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Roland Powell

Born about 1670 in Wales,* but little to base a date. 

Married 1st on 1695 (10th  Day 3rd Month ^^) to Maud Richard at Radnor Meeting House, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

2nd marriage after 1708 to Mary King, widow of Thomas King.

Died before 16 September 1726, probably Burlington County, New Jersey

Immigration date about 1693 from Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales *

Parents not known


Maud Richard

Born about 1673 in Wales. **   

Died: 1708

Burial: 1708 (2nd day, 2nd month) in Haverford Township, Chester County

Immigrated summer of 1693 from St. Petters Parish, Carmarthan County Borough, of Carmarthen (late of Lianllough), Wales. **

Parents not known


Mary _  King

Maiden Name:  

Birth and death: not known

Children: probably, but not yet known

Associated with Concord Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania



* “Chronology of Rowland Powel,” Swarthmore College file.

** “Chronology of Maud Richard” Swarthmore College file.

^ Individual items      

^^ Quaker dating is used here.  


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Both Rowland Powell and Maud Richard immigrated to Pennsylvania from the Carmarthen area in Wales, with Rowland in 1693 and Maud in 1693 or 1694.   They married in 1695 at the Radnor Meeting House in Chester County and had six children.   After Maud died in 1708, Rowland married Mary King, widow of Thomas King.  Records show Rowland was a miller and owned one or more mills from 1700 until his death in 1726.  In 1703 and 1704, he becomes entangled in a court case. About the year 1721, debts for Rowland Powell become a problem and he moves, possibly first to near Concordville and Concord Meeting House, before finally moving to Burlington County, New Jersey where he dies in 1726.  


Quaker dating uses both the older calendar dating and an awkward use of month.  For example, their first month could be their first monthly meeting of the year, i.e. January, March, etc.   


First Records of Rowland Powell – 1693 and 1694


1693 (14th day 3rd month) - Radnor Meeting House, Chester County, Pa: Recorded a removal signed by Rowland Powell from Cumcawlid Meeting (Carmarthen).  *


1694 July 4:  Certificate of Removal was made for Maud from Carmarthen, Parish of St. Petters, County Borough of Carmarthen (late of Llanllough), Wales.  She immigrated to Pennsylvania in the summer of 1693. **


1694 (15th day 12th month) Philadelphia County: Will of Morgan David of Merion named witnesses to include Rowland Powell.    Merion is now in today’s Montgomery County.

Burial Records of Merion Meeting Graveyard (1682 – 1706), Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, by Eliz. Henebury as found on Philadelphia County PaGenWeb Archives.


1695 Marriage of Rowland Powell and Maud Richard



Radnor Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania:


            We whose names are here subscribed being well acquainted with Rowland Powell and Mawd Richard belonging and frequenting to the meeting which they come of in their native country do certify in their behalf that they owed and professed truth and walked blameless in their life and conversation, He being serviceable to truth endured with a sweet and heavenly gift to a minister a word in Season that would give grace to the hearers, and as far as we can understand they are both free and clear from all entanglements upon the accounts of marriage with all others. (date missed, page 111, but this precedes marriage announcement beginning on the same page).


            Whereas Rowland Powel, late of the township of Harford, bachelor, and Mawd Richard of the same, spinster, having declared their intention of marriage with each other before several public meeting in Haverford according to the order used among friends whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof and consent of parties concerned being clear from all others were approved of by the said meeting.  Now these are to certify all that for the full effecting of their said intention this 10th day of ye third month in ye year of our Lord (1695).  They the said Rowland Powell and Mawd Richard stood up in a solemn assembly, which met there together upon this end and purpose at the meeting place in Haverford aforesaid; and in a solemn manner he and said Rowland Powel taking the said Mawd by ye hand did openly declare as followeth viz; friends feeling ye fear of ye Lord I stand in ye same before you and doe take my friend Mawd Richard to be my Wife and by God’s assistance I do promise to be to her a loving and tender husband until death separate us.  And then and there ye said Mawd declared as followeth viz: In the Love of the Lord and before you I do take my friend Rowland Powell to be my Husband and do promise to be to him a Loving and obedient Wife till death separate us &c.  And the said Rowland and Mawd as for further Confirmation of ye said intentions of marriage and we being then and there present have hereunto subscribed our names the day and year above written.


            (Column One):  Rees Thomas, Harry Rees, William Howell, John Bevan, Robt Owen, Philip Pris; John Jerman; David Lawrence; Morgan James, Tho. Owen, Daniell Lawrence.


