Jonathan Steelman 1782 - 1848

Jonathan Steelman

Born: 7 April 1782, reported as New Jersey by his son Elisha Aston Steelman on his 1880 U.S. Census.   Date from Bob Corkins, family record

Died: One record stated about December 1848, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio; another record states 26 October 1848 at Clark County.  Buried at Greenmount Cemetery, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, section 1 S/W., Lot 059.

Married to Catherine Reed on 14 September 1805 at Cumberland County, New Jersey (county record).   Catherine married 2nd to Joshua Engle 30 November 1854.

Father: clues point to Charles Steelman "II" (see Gloucester deeds below) 


Catherine Reed

Born 17 April 1785, New Jersey (1850 Census says N.J.)

Died:  6 April 1858 at Springfield, Clark County, Ohio; buried Greenmount Cemetery, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, section 1 S/W., Lot 059

Parents:  Reported to be Obediah Reed, Sr. and __, but needs reviewing.


J.R. Murphy, 13 August 2003; last revision 1 January 2009


            Comment: The purpose of this paper is to sort out fact from fiction on the origins of this Jonathan Steelman.  This is an on-going search and everyone is invited to share information.                          


Family Records Reported on Jonathan Steelman (born 1782)


            From Bob Corkins, email about 2000:  Most of my information on the Steelman family came from my grandmother, Margaret Elnora May (Steelman) Corkins and her mother, Keturah Alice (Wright) Steelman.  Keturah was the wife of Edwin Oscar Steelman, a brother to Charles Bruce Steelman.  This information was written around 1920.   He stated that proof for Catherine Reed is based on the will of Obediah Reed, dated 3 April 1821, stating he had a daughter named Cathy Steelman. “


            “I have not been able to connect our Jonathan Steelman to any other Steelmans in New Jersey.  The information I have (came) from my grandmother (who) stated that Jonathan was born 7 April 1782 and came from Germany with brothers Andrew, Mark, and Reed.  I have not been able to prove this.  The copies of the census that I have do not show where he was born.”   “Jonathan owned a farm in Clark County, Ohio and owned two houses in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.  This information came from his will.”


            Research frustration is found in a 19 August 1948 letter filed at Gloucester County Historical Society.  


My Dear Dr. Adams:


            Your letter of August 16th did not help my Jonathan did it?  Well I will keep on hunting.  ...I have searched thru records at Woodbury but failed to turn any Jonathan up.  I know he is not Jonathan Steelman - the pilot who died 21 February 1781 who married 1762 Hannah Corson.  He is not Jonathan Steelman born 1762 son of John and Abigail (Somers) Steelman.  That Jonathan also had a son Jonathan.  But who the fellow is, is a mystery.  I hope I live long enough to 'dig' him out....   Sincerely, Hazel Burrough Simpson. 



            Comment: This last Jonathan Steelman, son of Jonathan was reported born 2 November 1793.  


What Others Have Found on Catherine Steelman


            From Susan Johnson on Gen.Forum:     “Jonathan:  I’ve just come back from Salt Lake City where I found two marriage records for Jonathan Steelman and Catherine ? in Cumberland County, New Jersey.  One was typewritten and gave her name as Katherine Rew and the other was a handwritten record signed by the justice of the peace that clearly stated her name as Katherine Reed and the marriage was on 4 September 1805.  I then found a will in Gloucester County of Obediah Reed, Sr. who mentions his daughter, Katy Steelman.  I feel this is probably the correct family as I was always suspicious of the name Rew as there didn’t seem to be anyone else of that name in the area.  I've collected lots of Steelman info but it’s still in a pile of papers I brought back.  Hope this helps other Steelman researchers.  Susan.”              


Wrong Parents for Jonathan Steelman (1782 – 1849)


            Why his parents weren't Jonathan Steelman + Hannah Corson:  The following shows this Jonathan died about 13 months before our Jonathan was born.


            "Jonathan Steelman died on the night of 21 February 1781 while in command of an armed brig of which the Captain's name was William Treen." 


