Thomas Hogan/Hogans (died September 1786) of Richmond County, Virginia

Update – 2 January 2022,, James R. Murphy.


Thomas Hogans Sr. (ca1735/40 to August 1786) + Ann Erls (died 1805/1806)

Later Years, surname spelling was usually Hogans


Thomas Hogans Sr. and wife Ann Erls (Erlis? Earls?) - Children:

(A-1).  Traverse Hogans, also Travers & Travis (d. 1810) married Sarah Deatly / Sally Deatly.

(A1a). Christopher D. Hogans / Christopher C. Hogans (Christening 4 January 1791 with father Travis Hogan and mother Salley and died October 1817).

(A1b). Nancy Hogans

(A-2).  Mary Hogans (Christening 10 August 1763 N. Farnham Parish Records)

(A-3).  Thomas Hogans, Jr. or II (disappears 1812); name of wife has not surfaced.

(A3a). Thomas Hogans III

(A3b). Richard H. Hogans

(A-4).  Francis Hogans / Fanny Hogans (Christening 15 September 1775 with Thomas Hogans and mother Nanny to July 1806); never married.

(A-5).  James Hogans (ca1769 to 1815) + Winney Thrift + Haney Lewis.  Problem exists – where was he during the years 1805 and 1814?   Children found:

(A5a) Patsy Hogans / Patty Hogans (Christening 30 April 1799 – father James Hogans and mother Hainie). 

(A-6). Jeduthan Hogan (Christening 20 October 1782).  He is Gedelthen Hogans in Parish Record which names Father – Thomas Hogans and mother Ann.    Children:

(A6a) Thomas Hogans (1801 tax record places him with Ann Hogans + Jeduthan Hogans and mentions him to be son of (very hard to read - looks like) “jd.”    


Details for Thomas Hogans, Sr. and Family

Spelled as Hogan and Hogans   


There doesn’t appear to be any surviving Richmond County tax records before or during the American Revolution.  Question becomes: When did Thomas Hogan, Sr. first arrive in Richmond County and was he continuously there?   So far, the following Richmond County records for Hogans - not in deed indexes, property taxes (only exist for 1797-1812), and marriage and christening records are very few.   Furthermore, no family records have surfaced and many Hogan family members are presumed missing.


1763 August 10 – North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA:  Christening of Mary Hogins, with father – Thomas Hogans and mother’s name not mentioned.

North Farnham Parish Register Records, Christenings,


1775 September 15 – North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA:  Christening of Fanny Hogan with father Thomas Hogan and mother Nanny.


1776 December 3 – Richmond Co., VA Court: Archibald Ritchie plaintiff against John Hogans, Defendant.  (Debt) Against defendants’ estate. Mentioned was a carriage.  “Privately proved out of the county.”  (OB 18/8, Image 34/803) 


              Interesting….  How might he relate to our subject – Thomas Hogans, Sr.?   There are no records of Thomas Hogans descendants using the name “John.”  That in itself is rather unusual, but still suggests they might not be closely related.


1777 September 1st day – Richmond Co., VA Court: A lease of land from Nicholas Floods administrators was made to Thomas Hogans and acknowledged in open court.

(OB 18/25, Image 51/803)


1776 to 1781 – American Revolution years: Under review is Private Thomas Hogan, Virginia Continental Army - number of acres awarded for additional 18 months - 200 acres.    Thomas Hogan – 1st Continental Light Dragoons (mounted regiment).    Thomas Hogan was a soldier for 3 years, but no other details. Do not confuse with Sgt. Thomas Hogan of Northampton Co., VA and Buckingham Co., VA.  Names of his children are found same source below.   Private Thomas Hogan appears a promising candidate to be our subject.  More evidence is needed.

Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812 Military Records, CD #60070-121


1782 October 20 – North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA: Christening of Gedethen Hogans with father – Thomas Hogans, and mother – Ann.   Misspelled name should be Jeduthan Hogans. 

North Farnham Parish Register Records, Christenings,


1782 – Richmond Co., VA Personal Property Tax (PPT): (w. tithe age 21 or above; but tax records vary markedly in tax details from year to year; i.e., age minimums for secondary free male.   Blacks have one name in tax records.) 

Thomas Hogan + Thomas Hogan Jun’r, 1 black, 5 horses, 11 cattle. (Image 642/778)


1783 – Richmond Co., VA PPT, Tithable, Moratico Precinct. (w. male tithes are 21+)

Thomas Hogan (above 21) + Traverse Hogan. George, Jude; 3 tithes, 2 horses, 10 cattle (Image 658/778)

Anne Brown + Thomas Hogan.  Exempt Sarah, Milly.  2 tithes, 100 acres, 0 Horse, 6 cattle. (Image 655/778)


Unable to find location of Moratico Precinct.  Earlier, there was a Moratico mill.