            (Column Two):  Moris Llewellin, Evan Thomas, Lewis David, John Bevan Junior, John Lewis, Griffith Jon ?, David Lewis, Rich. Hayes, David Rees, Lewis Lewis.


            (Column Three):  Elenor Lawrence, Barbara Bevan, Mary Howell, Isac Hayes, Jonett Humphy, Anne Lewis, Elizabeth Rees, Mary Havard, Elizabeth Lewis.


            (Column Four, separated):  Rowland Powel, Mawd Powel


            (Column Four, next):  Lidia Ellis, Rachel Ellis, Sarah Merdith, Hanah Howell  (from typed copy inserted in Radnor Monthly Meeting records, page 111, 112, which may have errors, i.e. most probably with Harford, which should be Haverford.   Some spelling and punctuation changes have been made in the present copy to make this read better, but names are as spelled.



            Comment:  Notice that there are no Powell or Richard relations attending the wedding, and the two Ellis females are placed in the position normally held by family members.  One might wonder if the Ellis family played a key part here.  Did both Rowland and Maud come to this country alone? 


Pennsylvania Records for Rowland and Maud Powell    


1699 May 8 –Philadelphia County: Will of William Rowe of Haverford, Chester County.  Wife not named.  Daughter Grace Rowe.  Legacy to Haverford Meeting; Daniel Lawrence, Rowland Powell, Rowland Ellis, and Thomas Pascall executors.  Proved 1 July 1699. 

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Volume 3, page 22.


1699 April 12 – Philadelphia County: Will of David Lawrence of Haverford, Philadelphia County.  Executors were Brothers Ellis Ellis, Humphrey Ellis, and William Powell.  Witnesses were John Roberts, Rowland Powell, John Bevan. ^   Eleanor Ellis, wife of David Lawrence filed her will 12th day 2nd month 1699 and proved 1 July 1699.  Her witnesses were John Roberts, Rowland Powell, John Bevan. ^^

^ Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Vol 3, pg 21-22. 

^^ Welsh Settlements of Pennsylvania, by Charles Henry Browning., pg 215.


1700 Chester County: Four acres of land were deeded to Rowland Powell with a Grist Mill on Cobbs Creek, Haverford Township, Chester County, Welsh Tract, Pennsylvania

(from Chronology of Rowland Power found at Swarthmore College) 


1700 (12th day, 4th month):  Richard Hayes, attorney for William Howell acknowledged a deed to David Lloyd, attorney for Rowland Powell for 97 acres of land, with a mill called Haverford Mill and all other appurtenances and improvements.  In October 1703, Daniel Humphrey acquired 241 acres of land, including the mill property. 

A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Its People, Volume 1, by John Woolf Jordan, page 377.


1703/04:  Rowland Powell is listed in a scandal and defamation court action, along with several Quaker members of his own Meeting House, who came to his aid in catching an accused thief.  Both Thomas Llewellin and Thomas James were present at his wedding in 1695.     



Complaint of December 1703 and Indictment May 1703/04, HINTON versus POWELL, Chester County Court


            James Hinton of the County of Chester, Wool Comber, complains against Rowland Powell of the said County, Millar, of a plea swore that whereas the said James is a good true and faithful and honorable subject of the Queen and Inhabitant of this Province and as such the whole course of his life – hitherto has behaved himself and no way charged on Guilty of any Thievery on following act but got his living by his honest labour and industry, yet the said Rowland not ignorant of the __ but envying the Estate and Condition of the said James and maliciously intending not only to deprive him the said state of his good name, fame, credit, and __, and to bring him into the hate and evil opinion of his neighbours and other _ sons of this province, but also to cause him to be brought into danger of being prosecuted for felony, the twentieth day of December 1703, viz in the Township of Haverford in the said County of Chester, these false, fained, scandalous and opprobrious words --  following (then and there having speech and communication with ­­__ good people of this Province, in the presence and hearing of __ good people of this Province, the presence and hearing of __ of the Queens good subjects, then and there being present and hearing openly maliciously and publicly and with a loud voice did lay, affirm, declare and publish) viz, that James Hinton (the said __ meaning) was a thief and felon for that he (the said James meaning) had stolen James Mortimore’s bond of fifteen pounds (a certain bond of one James Mortimore of such a same meaning) and speaking and applying himself to a constable and others that he had got together to apprehend the said __ __ of the said portended crime, the said Rowland commanded the said Constable and bystanders to seize the said James and - - saying further that he (the said Rowland himself meaning)  would defend them from the Law, whereas in truth the said _ no felony or thievery had ever perpetrated or committed by -- __ of the saying, speaking, affirming, publishing, declaring of which false feigned and scandalous and opprobrious words, the said James is not only __ hurt and damaged in his good name and credit but also is in danger to be prosecuted for felony and to incur the penalty thereof.  WHEREUPON the plaintiff sayest he is _ to the value of one hundred pounds and thereupon bring his suite –

