Children of Nathaniel Tatum "II" ~1635 to 1719

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Nathaniel Tatum “II” – Children and Grandchildren with Locations

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Nathaniel Tatum "II"

Birth estimated ~1635?  Two clues might suggest this – see story-line.

Died before 4 November 1719

Married likely to Marie Robertson

Parents: Nathaniel Tatum – the Immigrant (1599 to 1674/75) + Ann __


(probably) Marie Robertson

Birth date not known

Death before ~1714

Records: Never directly mentioned with Nathaniel Tatum “II”

Parents: Christopher and Marie Robertson


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Overview on Nathaniel Tatum "II"


           Pritchett states Nathaniel Tatum II was likely born before 1635.*  "Marie Robertson, the only daughter of Christopher and Marie Robertson, married likely Nathaniel Tatum II who witnessed the receipt Christopher Robertson gave his mother in 1681.  Their sons were named Edward, Peter, Henry, and Christopher Tatum."*   Virginia Davis reported Nathaniel Tatum “II” may not have patented or purchased land until 1715, when he acquired 321 acres.**  but little is known when the Tatums sold off the last of their Appromattox River lands.   Research problems involve spotty and incomplete Charles City County records.

* Southside Virginia Genealogies, by John W. Pritchett, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. on CD, page 1592/3.  

** Tidewater Virginia Families, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, 1989


What is known about Marie Robinson, wife of Nathaniel Tatum "II"

Deed of Gift to Marie Robinson from her Mother - Marie Robinson


            Nathaniel Tatum's wife is possibly Marie Robinson whose only record is found in her mother's undated deed of gift.  This deed of gift is thought to be written in the 1660’s before Marie married Nathaniel Tatum.


~166? – Henrico County, Virginia: Deed of Gift of Marie Robinson : To E (Edward) Robinson, first fille of my mare.  To E. Robinson, Marie Robinson, and Christopher Robinson, certain cows.  To Christopher Robinson, feather bed, etc.  To Marie Robinson, same.  To Henry Robinson, cow called Primrose and heifer calf.  To E. Robinson, iron pott, silver dram cup, chest.  To Henry Robinson, iron pott, pewter dish.  To Marie Robinson, pewter dish and items.  To the four children, each of them a chest.  The land to be divided into four parts; three parts to my three sons, and the 4th part to myself.  To each of my 4 children a brooding sow.  This to be recorded in records of Henrico County. (Undated, un-witnessed, unsigned)

Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia. Part two – 1737-1781 by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. 


Thanks go to Ed Tatum for sharing the Marie Robinson deed of gift and Henrico County items below, email courtesy 8 December 2009)


Entries for Nathaniel Tatum "II"


1656 October 27 - Charles City County Court held at Westover:  Two hundred pounds of tobacco payment for 1 wolf – "Nath: Tatham Junr."^   Next two entries for one wolf were Walter Brookes and Francis Epes who were neighbors of Nathaniel Tatum "I."

^ Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III. Beverly Fleet, 1988, page 173.       


1665 April - Charles City County:  Court order that Nathaniell Tatem and Jervis Dix be paid as witnesses for Richard Nance.  It is not clear if this is Nathaniel Tatem “I” or “II.”

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III – Charles City County Court Orders and Fragments 1664-1696, by Beverly Fleet, 1988, page 320. 


~1677 - Henrico County: Nathaniel Tatum, Jr. witnessed a deed of Henry and Edward Robinson, sons of Christopher Robinson, Sr.

(Henrico Wills and Deeds, 1677-1692, p. 179. Thanks go to Ed Tatum for sharing this and the next two items, emails courtesy 8 and 10 December 2009)


This land is found across the Appomattox River in old Henrico County, Virginia.  This would be close to the northeastern end of today's Colonial Heights, Chesterfield County, Virginia.


1677 October 19 - Henrico County: Christopher Robinson, son and heir of Christopher Robinson of Bristol Parish, deceased, sold to Richard Kennon of Bermuda Hundred, a tract of land called the "Neck" bounded by the land formerly sold to said Kennon, the lands of Nicholas Dixon, Joseph Worsham and on Appomattox and Swift Creek.  Attest: William Sloane, Nathaniel Tatum, Jr., Henry Robinson.

(Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia 1677 – 1737, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1976, page 8.)


