James Morphew (5th Generation in America)

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James Morphew  (5th Generation in America)

Rebecca Hogan



·        Putnam County Deeds of James Morphew (1805)

·        New information on children 

·        Census records for family and children                                           

James Morphew:

      Born:  15 December 1805 on Elk Creek, Wilkes County, North Carolina

      Died:  24 September 1871 at Wapello County, Iowa

      Married October 5, 1825 at Estill County, Kentucky to Rebecca Hogan.  Marriage  

            bond recorded at Estill County is dated 20 September 1826.

      Parents Joseph Morphew (~1775 – 1851) and Avis Eggers (~1778 – 1823)


Rebecca Hogan

      Born: 28 November 1799 in Tennessee

      Died:  23 November 1873 at Wapello County, Iowa

      Parents:  William Hogan (? To 1827) and Nancy Wadlaw (1779 - ?)              

            2nd Edition/Morphew-Murphy Story – J.R.Murphy 15 January 2002


*See Special Map of Family Settlements in Madison and Estill County, Kentucky – map9.TIF


*See Special Map of Morphews and Burkes – map8.TIF




THE EARLY YEARS – 1812-1820


James Morphew is to be remembered for his moves westward, spanning half a continent and is responsible for many of the Morphews in western Untied States.  He began a search for lands which would grow his crops and would allow his people to prosper.  He passed this dream on to his son who continued the search in 1865 when Humphrey S. Morphew, Sr. completed the westward journey to Oregon on a wagon train. 


James was six years old when his parents pulled up stakes in North Carolina in 1811.      Our youngster saw many things on the move to Pebble County, Ohio and/or Franklin County, Indiana.  Whether his parents may have lived in Lee County, Virginia before passing through Cumberland Gap is not known.  With wide eyes, James watched his parents, uncles, relatives, and neighbors gather into a single wagon train for their journey to the northwest.  He probably spent many a mile walking beside his father’s wagon loaded with their family possessions.  Their progress was slow with the primitive road little more than a series of wheel-breaking ruts, bottomless mud holes, and time consuming river fords.  More than once he probably watched his father and other elders form a human chain to push out a mired wagon and help the horses pull the heavy wagons over a particularly steep ridge or hill.


The family undoubtedly took several milk cows and maybe one or two sheep, and James spent many an hour herding them along side the family wagon, or tending them with food during the wagon train stops.  During the late afternoon after they camped, he saw his elders take their guns and disappear into Kentucky forest to bag game for their meals.  During the late afternoon, he probably was all ears listening to friends his own age spin tales about blood-thirsty Indians.  The romantic notions about the evening campfires probably didn’t exist much for the Morphews.  They were too busy cleaning game for food, or mending the wagon and clothes, and preparing for an early dawn departure.  James probably did spend many a night lying awake listening to the cry of wolves somewhere far off in the darkness. 


James’s parents settled possibly as early as 1813 in Franklin County (became Union County), Indiana or briefly in Pebble County, Ohio 1819.  In 1820 they show up on the U.S. census for Union County, Indiana.  




In 1825 or 1826, we find James Morphew in Estill County, Kentucky.  He is now 19 or 20 years old and he visits his oldest brother Nathan, cousins James, and Daniel Eggers  who had just homesteaded land there. 





Estill County, Kentucky record:  Surveyed for James Eggers 28 July 1825, 200 acres of Stone Cole Fork of Elk Lick Fork of Sturgeon Creek, in the presence of Daniel Eggers, Nathan Morphew house....    Elk Lick Fork of this creek is about 5 miles southwest of present-day Beattyville, Lee County (old Estill County), Kentucky and is at the eastern edge of Daniel Boone National Forest.  


A new generation had grown up and was getting married.   In 1825 or 1826 James fell in love with a Hogan girl, and on October 5, 1825 he married Rebecca in Estill County. 





Marriage Bond recorded in Estill County Kentucky:  For the sum of 50 pounds to which payment made (by) James Murphey and William Hogan...between James Murphy and Rebecca Hogan.  Signed:  William Hogan, 20th day of September 1826.


