexander, Esqr, Surveyor General of his Providence returned a tract of land in the County of Monmouth containing….

Minutes of the Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey, Perth Amboy 1745, by Maxine N. Lurie, Jane R. Walroth, NJ Historical Society 1960, Volume 3, page 141,  


1746 July 15 – Monmouth County, New Jersey: Will abstract of George Walker of Freehold, Monmouth County, yeoman:  Wife – Gertrude, Son – George. Lands bought of Richard Clark and Thomas Millige's heirs.  Children: Elizabeth, Rachel, Ester, James and Ann Clark Walker, last three minors.  Executors – David Rhe and William Hankinson.  Witnesses: George Eggers, William Norcross, John Henderson.  Proved 27 April 1748.

(Calendar of New Jersey Wills II, Monmouth County Liber E, Page 176)


1748 Monmouth County List of Freeholders:  George Eggers is NOT listed.


1749/50 March 16 – (Old) Tennant Church:  List of Subscribers to the building of the present Old Tennant Meeting House, with amounts included "George Eggers – 0.15.0 and Felix Maguire – 1.0.-.


1749 July 4 – Monmouth County: "George Egger" married "Avis Beard," both of Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Avis was named a widow.  

(NJ State Archives Record)


1750 May 6 – (Old) Tennant Church: "George Eagger" baptized (his son) William (on this day)


1750 August 28 - Monmouth County: Samuel Rogers, cordwainer (shoemaker), and George Egger, yeoman, of the County of Monmouth...(bound to)...Jonathan Belcher, Governour...500 pounds...Samuel Rogers...obtained a License of Marriage for himself...and for Sarah Lefetra, widow, of same county...(witnesses) Wm Madock, Jr., Wm. Madock. 

(Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 23 October 2007). 


1752 April 26 – (Old) Tennant Church: "George Eagger" baptized (his son) Daniel (on this day), both of which "the mother not joining."  

(From "History of the Old Tennent Church," by Rev. Frank R. Symmes, 1904) 


1752 September 22 - Middlesex County, New Jersey: Will of Henry Perrine of Cranberry, Middlesex County named Wife, Martha and children: Henry, Anthony, Nancey, John, William, Joseph, Martha, and James.  Executors were his wife, John Perrine, and Peter Perrine.  Witnesses were John Davison, George Eggers, James Farrill.  Proved 6 March 1753.  Inventory on 3 March 1753 included a farm of 80 acres in Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, a farm of 80 acres and another 96 acres in Middlesex County. 

(Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 1 March 2007)


1755 July 9 – Monmouth County: Probate of William Collard: Know all Men by these presents that We, Elijah Collard of Sussex County, yeoman, and George Eggers of Morris County, yeoman, are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq, Captain General of Governor in Chief of New Jersey in the sum of five hundred pounds, proclamation money, to be paid to the said Jonathan Belcher, Esq....dated the ninth day of July, 1755...that Elijah Collard, administrator of all and singular goods, chattels and credits of William Collard, late of Freehold in Monmouth County, Co__ deceased.  Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Thos, Barrow.  Signed by Elijah Collard and George Eggers.


1755 July 12 – Monmouth County: An inventory was entered stating "a true inventory (was) taken of the Goods and Chatels, Bills and Bonds of William Collard, Co-wainer deceased in the county of Monmouth, signed Timothy Loyd, Garit Wachef, and Elijah Colard – Administrator.  Entered 24 March 1756.  On another page, Elijah Collard was named a son of William Collard.  

(Filed at New State Archives, William Collard, Monmouth County, N.J., Intestate #2057-2058M, 1755)


            Comment:  On this William Collard probate is an excellent signature by "George Eggers" and is similar to his signature in 1749/50 at the Old Tennant Church.  "George Eggers of Morris County" is not understood, but he may be moving about as a blacksmith.  An earlier 31 August 1752 list of Freeholders of Morris County, New Jersey had no Eggers entries. 

Colonial and Revolutionary Morris County," by Theodore Thayers, 1975.  Also, George Eggers does not appear on the 13 July 1753 Somerset County, New Jersey list of freeholders.     


