James Morphew ~1750 - 1829

James Morphew “II”

Betty Chadwick


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·                     Is Joshua Chadwick (born 1761) a brother to Betty Chadwick?

·                  Family Cemetery for Nathan Morphew (1777 - 1842) + Margaret Caldwell needs cleaning; Nathan and Margaret's tombstone now broken pieces in a garage.


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·                     Silas Morphew 1824; His sons Lawson, Clay, and Lloyd Morphew

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·                     1779 Caswell County, N.C. Court Record for a James Murphew


  James Morphew “II”

      Born about 1750, probably in Augusta County, Virginia 

      Died in late 1829 or early 1830 probably in Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio

      Married Betty Chadwick, county bond on 16 November 1774 in Guilford County,

             North Carolina.

      Parents were James Morphew – either Joseph or James (~ 1730 to >1775+).  First name is in question with James most likely.  Wife was Mary Burk (born 1732 in Pennsylvania, died after 1802 in North Carolina)


 “Betty” Chadwick (possibly Betty is from Elizabeth)

      Born about 1754*  

      Died after mid-year 1830 in probably Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio

      Parents not known.  See the Joseph Chadwick comment at end of this chapter.

*  Betty Chadwick was reported by Arlie Morphew to be born in Somerset County, Maryland, with the father possibly being John Chadwick.   Both assertions may be speculation.                       

2nd Edition of Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, April 2001 – this revision 12 December 2014.


*Special map of Union County, Indiana, and Preble County, Ohio, for lands of the Morphews and Eggers                                                                                


This Chapter Covers the Following Morpews

With Exceptions Noted


James Morphew “II” (~1750 to 1829/30) + wife Betty Chadwick – Guilford, Surry, Wilkes, Ashe NC; Preble Co. Ohio; their children are (1) to (VIII) and grandchildren (1), (2), (3), etc.


(I). Joseph Morphew “I” (~1775 to 1820+) + Avis Eggers – Wilkes and Ashe Counties, NC; Franklin County, Indiana; Preble County, Ohio.    See his separate chapter

(1). Nathan Morphew (1798 to 1880+) + Lucy McCloud.

(2). Pheoby Morphew (1799 to 1880+) + Jonathan Aldridge  

(3). Daniel Morphew (1801 – 1868) + Amy Grimes

(4). John G. Morphew (1831 – 1887) + Elizabeth Bullington

(5). Joseph Morphew “II” (~1803/08 to 1862) + Mary __ + Clarinda Smiley.

(6). James Morphew (1805 to 1871) + Rebecca Hogan.  See his separate chapter.

(7). Benjamin Franklin Morphew (1811 to 1897) + Rebecca Bridgewater + Jane Todd Cheshire.

(8). Martha Morphew (1812/16 to >1860) + Milburn Hogg

(9). Elizabeth Morphew/Murphy (1816 to 1870+) + John Conner or Connor


(II). Nathan Morphew (1777 to 1842) + Margaret Caldwell – Fayette County, Indiana

(1). Mary Morphew (1812 to 1885) + Alexander Carson

(2). Miriam Morphew (1816 – 1847)

(3). Elizabeth Morphew (1817 to 1897)

(4). Malinda Morphew (1818 to 1886)

(5). Dursilla Morphew (1820 – 1838)

(6). Lydia Morphew (1821 to 1892)

(7). Simeon Morphew (1823 – 1898) + Mary Jeniza Lanston

(8). Sarah Morphew (1825 to 1899) + Edward Taylor

(9). Jane Morphew (1827 to 1900) + Loring Carnes

(10) James Washington Morphew (1831 to 1833)

(11). Joseph Morphew (1833 to 1901) + Mary _ + Salena Tyner

(12). Lucinda Morphew (1834 to 1887)

(13). John G. or C. Morphew (1836 to 1861 Civil War)


(III). James Morphew “III” (~1781 to 1845) + Mary (Polly) Glass – Ashe, NC; Preble, Oh, Delaware and Putnam Counties, Indiana

(1). David C. Morphew (1818 to 1872) + Malinda Morphew

(2). Sarah (Sally) E. Morphew (1820 to ?) + Jesse Eggers

(3). Mary Isabell Morphew (1822 to ?)

(4). Silas Morphew (1824 to 1900+) + Elizabeth Branson _ + Mary D. _  

(5). Ezra Morphew (1826/27 to 1880+) + Phebe __.


(IV). Silas Morphew (1783/87 to 1860+) + Elmira __ - Burke County, NC; McDonough + Fulton Counties, Illinois.

(1). Elizabeth Morphew (~1807 to ?) + Hiram Dickson

(2). Nancy Elmira Morphew (1812/13 to 1860+) +_ Daniel? Morris + Levi Beaver

(3). Silas W. Morphew (~1811 to >1849) + Catherine Grimm

(4). James Harvey Murphy (1816/18 to 1860+) + Elizabeth Maria Scott

(5). Samuel R. Morphew (1827/28 to 1880+) + Isabella Wilfong

(6). William H. Murphy (1825/27 to 1880+) + Susannah Grimm


(V). Joshua Morphew (1785 to 1846) + Ruth Townsend – Preble County, Ohio; Fayette + Warren Counties, Indiana

(1). Martha Morphew (1813)

(2). Silas Morphew (1815 to 1882) + Nancy H. Morris

(3). James Morphew (1817)

(4). William Morphew (1820 to 1860+)

(5). Nancy Morphew (1822)

(6). Charity Morphew (1826 to ?) + Absolem Scott

(7). Miriam Morphew (1827)

(8). Caroline Morphew (1833)

(9). Mary Ann Morphew (1836)

(10). Eli Townsend Morphew (1839)


(VI). Mary Morphew (1787/88 to 1850+) + Thomas Robbins (Robins) – Wilkes + Caldwell Counties, North Carolina, 9 children


(VII). Benjamin Franklin Morphew (1783 to 1840+) + Mary Townsend – Preble County, Ohio and Putnam County, Indiana

(1). Joshua Morphew (1814/15 to 1858) + Naomi Aldridge

(2). Sarah Morphew (1817 to 1900+)

(3). Dinah Morphew (1823/24 to ?) + Reubin Whitted

(4). Name unknown (1820/25)

(5). Naomi Morphew (1827/28)


(VIII). Naomi Morphew (1798 to 1861) + William Oldham – Union + Shelby Counties, Indiana.  Six children.


This Chapter is divided into the following sections:


Section (1): Known Adult Locations for James Morphew ”II”

             (2): Guilford County, North Carolina 1774

             (3): Surry County, North Carolina 1777/8 to 1799

             (4): Wilkes/Ashe Counties, North Carolina 1799 – 1810

             (5): Preble County, Ohio before 1820 – 1830+

             (6): Morphew Brothers in the War of 1812-1814

             (7): Is Joseph Chadwick a Brother or Father of Betty Chadwick?

             (8). Children of James Morphew and Betty Chadwick

             (9). Sergeant James Murphew, Virginia - American Revolution: Is He Ours?

             (10). Census Records fore the Morphews  


Section One – Locations for James Morphew “II” + wife Betty Chadwick


         1.  Guilford County, North Carolina 1774

         2.  Cabin Branch of a Creek in or near waters of Login Creek, Surry County (now

                           Yadkin County), North Carolina before 1778 to 1799.

         3.  Possibly Meat Creek Fork, Wilkes County (now Watauga Co.), N.C. 1799

         4.  Elk Creek, Wilkes County (now Watauga Co.), North Carolina, 1802 to 1810

         5.  Unknown location, 18111 – 1819; possibly SW Ohio          

         6.  Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio, before 1820 to 1830 


Section Two – Guilford County, North Carolina 1774


Our first record of James Morphew “II” (born about 1750) is his marriage to Betty Chadwick on 16 November 1774 at Guilford County, North Carolina (county record).  The bondsman and witnesses were Alex McClaran and John Underhill, whose names may or may not offer clues.   The lack of a family name as a witness is curious, unless these bondsman/witnesses prove differently. 


The marriage was once thought to be Quaker, but records at North Carolina’s New Garden, Deep River (Quaker), and Centre Meeting House fail to mention this marriage.  A librarian at Guilford Collage (10/2001) stated that marriages entered on county records would not be Quaker.   


The witness, John Underhill, may be the same person who appears on an early settler’s map of Guilford County living very near to the Centre (Quaker) Meeting House (established 1753).   This Meeting House was midway along the southern boundary line of Guilford County, but both Underhill and McClaran were not members.  Fred Hughes states John Underhill was a Tory during the Revolution.*   

* Guilford County, N.C. – A Map Supplement, by Fred Hughes, 1988, page 43.


Section Three – Surry County, North Carolina 1777/8 to 1799


1777 August 27 – Surry County, North Carolina: “James Murphew” purchased personal property at the estate sale of Anna Elliott, deceased.  Buyers included William Riddings, Benjamin Burk, Joseph Chadwick, and James Murphew.   Note the Chadwick and Burk names.        


1778 December 30 – Surry County: Land entry book by Joseph Winston mentioned that Justice Reynolds entered 150 acres of land in Surry County on the North Fork of Forbis’s Creek beginning at the conditional line between me and “James Morphew,” including my improvement for complement.  This warrant was granted.   At one time, this land could be found on a Land Grant Map of Surry County at nealancestry.com/scncmap.htm.


           This is the first mention of James Morphew with land, being close to the old land of James Burk on Joseph’s Creek and close to brother-in-law Benjamin Burk near Forbis’s Creek.  Burk’s location was confirmed in a 2 January 1779 Surry County land entry which mentioned: Thomas Church enters 200 acres of Land (#1265) in Surry County on Forbis’s Creek waters including Benjamin Burk’s improvement for quantity.


~1778 to 1783: At this point, there is a gap in our knowledge where James Morphew was living between 1777/78 to 1783.   In 1779, there is a record that might be our James Morphew, but keep in mind that there are a lot of Murpheys early-on in this county:


1779 March - Caswell County Court: James Terry – Will written 31 July 1775.  Daughter Sarah; Son-Oliver to get land bought of entry of James Tinsley; wife Rebecca; daughter in law Levinia King and her daughter Grace King.  Colonel Nathaniel Terry to make deed for James Murphew.  All surviving children, Nath. And David Terry to assists with the estate sale.           

Caswell County, North Carolina Will Books 1777-1814: 1784 Tax List, by Katharine Kerr Kendall and Mary Francis Kerr Donaldson, page 71.


            This writer now thinks “James Murphew” may be James Murphey, son of Caswell County’s Archibald Murphey.  This son died in the American Revolution.  The “w” in Murphew leaves doubt however.   


There were two James Murphy living in the Surry.   Surry County tithables list another “James Murphy” with 300 acres in 1782, 1784, 1785, 1786, and 1789.  When he sold this land 1797, the deed recorded it being on Hunting Creek and he now lived in Pendleton County, South Carolina.  


1782 Surry County, North Carolina tax: Morphew is not here, but tithables are not that reliable.  The following James Murphey should our Morphew.


1784 Surry County Tax: James Murphey with 200 acres


1786 State Census for Surry County, North Carolina: "James Murprey":

1 white male 21+

4 white males <21 or >60....

5 white females all ages.


The four males match his four sons born so far, but there should be no daughters yet.   I think his family included his sisters – Anna Morphew (~1760), Naomi Morphew (~1760/70), Mary Morphew (19 May 1759) who were not yet married.  The 4th female should be his mother, Mary Burk Morphew (~1732).  The 5th was his wife, Betty.


1789 Surry County Tax: James Murphey with 220 acres


1790 US Census of Surry County, North Carolina:

"James Morphew" with 1 male 16+; 5 males under 16, and 3 females all ages and no slaves.   


The 5 males match known records.  The 3 females include his wife, Betty; daughter Mary (1787/88), and one undetermined female.  This may be an unknown daughter, born between 1786-1790, and would almost need to be a twin.  Mary Burk Morphew/Murphy and her daughters had already left for Wilkes County and were now entered separately on the 1790 U.S. Census with a total of 3 females and no males.  This would include her daughters Mary (1759) and Anna (~1760).  Naomi Morphew (~1760/70) had already married Ephraim Allison in 1788. 


1780 to 1789: Sometime during these years, his mother Mary settled adjacent to the Coleman family on the South Fork of New River, which is now in present-day Ashe, Wilkes, or Watauga County.   There’s no doubt that tales of the good lands (also cheap) were finding their way back to James.  James probably visited these relatives in the New River area and was impressed with the river bottom lands waiting for someone to till.   It wasn’t long until the moving fever caught James.  However, he had to pay off debts on lands in order to gain title.


1792 March 6 – Surry County: Levin Savage deeded 92 acres to “James Morphew,” both of Surry County, for 40 pounds...on Cabbin Branch, bounded by Levi Speers  (entered August term 1792, with witnesses of Ezekiel Runels and Thomas Langins).  The creek’s name for the branch is not mentioned, so we must look further for clues to the location.


1799 January 14 – Surry County: Henry Speer, of Surry County, sold to “James Murphey” of Wilkes County, 100 acres on the waters of Logan’s Creek in the fork of Cabbin Branch on Vanderchols line and on a line formerly surveyed to Levin Savage (May term 1799, with witnesses of James Carson and Isaac Witegrove). 

Comment: Logan’s Creek becomes the landmark.     


1799 March 6 – Surry County: “James Morphew,” of Wilkes County, sold this same land to Isiah Coe, of Surry County, 100 acres on Cabbin Branch (Creek not named) on the corner of Levi Speer’s land and on a line formerly surveyed to Levin Savage.  James Morphew is now noted living in Wilkes County.  This was approved in the May term 1799, with witnesses Samuel Gentry and Matthew Gentry and signed “James Morphew” and no “x.” 