Family records state Rebecca was nearly 26 years old, almost 6 years older than James.  The age difference raises questions.   Was Rebecca married before meeting James Morphew?   Grace Morphew has suggested that James married a widow with one child, whose first name was Mahalia (or Mahala), born 1818.  The Bible of his son, William Morphew, mentions Mahalia, but the information doesn’t indicate the parents.  James and Rebecca name one child, Rebecca Mahalia Morphew, and Rebecca is unlikely would give two children the name of Mahalia.   The above marriage bond between James “Murphey” and Rebecca Hogan proves her maiden name when her father, William Hogan, signs.   


Morphew tax records in Estill County are found for only the year 1827 with Nathaniel Murphy and 3 James Murphys, one of which must be our James.  In the following year both are missing (a nonrelated James Murphy exists in this county for a number of years).   Rebecca Hogan’s father dies in early 1827 and her husband “James Murphew” had to sign as an heir. a legal document permitting the sale of the Hogan land in 15 September 1827.   Somehow tales of new and much better land opening up in Indiana reached their ears; Nathan and Daniel Eggers Jr. are gone by 1826, the Morphews and Hogans by late 1827 or 1828.      




James and Rebecca head to Putnam County, Indiana in 1827, where many relatives and Morphews were moving.  Arlie Morphew helps us with the records at Putnam County, Indiana, and suggests that the Morphews came “el masse” and settled either in Monroe Township (Uncle James, born 1776 and his children: David, Sarah, Mary, Silas, Diana, and Ezra.).  In Floyd Township were James and Rebecca and their children.   Benjamin (born 1811) who hadn’t yet married was near Nathan (born 1798) and his wife Lucy from Pebble County, Ohio.  All the Morphews were less than 4 –5 miles apart.  This land was heavily forested and the river bottoms provided the best farm lands and forest products among the hilly countryside.  The territory was untamed wilderness and much work was required to clear the area for farming.  Putnam County itself had its very first settler in 1822, only five or six years prior.


The U.S. Census of 1830 of Floyd Township, Putnam County lists James + Rebecca with one son and one daughter less than five years of age.  Later in 1834, James became administrator of the estate of Washington Hogan, who was an uncle to Rebecca.  The details of this probate are summarized in the William Hogan chapter. 


Where James actually lived in Floyd Township is difficult to tell, because he bought and sold quite a bit of land.  Deed indexes seem to be incomplete.






Putnam County, Indiana, 27 March 1835 Daniel + Jane Eggers and James + Rebecca Morphew sell to James Eggers 80 acres for $390 in Floyd Township (SE½ of NE¼ of S28, T15, R3.)  This land is about 1.25 miles west from the south end of Heritage Lake. 


Putnam County, Indiana, 15 May 1835:  James Morphew from Henry Secrest, commissioner for the Washington Hogan estate, about 80 acres for $150 in Floyd Township (W½ of NW¼ Section 4, Township 15, Range 3).  This land is 3 miles east of Bainbridge and is at the Way West Airpark.  This land was sold by James and Rebecca Morphew to William Eggers on 5 February 1842.


Putnam County, Indiana, 14 October 1836:  James Morphew from David Allen (husband of Nancy Hogan), 40 acres for $150 in Floyd Township (SW of NW S22, T15, R3).   This land is on Clear Creek and is about 1/3 mile west of Heritage Lake.


Putnam County, Indiana, 10 March 1837, James and Rebecca Morphew sold 80 acres to William Eggers for $200 (E½ of SE S24, T15, R4).  Later Morphew purchased back half the land on 5 February 1842:  William Eggers sold to James Morphew 40 acres for $100 in Monroe Township (SE¼ of SE1/4 S24, T15, R4).  This land was sold by James and Rebecca Morphew on 22 November 1844 for $300 and appears to be their last record in Putnam County. 