            The defendant pleads not guilty, February 1704. 


(Related case):  James Hinton of the County of Chester, Wool-comber, complains against Thomas Reece, Thomas James, Morris Lnollin (Llewellin), all of said County, Yeomen of a Plea, swore that whereas the said of the twenty first day of December 1703 at Haverford in the said County of Chester for force with arms upon the said James assault did make, and him the said James did beat, wound and evilly entreat and other enormities to the plaintiff then and there did against the peace on Sovereign Lady, the Queen, and to the plaintiff damage twenty pounds and thereupon he brings suite and –

            (defendants plead) not guilty, February 1704.


            Testimony/Indictments, May 1704:


            John Havord, on his __ affirms, being of full age and lawfully mgb. sayest that on ye 21st day of December last past, Rowand Powell and Thomas Reece, constable of Haverford sent for him by James Moritimer, ye fd Ino:  Havord appearing demanded for what cause they had sent for him; they answered they had not sent for him, afterward ye constable said they had sent for him to deliver to them James Hinton’s pocket book.  John Havord asked whether James Hinton did -- demand it; Hinton replied he did not want it, then said John Havord J. may go __, the Constable said then James Hinton must go with me, Hinton replied he would not because and said he) you have no power to compel me, then Rowland Powell required __ __ then __ to __ ye Constable, whom upon Morris Lewellin and Thomas James obeyed him, John Havord as had Rowland Powell wherefore James Hinton was apprehended by a Constable, Powell – answered for theft and following, John  Havord demanded what theft he had committed, Powell replied he would prove he had stole a bond of 15 pounds value from James Mortimer; John Havord also affirmed he heard ye Constable said that he had no warrant to apprehend James Hinton – and further sayth not.

            Alleged in open Court 31 of May 1704.  Signed John J. Sanand


            Griffith Rees, being of full age and – lawfully sworn faith that on ye 21st day of December last he was sent to call James Hinton to Haverford; James Hinton appearing Rowland Powell required Thomas Reece constable of Haverford to take James Hinton into custody alleging he would prove following against him; -- whereupon James Hinton, submitted and demanded if ye Constable had any warrant; ye Constable replied he had not, and then Hinton refused to go with him; whereupon Rowland Powell required those prove to __ ye Constable accordingly, Morris Lewellin and Thomas James  -- obeyed him, The deponent sayeth that John Havord said Rowland Powell wherefore James Hinton was apprehended by the Constable.  Powell answered for theft and following – John Havord demanded what theft he had committed. – Powell replied he would prove he had stole a bond of 15 pounds value from James Mortimer, and further sayeth not.  (signed) Griffth (“x” - his mark) Rees.  Sworn by Jeremy Collett (this) 31 of May 1704.


1704 August: James Hinton, plaintiff versus Rowland Powell, defendant:  “Judgment for want of a plea and a writ of Enquiry, (a)warded. (Page 119)


1704 August: James Hinton, plaintiff versus Thomas Reese, defendant:  Judgment for want of a plea and a writ of (enquiry).  (Slight modifications and spellings were made to make this more readable.)



1704 July 10 - Blockly Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania:  On 25 April 1708, Rowell Powell of Haverford Township, Chester County, yeoman deeded to Hugh Thomas of Merrion Township, Philadelphia County, husbandman (farmer), a messuage (dwelling house, etc) and 125 acres for 150 pounds money.  Previously on 10 July 1704, Robert Roberts, Owen Roberts and Edward Roberts all of Phila yeoman sold this to Rowland Powell, with property in Blockley Township adjacent the proprietary’s land, River Schoolkill, land late of said Hugh Roberts, etc.  Witnesses: Richard Heath, Richard Taylor, Richard Newcomb.  Entered 1 October 1708.  (DB E4/173)


1704? - Radnor Monthly Meeting:  “Stephen Bevan and Rees Thomas for Radnor; Rowland Powell and David Llewelyn for Haverford; Rowland Ellis and John Roberts for Merion are ordered to attend ye next quarterly meeting at Philadelphia.”  The date of this item is undetermined but precedes the next Radnor Monthly Meeting, dated 14th day/ 7th month/1704.  Rowland Power was an active member and was listed on a number of business and marriage entries.