1681 June 4 - Henrico County: “I, Christopher Robinson, have received my full share or legacy which was left to me by my father Christopher Robinson, deceased, from my mother Mrs. Francis Burrell 4 June 1681.”  Witness: William Geare, Matthew Tatum, Jr. (error/confirmed, should be Nathaniel Tatum, Jr.).  Recorded 1 October 1681.

(Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia 1677 – 1737, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1976, page 179)


1701/2 - Charles City County:  Militia List of Joseph Wynne, Captain of Dragoons includes Natt: Tatem, Sr., Edward Tatem; Natt: Tatem, Jr. Samuel Tatem

(From "Virginia's Colonial Soldiers" by Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck, last printing 1998).            


Comment: Nathaniel Tatum (1599 to ~1674) was already dead, so Nathaniel Tatum, Senior is now Nathaniel Tatum “II.”   No evidence exists to show Nathaniel Tatum “II” (~1640/45 – 1719) had a son with the name of Nathaniel Tatum.  The 1701/2 Nathaniel Tatum, Jr. becomes the son of Samuel Tatum.  In Virginia, the term "junior" can mean: (1) son of a father or (2) someone with the same first name, but younger.   


1702 – Charles City County Lands:  Nath'll Tatum Sr. and Jr.  Other names mentioned with this same entry are Jarvis Winfield and Doby...500 acres. 

English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Patents


            Comment: Nathaniel Tatum appears to be credited with 500 acres of land.


1704/05 Prince George County - Quit Rent Roll of Virginia:  

   Nath. Tatham, Sen. – 500 acres

   Nath. Tatham, Jun – 200 acres

   Sam'el Tatham, Sr. – 100 acres 

   Sam'el Tatham, Jr. – 195 acres

"English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Quit Rent Rolls," by Louis des Cognets, Jr.  


1706 April 1 - Prince George County:  The 1706 date refers to Nathaniel Tatum land mentioned within this deed.   Josiah Gary and Sarah his wife of Prince George County deeded to John Baird of same for 115 pounds ½ tract of land, being the southernmost part of a larger tract of land, formerly conveyed by Richard Bland to Walter Nunnally and Nathaniel Tatum 1 April 1706 and containing 418 acres on Blackwater Swamp, bounded by said swamp and by Second within Bristol Parish.  Recorded 10 June 1788. 

Prince George County, Virginia Records 1733-1792, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1975, page 102.          


1711/12 January 7 - Prince George County:  Inventory of Walter Nunnally, deceased, has value of 66.14.4 pounds money which was appraised by Nath ("N") Tatem, Sr., Cha. (x) Gillam, Lewis Green, Jr.  Presented by Administrix and recorded 11 January 1711. 

(Prince George County, Virginia Wills 1710-1713, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1992, page 95)


1715 June 14 – Prince George County Court: Nathaniel Tatum upon petition; it is ordered that he be hereafter exempted from paying the county levy.

(Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, April 1981, Vol. 19, pg 46) 


            Comment: Age which an adult would be exempt from county levies is not known. 

According to Archives Research Services at the Library of Virginia, "There is no known text of a colonial Virginia law setting forth the age at which someone could be exempted from taxation.  Typically it was left up to the county court to determine is a person should be exempted due to age or infirmity."^   If the tax levy free age was 60, then Nathaniel Tatum II might be born about 1755, and that makes his birth date too late.

^ Archives Research Services of Library of Virginia, email of 19 April 2009. 


1715 October 31: Land Patent to Nathaniel Tatum, Sr. for 321 acres beginning at a corner of Nathaniel Tatums Jr. on the side of Josephs Swamp, Prince George County.

(Library of Virginia On-line – land office patents No. 10, 1710-1719, page 309 (Reel 10)


            Comment: Nathaniel Tatum, Junior is the son of Samuel Tatum I.  Oddly enough, the land patent places the 321 acres in the wrong county.  This land is in today’s Surry County and some of Junior’s land crosses Prince George-Surry County line.


