Wadlow/Wadleys from Early Virginia

Virginia’s Wadlow and Wadleys: Tracing Early Lines

Puzzle pieces in early Virginia


(Possible) 1st Generation – Thomas Wadlow (1633 to ?) of Virginia

2nd Generation? - Thomas Wadlow (~>1670 - >1736) and unnamed wife

3rd Generation - Thomas Wadlow (~1710) + Martha __ and their Family


This Chapter Covers the Following Wadlow – Wadleys: 


(I). 1st Generation Immigrant is  possibly Thomas Wadlow (1633 to ?) of York River area, Virginia; immigrated to Virginia 1653.  Not ruled out are two others - a slightly later Thomas Wadley and William Wadley, both with one record each.


(II). 2nd Generation is possibly: Thomas Wadlow (ca1676 to >1736) + wife’s name unknown of New Kent County and Gillies Creek, Henrico County, Virginia.  Children are (I to III):

I. (probably) Thomas Wadlow/Wadley (~1705/10 to 1773)

II. (possibly) William Wadlow

III. Mary Wadlow (Baptized 19 December 1689 to __)   


(III). 3rd Generation: Thomas Wadlow/Wadley (~1705/10 to 1773)  + Martha __  (__ to 1777) of Goochland County, Virginia.  Their children (1 – 7):

1.  Mary Wadlow/Wadley + John Ferrar (__ to 1774)

2. Susanna Wadlow/Wadley + John Laprade

3. Judith Wadlow/Wadley + Peyton Smith, Jr. (~1746 to 1813)

4. Sarah Wadlow (~~1746 to >1766+) + Peter Walker

5. William Wadlow (~1745 to 1795) + Mary Womack (__ to ~1814).  See his separate chapter.

6. Elizabeth Wadlow

7. Eady Wadlow           


(IV). Other Early Wadlow/Wadleys in Virginia (before 1725)

1. John Wadlow/Wallop (~1610 to 1693) of Accomack County, Virginia

2. Nicholas Wadlow/Waddelow of 1647 & 1652 Northampton County, Virginia

3. Michael Wadloe of 1661 Westmoreland County, Virginia.

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(A). Comments on Wadlow and Wadleys in Virginia


Wadlow and Wadley surnames have been found in earliest Virginia.  In 1653, there is a York River immigrant by the name of Thomas Wadlowe who could be the grand ancestor for the Goochland and Pittsylvania County Wadlow/Wadleys.  Information on him is so thin that more needs to be found.  


The Wadlow surname interchanges with Wadley and finally becomes Wadley.  The transition seems complete by 1805.  The reason for the alternating surname is not understood.  In earlier times, pronunciation of "Wadlow" seems to be "Wood'low" or "Wood'lee."   Some records reflect this.


Virginia records show another ”William Wadey" in 1653 whose surname is actually spelled "Wadey" and not Wadley.    This spelling probably eliminates him as a Wadlow or Wadley.                


(I). First Generation Virginia Immigrant may or may not be: (1) Thomas Wadlow (Wadley) of York River Area, Virginia or (2) William Wadley


Thomas Wadlow/Wadley in Early Virginia

Possible 1st Generation Wadlow, probably born 1633 England


~1653: Thomas Wadlowe immigrated to some county on or near the York River, Virginia, possibly to serve as an indentured servant:


Mr. John Page, merchant, (was granted) 850 acres situated on the south side of the freshes of Yorke River adjacent land of Mr. Anthony Langstone...(date blank, but other surrounding records were 1653, range 1642 – 1654)... (for) transportation of 17 persons: Sam. Smith, Jno. Binias(?), Alice Page, Eliza Page, Mary Page, Thomas Twinn (or Winn), Thomas Wadlowe, Marius Garrett, Andrew Coster, George Beachill, Mary Middleton, Joane Vallin, Ann Hill, Anne Cooper, Eliza Parson.   The county was not identified.

("Cavaliers and Pioneers" by Nell Marion Nugent, 1934 as reported in Family Archives CD #174 by Genealogical Publishing County, Inc.)


            Comment: Later in 1672, this same John Page was granted l900 acres in New Kent County on the "freshes of York River."   "Freshes of the Yorke River" probably means fresh water outflows or streams which form the west end of York River.  Back in 1653, York County covered most of York River, except for the northeastern end by Gloucester County and southeastern end by York County.  In 1754, New Kent was established from York County and covered western York River lands, at least until 1691.  New Kent is a "burned county" for court house records and forces us to look elsewhere for clues.  On the other hand, York County has better records for more research.            


