William Wadlow/Wadley ~1745 - 1795

      William and Mary Womack Wadley/Wadley (circa 1745 to 1795)

 Family and Descendants



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On Mary Jane Wadley (1827 – 1895) + James Farmer

Daughter of Jordon Wadley (1800/10 to <1840)  


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William Wadlow (Wadley)


Born at an unknown date – estimated about 1745, probably Goochland County, Virginia  

Married on 9 April 1767 in Goochland County, Virginia to Mary Womack, by Rev. William Douglas.*   After William Wadlow died, Mary married 2nd to __ Whitnel or Whitzel after 1805, probably in Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Linda Rogers Grinnell speculated that Mary's 2nd husband was Robert Whitzel (or Whitnel) because of a 7 October 1791 Sullivan County deed to the Wadlow/Waddle/Waddell heirs was witnessed by Robert Whitzel (email of 12 February 2007)

Died: 1795 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Parents: Thomas and Martha Wadlow – details in their own Chapter.

Surname spelling: changed to Wadley about 1805, but pronounced Wadley earlier.

         Family records: none identified. 


Mary Womack

Born: ~1749

Died: 1814 Rutherford County, Tennessee

Parents: not determined.

* The Douglas Register, edited by W. Mac Jones, 1928 with undated reprints.  This was a record of births, marriages and deaths as kept by Rev. William Douglas from 12 October 1750 until 5 September 1777 in the St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County, Virginia.  Douglas later transferred to Maniken Town (King William Parish) for 19 years and Buckingham County for four years.


This Chapter Covers the Following Wadlow/Wadleys:


William Wadlow/Wadley (~1745 to 1795) and wife Mary Womack (~1749 to ~1814) of Goochland and Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia; widow Mary later in Rutherford County, Tennessee.   Children are I to VIII and grandchildren 1, 2, 3, etc.

(I). Mary Wadley

(II). Lenirisa Wadley

(III). Elander Wadley

(IV). William Wadley “II” (~1768 to 1841) + Jane of Sullivan County, Tennessee and Hardin County, Kentucky.  Children are 1 – 8.

1. John Wadley (1794/1880 to >1840) + Deborah Marshall

2. Jacob Wadley (1790/1800 to 1838) + Phebe Marshall

3. Jordan Wadley + Nancy Castleman

4. Jane Wadley (1805/06 to ?) + John Edlin

5. Mary Wadley + Mark Marshall

6. Eden Wadley (1808/09 to 1860) + Mary “Polly” Walls

7. Anna Wadley + Coonrod Castleman

8. William “Jackson” Wadley (1823/24 to 1902) + Rebecca Marshall

(V). Thomas Wadley (1772/73 to ~1812) of Sullivan County, Tennessee

(VI). Daniel S. Wadley (1775/76 to 1859) + Martha __ of Rutherford, Hickman and Henderson Counties, Tennessee

(VII). Samuel Wadley (1783/84 to >1850) + Susan __ of Rutherford County, Tennessee.

(VIII). John Wadley (~1780 to 1861) + 1st Laucile Young + 2nd Mary “Polly” Rogers of Rutherford and Bedford Counties, Tennessee. Children are 1 to 10.

1. Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Wadley (1808 to 1886) + 1st Thomas Stommer + 2nd  James Redman

2. __ Wadley (1810)

3. Eleanor “Ellen” H. Wadley (1812 – 1894) + Alexander Keith

4. Mary Jane “Polly” Wadley (1815 to 1900) + 1st George Washington Parish + 2nd Newton Reddick

5. Frances Wadley (1817)

6. Matilda Wadley (1820 to ~1845) + Demos R.D. Dobyns

7. Melinda Wadley (1821 twin) +  1st Malcom G. Nichols + 2nd Jacob S. Rich

8. Minerva P. Wadley (1821 twin) + William Jacob Osteen

9. Lucretia S. Wadley (1824 to >1880) + John G. Primrose

10. John “Thomas” Wadley (1827 to 1893) + Mary Savannah John


William Wadlow/Wadley and/or Mary Womack lived in the following locations:


            1.  Goochland County, Virginia to 1770+

            2.  Maryland ~1775 – Daniel S. Wadley born Maryland

            3.  Washington County, Virginia 1777/78 petition (questionable)

            4.  Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1777 – 1795

            5.  Pittsylvania County with Mary only 1795 – 1800

            6.  Sullivan County, Tennessee - ???

            7.  Rutherford County, Tennessee 1808(?) to 1814+


Tracking William Wadlow (Wadley) + Mary Womack


            The only surviving U. S. Census record for William Wadley + Mary Womack Wadlow Whitnel or Whitzel is the 1810 Rutherford County, Tennessee Census.  Mary must be the female age 45+, unnamed but noted in the family of her son, John Wadley.  In her 1814 will, Mary lists three daughters, but none appear with the two 1810 Wadley families reported in Rutherford County.  They could be married by 1814.  Major errors probably exist, but the children's listings are similar to other website listings.  Not every Wadley in Sullivan County may belong to the line of William Wadlow/Wadley + Mary Womack.  Pittsylvania tax records do suggest that they had at least 4 sons, if all the unnamed white males age 16 or above were sons. 


Before William Wadlow died in 1795, he apparently obtained land in Sullivan County, Tennessee at or before 1783 which eventually went to his children after his death.   His wife, Mary married 2nd to __ Whitnel.  By 1808, several sons moved on Rutherford County, Tennessee, with their mother following.   In 1814 Rutherford County, Mary wrote her will naming her children.                   


(I) Goochland County, Virginia


1767 April 9: Marriage of William Wadlow to Mary Womack.  Letter of Rev. Wm Douglas certified marriageable ages of contracting parties.  Witnessed by Meredith Price and John Lapliade.


            More early entries for William Wadlow are found in the Thomas + Martha Wadlow chapter.


(II) Pittsylvania County, Virginia

1777 April 1 – Pittsylvania County: Indenture to William Wadlow of Pittsylvania County from John Chadwell of Pittsylvania County for 100 pounds currency Virginia money…a certain mill and tract of land in Pittsylvania County, on both sides of Moblies Cree…90 acres, Hardimanes lin…with houses, orchards, woods, water ways and meadow grounds…(Signed) Jno Chadwell.  Entered 24 April 1777.    Pittsylvania Co. Va. Deed Book 4, page 321.


1777 - Pittsylvania County: Oath of Allegiance: (includes) William Widley


1780 June 25 - Pittsylvania County, Virginia Grant:  William Wadlow, grantee, 300 acres on Beens Creek adjoining Chadwell and etc. 

Source: Land office Grants 1, 1779-1780, Volume 1 and 2, page 1-685, page 523, reel 42.  Available on microfilm.  Virginia State Land Office, Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office, Grants 125-, reels 369.


1782 March 18 - Pittsylvania County:  At a court for (Revolutionary War) claims held at the courthouse of Pittsylvania County the 18th day of March 1782 for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public use:


Undated: William Wadlow for 8 pounds bacon, 18 bushels corn meals, for Cont. 1.12.0 pounds.

"Virginia 'Publick' Claims Pittsylvania County, compiled by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, Iberian Publishing Company, undated.


1785 November 7: Petition of Inhabitants of Pittsylvania – Opposed to reformation of laws for religious teachers of the Christian religions.  Signatures include:  "Wm. Wadlow"



Personal Property Taxes in Pittsylvania County from 1779 - 1812

For any Wadlow (various spellings)

(Numbering system: 1st -White male tithes > age16; 2nd - blacks > age 16; 3rd - blacks 12-16; 4th - horses, mares, mules.  About 1795 item 2 and 3 change places.).  These early tithables list the name of Peyton Smith for 1777, 1776, 1778.  Also Laprede and Womack names show up at various times.   