1784 – Richmond Co., VA PPT – Moratico Precinct. 

Thomas Hogan exempt + Traverse Hogan – 1 tithe, Alce, Jerry, George, 2 horses, 10 cattle (Image 696/778)

Thomas Hogan exempt + Thomas Hogan Jr., Milly, 1 horse, 1 cow. 


The two Thomas Hogans exempt appear to be the same person owning two pieces of land with a different son on each.  “Exempt” could suggest he was a tax-exempt continental soldier.


1785 – Richmond Co., VA PPT: (primary w. male age 21+ but unclear 2nd male’s minimum age which could be age 16 or 21)

Thomas Hogans, Senior (exempt), Travers Hogans + Ja’s Hogans (2 tithes), Daniel.  2 horses, 3 cattle. (Image 708/778)

Thomas Hogan, Junr., Milley, 2 horses, 3 cattle. (Image 708/778)


1785 May 7 – Richmond Co., VA:  Will of Thomas Hogan of Richmond Co.  Bequeaths to my living wife my whole estate; after her death equally divided between all my children, children she had by me before wedlock: Travers and Mariah Erls, alias Hogans….   Bequeath to my son Thomas Hogan my young Sorrel mare and Colt; To son Travers Erls Hogan young Sorrel Horse.  Executors to be my son Thomas Hogan and my son Travers Erls, alias Hogan and my loving wife (unnamed).  Dated 7 May 1785.  Signed – Thomas Hogan, his +.  Witnesses – Thomas Dobyns, Christopher Deatly, William Deatly.  Probate 4 September 1786. This last will and testament of Thomas Hogan, deceased was presented in court by Ann Hogan, his widow….  (WB 7/534, Image 681/687)


1786 June 17 – Richmond Co., VA: Marriage of Traverse Hogan to Sally Deatley.

Virginia, U.S., Compiled Marriages, 1660-1800,


1786 – Richmond Co., VA. PPT, Moratico District: (w. tithe, black tithe, items 3&4 tax, horses, cattle.

Thomas Hogan, Milly, 1-1-1-1-1-1 (Image 733/778)

Thomas Hogan, Travers Hogan, James Hogan, Meriman; 3-1-2-1-2-12 (Image 734, 735/778)


1787 -Richmond Co., VA PPT:

Tho’s Hogans (person chargeable); 01116; April 21.  (1st zero additional w. male tithes 16+)

Travers Hogans (chargeable); April 28; 00010 (1st zero w. males 16+)

Ann Hogans (chargeable), Ja’ Hogens April 28; 1-1-1-1-12


1788 October 2 – North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA: Christening of Nancy Hogan, father being Travis Hogan and mother not named.

North Farnham Parish Register Records, Christenings,


1788 -Richmond Co., VA PPT: (1st number w. male tithes, 2nd black tithes, blacks under 16, horses)

Travers Hogans 1001; April 5 (when tax visit)

Ann Hogan 1201, April 5

Thomas Hogan 1100, May 12.


1789 – Richmond Co., VA PPT: (1st – free male tithes, 2nd – black male tithes, 3rd - ?, 4th- horses)

Thomas Hogans 1100 April 10

Travis Hogans 1001, May 2

Ann Hogans 1201, May 2


1790 to 1799 Richmond Co., VA Personal Property Tax Records

Ann Hogans + James Hogans in 1797 & 1798; with William Beland in 1795; with 1 white unnamed male 16+ in 1791-1794. 

James Hogans 1796 & 1799, no blacks, 1 horse.

Traverse Hogans with 1 black, 1 horse.

Thomas Hogans with 1 black, 1 horse


1792 October 6 – Richmond Co., VA: “James Hogans” married Winney Thrift

Virginia, U.S., Compiled Marriages, 1660-1800,


1793 September 27 – Richmond Co., VA: Will of Christopher Deatley of Farnham Parish.  Will: Wife is Eleanor; daughters Elizabeth Ficklin - wife of Famous Ficklin and Sarah Hogan - wife of Travers Hogan: executors - wife, Famous Ficklin, and Travers Hogan.  Witnesses – William Miskell, Richard Beale, Ezekiel Foster.  Probate 1 June 1795.  (WB 8/25)

Wills of Richmond Co., Virginia, 1699 – 1800, 


1796 to 1812 – Richmond Co., VA Land Taxes: (These are the only years available.)