            "A heavy gale was blowing from the northwest and some snow squalls.  The brig tipped and upset by which said mishap some twenty lives were lost.   Following are the names of a few of the crew, and some of the spectators on shore.  Captain Treen, William Lake and 3 others, one of whom was Captain Joseph Edwards, Thomas Adams, Eleazer Crawford, Jacob Corson, and Jonathan Steelman succeeded in reaching the shore on the point of the beach at Egg Harbor Inlet, but Steelman exhausted and frozen by the intense cold gave up to death when near land.  He had been the most active in cheering his companions and freeing the boat from the brig, he more early succumbed to the intensity of the cold and wet, the account of this sad misfortune carries with it an everlasting national remembrance as he was a brave and true Patriot and died in defense of the New Jersey Coast."  (Source from Gloucester County Historical Society, "Steelman Family from 1650 to 1907")


Gloucester County, New Jersey before 1805


            The Steelman clan has its origins in this county from its earliest days and can be found in numerous records.  Our Jonathan Steelman should belong here, once his parents become better defined.


Cumberland County, New Jersey 1805


            Marriage License - State of New Jersey, Cumberland County: "These are to certify that Jonathan Steelman and Katherine Reed personally appeared before me, Law Van Hook, one of the Justices of the peace in said county on the 14th day of September A.D. 1805 and was by me joined in the bonds of Matrimony as Husband and Wife. (Signed) Law. Van Hook, J.P."


            14 September 1805: Jonathan Steelman married Katherine Rew at Cumberland, County, New Jersey (from "Cumberland County, New Jersey Marriages," by H. Stanley Craig, undated in section of County Clerk's Records – Book A).


            Comment: The Reed surname would seem the better choice.  


            Supposing Obediah Reed isn't the correct father?  Then, what do Cumberland County records say?  The 1800 U.S. Census of Cumberland County, New Jersey shows the following Reeds (yes, Virginia, a copy of the 1800 U.S. Census really exists for Cumberland County, New Jersey):  (1). Rachel Reed had a daughter 0->16: Jonathan Reed x 2, one of which had a daughter 10->16.  There is also Charles Reed x 2; Dan Reed, Henry Reed, and Peter Reed whose first names seem less likely to be useful.  Deeds purchased during this era were (1) Charles Reed of Fairfield Township who purchased land in 15 June 1802 and (2) a Daniel Reed purchasing land beginning in 1804, (3) Rachel Reed sold her land in Hopewell Township in 1806.  No Obediah Reed can be found in Cumberland County.   Oddly enough, the 1807 tax ratable listed no Reeds.


            This same 1800 U.S. Census of Cumberland County recorded NO Steelmans.  Glenn Bingham, however, cautions us that this 1800 census does not include Maurice River Township.  Furthermore in 1800, Maurice River Township included all that is now Millville and Vineland (email courtesy of Glenn Bingham, 19 June 2008).  Before this time, Cumberland County lost its records.  The following Steelmans are noted in various records from Cumberland County before 1810:


            1764 - Charles Steelman Inventory

            1793 - Matthias Steelman on a list of the Militia and exempts of Maurice River.            

            1803 - Hezekiah Steelman purchased land in Maurice Township

            1805 – Peter and Sarah Steelman, et al sold Maurice River Township land

            1808 – James Steelman, et al, sold Maurice River Township land

            Thereafter, Mathias Steelman purchased land in 1813 and Charles Steelman in 1814.  


            Cumberland County tax rateables exist from the years 1779, 1781, 1803, 1807, 1814.  How complete they are is very questionable.  In 1779, there is Andrew, Isaac, and Joseph Corson.  Andrew Corson owned a grist mill, and died in 1797.  In 1803, there is a Hezekiah Steelman.  In 1807, Matthew, Hezekiah, and James Steelman appear.  In 1814, there is Hezekiah and Mathias Steelman.          