1779 William Wadlow – 4 tithes including Negroes Pompey, Dick, Amey.  

1780 William Wodlow – 4 tithes Negroes Pompey, Dick, Amey

1782 Wadlow not found

1784 William Wadlow, 2 white people, 1 dwelling house, 1 good cabbin, 5 other cabbins

1786 William Wadlow – 4 tithables: 1 free male above 21, 3 slaves above 21 years, 3 slaves all ages, 5 horses, 17 cattle.

1787 William Wadlow, no males 16-21; 3 blacks <16; 6 horses, mares, colts, and mules, and 10 cattle

1789 William Wadlow 2 3 ? 8           

1790 William Wadlow 1 3 0 8 plus one dwelling and 6 other buildings. Another record states 2 white males. 

1791 William Wadlow 2 4 0 5 (comment: note the 2nd male >16)

1792 William Wadlow 1 3 1 4

1793 Will Wadlow       1 4 0 5

1794 William Wadlow 1 4 0 5

1795 Mary Wadlow      0 0 4 4

1796 Mary Wodlow      1 0 4 4  (comment: note the taxable white male)

1797 Mary Wadlow       0 0 4 4

1798 Mary Wadlow       0 0 4 5

1799 Mary Wadlow       0 0 4 4

1800 Mary Wadlow       0 1 4 3

1806 Mary Wadlow       0 0 0 0 - Geo Adams and Wm Kane(?) to pay



1791 November 1- Pittsylvania County, Virginia: This date, “William Wadlow” wrote his will (abstracted) – I, William Wadlow being weak in body, but of sound mind and memory.  To my dear loving wife Mary, all the land and all other estate to do with as she thinks proper. (signed) William (x) Wadlow.  Witnesses:  Stephan Cornwell, Fanny Cornwell, Alice Church, Jonathun Montg. Church.   Mary Wadlow is executrix.  Probated 20 July 1795.

Abstracts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia Wills 1767-1820,” by Lela C. Adams, 1986


1796 March 28 - Pittsylvania County:  Mary Wadlow sold to William Harrison, both of Pittsylvania...50 pounds...a parcel of land in Pittsylvania County on the branches of the Dan River...150 acres...beginning at William Harrison’s line, south 80 acres E. 54 to George Chadwell’s lines.  (Signed) Mary Wadlow (her mark x).  Witnesses:  John McMillion, John Watson, Wm. Ware, Edmorengott, Peter Perkins, Robt. Harrison, Sam French, Jonathan Montg. Church, John Wilson, James Tachern, Geo Adams, Nicholas Perkins.  (Pittsylvania Co. Va. Deed Book 10, page 425.)  

Comment:  That’s a lot of witnesses.  Why?


1801 - Pittsylvania County:  Indenture 1801 from Mary Wadlow of the County of Pittsylvania, Virginia to William Ware, George Adams, Samuel French of the same county...for 200 pounds Virginia currency money...parcel of land on Mobleys and Beens Creeks...304 acres...where I now live and the whole of the land willed to me by my deceased husband William Wadlow with all kinds of improvements.  (Signed) Mary (her mark x) Wadlow.  Signed and sealed and delivered in the present of: Tavenor Shelton, Valentine Howser (his mark x), Joshua Pruit, Robert (his mark x) Jones.  Present to Court 13 February 1802. 

Pittsylvania Co. Deed Book 10, page 216


1813 - Pittsylvania County - 16 November 1813 Court:  Presents Peter Wilson, Joseph Carter, Nelson Suchert, James Hart – Gentlemen Instiers(?).

Plaintiffs:  John Wilson, Peter Perkins, James Oakes, Wm. Wadlow, Thomas Smith, Constant Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, Nathaniel McGufford, Jr., by his adm. Samuel McGufford.

Defendants:  George Adams, William Owen, John Owen, Agneff Pigg, Obediah Owen.  “This suit be dismissed.”  (The details were not found which is common for these type of records)

Pittsylvania County Court Book, Volume 16, page 123


            Comment:  Note that Peter Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, and George Adams appear in both the 1796 Deed of Mary Wadlow and the 1813 legal action of William Wadlow.  This may be a feeble link between the two Wadlows, but never-the-less, is a clue to one son’s name of the Pittsylvania Wadlows.  The appearance of Peyton Smith, Laprades and Womack families in the taxables suggest ties to earlier Goochland County, Virginia.


1814 January 8 - Rutherford County, Tennessee: Will of Mary Whitnel


“In the Name of God Amen, I, Mary Whitnel of the County of Rutherford and State of Tennessee, being Old and Sick but of perfect Memory, thank God for it, Do make this my last will and testament in Manner and form following to wit, - First I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Wadley all my Cattle, my Mare and all my household furniture and my wearing Clothes to her and her heirs forever, excepting one case, I bequeath to my son Daniel Wadley, also out of the same Estate I give and bequeath to my son John Wadley one Cow, also I give and bequeath to my son Samuel Wadley one Cow, I also give and bequeath to my son Thomas Wadley one Dollar to be paid out of my Estate.  I also give and bequeath to my son William Wadley one Dollar to be paid out of my Estate, Also I give and bequeath to my daughter Lenarisa Wadley one Dollar, also I give and bequeath to my daughter Elander Wadley one Dollar, And I do hereby utterly disallow all and every other will or wills notifying and conforming this to be my last will and Testament, and herby appoint Thomas Nash to be my Executor.  In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, this Eighth day of January 1814, signed sealed and pronounced as my last will in presence of: Thomas F. Sikes, Jesse Sikes.”  Signed Mary (her “X” mark) Whitnel.   Date of probate not known.

Rutherford County probate, roll no. 259, Book 2, 1804-1814, page 288.)


(III). Possible Records of William Wadlow + Mary Womack and heirs

In Washington County, Virginia


            Some Washington County, Virginia records may belong to children of William + Mary Womack Wadlow.  See Chapter 5C - Maryland Wadlow and Wadleys 


(IV). Heirs of William Wadlow + Mary Womack

In Sullivan County, Tennessee


1783 March 18 – Sullivan County, Tennessee: Joseph Cole, Senior, of Sullivan County sold to Elisha Cole 263 acres on the waters of Beaver Creek, beginning on the north side of the creek.  Adjacent to Wadley’s heirs.  This land was registered 16 April 1794.

   Sullivan Co. Deed Book #1-2 Abstracts 1775-1785, page 657 


1788 November 6 – Sullivan County: Henry Mawke and Eve, his wife, of Sullivan County, North Carolina to Alexander Berry of Sullivan County, North Carolina, 200 acres in Sullivan County, North Carolina on North side of Holston River in the Island flats, near the wagon road adjacent Pendleton’s patent line and David Wadley

                        Sullivan Co. Deed Book #1-2 Abstracts 1775-1785, page 88.


Comment – Island flats refer to lands adjacent Long Island in the Holston River, south of Kingsport, which was a battlefield in 1776. 


1791 October 7 – Sullivan County: Deed to Wadlow/Waddle/Waddell Heirs.  Joseph Cole, Sr. sold to William Waddell, Thomas Waddle, Daniel Wadlow, John Wadlow, Samuel Wadlow, deed of warranty, dated 7 October 1791, amount of land not stated, in Sullivan County, Beaver Creek where Heirs now liveWitnesses: Joseph Wallace, Robert Whitzel.  Registered 1 September 1797.