1755 New Jersey:  The following is the transcription of the New Jersey Supreme County.



(Plaintiff) Laird, William – (Defendant) George Eggers

Case #22305, Year: 1755


"New Jersey Supreme Court Case File #22305 (Laird Vs Eggers)


(Page One) Title page is very hard to read: "New Jersey Suprv Court.  Wm. Laird and John Anderson vr. George Eggers.  __ debt for L. 33:0 of money at ? % __ ___.  The deft. lives near George D__son" (probably Davison).  Last line appears to be "on Est_nbr (probably September) __ __ __.


(Page Two, basically prewritten with information to be filled in) Somerset County Writ.  George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith & To our Sheriff of Somerset County.  Greeting We command you that you take George Eggers, otherwise __ George Eggers if he shall be found within your Bailywick and him safely keep so that you may have his Body before us at our City of Perth Amboy on the third __ of March next to answer unto William Laird and John Anderson of a Plea of Trespass and also to the Bill of the said  William Laird & John Anderson against the same George Eggers for Thirty three pounds eight shillings money at Eighty shillings, the monies of debt according to the Custom of our Court before us to be exhibited and have you then there this writ.   Witness: Robert Hunter Morris, Esqr Chief Justice at the City of Burlington the twelfth day of November in the Twenty Eighth year of our Reign.  Attorney (nothing entered).   Final line, extreme right: Read (???)


(Page Three) Morris County Writ:  George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith & To our Sherriff of Morris County.  Greeting We command you __ __ commanded you that __ __ George Eggers otherwise called George Eggers.  If he shall be found within your Bailywick and him safely keep so that you may have his Body before us at our City of Burlington on the Second Tuesday of May next to answer unto William Laird and John Anderson of a plea of Trespass and also to the Bill of the said William Laird and Jon Anderson against the same George Eggers for Thirty three pounds and Eight Shilling, money at eight shillings the __ of Debt according to the Custom of our Court before us to be exhibited and have you then there this Writ. Witnesses:  Robert Hunter Morris Esqr Chief Justice at the City of Perth Amboy, the Twenty Second day of March in the Twenty eighth Year of our Reign.  Attorney (nothing entered).  Final line, right extreme: Read (?)



            Debt of George Eggers was rapidly resolved, as noted in the following deed:        


1755 December 20 – Monmouth County, New Jersey.  (Abstract) This indenture made 20 December in the 26th year of the Reign of our Sovereign, Lord George, the Second over Great Britain, France, and Ireland & 1755 between George Eggars, of Freehold in Monmouth County in the Eastern Division of the Province of New Jersey, blacksmith, of the one part and Felix Magguire of the Corporation of the City of Perth Amboy in Middlesex County, laboral(?) of the other part.  Witnesseth that the said George Eggars for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred pounds....paid by him the said Felix Maguire, the receipt whereof the said George Eggars doth hereby acknowledge...a certain tract of land and meadow situate lying and being in the Corporation of the City of Perth Amboy in said Middlesex County on the west side of Manalapan River  which tract of land and meadow was granted and confirmed unto him the said George Eggers a certain deed of sale under the hands and seals of William Laird and John Anderson, Executors of the last Will and Testament of Mathew Perine, deceased, dated __th day of May 1751.  Beginning at the south west corner of Henry Perrines land which said corner was formerly call the south west corner of Vincent Fountains good land, thence Henry Perrines land, thence south...containing 64 acres.  Also a certain piece of meadow and low ground adjoining in the west side of said Manalapan River in said Middlesex County beginning at...south to said Manalapan River thence down the stream....assigns unto him the said Felix Maguire....(Signed) George Eggers (seal).  Witnessed by John Vander Veer, John Anderson, William Laird.  Be it remembered this 20th day of December 1755, George Eggers the granter of the above deed came before me John Anderson one of his Majesty's Judges of the Court of Common Peas for the County of Monmouth and acknowledged the same to be his voluntary act and deed before me (Signed) John Anderson.  Recorded 13 July 1765.     

                        Colonial Conveyance, Book 3, page 127, at Monmouth County Archives.