1705 August 30 - Chester County: John Lewis of Haverford and wife Elizabeth  and Margaret Lewis of Haverford, spinster, grant to Nathan Thomas and John Havord all the plantation where John Lewis now dwells in Haverford bounded by land of Rowland Powell, Daniel Lawson, Evan Bevans, David Hughs, and the road leading from Radnor to Darby.

(DB B2/3 from Early Chester County, Pennsylvania Land Records 1700s to 1800, DCD107 Colonial Roots.)


1708 Radnor Monthly Meeting: “Maud, the wife of Rowland Powell, was buried the second day of the second month, 1708.” (From Radnor Monthly Meeting, deaths, page 172). 


After 1708 – Chester County:  On 10 April 1736, Thomas West of Concord, yeoman and Mary his wife deeded to their son Thomas West of Concord, yeoman.  Land was part of a grant of 200 acres dated 22 July 1684 granted to Thomas King.  Whereas Thomas King sold part of the said land, and afterwards made his will and devised to his wife, Mary King, all of his lands and soon after died. Whereas commissioner of William Penn by deed dated 3 December 1704 granted to John Lea a tract in Concord containing 136 acres and John Lea by deed dated 12 May 1708 granted 13 acres to Mary King.  Mary King afterwards married Rowland Powell, who granted the said 200 acres and 13 acres to Joseph Edge.  This deed is extremely long and only this part is abstracted.    All of Mary King’s lands were in Concord Township in today’s Delaware County (old Chester County), Pennsylvania.   

(DB G7/359 from Early Chester County, Pennsylvania Land Records 1700s to 1800, DCD107 Colonial Roots. 


1713 (7th day 7th month) Probably Chester County – Will of Thomas Reece of Haverford, yeoman.  Witnesses were Rowland Ellis, Henry Lewis, Rowland Powell, David Morris.  Proved 10 October 1713.

Welsh Settlements of Pennsylvania, by Charles Henry Browning., pg 215.


            Existing Chester County Tax Records begin in 1715, and are intermittent thereafter. 


1715:  Haverford Township: Rowland Powell (from Welsh Settlements of Pa, by Browning

1718:  Haverford Township:  Rowland Powell and Mill; 0 pounds, 5 shillings, 0 pence

1719:  Haverford Township:  Rowland Powell and mill(?); 0-8 ¼

1720:  Haverford Township:  Rowland Powel; 0-5-0

1721:  not on this one

1722:  not on this one or those following


1721 (13th day/ 2nd month) - Radnor Monthly Meeting at Haverford Meeting House:

“Account is brought to this Monthly Meeting that Rowland Powell hath sold most of his effects, and is about Selling the rest as soon as he can in Order to Satisfye his Creditors and the friends appoints are desired to continue their Care and Assistance therein, and to bring an account to the next meeting thereof.”  (Page 243)


1721 (12th day/ 8th month) - Radnor Monthly Meeting held at Haverford:  “Severall of Rowland Powell’s Creditors Still Complaining that He was not made them satisfaction for their Just demand and desires Liberty to proceed against him in a Legall way.  This Meeting Having appointed friends who often advised him to do what in him Lay to Satisfie his Just debts.  He not complying with this meetings good and wholesome Advise and not having Satisfied severall of his Creditors.  This meeting Leaves his Creditors to their Liberty to proceed against him in the way they think proper.” (page 248)


1724 (9th day 5th month) - Merion Monthly Meeting, Philadephia County:  Papers drawn and directed to Burlington Meeting House regarding Rowland Powell.  “Rowland Powel for our Monthly Meeting held at Merion…to the monthly meeting of Burling in Relation to his unsettled affairs. *


1724/5 (1st month).  Will of John Bevan, proved 21 October 1726, lists two plantations: (1) one lying in Haverford Township, Chester County, Pa and (2) Merion Township, Philadelphia County, Pa.   …Plantation in Haverford to be enjoyed by Rowland Powell according to my son’s conveyance. ^^^

^^^ Merion in the Welsh Tract by Thomas Allen Green, page 175


            John Beven, a minister, was elected to the Assembly from Philadelphia County for the years 1687, 1695, 1699 and 1700, Justice of the Peace for Chester County in 1689 and Philadelphia County in 1685, an author on his traveling experiences in New England. ^^^


1726/27 Estate Administration of Rowland Powell, deceased


1726 September 17 to 1727 April 27 Burlington, New Jersey: Estate papers of Rowland Powell in Mansfield Township, Burlington, New Jersey were filed. 