Gloucester County, New Jersey 1813 - 1815


            At some point after Jonathan Steelman married in 1805, he moved to Gloucester County and the following deeds define this:     



Abstracted Deeds from Gloucester County, New Jersey


            7 October 1813, Jonathan Steelman and Catherine, his wife, of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey deeded to John Rannels, of same place for $150 in Hamilton Township....west side of a certain line from John Steelman's lane fence, a little above said Steelman's Orchards, thence south...corner of Joseph Champion's land...containing 16 ¾ acres of land purchased of Charles Steelman by a deed bearing the date of 25 May 1804, and for a minute description of the chain of conveyances be made...last place was purchased of Joab Evans and Ester his wife by a deed bearing the date of 2 August 1813 and conveyed to Jonathan Steelman the written grantor.  (Signed) Jona' Steelman (seal) and Catherine ('x") Steelman.  Witnessed by Lewis W. Wather (?).  Recorded 10 December 1814.   (Deed Volume U, page 124)     


            14 May 1814: Charles Steelman of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey deeded to "Jonathan Steelman, his son," of the same place for $15 a tract or lot of Cedar Swamp situated in the Township of Hamilton, beginning at a pine tree by the side of the swamp at or near the near the head of Curare/Quare? River (possibly Mare Run), containing four acres...from a survey made by Japhet Leeds to and for James Steelman.... by virtue of a deed on conveyance dated 29 December 1749, the said James Steelman conveyed the same among other lands unto Charles Steelman, deceased, who being thereof so seized deceased Interstate and Charles Steelman, the party aforesaid, being the eldest son and heir....  (signed): Charles (his mark x) Steelman (seal.),  Delivered in the presence of John Steelman, James ("x") Champion, Gloucester County.  Recorded 22 June 1814.  (Deed Volume T, page 445)


            3 December 1814: Jonathan Steelman and Catherine, his wife, deeded to Thomas Cane and Hester, his wife, of Hambleton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey and James Champion of the same place...for $125...a certain lot of land in Hambleton Township, beginning at a stake standing in the old road leading to the Great Run in the division line between said Steelman and Cane near said Champions lands....southwesterly corner of said Champions yard...along the north side of sail mill road....containing four is part of a 2000 acres survey made to Edmond Steff(?) who conveyed the same to Nicholas Rigley who by this last will and testament bequeathed the same to his son Charles Rigley who conveyed the same to Elias Smith, excepting 200 acres to Charles Steelman, deceased, and by several and sure conveyance apart of the same became lawfully seized in fee simple unto the said Jonathan Steelman, and the other part of said lot the aid Elias Smith Conveyed unto Jos. Lowney among this land and from him Nick's Rake who conveyed the same unto p. Thomas Cane.  (Signed) Jon'a Steelman, Catherine (her x mark) Steelman, Thomas Cane, Esther Cane.  Recorded 22 June 1815.   (Deed book W-30)


            14 February 1815: John Rannels of Cumberland County, New Jersey deeded back the same 7 October 1813 land to Jonathan Steelman of Gloucester County, New Jersey 16 acres for $100.  Land was in Hamilton Township, Gloucester County...west side of a certain line from John Steelman and Joseph Champion's land fence a little above said Champion's the corner of Joseph Champion's land....  This deed stated that Charles Steelman had purchased this land on 25 May 1804, later purchased by Job Evens on 2 August 1813, then conveyed to Jonathan Steelman on 7 October 1813, who sold it to John Rannels.  (Signed): John (x) Runnels.  Signed in the presence of John Steelman, John Darwin.  Recorded 21 March 1815 (Deed Book U, page 366). 


            29 September 1815: Jonathan Steelman of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County, State of West New Jersey and Catherine, his wife, party of the first part deeded to Japhet Hickman of same location and John Estill of same location for $760 a certain plantation or tact of land where he the said party of the first part now dwells...beginning at the foot of the old lane formerly between Charles and John __ Amos Ireland's land, thence a mouth of a gutt on the Great Egg Harbour (must be River if in Hamilton Township)...two acres previously conveyed (question if this is the land or is excluded) from said Jonathan Steelman to James Champion which land is part of a survey of 2000 acres made by Edmond Illiff...his conveyances became the right of the party of the first part reference to the original will more fully appear...with building, etc.  (Signed) Jon'a Steelman, Catherine Steelman.  Witness: John Whealtton  Recorded 14 October 1815.  (Gloucester County Deed Book W, page 326) 