1661: Thomas Wadley, born 1633, lived in York County, Virginia as reported:


Thomas Wadley (born 1633, in Virginia 1661), York County, Virginia - Son and heir of Thomas Wadley, deceased, late citizen and merchant tailor of London, whose will was dated September 26, 1659.  Thomas Wadley the Younger sold in 1661 a tenement called "The Rowback" in the parish of St. Matthew, Friday Street, which had been left him by his father.  York County, Virginia Records. 

"Some Emigrants to Virginia," 2nd Edition, compiled by W. G. Stanard, 1979 as reported by Family Archives CD: "Virginia Colonial Records 1600's – 1700's" by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc, 1999 


            Comment: Odd that the spelling used here is clearly Wadley when one might expect some form of Wadlow.  The original York County records should be rechecked.    


1665 September 19 – Virginia: Index of Servants - Thomas Wadley to Mary Banister, 7 years Virginia. ^   Comment: Thomas Wadley is reported to be an indentured servant to Mary Banister/Bannister for 7 years.  This could be a different Thomas Wadlow/Wadley.  Additional records for Mary Banister might be useful.


William Wadley in Early Virginia

Possible 1st Generation Wadley in Virginia


1667 (14 September): Index of Servants - William Wadley to Isaac Knigut, 6 years Virginia. ^  


Comment: William Wadley is reported to be an indentured servant to Isaac Knigut for 6 years.  Problem with Knigut's surname is that it doesn't exist and is more likely to be a misspelled Isaac Knight.   About this time, there is an Isaac Knight in Northumberland County, Virginia, which is a county established 1648 from York County.

^ The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686, by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1988, pages 213 and 338.


(II). (Possibly) Second Generation - Thomas Wadlow (~1670 - >1736)

Of New Kent County, Virginia and Gillies Creek, Henrico County, Virginia

(1st Generation is assumed to be the immigrant, but evidence is lacking)


Thomas Wadlow

Birth date not known, but is estimated roughly ~1670 at an unknown location.  There is very little to base this birth date and this could change.

Married to __ __ who has not been identified yet.

            Died: Still living 1736 Henrico County, if the correct person.

Father could be Thomas Wadlow in 1653 York County or York River Area.  Information is too little to draw conclusions since there was a large inflow of new immigrants during these years.        

            Family records: None known.


            Murphy's Law warns – beware of three or four generations in a row with the same first name for an ancestor.  This almost never happens.    Future research could be full of surprises.


Records for Thomas Wadlow (~1670 - >1736) – 2nd Generation

 New Kent County, Virginia


1689 December 19 – New Kent County:  "Mary, daughter to Thomas Wadlow, Baptized 19 December 1689," at St. Peter's Parish.

St. Peter's Parish & Registry 1684-1786), page 403.  Parish boundaries were in New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia


1702: “Thomas Wadlaw” soldier, New Kent County, 4 July 1702.

“Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers," by Lloyd D. Bockstruck, 1988, page 218.


1704 – Virginia Quit Rent List: This list has no Wadlows by any recognizable spelling, but a photo copy of the original handwritten list needs to be reviewed.  Some reviewers do read difficult handwriting better than others.   Quit Rents were paid annually to the King by Virginia land owners and renters were rarely included.  These lists did not include northern neck Virginia counties which paid to the Culpeper and Fairfax families.  This 1704 list is the only known one to survive and was found in the British Public Record Office.  "Burned" counties such as New Kent, James City-County, Queen and King do show up.  For New Kent County Quit Rent list, the surname of Wadlow/Wadley does not show up.