Sullivan Co., Territory of Tn. Deed Book 3 abstract, page 128.


            Comment: What is this deed trying to tell us?  Why is there so much variation in surname spelling?  Why is their mother not mentioned?  Beaver Creek of the South Branch of the Holston River is east of Kingsport with the headwaters of its longest branch near Bristol.


1796 – Sullivan County Tax:  No Wadley, Wadlows.  This is a short list suggesting it to be incomplete

1797 – Sullivan County Tax:  Thomas Wadley - 100 acres; John Waddle - no acres; Martin Waddle – no acres.   Next tax record to survive is 1812.   


1804 March 20 - Sullivan County, Tennessee: William Wadlow sold to Thomas Wadlow, John Wadlow, Samuel Wadlow, 20 acres of said tract in Sullivan County, Tennessee conveyed from Joseph Cole, Senior to Heirs of William Wadlow, deceased, and said William Wadlow do hereby convey my part of said land to the said Thomas, John and Samuel Wadlow and their heirs.  Registered 1 February 1806.

   Sullivan Co. Deed Book #3 (1795-1802+) abstracts, Volume 4, p. 673


1805 November 22 – Sullivan County: Thomas Wadlow, Daniel Wadlow, John Wadlow, Samuel Wadlow, all of Sullivan County sell to Joseph Rhea 100 acres for $450 in Sullivan County, Tennessee, said tract of land was granted by Joseph Cole to Thomas Wadlow, William Wadlow, John Wadlow, and Samuel Wadlow, heirs of William Wadlow, deceased, unto Thomas Wadlow, Daniel Wadlow, John Wadlow, Samuel Wadlow.  Now this indenture sells the land to Joseph Rhea.  Executed November 1805 session.  Registered 2 December 1805.

Sullivan Co. Deed Book Abstracts, Book Vol. 4, page 673  


Comment: On a website listing, Robert A. Wadley, stated that the recorded deed changed Thomas, Daniel, John, and Samuel’s last name to Wadley at the bottom of the document!  This information was not conveyed in the abstract book.


1811 November 4 – Sullivan County:  The following is from Sullivan County Deed Book indexes:  John Wadlow...State of Tennessee...100 acres...4 November 1811.

Sullivan Co. Deed Book 6 extract, page 339.


1812 – Sullivan County:  Jacob Waddle – no acres; John Wadlow (spelling questionable) – 285 acres but no white polls (tax) claimed; John Wadley – 100 acres (polls not shown with his name); John Waddell(?) 100 acres (no polls given and believe it to be from a 2nd list); Thomas Wadley – 100 acres with 1 white pole; Holly Wadley (from another published list, not seen this time).  Next tax record to survive is 1837.  


1837 – Sullivan County: David Wadlow, 1 white poll 6 March 1837, District No. 10, Indian Springs, Chestnut Ridge, Arcadia;  Daniel Waddle, same district, 0 white polls.


            Comment:  Sullivan County Courthouse Tax Records have only 1796, 1797, 1812, 1837, with the next being 1877.  Early deeds exist, but there are no early court or marriage records of any kind, making this a very hard county to research. 




The Forks of the Holston, Long Island and Reedy Creek of the South Fork of the Holston suffered from Indian fighting in 1769, 1774, 1776, and nearby in 1783.  Indian killings in the area ceased about 1795. Also complicating the stability was an inflow of displaced Loyalists and lawlessness.  A “Great Road” for these earliest travelers followed along Reedy Creek between today’s Kingsport and Bristol. 


Slightly southeast of Long Island was the military Fort Patrick Henry, established 1776.  No Wadlows, Wadleys, or Hogans were listed on its 1776 roster of soldiers (Draper Manuscript Collection).  Later lists have not been seen, but might be interesting.  Lands north of the South Branch of the Holston River (within present-day Tennessee) were administered and recorded in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1769-1772, Fincastle County, Virginia in 1772-1776 and Washington County, Virginia in 1776 to, perhaps, 1780.


Between 1784 - 1788, Sullivan Territory joined with several adjacent counties to form the independent and (Lost) State of Franklin.  A December 1787 petition by its citizens requested entry into the United States as the State of Franklin.  There are no Wadlows or Wadleys.  Franklin’s only governor, John Sevier, was arrested in 1788 and put on trial for treason.  Sevier later reappeared to become the first Governor of the State of Tennessee in 1795.   (Website search engine subjects: State of Franklin and John Sevier.)


(VI). Rutherford County, Tennessee


1808 September – Rutherford County, Tennessee: Surveyor record #1050 recorded Samuel Wadley survey on _ September 1808 of 300 acres in Rutherford County on the west fork of Stone's River.  (from Tennessee's 2nd Surveyor's District – Early Survey Recording Abstracts 1808-1809.)


Date not known – Rutherford County: Richard Wright was appointed overseer of the road from the cross path from John Adcocks to William Vincents to the county line; the following hands work under him:  Samuel Wadley, Daniel Wadley (date missing).

Pioneers of Rutherford County, Tennessee – Abstracts of County Court Minutes 1804-1810,” by Carol Wells


1812 January 1812 – Rutherford County:  Thomas Nash to Jno. Wadley for 100 acres.  This indenture made January 1812 between Thomas Nash of Rutherford County and John Wadley of same place for a tract of land in Rutherford County lying on the waters of Stones River in the Second District, 4th Range and 8th Section...to a sugar tree the dividing corner between the heirs of Henry Wiggin and John B. Evans in the west boundary lines of a 640 acre tract entered in the name of Howell Tatum and Wiggins running thence.  Witnesses D(illegable) Thos. Nash.  Registered January term 1812.  

Rutherford Co. Tn, Deed extract, Page 147, Doc No. 109.


1819 – Rutherford County:  Deed of Jno and Wm Donelson to Samuel Wadly:  This indenture made 20 February 1819 between John Donelson and William Donelson of Davidson County, Tennessee and Samuel Wadly of Rutherford County, for a tract of land in Rutherford County near the head of the west fork of Stones Rivers and being...containing 80 acres.

   Rutherford County deed extract


Comment:  The Wadley surname is reported to exist in Rutherford County to present times.


(VII). Children of William and Mary Womack Wadlow/Wadley


Children will be noted with roman numerals (I) (II) (III), etc.

Grandchildren noted with (1) (2) (3), etc.

Great grandchildren with (i), (ii), (iii), etc

Great-great grandchildren with (a), (b), (c), etc.

Great-great-great grandchildren with (aa), (bb), (cc)


            Tax Records of Pittsylvania added unnamed white males "above 16 years of age" on William Wadlow/Wadley's entries.  The assumption is made that "above 16 years" of age means anyone one day more than 16 years of age.  This may not be correct, but seems to work better with census records.  Using the year where a second white male is entered, the following emerges:

Tax Year 1784 minus age 16 or 17 equals the years 1767/68

Tax Year 1789 minus age 16/17 equals 1772/73

Tax Year 1791 minus age 16/17 equals 1774/1775

Tax Year 1796 minus age 16/17 equals 1779/80

Tax Year 1800 had no male, but minus age 16/17 equals 1783/84


(1, 2, & 3).  Mary Wadley, Lenirisa Wadley, and Elander Wadley.  First names are from the 1814 Will of Mary Whitnel, otherwise no other information.


(4). William Wadley “II” was born ~1768 (from combined census records + Pittsylvania County tax record) and died 1841 Hardin County, Kentucky.  Evidence suggests his wife was named Jane __, (1777/78). 