        The land of Putnam County was good to the Morphews, for many descendants stayed put; even in 1965, a Jesse C. Morphew (Fillmore, Indiana) and Mrs. Leonard Morphew (Roachdale, Indiana lived near the original farms.  Many Morphews were born or married here.  Benjamin (born 1811) married twice here and Arlie Morphew is his grandson.  Joshua Morphew (born 1814) married Naomi Aldridge, who later moved to Illinois when her husband died.  Even Morphews married Morphews -  Malinda Morphew to David Morphew on February 19, 1854.  Today the main concentration of the Indiana group is now at Danville, Indianapolis, and Plainfield, which are a few miles outside the county. 




Arlie Morphew once wrote:  “The Morphews really used to have wing-ding reunions, and when I was 5 years old, I can remember them coming just like the locusts settling on the Pharohs – by wagon, buggy, on foot, and horse back.  But time caught up with them.  Some of the old ones died, so they were discontinued.  In 1925 the reunion was started up again then for several years in Putnam County.”  At one reunion over 125 Morphews attended.  The reunions stopped in 1942 for the war, since many were going over seas to fight for their country.  In 1964 they were again started in combination with the McCloud Clan who married so many Morphews.  There are hopes that these may continue bigger and better in years to come.




From Arlie Morphew:  “I’ll tell you now, very hard to find any record of where they are buried.  They just vanished and they were in Putnam County by the dozens.  Several are buried at Barnard, Putnam County, several at Clear Creek, south of Groveland, and old Russell Cemetery.  Don’t know about James and Polly.  But Lucy and Nathan lived south of Barnard in Jackson Township until about 1875, but where they’re buried I can’t say - probably south of Higgins Bridge 3 miles north of New Maysville.  Ben is buried in Page Cemetery in Hendricks County, died 27 April 1897.”




“You may wonder what they all did in Putnam County?  They operated a large water grist mill and saw mill, and old deeds show they received or bought and cleared 100’s of acres of land from 1835 to 1858.  Ben sold 160 acres when he moved to Hendrick County and moved his grist water mill from Clear Creek to Gell River, southwest of North Salem.” From letters of Arlie Morphew.




James and Rebecca Morphew sold their last land in November 1844 to Christopher Perkins and then left Indiana. 




Possibly the reason that James broke family ties at Putnam County, Indiana in 1845 may have something to do with a letter by a Samuel R. Morphew to a relative of James, calling him dear cousin, and dated 1842 at Fulton County, Illinois:


“Tell Silas to come out here and look this country over (Fulton County), it has

Indiana skinned a mile.”


A number of Putnam County, Indiana, settlers were already living in Fulton County.  I have a hunch that James did not come to Fulton County to farm land, but was involved in some sort of business venture. 


In December 15, 1845 James Morphew is recorded buying land from Samuel and Mary Ann Minnick at the southwest edge of St. David, Illinois.  The land involved the mill seat and mill yard at St. David, but it isn’t clear whether James bought it or it was excluded from the lands he obtained.  More likely he had some sort of business or store related to the activities of the mill.  On October 7, 1857, James and Rebecca Morphew sold to the Peoria and Hannibal Railroad Company for $1 the right of way along their land on the very southwest corner of St. David.




With the magic of new lands opening up in Iowa, James and Rebecca headed west, probably at the bidding of the rest of their relatives and friends.  The Morphews did accompany their neighbors.  The 1850 census of District 13 of Wapello County, Iowa shows living with them Eliah Allumbaugh (age 21) with his wife Rebecca (age 19) and their young baby, James.  Next door was their son William Morphew (age 21) with wife Sarah Allumbaugh (age 19) and Garrett, less than 5 months old.  Adjacent to them was William Hogan (age 48) and his wife Jane and family.




Our first record of their return is the 1860 census of Buckhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois.   Living with them are Margaret (age 15) and Riley (age 24) - who is helping with the farm work and Martha Allumbaugh (age 14), daughter of Garrett who now living nearby in the household of Martin Allumbaugh.  Next door is the son Humphrey S. Morphew with wife Mary and son, Perry (age 1).   In 1860, James and Rebecca Morphew sold to their son, William Morphew, 35 acres for $800 on Section 21 in Buckhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois.