            Oddly enough, the most suspicious name on the 1704 Quit Rent list is a "Thomas Wood, Jr., son of Thomas Wood," who is given 50 acres of Henrico County land in by his Godfather Thomas Cardwell in 1689.*   Wood shows up on the 1704 Henrico Quit Rent list with 50 acres** and later in 1710 he sold the land.    Thomas signed his grantor deed with a "T" and his land was on Gilly (Gillies) Creek! ***

* Henrico County, Virginia Colonial Deeds 1677-1705, by Benjamin B. Weisigner, III, 1995, page 26 

** Virginia Vital Records, 1600's-1900s, Family Archives, Genealogical Publishing County, Inc.

*** Henrico County, Virginia Colonial Deeds 1706-1737, by Benjamin B. Weisigner, III, 1995, page 26                      


1717 January 4 – Henrico County, Virginia: James Powell Cocke on Henrico County deeded to Charles Povall of same for ? pounds tobacco, a tract, part in Henrico and part in Charles City County on the Deep Run and the bridge road, 100 acres.  (Signed) James Powell Cocke.  (Witnesses) Thomas ("T") Wodley, John Soane.  Recorded 6 January 1717.

Henrico County, Virginia Colonial Deeds 1706-1737, by Benjamin B. Weisigner, III, 1995, page 71           


            Notice that Thomas Wodley signed his name “T.” 


1717 March 9 – Henrico County: Thomas Pleasants of Henrico County to Thomas Jefferson of same, for 5 pounds, 5 acres and ½ moiety of a grist mill on the 5 acres on branch of Gillys Creek.  Witnesses: Thomas Childrey, Thos. ("T") Woodlow  Signed: Thomas Pleasants.  Recorded 6 May 1717.

Henrico County, Virginia Colonial Deeds 1706-1737, by Benjamin B. Weisigner, III, 1995, page 65


            Comment: Gillies (Gillie, Gillys) Creek is the east end of today's City of Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia.   It begins near today's Highland Springs and flows westward to empty into James River at the Richmond National Battlefield Park.  It does have one prominent branch flowing into it from the north.  The eastern side of Gillies Creek is close to Hanover and New Kent Counties. 


            Thomas Wadlow of Gillies Creek is an excellent candidate to be the father of Thomas Wadlow who married Martha __.   Keep in mind that this latter Thomas Wadlow appears to have a brother-? named William Wadlow who shows up in Goochland County records and he is not understood. 


1736 September 17 – Henrico County: Nathaniel Bridgwater of County & Parish of Henrico, to Nicholas Davies of same, for 50 pounds, 80 acres on Gilleys Creek, given him by will of his brother William Bridgwater late of same, bounded by Wiltsher Marrin, Gillys Creek, Gray's Run, Alexander Mackince:  Witnesses: Samuel Jordan, Henry Hatcher, Thomas Wodlow.  (signed) Nathaniel ("NB") Bridgwater.  Recorded 1st Monday in October 1736.  Elizabeth, Wife of Nathaniel, relinquished her dower right.

Henrico County, Virginia Colonial Deeds 1706-1737, by Benjamin B. Weisigner, III, 1995, page 174.   


            Comment: Henrico County has more records that haven't been reviewed, such as court order books.   


Children of 2nd Generation Thomas Wadlow and __


(1). Mary Wadlow (19 December 1689 in New Kent County, Virginia)


(2). (probably) Thomas Wadlow (~1705/10 to >1736)  


(3). (possibly) William Wadlow of Goochland County (which generation for this William might be a question).  He is noted in Goochland County from 1739 to possibly 1760.  See details in 3rd generation Thomas Wadlow + Martha. 


(III) Third Generation Wadlow/Wadley

Thomas Wadlow (~1705/10  to 1773) and wife Martha __  (_ to 1777) of Goochland County, Virginia


Thomas Wadlow

Birth date not known, but estimated ~1705/10, location not determined.  There is very little to base this birth date, and could change.

Married:  Estimated 1735-37 to Martha __, maiden name reported to be Hatcher but may be only speculation.

Died: Funeral 25 February 1773 in Goochland County, Virginia*

Occupation: surveyor, constable, and plantation owner

Parents: Probably Thomas Wadlow of New Kent County, Virginia

Possible brother or relative: William Wadlow, as found in early Goochland records

Family records: None known.


Martha ___:

Born: not known

Died: 22 February 1777, Funeral of "Mrs. Wadley" at Joseph Leprades in Goochland County*.

Parents: not known.


* From "The (Rev. William) Douglas Register," minister to the St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County, Virginia from 12 October 1750 to 5 September 1777, edited by W. Mac Jones, 1928 with reprints undated.


Goochland County, Virginia


            Comment:  Don't miss William Wadlow's records beginning 1739!  Who is he and did he have a family?