            Comment: Notice that several of the above signed Enos Veal's first tavern application: John Wheatton, Japhet Hickman, Jonathan Steelman, Thomas Ireland, John Estell.  (Courtesy of Glenn Bingham, email of 17 November 2009)


            21 October 1815: Jonathan Steelman and Catherine, his wife, of Hamilton Township, Gloucester County of the first part and Elisha Astin (spelled with an "i" and a better spelling should be Ashton) of the same place...for $120...a tract of land in Hamilton Township...westerly line of the old track contain the same course to the river adjoining the land of the heirs of James the edge of the River bending the river to the land of Amos Ireland...corner of the 200 acre Amos Ireland and Philip Small to beginning....30 acres, excepting 10 acres formerly conveyed to Elisha Astin which land is part of 200 acres formerly conveyed unto Charles Steelman, Senr. who bequeathed the same among other land to his son John who conveyed the same to his brother Charles by a deed 2 July 1790 and by several conveyances to different persons at length became lawfully seized in the right of the party of the first part reference to the original will more fully appear to have....  (Signed) Jona' Steelman and Catherine ("x") Steelman in the presence of John Steelman and Thomas Cane, Gloucester County.  On Common Plea, Gloucester County.  Recorded 12 December 1815.  (Deed Book W-390)



            Comment: The spelling of Astin on this deed does not match another deed from Charles Steelman to "Elisha Aston."  However, Jonathan Steelman did name his son, Elisha Aston Steelman, thus adding a gem of proof for this line.


            In 1832, Archibald Campbell applied for a Tavern License at his inn (today's intersection of US Rt. 40 and State Rt. 54), witnessed by James B. Ashton, Elisha ("x") Aston, and Joseph ("x") Champion.  In other years, Steelman signatures to the licenses included Frederick Steelman and Jona Steelman in 1814, John Steelman in March 1816, Peter Steelman, John Steelman 1818 – 1821, Peter Steelman in 1823, John Steelman -1823, John Steelman - 1823, John and Peter R. Steelman in 1825, John L. Steelman – 1826 (email courtesy of Glenn Bingham, 19 June 2008)..   


            In summary, the above deeds tell us the father should be Charles Steelman who has a brother by the name of John Steelman.  Furthermore, the grandfather also has the name of Charles Steelman.  At this time, little is known about both of them.   


Madison County, Ohio Records 1820 – 1827 


            The 1820 U.S. Census for Philips Township, Madison County, Ohio:


            Jonathan Steelman: 3 males and female 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male and 1 female 26-45. 


            1824 – 1827, Jonathan Steelman is recorded on the Jefferson Township, Madison County tax records with 128.5 acres originally filed by J. Crawford on the watercourse of Darby.    


Clark County, Ohio Records


            There are numerous deeds of Jonathan Steelman, both as grantee and grantor at Clark County, Ohio and his earliest deeds are these:


1.  From Archibald Johnston, book E, page 266, $67, S33, T5, R9, 1/8th part, 3/7/1829

2.  From James Johnston, book H, page 379, $100,     S33, T?, R9,        part,  9/24/1831

3.  From Francis Elliott, book K, page 293, $1.           seeded                           3/5/1833

4.  From William Kelley, book i, page 32, $80           S33, T5, R9, 9.5 acres 30/9/1831

5.  From Mahlan F. Davis, book i, page 42, $80         S33, T5, R98                26/8/1831


     Jonathan’s lands and houses were in the south end of Springfield and there was a farm in Springfield Township, Clark County, Ohio.   It appears he purchased lots and houses in several subdivisions. 


            On 19 May 1834, a petition was submitted the 23rd U.S. Congress by the inhabitants of Clark County, in favor of restoring the public depositories, and re-chartering the Bank of the United States.  Signatures included Jonathan Steelman and William Steelman (Courtesy of  


            This will of Jonathan Steelman, filed 26 October 1848 and probated 11 December 1848 (incomplete).   Witnesses:  Elisha Steelman, Wesley Steelman, John V. Garrison, Jonathan Steelman.