            William Wadley “II” is recorded in Hardin County, Kentucky tax records beginning in 1806 with 245 acres on the waters of Valley Creek watercourse.  He had surveyed 50 acres each on 20 August 1818 and 30 August 1819 in Valley Creek.  William Wadley continues to be noted in Valley Creek through 1815 after which the tax records were not checked. Interestingly enough, the first 1806 tax record spells the name Waddlely, after which it becomes Wadley.  In November 1812, William Wadley was noted delinquent on county taxes.  "William Wadley" was a witness to an 1826 will of Mary Earheart, widow of Philip Earhart of Hardin County (courtesy of Marilyn Wilkey, 30 May 2007). 


            A great many miles away, there was an 1813 court action in Pittsylvania County, Virginia involving "William Wadley."  This person doesn't appear in the yearly county tax lists and therefore lived elsewhere.  Hardin and Pittsylvania Counties are so far apart that one might question if these are two different people.  Furthermore, there is a "William Wadley, Jur." born 1794-1804 on the 1820 U.S. Census of Rutherford County, Tennessee adding more confusion. 


William Wadley “II” and family lived in the following locations:


~1791 - 1804 Beaver Creek lands, Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Question exists on how long he actually lived here.  

1806 - 1841 Hardin County, Kentucky, including U.S. Census records. 

1841 William Wadley (deceased) estate administration begins and ends 1852

1850 U. S. Census of Hardin County, Kentucky has only Jane Wadley (born 1777/78 Virginia) in family of (William) Jackson Wadley, born 1823/24 Kentucky.  1810-1840 census records of William Wadley (~1768) suggest his wife, name not given, was born between 1775-1780.  The 1850 Census stated Jane Wadley was age 72 or born ~1778 Virginia.


Information on William Wadley and his descendants are courtesy of Rebecca Hoover, email 26 February 2008, 8 March 2008, 11 April 2008 mail, 15-16 and 27 April 2008.  Rebecca is a descendant of Winfield Wadley.  Thank you, Rebecca.  One of her marriage sources was: "Hardin County, Kentucky Marriages 1793-1829" compiled by Mary Josephine Jones. 


            When William Wadley died and left no will, there was a contested 332 acre estate administration lasting from 1841 to 1852.  A neighbor, Lydia Rogers testified under oath that William Wadley, the deceased subject, had eight children.  Names were (1) John Wadley, (2) Jacob Wadley, (3) Polly Wadley, (4) Jordan Wadley, (5) Eden Wadley, (6) Jane Wadley, (7) Anne Wadley, and (8) Jackson Wadley.  Polly Wadley is probably Mary Wadley who married Mark Marshall. 


            In the same estate administration in 1844, Jackson Wadley filed suit protesting the administrator's sloppiness and excessive expenses; i.e. Jackson's own horse was sold by the administrator.  While doing so, Jackson identified three brothers and one sister who were no longer living (Jacob, John, Jordan, and Mary Wadley), and then went on to name their children, most of whom were still minors.  Other court papers also stated these names and identified their parents.  Children of Jackson Wadley and Eden Wadley were not named.   Jackson did state his father was William Wadley.  William Wadley's widow/dower was mentioned, but without her first name.  However, during the court proceedings, "Jane Wadley" appeared and the court demanded she pay court expenses.  "Jane Wadley" must be the widow and dower.  When the estate was finally settled, the "dower" was awarded 1/3 of the remaining estate money (~$104), which was calculated after subtracting court, surveyor, legal, and other fees. 


            Later in 1877, some heirs of William Wadley, deceased, contested when their jointly owned 121 acres in adjacent Larue County of were sold off by the County Commissioner in 1876.   William Wadley heirs named were (1) William Wadley, (2) John Wadley, (3) Marshall Wadley, (4) Mary E. Baldwin, (5) H.S. Baldwin, (6) Rebecca J. Buckman, (7) Charles Buckman, (8) Elmira Gorden, (9) Joel Gorden, (10) John S. Walker, (11) W.H. Walker., (12) Mary E. Griffin, (13) S.S. Griffin, (14) Martha E. Walker and (15) S.H. Bush.   


            Help is needed to identify these heirs.  William Wadley (#1) may be the son of Jacob Wadley, but this is not certain.  Heirs #2 through #9 appear to be children and grandchildren of John Wadley (1794-1800 to <1840).  Heirs 10 through 14 belong to Margaret Wadley who married John W. Walker. ^   Heir #15 cannot be identified.

^ Email courtesy of John Koning, 25 November 2012.   Thank you John.          


            (i). John Wadley (born 1794-1800 and died before 1840) married 16 November 1824 in Hardin County, Kentucky to Deborah Marshall, with surety bond by Benjamin Marshall, man of age.  Lucy Marshall gave consent for the marriage of her stepdaughter Deborah, daughter of Mark Marshall, her late husband; witnesses being Benjamin Marshall and Mark Marshall (Jr.).  John Marshall, with whom Deborah lived, consented in person (county record).  After John Wadley died, Deborah married on 15 March 1841 to Josiah Dodge, both previously married, and surety by Amos Walter (county record).   


1821 December 20 – Hardin County, Kentucky: John had 50 acres surveyed on the East Fork of Valley Creek, Hardin County. 

1830 U.S. Census of Hardin County:  John Wadley is head of a household, born between 1790-1800, with 1 son and two daughters 0-10 years of age, and a wife born between 1800 – 1810.   

1840 U.S. Census of Hardin County: John Wadley fails to appear in the 1840 U.S. Census of Hardin County, but his wife Deborah Wadley does, with 3 sons from 0-15 years, 4 daughters from 5-15. 


The names of the children of John Wadley + Deborah Marshall come from the William Wadley estate administration papers filed 1841- 1852 with additional information included.


(a) Mary Ellen Wadley


(b) Margaret or Margret Ann Wadley (? To <1859) married on 14 August 1846 Warren County, Illinois to John Stayman Walker. ^   In 1850, they are in the census for Warren County, Illinois.  John Koning^ states Margaret apparently died before 1859 as John remarried on 15 May 1859 in Nodaway County, Missouri.   John S. Walker was a first cousin to John Koning’s g-g-grandmother.  Two or three of their children were named in the contested 1877 William Wadley “II” estate lands which included (aa) William Henry Walker (in Knowles Precinct, Frontier County, Nebraska in 1900, (bb) Mary Emma Griffin (died 1892 Lancaster County, Nebraska, who married Samuel Sylvester Griffin (in Centerville Prec., Lancaster County, Nebraska, (cc) Martha E. Walker, according to John Koning, has not been traced and may be misidentified. ^

^ Email courtesy of John Koning, 25 November 2012.     


(c) Marshall Wadley(c) Marshall Wadley

(d) Almary or Almay Wadley (Elmira - ?)

(e) Rebecca Jane Wadley

(f) John Wadley (Jr.)


            (ii). Jacob Wadley (born 1790-1800 per 1830 Census and died 10 August 1838 Pike County, Indiana) married on 1 March 1824 Hardin Kentucky (county record) to Phebe Marshall (1804/05 Kentucky), the girl's guardian being Mark Marshall.   Jacob Wadley's widow Phebe was named in his will, filed 18 August 1838 in Perry County, Indiana.  Phebe Wadley remarried on 29 January 1840 Perry County/divorced 25 May 1854 Perry County with John Murphy.  


1812-1814 – War of 1812: "Jacob Wadley" was in the War of 1812 in Captain John Miller's Kentucky Mounted V Infantry commanded by Major Peter Dudley.    