1729/30 February 3 – Goochland County, Virginia: At a court held in Goochland County,  the case of (1) Alvis versus Woodson and (2) Pruit versus Maxey had the following witness:  Thomas Wadloe

"Goochland County Order Books 1 and 2, 1728-1731" by Dennis Ray Hudgins, 1997


1729 September 16 – Goochland County: Henry Wood is appointed Surveyor of the Road from Tuckahoe Creek Mill to the main river road, and it is ordered that the several male labouring tithables of Thomas Wadlou, etc...assist in clearing the same.

"Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744," by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett, 1979


1731 November 15 - Goochland County Deed:  John Woodson of Goochland County sold to Thomas Wadlow 200 acres on the north side of James River, bounded by land sold by John Woodson, deceased, to Robert Adams, broad branch of Tuckahoe Creek.  Recorded 16 November 1731.  Susanna, wife of John, relinquished her dower right.


            Comment:  The Broad Branch of Tuckahoe Creek is at the eastern end of today's Goochland County boundaries.   


Undated – Goochland County: "Thomas Wadlow is appointed Surveyor of the Road in the room of Joseph Watkins.

"Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744," by Nathaniel Mason  Pawlett, 1979 


1734 September 16 – Goochland County: John Woodson sold to Robert Adams 250 acres on branches of Tuckahoe and Dover Mill Creek, next to 200 acres sold to Thomas Wadlow.... 

"Goochland County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1728-1736," by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1983, Deed Book 2


1736  – Goochland County: On 15 February 1736 and 17 August 1736 court sessions, Thomas Wadlow was mentioned as a constable.  Thomas Wadloe was also on a grand jury this year.


1737 April 5 – Goochland County: Estate of Benoni Alsup, attachment of debt was signed by Thos. (“T” his mark) Wadlow.


1737 March 20 - Goochland County:  John Sorrell of St. James Parish, Goochland County deeded to Thomas Wadlow of same, for 800 pounds tobacco, 100 acres on the north side of James River on Broad Branch of Tuchahoe Creek next to the corner of Thomas Wadlow's purchase of John Woodson, next to Matthew Collins.  Wit: Geo. Payne, Henry Holman, James Holman.  Signed: John Sorrell.  Recorded 21 March 1737.  Mary, wife of Sorrell relinquished her dower right.

Goochland County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1736-1742, page 105.


1738 – Goochland County: Accounts of the estate of "Benjamin Woodson, Jr. deceased, noted debits to (including) "Thomas Wadlow." 

"Goochland County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1736-1742", page 160


1739 May 10 - Goochland County: Samuel Nucholls of Hanover County deeded to Richard Fain of Caroline County of 400 acres of land on the south side of the James River on Muddy Creek is witnessed by William (x) Wadloe. (page 204, ibid)


            Comment:  Land appears to be on today's northeast corner of Cumberland County (established 1748 from Goochland) on the Powhatan County line.


1741 August 1 – Goochland County: Inventory of James Fergeson, deceased, was performed by (included) Thomas (x) Wadlow and recorded 15 September 1741 (page 459 ibid)


1744 June 21 – Goochland County: Inventory of Benjamin Johnson 21 June 1744. Signed: (included) Thomas (signed “T”) Wadlow.


1746 September 25 – Goochland County: Matthew Collings sold land to Thomas Wodlow (no details).   Also the inventory of Robert Burton was signed by Thos. Wadloe.  (Deeds, Volume 4, Page 233)


1746 -  Goochland County Tithes: Taken by James Holman 1746 included 4 tithes – Thomas Wadloe, John Robinson, (slaves) Tobey and York.  1 Tithe – William Wadloe.  The two Wadloes are next to each other on this list which was NOT grouped alphabetically – i.e. A's, B's, C's. etc. 

From negative print photographs of the original records at the Library of Virginia


1747 - Goochland County Tithables:  Thomas Wadley – 3, includes 2 blacks; William Wadley – 1.

Virginia Genealogist, 1962, Volume 6, beginning Page 27


1748 July 9 – Goochland County: Inventory of John Hix.  Signed” (includes) Thos. Wodlow.  (Above information is from unidentified source book.)


1748 -  Goochland County:  Tithes taken in Northam Parish by Willm. Miller:  6 Tithes (for one property) – Robert Hughs, James Hughs, William Wadlow

"Goochland County, Virginia Tithe Lists 1748-1749," by Jean Lurvey 1979)


1749 – Goochland County: Tithes taken by William Miller 1749:  3 – Thomas Wadlow; 1 – Willm. Wadlow.