            To my wife Catherine Steelman, in lieu of dower, the house in which I now reside, on Washington Street, also a small brick house and lot and all appliances on High Street in Springfield.  Being the same premises which were deeded to me by Susan McLaren to have and to hold the same with CATHERINE STEELMAN my wife with all my household goods and kitchen, furniture, including beds and bedding.  The balance shall be put out at interest and the interest shall go to the use and benefit and support of the said CATHARINE STEELMAN my wife during her natural lifetime.  And after the death of  my wife CATHARINE STEELMAN, the house in which I now reside in above described shall go to  my son JONATHAN STEELMAN for the use of himself and his heirs forever, and the brick house and lot to which I bought of Susan McLaren as above described after the death of my wife CATHARINE, shall go to  my daughter WELTHA CATHARINE HALABIRD, wife of Amos B. Halibird, for the use of her and her heirs forever.  And the moneys which may be paid out at interest  for the use of my wife CATHARINE STEELMAN at her death shall be dived out and disposed of as follows, to wit:  First ten dollars to CHARLES STEELMAN, ten dollars to WILLIAM STEELMAN, My two grandsons, sons of my son WILLIAM STEELMAN, deceased, and ten dollars to my grand daughter TABITHA DEVALT, daughter of Henry Devalt and Phebe Devalt, and the balance or residual of said money shall be equally divided among my four sons REED STEELMAN, ELISHA STEELMAN, WESLEY STEELMAN, AND JONATHAN STEELMAN. 

            Item Third:  It is my will that my farm situate in the township of Springfield in Clark County, Ohio, containing about eighty acres, known as my former homestead, composed of a part of the Brubacker tract of lands, the Ambler tract and the Strain tract shall go to my three sons REED STEELMAN, ELISHA STEELMAN, AND WESLEY STEELMAN to be equally divided between them as they may chose, for the use of themselves and heirs forever, but this bequest or legacy is made to my three sons names in this item of my will upon the express condition....(also Rachel, wife of John V. Garrison is named).


Agreement of Jonathan Steelman to Catherine Steelman


            Jonathan Steelman, deceased, late of Clark County, Ohio, did by his last will and testament give and devise to his wife Catharine Steelman the use and occupation or the rents and profits of a certain house and lot and appurtenances, situation north side of Washington Street, in the town of Springfield, Lowry’s addition.... with Jonathan Steelman Jr. did with the consent of the said Catherine sell and convey said premises to one __ Bradshaw for $500.  Entered 20 October 1851 and Recorded 11 November 1851.  Signed Jonathan Steelman (seal)


Children of Jonathan and Catherine Steelman:

Dates and Names from Bob Corkins, email about 2000. 


(I). Mark Steelman (born ~1809 and died before April 1835) married on 20 December 1832 at Clark County, Ohio to Sarah Devault (county record).  There is a will of Mark Steelman, deceased, witnessed 6 August 1834, filled 7 August 1836 and recorded 12 December 1838.


(II). William Steelman (born 1811 and died before December 1838 in Clark County) married about 1830 to Mahala __ (born 9 February 1808 and died 26 July 1885 and buried at Greenmount Cemetery.  The last debt for the estate of William Steelman, filed 29 January 1839 included: Jonathan Steelman with a note of 7.53 and Reid Steelman, a balance of 54.46.


            Children are:


            (1) Charles H. Steelman (~1832 – 29 March 1864) and was a cooper in Springfield.


            (2) William F. Steelman, born ~ 1838 and married 25 December 1860 to Joanna Shaffer and was a carpenter in Springfield.


            (3) Mary Steelman


            (4) Mahala Steelman


(III). Reed Steelman (born ~ 1813 and died before 1850) married on 26 February 1835 to Angeline Wilson at Clark County (county record).