 Kentucky Soldiers of War of 1812 


1830 U.S. Census of Union Township, Perry County, Indiana:  Jacob Wadley and Jordan Wadley are noted next to each other. 


            All three names of children of Jacob Wadley + Phebe Marshall are from William Wadley's estate administration records – Stephenson, William and Hester Wadley.  Stephenson's full name and information is from Rebecca Hoover, email of 30 April 2008:


            (a). John Stephenson Wadley married Mary Ann Richardson. Both were reported born in Rome, Perry County, Indiana, noted in the following locations:


1860 Marion Township, Pike County, Indiana with mother "Phebe Wadley."

1870 Marion Township, Pike County, Indiana.  Jacob Wadley moved to Plymouth, Jefferson County, Nebraska and died there. 


            Children of John Stephenson Wadley + Mary Ann Richardson are reported:

(aa) Mary Elizabeth Wadley

(bb) Hester Ann Wadley

(cc) Jacob William Wadley (1857/58 Indiana to 25 April 1947 Wichita, Kansas) who married Missouri __ and were living 1880 Jefferson County, Nebraska.

(dd) John Thomas Wadley* (1861/62 Indiana)

(ee) Phoebe Jane Wadley* (1863/64 Indiana)

(ff) Susan Malvina Wadley

(gg) James Henry Edmundson Wadley* (1867/68 Indiana

(hh) Benjamin Franklin Wadley* (1867/68 Indiana)

(ii) Charles Wadley

(jj) Luwilla Saxton Wadley. 

            * from 1860 and 1870 census records


            (b). William Wadley

            (c). Hester Wadley                   


            (iii). Jordan Wadley (born 1800-1810 per 1830 Census to <1840) married on 16 November 1828 Hardin County to Nancy Castleman, with James Castleman - the girl's father consenting in person (county record).  They moved to Pike County, Indiana.  After Jordon died, Nancy married 2nd on 19 June 1834 in Hardin County to Jephthah Allen and had at least 8 more children and were living 1880 in Hardin County.  


            Children of Jordan Wadley and Nancy Castleman, per William Wadley's estate administration records:


            (a) Elizabeth Ann Wadley (1830/31 Kentucky) married on 17 June 1858 in Hardin County to Jacob McKnight.  In 1850, Elizabeth Ann Wadley lived with Jeptha and Nancy Allen.  On 11 June 1861 in Hardin County, "Elizabeth Wadley" married to James Watson (from a marriage certificate).  On 13 June 1874 the Hardin County will of James Watson gave to his wife "Bettie" their home farm lying on Valley Creek and noted his children to be: (aa) Mary B. Watson, (bb) Nannie A. Watson, (cc) Rosalie Watson, (dd) Lou Ella Watson, (ee) Addie S. Watson .  His will noted more children by a first wife.  The will was probated 16 January 1879.


            (b) Mary Jane Wadley* (born 24 August 1827 Kentucky and died 22 July 1895 Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky) married on 5 March 1847 Hardin County to James Farmer, surety by Jephthah Allen, man of age (county record).   Jephthah Allen was the girl's guardian, and consented in person.  James Farmer, Jr. was born 23 December 1820 (Hardin County per census x 1 but questioned) and died 21 May 1890 Hardin County and is buried Valley Creek Baptist Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Hardin County.   His parents are uncertain.  Cemetery stone says “Jr.”   1870 Census indicates daughter Laura E. could not read or write at the age of 10.   

*Thanks go to Lora Premo and Bryant Irwin for sharing their information and corrections for this family, emails courtesy 1/9/2011, 1/15/2011, and 16 January 2011 with information on BW Irwin Family Tree at ancestry.com.    


They lived in the following locations, per U.S. Census records:


1850 Hardin County, Kentucky

1860 Kelso Township, Scott County, Missouri

1870 Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky

1880 Hardin County, Kentucky: James with wife Mary J. and daughter Laura


Children of James Farmer and Mary Jane Wadley (aa) to (ee):


(aa). Emily M. Farmer (1849 -1895)


(bb). Susan/Sarah E. Farmer (1852 - ?)


(cc). Nannie Belle Farmer (8 June 1857 to 30 December 1893 Hardin County) married James David Irwin (26 April 1852 Hardin County) to 9 December 1921 Hardin County).   According to Lora Premo, their daughter Mayme Farmer Irwin (1881 – 1967) was a pioneer female mathematician with a PhD at University of Chicago in math and later the very first full female professor of mathematics there.


(dd). Laura W. Farmer (1860 – 1937 Kentucky) married John Andrew Mattingly (1853 – 1930)


(ee). Ruth Farmer (1 January 1865 – 21 February 1946 Hardin County) married __ Burks.


            (iv). Jane Wadley (1805/06 Kentucky **) married on 25 October 1827 Hardin County to John Edlin, with surety bond by William Wadley, "her father" (county record).  


            (v). Mary Wadley (born ? and died  before 1840/45) married 16 May 1822 in Hardin County to Mark Marshall, Jr. (county record), with surety bond by "William Wadley, who consented in person."  They moved to Perry County, Indiana.  Their children are from William Wadley's estate administration records:

            (a) William Marshall

            (b) Rebecca Marshall


            On 17 March 1847, Larue County, Kentucky (formed from Hardin County in 1843) heirs of Mark Marshall (Sr.) sold 170 acres of the waters of Rolling Fork and Younger's Creek to John Florence.  Heirs signed, included Deborah Wadley, Phebe Wadley and Rebecca Marshall.*   This Rebecca Marshall is probably a grandchild of Mark Marshall (Sr.) and soon to be the future wife of Jackson Wadley.


            (vi). Eden Wadley (born1808/09 Kentucky to >1860) married on 9 March 1833 Hardin County to (Mary) Polly Walls (1809/10 Kentucky to >1860), surety by Samuel Leeman, both of age, with the girl's age proven by oath of William Edlin (county record).  Eden Wadley is on the 1840 U.S. Census of Breckinridge County, Kentucky (as Eaden Wadley) and on the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census of P.O. Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri.  Children or Eden Wadley + Mary Polly Walls, as listed on 1850 census records, born Kentucky except Mary A. Wadley, are:

            (a) Samuel Wadley (1833/34)

            (b) M. J. Wadley (1835/36 – female)

            (c) M. Wadley (1837/38 – female)

            (d) William Wadley (1843/44)

            (e) Mary A. Wadley (1846/47 Missouri).      


            (vii) Anna Wadley married on 13 February 1833 to Coonrod Castleman, surety by William Wadly, girl's father, who consented (county record).


            (viii). William "Jackson" Wadley (1823/24 Kentucky to ~1902) married 15 November 1852 in Hardin County, Kentucky to Rebecca Marshall (county record).   The marriage record states they were married at the house of his mother in Hardin County, Kentucky by James Doughety.  Present were Coonrod and Anna Castleman.  Note the  birth date differences between Jackson Wadley and his brothers and sisters.


            Rebecca Hoover was asked where she found the full name of "William Jackson Wadley."  She replied, "I have burial papers for Winfield (Wadley's) wife Phebe.  William Jackson Wadley signed his full name on the Wichita, Kansas papers and helped to buy her cemetery plot for his son Winfield Scott Wadley.  (Daughter-in law) Phebe died 2 February 1902 in Wichita, Kansas" (abstracted emails 7 & 8 May 2008).   