James and Rebecca next settled on land a little north of Nora Springs.  According to Ory Morphew and Mrs. H.S. Morphew, Jr. (both of Nora Springs), James and Rebecca later pulled up stakes and join other relatives living in Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa, near Bladensburg in 1870.   James died there on 24 September 1871 and Rebecca on 23 November 1873.   According to Mrs. Lucy Eaton of Garden City, Minnesota:  “I believe my grandparents (James and Rebecca Morphew) were buried at Bladensburg, Iowa.  Many years ago when I was a young teenager we visited my father’s sister Nancy and Elijah Eggers there, and we went to a cemetery not far from their home, as a I remember it was where my Grandparents were buried.”




At Putnam County, most of the children of James and Rebecca were born, except Nancy.


1.  NANCY MORPHEW was born 5 October 1826 at Estill County, Kentucky and died 15 January 1901 in Bladensburg, Wapello County, Iowa..  Married first to James Scott in Putnam County, Indiana on 28 Augusta 1842; second to Elijah Eggers in Fulton County, Illinois, on 19 March 1846. Elijah Eggers was born 12 October 1827 and died on 27 April 1909 and is buried at Bladensburg Cemetery.  They lived in the following locations:



1.  1850 and 1860 – census not yet found.

         2.  1870 in Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa

         3.  1880 in Bladenburg, Wapello County, Iowa

         4.  1900 in Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa.


They had three children, names not known.  The 1900 census states none of the children were living.  


2.  WILLIAM (H?) MORPHEW was born 10 January 1829 at Putnam County, Indiana, and died 5 March 1912 at Garden City, Minnesota.  He married first to Sarah Allumbaugh at Fulton County, Illinois on 24 June 1846 (County Record) or 18 June 1846 (Bible Record).  Married second to Mary A. Hines in April 1876.  William died 5 March 1912 at Garden City, Minnesota.  See next generation.


3.  REBECCA MAHALA MORPHEW was born 4 August 1831 at Putnam County, Indiana and died 3 September 1900 at Hastings, Iowa and is buried at Nora Springs.  She married 1st to Elijah Allumbaugh (brother of Sarah Allumbaugh) on 30 November 1848 at Fulton County, Illinois (county record).  Elijah Allumbaugh was born 2 February 1828 and died 8 July 1868 and is bured at Blandensburg Cemetery, Blandensburg, Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa.  Rebecca married 2nd to Thompson Cool, probably in Iowa about 1871, and married 3rd to Al Keller in Iowa.   Rebecca lived in the following locations:


         1.  1850 - Elijah + Rebecca Allenbaugh:  District 13, Wapello County, Iowa

         2.  1860 - Elijah + Rebecca Allenbaugh:  Buckheart Twp, Fulton County, Illinois

         3.  1870 - Rebecca Alumbaugh:  Desmoins Township, Jefferson County, Iowa

         4.  1880 - census not found yet

         5.  1900 - Rebecca Keller: Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa       


In 1870, Rebecca (Morphew Allumbaugh) was living in Jefferson County, Iowa (per census record), and there is a Thompson Cool in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson County, whose gravestone reads “1840 - 14 March 1893 – Iowa, Co. B., 19th Iowa Inf.”   The birth dates seem dissimilar and the link cannot be made at this time. 


In 1900 Rebecca was living with her son, Elijah Cool (born 1872), and his new wife of 6 months, Nettie May, in Nora Springs, Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa.  Descendants of the Elijah Allumbaugh family are detailed in Donna J. Alumbaugh’s 1981 book, “Allumbaugh-Alumbaugh Family – 1740 to 1981.”  A second edition is expected soon.. 