(IV). Elisha Ashton Steelman (born 6 June 1815, reported at May’s Landing, Gloucester County, now Atlantic County, New Jersey and died 18 October 1885 at Springfield, Clark County, Ohio) married on 22 March 1837 by Rev. H. Marley to Margaret Cullen (born ~1814 in Ireland and died 28 April 1884).   Margaret Cullen was the daughter of John Cullen. Elisha Steelman was a cooper (barrel marker) in Clark County, Ohio, until about 1864, when he moved to Minnesota.  The 1900 U.S. Census of his son Charles Steelman, confirms his father was born in New Jersey. 


            Children of Elisha Ashton Steelman and Margaret Cullen were:


            (1) Elnora Steelman (11 March 1838) married on 28 March 1858 to Samuel Harmon.


            (2). Mahala C. Steelman (29 December 1839 to 26 July 1885 at Springfield, Clark County, Ohio and buried at Greenmount) married in 1856 to John Paden.


            (3). William Mark Steelman (26 March 1841) and died as an infant, buried at Greenmount Cemetery.


            (4). John "Wesley Steelman (7 February 1843 and died Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon) married 1st to Elmira Wiser at St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota, and 2nd on 21 July 1914 at Good Hill, Oregon to Winona Hudson.  Winona Hudson was the widow of Elisha Francis Steelman.


            (5). James Reed Steelman (1 March 1848 to 25 October 1863 Springfield, Ohio and buried at Greenmount.)


            (6). Elisha Francis Steelman (24 October 1849 Ohio and died 12 December 1908 at Gold Hills, Oregon) married 29 November 1879 at Willmar, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota to Winona Hudson.   He is on the 1900 U.S. Census for Grove Park Township, Polk County, Minnesota.


            (7). Martha Jane Steelman (22 May 1852 to before 1891) married 13 January 1881 to Thomas E. Kennedy.


            (8). Charles Bruce Steelman (12 August 1855 Ohio and died 27 November 1934) married on November 1890 to Clara Faus (July 1870 Minnesota to 1964 at age 94).  Charles Steelman and his two sons Bruce Steelman and Clyde Steelman homesteaded property in Montana and was reported to have a 10,000 acre ranch.  When they sold this property, oil rights were retained and divided among the children.  This would be in the 1920's or slightly before (from Bruno Gluski in 2000). 


            Children of Charles Bruce Steelman and Clara Foss were (a) Bruce Cullen Steelman (7 January 1894 Minnesota to March 1981), (b) Evelyn Steelman (~1906 and living Edina, Minnesota 8/00), (c) Clyde Ashton Steelman (26 September 1892 Boyd, Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota to July 1966) married Nina Lois Garvey (28 June 1896 Minneapolis, Minnesota to April 1979 California).  Clyde Steelman was an artist and also worked for Boeing during World War II.


            (9) Edwin Oscar Steelman (28 September 1857 and died 5 December 1916 at Spokane, Spokane County, Washington and buried at Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Spokane) married 9 July 1876 at Willmar, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota to Katurah Alice Wright.  Bob Corkins is a descendant from this family. 


            Children of Edwin Steelman and Katurah Alice Wright were (a) Margaret Elnora Steelman (20 March 1880 North Dakota to 2 September 1943 at Spokane, Washington) married Emery E. Corkins, (b) William F. Steelman (April 1884), (c) Charles Steelman (December 1885), (d) Edna Steelman (march 1895).        


(V). Rachel Steelman (born ~1817 and died 12 July 1850 and is buried at Greenmount Cemetery) married on 3 April 1833 to John V. Garrison at Clark County (county record).  Children of Rachel Steelman and John V. Garrison are:


            (1) Mary C. Garrison (1836)

            (2) John W. Garrison (1838)

            (3) Rebecca Garrison

            (4) Phebe Garrison (1844)

            (5) Rachel E. Garrison (1849)


(VI). Phebe Steelman (born ~1817 and died 6 August 1837 and buried at Greenmount Cemetery) married on 6 August 1837 at Clark County (county record) to Henry Devault.


(VII). Amos Steelman (born about 1820 and died 18 August 1849 possibly during a cholera epidemic in Springfield, Gravestone at Greenmount states “son of J.& C. Steelman.)