William "Jackson" Wadley (1823/24) lived in the following locations:


1850 Hardin County, Kentucky, with Jane Wadley (age 72), Rebecca Marshall (age 21), and Mary A.Castleman, age 11.

1860 Bates County, Missouri, wife's name recorded as Jane.  Could Rebecca's name be Rebecca Jane?

1870 Bates County, Missouri, without Rebecca and/or Jane. 


Children of Jackson Wadley by census records are:


(a) Missouri Ann Wadley (1852/53) married John R. Westfall and are difficult to trace.   Children identified in Missouri birth records are:

(i) unnamed Westfall 12 March 1884 with parents being John R. Westfall, age 39 and Missouri Ann Westfall, age 30; El Dorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri.

(ii) Barton A. Westfall (stillborn), 1 March 1886 with parents being John K. Westfall, age 41 and Missouri Ann Westfall, age; Washburn, Barry County, Missouri.


(b) Josephine Wadley (1853/54)


(c) Hardin Wadley (1855/56)


(d) Columbus Wadley (1857/58)


(e) Winfield Scott Wadley (January 1868 Missouri to ~1914) married 1st about 1895/96 to Phebe Farnum (16 March1876, Iowa), and 2nd on 2 July 1911 in Woodward County, Oklahoma to Alice Catlett.  In 1900, they lived in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, and by 1910 in Woodward County, Oklahoma, Scott was living alone while the two children of Phebe Wadley were living in the family of Nelson R. Farnum. 


            Children of Winfield Scott Wadley and Phebe Farnum (March 1875 Iowa) are:


            (aa) Jennie Rebecca Wadley (January 1898 Kansas) married about 1919 or 1920 to James Richard Minks with one child being Roy Clifton Minks.  In 1920, James and Jennie Minks were living with brother, Nelson Wadley in Newton City, Harvey County, Kansas.

            (bb) Nelson R. Wadley (May 1900 Kansas per 1900 census to 29 September 1958 Newton, Harvey County, Kansas) married 1st about 1917/1918 to _?_, and 2nd about 1920/divorced 1932 to Vernal __.   Nelson and Vernal Wadley lived in Newton City, Newton Township, Harvey County, Kansas in 1920 and 1930, per census records.   Their sons in 1932 were (^1) Harry Wadley (`1920), (^2) Carl Wadley (~1922) lived in Oklahoma City, Ok, (^3) Herman Wadley (~1930) who had a son Thomas Wadley, per Herman's obit.  Herman Wadley lived in Chula Vista, California. 


(f) Virginia Wadley (1864/65).*          


            ** 1850 U.S. Census Record


(5). Thomas Wadley was born 1772/73 (suggested by 1789 tax record) and died ~1812 (unconfirmed info) and little is known about him. 


            Thomas Wadley is on the 1797 Sullivan County, Tennessee tax list.  Only three early Sullivan County tax records survived – 1796 (partial), 1797, and 1811.   An earlier resource book noted that the 1811 tax list had a "Holly" Wadley, whom might be someone's widow.  A later review of original records at the Tennessee State Archives did not find the Holly listing.


(6). Daniel S. Wadley was born 1775/76 in Maryland (birth state from 1850 census) and 1774/75 with Pittsylvania tax records.  He died December 1859 in Madison County, Tennessee.  The "S" comes from the 1850 census, which also recorded his wife to be Martha __ (1778/79 South Carolina to >1850).   


Daniel's birth in Maryland is an eye opener.   There is a David Wadley in the 1810 Census of Rutherford County which I think should have been Daniel Wadley.  Daniel is found on the following census records:


1820 Rutherford County, Tennessee

1830 Hickman County, Tennessee

1840 & 1850 Henderson County, Tennessee


(7). Samuel Wadley was born 1783/84, in which his 1850 census possibly notes him incorrectly born in Tennessee.  There is a record of a Samuel Wadlee in 1799 Washington County, Tennessee tax record, who should not be this individual.  The 1850 Census record indicated his wife to be Susan (1794/95 Tennessee). 


Samuel lived in the following locations:


1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 Rutherford County, Tennessee

1850 Madison County, Tennessee

1860 Rutherford County: S. Wadley (female) born 1795/96).


(8). John Wadley


Born: ~1780 Virginia

Married 1st about 1807 possibly in Rutherford County, Tennessee to Loucile Young (~1784/85 Ireland to ~1817). *   Loucile may have died in childbirth on 17 January 1817.*

Married 2nd about 1819 to Mary "Polly Rogers (~1805 to ?Oglethorpe County?, Georgia to 15 October 1862 Bedford County.*  Polly was the daughter of Joseph Rogers + Sarah Young.*              

Died: 17 March 1861 Bedford County, Tennessee and buried at the Rogers Cemetery.


 Children of John Wadley (~1780 – 1861) + Mary "Polly" Rogers


            * Thanks go to Linda Rogers Grinnell for sharing her extensive information on John Wadley and his descendants, email of 14 February 2007


            This is probably the John Wadley who enlisted twice in the War of 1812.  John lived in the following locations:


1810, 1820 Rutherford County, Tennessee

1830, 1840 Henderson County, Tennessee

1850 Henry County, Tennessee.  Also a nearly similar John Wadley was reported in Bedford County, and is probably the same family with less accurate information.

1860 Marshall County, Tennessee, living next to son Thomas Wadley and his family.


            Children of John Wadley + Loucile Young, courtesy of Linda Grinnell, email 14 February 2007 - (i) to (x):


            (i). Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Wadley (12 July 1808 Rutherford County to 14 October 1886) married 1st on 27 January 1826 to Thomas Stammer (15 October 1803 to 1 October 1837 in Marshall or Bedford County, Tennessee).  Thomas Stammer was the son of Henry Stammer and Lutricia Glass(?).   Betty married 2nd about 1840 to James Redman Haskins (1 April 1807 to 13 January 1883 with both buried at Joyce Cemetery, ~2 miles SW of Rover).   James Haskins was the son of John Haskins and Elizabeth Bullock.  


            Children of Betty Wadley + Thomas Stammer were (a) John Stammer (27 June 1827 Rutherford County to 16 January 1898, (b) Isham Stammer (9 November 1828 to 13 March 1904), (c) Elizabeth Stammer (28 November 1830 to 5 October 1868 Bedford County and buried at Joyce Cemetery, Cedar Grove), (d) Susanna A. Stammer (~1832 to ~January 1900).  Children of Betty Wadley + James Redman Haskins were (e) Mary Pitts Haskins (21 August 1840 Marshall County to 4 April 1927 Allisona, bordering Williamson and Rutherford Counties, Tennessee), (f) Matilda Susan Haskins (9 April 1844 Bedford County, Tennessee to 18 November 1906 Bedford County, Tennessee), (g) Julia Ann Haskins (~1846 to 7 October 1871) who married on 12 September 1867 Bedford County to William Sandford Shaw.   


            (ii). __ Wadley (19 August 1810)


            (iii). Eleanor "Ellen" H. Wadley (13 February 1812 Tennessee to 6 April 1894 Christian County, Kentucky) married on 17 November 1828 Tennessee to Alexander Keith (10 December 1808 Tennessee to 14 August 1859 Christian County, Kentucky).  Alexander Keith was the son of Daniel Keith and Sarah Lee.   Children of Eleanor Wadley and Alexander Keith were (a) Mary Elizabeth Keith (7 July 1830 Tennessee to 22 February 1910), John Daniel Keith (3 December 1832 to 1848), (c) Sarah Lee Keith (20 November 1835 or 18 January 1835 to >1900) married 1st on 16 February 1857 to Robert Lile and 2nd on 16 March 1883 to John Crunk.


