Lewis Westermoreland Jones

           CHAPTER 7E

Lewis Westmoreland Jones

Francis “Fannie” Bobbitt





·        TAX RECORDS



Lewis Westmoreland Jones, Senior

   Born:  14 April 1784  (1880 U.S. Census for son Mathew W. Jones states his father was

               born in Virginia.

   Married:  Francis “Fannie” Bobbitt on 13 April 1809 at Christian County, Kentucky

               (county record)  License issued 11 April 1809.

   Died:  28 September 1839

   Parents:  Samuel Jones, 3 September 1756 Virginia to ~1853 and Nancy Wilmuth 

                Lewis (~1760-1852) 


Francis “Fannie” Bobbitt

   Born:  6 November 1787 at Guilford County, North Carolina, per one record.  However

             1880 U.S. Census of son Mathew W. Jones states his mother was born in South

             Carolina.  The Bobbitts did live in South Carolina prior to moving to Kentucky –

             see Bobbitt Website, listed below.

   Died:  24 April 1826 and L.W. Jones states he was age 15 (~1832) when she died, but

            1830 census fails to list her.

   Father:  Isham Bobbitt, 3 May 1754 at Guilford County, N.C. to 6 March 1836 at

            Morgan County, Illinois.  Mother is Elizabeth James (1756 Halifax County, North

            Carolina to 6 May 1847 Morgan County, Illinois).  A very fine website exists on

            the Bobbitts at http://thegenealogists.com/   Isham was a sergeant in the American

            Revolution and enlisted four times.  I think his efforts would make him a folk

            hero to his descendents.

                     2nd Edition: Morphew-Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, 9 December 2002




The linkage of Samuel Jones, Sr., and his son, Lewis Jones, to our family line came in the year 2000 with the help of Jerald Hemphill.   Our Murphy family records were vague on the earliest Jones’ and stated:  “Louis or Lewis Jones married Elizabeth and had four sons and three daughters, some or all being born in Kentucky, possibly near Hopkinsville. Children: (1) Matthew (James) Wilson was born 17 January 1813, (2) Elizabeth married Mr. Pyle, (3) Francis married a Pyle, brother to the above, (4) another daughter married a Guthird (5-7) three more sons.    


Our own family birth date for Matthew Jones matched Jerald Hemphill’s birth date exactly and provided excellent proof.   There are four daughters, not three.  As far as the Pyle-Jones marriages, county marriage records list a Delila Jones married on 11 August 1829 to Johnson “Pille” at Morgan County, Illinois.   This makes sense in that her father Lewis W. Jones died there in 1839.  There is a record that a Francis W. Jones married Alford “Piles” on 21 May 1840 at Scott County, Illinois.  Lewis W. Jones’ land grant was in today’s Scott County, established 1839 from Morgan County.  Both Jones parents were dead by this date, so that someone else was taking care of the youngest children


            Further proof is provided in the “History of Texas: Together with a Biographical History of Tarrant and Parker Counties, 1895 (pages 250-252),” (kindly pointed out by Dana Luttrull in his web posting).  “Lewis W. Jones was born in Virginia, son of Samuel Jones, also a native of that State, and a veteran and pensioner at the Revolutionary War. “   Children of Lewis W. Jones were recorded in the write-up as (1) “Elizabeth, wife of M.O. Woolsey of Kentucky,” (2) “Della, wife of J. Pyle, died in Illinois,” (3) “Mathew W., a resident of Kansas,” (4) “Samuel B., resident of State of Washington,” (5) “Francis W., wife of R. Pyle, died in Missouri,” (6) “Nancy C., wife of John Guthrie, of Kentucky.”




The 1810 and 1820 U.S. Census of Christian County, Kentucky, shows Lewis Jones.  County tax records for him begin in 1806 and continue through 1822 (later tax records not available at time of visit 8/2002.   Deeds for Lewis Jones were difficult to find, likely due to incomplete deed indexes.  Adjacent Trigg County (established 1820) had nothing for Lewis Jones, although the 1820 U.S. Census listed a Lewis Jones and family (see census records under Sam Jones chapter).  The 1820 Christian County Census better fits our Lewis Jones and its 1822 tax record continues to list him with 200 acres.  The following land grant and sale is puzzling with its information and may not refer to our Jones.  