New Jersey State Archive copy, Rowell Power administration 1529-1536C  


1726 September 17 – Burlington County:  Rowland Powell of Mansfield Township, Burlington County, yeoman.  Inventory of the personal estate of, 28.1.1; made by Abraham Crown and Joseph Shreve.   Many items including 1 iron kettle, two brass kettles, a Bible and sunder other books, one heifer calf, 3 piggs, one cow, one mare.

 New Jersey State Archive copy, Rowell Power administration 1529-1536C  


1726 September 22– Burlington County, New Jersey: Estate administration of Rowland Powell (deceased) late of Mansfield Township, began on 17 September 1726.   In a badly worn page with large holes is a consent to letters of administration on the estate, “this 22 day in the September? 1726.”    Names signing this letter are Gobitha Wollson, Samuel Woolson, Elizabeth “E” Willcockson, Ja_es (“M”) Pugh, George Willcockson, __”D” Powell, and __avn? Pugh. 

New Jersey State Archive copy, 1529-1536C  


1726 September 26 – Burlington County:  Bond of David Morgan as administrator.  Thomas Marke and Rowland Powell fellow bondsmen, all of the Province of New Jersey, yeomen.


1726 September 30 – Burlington County: Administration on the estate granted to David Morgan.   One document signed by David Morgan mentions “Rowland Powell, late of the Township of Mansfield, Yeoman, deceased, being one of the people called Quakers.”


1727 April 27 – Burlington County: Account of the estate by the administrator, who in charging for the building of a grist mill and a fulling mill, as agreed with dec’d, exceeds the valuation of the estate of 14.11.8 pounds.  (Not in packet from NJ State Archives).

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Volume 1, 1670-1730, edited by William Nelson, 1901, on Heritage Books Archives CD #1171.


Post-script - Rowland Powell


1727/8 (11th day, 11th month - Radnor Monthly Meeting:  “The friends formerly Bound for five pounds this meeting Lent Row’d Powell brought the money to this meeting to discharge the Bond and is Lodged with Robert Jones till further orders and the Bond ordered to Delivered up.” (page 320)   This Radnor Monthly Meeting date was the one preceding the meeting which followed on 11th day, 11th month 1727/8.


Other Powells at Radnor Township or Monthly Meeting


            The Radnor Monthly Meeting lists a William Powell in the early 1690’s records.  It is not known if he is related or not, but the following may offer clues:


            “William Powell, late inhabitant, parish of Llanvach Rett in the county of Meridneth in North Wales with wife Gwen, and sons David and Phillip, daughter-in-law Gainor with her two small children are all upon removal from their native county in North Wales into Province of Pennsylvania.  Call him Quaker for 30 years past....”  (from Radnor Monthly Meeting record, page 3)


            David Powell (~1655 to >1735) is found on the Radnor Township tax lists for 1718, 1719, 1720 (land on Brandywine), 1721 (land on Brandywine), 1722 (land on Brandywine). 


Children of Rowland and Maud Powell


(1.) Gobitha Powell, “daughter of Rowland Powel and Maud his wife was born 19th day of 12th month, 1695/6,” (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 13) and died before June 1768 probably in Bern Township, Berks, Pennsylvania.  She married outside the Quakers to a Woolston, Wolston, or Wooleson (spelled various ways), probably Samuel. 


1719 April 15 – Haverford Meeting House:  Gobitha Powell is a witness to the marriage of George Wilcockson to Elizabeth Powell.    


1724 September 22 - Burlington, New Jersey: "Gobitha Wooleson" has her signature on administration papers for Rowland Powell, which is also signed by Samuel Wooleson, George Wilcockson, and Elizabeth Wilcockson.    

*** Chronology of Gobitha Power found at Swarthmore College

^^ Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Volume 1, 1670-1730, by William Nelson (1901) as found on Heritage Books Archives CD1171 


1745 (25th day, 2nd month) Exeter Monthly Meeting, Chester Co, Pa: Gobitha Woolaston produced a certificate from Haverford Monthly meeting which was read and received.