            (iv). Mary Jane "Polly" Wadley (11 January 1815 to 12 February 1900 Hopkins County, Kentucky) married 1st on 15 December 1831 to George Washington Parrish (1800/10 to <1843 - August 1845).  Reported G.W. Parrish's parents were Jesse Parish and Patty Polly.   A dispute exists on the wife and children of Jesse Parish who could be Elizabeth Ann Matthews and her children.  Polly Wadley married 2nd on 2 July 1843 Bedford County to Newton Blackburn Reddick (25 April 1809 Sumner County, Tennessee to 18 January 1887 Hopkins County, Kentucky, both buried Reddick Cemetery, Hopkins County).  Newton Reddick was the son of John Reddick and Doshia Blackburn.  


            Children of G.W. Parrish + Mary Wadley were (a) Mary Washington Parrish (12 February 1838 Bedford County, Tennessee to 15 March 1924), (b) Elizabeth Matilda Parrish (~1840) married on 5 September 1866 to Samuel H. Williams, (c) Louisa Elenor Parish (~1843) who married on 9 April 1863 to John P. Standley.   Children of Polly Wadley + Newton Reddick were (d) Granville N. Reddick (1840 to 20 September 1855), (e) Theodosia Ann "Docia" Reddick (13 June 1844 Rutherford County, Tennessee to 20 September 1924, (f) Lucinda Jane Reddick (2 Mary 1848 Hopkins County, Kentucky to 4 February 1918) married on 3 February 1864 Hopkins County, Kentucky to John W. Stanly    


            (v). Frances Wadley (17 January 1817)


            (vi) Matilda Wadley (26 July 1820 to ~1845, Kentucky) married on 8 December 1836 Rutherford County (county record) to Demos R.D. Dobyns (~1814 to >1889 probably Honey Creek, Henry County Missouri or Cedar County, Missouri).  D.R.D Dobyns married 2nd in Christian County, Kentucky to M.E. Thompson.  The Dobyns moved to Kentucky in 1839, Cooper County, Missouri in 1856, and Henry County, Tennessee in 1858.  He had a 115 acre farm four miles NE of El Dorado Springs (email courtesy of Rebecca Hoover per Marilyn Wilkey, 9 April 2007).   Demos was the son of Lewellyn Dobyns + Ann Anderson.  Marriage license gives names to be Dennis R.D. Dobyna.  Children of Matilda Wadley + Demos Dobyns were (a) Ann E. Dobyns (~1838 - >1850), (b) Mary A. Dobyns (~1839 - > 1850), (c) Susan C. Dobyns (~1843 to >1861) married on 24 October 1861 Hopkins County, Kentucky to A.B. Potts


            (vii). Melinda Wadley (9 November 1821 to March 1885) married 1st about 1846 Bedford County, Tennessee to Malcom G. Nichols (~1826).  Melinda married 2nd on January 1858 at Marshall County, Tennessee to Jacob S. Rich (~1805 to >1860).  Children of Melinda Wadley + Malcom Nichols were (a) William Nichols (~1845), (b) John Nichols (~1847), (c) Coleman Nichols (~1849), (d) George W. Nichols (~1854).   Children of Melinda Wadley + Jacob Rich were (e) Thomas W. Rich (~1859).    


            (viii). Minerva P. Wadley (9 November 1821 Bedford County to 29 July 1902) married on 17 January 1839 to William Jacob Osteen (11 March 1819 Williamson County, Tennessee to 24 February 1907 Bedford County, Tennessee, both buried Cedar Gove Cemetery, Bedford County).  William Osteen was the son of Edward Osteen + Elizabeth Stem.   Children of Minerva Wadley + William Osteen were (a) John W. or E. Osteen (29 June 1840 to 26 May 1856), (b) Elizabeth J. Osteen (1842 to 1856), (c) Thomas J. Osteen (1844 to 1848), (d). William Henry Osteen (29 October 1847 Madison County, Tennessee to 30 August 1934), (e) Mary Jane Osteen (17 October 1850 Marshall County, Tennessee to 1920), (f) James S. Redman Osteen (February 1853 Chapel Hill, Marshall County, Tennessee to 22 March 1917 Chapel Hills, Marshall County, Tennessee), (g) Ann Elisa "Annie" Osteen (12 April 1855 to January 1922) (h) Ellen Lucretia or Latitia Osteen (2 April 1859 to 30 December 1943), (i) Forrest S. Osteen (10 July 1863 to 1929).  


            (ix). Lucretia S. Wadley (15 February 1824 to >1880) married about 1842 to John G. Primrose (~1820 to >1880).  Family Bible record states the family and all their children moved to Texas.  1880 Census shows three living in Jasper County, Texas.  Children of Lucretia Wadley + John G. Primrose were (a) Mary P. Primrose (~1843), (b) Thomas Primrose (~1845), (c) George W. Primrose (~1848), (d) John M. Primrose (~1853), (e) Elizabeth Primrose (~1857 to between 1860 & 1870), (f) Benjamin F. Primrose (~1860), (g) William W. Primrose (~1864), (h) Osro Primrose (~1868).


            (x). John "Thomas" Wadley (5 September 1827 Tennessee to August 1893) married 1st about 1848 to Lucille Rogers ((~1830) and 2nd on 20 July 1851 to Mary Savannah Jones (13 July 1832 Tennessee to February 1901).  Children of John Wadley + Mary Jones are - (a) to (f):


(a) John F. Wadley (2 April 1852 to > 1880) married about 1878 to Elizabeth __ (~ 1855 Tennessee to >1880).  One child known: (aa) Thomas C. Wadley (~1879). 


(b) __ Wadley (11 March 1855 to 11 March 1855)


(c) Mary Savannah Wadley (29 October 1857 to >1880) never married.


(d) William Jones Wadley (5 February 1860 to October 1951) married on December 1890/91 at Ardmore, Oklahoma to Joe John Fowler (25 September 1873 to 25 August 1938).  Children of William J. Wadley + Joe Fowler were: (aa) Hythan Jemima Wadley (25 May 1893), (bb) Lola Willie Wadley (13 December 1895 to 4 July 1949), (cc) Dewey Huston Wadley (30 April 1898 to March 1970 Paradise, California), (dd) Remy Booth Wadley (10 October 1900 to 10 November 1900), (ee) Alice Verner Waley (31 June 1902), (ff) Sally Jewel Wadley (6 January 1906), (gg) Mary Fanny Wadley (8 August 1908 to 1930),  


(e) Joseph Thomas “Cephas” Wadley (18 October 1866 Murphysboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee to 4 November 1958 San Leandro, Almeda County, California) married on 24 September 1890 in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma to Susan Emmaline Treat (29 January 1870 Pierce City, Lawrence County, Missouri to 29 July 1939).  Susan's parents were Ignatious Treat and Maniza Caid.  Children of Joseph Thomas Wadley + Susan Treat were:


            (aa). Cora May Wadley (22 August 1892 Perry, Nobel County, Oklahoma to 27 June 1976 Sacramento, California) married about 1915 to Arthur D. Davidson and were divorced.


            (bb). Joseph Dolphus Wadley (24 August 1894 Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma to 14 March 1987 Duarte, Los Angeles County, California) married on 14 September 1917 at El Reno, Oklahoma to Bessie May Martindale (30 October 1891 to 16 November 1979 Duarte, Los Angeles County, California).


            (cc). Leo Monroe Wadley (24 March 1896 Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to 7 August 1978) married 1st about 1919 at Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona to Ruth Amelia Geraldine Hess (17 January 1900 Newton, Harvey County, Kansas to 7 September 1990 Carlsbad, San Diego, California) and were divorced.  L.W. Wadley married 2nd to Claire Taylor.