This Logan Creek empties into Forbus Creek near its mouth at the Yadkin River.  The lands are now in present-day Yadkin County.   Location of Cabbin Branch on Logan Creek is not known.


Section Four – Wilkes/Ashe Counties, North Carolina 1799 to 1811


At this point in time, records for James Morphew exist in both Wilkes County and in newly formed Ashe County (established 1799).  Those in Wilkes County belong to James Morphew “II” or Sr., and those in Ashe County may also belong to him or his son, James Morphew “III” (~1781).  If the birth date of James Morphew “III” is found to be later than the 1781 estimate, then all the deeds belong to his father.   


1790 April 27 – Wilkes County, North Carolina: Sarah Morphew Coleman became administrator of her husband’s Young Coleman’s estate, filed in Wilkes County.  The estate inventory in July 1790 went to Salley (or Sarah) Coleman, David Coleman, Silas Murphey, James Murphey, Aaron England, Henry Chambers, Ezekiel England, and others (name spellings as written).


1799 – Wilkes County: James Morphew was granted land entry #378 for 100 acres at Meat Creek Fork, Wilkes County, below Coleman’s Sugar Camp and an additional 50 acres (#379) adjacent his deeded land.  This land was soon in newly formed Ashe County, on the western side of the Blue Ridge, whereas Elk Creek (below) is on the Eastern side. 


1800 US Census of Wilkes County: James Morphew with his large family.


Because the U.S. Census of Wilkes was not alphabetical, it didn't show the neighbors.  There is an undated (approximately 1800) Wilkes County tax taken in Capt. Ayres District which includes on the same page: Landrine Eggers, Joseph Morphew (no acres, 1 pole), James Morphew (50 acres - 1 pole), Sarah Coleman (150 acres, 0 pole); and Daniel Eggers (615 acres, 1 pole).   


1802 January 5 – Wilkes County: Inventory of the estate of Richard Brown, deceased, lists debts to William Eggers, Ephraim Norris, James Morphew.


1802 May 7 –Wilkes County:  James Morphew, of Wilkes County, for $80 purchased 40 acres in Wilkes County on the Boone Branch of Elk Creek from Joseph Mast, of Ashe County, North Carolina.


By following Elk Creek upstream, one runs almost to the Three Fork’s Church across the county line in Ashe.  In 1807, descendants of Mary, daughter of James Sr. noted that she was married to Thomas Robbins Sr. in her father’s house on Elk Creek on December 25, 1807.  The wedding was attended by many friends and relatives.  There had been a large snow on the ground but it didn’t seem to bother the callers. 


1810 US Census of Wilkes County: James Morphew Sr. with his family living in Wilkes County.  Two of his sons, possibly Benjamin and Nathan, were also living at home.  Both apparently were eager to join a rather large party of pioneers planning to journey into new lands of Kentucky and possibly Ohio and Indiana.  With no children left at home to help farm the Elk Creek lands, James Sr. sold his lands (40 acres) to his son-in-law Ephriam Norris on 24 November 1810 and planned to follow.  He is now about the age of 60 years.


1810 November 24 – Wilkes County: James Morphew of Wilkes County, sold to Ephraim Norris, of Ashe County, 40 acres on Elk Creek, with witnesses Richard Luis and John Randal and signed “James Morphew (seal) and no “x.”


~1811 - Wilkes County tax records:  Undated (approximately 1811) the following is noted - absentee in J. Brown's district: "James Morphey" - 1 pole.  Also, in Capt. Lenoir's District absentee for "1811" - "Silas Morphew" - 1 pole.   


Section Five – Preble County, Ohio before 1820 to 1830+


The 1820 U.S Census for Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio shows James Murphey (Sr.) and what should be his wife Betty.  


1820 US Census of Preble County, Dixon Township, Ohio:


              Murphey, James

                       1 male 45 and over (should be James Sr.- ~1750), listed as a manufacturer

                       3 females 16-<25 – who are these women?  Are we missing someone?

                       1 female over 45 (should be wife Betty - ~1754)


They are living with or adjacent to their sons Benjamin, James Jr., and Joshua Morphew.  This census states James Sr., is a “manufacturer.”  The southern division of Morphews were involved in herbal manufacturing during these years and it is conceivable that James Morphew was doing the same.  One wonders if this can be confirmed by looking at Cincinnati newspaper advertisements of this era which do exist.  Dixon Township and surrounding area was and still is sparsely populated and any real quanity of herbal medicines probably would be sold elsewhere. 


1827 – Preble County, Ohio Tax: James Morphew

1828 – Preble County, Ohio Tax: Betsey Morphew

1829 – Preble County, Ohio Tax: James Morphew.   Perhaps, he was sick in his last years.  It appears that James Morphew Sr. died before the 1830 U.S. Census which was taken mid-year. 


1830 US Census of Preble Count, Dixon Township, Ohio: Betty Murphey - No males; 2 females 30-40; 1 female 70-80.   She is adjacent to households of her sons Joshua and Benjamin.  What happened to Betty after this 1830 census is not known.  Perhaps she did not survive long.


One would suspect that they are buried in Preble County.  A very old cemetery was visited 3/2001 and 5/2001, which was about 1.25 miles southeast of Benjamin and Joshua Morphew’ lands.  This cemetery is on the northeast hilltop corner of the village of Fairhaven, Israel Township, Preble County.  A church at the bottom of the hillside was founded in 1834 and I now believe the oldest stones date after this time.  They are not there.  One history book about Preble County reported that at one time there was a Baptist Church nearer to the Morphew lands, but no longer existed.  Perhaps, they were buried there. 


Benjamin and Joshua Morphew (and presumably James and Betty Morphew) lived on the north side of Paint Creek/Four Mile road where it intersects the one lane Watt Road, from 0.0 to 0.5 miles north.  The land is relatively good flat farmland and is still being tilled.  The whole area, however, is sparely populated.  If one heads 1.5 miles west on Paint Creek/Four Mile Road, one comes to the Indiana State line and continues an additional 1.0 miles west, one comes to Goodwin’s Corners (Center Township, Union County, Indiana) near where the Eggers lived.  This Goodwin’s Corners is 5 miles east of Liberty, Union County, Indiana.   


Section Six – Morphew Brothers in War of 1812 - 1814


Three of James + Betty Morphew’s sons were definitely soldiers in the War of 1812-1814, with possibly one more son.   Details about their military assignments are not known yet. 


1812 to 1813 Ohio: “James Morphew,” is listed in Captain Richard Sloan’s Company from Preble County, Adams’ Battalion.  This unit served from 8 October 1812 until 7 April 1813.

From “Roster of Ohio Soldiers of the War of 1812,” by the Adjutant General of Ohio, book published in 1916


1813 Ohio: “Nathan Morphew” is listed as a private in the 2nd Regiment (Major Henry Price’s) Ohio Militia in the War of 1812-1814, and was in Captain Daniel Rex’s Company.   This company served from 3 April 1813 to 3 October 1813


1813 Ohio: “Benjamin Morphew” is listed as a corporal in Captain Daniel Rex’s Company, which is the 2nd Regiment (Major Henry Price’s) Ohio militia, same as Nathan Morphew.    Benjamin, and his company served from April 3 until October 3, 1813.   This regiment was believed to be under the command of Brigadier General John Wingate, Ohio.


1813 Indiana: “Joseph Murphy” is noted as a soldier from Franklin County, Indiana in 1813 and the same county tax records confirm that a “Joseph Murphy” did live there in 1813.  No county deeds could be found to confirm him as a Morphew and no military unit is known at this time.  It is possible he was in the same unit as William Eggers, his brother-in-law.  Joseph Morphew probably lived only a few miles west from Benjamin and Joshua Morphew in Preble County, Ohio, all of which lived near the State line.  


Their military deployments were probably the following:


“Governor Meigs (of Ohio) had ordered 2 regiments to be organized, which rendezvoused at Dayton and several other points in Ohio in the early part of March (1813), and were placed under the command of Brigadier General John Wingate, who proceeded with one of the regiments under Colonel Mills (1st Regiment) to St. Marys (Ohio), to garrison the posts in that quarter.  The number of men in his brigade however, proved greatly deficient.  From one division of militia, from which 250 men were to be detached, only forty appeared in the field: and the whole amount obtained was insufficient to garrison the small posts only.”


“On the 5th (June 1813), the (Kentucky) regiment marched towards Fort Wayne, with a view to protect some boats loaded with flour and bacon, which had been sent down the St. Marys by General Wingate of the Ohio militia, who was stationed with a small guard at St. Marys (Ohio).”  From “History of the Late War in the Western Country,” by Robert B. McAfee, 1816.


Section Seven - Is Joseph Chadwick a Brother or Father of Betty Chadick?


We do not know who the parents of Betty Chadwick Morphew are, and are currently searching for clues and answers. 


There was an estate sale of Joseph Chadwick at Preble County, Ohio on 27 December 1809 where Joshua Morphew (1785 - 1846) purchased the 4th choice of sows.   The estate was administered by Priscilla Chadwick and Joseph Caldwell with their seal and signatures along with Joseph Davis and Train Caldwell.  Priscilla Chadwick purchased one sled, one chair, one shock of flax, one flax __, one heifer, two cows, a bell, and one calf.  At no time does the probate state Priscilla was a wife or daughter, but is most probably the latter.  


On 17 November 1821, this land (48 acres) was sold by administrators Joseph Caldwell, Nathaniel McCimmey (McKinney), and Priscilla McKinney, the three of Fayette County, Indiana.   This land was north of the Benjamin and Joshua Morphew’s lands by about 0.75 miles (variation 0.5 to 1.25) and probably was on the bottom lands of Four Mile Creek.


The probate and land sale do not mention any other Morphews.  Therefore Joseph Chadwick is more likely to be a brother to Betty Chadwick Morphew.   The only other record of Joseph Chadwick is the 1774 estate sale of Ann Elliott, deceased, of Surry County, North Carolina in which he is listed next to James Morphew.  


Other information to consider for this mystery:


(a) Train Caldwell married Elizabeth Wilburn on 2 February 1799 Guilford County, N.C.  There is another marriage entry for Train Caldwell to Sarah Dehaven on 19 August 1819 at Fayette County, Indiana.  In 1812, Train Caldwell served in Lanier’s Battalion of Ohio Militia as a private.  In 1818, he was a circuit court judge for Fayette County, Indiana.


(b) Joseph Caldwell (1772-1830) married Miriam Chadwick (from Arlie Morphew’s 1970 book).   Nathan Morphew (1777-1842) married Margaret Caldwell (1792-1861), daughter of Joseph and Miriam Caldwell.   Margaret’s parents later sold land to Nathan in Fayette County, Indiana. 


The Deep River Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, North Carolina lists a Joshua Chadwick (30 May 1761 – 6 October 1837 who married a Margaret __ (4 January 1763 – 18 January 1845) with the following children: (1) Leah Chadwick (17 February 1786), (2) Elizabeth Chadwick (1 August 1788), (3) John Chadwick (16 May 1791), (4) Miriam Chadwick (25 June 1794), (5) Margaret Chadwick (5 September 1797, Mary Chadwick (5 January 1801), Joshua Chadwick (9 June 1804).  Could this Joshua Chadwick, born 1761, be a brother to Betty Chadwick Morphew?


(c) Priscilla Chadwick married Nathaniel McKinnin at Preble County, Ohio as noted on a 16 December 1814 (county record).


(d)  1820 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Fayette County included Nathaniel McKinney (age 45+) and wife age 26-45 and one son 16-18.


Section Eight – Children of James Morphew and Betty Chadwick


Please note the birth dates of the children of James Morphew and Betty Chadwick need more precision, and there may be one or two missing daughters.   Family records and recollections are requested to improve current information.


Children will be noted with roman numerals, (I), (II), (III), etc

Grandchildren with (1), (2), (3), etc.

Great grandchildren with (i), (ii), (iii), etc.

G-G grandchildren with (a), (b), (c), etc

G-G-G grandchildren (aa), (bb), (cc)



            Born 1 January 1774 and died after 1820.  Best is 1775 or 1776.

            Married:  AVIS EGGERS at Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Avis Eggers was born about 1778 North Carolina and died 24 March 1823.


Joseph and Avis Morphew lived in Indiana and Joseph may have been a Franklin County, Indiana soldier in the War of 1812-1814.  See his own chapter for details on this next generation.




Born 13 March 1777 and died 29 May 1842 at Fayette County, Indiana and gravesite in a field near the Caldwell farmhouse (Caldwell Family Cemetery) north of Connersville in Fayette County.  This cemetery was reported by Diane Swift to be in poor condition and in need of cleanup (e-mail of 7 November 2005).  The gravestone for Nathan and Margaret Morphew is now broken segments.


Married Margaret Caldwell on 13 September 1811 at Preble County, Ohio (county record).   Margaret Caldwell was born 25 November 1792 and died 23 or 29 September 1861 at Tipton County, Indiana and buried at the same location as her husband.


Nathan and Margaret Caldwell do not appear on the Preble County yearly county tax records.    Arlie Morphew recorded that Nathan began building his bridal cabin in Fayette County, Indiana in 1811, but was interrupted by Indians who chased him all the way to the county line.  He later returned. 


1813 Ohio: “Nathan Morphew,” private, enlisted in the War of 1812-1814:

         Captain Daniel Rex’s Company of Infantry,

         2nd Regiment Ohio Militia under Major Henry Price

         Term of service:  3 April 1813 to 3 October 1813.