            Comment: This very same described land was earlier sold to Matthew Perrine, a weaver, on 1 July 1737 by John Garrison.  But where was the land?  The words, land "being in the Corporation of the City of Perth Amboy" is confusing.  The Manalapan River does not run through the City of Perth Amboy, the Capitol of East New Jersey Province.   By tracking Matthew Perrine, Henry Perrine, and Vincent Fountain in deeds, a location of Cranberry Meadows (not Cranbury) on or near Manalapan River in Middlesex County is derived.  Cranberry Meadows cannot be found, so far.  Less clear is an indirect mention of Matchiponx Neck, which may be a westward bow of land on the Manalapan River where the Matchiponx Brook empties near today's Spotswood, New Jersey.         


1755 Monmouth County List of Freeholders: George Eggers is NOT listed.              


1757 March 11: Their son Landrine Eggers was "born in New Jersey near the Valley of Freehold." 

(From pension papers of Landrine Eggers, for services as a soldier in the American Revolution.    


1758 April 1: Gauen McCoy of Baskinridge in Somerset County, farmer, and George Eggers of Monmouth County, yeoman...bound to...John Reading Esq'r, Commander in Chief...500 pounds...3 April 1758...Gauen McCoy...obtained license of marriage for himself and for Susanna Kinnan of Morris County, spinster...  These are to certifie all persons for whom it may concern that we Thomas & Mary Kannan of Baskinridge are willing & freely give our consent that our daughter may be joyned to Gauin (surname smeared and unreadable) in holy matrimony...April 1, 1758, (signed) Thomas Kannan, Mary Kannan.


            Comment from Cindy Lowe: Joseph Kinnan signed the marriage bond for George Eggers in 1749.  Gavin McCoy and Susannah Kinnan are buried in the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church yard.  (Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 1 October 2007.)


            The 1758 is the last known entry for George Eggers.  However, his son Landrine Eggers stated he left New Jersey about the year 1766.


(VI). Orange County, New York


            At this time, we lose the Eggers for 17 years from 1758 until 1775, when three children surface in two Orange County documents:     


1775 May 24 – Orange County, New York: Signers of the (Loyalty) Pledge in Goshen, Orange County, 24 May 1775.  There are 12 columns of names extending for 4 pages.  The following names appeared on page 501 in column #3, as spelled:


                        Landrine Eggers (5th name)

                        Elijah Egars (#21st name)

                        William Egger (26th name)

                        Daniel Egger (27th name and no "s")


From "An Outline History of Orange County," also called "Eager's Orange County," by Samuel W. Eager, Esq, 1846 and reprinted 1969.


            There was no Samuel Rogers, no Thomas or William Eager, no Riders, no George Eggers on the pledge.  That there is no George Eggers here suggests to me that he was dead or not living in this county.          


1775 – Orange County, New York: Wayanda Town Tax Assessment.  In a list of 78 names made under provincial authority for September 1775 is:


Daniel Eggers ("Eagers?") ...0.12.3  (column 2, #7 entry)

William Eggers...1.12.7 (column 2, column 2, #10 entry)


            Numbers above are estimates of property in pounds, shillings, and pence.  Wawayanda Town was the next township west of Goshen Township, also known as District Number 10, with James Little, the tax assessor. 

"History of Orange County, New York, Compiled by E. M Ruttenber and L.H. Clark, 1980, Volume 2, page 677. 



            The authors on page 676 do admit that District #10 also included a portion of the present territory of Goshen (Township).   Wawayanda was relatively unpopulated until the Revolution.  


(VII). Children of George and Avis Eggers


            Other names mentioned include Mary Eggers, and Hugh Eggers, but nothing known about them at this time.  Baptism dates for William and Daniel Eggers can be confirmed, but other exact birth dates cannot be confirmed, i.e. Landrine Eggers and sister Avis Eggers.


(I). William Eggers was baptized 6 May 1750 and died 1802+.   Speculation suggests Mahala __ may be his common law wife.


1775 Orange County, New York tax list: William appears on the 1775 Orange County, New York, tax list assessment rolls with Daniel Eggers, both in District 10.  This would be near Goshen or areas north and northeast of Greenville. 


1777 Augusta County, Virginia tithables: "William Eggars," "Daniel Eggars," and "Landrine Eggars" on lines adjacent each other, tithes taken by Daniel Smith. 


1778 September 21 – Rowan County, North Carolina: William Eggers was a guard, on 21 September 1778, in the Salisbury District (North Carolina) gaol.