Children of the 1st marriage: (1) James Garrett Allumbaugh (1 December 1849 – 3 October 1900), (2) Mary Margaret Allumbaugh (7 September 1851 – 4 September 1852), (3) Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Allumbaugh (4 October 1856 – 17 June 1932),  (4) Martha Ellen Allumbaugh (20 October 1856 – 6 February 1920), (5) Charles Norton Allumbaugh (31 October 1858 – 28 July 1859),  (6) William Hogan Allumbaugh (24 October 1861 – 25 February 1946), (7) Anna Allis Allumbaugh (13 October 1863 – 24 December 1867 ), (8) Letta Estella Allumbaugh (13 March 1867 – 27 March 1867). 


Children of the second marriage: (1) Elijah Milton Cool (July 1872).

4.  RUTH ANN MORPHEW was born 13 November 1834 at Putnam County, Indiana and died 26 June 1912 at Nora Springs, Iowa (Spring Grove Cemetery at Rock Grove, Floyd County, Iowa.  Ruth Ann married Moses J. Tatum on 28 October 1852.  Moses was born January 1833 and died 23 June 1909 (Spring Grove Cemetery at Rock Grove, Floyd County, Iowa).   They lived in the following locations:


         1.  1850 - Ruth Ann Morphew:  District 13, Wapello County, Iowa

         2.  1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 – Moses J. and Ruth A. Tatum:  Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa.  The 1880 census indicates the town of Nora Springs.  


Children are:  (1) James Riley Tatum (25 May 1858), (2) Moses A. Tatum (24 October 1861), (3) Osker J Tatum (27 January 1865), (4) Rebecca Ellen Tatum (2 October 1868), (5) Joseph Edwin Tatum (25 April 1873), (6) James Tatum  (30 June 1875), (7) William Frederick Tatum (29 September 1876), (8) Gertrude Tatum (6 November 1879). 


5.  JAMES RILEY MORPHEW was born 26 August 1836 at Green Castle, Putnam County, Indiana and died 8 March 1912 at Ocheyedan, Iowa..  He married 1st  to __ and 2nd to Sarah Melisa Smiddy on 23 July 1860 at Nora Springs, Iowa.  They lived in the following locations:


         1.  1850 – James R. Morphew:  District 13, Wapello County, Iowa

         2.  1860 – Riley Morphew:  Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois

         3.  1870, 1880 – James R. and Sarah M. Morphew, Rock Grove Township, Floyd 

                        Co, Iowa.

         4.  1900 – census not found yet.


Children of the second marriage:  (1) Richard Fayette Morphew (5 May 1861); (2) Margaret Ann Morphew (17 June 1863), (3) James Humphrey  Morphew (31 January 1865), (4) Martha Jane Morphew (11 August 1867), (5) William Joseph Morphew (20 January 1870), (6) John Riley Morphew (28 December 1874), (7) Sarah Louella Morphew (16 September  1875), (8) Rosetta Morphew (11 September 1877), (9) Marion Tavis Morphew (1 March 1879), (10) Charles Franklin Morphew (23 March 1880), (11) George Augustus Morphew (11 May 1883).


6.  HUMPHREY STURGES MORPHEW was born 26 January 1839 at Putnam County, Indiana and died 8 May 1919 at Nora Springs, Iowa, age 80, and is buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa.  He married 1st to Mary Ellen Shields on 16 November 1858 at Fulton County, Illinois, and 2nd to Amanda Gish (17 August 1846 – 22 September 1924).  They lived in the following locations:


         1.  1850 – Humphrey Morphew:  District 13, Wapello County, Iowa

         2.  1860 – Humphrey Morphew:  Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois

         3.  1870 -  census not found yet

         4.  1880 – H.S. and Amanda Morphew:  Portland, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

         5.  1900 – H.S. and Amanda Morphew:  Rock Grove Township, Floyd Co., Iowa  


Children of the 1st marriage: (1) Perry Sylvester Morphew (16 July 1859), (2) Sephronia Belle Morphew (18 February 1861), (3) Rebekah Triphenia Morphew (29 March 1868), (4) Mary Ellen Morphew (16 November 1864). 