         Pay:  $8 per month, or $48 for 6 months.

        This is the same company as Benjamin Morphew.      


Locations for Nathan and Margaret Morphew:


1820 Fayette County, Harrison Township, Indiana: Nathan Merphew

1830 Fayette County, Indiana:  Nathan Murphey with 8 daughters and one son.

1833 April 17 – Fayette County, Indiana: Joseph and Miriam Caldwell, Fayette County, sold to Nathan Morphew, of Fayette County, 70 acres of land slightly northwest of Harrisburg, Fayette County, Indiana (section 14, township 14, range 12).  A deed by Nathan Morphew selling this land could not be found.  This land is about 2 miles north of a tract of land purchased by Joshua Morphew in 1830.  No other deeds could be found at Fayette County by Nathan.

1840 Fayette County, Harrison Township, Indiana:  Nathan Morphew

1850 Fayette County, Harrison Township, Indiana:  Margaret Morphew

1860 Fayette County, Harrison Township, Indiana:  Margaret Morphew.  At home was Elizabeth Morphew, Lydia Morphew, Simeon Morphew, John Morphew, Malinda Fisher with her son Seymor Fisher, age 1.  


            Regarding the burial site:  Philip Morphew reported (e-mail 14 September 2003): “The Caldwell farm still exists, as far as I know, and there is a small burial plot in the meadow west of the lovely old farm house there.  Both Morphews and Caldwells are buried in the plot, including Nathan and his wife, and the Caldwell parents-in-law.”   


            In a later e-mail of 18 June 2005, Philip commented, "Last year, out of curiosity, I drove past the Nathan Morphew/Caldwell family burial plot north of Connersville.  The cemetery is still within a fence in the middle of a field, and can be seen from the two-lane paved country road.  There appears to be no effort to maintain the small site."


            Diane Caldwell Swift added: the tombstone of Nathan and Margaret Caldwell Morphew "is only readable because for a number of years, it has been stored in a garage – not out at the cemetery.  I believe the three Morphew children's stones are unreadable to non-existent.  The cemetery has not been cared for the past few years...there is only grasses, but the county no longed is adequately caring for family plots.   ...If any Morphews live close they are welcome to come to a clean up day next spring (2006).  I will coordinate with other Caldwell cousins.   (Courtesy of Diane Swift, e-mail of 8 November 2005.)               


Children of Nathan Morphew and Margaret Caldwell are:


(1) Mary Morphew (5 November 1812 – 16 October 1885) married 28 July 1842 at Fayette County, Indiana to Alexander Carson (17 October 1804 Pa).  Children were: (i) James K. Carson, 2 February 1845 Miami County, Indiana; (ii) Malinda J. Carson 26 June 1847 Miami County, Indiana; (iii) Margaret E. Carson 31 December 1848 Miami County, Indiana; (iv) Mary J. Carson 7 April 1852 Indiana; (v) Jerome G. Carson 13 October 1854 Indiana; (vi) Elvira Carson 14 July 1856


(2) Miriam Morphew (18 May 1816 – 14 August 1837 and buried at the Caldwell Family Cemetery)


(3) Elizabeth Morphew (12 June 1817 – 3 May 1897), single in 1880


(4) Malinda Morphew (7 October 1818 - 1886) is reported to marry Hiram Fisher, no confirmation.  However, she was living with her mother in 1860 and had a son Seymor Fisher (1858/59).  


(5) Dursilla Morphew (12 June 1820 – 25 July 1838 and buried at the Caldwell Family Cemetery).


(6) Lydia Morphew (7 October 1821 – 15 September 1892), single in 1880.



   Photo: Mary Morphew Carson (1812-1885) -- Courtesy Diane Swift


(7) Simeon Morphew (8 August 1823 Fayette County, Indiana to 23 July 1898 Roann, Wabash County, Indiana, burial at Hopewell Cemetery, Lagro, Wabash County, Indiana), married 12 May 1867 Wabash County to Mary Jeniza Langston (22 October 1844 Union County, Indiana to 1925 and buried same cemetery – grave stone states Mary J. Morphew 1844 - 1925).   Simeon and Mary Morphew were living in:


1870 Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana. 

1880 North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana, Simeon is with his wife, sisters Elizabeth (single) and Lydia Morphew (single). 

1900 Paw Paw Township, Wabash County, Indiana:  Mary alone with two daughters

1910 Arnold Street, Roann, Paw Paw Township, Wabash County, Indiana: Mary Morphew with daughter, Arabell Morphew.  


“Simeon somehow made his way north to Wabash County...in the mid-1850’s.  This would have been a significant move at the time, approximately 100 miles to the north, and Wabash County would not have been well developed at the time.  While he and Mary Jeniza lived much of their life in the Roann area, I believe they may have also spent some of their time to the east, nearer to Huntington County....  I do know that Mary Jeniza was something of an entrepreneur, having owned a commercial property or two in Roann.  (from Philip Morphew, e-mail of 14 September 2003)


“Ruby told of Mary Jeniza, as an old lady, riding in her open buggy around Roann with Floyd Waggoner, her grandson, doing her errands and collecting the rent on some rental properties she owned at the time.”  (from Donna Morphew, e-mail 23 September 2003)


There have been several Simeon Morphew Reunions, with the latest 31 August 2003, with relatives from Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. 


Children of Simeon and Mary Morphew are:


(i) John Emery Morphew, 27 February 1871 Wabash County, Indiana to 31 March, 1987, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana and is buried beside his first wife, Emma at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana.  Married 1st about 1896 to Emma Hornung or Horning (born March 1872) and 2nd on 30 June 1908 at Harlan, Wexford County, Michigan to Lena Myrtle Allen (county record).  Lena Myrtle Allen was born 28 Mary 1889 and died October 1972.  


“My grandfather, John Emery Morphew wanted to be a funeral director, and I believe he took training for that profession, but never actually moved into the profession.  He was something of a preacher, and had churches in the Cadillac area, where, as a widower, he met...Lena Myrtle Allen, and lived in the Tipton/Clarence area of Iowa and Rice Lake, Wisconsin, before moving back to Roann in the 1920’s.  He passed away in the 1930’s.  My grandmother, a schoolteacher who attended Ferris Normal College briefly as a young lady, passed away in the early 1970’s, probably late 1972.”  (From Philip Morphew, e-mail 14 September 2003)


“John Emery is listed as a minister, in the free ministry.  His wife, Myrtle, worked as a caregiver for new mothers and babies.  Money was very scarce!  J.E. was trained as a mortician, but when his mother refused to back him in setting up business, he never practiced the trade.  (From Beulah Morphew, e-mail 27 September 2003)


“To add a little color to ‘our gang,’ family legend has it...that Mary Jeniza disowned her adult son, John Emery (probably just before he moved to North Dakota) because he left her church, Methodist I believe, for the Church of the Brethren.  She absolutely left him out of her will.  One of her properties at the time she died was the house the family had lived in, in Roann.  His sisters, Arabella and Rosie, somehow deeded that house over to John after their mother’s death, so he would not be left without an inheritance.  And also, I suspect, so he would come home again with his family!  Grandma (Myrtle) used to tell amusing stories about the move of the entire family and all their belonging from Rice Lake, Wisconsin to Roann, Indiana.  Parents and four children (Alvah having gone to stay in Tipton, Iowa with his future in-laws), Walter and Allie Spear, I believe, all in one car, loaded down from bottom to top.  To hear her tell it, they barely made it to Roann in that car!”  (From Donna Morphew, e-mail of 25 September 2003


“Emma, John Emery’s first wife – I believe she was a Hornung, not Horning.  I am pretty sure she was from Wabash County, Indiana.  I think they were married before John Emery and she moved west.  I believe when John moved to Michigan, he was a widower with two small children, Cletus and Paul.   Myrtle was the boys’ teacher, who ended up marrying their father and raising them and five more of her own, and moving with him to Iowa, then to Wisconsin, finally to Roann.  John Emery was a minister in the Church of the Brethren, and was not paid for that, so he had a string of unlucrative jobs, including a time in Wisconsin as a traveling salesman.” (from Donna Morphew, e-mail 23 September 2003)     


Children of John Emery Morphew and Emma Hornung:


(a) Paul Leroy Morphew (27 February 1898 Indiana to 1959, and buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana) married Effie Elizabeth Kesler) and lived in Kansas and Indiana.

(b) Cletus Cyril Morphew, 22 September 1901 North Dakota to February 1966 and buried Gardens of Memory, Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana.


 Children of John Emery Morphew and Lena Myrtle Allen:


(c) Alvah Simeon Morphew (August 1909 Harlan, Michigan) married on 28 November 1933 Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa to Carol Josephine Spear.

(d) Vernice Ruth Morphew (7 August 1911, reported as Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan

(e) Dorothy Pearl Morphew (10 July 1913 near Tipton, Center Township, Cedar County, Iowa

(f) David Emery Morphew (14 August 1916 near Tipton, Center Township, Cedar County, Iowa to 31 Marcy 1987 Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

(g) Noble D. Morphew (26  June 1918 to 8 August 2004 and buried Albright Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana. 


(ii). Rosetta (Rosie) Morphew (15 September 1878 Wabash County, Indiana) married 24 January 1904 Warren County, Indiana to Amsey Dillman (born 14 February 1881 to 5 November 1958).  “Rosie never had a sharp word that I can recall, and didn’t look at all like Arabella (her sister), now that I think of it.”  (from Donna Morphew, e-mail 23 September 2003).


(iii). Arabella Morphew (born 1 January 1880) married __ Waggoner and were living in Roann, Indiana around 1910 or so.  She and her sister were living with her mother in 1900 - see census.  According to Donna Morphew, “Arabella was a tiny...woman in appearance, who never failed to speak her mind.  Hair was always done, clothes always stylish, etc....  Like the Waggoners, Arabella and her husband had the first house in Roann, Indiana to be equipped with an inside flush toilet.  Arabella was such a proud, elegant woman, it does not surprise me!” (e-mail 23 September 2003)


(8) Sarah Morphew (26 February 1825 - 1899) married 22 January 1852 at Fayette County, Indiana to Edward J. Taylor.


(9) Jane Morphew (7 July 1827 - 1900) married 22 February 1849 in Fayette County, Indiana to Loring Carnes.


(10) James Washington Morphew (25 May 1831 – 25 October 1833 and buried at the Caldwell Family Cemetery, Harrisburg, Fayette County.)


(11) Joseph Morphew (6 February 1833 - 1901).  Joseph married twice, 1st about 1860 to Mary _ (born 1842/43).  He married next on 8 March 1883 at Wabash County, Indiana to Salena Tyner (January 1847), but had no children.  Mary _ Morphew married 2nd to Leslie Jonas.  Locations noted are:


1870 Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana

1880 Monroe Township, Madison County for Leslie Jonas family

1900 Monroe Township, Madison County for Joseph + Salena Morphew.     


Children of Joseph + Mary Morphew are (per census records):

(i) Emily Morphew (1860/61?)

(ii) Cyrus W. Morphew (1867)


(12) Lucinda Morphew (3 September 1834 – 1887)


(13) John G. or C. Morphew (18 December 1836) was single in 1860 and living with his mother.  As a residence of Fayette County, Indiana, he enlisted as John Morphew, Private on 25 September 1861 and died in Civil War action on 28 April 1861 in Columbia, Tennessee.   He is thought to be buried at the Stone’s River National Battlefield and Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee (from Philip Morphew, e-mail 23 September 2003).



Born 1781 ??? and died 1845 at Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana.

(The birth date may be later.)

Married Mary (Polly) Glass on 21 December 1815 at Preble County, Ohio by Isaac Goble, J.P. (county record).   Mary (Polly) Glass was born about 1794 and died about 1838. 


Ashe County, North Carolina to 1807


Ashe County was newly formed in 1799 and James Morphew obtained lands from the State of North Carolina formerly held by Indians.   The Ashe County deeds could belong to either James Morphew (~1750) and/or his son James Morphew, (Jr. ~1781).


 1799 April 2 – Ashe County, North Carolina: State of North Carolina land Grant #659 ...for 25 shillings paid by James Murphy...50 acres in Ashe County...on the waters of the South Fork of New River beginning at ...Henry Earnest’s lines...entered 2 April 1799.  This 1799 Ashe County deed is one of the very first to be recorded in the newly formed county. 


1805 Ashe County: In 1805 the Three Forks Church on New River notes “There is a tradition that a heavy fall of snow crushed the roof of the building in about 1830, but it is certain that in October 1805, James McCaleb and James Morphew were appointed trustees to form a plan to build a roof for our meeting house, and divided ¾ of the work between the male members, leaving ¼ part for the generosity of those that are not members.” 


1807 June 15 – Ashe County: On 15 June 1807, James Morphew of Wilkes County sold to Thomas Triplett of Ashe County 50 acres in Ashe County on New river to Henry Carmith(/) line for $50.  Signed: James Morphew.  Witnesses:  Nathan Horton, Henry Earnest. (Ashe County Deed Book V, page 114.)  


This is the same Thomas Trippett who also bought Mary Morphew’s New River lands in 1802.  Perhaps, this is the summer that James Morphew left North Carolina to pioneer lands in Indiana.  No further records of James Jr. exist in North Carolina.


1812+ Peble County, Ohio: “James Morphew” enlisted as a private in the War of 1812-1814 in Captain Richard Sloan’s Company of Ohio Militia Infantry, Battalion or Detachment.  This was commanded by Major Henry Price, Part of Adams’ Battalion 1812-1813 Ohio Militia (county unknown).   Time enlisted was 8 October 1812 until 7 April 1813 for pay of $6.66 per month or $39.96 for six months. 