1714 August 24/1719 November 4 – Prince George County:  Will Abstract of Nathaniel Tatum “II” states - I, Nathaniel Tatum of Prince George County...will to son Henry Tatum plantation and land whereon I now live and 209 acres of land lying between the Blackwater (River) and Second Swamp joining on Mr. Batts line,; to my son Christopher Tatum one half of land I bought from Thomas Busby lying in Surry County with the plantation whereon my said son lives, and the other half to my son Peter Tatum.  Christopher to have the upper part....beginning on Joseph a branch...up branch to an old field, which branch I take to be near the middle.  I give to my three sons Edward, Christopher, and Peter Tatum, each 100 acres from land of Joseph Swamp, as follows, Edward to have outer part joining to John Doby, and Peter to have the middle land; Christopher to have his hundred joining to his land bequeathed.  I give to my son Edward Tatum all the rest of my land.  Ordain Edward Tatum and Christopher Tatum executors.  (signed) Nath'l ("n") Tatum.  Witnesses: Thomas ("h") Howell, Thomas Hood, Henry Tatum, Stith Bolling.  Proved at a court held 4 November 1719.

      Prince George County Records 1713-1728, page 370. 


            This is an important will which defines where his four sons will live next.  Also, notice Nathaniel Tatum does not mention a son with his same name. 


         (A). Son Henry Tatum inherits 209 acres in Prince George County, probably somewhere on Second Swamp Creek.


         (B). Sons Christopher, Edward and Peter Tatum, 100 acres each on Joseph's Swamp on the Surry/Sussex County side.  


Children and descendants of Nathaniel Tatum "II"


Birth dates between 1625-1705 are difficult to estimate and better precision is needed.   Changing any birth date by 10 to 25 years could change current lineups.


1st generation: Nathaniel Tatum – the immigrant

2nd generation: Nathaniel Tatum “II” 

3rd generation children of Nathaniel Tatum “II:” (1) name, (2) name,

4th generation grandchildren of Nathaniel Tatum “II:” (i), (ii), (iii) etc.

5th generation with bold letters, (a), (b), (c), etc

6th generation with (aa), (bb), (cc), etc

7th generation with (1^), (2^), (3^), etc  


(1). Edward Tatum (born ~1670/80 and died 1739-will) + wife Rebecca of Charles City Co and Surry County, Virginia after 1707.    This Edward must not be confused with Brunswick County's Edward Tatum (~1700 - 1744) who married Martha __.


Wills and Estate Administrations are noted

Counties recording individuals are noted; Birth dates “~” are estimated

Children (i to iv) and Grandchildren (a, b, c, etc) of Edward Tatum:


(i). Peter Tatum (ca1710 to 1751 - will) + Sarah Heath: Lived in Surry County.  Their children (a – e):

(a). Thomas Tatum (~1740 to 1780 - will): Surry and Sussex Counties, Va. only

(b). Edward Tatum (1741 to __); can’t trace after 1758 Sussex Court guardian order

(c). Sarah Tatum (1744)

(d). Rebecca (1747 to 1751)

(e). Wenia or Winney Tatum (1749)


(ii). Nathaniel Tatum (~1705 to 1751- will) + Elizabeth: (likely) Surry Va to Edgecombe NC.  Their children (a – e):

(a). Edward Tatum (~1730/35 to likely 1810 - will): Edgecombe NC/Halifax NC/missing Co. /Chatham NC/Pendleton SC

(b). Nathaniel Tatum – unable to trace

(c). Peter Tatum – Edgecombe NC/Halifax NC/missing county/Chatham/?

(d). Jesse Tatum

(e). Rebecca Tatum

(iii). Ruth Tatum

(iv). Elizabeth Tatum 


2 .  (proposed lineup) Peter Tatum (~1675 to 1771-admin) + wife Mary of Brunswick County, Virginia  There is much confusion on when this Peter Tatum was born, a factor determining to whom he belongs.  If found different, this lineup could change.  Children are (i  - iii) and grandchildren (a – e)


(i). Lucia Tatum + husband William Jackson-will; of Brunswick, Va. only


(ii) (proposed) Edward Tatum (~1700 to 1744 will) + wife Martha of Brunswick County.  Children are (a) through €

(a) Jesse Tatum “I” (~1727 to 1790) + wife Elizabeth of Brunswick & Henry Counties, Virginia.  Their children are (aa) & (bb)

(aa) Edward Tatum (1747/50 - ~1835) + wife Martha Daniel of Brunswick, Pittsylvania, Henry & Patrick, Virginia; Lincoln, Tn: Jefferson, Al.