1745 (9th day, 4th month) Radnor Monthly Meeting: Gobitha Woolson has a certificate read and signed and given to her at Radnor Monthly Meeting.  


1745 *2nd day, 9th month) Radnor Monthly Meeting: Gobitha Woolson acknowledged that she had disregarded marrying within the Quakers.  (From Chronology of Gobitha Powell, filed at Swarthmore College)


Children of Samuel Wollson and Gobitha Powell are (a) Elizabeth Wollson (~1726), (b) Gobitha Wollson (~1728), (c) Samuel Wollson “II” (~1730), (d) Joseph Wollson (~1732) who married Rachel and has a Berks County, Pa Will dated 9 April 1773 and entered 21 June 1773,^ and Martha Woolison (~1735). ***

^ Abstracts of Wills Berks County, Pennsylvania, Volume 1, 1752-1798, by Alfred Smith 1898.


(2). Elizabeth Powell, “daughter of Rowland Powel and Maud, his wife, was born 14th day of 1st month, 1696/7.”  (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 14).    Elizabeth married George Wilcockson.  See next generation.


(3). Alltid Powell, “son of Rowland Powel and Maud his wife, was born 12th day of 3rd month, 1698/9.”  (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 14).  However page 18 indicates the birth 12th day of 1st month, 1698/9.   “Chronology of Maud Richard” suggests he “died before 1719.”  “His birth not recorded in Concord MM,” so could have died quite young.


(4). Gemima Powell, “daughter of Rowland Powel and Maud, his wife, was born 8th day of 7th month, 1700.”  (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 16,).   Her name is better spelled Jemima Powell.  Indirect clues suggest she married James Pugh (Jr.).


1726 September 22– Burlington County, New Jersey: Estate administration of Rowland Powell (deceased) late of Mansfield Township, began on 17 September 1726.   In a badly worn page with large holes is a consent to letters of administration on the estate, “this 22 day in the September? 1726.”    Names signing this letter are Gobitha Wollson, Samuel Woolson, Elizabeth “E” Willcockson, Ja_es (“M”) Pugh, George Willcockson, __”D” Powell (possibly crossed out), and __avn? Pugh

New Jersey State Archive copy, 1529-1536C  


1768/1769 – Uwchlan Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania: Will of James Pugh, Uwchlan, written 25 November 1768; entered 21 October 1769.   To son David Pugh 5 lbs, to daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Delrumple 5 pds, to daughter Margaret, wife of James McClay, 5 lbs, to daughter Anna, wife of David Jenkin 5 lbs, to daughter Jemina, wife of Patrick McCarty 20 shillings, to daughter Kezia Pugh 5 pounds.  All remainder of wife Jemima Pugh, also Executrix.  Witnesses: Joseph Phillip, Cadwallader Jones, Benjamin Davies.

Pennsylvania Wills 1682-1834, DCD 209, Colonial Roots, 2008, no original will book and page noted.  


(5). Rowland Powell, “II”, “son of Rowland and Maud Powel, was born 13th day of 7th month, 1703” (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 21).   In February 1720/21 Rowland Powell, Jr. was taken to criminal court at Haverford Township, Chester County, Pa. Rowland was charged that with force and arms, and that he did enter and steal three pecks of wheat from Henry Lewis and was found with the goods, worth two shillings.  On 17 February, 1720/21, the verdict stated “ignoramus,” or crime not found.


At no time did any Chester County and Radnor entry indicate information separating Rowland Powell and his son, who may have lived elsewhere.   A report exists that there is a probate or administrative record for “Rowland Powell” in Philadelphia County Records, dated 1759 and if so, must be his son.  This has not been seen. 

(File 71, Adm. Book G., Page 156: from 1682-1782 Index to Wills and Administrations Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; compiled and published by Richard T. and Mildred C. Williams of Danboro, Pennsylvania, 1971-1972 and revised and reprinted in 1987 by Mildred C. Williams and Janet R. Brittingham.)


(6). Mary Powell, “daughter of Rowland and Maud Powel, was born 8th day of 12 month, 1707/8.”   (from Radnor Monthly Meeting Births, page 27). 




            The 1719 wedding witnesses for daughter Elizabeth Powell to George Wilcockson lists a “Dorithy Powell” along with the rest of the Powell family.  Who is she?