Richard Sloan’s company originated in Preble County and there is a Richard Sloan in the 1820 U.S. Census of Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio.


“The only roll of Preble County men found in the very meager records of the State Office relating to the War of 1812 is that of Captain Sloane’s Company of Ohio Militia, attached to the ? Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 5th Brigade.  The First Division of Ohio, was ordered into the service of the U.S. for the protection of their frontiers, October 8, 1812, and stationed at Fort Nesbit, under the command of Major General Adams.  The expiration of pay upon these rolls is noted at January 7, 1813, 4 months after the term of enlistment began.  The roster is as follows- Commissioned Officers: Captain Richard Sloan, Lt. John Hawkins, Ensign John Harley.”  Privates included:  James Murphy. (From “History of Preble County, Ohio, 1881.)   


Probable census and tax locations for James and Polly Morphew:


1820 Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio:  James Murphey, Jr.

1830 Delaware County, Indiana:  James Morphew

1840 Parke County, Indiana:  James Morphew

1845 - Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana tax list as James Murphey.  Brother Joshua Murphey is on the same tax list.


1846 February 12 – Putnam County, Indiana: Heirs of James Morphew - David Morphew, Jesse Eggers, Silas Morphew, Elizabeth Morphew, Ezra Morphew and Pheobe Morphew of Putnam County purchased 40 acres in Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana for $50.  This land was from the children of Benjamin F. Morphew (1788): Mary Morphew, Joshua and Naomi Morphew, Sarah Morphew and Dinah Morphew. (NW of SE S24, T15, R4)


Children of James and Polly Morphew:


(1) David Coleman Morphew (12 February 1818 Ohio to reported 15 April 1883, and buried Clear Creek Cemetery, Putnam County, Indiana) married on 20 Feb. 1853 at Putnam County to Malinda Morphew (14 June 1822 Lee County, Va).  Her parents were Nathan and Lucy (McCloud) Morphew.  They were living in Floyd Township, Putnam County in 1860. 


Children of David + Malinda Morphew, born at Putnam County, Indiana:

(i) Anderville M. Morphew (28 March 1856)

(ii) John Wilbert Morphew (15 April 1860 to 1939 and buried at McCloud Cemetery, Putnam County, Indiana) married Huldah C. Morphew (1862 to 1946) and buried at same cemetery.

(iii) Francis Elmore “Elmer” Morphew (20 March 1862 twin to ?) married Nancy J. McCloud (September 1867 to 6 December 1956 and buried at Fairview Cemetery, North Salem, Hendricks County, Indiana).  Nancy J. McCloud was the daughter of John F. and Malinda F. McCloud.

(iv) Franklin Elliott Morphew (20 March 1862 twin)

(v) Nathan Clarence Morphew (27 August 1867).


(2) Sarah (Salley) E. Morphew (30 May 1820).  Sarah married on 20 April 1837 Parke County, Indiana (county record) to Jesse Eggers.  They lived in Putnam County had the following children: (i) John Wesley Eggers (8 August 1838); (ii) William Riley Eggers (6 May 1840); (iii) Mary Jane Eggers (10 April 1843); (iv) George Washington Eggers (5 February 1846); (v) Patrick Henry Eggers (17 November 1847); (vi) Mahala Ellen Eggers (30 December 1849); (vii) Sarah Elizabeth Eggers (5 May 1852); (viii) Jesse D. Bright Eggers (3 September 1860).    


(3) Mary Isabell Morphew (1822)


 (4) Silas Morphew (February 1824, Ohio to >1900) marriages are not well understood, but believe he married 31 October 1844 at Parke County to Elizabeth Branson (county record) and 2nd about 1858 in Nebraska to Mary D.  __.  


1850 Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana with brother Ezra

1860 P.O. Salem, Speizer District, Richardson County, Nebraska

1870 Silas and Mary Morphew were living White Cloud, Doniphan Co, Kansas.

1880 Mound City, Holt County, Missouri.   Had a niece Viola Rieley (`860/61 living with them in 1880.

1900 Mill Township, Garland County, Arkansas.  Silas Morphew was living with Lloyd Morphew and family and son Henry C. Morphew.


Children of Silas and Elizabeth Branson are thought to be:


(i) George W. Morphew (October 1845 to 16 April 1913 and buried Dailey Chapel Parke County, Indiana), who married Margaret Dailey (19 July 1850 to >1910 and buried same location).  George was raised by his grandfather, Jermiah Branson in Florida Township, Parke County, Indiana.  He married Margaret and lived 1860 - 1880 Parke County, Indiana, 1900 Jefferson County, Illinois, and 1910 Vigo County, Indiana. 


Children of George + Margaret Morphew were (from census records): (a) Margaret Morphew (1850/51), (b) Charles Morphew (1869 – 1955, Highland Lawn Cemetery, Vigo County), (c) John A. Morphew (1881) (d) Hazel Verne Morphew (March 1889).    


Children and Silas and Mary Morphew were (from census records):

 (i) Theodore Morphew (1859/60 Nebraska)


 (ii) Lloyd R. Morphew (1859/60 Nebraska) married about 1892/93 to Emma __ and possibly had no children.  Census records for 1900 - 1930 showed they lived in Mill Township, Garland County, Arkansas, and brother, Clay Morphew was living with them 1900, 1910, and 1930, as was their father, Silas Morphew in 1900.  

 (iii). Henry "Clay" Morphew (31 August 1862 – 2 February 1938 and buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas) married about 1895 to Nancy Jane Blakely (died ~ 1897) and probably did not marry again.  Most of their line are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas.   In 1920, Clay and his son Chester and Chester’s wife Allie Morphew were living in the same house in Marble Township, Saline County, Arkansas.  Children of Henry “Clay” Morphew and Nancy Jane Blakely: (a). Chester Morphew (4 April 1897 to 26 August 1978) married Alla “Allie” Phillips (15 March 1897 to 29 April 1978).    Children: (aa) Festus Woodley Morphew (23 April 1917 to 12 July 2009) married Mildred Shirley Morphew (29 September 1921 to 5 August 1990)                     

(Above information courtesy of Becky Boyett, email 12 April 2011)


(iv) Nancy Morphew (1862/63 Neb)


(v) Rev. Lawson F. Morphew (3 December 1867 Nebraska to 8 August 1933 Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas) married Mary A. Broughton   Census records show they lived in Mill Township, Garland County, Arkansas in 1900, and Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas in 1910 - 1930.  Cemetery stone states Rev. Lawson F. Morphew and then errs with the date 1892 – 1933.  Children of Lawson and Mary A. Morphew  per census records were:


(a) Bertha E. Morphew (March 1894 Arkansas)

(b) Silas H. Morphew (March 1899 Arkansas)

(c) Charles Roy "Roy" Morphew (June 1899 Arkansas)

(d) Leander "Lee" Morphew (1903/04 Arkansas) married Bessie Marie William and were living in Hot Springs in 1930 with two children (aa) Robert Lawson Morphew (1924/25 Arkansas, (bb) Mary L. Morphew (1928 Arkansas)

(e) Floyd Morphew (1909 Arkansas).


(vi) Charles Morphew (1870/71 Kansas).   


(5) Ezra Morphew (1826/27 to >1880 at Havana, Mason Co., Il.) married Phebe __ (1826/27 N.C.).   Known locations:


1850 Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana, bachelor with brother Silas           

1860 -1880 Effingham County, Illinois


Children Ezra + Phebe Morphew are (per census records):

            (i). Elizabeth Arminda Morphew

            (ii). Mary Catherine Morphew (1853/54 Indiana)

            (iii). Elmira Morphew (1855/56 Indiana). 



Estimated born between 1783 to 1787 and died after 1860, probably in McDonough County, Illinois. 

Estimated married 1806 or earlier to ELMIRA ___.  Arlie Morphew reported Elmira Morphew was born about 1784 and died 1841.



Comment: There is difficultly separating this Silas from Silas, Jr. (born ~1784-1790), who was the son of Silas Morphew, Sr., born ~1752.  During the early years, North Carolina census records could belong to either or neither.  Evidence suggests that this other Silas Jr. moved to Tennessee before 1820, where he married in 1823 Knox County, and was reported on an 1830 Roane County census. 


Possible locations Silas and Elmira Morphew, per census


1810 Burke County, North Carolina: Silas Murphy (3 entries away from James Murphey, a presumed non-relative)

1820 Burke County, North Carolina: Silas Murphy

1830 Burke County, North Carolina: Silas Murphey

1840 Fulton County, Illinois:  Silas Morphew

1850 Fulton County, Illinois: In household of Nancy E. Morris, Silas Murphey, age 66.

1860 McDonough County, Illinois: Silas Murphy in household of Levi Beaver.


1814 March 31 – Burke County, North Carolina: Silas bought 100 acres on a prong of Hocking Bottom Branch in Burke County, N.C.  The 1830 census shows him to have 8 younger members or children and one older female who might be someone's mother.


1836 – Fulton County, Illinois: Silas is the first Morphew to settle in Illinois, in fact future Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois in 1836. 


1840 US Census Fulton County: Silas had 8 other males and 4 females in his family.  Included may be a younger couple with one young male son. 


It is also possible that one or more children did not follow him to Illinois.  His wife Elmira died between 1840 and 1850, and Arlie Morphew reported the year to be 1841. 


1850 US Census of Fulton County: At the age of ~66, Silas was now living with a widow, Nancy E. Morris, age 37, whom I believe was his daughter.  About this time, his son Samuel R. Morphew, wrote a letter encouraging relatives to move to Fulton County, Illinois. 


1853 Fulton County: Nancy Morris remarried to Levi Beaver and moved to McDonough County, Illinois.  Silas Morphew continued living in her household until he died about 1860 or later.   


Reconstruction of Silas + Elmira Morphew's children are next.  The following is my speculation and efforts to put together the family of Silas Morphew, son of James + Betty Morphew.  Major errors and omissions probably exist.  The surname seems to change to Murphy, and it appears to be permanent.  A number of his unnamed young males were not identified, based on 1830 and 1840 census records, and may be a source for new Murphy lines.


(1). Elizabeth Morphew (1807/08 North Carolina to ?) married on 20 July 1840 in Fulton County (county record "Murphew") to Hiram Dickson (Dixon).  This is his second marriage with previous 4 children.  They lived in the following locations:


1850 Orion Township, Fulton County: Children of Elizabeth Morphew + Hiram Dickson (Dixon) are (per census): (i) Cynthia Dixon (1840/41);    (ii) James H. Dixon (1842/43); (iii) William B. Dixon (1844/45); (iv) Arminga? Dixon (1846/47); (v) Emily A. Dixon (1848/49)


(2). Silas W. Murphy/Morphew (estimated ~1811 to <1849 or he disappears) married 26 July 1841 Fulton County (county record) to Catherine Grim (1823 Highland County, Ohio).  Marriage record spells name as "Murphew."   The following is a tenuous connection.  Catherine married 2nd on 30 September 1849 (county record) to Charles (H or E) Taylor (1806/07 - >1860).   Charles and Catherine Grimm Murphy Taylor lived in Canton City, Canton Township, Fulton County and had numerous children. One child from the Silas W. Morphew + Catherine Grimm (per 1850 + 1860 census) is known:


(i) Charles K. Murphy (1844/45 Illinois) of 1850 and 1860 of Canton.           


(3). Nancy Elmira Morphew (1812/13 North Carolina - >1860) married 1st possibly to James L. Anderson, 2nd to (Daniel?) Morris, and 3rd on 15 March 1853 in Fulton County (county record) to Levi Beaver (1810 Ross County, Ohio to 1890 Seward County, Nebraska, and buried at Tomora Cemetery*).  Levi Beaver had married 1st to Sara Frances Timmons before marrying Nancy E. Morphew Morris*. Locations Nancy lived were:


1850 Buckheart Township, Fulton County -  Nancy E. Morris.

1860 Mound Township, McDonough County, Illinois - Levi Beaver + Nancy

1870 Cass Township, Fulton County – Levi Beaver (1809/10) + Elmira his wife (1813/14), and Samuel Beaver (1854/1855 Illinois).  Elmira is used in the 1870 census, but reverts back to Nancy in the 1880 census.

1880 Putman Township, Fulton County, Illinois: Levi + Nancy E. Beaver.


Children of Nancy Morphew + (Daniel?) Morris (per census):


(i) Nancy E. Morris (1843/44 Illinois) who married on 28 July 1860 in McDonough County to William H. Parrish.


Children of Nancy Morphew Morris + Levi Beaver:


   (ii) Samuel Beaver (1854 Illinois to 1928) married on 6 November 1874 at Fulton County, Illinois (county record) to Harriet Wilson.  Samuel Beaver + Harriet Wilson had five children*: (i) Charles W. Beaver, born 1875, (ii) John C. Beaver, 1877, (iii) Bruce Beaver, 1879, (iv) George Beaver, (v) Ruth Ester Beaver. (* information, courtesy of Janice B. Patterson, e-mail 1 February 2006) 


(4). James Harvey Murphy (1816/18 North Carolina to >1860) married on 11 October 1845 at Fulton County, Illinois to Elizabeth Maria Scott (various birth dates Ohio).  He was a master carpenter and later a lumbar dealer in Canton, Fulton County, Illinois using the Murphy spelling.  The 1871 Atlas Map of Fulton County, Illinois mentions he came to Fulton County in 1836.  Known locations were:


1850 Canton City, Fulton County as Harvey Murphey

1860 and 1870 Canton City, Fulton County as James Murphy.  In the 1860 Census, he and his family were two entries away from his brother, William Murphy.