(VIII). John Wesley "Wesley" Steelman (born 1823 and died 30 March 1888 at Gibson County, Indiana) married 1st to Hester A. Wilson and 2nd to Elizabeth Hinkle on 17 April 1844 at Clark County (county record).  Elizabeth was born ~1825 in Pennsylvania and was the daughter of John and Rebecca (Comfort) Hinkle.  Married 3nd to Hannah Newland.  John W. Steelman lived in Indiana.


      Elizabeth Steelman is noted at the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church:  “The Society of Bethel was organized about the year of 1851...The original members were...Elizabeth Steelman. (From History of Clark County, W. H. Beers, 1881.


      Children of John W. Steelman and Elizabeth Hinkle are:


            (1) Rebecca Steelman (~1845)

            (2) Susan C. Steelman (~1846)

            (3) Phebe A. Steelman (~1847)

            (4) William Steelman (September 1849

            (5) John Steelman (1853)

            (6) Mark Steelman (1855)

            (7) Mary J. Steelman 1857)

            (8) Henry Steelman (~1859).


(IX). Jonathan Steelman (born 1824 and died about 1851) married on 8 December 1847 to Rebecca Hinkle.   Rebecca was born 1829 Pennsylvania and is daughter of John and Rebecca (Comfort) Hinkle.  Rebecca married 2nd to Edward Highwood and had 3 more children. 


            Children of Jonathan Steelman and Rebecca Hinkle:


            (1) Lewis Y. Steelman, born 1851.  Filed at Clark County is this:  Edward Highwood, guardian of Lewis Steelman, 17 September 1855.  Noted as a child of Jonathan Steelman, deceased.  Probate filed at Clark County, 11 October 1851 includes his wife Rebecca and son Lewis Y. and pro. 22 October 1851.


(X). Waltha Catherine Steelman (born about 1826) married on 4 November 1846 to Amos B. Hollabird. 


Census Records for the Steelman Family


1820 U.S. Census of Phelps Township, Madison County, Ohio, page 67


            Jonathan Steelman:  3 males + 2 females 0-<10; 1 male 10-<16; 1 male + 1 female 26-<45.


1830 U.S. Census of Springfield Township, Clark County, Ohio, page 117


            Jonathan Steelman:  1 female 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<15; 2 males 15-<20; 1 male + 1 female 40-<50.


1840 U.S. Census of Green Township, Clark County, Ohio, page 47:


            Elisha Steelman, 2 females 0-<5; 1 male + 1 female 20-<30.


1840 U.S. Census of Springfield Township, Clark County, Ohio, page 26


            Jonathan Steelman:  1 female 10-<15; 2 males 15-<20; 1 male + female 50-<60.


1840 U.S. Census of Liberty Township, Logan County, Ohio, page 25


            Reed Steelman, 2 males 0-<5; 1(?) male 5-<10; 1 male 10-<15; 1 male + 1 female 20-<30. 


1850 U.S. Census of Clark County, Ohio


Steelman, Catharine, 63, born New Jersey with John Garrison family


Steelman, J.W. 27, Ohio, farmer

Elizabeth 25, Pa

                        S.C. (f) 4, Ohio

                        P.A. (f) 2

                        William, 9/12,

                        J.K. Dudley 20 Ohio, laborer


Steelman, Elisha, 35, N.J., Cooper

Margaret 38, Ireland

                        Elinora 12 Ohio

M.C. (f) 10

                        J.W. (m) 7

J.R. (m) 2

E.F. (m) 8/12


Steelman, Jonathon 26 Ohio, carpenter

Rebecca 21, Pa

Elizabeth Gram 9 Oh.


Steelman, Mahala, 39 Ohio,

                        B.H. (m) 18 Ohio saddler

                        William F. 11

                        Sabra 37  Ohio

                        Elizabeth Cole 65 MD.