Lewis Jones had the following Kentucky Land Grant:


28 June 1808, Christian County 400 acres, Little River, (Book 14, from Kentucky Land Grants, Vol. 1, Part, Chapter IV Grants South of Green River (1797-1866), The counties of Kentucky.)


20 August 1828, Christian County; Lewis Jones of same county to Alexander Simpson for $85, 155 acres by survey, part of 400 acres patented to said Lewis Jones on Trace? Creek, waters of Little River.  Signed: Lewis W. Jones, Dorcas? or Doceas? (“x”) Jones. 



In general, county tax records indicate Lewis Jones had 200 acres on Sinking Fork of Little River.  The exact location is not known, but is thought to be west or northwest of Hopkinsville.


13 January 1813 Christian County Survey Book:  “taken up by Lewis Jones living on the Sinking Fork, a red and white cow and calf about six years old marked with a crop and swallow fork in the right and under rib in a left; appraised to $9.  Also a red and white two year old steer, a swallow fork in each ear and an under bit in the left ear.  Appraised to $5 by Bennett Jones.  A copy per Ben D. Campbell, J.P.”


20 December 1817 Christian County Survey Book:  “Taken up by Lewis W. Jones, living on the waters of Sinking Fork of Little River, one Dark Bay filly two years old last spring, about 14 hands, 1 inch high, has been docked, some white in her forehead, no brand, peaceable.  Appraised for $30 by Joseph McKinney and Thomas Jones, before me, 20 December 1817.”




From Jerald Hemphill:  “In answer to your question, many Jones’ and Bobbit’s went to Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois (and surrounding area).”  After Lewis W. Jones’ wife died in 1826, Kentucky, he moved to Morgan County, Illinois.  His daughter Delila married in Morgan County in 1829 and this suggests the Lewis W. Jones I family moved to Illinois before 1829.   In 1839 Lewis Jones died.



Illinois Public Land Purchase Record

Lewis W. Jones, E2NE, Section 14, Township 15N, Range 12W, Meridian 3, 18 March 1831.  Location of this land is today’s Scott County, Illinois, and has its north boundary lying on the Morgan County line.  This land is 1 miles south and 1/3 mile east of the village of Chapin, Morgan County, Illinois.  Lewis Jones may have had more property and a research visit is needed for more details. 





1.  Elizabeth Jones, born 13 February 1810 and died 21 December 1875 at Christian County, Kentucky.  Elizabeth married Moses O. Woosley. 


2.  Delila Jones, born 1 April 1811 and died 1841 at Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois.  Another listing states she died in Adams County, Illinois.  She married on 11 August 1829 in Morgan County, Illinois to Johnson Pille (Pile, Pyle).  “John Pille’ and family is on the 1830 U.S. Census of Morgan County, Illinois near to Thomas Jones and Stephan Bobbitt.  Pile was born 9 December 1809 in Fentress County, Tennessee.  They had 7 children.  


3.  Mathew Wilson Jones, born 17 January 1813 Christian County, Kentucky and died 16 March 1891 at La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.  See next generation.  


4.  Henry Coxten Jones, born 8 December 1814 and died 5 January 1883 at Weatherford, Parker County, Texas.  Henry married Elizabeth Simpson (8 December 1816 to 15 November 1897).   Henry C. Jones + Elizabeth are one the 1850 U.S. Census of Christian County, Kentucky.  Henry Coxten Jones left Kentucky in December 1861 to travel to north Texas where Jerald Hemphill’s family line lived.   Children:  (1) John Westmoreland Jones (2 June 1840 – 22 August 1910); (2) William Franklin Jones (2 June 1840 – 22 August 1910); (3) Francis Elizabeth Jones (1 December 1843 – 25 September 1927); (4) Mary Adeline Jones (11 June 1846 – 14 February 1937); (5) Thomas Wilson Jones (5 March 1848 - ~1938); (6) Matilda Ann Jones (9 February 1851 – 5 February 1925); (7) Susan Jane Jones (17 September 1853 – 18 March 1939), (8) Louise Virginia Jones (8 December 1855 – 6 March 1946),  (9) Margaret Delia Jones (28 June 1860 – 20 May 1913).