1880 Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois


Children of James Harvey Murphy (Morphew) and Elizabeth Scott (per census):

      (i). Arminda J. Murphy (1846/47 Illinois)

      (ii). Samuel H. Murphy (1848/49 Illinois) and missing in 1860 census.

      ?(iii). Minnie J. Murphy 1848/49 Illinois), not on earlier census records

      (iv). John Murphy (1851/52 Illinois)

      (v). Mable? Murphy (male - 1861/62 Illinois)


(5). Samuel R. Murphy (1827/28 - >1880) was a carpenter in 1850 Canton, Fulton County using the Murphy spelling.  He had not yet married.  On 2 April 1857 at McDonough County, Samuel R. Murphy married to Isabella Wilfong (1835/36 North Carolina).  Sam became a daguerreotype photographer.  They lived in the following locations per census:


1860 P.O. Mt. Sterling, Mt. Sterling Township, Brown County, Illinois

1870 Canton, Ward 3, Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois

1880 Vermont Township, Fulton County, Illinois


Children of Samuel R. Murphy + Isabel Wilfong are per census:

            (i) Ellen Murphy (1857/58)

            (ii) Edward Murphy – census date age conflict

            (iii) Nettie Murphy – census dates age conflict

            (iv) Bell Murphy (f) 1869/70) – not on 1880 census  


(6). William H. Murphy (1825/27 North Carolina to <1880) married as a "Morphew" on 23 September 1847 in Fulton County (county record) to Susannah Grimm (March 1828, Ohio to 10 October 1912 Canton, Fulton County, Illinois).  Susanna Grim (or Grimm) was the daughter of Philip Grim and Mary Seldomridge (from John Lentz).  "H" in William H. Murphy was used in his 1850 Census.  He was a carpenter in Canton, Fulton County using the Murphy spelling.  In 1900, Susan reported to the census taker that she had 5 children and all 5 were living.  They lived in the following locations:


1850 - 1870 Canton City, Fulton County, Illinois:  In the 1860 Census, William and his family were living with his father-in-law, Philip Grim (1783/84).

1880 Canton City, Fulton County, Illinois:  Susan Murphy without William.

1900 Canton City, Fulton County, Illinois:  Susan Murphy, age 72.

1910 Canton City, Fulton County, Illinois:  Susan Murphy, age 82


Children of William Murphy and Susan Grimm were (courtesy of John Lentz, e-mail of 27 February 2006):


   (i) Laura C. Murphy (1849 Illinois to before 1934) married on 18 March 1869 in Fulton County to John E. Pritchard.

   (ii) Charles H. Murphy (1850 to 5 September 1851)

   (iii) John W. Murphy (1852 to 11 June 1853)


   (iv) Alice Murphy (November 1854 Illinois and died >1934) married on 22 June 1873 Fulton County to James A. Mann (1852 Butler County, Ohio to 19 October 1900 Canton, Fulton County, Illinois).


   (v) Ella Clara Murphy (1860 Illinois to >1939) married on 17 December 1896 to Hiram C. Ritchey (1855 to _ ).


   (vi) Frank E. Murphy (December 1866 Illinois to 4 July 1934 Aurora, Kane County, Illinois) married 15 April 1891 in Canton, Fulton County, Illinois to Margaret E. Yaco (17 September 1872 Illinois to 21 December 1952 Aurora, Kane County, Illinois).   Margaret was the daughter of Adam Yaco (6 July 1830 New York, N.Y. to 6 June 1916 Aurora, Kane County, Illinois) and Margaret Byrnes.


From John Lentz: Frank and Margaret Murphy lived next to her parents until about 1900.  Frank was a cigar maker in Canton where cigar maker wage disputes developed.  About 1900, they followed Margaret's sister, Lorena Snyder with her husband Merritt and her family to Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa and lived there until 1912.  In Eldora, Frank continued as a cigar maker, but between 1900 and 1903 the Snyders and Murphys began a hotel business next to the railroad.   Frank also ran the local telephone exchange.  Between 1912 and 1916, all of them followed another sister, Clara, to Aurora, Illinois.  Margaret is still remembered for singing and playing the piano with her daughter Polly.  (information courtesy of John Lentz, e-mails of 13  February 2006 and 2 March 2006) 


The two children of Frank and Margaret Murphy were (courtesy of John Lentz, emails of 13 and 27 February 2006):


(a) Mildred "Polly" Murphy (1902 Illinois to December 1995 Aurora, Illinois) married Herbert J. Wolfram (1899 to November 1994 Aurora, Illinois). 


(b) Harry C. Murphy, born 27 August 1892 in Canton, Fulton County, Illinois and died 4 March 1967 in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois.  Harry married 22 October 1921 to Gladys Elizabeth Keating (23 June 1900 Crookston, Minnesota to 28 September 1988 Aurora, Kane County, Illinois).   Gladys was the daughter of Edward James Keating and Elizabeth Sara Sullivan.   


            John Lentz continues, "Harry married Gladys Keating in Aurora in 1921.  He worked for the Burlington RR (as did almost everybody in Aurora at that time) and as he moved up the corporate ladder, they moved often, 11 times in 15 years.  When he reached the vice-president level, they settled back in Aurora to be close to their family, his mother and her father.  Aurora was a convenient location as the Burlington headquarters were in Chicago and the Burlington yards were Aurora."   They had three children. (Courtesy of John Lentz, e-mail 27 February 2006).


            Chicago Tribune Obit of 6 March 1967 for Harry C. Murphy:
"Mass for Harry C. Murphy, 74, retired president of the Burlington Railroad will be said at 11 am tomorrow in Holy Angels Church, Lancaster and Hardin Avenues, Aurora.  Mr. Murphy died Saturday in his home, 441 Oak Avenue, Aurora.  Mr. Murphy went to work for the railroad in July 1914, and became its president in 1949.  Surviving are his widow, the former Gladys Keating; two sons, John E.; and Richard F.; a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Garbe; and a sister."   


            (vii) Mary Murphy (1867/68 Illinois)



Born 1 July 1785 and died 30 April 1846 at Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana.

Married RUTH TOWNSEND on 15 April 1813 at Preble County, Ohio, by Joseph Wapow, J.P. (county record).  Ruth Townsend was born 23 February 1794 and died 1852 at Warren County, Indiana.  


Details for Joshua Morphew and Ruth Townsend


1809 December 27 – Preble County, Ohio: Joshua Morphew is noted at the estate sale of Joseph Chadwick. 


1813 – Preble County: The Quaker Elk Monthly Meeting in Preble County noted that Ruth Murphy (formerly Townsend) is disowned because marrying outside of the church.   Notice that Joshua’s two brothers, Nathan and Benjamin had just enlisted in the army on 3 April 1813, and another brother was discharged on April 7.   Ruth Townsend is the sister of Mary Townsend who married Benjamin Morphew also in 1813.


1818 to 1830 - Preble County:  County auditor tax records note Joshua Morphew during these years on 1-7-32-SE in Dixon Township, with some exceptions (1824-1826).


1818-1821, 1823 Preble County, Ohio tax record:  Joshua Morphew

1820 U.S. Census of Preble County, Dixon Township, Ohio:  Joshua Murphey

1827-1830 Preble County, Ohio:  Joshua Morphew

1830 U.S. Census of Preble County, Dixon Township, Ohio:  Joshua Murphy


1820 August 29 – Preble County: Joshua Morphew and Ruth (her mark “x”), his wife of Preble County, sell 20 acres to Benjamin Morphew of Preble County for $50, part of the SW corner, SE ¼ Section 32, Township 7,  Range 1. 


1820 September 29 – Preble County: Joseph Davis sells for  $160 to Joshua Morphew of Pebble County 80 acres of part SE ¼ S32, T7/ R1.  The deed is witnessed by Benjamin Morphew and Robert Bishop.  Preble County, Ohio has mile-after-mile of quality farm land.


1830 November 7 – Fayette County, Indiana: Joshua Morphew purchased 80 acres of repossessed tax lands slightly northwest of Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana; SW quarter, section 16, Township 14, Range 12.  No deed selling this land could be found.


1840 U.S. Census of Warren County, Indiana:  Joshua Murphy


1850 U.S. Census of Warren County, Liberty Township, Indiana: Ruth Murphy


Children of Joshua and Ruth (Townsend) Morphew:


(1) Martha Morphew (29 November 1813)  


(2) Silas Morphew (5 April 1815 Ohio – 11 May 1882 at Attica, Warren County, Indiana), married 4 May 1848 in Warren County to Nancy H. (maiden name ?) Morris.   Nancy’s first marriage was reported by Arlie Morphew to be to Thomas Morris who "drowned in the Wabash River" and that Nancy's father to be John Husted.  One piece of speculation suggests that in adjacent Tippecanoe County, Nancy Cambell married Thomas Morris on 26 December 1845 (county record).  If so, Tippecanoe County's Thomas Morris remarried to Margaret Rutter on 2 August 1847 (county record).


Ages stated on all the census records show wide variations indicating low quality.    


They lived in the following areas:

1840 Warren County, Indiana:  Silas without a wife, between ages 20-<30.

1850 Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana and next to his mother Ruth.       

1860 Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana

1870 Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana


The 1850 Census shows Silas + Nancy with their ages messed up, and with four additional members living with them.  Ruth Murphy, age 20, should be daughter Ruth, age 2.     John H. Murphy, Samuel Murphy, and Hannah Murphy cannot be found on the 1860 census indexes and presume they never existed.


Children of Silas + Nancy Morphew, born Warren County, Indiana:


   (i) Ruth Ann Susan Morphew (16 Sept. 1848 to 16 October 1895 Warren County, In) married on 10 January 1872 at Warren County to Elias Scott (county record).

   (ii) Mary Margaret Morphew (15 March 1851) married on 23 February 1871 at Warren County to Henry Brier (county record).

   (iii) Emily Caroline Morphew (17 Jan. 1853) married Alfred Goodrich.


   (iv) William Albert Morphew (16 Jan. 1855 to 10 March 1917 Sacramento, Sacramento County, California and buried Sacramento City Cemetery).  He married Cornelia Frances Bear 24 January 1863 to 3 August 1932 and buried same cemetery.  Locations include:


1900 US Census Marshall County, Waterville, Kansas: Cornelia Morphew, head, January 1864, 36, married 14 years, 2 children, 2 children living, both Missouri; Benjamin Morphew, March 1887 Missouri; Charlie Morphew, October 1889 Kansas.  Living in same location but in household of William Fulton is William Morphew, boarder born January 1855, married 14 years, born Indiana.

1910 US. Census Cowley County, Arkansas City Ward 4, Kansas: William Morphew, head, age 56, widow, born Indiana; Benjamin Morphew 23, Charles Morphew 20.

1930 US Census of Colusa County, Williams, District 7, California: Conelie Morphew, 67 widow, Charles Morphew age 41.    


Children of William A. Morphew and Cornelia Frances Bear: (a). Benjamin Morphew, (b). Charles Morphew (12 October 1889 and 16 June 1950 and buried Arb uckle Cemetery, Arbuckle, Colusa County, California. 


(v) James Orrison Morphew (31 May 1857 to 29 November 1887) – never married.


(3) James Morphew (22 June 1817)


(4) William Morphew (5 February 1820) was living in Fountain County, Indiana in 1860 with Ruth Morphew, born 1803/04 South Carolina, and sister, Mary Ann Morphew, born 1836/37 Indiana.


(5) Nancy Morphew (30 August 1822)


(6) Charity Morphew (19 February 1826) married 31 December 1847 in Warren County to Absolem Scott (county record).  They lived in Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana in 1850.  An 1860 Census of Otter Township, Warren County, Iowa shows her husband Absolem Scott and daughter Lydia A. Scott, but Charity is missing.       


(7) Miriam Morphew (17 November 1827) married 28 January 1857 at Warren County, Indiana to Robert Bukes or Dukes (county record).


(8) Caroline Morphew (14 November 1833)


(9) Mary Ann Morphew (26 April 1836)


(10) Eli Townsend Morphew (9 February 1839 and died as an infant).



Born 1787/88 and died after 1850 at Caldwell County, North Carolina. 

            Married THOMAS ROBINS (ROBBINS) on 4 December 1807 at Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Thomas Robbins was born 1784/85 and died March 1870 at Caldwell County, North Carolina.  Robbins had previously married to Mary (Polly) Curtis.


Mary Morphew is one of the few Morphews of the James Morphew clan to remain in North Carolina.  Both said to have lived to a ripe old age and died on Buffalo Creek (old Wilkes), Caldwell County, North Carolina, leaving a large family of children and many descendants. 


Census records show:


1810-1840 Wilkes County, North Carolina:  Thomas Robins (Robbins x 1)

1850 Watauga County, Watauga Township, North Carolina: Thomas Robins


Thomas Robins had at least 12 children, with one by his first marriage.  The following are known with Mary Morphew:


(1) Elizabeth Robins (~1810)

(2) Mira Robins (~1812)

(3) William Leander Robins (~1814)

(4) Margaret Robins (7 September 1816 on Buffaloe Creek)*

(5) John Pickens Robins (22 February 1819)

(6) Thomas Silas Robins (21 January 1821).  

(7) Mary Linsay Robins 1823/24,

(8) James Larkin Robins (10 February 1827)

(9) Reubin Rufus Robins (1831/32)


            * Birth date and location from family Bible belonging to the family of William Coffey, husband of Margaret Robins, email courtesy of John W. Coffey 15 July 2010.



