Charles Ssteelman "II"


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  • Great Egg Harbour Township tax for Charles Steelman
  • Confusion by other Charles Steelmans
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Charles Steelman ("II")

            Birth date is not known. Current estimates are 1745-1750

            Married: Wife's name not known at this time

            Will or estate administration: Nothing found so far.

            Death date is not known; living 1814.

            Parents: Charles Steelman "I" (~1705-1710 to 1779) and probably Mary __.

            Family Records needed


Wife, name not known at this time


            Died possibly 1794

            Parents unknown     


            Last revision 1 January 2010, J. R. Murphy,


Reconstruction of these Steelmans:


            What follows is my current understanding and reconstruction of this Steelman line. Research is still undergoing to sort out confusion. This writer expects the story of this Charles Steelman "II" may have more u-turns and changes.


            Problems with Charles Steelman "II" include (1) others with the same name, (2) lack of Weymouth tax records between 1775 – 1820, except for an 1802 taxable, (3) and whether Great Egg Harbor taxables belong to the correct Charles Steelman.


What others have said about the line of

Steelman: Charles – 3; Peter – 2, Capt. Hans - 1


            "Because of the paucity of records, the descendants of this Charles presents the greatest difficulty."

From Arthur Adams, "The Steelman Family" - Charles - 3, Peter – 2, Hans – 1 Steelman, page 55, as found in Volume 3 #2 Year Book of the Atlantic Cunty Historical Society.


To all the 18th Century Charles Steelmans in Gloucester and Salem Counties.


            So far, this writer has encountered the following different Charles Steelmans:


            (1). Charles Steelman (~1724 – 1784) was the son of Hance Steelman (born ~1690's). He married 1st to Brita Dailbo (various spellings) and 2nd to Mary __ and is associated with lands on the west side of old Gloucester County in Greenwich Township near Repaupo Creek.


            (2). Charles Steelman (~1772 – 1812 or beyond) was the son of James Steelman (~ 1731 - ?) + Hannah __. He married Lydia Smith and lived in the Tuckahoe River area of SW old Gloucester County. Lydia became administrator of his rather small estate. Two deeds, on in 1832 and another 1833 deeds show up later from this same Charles Steelman to Charles Fuller. This causes total confusion, but I now believe Fuller purchased the land before 1812 and finally registered the deeds.


            (3). Charles Steelman (__ to 1764) of Morris River Township, Cumberland has his small estate administered in 1764. Administrator names give no clues.


            (4). There is a Charles Steelman recorded in 1788 Salem County tax records with 65 acres, 3 horses and 10 cattle. To whom he belongs is not known.


            (5). A certain Matthias Steelman and some of this children migrated to Surry-Rowan Counties, North Carolina. Matthias' first land grant was 4 April 1788 Surry County with his will dated 16 February 1789. Several Charles Steelmans descend from this line, beginning with his son Charles. Who their ancestor line was is unclear to this writer. Furthermore, it is unclear if and when some Gloucester/Cumberland/Salem County records might be theirs before migrating southward.


Township Confusion


            Townships can be very misleading here. Weymouth Township was established 1694 and was separate from Great Egg Harbor Township. Hamilton Township was established in 1813, all or in part from Weymouth. Weymouth entries for Charles Steelman are confusing. They suggest either a boundary change with Great Egg Harbor Township or that Steelmans living in Weymouth were buying/selling lands that were outside this township.


Location of Identifying Creeks, Runs, Rivers


            Cranberry Creek empties into the north bank of Great Egg Harbor River about 9 miles NW of today's Sommer's Point, a town in New Jersey.

            Gravelly Run empties into east bank of the Great Egg Harbor River about 4 miles SES of May's Landing.

            Mare Run empties into the west bank of Great Egg Harbor River about 5 miles WNW of May's Landing.

            South River empties into the west bank of Great Egg Harbor River about 9 miles south of May's Landing, but parallels G.E. H. River almost to May's landing before flowing from the west.

            Chandler's Run – not found


Charles Steelman "II"


            Birth for Charles Steelman "II" is not known, but estimated ~1745-50. He disappears in 1814 and may have (1) died outside of Gloucester County (2) or sold off his lands in 1814 and went to live with one of his children. The name of his wife has not surfaced at this time. Charles Steelman "II" is not mentioned in his father will, but is clearly identified as a son in multiple deeds including one stating Charles Steelman was his "oldest son."              