            (dd). Malcolm Kirk Wadley (1 February 1898 Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to 29 December 1983 Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon) married 17 December 1924 at Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California to Thelma Dean Hull (6 March 1901 to August 1987 Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon).


            (ee). Dorothy Gilbert Wadley (2 September 1900 Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to 26 November 1989 El Toro, Orange County, California and buried Forest Lawn, Cypress, Orange County) married on 23 June 1920 Tucson, Pima County, Arizona to Adrian Scott Auer (5 January 1898 Latham, Logan County, Illinois to 21 May 1984 Laguna Hills, Orange County, California).


            (ff). Bessie Virginia Wadley (5 December 1903 Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to 4 September 1995 Dana Point, Orange County, California) married on 26 September 1924 El Monte, Los Angeles County, California to Glenn Boone Degarma (25 July 1900 to 4 May 1994 Dana Point, Orange County, California).


            (gg). Mary Louise Wadley (4 March 1910 McLean, Gray County, Texas to < 2002) married 23 March 1932 at Ojai, Ventura County, California to Paul Leland Klingerman (4 April 1911 El Monte, Los Angeles County, California to 28 March 1990 Fallbrook, San Diego County, California).       


(f) Annie Lura Wadley (11 March 1871 to >1880)    




1810 U.S. Census of Rutherford County, Tennessee:


John Wadley, 1810 U.S. Census of Rutherford County, page 22:  1 female 0-<10; 1 female 10-<16; 1 male + 1 female 16-<26; 1 female 45+ and also 1810 county tax list.  This makes his birth date 1784 to 1796.  Notice that there is a female 45+ and this may be Mary Whitnel.


Samuel Wadley, 1810 Rutherford County tax + U.S. census, page 21: 1 male + 1 female 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 16-<26.  This makes Samuel’s birth date 1784-1796.


David Wadley, 1810 Rutherford County tax list


1820 U.S. Census of Rutherford County, Tennessee:


Daniel Wadley (p. 96): 4 females + 1 male 0-<10; 1 male 10-<16; 2 males and 1 female 16-<26; 1 male + 1 female 26-<45. 


William Wadley, Junr. (p. 104): 1 female 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 16-.26.


Samuel Wadley (p. 105): 6 males 0-<10; 1 female 10-<16; 1 male 16-<26; 1 male + 1 female 26-<45.


(also a Samuel Wadley family in 1820 Hickman County, Tn: 1 female 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 16-<26.


1850 U.S. Census of Rutherford County, Tennesee:


Samuel Wadley 66, farmer Tennessee; Susan Wadley 55 Tennessee; Susan Wadley Jr. 17 Tennessee.


Moses B. Wadley 40, Tn; Rebeckah Wadley 35 Tn; William S. Wadley 16 Tn. Susan Wadley 14 Tn; James E. Wadley 13, Tn. 


Washington County, Tennessee

This is not Washington County, Virginia


            Washington County, Tennessee tax lists were reviewed for Hogans and Wadlows:  Little is found during the earliest years.


            1778, 1779, 1785 – no Hogans, Wadlows or Wadleys found here

            1790 – Arthur Hagon

            1792, 1793 – not here

            1794 – James Hogen, Barney Barney – 200 acres

            1795 – Arthur Hagan 175 acres

            1796, 1798 - not here

            1799 – Samuel Wadlee

            1801 – not here.  Not searched thereafter.


Sumner County, Tennessee


            William Wadley, Sumner County tax list, 1816.  


1850 U.S. Census Bedford County, Tennessee


John Wadley 65, Farmer, Virginia; Mary Wadley 65, South Carolina; Thomas 20, Tennessee.  Page 359 handwritten; page 180 printed.


1880 U.S. Census of District 7, Bedford County, Tennessee


Moses B. Wadley, 70 farmer, born Tn, parents born Tn.  Lucretia Wadley 41, Tn, Al, Ga.  Jno Alexd. Wadley 13, Tn; William Edward Wadley 7, Tn. (page 253D)



1830 Hickman County, Tennessee


Daniel Wadley 1 female 0-<5; 1 male + 1 female 5-<10; 2 males 10-<15; 1 male + 1 female 50-<60.


1840 U.S. Census of Henderson County, Tennessee


Daniel Wadley, Sr. 1 male + 1 female 15-<20; 1 male + female 60-<70


1850 U.S. Census of Henderson County, Tennessee


Daniel W (?) Wadly 74, farmer, Md; Martha Wadly 71, S.C; Daniel S Wadly 28, Tn; Martha Wadly 7, Tn; Jefferson W. Wadly 4, Tn (page 150 printed, District 6, October 1850)


Also on same page are the families of:

1.  William Wadly 50, farmer, Tn; Amanda Wadly 45 N.C. and children

2.  Daniel M. Wadly 22 Tn; Minerva Wadly 21, Tn. and children

3.  David O. N. Wadly 38, Sarah Wadly 35, and family

4.  (on next page) Matilda Wadly 20 N.C. and family

5.  (on previous page)  John Wadly 45 Kentucky; Matilda Wadly 44 and family

6.  (on previous page)  William Wadly 23 Tn; Elizabeth L.(?) Wadly, 18


1850 U.S. Census of Henry County, Tennessee


John Wadly 70, Tn; Mary Wadly 60 Georgia; Thomas Wadly 23, Tn. (page hand-written 675, printed page 538, 11th Civil District


1850 U.S. Census of Hickman County, Tennessee


Thomas Wadley 57 (51?), Tn; Elizabeth Wadley 30 Tn; Francis Wadley 17 (m) Tn; Willis Wadley 12 Tn; Nancy Wadley 11 Tn; James Wadley 8 Tn; William Wadley 6 Tn; Narcissa Wadley 4 Tn; Edward Wadley 2 Tn. (hand-written page 96)


1850 U.S. Census of Madison County, Tennessee


Samuel Wadly 52, farmer, Tn; Susan Wadly 52, N.C; Paralee Wadly, 19, Tn; Sarah L. Wadly 16, Tn; Mary J. Wadly 13, Tn; William R. Wadly 10, Tn; James Wadly 2, Tn (handwritten page 709, printed page 355)


(next house) John B. Wadly 24 Tn; Sarah Wadly 22 Tn; Jessie T. Wadly 2 Tn.


Hardin County, Kentucky


William Wadley:  1810 U.S. Census of Hardin County:  3 males + 1 female 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<16; 1 male + 1 female 26-<45.  Suggests his birth date between 1765-1784.


William Wadley:  1820 U.S. Census of Hardin County:  1 male + 1 female 0-<10; 1 male + 1 female 10-<16; 1 male 16-18; 2 males + 1 female 16-<26; 1 male + 2 females 45+.  Combined with 1810 census, his birth date narrows to 1765-1775.


William Wadley: 1830 U.S. Census of Hardin County: 1 male + 1 female 10 - >15; 1 male 20-<30; 1 female 50-<60; 1 male <60.


William Wadley: 1840 U.S. Census of Hardin County: 1 male and female 10-<15; 1 male 20-<30; 1 female 50-<60, 1 male 60-<70 


1880 U.S. Census of Harrison Township, Boone County, Arkansas


Daniel S. Wadley, 57, Tn, parents born Tn; Alcy J. Wadley, wife, 54, Tn, parents born Tn; Manda P. Wadley 18, Mo; Daniel M. Wadley 14, Ky. (page 534C)