Born 1788 and died before 1840.  Married Mary Townsend on 10 November 1813 (license) at Preble County, Ohio.  Mary Townsend was born 1788 in South Carolina and died 1866 in Putnam County, Indiana.  


Benjamin and Mary (Townsend) Morphew lived in Putnam County, Indiana.   Family records also suggest Benjamin lived in Darke County, Ohio before 1820, and this county has not been researched.


1813 Ohio:  “Benjamin Morphew,” corporal, enlisted in the War of 1812-1814:

               Company:  Captain Daniel Rex

               Regiment:  2nd Regiment (Major Henry Price’s) Ohio militia,

               Enlistment:  3 April 1813 to 3 October 1813

               Pay:  $10 per month, or $60 for 6 months.

                   Company payroll lists his name as “Benjamin Morphey” and Company

                   Muster Roll as “Benjamin Morphew.” 


Census, tax, and other tax records for Benjamin and Mary Morphew:


1820 Preble County, Dixon Township, Ohio:  Benjamin Murphey

1820 to 1831, Preble County tax list, Dixon Township, Ohio: Benjamin Morphew.  .  He lived at 1-7-32-SE in Dixon Township until 1832 when he is noted in Israel Township, both of which are along the Ohio-Indiana border.  

1830 Preble County, Dixon Township, Ohio:  Benjamin Murphey.

1832-1833, Preble County tax list, Israel Township, Ohio:  Benjamin Murphy

1835, Preble County, Ohio, tax assessor notes Benjamin has moved.

1840, Putnam County, Monroe Township, Indiana:  Mary Morphew with 4 females ages 10->30.  Next door to her is Joshua Morphew, born 1810-1820, and is probably her son.

1846 February 12 –Putnam County, Indiana:  Mary Morphew, Joshua Morphew and wife, Naomi, Sarah Morphew and Dinah Morphew on 12 February 1846 sold for $50 land to the “heirs of James Morphew” (wife was Polly Glass): David Morphew, Jesse Eggers, Silas Morphew, Elizabeth Morphew, Ezra Morphew, and Pheobe Morphew of Putnam County. (NW of SE Section 24, Township 15, Range 4.  This land is the eastern boundary of Monroe Township and appears to have Bledsoe Creek running through it.



1850 Putnam County, Monroe Township:  Mary Morphew - 62 with daughters Sarah -33, Diana - 26, and Naomi -22

1857 November 4 – Putnam County: Mary Morphew, Sarah Morphew and Dinah Morphew, heirs of Benjamin Morphew, deceased, of Putnam County, on 4 November 1857 sold 57 acres of land to Joshua Morphew in Monroe Township (SW of SE of S24, T15, R4).  On the same date, Joshua Morphew and Naoma, his wife, heirs of Benjamin Morphew, sold to Sarah Morphew, Dinah Morphew of Putnam County nearby land (1/3 NE of NE S25, T15, R4).

1860 Putnam County, Monroe Township, Indiana: Mary Morphew with daughters, Sarah and Diana.


            The family of Benjamin Morphew and Mary Townsend have now been reconstructed (January 2005) due to conflicting information in using older versions.  Census records for this family were found to be consistent from one decade to another making this reconstruction very possible.  Census records indicate that they did NOT have any further children after 1830 - at least any who survived long enough to make the next census.  


(1) Joshua Morphew (roughly 1814/15 in Ohio to 1858 Putnam County, Indiana) married 1 December 1838 in Putnam County, Indiana to Naomi Aldridge (1820), daughter of Jonathan Aldridge and Pheoby Morphew (1799).  They lived in the following locations:


1840 Monroe Township, Putnam County: adjacent to his mother, Mary Morphew

1850 Monroe Township, Putnam County: Joshua + Naomi Morphew, adjacent to his mother Mary Morphew.

1860 Monroe Township, Putnam County:  Naomi Morphew with her mother Phebe Aldridge, sister Mary Allumbaugh with her husband, Preston Allumbaugh.    


(2) Sarah Morphew (November 1817 to 26 June 1900 and buried at Hendricks County Home Cemetery, Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana), single and living with 1870 Whitted family and in 1880 & 1900 Hendricks County Home.  Sarah never married.


(3) Dinah Morphew (1823/24 Preble County, Ohio to >1870) married 23 February 1865 at Putnam County, Indiana to Reubin Whitted.  Both were living in 1870 Putnam Co. Indiana with sister, Sarah Morphew.  No children by 1870.


(4) Name Unknown, born 1820 to 1825 (per 1830 & 1840 census).  From Gary Tharp: Should be Mary M. Morphew, born 1825 to 1830 (e-mail 1 January 2005). 


(5) Naomi Morphew (1827/28 Preble County, Ohio to >1850).  She is on the 1850 Census with her mother Ruth.  


Now omitted from the list of children are Israel Morphew and Rebecca C. Morphew. 



Born 28 August 1796 and died 6 March 1861

Married WILLIAM OLDHAM on 7 July 1822 at Union County, Indiana (license) and the wedding was at the Salem Baptist Church, Wayne County, Indiana. 


Locations found for the family are:


1830 Shelby County, Indiana:  William Oldham


Children of Naomi Morphew and William Oldham:


(1) Miriam Oldham (12 April 1823 in Shelby County, In.),

(2) Anna Oldham (21 June 1825 in Shelby County, In.) 

(3) James Oldham (17 September 1827 in Shelby Co., In.),

(4) Mary Polly Oldham (30 January 1830 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, In.),

(5) Milton Oldham (22 June 1834),

(6) Newton Oldham (10 June 1836) 


Section Nine - "Sergeant James Merphew" Virginia, American Revolution

To Whom Does He Belong?



"Merphew, James, Sgt. Inf. nbll"



            In early January 2005, the above misspelled reference was found in the book, "Virginians in the Revolution 1775-1783," by John H. Gwathmey, published 1938.  "Sergeant James Merphew" was mentioned for a short time in www.planetmurphy.org before I pulled it.  If you missed it, this is the story.  Personally, I doubt this Sergeant Merphew (Murphew) belongs to our gang, but can't prove it.  So what is the by-line?  Gwathmey gave no reference and no Virginia Regiment.  "Inf," which should be infantry.  He wrote that "nbll is the name (that) appeared on the Army Register, but had not received bounty land."    


            Received from the National Archives (NARA) 28 January 2005 was this:



National Archives (NARA) Information


            Page One:  (3880) Murphy, James – Virginia (Revolutionary War)

Card Numbers:  (1) 39169651, (2) 163921 – Number of personal papers herein = 0.


            Page Two: Left ½ of copy:


                        M - Va.


                        James Murphew, Serg Inf..

                        "By whom drawn":  Col. Donolly

                        Time: 10 January 1786

                        "Sum" (in pounds): 28.5.1 D.O.

                        Volume 175; page 67.  J.W. Wilkinison, Copyist


            The following appears in a Book under the following heading: "A List of Soldiers of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance of their full pay Agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed November Session 1781.  This book bears the following certificate:  This Register contains a true abstract of all the certificates issued at the Auditor's Office to Officers & Soldiers of the Virginia line on Continental Establishment.  J. Pendleton, Auditor.  Auditors Office, 1 August 1792.  Test: J. Carter."


            Page Two: Right ½ of copy:

                        M - Va. 

                        Revolutionary War

                        James Murphy, Sgt. Inf.

                        By whom Received:  Col. Clarke

                        "Day when" 27 June 1783

                        "Sum" (in pounds) 40.12.10

                        Vol. 176; page 204, R.W. Pearson, Copyist.



            Also, this was found:


            "James Murphew is continued on the pension list with an allowance of 18 pounds per annum."

Journals of Council of the State of Virginia, Volume 3, page 547.  Virginia State Library, Virginia Committee of Safety – History – 1967.


            NARA names two sergeants – James Murphew and James Murphy who served during or post American Revolution from Virginia.   They may be the same or two different individuals.   Colonels Donolly and Clarke appear to be Murphy's commanders.  Sergeant James Murphy's data does not mention any "card numbers," which indicate no further NARA reference sources.   Keep in mind during that Revolutionary War records were lost when the British burned Washington, D.C. in the War of 1812.   What NARA currently has is a replacement collection of county, state, and other war records.   The following has been found:      


            (A). Information found on Colonel Clarke:  So far found, the only Colonel Clark/Clarke in the Virginia Militia was the famous George Rogers Clark/Clarke.  Clark became a General about January 1781.


            "Sergeant James Murphy" was found on the website http://my.execpc.com/~sril/clark which is a resource for the George Rogers Clark papers.   The actual images have now been reviewed (27 February 2005) and Murphy signs his signature on commissary or requisition memos.  The bottom line is that three times Sergeant James Murphy signed his name "James Murphy" and not "Morphew."  Sergeant Murphy's signature does not match that of James Morphew, born about 1720.   James Morphew (~1750) - his son did sign two deeds as "James Morphew."  These deed signatures were only transcription copies and not his actual signature.    An actual signature for our James Morphew (born ~1750) is needed to compare it against the commissary signatures.


            A review (22 March 2005) of some western Virginia muster roll indexes at the National Archives came up empty.  There is one further item of interest: Samuel Pepper, who married Naomi Burk (estimated born 1746), daughter of James Burk, served with George Rogers Clark under the command of Captain Benjamin Harrison.      


            (B). Information found on Virginia's Colonel Donolly:  There appears to be only one Colonel Donolly in Virginia (various spellings).  Andrew Donally was a Captain in McCreery's Company, Augusta County; appearing to become a Major in the Botetourt Virginia Militia on 10 March 1778; and a Colonel in the Greenbrier Militia in 1780-81.  He settled in Greenbrier County.  Greenbrier County was established 1778 from Montgomery, and Montgomery was established 1776-7 from Fincastle County.  Record searches during the American Revolution could be in any of these counties.  The Burk's are thought to have someone in Rockbridge (established 1778) or Montgomery counties during these years. 


            The Greenbrier lead hasn't been researched for Murphy/Morphew records.  One exception is "Land Entry Book, Greenbrier County, West Virginia," by Helen S. Stinson, 1984.  "Commissioners...certify that Patrick Murphey is entitled to 120 acres of land...1 January 1778 as assignee of  James Murphey including a survey of 90 acres made for said Murphey in the year 1774 lying in the county of Greenbrier...adjoining William Renick, Christopher Walkup."  


            We know that James Morphew (most likely Junior, born ~1750) had three North Carolina entries – 1774 when James Morphew married Betty Chadwick in Guilford County, 1777 Surry County with Joseph Chadwick, and 1778 Surry County.   Then there is a brief gap in time.  Our Morphew is not on the 1782 Surry County tithable (which doesn't prove anything), but he does appear the 1784 and 1789 Surry tithables and the 1786 State Census for Surry County.   Possibly, we are looking at a period of time between 1778 and 1784 in which James Morphew (Jr.) could be in Virginia.  According to Fred Hughes, that during the chaos of the American Revolution, "Quaker and Baptist families left the colony (area) in droves" with some returning after the change in government.*

* Guilford County, North Carolina – A Map Supplement Book, By Fred Hughes, 1988, page 34


            Could he be James Morphew “I”?   There is so very little known about James Morphew “I” (Senior) and we don't know when and where he died.  My guess why he has no further Surry/Rowan County deeds is explained in the book "Rowan County, NC Vacant Land Entries 1778-1789," by R.A. Enochs, 1988.  The principle English land owner, Earl of Granville died in 1763 and his land offices closed until the American Revolution terminated British rights.  My guess is James Morphew Sr. lived somewhere on these lands and had no way to purchase or sell his homestead.   Again this is speculation and we really need something better.


            In summary, I doubt Sergeant James Merphew/Murphew is our Morphew.  The question remains _  Were there one or two different Sergeant James Murphy/Murphews from Virginia in the American Revolution.  Honestly, the harder I try to prove or disprove him as ours, the more puzzled I become.  Being an American Revolutionary War Soldier is such an honored position, that I think we need to be sure who he was.  Sergeant Merphew cannot be “Private” James Jeffrey Murphy/Murphew (~1751 - >1811) of Fauquier and Shenanhoah Counties, Virginia, and then finally Orange County, Indiana.  This person has a single Fauquier County, Virginia entry spelling his name Murphew (see my chapter on "Morphews-others" near the end).  It is rare to have middle name during this century and might mean there is another James Murphew nearby.  He does have pension papers which I now have and they state he was a Private (no mention of being a Sergeant).  A future y-dna result from one of his descendants could prove interesting. 


            Sergeant J. Merphew is not Private James Murphy of Bedford County, who shows up on several American Revolutionary military records, one of which was next to a Luke Murphy.  One such record did state he was a Sergeant, but this had to be wrong since nearly every other soldier was listed under the heading of Sergeant, when they all should have been Privates.  

Section Two – Census Records for Morphews

With puzzles to solve by matching children's birth dates




            Murphey, James: Wright’s District, February 1786.  Is this our Morphew?  1 male 21+; 4 males <21 or 60+; 5 females.


Murphey, Silas: 1 male 21+; Silas (~1752); 3 males <21 or 60+; Uriah (~1780), Obediah (~1782), Silas (~1784), 2 females; Rhoda (~1788) and wife Elizabeth (1758)




Morphew, James; Salisbury District, Surry County, (missing one son and has one      extra daughter, not including Naomi, born 1796. (microfilm record): 1 male 16+; 5 males <16; 3 females all ages,


Murphy, Silas; Morgan District, Burke County: 1 male 16+; Silas (~1752); 5 males<16; Uriah (~1780), Obediah (~1782), Silas (~1784), John M. (1787), James (~1789), 2 females; Rhoda (~1788), wife Elizabeth (1758)            




Murphey, James: Do we have a married daughter, name unknown, with 1 or 2 daughters?  3 males and 2 females 0-<10; 1 male and 1 females 10-<16; 1 male and 1 female 16-<26; 1 male and 1 female 45+.  Comment:  This should be an important census, but it's correlations with known data suggest it unreliable.     