1800 Ashe County, North Carolina US Census: William “Ager” appears with a wife and two daughters (see census at end of Daniel Eggers write-up). 


1802 January 5 - either Ashe or Wilkes County, North Carolina: Inventory of the estate of Richard Brown, deceased, lists debts to William Eggers, Ephraim Norris (husband of Mary Morphew ~1759-1810), and James Morphew.  This is his last known entry while living.  


Children of William Eggers are not understood, and it is not known if he had any sons.  One of at least two daughters is said to be named Thankful Eggers, at the age of 16, who was apprenticed to Moses Hull.   At one point in time, Landrine Eggers, or someone else, accused Moses Hull of mishandling funds left for the care of the children.   Moses then sued Landrine for the allegation of stealing these funds.  


(II). Daniel Eggers was baptized 26 April 1752 in Monmouth County, New Jersey and died 1828 at Wayne County, Indiana.  He married Pheoby Rider about 1772, possibly near Goshen, Orange County, New York.  See chapter on Daniel Eggers for details.



(III). (possibly) George Eggers, Baptismal or birth date 10 July 1754, source unknown  


            Mrs. Crawford Long in 1985 listed a George Eggers as a son of George Eggers of Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Her letter is to be found at the Monmouth County Historical Society.  This baptismal or birth date comes from Long, but her source was not given.  


            Also noted is a "George Egers" who served in Van Rensselaer's New York Regiment. 

From "Index to Revolutionary War Service Records, Volume II, E-K," transcribed by Virgil D. White, 1995, page 849:



(IV). (possibly) Avis Eggers, Baptismal or birth date 7 December 1755.  Source and birth date is from a 1985 letter of Mrs. Charles Long of Indianapolis, Indiana to the Monmouth County (New Jersey) Historical Association.  Her source was not identified.  Nothing more is known about this Avis Eggers.  


(V). Landrine Eggers was born 11 March 1757 and married on 16 April 1779 at Rowan County, North Carolina (county record) to Joana Green Silvers.  This was Joanna's second marriage, the first being to Hugh Silvers of Davidson County, North Carolina.  See chapter on Landrine Eggers for details.


(VI). Jane Eggers with unknown birth date.   Jane Eggers was not mentioned in the 1985 letter of Mrs. Charles Long.   On 5 May 1779, “Jane Agur” married Samuel Rogers in Goshen, Orange County, New York, (reported) with “Landrine Agur signing the banns.”   These banns, not seen, should be in the collection of New York banns by the Secretary of the Province which were badly damaged in a 1911 fire.  A book published in 1860's which recorded them is called "New York Marriages Previous to 1784," and believe this to be the source of the Landrine Agur bann.  Also, it has been pointed out that this date is only 19 days after Landrine married Joanna (Green) Silvers.


1779 May 5 – Orange County, New York: “Married Samuel Rogers and Jane Agur.”

"The Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York From 1767-1885," compiled by Charles C. Coleman, Goshen, N.Y page 11.   Note that this church is the only one in Orange County with records surviving before 1800. 


1785 November 28 – Orange County: Estate of James Rogers, Jr. of the Precinct of Wallkill, Orange County, yeoman was administered (probated).  Samuel Rogers was noted to be the oldest surviving brother of deceased.  Bond – Samuel Rogers and John Eager, yeoman, and John Hillhouse, weaver, all of Precinct of Wallkill.  Witnesses – Israel Wells, Thomas Eager. 

"Genealogical Data from Administration Papers from the NY State Court of Appeals in Albany," abstracted by Dr. Kenneth Scott, 1972, page 267.


(VII). (questionably) Elijah "Egars."  (born __ to 17 December 1781) 


1775 Orange County, New York: Signers of the (Loyalty) Pledge in Goshen, Orange County, 1775 included Landrine Eggers, Elijah Egars, William Eggers, and Daniel Egger, all on the same page and same column of names. 


1779 December 1781 – Virginia: “Elijah Egers" or Elijah Eggers served as a private in the 2nd New York Regiment."  He enlisted 1st December 1776 and again October 1779.   He died 17 December 1781.   Elijah died at the Battle of Yorktown on 17 December 1781.

- Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 70, page 774

- Military Records: New York in the Revolution and the War of 1812,Family Tree Maker’s CD#143.