            There are no surviving tax records for 1750 and 1751.  However the following was found:


1751 to 1755 - Albemarle County, Virginia: William Cabell (1730-1798) had an execution book bearing receipts between 1751-1755.  Recorded on page one is a deed of William Wadlow to William Cabell for a horse and witnessed by Lee Harris.  During this period of time, Cabell was a deputy sheriff in Albemarle County, Virginia, but actual location of sale not listed

Page 1 of execution book, as recorded from the website: http://www.lexisnexis.com/academic/guides/southern_hist/plantations/plantm4.asp)


1754 - Goochland County (continued):  4 Tithes – Thomas Wadlow, Toby, York, Juner


1757 – Goochland County:  4 Tithes -  Mr. Thomas Woodlowe, Toby, York, Juner; 7 tithes for Richard Fleming his list – Willm Waddlo_ overseer, Ben, Will, Jamney, Moll, Nancy, Jude.


1760 – Goochland County: 1 Tithe – William Wodlow.  Seven entries away is 4 Tithes for Thomas Wodlow, Tobe, York, Patt.


1760 June 17: Marriage of John Laprade to Susanna Wadlow, sc. William Miller.  Letter of Thomas Wadlow, father of Susanna.  From a website for LaPrade that no longer exists, from John Podowski 3/2002)


1761 – Goochland County: 1 Tithe Wm. Wadlow, 4 Tithes Thomas Wadlow.


1763 – Goochland County: 1 Tithe Wm. _odlw; 4 Tithes Thomas Wadlow with the notation of 320 (acres).  


1763 March 17: Marriage of Peyton Smith, Jr., of Henrico County, to Judith Wadlow, daughter of Thomas Wadlow, sec. John Farrar and Robert Couthorn.  Register of St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County shows names Peyton Smith and Judith Wadley, both of this Parish.   Judith’s husband, Peyton Smith (1745-1806), was a Virginia Patriot Soldier in the American Revolution.  Peyton is buried in Rural Graveyard at Baldwin, Georgia.


1764 – Goochland County:  Thos. Wadlow's Tithe list: Tobe York, Judith; William Wadlow's list – 1.


1765 – Goochland County: Thos. Wadlow's Tithe list:  York, Tobe in all 3, acres of land 320; List next to him is William Wadlow, his list, Jude in all – 2 tithes. 


1766 November 6 – Goochland County: Marriage of Peter Walker and Sarah Wadley, both in the Parish.  Register of St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County.


1767 – Goochland County:  Tho Wadlow – Toby, York – 3 tithes, land 320.


1767 April 9 – Goochland County: Marriage of William Wadlow to Mary Womack.  Letter of Rev. Wm Douglas certifying to marriageable ages of contracting parties.  Witn. By Meredith Price and John Lapliade.


1768 – Goochland County: Thomas Wadlow, Tobey, York, 3 tithes, 320.


1769 – Goochland County: William Wadloy (?), Bob, Phil, Jack, Nancy, Tobey, Ben, Will, Lucy, Sarah – 10 tithes.


1772 April 9 – Goochland County: Will of Thomas Wadlow: “Thomas Wadlow of Goochland County being in perfect health and sound memory, thanks to God for the same do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following Viz:  First I give to my living wife Martha Wadlow the feather bed and furniture she now lies on, and one large leather trunk to her and her heirs forever.  I also send to my said wife Martha, one third part of all my estate during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst my five daughters, namely, Elizabeth, Eady, Sarah, Judeth, and Susanna and their legal representatives.  I give to my son William Wadlow fifty shillings and money to him and his heirs forever.  My will is that all the rest of my Estate not before (missing page corner) representatives except I should sell my land in my life time.  Also my will and desire is that all that part falling to my daughter Sarah by the above division of my estate be held in the custody of my Executors.  And be part to interest the sole use and benefit of her my said daughter and to be at her disposal and never to be the right of her husband Peter Walker.  I appoint Payton Smith, and John Laprad my executors of this my last will and testament...my hand and seal this 9th day of April 1772.  Signed ‘Thomas (his ‘T’ mark) Wodlow,” seal.”  Witnesses:  William Miller, Margart Miller, Henry Miller.  (DB 10 1769-1775, pages 319-320 and 366-367)


1773 March 15: At a Court held for Goochland County, this writing was proved by the oaths of the Witnesses heretofore be the last will and Testament of Thomas Wadlow, dec’d.  Thereupon admitted to record.  Teste.  Val. Wood__.