Murphey, Joseph: 1 male and 1 female 0-<10; Nathan (1798), Pheoby (1799) 1 male 16-<26; Joseph (~1775); 1 female 26-<26; Avis (~1778).  Suggests her birth date to be a problem.


Morphew, Silas (~1752).  Cannot be found in any 1800 N.C. Census, so far. 




James Murphey; Wilkes County:  2 females 10-<16; Naomi (1796) and 1 daughter ???  2 males and 1 female 16-<26; Benjamin (1788), Nathan (1777) ??? and one more daughter ???  1 male and 1 female 45+; James (~1750), and wife Betty (~1754)


Silas Murphey; Wilkes County, 3 entries away from the above James Murphey.

1 male 26-<45; 2 females 0-<10; 1 female 16-<26 - wife


Elizabeth Murphey, Wilkes County with question of which children at home.

2 females 0-<10; Kizzy (~1800), Sallie (~1802); 1 male and 1 female 10-<16; Aaron (1792) ???, Peggy (~1796); 3 males and 2 females 16-<26; Silas (~1784), John M. (1787), James (~1789), or Obediah (~1784); 1 female 45+; Elizabeth (1758), wife of Silas (~1752), deceased.


Uriah Murphy, Wilkes County: 2 females 0-<10; all children’s names not known

1 male and 1 female 26-<45; Uriah (~1780) and wife Anna


            Thomas Robins, Jr., Wilkes County: 2 females 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 16-<26.


J. Murphey, Ashe County, (Joseph Morphew, ~1775); 1 male + 1 female 0-<10; 1 male 16-<26; 1 female 26-<45.  


1820 U.S. Census of Burke County, North Carolina: 


Murphy, Silas: 2 males + 2 females <10, 2 males 10-<16, 1 female + 1 male 26-<45, 1 female 45+


1820 U.S. Census of Wilkes County, North Carolina;


Thomas Robbins: 2 males + 3 females 0-<10; 1 female 10-<16; 1 male + 1 female 26-<45.


***1820 U.S. CENSUS OF DIXON TOWNSHIP, PREBLE COUNTY, OHIO shows four Morphews adjacent to each other, with names and dates added:


              Murphey, James

                       1 male 45 and over (James Sr.- ~1750), listed as a manufacturer

                       3 females 16-<25 – who are these women?  Are we missing someone?

                       1 female over 45 (wife Betty - ~1754)


              Murphey, James Jr., (next name on census list)

                      1 male 25-<45 (James Jr.- ~1781)

                      1 female 0-<10, (Sarah, Sallie – 1820)

                      1 male 0-<10, (David C. – 1818)

                      1 female 16-<25, (wife Polly - ~1794)


             Murphey, Benjamin; (next name on census list)

                      1 male 0-<10 (Joshua – 1818)

                      1 male 25-<45 (Benjamin – 1788)

                      1 female 0-<10 (Sarah – 1816/1817)

                      1 female 25-<45 (wife Mary – 1788)


              Murphey, Joshua; (next name on census list)

                      3 males 0-<10 (Silas 1815; James 1817; William 1820)

                      1 male 25-<45 (Joshua – 1785)

                      1 female 0-<10 (Martha – 1813)

                      1 female 25-<45 (wife Ruth – 1794)




             Joshua Morphew is listed yearly from 1818 to 1821, 1823, 1827 to 1830. The records before 1824 state he lived at range 1, township 7, section 32 SE quarter.


Benjamin Morphew is listed yearly from 1820 to 1831 at range 1, township 7, section 32 SE (Dixon Township), although after 1826 the location is noted as Dixon Township.  In 1832 to 1833, “Benjamin Murphy” is noted in Israel Township and in 1835 is noted “moved.”


Joseph Morphew is noted only once in 1821.


James Morphew is noted 1827 in Dixon Township and 1829 in Israel Township.


Betsy Morphew is noted 1828 in Dixon Township.


Jesse Morphew is noted in 1827 in Jackson Township.  Jesse Murphy is noted 1831 and 1832 in Jackson Township and later records were not checked.


1820 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Fayette County, Indiana: 


Nathan Merphew:  6 females 0-<10, 1 male and 1 female 26-<45.


1830 U.S. Census of Wilkes County, North Carolina: 


Thomas Robins: 4 males + 1 female 0+<5; 1 male + 1 female 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<15; 1 male + 1 female 15-<20; 1 female 20-<30; 1 male + 1 female 40-<50.


1830 U.S. CENSUS OF DIXON TOWNSHIP, PREBLE COUNTY, OHIO shows the Morphews with the first three families in adjacent households to each other.


            Murphey, Betty: No males; 2 females 30-40; 1 female 70-80


Murphey, Benjamin; (next name on census list); 1 male 15-<20; 1 male 40-<50;                      1 female 0-<5 (Naomi – 1827/28); 2 females 5-<10; 1 female 10-<15; 1 female 40-<50 ) 


Murphey, Joshua; (next name on census list); 2 males 10-<15; 1 male 40-<50;                       2 females 0-<5; 1 female 5-<10;1 female 15-<20;1 female 30-<40


Jesse Murphy, Jackson Township, Preble County, Ohio:  Is he a Morphew or a nonrelated Murphy?  Jackson Township is the first township north of Dixon Township:                   1 male, 2 females 0-<5; 1 male, 2 females 5-<10; 1 female, 10-<15; 2 males, 15-<20; 1 male 30-<40; 1 female 30-<40. Also there is more on Jesse: 1827, Jesse “Morphew” Jackson township, Preble County, Ohio tax records. 1831, Jesse Murphy, Jackson Township, Preble County tax records.  1832, Jesse Murphy, Jackson Township, Preble County. Further yearly tax records not looked for.  1840, Jesse Murphy, U.S. Census index of Dixon Township, Preble County.


1830 U.S. Census of 3rd and 4th Regiment, Burke County, North Carolina: 


Silas Murphy, 1 male 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10, 1 male 10-<15, 2 females 15-<20, 2 females 20<30, 1 male 30<40, 1 female 40<50, 1 female 60-<70.


1830 U.S. Census of Fayette County, Indiana.


Nathan Murphey: 1 female 0-<5, 1 male + 2? Females 5-<10, 3 females 10-<15, 3 females 15-<20, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male 50-<60.  On same page is:


Jane Murphey:  1 male + 1 female 5-<10, 3 males 10-<15, 1 female 15-<20, 1 female 30-<40.  (on same page as Nathan Murphey)   Is she non-related?


1830 U.S. Census of Delaware County, Indiana.  James Morphew:  1 male 0-<5, 1 male and 2 females 5-<10; 1 male 40-<50, 1 female 30-<40


1830 U.S. Census of Shelby County, Indiana; 


William Oldham: 1 male + 2 females 0-<5; 1 female 5-<10; 1 female 10-<15; 1 male + 1 female 40-<50.


1840 U.S. Census of Wilkes County, Stewart’s District, North Carolina;


Thomas Robins: 1 male 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<15; 1 male + 1 female 15-<20; 1 male + 1 female 50-<60.


1840 U.S. Census of Parke County, Indiana. 


James Morphew:  1 female 0-<5; 1 male 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<15, 1 male 20-<30, 1 male 40-<50, 1 female 50-<60


1840 U.S Census of Harrison Township, Fayette County, Indiana. 


Nathan Morphew: 1 male 0-<5, 1 male 5-<10, 2 females 10-<15, 1 male + 1 female 15-<20, 2 females 20-<30, 1 male + female 40-<50 


1840 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana: 


            Mary Morphew: 1 female 10-<15; 2 females 15-<20; 1 female 20-<30, 1 female 50-<60.  In next household is:


            Joshua Morphew:  1 female 15-<20, 1 female 20-<30, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male 20-<30.


1840 U.S. Census of Warren County, Indiana. 


Joshua Murphy: 1 female 0-<5; 2 females 10-<15, 1 male 20-<30, 1 female 40-<50; 1 male 50-<60.


Silas Morphew: 1 male 20-<30. 


1840 U.S. Census of Township 6 North, 4 East (future Buckheart Township), Fulton County, Illinois: 


Silas Morphew, 2 males 0-<5, 2 males 10-<15, 1 males 15-<20, 3 males +1 female 20<30, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male + 1 female 50-<60.


1850 U.S. Census of Watauga County, Watauga Township, North Carolina: 


Thomas Robins 65, farmer, N.C.; Mary Robins 62 N.C.; Mary Robins 26, N.C.; James Robins 22, N.C.; Rubin Robins 18, N.C.


1850 U.S Census of Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana:


            Mary Murphy 62, S.C.; Sarah Murphy 33 Ohio; Diana Murphy 20 Ohio; Naomi Murphy 22 Ohio.  In next household is:


            Joshua Murphy 36 Ohio; Naomi Murphy 30, Indiana; Phebe Alridge 50, N.C.; Mary Alridge 25, Ohio.


1850 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: 


In the household of Elijah Allen, age 27, born Kentucky:  Ezra Morphew 23 Ohio, carpenter; Silas Morphew 25 Ohio carpenter.


1850 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Fayette County, Indiana: 


Margaret Morphew 58, N.C.; Simeon Morphew 26, N.C., Betsey Morphew 32, N.C.; Lydia Morphew 28, N.C.; Sarah Morphew 25, N.C.; Joseph Morphew 17, N.C. John Morphew 13 N.C.  Margaret is the wife of Nathan Morphew (~1771), deceased.  Some N.C. listings wrong.


1850 U.S. Census of District 85, Parke County, Indiana:


            Jermiah Branson 55, Tn with 7 in household including George W. Murphy 5, Indiana.


1850 U.S. Census of Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana:


            Silas Murphy 42, Ohio, Farmer; Nancy Murphy 38, Ohio; Ruth Murphy 20, Ohio; John H. Murphy 11, Ohio; Samuel Murphy 8, Indiana; Hannah Murphy 6, Indiana.  In next household is:


            Ruth Murphy 57, Tennessee; William Murphy 27, farmer, Ohio; Nancy Murphy 25 Ohio; Maria Murphy 19 Ohio.     


1850 U.S. Census of Burkhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois: 


Nancy E. Morris, 37, North Carolina; Nancy Morris 7, Illinois; Silas Murphey 66, North Carolina.


1850 U.S. Census of Canton City, Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            House #128:  Harvey Murphey 30, Carpenter, Ohio; Elizabeth Murphey 23, Ohio; Arminda J. Murphy 3, Illinois; Samuel H. Murphey 1, Illinois


            House #276: Household of Archibald Henderson 32; Samuel Murphy 22 Carpenter, Indiana.


            House #280: William H. Murphy 26, no occupation; North Carolina; Susanna Murphy 23, Ohio; Laura C. Murphy 1, Illinois


            House # 288:  Household of Charles Taylor 43, occupation -? Massachusetts; Catharine Taylor 27, Ohio; Edward Taylor 17, Connecticut; Fredrick Taylor 15 Connecticut; Mary Taylor 8, Illinois; William Henry 8 Illinois; Charles Murphy 5 Illinois; Ellsworth F. Taylor 3, Illinois.


1850 U.S. Census of Orion Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            Hiram Dixon 41 North Carolina; Elizabeth Dixon 41 North Carolina; Joshua Dixon 21 Illinois; Joel Dixon 17, Illinois; John W. Dixon 15 Illinois; Mahala I. Dixon 12 Illinois; Cinthia Dixon 9, Illinois; James H. Dixon 7 Illinois; William B. Dixon 5 Illinois; Arminga Dixon 3 Illinois; Emily A. Dixon 1, Illinois.                 


1860 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            Mary Morphew, 71?, farmer, South Carolina; Sarah Morphew 41, Ohio; Dinah Morphew 33, Ohio.


1860 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana 21 June 1860:


            David Morphew 41, house carpenter, Indiana; Malinda Morphew 22, Ind; Arvilla Morphew 3 Ind; John Morphew 2/12.


1860 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Fayette County, Indiana


            Margaret Morphew 67 N.C; Elizabeth Morphew 42 Indiana; Lydia Morphew 38 Indiana; Simeon Morphew 25 Indiana; John Morphew 23 Indiana; Malinda Fisher 41; Seymor Fisher 1 Indiana.


1860 U.S. Census of Florida Township, Parke County, Indiana


            Jeremiah Branson 65, Virginia; in household is George Murphy 15, Indiana


1860 U.S. Census of Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana:


            Silas Morphew 45, Day Laborer, Ohio; Nancy Morphew 40 Ohio; Ruth A. Morphew 11 Indiana; Mary M. Morphew 9 Indiana; Emily C. Morphew 7 Indiana; William A. Morphew 6, Indiana; James A. Morphew 4 Indiana.


1860 U.S. Census of Attica-Logan Township, Fountain County, Indiana:


            William Morphew 39, teamster, Ohio; Ruth Morphew 56, S.C; Mary A. Morphew 23, Indiana; James Musgrove 31 Ky; Nancy Musgrove 37 Ohio; Ruth J. Musgrove 6 Indiana; William A. Musgrove 5, Indiana


1860 U.S. Census of Township 6, Range 5E, Effingham, Illinois:


            Ezra Morphew 34, farmer Indiana; Phebe Morphew 33, North Carolina; Elizabeth A. Morphew 9 Indiana; Mary C. Morphew 7, Indiana; Elmira A. Morphew 5, Illinois.