5.  Lewis Westmoreland Jones II, born 1 June 1817 Christian County, Kentucky and died 26 November 1895 in Tarrant County, Texas.  Lewis married 1st on 27 April 1837 to Elizabeth McCord Lingle.  Elizabeth died 1859.  He married 2nd to Sally M. Hawkins Chaney.  Lewis (L.W.) was a surveyor, Notary Public, and Justice of the Peace and had children by both marriages.


            According to the “History of Texas...Tarrant and Parker Counties, 1895:  “L.W. Jones was born in Christian County, Kentucky, June 1, 1817, and at the age of 12 years moved with his parents to Morgan County, Illinois.  His early life was passed on the farm and his education was obtained in private schools.  When he was 15, the death of his mother broke up the home, and after that he worked out as a farmhand, continuing thus employed until 1837.  That year he married and settled down on rented land.  He also engaged in brick-making and brick-laying, which he continued in connection with his farming operations until 1852, the time of his removal to Texas.  Upon his arrival in Texas he took a homestead claim of 284 acres in Tarrant County where he still lives.  This land was at that time all wild prairie, and there was only one family west of his place....  Three years later Parker County was organized....  In November 1853, Mr. Jones built a cabin on his claim and moved to it, making it his home until 1856.  At that time he rented his farm and moved to the village of Birdville, where he and a partner opened a shop for cabinet work repairing, etc.   ...In 1856 he was elected Justice of the Peace for his precinct, which exempted him from service in the War.  ...Continued as Justice for 39 years up to 1890; for four years after the war, he was also Notary Public and Coroner, and he still acts as Notary Public.”      


Lewis W. Jones II lived in the following locations:

·        Christian County, Kentucky until 1852

·        Morgan County, Illinois, ~1829 to ?

·        Tarrant County, Texas, 1852 to 1895.


6.  Samuel Bennett Jones, born 27 August 1821 at Christian County Kentucky and died 10 December 1906 at Skagit, Washington.  Samuel Bennett Jones married (1) Elizabeth Potter and (2) Martha Williams.   Samuel B. Jones + Martha Jane (or June) are recorded the 1850 U.S. Census of Scott County, Illinois and was a wagonmaker.


7.  Francis W. Jones, born 3 September 1822 and died in Missouri.  There is a Francis W. Jones who married Alford Piles on 21 May 1840 at Scott County, Illinois.   Lewis W. Jones II recorded the Pyle name to be R. Pyle.


8.  Nancy C. Jones, born 19 November 1824 and died 31 December 1906 at Sinking Fork, Christian County, Kentucky and is buried at the Jeff Stewart Cemetery in Trigg County, Kentucky.  Nancy married on 6 February 1849 in Trigg County, Kentucky to John James Guthrie (born 27 December 1821).




1830 U.S. Census for Morgan County, Illinois. 


       Jones, Lewis, 1 female 0-<5, 1 female 5-<10, 2 males 10-<15, 2 males 15-<20, 1 female 20-<30, 1 male 40-<50.  


1850 U.S. Census of Exeter, Scott County, Illinois, image 9, page 25


            Samuel B. Jones 30, wagonmaker, born Kentucky; Martha Jane (or June) Jones 29, Iowa; Ephraim S. Jones 5, Illinois; William H. Jones 2, born Iowa.


1850 U.S. Census of Christian County, Kentucky, page 467


            Henry C. Jones 35. Kentucky, farmer; Elizabeth Jones 34, Kentucky, __ Jones 19, farmer, Kentucky (who is this?); William F. Jones 8, Ky; Elizabeth Jones 6, Ky; Mary Jones 4 Ky; Thomas Jones 2, Ky.