1773 July 19: At a court held for Goochland County, this account of the sale of the Estate was presented in Court by the Executor, and on his motion admitted to Record.  Val:Wood__.  (An extensive list of inventory proceeds this including 13 pigs and hogs, 4 cattle, 2 horses, 14 geese, 3 blacks named Buck, Hannah, and Jenny.


1773 – Goochland County: Martha Wadlow – Plaintiff (with Hicks, Hix, Laprades surnames) versus Executor of Thomas Wadlow (with Smith, Turpin, Wadlow surnames).  Index only - No details requested. 

Chancery Records Index, Library of Virginia, local reel number 1773-005.


1782 – Goochland County:  Henry Harris, (with Smith Turpin, Wadlow surnames) – Plaintiff versus Martha Wadlow, etc.  Index only - No details.   Chancery Records Index, Library of Virginia local reel number 1782-005.


1774 May, 1778 - 1780, 1782 - 1783 and 1785Mary Farrar, wife of John Farrar, contested the will of her father, Thomas Wadlow, who left her out of his will.  Her husband’s first letter of complaint causes confusion when the name of Mary’s father was incorrectly identified as John Woodlow.  Mary’s husband, John Farrar, claimed Thomas Wadlow promised him part of his estate if he would marry his daughter Mary.  At first, this complaint to the Chancery Court was ignored by Martha, widow of Thomas Wadlow, children (named Elizabeth, Edey, Sarah, Judith, Susanna and William) and Wadlow’s executor (John Leprade), and the court ordered the Sheriff to bring them to court.  At another point in time, a mistrial was declared, possibly over the accusation that the claimant’s witness, John Ferguson, was drunk from cider at the time of the alleged conversion.  The Estate of Thomas Wadlow was described having a plantation of 320 acres.  On 26 August 1785, the Court was of the opinion that Mary Farrar, widow of John Farrar (alive in 1783 court action), was entitled to part of the estate of her father, Thomas Wadlow. 

Chancery Records of Farrar versus Executors of “John” Wadlow, etc; Library of Virginia local reel number 1785-013


Children of Thomas and Martha Wadlow


            Children are noted with numbers (1), (2), (3), etc

            Grandchildren are noted with (i), (ii), (iii) etc.

            Great grandchildren with (a), (b), (c), etc

            Great-great grandchildren with (aa), (bb), (cc), etc



            (1). Mary Wadlow (birth date ?) married John Farrar (Fferrar) on 30 November 1755, not by Rev. William Douglas, but recorded by him.*   Location was not stated.   John Farrar died about 1774, as noted in the contested estate records of Thomas Wadlow. 


            Children of Mary Wadlow and John Ferrar named below are only those recorded in the register. 


(i) “John fferrar” & “Mary Wadlaw," a daughter named Jenye, born 30 November 1755, Baptized 30 August 1756.*


(ii) “John fferrar” & “Mary Wadlow," a daughter named Malley (Molley?), born 13 July 1758.  Baptized 15 January 1759.* 


            (2). Susanna Wadlow/Wadley (birth date ?) married on 17 June 1760 in Goochland County, Virginia to John Laprade by Rev. William Douglas* (recorded as Wadley)


            Births in The Douglas Register notes


(a-1) (parents) John Leprade and Temperance Fferrar, a daughter named Joanna was born 12 January 1749.  Joanna Leprade was Baptized February 12 1758.

(b-1) John Leprade and Anna William, a daughter named Mary, was born 10 February 1753, and Baptized 12 February 1758 (same date).  Names beginning with F seem to be written as ff or Ff. 