1860 U.S. Census of Sugar Tree Bottom Township, Carroll County, Missouri


1860 U.S. Census of Canton City, Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            House #384:  Philip Grim 76 farmer, Virginia; William Murphy 37, Carpenter, S. Carolina; Susan Murphy 32, Ohio; Laura Murphy 11, Illinois; Allace Murphy 6, Illinois; Clara Murphy 6/12, Illinois.


            House #386:  James Murphy 42, Master Carpenter, North Carolina; Elizabeth Murphy 33, Ohio; Arminda Murphy 14, Illinois, John Murphy 8, Illinois.


1860 U.S. Census of Sugar Tree Bottom Township, Carroll County, Missouri


            Matilda Ruff 55 Housekeeper, Missouri; John Morphew 24 chair maker, Missouri; Neoazambia Ruff 19 Missouri, Thomas J. Ruff 16, Missouri 


1860 U.S. Census of Troy P.O., Union Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            Charles E. Taylor 53, Connecticut; Catherine Taylor 37, Ohio; Mary Taylor 19, N.Y; Charles K. Murphy 15, Illinois; Elsworth Taylor 13 Illinois; Tracy Taylor 9 Illinois; Israel Taylor 6, Illinois; Thompson Taylor 4 Illinois; Eliza Taylor 3 Illinois. 


1860 U.S. Census of Bardolf P.O., Mound Township, McDonough County, Illinois:


            Levi Beaver 50 farmer, Ohio; Nancy Beaver 47, North Carolina; Francis Beaver 13, Illinois; Levi Beaver 10 Illinois; Samuel Beaver 5, Illinois; Nancy Morris 16, Illinois, Silas Murphy 73, North Carolina.


1860 U.S. Census of P.O. Mt. Sterling, Mt. Sterling Township, Brown County, Illinois


            S.R. Murphy 32 daguerreotype photographer, North Carolina; Mrs. Isabel Murphy 23, North Carolina; Ella Murphy 2, Illinois.


1860 U.S. Census of Speiser Precinct, Richardson County, Nebraska:


            Silas Morphew 35 Miller, Ohio; Mary D. Morphew 28, N.J; Theodore W. Morphew 1, Nebraska.


1870 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana, page 220


            Reubin Whitted, 60, farmer, Tn;  Dinah Whitted 43, Keeping house, Ohio; Sarah Morphew 57, Ohio; Reubin J. Whitted, 18, Ky.


1870 U.S. Census of Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana, page 304


            Silas Morphew 52, Ohio, Nancy Morphew 50, Ohio, Ruth A.S. Morphew 21, In; Marget Morphew 20, In; Emily C. Morphew 16, In; William A. Morphew 14, In; James Morphew 11, In.  


1870 U.S. Census of Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana, page 32 (Probably Indiana’s Simeon Morphew, but 77 year old female might be Margaret Morphew, but she is supposed to be dead.  Could this be sister Lydia with the wrong age?


            S. Morphew 45 (m) In; M. Morphew 25, (f) keeping house, In; E. Morphew 50 (f) In; S.(or. L) Morphew 77 (f), In.


1870 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana:


            Joseph Morphew 36, Indiana; Mary Morphew 27 Indiana; Emily Morphew 9, Indiana; Cyrus Morphew 2, Indiana.


1870 U.S. Census of Mason P.O., Mason Township, Effingham County, Illinois:


            Ezra Murphy 70 Indiana; Phebe Murphy 30?? Indiana; Mary Murphy 17 Indiana; Elmira Murphy 14, Indiana.


1870 U.S. Census of Cass Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            Levi Beaver 60 farmer Ohio; Elmira Beaver 56 North Carolina; Samuel Murphy 15, Illinois.


1870 U.S. Census of Canton, Ward 3, Fulton County, Illinois


            Samuel Murphy 44 Photographer, North Carolina; Isabel Murphy 34 North Carolina; Ellen Murphy 12, Illinois; Eddy Murphy (m) 9 Illinois; Nettie Murphy 7 Illinois; Bill (f) 7/12 Illinois


1870 U.S. Census of Canton Ward 2, Fulton County, Illinois


            James Murphy 57 Carpenter North Carolina; Elizabeth Murphy 41 Ohio; Minnie J. Murphy 21 Illinois; John Murphy 19 Illinois; Maple(/) N. Murphy 10, Illinois.


1870 U.S. Census of Canton, Ward 4, Fulton County, Illinois


            William Murphy 46 Carpenter, N.C; Susannah Murphy 41 Ohio; Alice Murphy 16 Illinois; Ella Murphy 10 Illinois; Frank Murphy 4 Illinois; Mary Murphy 2 Illinois.


1870 U.S. Census of White Cloud, Doniphan County, Kansas, page 129


            Silas Morphew, 46, Oh, miller; Mary Morphew 37, N.J; Theodore Morphew 10, Ne; Henry Morphew 7, Ne; Lauson Morphew 1, Kansas.


1880: U.S. Census of North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana, page 248d


            Simon Morphew, 55 In; Mary Morphew, wife, 36, In.; Emory Morphew, son, 8, In; Rosetta Morphew, dau, 1 In; Fred Landston, other, single 21, In; Elizabeth Morphew, sister, single 63, In; Lydia Morphew, sister, 56, In. single.


1880 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana:


            Leslie Jonas 39 Indiana; Mary? A. Jonas 37 Indiana; Mary A Jonas 12 Indiana, daughter; Anna J. Jonas 3, Indiana, daughter; Emily J. Morphen 13 Indiana, Stepdaughter; Cyrus W. Morphen, 12 Indiana stepson.


1880 U.S. Census of Florida Township, Parke County, Indiana, (572A)


            George Morphew 35 In, parents born In; Margaret Morphew, wife 29, In, father born Ohio, mother born Pa.; Mary E. Morphew, dau, 12, In; Charley Morphew, son, 10 In.  (At this time, unable to place him)


1880 U.S. Census of Mason, Effingham County, Illinois, page 454B:


            E. Morphew, 54 Ohio; Pheba Morphew, wife, 53, N.C; Mary Morphew, dau, single 26 In.


1880 U.S. Census of Putman Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            Levi Beaver 70, Ohio, Pa, Pa; Nancy E. Beaver 67, N.C. _ , _,


1880 U.S. Census of Canton, Fulton County, Illinois:


            Susan Murphy 53 Ohio, Ohio, Ohio; Clara Murphy 19, Ill; N.C. Ohio; Frank Murphy 14 Ill; Mary Murphy 12 Illinois; Alice Mann 26 working in milling store, Illinois, N.C., Ohio; Charles Mann 6 Illinois


1880 U.S. Census of Vermont Township, Fulton County, Illinois


            Samuel R. Murphy 53, Dagtype Artist, N.C., N.C., N.C; Bell Murphy, wife, 44 N.C., N.C., N.C; Ella Murphy 22 Illinois; Nettie Murphy 19 Illinois; Edward Murphy 17 Illinois.


1880 U.S. Census of Mound City, Holt County, Missouri, page 92C:


            Silas Morphew 56, Ohio; Loyd Morphew, son, single, 20, NE; Henry Morphew +son, single 18, NE, Lawson Morphew, son, 11 Kansas; Charles Morphew 9 Kansas; Viola Rieley, niece, single 19 NE.


1880 U.S. Census of  Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois:


            James H. Murphy 62 Carpenter, North Carolina, N.C., N.C; Elizabeth Murphy 54, Ohio, Vermont, 0; John H. Murphy 25 teamster, Illinois; Mable Murphy 18, Illinois.        


1900 U.S. Census of Mill Township, Garland County, Arkansas, page 6A:


            Lloid Morphew, head, May 1860, age 40, married 7 years, Nebraska, Ohio, N.J.;

Emma Morphew, wife, August 1860, 30, no children, Iowa, Canada, N.Y.; Silas Morphew, father, February 1824, 76, widower, born Ohio, father born North Carolina, mother born Virginia; Henry C. Morphew, brother, August 1862, 37, Married 5 years, Nebraska, Ohio, N.J.; Chester Morphew, nephew, April 1897, 3 years, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arkansas.  Next door to them are:


Lawsen Morphew, December 1864 , 32, married 8 years, Nebraska, Ohio, Arkansas; Mary A. Morphew, October 1874, 25, married 8 years, 7 children, 3 living, Missouri, Bertha E. Morphew, dau., March 1896, 6, Arkansas; Silas H. Morphew, son, March 1897, 3, Arkansas; Charles R. Morphew, son, June 1899, 11/12th  Arkansas.


1900 U.S. Census of Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, (in county home)


Sarah Morphew, head, November 1817, single, Ohio, N.C., S.C.


1900 U.S. Census of Paw Paw Township, Wabash County, Indiana


            Mary Morphew, head, October 1844, 55, 3 children, 3 living, In, In. Pa; Rosa Morphew, daughter, October 1878, 21 single, In; Arabella Morphew, daughter, January 1882, 18, single, In.


1900 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana:


            Joseph Morphew, Feb. 1833, 67, married 17 years, Indiana, Tennessee, N.C.; Selana Morphew, wife, January 1847, 53, married 17 years. 0 children, Indiana, Indiana; Indiana.


1900 Canton City, Fulton County, Illinois:


            Susan Murphy, head, March 1828, 72, 5 children/5 living Ohio, Va. Va; Alice Murphy, daughter, November 1854, 45, Illinois, Frank(?) Murphy, sister's son, Jnaury 1881, 18, Illinois.


1900 U.S. Census of Pendleton Township, Jefferson County, Illinois


            Geroge W. Morphew, October 1845, married 33 years, Ind, Ohio, Ind; Margaret Morphew July 1850, 49, married 33 years, 5 children, 4 living. Ind, Pa, Pa; John A. Morphew, son 1881, 18, Indiana; Hazel V. Morphew daughter, May 1889, 11, Indiana.


1900 U.S. Census of Township 161, Range 66, Tower County, North Dakota, page 120:


            John (_?) Morphew, head, March 1871, age 29, married 4 years, born Indiana; parents born Indiana; Emma Morphew, wife, born March 1872, age 28, married 4 years, 1 child, 1 living, born Indiana, parents born Ohio; Paul L. Morphew, son, Feb. 1898, age 2, born Indiana.


1910 U.S. Census of Riverside Township, Missaukee County, Michigan, page 324:


            John E. Morphew, head, 39, married 1 or 2 years, born Indiana, parents born Indiana; Myrtle L. Morphew, wife, 20? 30? Married 1 year, born Michigan, father born Pa. Mother born Iowa; Paul L. Morphew, son 12, Indiana; Cletus C. Morphew, son, 8, North Dakota; Alva(/) S. Morphew (son), 8 months, Michigan.


1910 U.S. Census of Arnold Street, Roann, Paw Paw Township, Wabash County, Indiana, page 252A


            Wagoner, Jacob M.,Head, age 47, widower, born Ohio, father born Pa., mother Ohio; Susana Wagoner, mother, 78, widow, 4 children with 3 living, born Ohio, father born Pa., mother Ohio; Arthur Wagoner, son 23, single, born Indiana; Roy Wagoner, son 13, Indiana; Sucy Beam, Cousin, 63, widow, one child, none living, born Ohio.   The next entry has:


            Mary Morphew, head, 65, widow, 3 children, 3 living, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Pa; Arabell Morphew, daughter 25, born Indiana.


1910 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Vigo County, Indiana


            George W. Morphew, head, married 44 years, 44, Ind, Ind, Ohio; Margaret Morphew, wife 59, Married 44 years, 5 children, 4 living, Ind, Pa. Pa; Hazel Verne Morphew, daughter, 20, Indiana.


1910 U.S. Census of Canton, Ward 4, Fulton County, Illinois


            Susan Murphy, head 82, widow, 5 children, 5 living,  U.S; Alice Mann, daughter 55 widow, 2 children, 2 living, Illinois, W.V. Ohio. 


1920 U.S. Census of Hatten Avenue, Rice Lake City, Rice Lake township, Barron County, Wisconsin, taken 5 January 1920, page 3B:


            Emery Morphew 48, born Indiana, parents born Indiana, Minister Church; Myrtle Morphew 30, Michigan, father born Pa, mother born Kansas; Paul Morphew, 21, Indiana student Bible School; Alva Morphew (son) 10, Michigan; Verice Morphew (daughter 8, Michigan; Dorothy Morphew 4 5/12; David Morphew 3 ¾ Iowa; Noble Morphew 1 6/12 Wisconsin.


1920 U.S. Census of District 50, Aurora, Ward 5, Kane County, Illinois, #319, Spring Street:


            Frank Murphy 56, Il, US, US, Electrician, Factory; Margaret Murphy 49 Il, NY, NY; Harry C. Murphy 27, Il; Mildred Murphy 17, Il. 


1930 U.S. Census of Roann, Wabash County, Indiana


            Emery J. Morphew, head, 59, married 27 years, Indiana, parents born Indiana; Myrtle J. Morphew, wife, 40, married 14 years, Michigan, father born Pa. mother born U.S; Dorothy D. Morphew 14 Iowa; David E. Morphew 13 Iowa; Noble D. Morphew 11 Wisconsin.


1930 U.S. Census of District 5, Creston City, Union County, Iowa, dated April 14;


            Harry C. Murphy, 37, Il, Il, Il; Glays E. Murphy, wife, 29, Mn, Wis, Mn; John E. Murphy, son, 6, Il; Margaret E. Murphy 2, Il; Mytle Finsch, servant, 19, (s), Iowa, Iowa, Iowa.