            One son seem to be clearly identified at this time – Jonathan Steelman. The Great Egg Harbour Township tax records name (1) "James Steelman, son of Charles." They also mention "John Steelman, son of Charles." Tax records showed all three lived very close one-another. The most obvious take is Charles Steelman "II" is the father of James and John. But inspection of their theoretical ages suggests something else. John and James are more likely to be the sons of Charles Steelman "I." An immediate problem surfaces however. Charles Steelman "I" did name a son "John Steelman" in his will, but not James Steelman. Therefore, our understanding of these people is incomplete.           


Great Egg Harbour Township Tax Listings for Charles Steelman


            1778 Charles Steelman Jr. 50 acres improved, 50 unimproved, 2 horses, 6 cattle

            May 1780 through September 1792 with 50 acres improved – Charles Steelman.

May 1780 and 1781 taxes state "James Steelman – son of Charles" in both tax years, each adjacent to the other and in 1789, 1790, 1792; James with 50 acres; James Steelman is noted to be a merchant and/or trader in 1780.

1781 and July 1786 taxes state "John Steelman – son of Charles." Both are adjacent each other 1789 and 1790; John with 50 or 60 acres in each one.

1793: Charles Steelman 50 acres; and Charles Steelman, Junior (who should be the son of James + Hannah Steelman with also 50 acres.            

1794, 1796, 1797 tax states Charles Steelman single man (widow?); entries 1784 thru 1791 show Charles Steelman also adjacent to Amos Ireland on tax records.

September 1797: Charles Steelman (which one is he?) with 50 acres.


1802 Great Egg Harbour Township Tax: No Charles Steelman is listed

1802 Weymouth Township Tax (only such record): Charles Steelman with no acreage.


Deeds for Charles Steelman "II"

(Not every deed listed below may belong to this person)     


            25 May 1799 Gloucester County Deed: Indenture from Charles Steelman, Senior of Weymouth Township to John Ford, Great Egg Harbour Township, late merchant...for $20...a lot of land and swamp lying in said township on the west side of Great Egg Harbour River and branch of said creek beginning said breach...forty(?) acres. Appeared before me, James Steelman, Esq. on 14 January 1800, one of the Masters in Court of Chancery, (signed): Charles Steelman. Recorded 1828.


            3 July 1799 Gloucester County: Deed from Charles Steelman the Elder of Weymouth Township, Gloucester County, N.J. to Elisha Aston of the same place, sawyer of the other part, for $40, a certain piece or lot of land lying in the Township of Weymouth, part of 200 acres of land that Charles Steelman, deceased, purchased of Thomas Ireland and Elias Smith, and the said Charles Steelman, deceased by his last will and testament gave and bequeathed unto his son Charles Steelman the within grantor....beginning...of the hill above said Elisha Aston oak on the bank...binding the edge of the swamp...containing 10 acres. (Signed) Charles Steelman, delivered in the presence of Elias Smith, Joseph ("x") Sawin(?), Joseph Smith, came 4 June 1814 personally came before me John Steelman, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleases in and for the County of Gloucester. Recorded 4 October 1815. (Deed Book W, page 274)


            Comment: Notice our Charles Steelman (II) was labeled "the Elder." Charles Steelman, the younger of Weymouth Township, was not his son, and deeds indicate he descended from 1 - grand parents Matthias Steelman + ?; 2 - parents James Steelman + Hannah. This Charles Steelman married Lydia __ in 1796 and is not our direct line. Of the two Charles Steelmans in Weymouth Township in 1799 to 1812, Charles + Lydia Steelman lived near the Tuckahoe River on the southern border of Gloucester County adjacent to Cape May County, but were not far away. Charles + Lydia Steelman possibly had a young son Charles Steelman who died 1812 and with his estate administered by his "Lydia Steelman." Our subject here, Charles Steelman II lived closer to Mays Landing. At times, he signs with an "x".


            The 1799 deed to Elisha Ashton is an important clue to the parents and grandparents of Jonathan (born 1782) + Catherine Steelman, since they named one of their sons Elisha Ashton Steelman. Other Elisha Ashton deeds were recorded (1) 29 January 1805 x 2 in Hamilton Township (2) 20 June 1830 of Hamilton Township. Elisha Aston's wife was recorded as Phebe in 1805 and 1830 and this writer questions if she is Phebe Steelman, daughter of Charles Steelman "I." There is an Elisha Ashton of Atlantic County, New Jersey, who has a will, folder 0152, dated 1850, which has not been seen.