Children of Susannah Wadley and John Leprade as recorded in the Douglas Register:*


(i). John Leprade and Susannah Wadley, a daughter named Martha, born 9 May 1761.  Baptized 12 July 1761.*


(ii). John Leprade and Susannah "Wadlow," a daughter named Judith, born 5 July 1763.  Baptized 1763.*


(iii).  John Laprade and Susannah "Waddley," a son named John, born 16 March 1766.  Baptized 23 July 1766.*


(iv). John Laprade and Susannah Wadley, a daughter named Susannah, born 14 May 1768.  Baptized 28 August 1768.* 


(v). John Leprade and Susannah Wadley, a daughter named Betty, born 23 June 1770.  Baptized 22 September 1770.*


(vi). John Leprade and Susan "Wadely," a daughter named Jeany, born 16 March 1773.  Baptized 4 April 1773.*


            (3). Judith Wadlow/Wadley (birth date ?), in this parish, "Judith Wadley" married on 17 March 1763 in Goochland County to "Payton Smith," by Rev. William Douglas* (recorded as Wadley).  Peyton Smith, Jr. was reported born  ~1740 and died 1813 Baldwin County, Georgia.**


            Children of Judith Wadley and Peyton Smith, as recorded in the Douglas Register:*


(i) Peyton Smith and Judith Wadly, a son named Peyton-Thomas, born 11 April 1767.  Baptized 5 July 1767.*  


(ii) Payton Smith and Judith Wadley, a daughter named Sally, born 20 December 1776,  Baptized 6 April 1777.*


            Other chilldren named in the Smith Family Genealogy** at www.georgiakellys.com/smith.htm. (iii) Patsy Smith (? to 1815) married James Thomas, Jr., (iv) Robert S. Smith (26 April 1787 – 29 September 1859 - Oglethorpe County, Ga), (v) Charles Smith (? to 1830) in Morgan County, Ga., (vi) Susannah Smith (1773 to 26 June 1861) married Ezekiel E. Park


            (4). Sarah Wadlow (~1746 - >1766 Goochland County) married on 6 November 1766 in Goochland County to Peter Walker (~1730 - >1766 Goochland County^) by Rev. William Douglas* (recorded as Wadley)


Sarah Wadley and Peter Walker, both in this parish, (married) 6 November 1766.  Peter had previously married 1st on 23 December 1756 to Elizabeth Harris.   Peter Walker had a sister Judith Walker (? to <1826 Hardin County, Kentucky^) who married Robert Poor.^


            Comment:  a Peter Walker is also noted as a father in the birth register with most confusing dates.  Note that Sarah Wadley married 6 November 1766 and Jesse Harris Walker was Baptized twice with the last date 14 October 1766.  Is he the same Peter Walker?   No children by Sarah Wadley are noted in The Douglas Register.* 


            (i) Peter Walker & Elizabeth Harris, a son name Shadrach, born 1 July 1759.  Baptized 29 September 1759, (ii) Peter Walker & Elizabeth Harris, a daughter named Milley, born 7 April 1761.  Baptized 6 June 1761, (iii) Peter Walker & Elizabeth Harris, a daughter named Elizabeth, born 3 March 1764.  Baptized 29 April 1764, (iv) Peter Walker & Elizabeth Harris, a son named Jesse-Harris, born 8 February 1766.  Baptized 20 April 1766 and then the following entry: Peter Walker & Elizabeth Harris, a son named Jesse Harris born 7 March 1766.  Baptized 14 October 1766.*

^ email courtesy of Rebecca Hoover, 15 April 2009


            (5). William Wadlow (birth date ?) married on 9 April 1767 Goochland County to Mary Womack by Rev William Douglas*  (recorded as Wadley)


            See Chapter on William Wadlow/Wadley.


            (6). Elizabeth Wadlow (birth date ?) – nothing further known.


            (7). Eady Wadlow  (birth date ?) – nothing further known.


            * Above source is from The Douglas Register, edited by W. Mac Jones, 1928, "Being a detailed record of Births, Marriages and Deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, from 1750 to 1797.  Rev. William Douglas was minister for the St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County, Virginia from 12 October 1750 to 5 September 1777.  Douglas reported that St. James Northam Parish had no (surviving) parish register before the time that he took charge.  


(IV). Other Early Wadlow/Wadleys in Virginia before 1700


Accomack County, Virginia


            Comment:  The Accomack County John Wadlow/Wallop was born ~1610 and died ~1693.  He appears to have only one child Sarah.  Richard Wadlow was born ~1620 and little is known about him.   