Ann Hogan/Hogans 100 acres continuously from 1796 thru 1813.       

Thomas Hogan/Hogans 150 acres from 1795 to 1800 when land went to Edmond Jeffries for credit.

Traverse Hogan/Hogans 100 acres from Cathrine F. McCall, 1807 thru 1813 (land tax records end in 1813)


1798 April 2 - Richmond County, Virginia Personal Tax:  1st - Ann Hogan (person to pay tax), 2nd requires a male name - James Hogan. 1 black 16+, 3 horses, 100 acres.    Also, nearby in 1798 are Thomas Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Jr, and Traverse Hogan. 


1799 March 7 – Richmond Co., VA: “James Hogan” married Haney Lewis

Virginia, U.S., Compiled Marriages, 1660-1800,


1799 April 30 – North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA:  Christening of Patty Plummer Hogan, father James Hogan and mother Hainie.   

North Farnham Parish Register Records, Christenings,


1800 to 1805 Richmond Co., VA Personal Property Tax Records summarized: (2nd male name 16+)

Ann Hogans (1800 to 1805 only) + Jeduthan Hogans + Thomas Hogans in 1801; + Jeduthan Hogans 1802 – 1805.  No blacks, 1 horse.  1805 is Ann Hogan’s last tax year.

James Hogans 1800 to 1804 and not after.  No blacks, 1 horse.  Same tax date as Ann Hogan.

Traverse Hogans, 2 blacks, 1 to 2 horses

Thomas Hogans, Jr., (1800-1805) no blacks, 1 horse

Thomas Hogans without Junior title (1805), only his tithe.  


1806 to 1815 Richmond Co., VA Personal Property Tax Records summarized: (2nd male name age 16+); tax records not checked after 1815.

Thomas Hogans + Richard H. Hogans with 1 horse (R.H. Hogan begins 1807)

Jeduthan Hogans 1806-1812 & 1815, with no horses.  In 1813 Northumberland County with 1 horse.

Traverse Hogans + Christopher Hogans 1809-1811 with 2 horses, 2 blacks 16+; 1811 last year for Traverse Hogans

Christopher Hogans 1812-1815 with 1 black and 1 horse

Thomas Hogans Junior, with only himself for tax. 1806 to 1812 only


              There are no tax records for James Hogans during 1806 to 1815.


1806 January 28 – Richmond Co., VA: Will of Fanny Hogans.  Bequeath to my brother Traverse S. Hogans (or Traverse P. Hogan) my estate coming to me by the will of my Father Thomas Hogans, deceased.  To nieces Nancy Hogans and Fanny C. Hogans.   Appoint my brother Traverse S. Hogan (or Traverse P. Hogans) executor.  Dated 28 January 1806.  Signed Fanny Hogans, per x.  Witnesses – Marten Lesson, Thomas Hogins, his x.  Probate 7 July 1806 for will of Fanny Hogans, deceased.  (DB 9/290).


1810 US Census of Richmond Co., VA: (Image 24/28)

Thomas Hogan – 1 male + 1 female 16-25, 1 male + 1 female 45+.  Who is the male age 45+?  Could be Thomas Hogan, Jr. again or James Hogan?   Female 45+ could be Ann Hogan, wife of Thomas Hogan, Sr.

Traverse Hogan – 1 male + 1 female 16-25, 1 male + 1 female 45+

Jeduthan Hogan – 1 male + 1 female 0-9, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 26-45.

Thomas Hogan, Jr. – 1 male + 1 female 16-25, 1 male + 1 female 45+

Francis Hogan – 1 male + 1 female 16-25, 1 male 45+ (Indexed on but name not found with page-by-page search.)


1815 April 4 – Richmond Co., VA Court: Administration on the Estate of James Hogans, deceased granted to Richard Street who took the oath and entered into bond according to law.

O.B. for 1815/p26 (Image 74/577)


1816 February 5 - Richmond Co., Court:  Patsy Hogans or(phan) of James Hogan, deceased, came into court and made choice of John Lewis for her gdn (guardian) who entered into bond….  (on next page/image) Ordered that same commissioners, any of them, do examine _ to settle Rich’d Streets account of his guardianship of Patsy Hogans, or(phan) of James Hogans, deceased, and report etc.  (OB year 1816, page 75-76, Images 97& 98/577)


 1817 November 3 - Richmond Co. Court: The last will and testament of Christopher D. Hogans, deceased was presented in court and being proven by ye oath o Jeremiah Lewis and John Davison, two of the witnesses to the same subscriber is admitted to record. (OB year 1817, p158 & 159, Images 316+/577)