            27 August 1799 Gloucester County, New Jersey: Indenture between Daniel Scull son of David Scull deceased of Great Egg Harbor Township, Gloucester County to Charles Steelman of same Township...for 150 pounds. Property, claims, etc that I now have or ever had to one equal third part of 3 tracts of land and marsh which my grandfather David Scull did by his last will and testament convey to me the said David Scull by will dated 20 February 1784 said tracts of land situated in the Township of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester County.

            One – east side of Great Egg Harbor's River adjoining lands No. 1; lands of David Blackman and Isaac Smith.

            Two – lands or marsh of Thomas Champion and John Champion

            Three – tract certain piece of meadow known by the name of Evis Meadow laying about two miles above Smith's Mill.

            (Signed) Daniel Scull. Witnesses: Jeramiah Johnson, Mathias D. Woodreift.(should be Woodruff^) Recorded 27 August 1799. Received 9 January 1802

                        Gloucester County Deed Book E, page 187


            Comment: Charles Steelman "I" - father of Charles Steelman "II, married Margaret Scull, daughter of Peter Scull.


            8 September 1801 Gloucester County, N.J: Deed from David Scull of Gloucester County, J.J., to Charles Steelman of the same county...$333...(same description of 27 August 1799 deed above. (Signed): David Scull, Esquire, Witnesses: Matthias Wordruff, Eli Foster, Jesse Hand. Received 8 April 1801. Recorded 9 January 1801. (Deed book E, page 108)    


            14 May 1814 Gloucester County, New Jersey: Charles Steelman of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County, State of New Jersey deeded to Jonathan Steelman, his son, of the aforesaid place....for $15...certain tract of cedar swamp in Hamilton Township, near the head of Mare River containing 4 acres...of a survey made by Japhet Leeds to and for James Steelman, his virtue of a deed of conveyance dated 29 December 1749, the said James Steelman conveyed the same among other land unto Charles Steelman, deceased, who being thereof so seized deceased Intestate, and Charles Steelman the party aforesaid being the eldest son and heir at law because lawfully seized of the same reference to the hold the said 4 acres of Cedar Swamp... (Signed) Charles (x) Steelman. Signed, sealed, delivered in the presence of John Steelman, James (x) Champion of Gloucester County. On 3 June 1714, before me the subscriber John Steelman one of the Judges of the Court of Common Please in Gloucester County. Charles Steelman the Grantor...Recorded 22 June 1814.

                        (Deed Book T-445)


            4 June 1814 Gloucester County, New Jersey Charles Steelman of Hamilton Township,, Gloucester County, New Jersey deeded to James Ackley of the same place, for $25, ...a certain lot or tract of land situate in Hamilton Township...bounded as follows:...point of land on the southwest side of Mare Run, a little below the public bridge over the Abner Gaskill's lot...containing 39 acres. Of which this land was granted in part of 159 acres surveyed to Edmund Illeff and from him to Samuel Harrison and from said Harrison to Nathan Lake and from said Lake to Amariah Lake who conveyed the same unto Charles Steelman by deed dated 1 January 1755 and devised the same by his last will and testament unto his son Charles Steelman, the present (person) granted. (Signed) Charles (x) Steelman. Witnessed by John Steelman and Jonathan Steelman, Gloucester County on 4 June 1814. Recorded 5 October 1819.

                        (Deed Book EE, page 219)


            15 June 1814 Gloucester County, New Jersey: Charles Steelman of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County, Western Division of the State of New Jersey, deeded to Abner Gaskills of the same place....$ situate in Hamilton on the great road from Mays Landing to Great Run. Beginning...near Gaskins Branch to the east side of the public edge of the Cripple Ground...opposite said houses...corner in Edmund Illiff's line of his 159 acres....containing 12 acres...of a tract granted is part of 159 acres surveyed to Edmund Stiff (Illiff) and was conveyed unto Samuel Harrison, who conveyed unto Nathan Lake, who conveyed to Amariah Lake, who conveyed to Charles Steelman, with his deed dated 1 February 1755 and by his last will and testament among other land did bequeath it to his son Charles Steelman, the aforesaid party of the first part. (Signed): Charles Steelman. Witnessed in the presence of John Steelman, Jonathan Steelman, of Gloucester County. John Steelman was on the High Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. Recorded 3 November 1814.

                        (Gloucester Deed Book U, page 73)  


            ^ Surname corrections, per Glenn Bingham, email, courtesy 19 July 2009).


Children of Charles Steelman and ___


(1) Jonathan Steelman (1782 – 1848) who married Catherine Reed.


(2) (probably) Phebe Steelman who married Elisha Ashton.