1633/34 February 19 – Accomack County Court: John Wadlow complains demanding 10 pounds 5 shillings sterling due from Stephan Charleton for wages in the "Pinnice the Virginie."  Arthur Eliott the same for 12 pounds.  Charleton ordered to pay. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume One, page 7)


1634/35 April – Accomack County Court: Richard Wadlow upon the oath, 24 yeares...Jame Davis and John Ford sayeth that John Ford sold unto James Davis one iron pot for 40 pounds of tobacco to be paid at this cropp.... (ibid page 8)


1634 Month? 17th day – Accomack County Court: John Wadlow of Acchawmack, marriner aged 24 yeeres or ther abouts swears that on 6 of March last, Phillip Taylor and Capt Scarborough had a conference concerning a wild bull at John Major's house....  (ibid page 8)


1635 April 13 – Accomack County Court: Concerning the tryall of the truth of this specialty, Mr. William Stonne and John Wadlow testified upon their conscience that this is Mr. William Morton's hand.... (ibid, page 18)


1666 April 5 – Accomack County: John Wallop alias Wadlow, 1700 acres Accomack County near Occomomson at the seaboard side, 5 April 1666, page 495...  Lying between his line and Gingoteage River, bounded on E by the seaboard, Southward along same to a cedar, on N side of Samuel Taylor.  !00 acres granted unto him 12 June 1664 and 700 acres for transport of 14 persons.  (Cavaliers and Pioneers, page 553)


1666 June 5 – Accomack County: Jno. Wallop alias Wadlow (granted) 800 acres in Accomack County at Pocomook, 5 June 1666, page 499 (611).  Westward by the head of Mr. Pitts 3000 acres, northward by Kings Creek and a Beverdam Branch of freshwater running into said creek, southward by a right line for land of Mr. Robert Pitts and so on.  Granted 10 June 1664, 400 acres and 400 acres for transporting of 8 persons: Margtt Jones, Wm Seward, Andrew Jones, Andrew Seuis(?), Wm Harris, Edward Williams, Peter Stone, Walter Granger.  (Cavaliers and Pioneers, page 554)                   


1693 September 19 – Accomack County: Will of John Wallop, alias Wadlow.  In the name of God amen, I, John Wallop alias Wadlow of Accomack County in Virginia being well in health and of a sound and perfect mind and memory ...make this my last will and testament...bequeath to son Skinner Wallop alias Wadlow...(and) daughter Sarah Wallop alias Wadlow (various property including) smith’s shop, weaver shop, sixty foot tobacco house, tobacco pipe molds, 2000 or 2500 acres of land of Recotanik Island situated on the seaboard side in Accomack County, guns, swords, copper still, surveying instruments, carpenter tools, slaves named Black Sara, Hagers, and Nanna, more than 30 horses and 30 cattle.  Proved 19 September 1693.  (Accomack County, reel 5 pages 118 18a, 19 19a, 20 - extracted information from original which has top and bottoms of pages cut off or unreadable.


            The “Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer” shows Wallop Island in Accomack County.  This is now a NASA Center and Wallop’s Island National Wildlife refuge. 


Northampton County, Virginia


1647 July 13 - Northampton County, Virginia: Stephen Harsey (Hasley), Nicholas Waddelow, 400 acres Northampton County, called by the name of Dawes Neck, July 13, 1647, page 109, at Naswattock Creek transport of eight persons: Nehemiah Coventon, Edward Southere, Alice Stewardson, Toby Northon, Margaret __, Nicholas Wadlow, Ann Jackson.

(from "Cavaliers and Pioneers" by Nell Marion Nugent, 1934 per Family Archives CD: "Virginia Colonial Records 1600s – 1700s" by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1999)


1652 October 12 – Northampton County: Walter Taylour, 400 acres Northampton County, being an island known as Gabriell's Island lying over against Annacock and environel on all sides with the bayes of Chespeake, page 175 (544).  Nicholas Wadilow, 12 October 1652, by him assigned to Rolt King, Jno Walter, Gilbert Henderson, Robt Beaker, and after several other assignments sold to said Wa. Taylour 26 March 1662. 

(From "Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 3, as mentioned above.)


            Nicholas Waddelow or Waddilow transported to the colonies more individuals which the Colonial government granted him further lands.   


Westmoreland County, Virginia


1661 September 20 – Westmoreland County, Virginia: Will Drummond, Gent. 4750 acres in Westmoreland County, 20 September 1661, page 326 (446) for transporting 95 persons, (including) Michaell Wadloe. 

(From Cavaliers and Pioneers as mentioned above.)