Margaret Grim 17 Ohio

Jno Kershner 20 Pa

                        Rebecca Kershner 17 Ohio

Hanna Lang 20 Ohio

Cath. Shaffer 11 Ohio

Jane Shaffer 9 Ohio


1860 U.S. Census of Clark County Ohio


Steelman, Mahala 52, Oh

Charles H. 28, Oh

William T. 22, Oh


Steelman, Elisha A, 45, N.J. Cooper

Margaret, 46, Ireland

John W. 17, Ohio, Clerk

                        James R. 12, Ohio

                        Frank 10, Ohio

                        Martha J. 8 Ohio

                        Edwin O 5, Ohio

                        Charles B. 3, Ohio


Steelman, John W. 39, Ohio Farmer

Elizabeth 35, Pa

                        Rebecca 15 Ohio

                        Susan C. 14, Ohio

Phoebe A. 13 Ohio

                        William 11, Ohio

                        John 7, Ohio

                        Mark 5, Ohio

Mary J. 3, Ohio

                        Henry 1, Ohio

Heny B. 23 (m) Ohio, farm laborer


Steelman, Lewis, 9 (m) Ohio.


1870 U.S. Census of 5th Ward, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio


Steelman, John W., 27 M, born Ohio

Steelman, Mahala,  64 F, born Ohio


1870 U.S. Census of White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana, page 367A


            John Steelman 49, farming, Ohio

                        Elizabeth Steelman 45, Pa

                        John Steelman 17, Ohio

                        Mark Steelman 14, Ohio

                        Mary Steelman 13, Ohio

                        Henry Steelman 11, Ohio

                        Ellen Steelman 5, Indiana

                        Dora Steelman 2, Indiana   


1880 U.S. Census of 7th Ward, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio


            Steelman, William  42 M, born Ohio, father and mother born Virginia.

Joanna    36  F, wife, born Ohio, father and mother born Pa.

Jennie     17  F, daughter, born Ohio, father and mother born Ohio


Steelman, Mahala,  72  F born Ohio, parents born Pa.


1880 U.S. Census of Roseville, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, page 35c


Steelman, E. A., self, age 65, born New Jersey, both parents born New Jersey                     Margaret, wife, 67, Ireland, parents born Ireland

Francis E., husband, 38, Ohio, occupation ?

Winona, wife 24, teaching school, Minnesota, Maine?, Maine?

Mattie J., daughter, single, age 28, Ohio

                        Charles B. Steelman, son, single, 23, Ohio


1900 U.S. Census of City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota (Ward 6).

               (Middle initials cannot be read)

      Steelman, Chas. head, August 1856, 43, Ohio, New Jersey, Ireland

                       Clara, wife, July 1870, 29, Minnesota, Pa., Pa.

                       Bruce, son January 1894, 6, Minnesota, Ohio, Minnesota

                       Clyde, son September 1892, 7 Minnesota, Ohio, Minnesota

                                   (last two states are the birth States of the parents)

                          Vaguir, L.R. servant, August 1877, 29, Minn, Tenn, Wisc.


1900 U.S. Census for Grove Park Township, Polk County, Minnesota (note: not Elisha A. Steelman):

      Steelman, Elisha F.  head  October 1849, 50, Ohio, N.J. Ireland

                      Winona, wife,  February 1856, 44, Minn, England, Maine

                       Harry W.   son  October 1881, 18, Minn, Ohio, Minn

                       Elsie C.     dau   March 1884,  16, Minn, Ohio, Minn

                       Elnorna A, dau, November 1886, 13, Minn, Ohio, Minn

                       Helen S.,    dau, January 1893,  7, Minn, Ohio, Minn


1920 U.S. Census of Plevna, Fallon County, Montana, page 10B


            Clyde Steelman, head, 27, Mn, Ohio, Mn, farmer; Nina Steelman, wife 24, Mn, Mn, Wisc; Ashton Steelman, son, 1, Minnesota.


1930 U.S. Census of 12th Ward, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota,


            Clyde A. Steelman, head, 37, married age 25, Mn, Mn, Mn, order clerk paint company; Nina L. Steelman, wife, 33, married age 21, Mn, Mn, Wisc; Ashton C. Steelman, 11, Minnesota; Allaire L. Steelman, 9 Montana; Ronald K. Steelman 6, Montana.