(bb) Jesse Tatum “II” (? To 1805) + wife Mary of Brunswick & Patrick, Virginia; Franklin Va or Ga; Knox and Rhea Tn

(b) Edward Tatum (-1735 to 1811-will) + wife Susanna/Sucky of Brunswick, Va. and Guilford NC.

(c) Reverend John Tatum (~1740 to1803) + Milly/Martha of Brunswick Virginia, Guilford & Stokes North Carolina

(d) Martha Tatum

(e) Frances Tatum (~1739)


(iii) Joseph Tatum (~1700/10 to 1782-will) + wife Rebecca of Brunswick, Va; Children are (a – d)

(a) Nathaniel Tatum (~1730? to 1807?) + Pheoby Fort-will; of Brunswick and Southampton, Virginia; Guilford and Rockingham North Carolina

(b) Rebecca Tatum  

(c) (likely) Paul Tatum (~1725 to 1784-will) + 1st wife _ + 2nd wife Elenor of Brunswick County, Va.

(d) (possibly) Peter Tatum “Jr.” (died 1755 Brunswick Co.)    


(3). Christopher Tatum “I” (1683 to 1751-admin) and wife Bridget Scott of Surry-Sussex and Brunswick Va.   A deposition on 19 February 1728/29 gave his age to be 45.*^   Children’s birth dates are difficult to estimate.  They are (i) to (ix): 


 (i) John Tatum (~1709 to 1766-will) and wife Mary Epps of Surry-Sussex, Va.  Only known child per will:

(a) Mary Tatum + husband Thomas Young

(ii) Joshua Tatum “I” (~1711 to 1765) + wife Amey Chappel of Surry-Sussex, Va; Edgecombe and Halifax NC.  children are

(a). Christopher Tatum, (b) Capt/Major Howell Tatum (1753 – 1822), (c). Elizabeth Tatum, (d) Lt. James Tatum (_ to 1821), (e) Joshua Tatum “II”, (f) Thomas Tatum has confusion with another.

(iii). Francis Tatum (~1715 to 1769) + husband George Rives (Rieves)

(iv) Christopher Tatum “II” (~1717 to 1769-will) and wives 1st Elizabeth and 2nd Sarah Gee of Surry-Sussex and Brunswick Va; Halifax NC.  Children are (a – d):

(a). Agnes Tatum (1740), (b) Christopher Tatum “III” (1743), (c) Elizabeth Tatum, (d) Henry Tatum who is confused with another.

(v) daughter, unnamed who married Joshua Young; may be one of the named daughters. 

(vi)  Elizabeth Tatum and husband John Rives (Rieves).

(vii). Thomas Tatum (~1720 to ~1766) + Ann Clark of Surry-Sussex and Brunswick Va; Edgecombe and Halifax NC; possibly no children as estate went to relatives or a relative.

(viii) Bridget Tatum (~1720)

(ix). Cheney Tatum (~1725 to 1799) and wife Margaret of Brunswick, Virginia; Possible unnamed daughter survived them.

(x) Bethea or Bathia Tatum.  Reported 1st husband Daniel Jackson of Brunswick County; 2nd to Stephan Sisson.  Of Brunswick, Surry, Greensville, Virginia

(xi) Boyce Tatum married Robert Rickman.


(4). Henry Tatum “I” (~1675/85  - ~1727) and wife Mary Branch of Prince George Virginia.  Children are (i – iv)

(i). Josiah Tatum (1715 to 1797) and wife Sarah Brooke of Chesterfield, Va

(a). Lt. Henry Tatum (1755-1836) of Henrico and Chesterfield, Va.

(b). Lt. Zachariah Tatum (1759 to 1793) and wives 1st Judith Walker and 2nd Obedience Beasley of Chesterfield, Virginia

(ii). Henry Tatum “II” (1721 to 1782) and wife Rebecca of Prince George; (?)Surry-Sussex and Dinwiddie, Virginia.  Confusion exists with another Henry. 

(iii). Francis Tatum (1724)

(iv). Agnes Tatum 1727 to 1789-will) married __ Lewis.


The abbreviation “Admin” means no will was filed, but the deceased’s estate went through administrative disposal; sometimes with few clues as to family, other times a long legal fight ensued.  


Tatum Resources in Colonial Virginia


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