Children of the 2nd marriage: (1) Cariola Morphew (12 October 1866), (2) Henry A Morphew (4 January 1869), (3) Humphrey Sturges Morphew (14 August 1870), (4) Amanda M. Morphew (26 January 1873), (5) George Morphew (27 January 1874), (6) Sonia “Sena” Morphew (11 October 1876), (7) Ollie Wallace Morphew (7 December

1878), (8) Harry Edmond Morphew (29 March 1881), (9) Orra “Ory” Morphew (1 July 1889).   


7.  ESTER MARGARET MALINDA MORPHW, “Margaret.” was born 10 February 1846 at Fulton County, Illinois and died in 1901 at Tracey, Lyle County, Minnesota   She married Squire D. Morris, whose middle name is thought to be David and the name he used.   Fulton County, Illinois, county marriage records state:  “Easter M. M. Morphew” to Squire Morris on 8 October 1863.  The Morris family has been found in the following census:


         1880 Squire D. and Ester Morris, Nora Springs, Wapello County, Iowa


Children are only partly understood:  (1) Nancy Morris, (1866, possibly in Wapello County, Iowa), (2) Rebecca Frances Morris (8 February 1870 or 1867, possibly in  Wapello County, Iowa), (3) William Nelson Morris (1876, possibly in Wapello County, Iowa), (4) Moses Augustus Morris (1878, possibly in Floyd County, Iowa, (5) Lucretia Morris (13 September 1881 in Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa), (6) Mable Morris (1888 in Minnesota). 


8.  AVIS SELENE (CELINDA) MORPHEW.  Born 17 February 1842 at Putnam County, Indiana.  Died as a child, according to family records.  However Fulton County, Illinois marriages list in 22 January 1860, Celinda Morphew to Sylvanus Johnson .  The 1860 census states Sylvanus, age 28 and Salenda (Celinda), age 18.  No further trace has been found, and possibly she died shortly after the marriage.


9.  DANIEL HIRAM MORPHEW.  Born 9 February 1841 at Putnam County, Indiana.  Died the next day.


10.  ELIZABETH MORPHEW.  Born 23 December 1832 at Putnam County, Indiana.  Died as a child.





1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana


            Murfree, James:

                  1 male and 1 female 0-<5; Nancy (1826), William (1829)

                  1 male 20-<30; James Morphew (1805)

                  1 female 20-<30; wife Rebecca (1799)


            Murfree, Phebe (next household to James Morphew)

                  male 40-<50; probably husband Jonathan Aldridge.  Why use the

                  name “Murfree” instead of Aldridge? 

                  1 female 5-<10;   Mary (1824/25)

                  1 female 10-<15; Naomi (1819/20)

                  1 female 30-<40; Phobe Morphew (1799)


1850 U.S Census of District 13, Wapello County, Iowa, shows James Morphew, family #602, house #602, age 44, farmer, born. N.C.  These records are useful to compare with known information.

            Morphew, James 44, farmer, born N.C.

                  Rebecca, age 50, born Tenn.

                  Ruth A. 15, Indiana

                  James R. 14, Indiana

                  Humphrey 12, Indiana

                  Sylana (girl) 8, Indiana  (Celinda)

                  Margaret  4, Illinois

                  In the same household is Elijah Ellembaugh, 21, Illinois,

                  Rebecca Ellembaugh, 19 Indiana, and James Ellembaugh 10/12

                  Illinois.   (This is Rebecca Mahalia Morphew)


     The adjacent house has William Morphew:  

            Morphew, William, age 21, born Indiana

                  Sarah, age 19, Illinois

                  James G., age 4/12 Iowa


    The next household to James Morphew and William Morphew is William Hogan

            Hogan, William 48, carpenter, Tennessee

                  Jane, can’t read birth date, born Indiana

                  Mary 20, Indiana

                  James 18, Indiana

                  Elizabeth 13, Indiana

                  Anderson 8, Indiana

                  Andrew 7, Indiana

                  Sarah 5, Indiana

                  Emeline 3, Indiana

                  Martha E. 5/12 Iowa 


1860 U.S. Census for Fulton County, Illinois shows the following persons living in

Buckheart Township:


           Morphew, William, age 30, farmer, born Indiana

                  Sarah 29, Illinois

                  James 10, Iowa

                  Riley 7, Iowa

                  Rebecca 5, Illinois

                  William 3, Illinois

                  Calloway 2/12, Illinois

                  Living with them  is Martha Alembaugh, age 14, Illinois 

                  (daughter of Garrett Allumbaugh)


   Next door is William’s parents:

            Murphew, James 54, farmer, North Carolina

                  Rebecca 60, Tennessee

                  Margaret 15, Illinois

                  Riley 24, farmhand, Indiana                      


   Next door is James and Rebecca Morphew’s son:

            Murphew, Humphrey 21, farmer, Indiana

                  Mary 22, Illinois

                  Perry 1, Illinois


       Also living in 1860 Buckheart Township:  


            Johnson, Sylvanus 28, Carpenter, born Ohio

                  Salenda 18, Indiana

                  Manda 21, Illinois


            Allenbaugh, Elijah 32, farmer, born Illinois

                  Rebecca, 28, Indiana, born Indiana

                  James 10 male, Illinois

                  Benjamin, 6, Iowa

                  Martha, 3, Illinois


            Allenbaugh, John 26, Illinois with Jane 21, Illinois and family

            Willcoxen, Jordon 52, farmer, born North Carolina

                  Sarah 80, Virginia

                  Also living with them:

                  Sarah Carney 55, Virginia

                  William Bolin 16, farmhand, Ohio.


            Allenbaugh, Martin 38, farmhand, Kentucky

                  Anna 27, Ohio

                  Henry 1, Illinois

                  Garet 72, Virginia

                  Elizabeth 16, Illinois 


1860 U.S. Census for Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa:


            Tatum, Moses J. 26, farmer, Illinois

                  Ruth A. 25, Indiana

                  Margaret 5, Iowa

                  James R. 2, Iowa.  On the same page of census is:


            Tatum, James, 41, farmer, Indiana (no wife listed)

                  Lucinda, 19, Kentucky

                  William 14, Iowa

                  Joseph A. 5, Iowa

                  Anne E. 1, Iowa


1870 U.S. Census for Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa:

            Eggers, Elijah 42, laborer, born Illinois

                  Nancy 43, housekeeper, born Kentucky

                  (Nancy is Nancy (Morphew) Eggers


            Morphee, James 64, farmer, born North Carolina

                  Rebecca 70, housekeeper, born Tennessee 

                  In the household is Sarah Hobbs, age 50, born Ohio.   Both James

                  and Rebecca are listed as handicapped (i.e. blindness, deafness,

                  etc.).  Also states James cannot read, but can this be due to

                  blindness?   Sarah attended school in the previous year.


1870 U.S. Census of Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa


            Tatum, Moses 36, farmer, Illinois

                  Ruth A. 36, Indiana   This is Ruth A. Morphew Tatum                                 

                  Alice 13, Iowa

                           Moses J. 7, Iowa

                  Ellen 2, Iowa


Next door is:

            Morphew, James 33, farmer, Indiana (James Riley Morphew)

                  Sarah M. 27, Iowa

                  James H. 5, Iowa

                  Martha J. 2, Iowa

                  William 5/12, Iowa


Next door is:

            Tatum, James 51, farmer, Indiana

                  Lucinda 30, Kentucky

                  Anna E 10, Iowa

                  Mary A 7, Iowa

                  Andrew J. 6, Iowa

                  Louisa 3, Iowa

                  Humphrey 4/12, Iowa  


1870 U.S. Census of Webster Township, Floyd County, Iowa


            Tatum, James 79, farmer, North Carolina (Son of James P. Tatum - see Tatum Chapter.)

                  Rebecca 74, North Carolina

                  Jesse 46, farmer, Kentucky  

                  Wesley 27, farmer, Illinois

                  Ida 4, Iowa


Also one entry away from James Tatum, age 79

            Tatum, Landrine 41 farmer, Illinois

                  Hester 47, Kentucky (daughter of Washington Hogan)

                  Nancy 20, Iowa

                  Asbury 18, farmer, Iowa

                  Roseta 17, Iowa

                  Lydia 15, Iowa

                  Margrett 13, Iowa

                  Landrine 11, Kansas

                  Mary 9, Kansas

                  Henry C. 6, Iowa                           


1870 U.S. Census of Union Township, Floyd County, Iowa

            Tatum, Henry, age 46, farmer, Kentucky and family

            Tatum, James W, age 28, tenant, Illinois and family 

            Tatum, Thomas, 23, farmer, Illinois and family


1870 U.S. Census of Desmoins Township, Jefferson County, Iowa, (page 047)


            Alumbaugh, Rebecca, 38, keeping house, born Indiana

                  Frank 15, Iowa

                  Martha 13, Iowa

                  William 9, Iowa    


1880 U.S. Census of Nora Springs, Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa,


            Tatem, Moses J., self, age 47, born Illinois

                  Rutheann, wife, 45, Indiana  (daughter of James Morphew – 1805)

                  Moses A., son, single, 18, Iowa

                  Ellen, daughter, 11, Iowa

                  Joseph, son, 7, Iowa

                  Frederick Tatem, son, 3, Iowa

                  In same house: Ole Nelson, other, 49, Norway.


            Morphew, James R. self, 43, born Indiana

                  Sarah, wife, 37, Illinois

                  Humphrey, son, 15, single, Iowa

                  Jane, daughter, 12 Iowa

                  William, son, 10, Iowa

                  John, son, 7, Iowa

                  Charles, 2 months, Iowa.


            Morris, Squire D. self, age 50, born Indiana

                  Ester, wife, 34, born Illinois  (Ester Morphew)

                  Nancy, daughter, single, 13, Iowa

                  Rebecca F., daughter 7, Iowa

                  William N., son 4, Iowa

                  Augustus, son, 1, Iowa 



1880 U.S. Census of Bladensburg, Wapello County, Iowa


            Eggers, Elijah, self, 52, Illinois

                  Nancy, wife, 53, Kentucky  (daughter of James Morphew – 1805)


1880 U.S. Census of Portland, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa


            Morphew, H.S., self, 41, Indiana

                  Amanda, wife, 32, Ohio

                  Henry, son, 11, Iowa

                  Sturgis, son, 7, Iowa

                  Seriah, daughter, 3, Iowa

                  Ollie W., son, 1,  Iowa


1900 U.S. Census of Pleasant Township, Wapello County, Iowa, page 301A, 19 June 00



     Eggers, Elijah, head, November 1827, age 72, married 54 yrs, born Ill, parents N.C.

                  Nancy, wife, Oct. 1826, 73, marr. 54 yrs, 3 children, none living, Ky, N.C. Tn


1900 U.S. Census of Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa,


     Tatum, Moses, head, January 1833, age 67, married 47, born Ill., parents N.C. (p. 225)

                  Ruth A. wife, November 1834, 65, 47, 6 children, 6 living, Ind, parents Ky.

                  Fred W. son, September 1876, 28, married, born Iowa

                  Ida May, granddaughter,April 1877, 23, married, no children, Iowa, parents Ia

                  __ __, grandson, December 1881, 18, single, born Iowa, father In, mother Ia.


     Morphew, H.S., head, January 1838, 62, married 34 yrs., born In, father-N.C. mo-Tn

                  Amanda, wife, August 1845, 54, m-34, 7 children, 5 living, Ohio, Penn, Ohio

                  Oliver, son, October 1878, 21, single, Iowa

                  Harry, son, March 1882, 18, single, Iowa

                  Ora J. son, June 1887, 12, single, Iowa.


     Cool, Elijah, head, July 1872, 27, married 6/12 yr, born Iowa, parents born Indiana

                  Nettie May, wife, March 1874, 26, 6/12 yr, no children, Iowa, Ky., Wisconsin

                  Rebecca Keller, mother, August 1831, 68,widow,7 children,5 living, In, In, In.

                  (daughter of James Morphew – 1805)   The 7 children should be 9.