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2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – James R. Murphy,

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Comments on Morphew and Murphew Spellings


There are a number of instances where the Morphew and Murphew names appear in Colonial United States and then seem to vanish.  The name Morphew often becomes Murphy or Murphey in spelling and may be due to pronunciation or low level of writing skills.  The “w” in Morphew sometimes falls silent.  


The Morphew surname is English and not Irish.  Those spelled “Murphew” are harder to define.  A number of Murphews are simply misspelled Morphews, but not all.   Some Colonial Virginia Murphews do appear to be unrelated Irish.   Living descendant lines of these Morphews or Murphews need y-dna testing to determine their origins.


Colonial Morphew and Murphew Listings by Location

The Search for Morphew and Murphew Progenitors

This chapter is divided into the following sections.


(1). Virginia – Coastal Virginia – Northeast

John Murphey/Morphew (died twice - 1726/29 Richmond Co., Va. and 1742 Westmoreland County, Va) + Mary.   Now believe 1st reported death never occurred.  Three Children  – John, Samuel, and Ellizabeth.   Also in same area, review of James Murphy (<1689-1746) for children.  Now has their own chapter – John Murphey (ca1680-1742)

Cornelius Morphew (__ to 1694 Westmoreland Co., Va).  Children not known.

Morris Morphew (possibly died 1740 England); also see 1711 South Carolina

Alexander Murphew (ca1695 to ?) + Ann Darby of King George Co., Va. with two known daughters.

(2). Virginia - Coastal Virginia – Central

Richard Morphew/Murphy (ca1640 to died possibly in York Co., Va) + Isabel __.  Son Richard Jr., (born 1677) and two daughters.

(3). Virginia – Coastal Virginia – Southeast

(4). Virginia – Northwest

Gabriel Murphew, Miles Murphew, John Murphew, Abraham Murphew, James Jeffries Murphey in Fauquier County. 

Hugh Murphew of Hampshire Co. Va/W. Va).  Family needs research.

(5). Virginia – Locations Unknown

(6). Maryland

Capt. James Murphew/Murphy (ca1625 to 1699 Talbot County, Md) + Mable Dawson (her 2nd marriage); will, no children.

John Morphew/Murphy (ca1680 to 1729 Baltimore County, Md) + Mary Elliot.  Sons - Dorcas 1709, John 1710, Edward 1712, Timothy 1721, William Murphy 1725.

John Morphew (died 1689 Somerset Co., Md) + Bridget. Sons - John and Richard.

Patrick Morphew/Murphey (ca1650 to >1707) + Sarah (possibly her 2nd marriage) of Anne Arundel and Baltimore Co., Md.  Children - ??

(7). Massachusetts

(8). North Carolina

William Morphew/Murphey (ca1685 to 1737 Edgecombe Co., NC) + Ann.  Three daughters per will.

Thomas Morphew/Murphy (died 1747) + Sarah, Craven Co, NC.  Three Sons: Thomas Murphy, Jerimiah Murphy, John Murphy.

(9). South Carolina

         Morris Morphew, Craven County, S.C in 1711

(10). Pennsylvania

(11). Delaware


            (1). Costal Virginia – Northeast: Westmoreland and Richmond County    

Cornelius Morphew (ca 1640??? to 1694) - Westmoreland Co., Va.


Cornelius Murphy: birth date not known, hard to estimate, maybe ca1640???

Married: records do not mention a wife

Location: Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Will mentioned in a Court Order Book but appears lost. 

Children: Speculation exists about a daughter named Elizabeth who possibly married John Paine (possibly Junior).

Died 1694 Westmoreland County. 

Relatives: records not helpful.


Details for Cornelius Morphew of Westmoreland County, Va.


1667 October 30 – Westmoreland County:  John Payne sold to Cornelius Morphew, the half part of his patent with housing and plantation.  Witnessed by William Thomas and Edward Witherington.

(Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds, Patents, etc 1666-1674, Part Two, by John Frederick Dorman.  This county will be abbreviated WMLC.)


1668 December 9 - Westmoreland County: The will of John Paine (Payne) give his 400 acres to his son, which was "betwixt Cornelius Morphed and mee."  

(WMLC Deeds and Wills - 1, John F. Dorman, page 36)


Speculation exists that Cornelius Morphew had a daughter named Elizabeth who possibly married John Payne (Junior-?) in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  Proof is lacking at this time, but John Payne was executor of Cornelius Morphew’s estate.  It is also interesting when John Payne died in 1729, that a John Murphey of Westmoreland County became one of his estate appraisers.      


1671/1672 February 28 - Westmoreland County:  John Biddle going to Cornelius Murfield and finding Henry Talbalt in a condition not for this life advised him to make is will....

(Ibid, Dorman, Part Two, page 26)


1672/72 March 5 - Westmoreland County:  We were this day impaneled and sworn on the body of Thomas Wallis who was yesterday found dead on a poynt of oyster shells in Machoteck River.  We give this verdict that he came to his end by accident.  Jno. Lee, coroner, with twelve names, including Cornelius (x) Morphew.  Entered 25 June 1673.  

(Ibid, Dorman, page 55)


1674 September 7 - Westmoreland County:  Morgan James, potter, deed to James Blinco, planter, one plantation, and cattle.  Witnessed by Peter Payne, Cornelius (x) Morphew

   (Ibid, Part III, 1665-1677, John F. Dorman page 16)


1675 August 25 - Westmoreland County: Entry is acknowledged by Cornelius Morphew, attorney of Zerobabell Wells. 

(ibid, Dorman, page 40) 


1676 May 10 - Westmoreland County:  John Paine, Richard Donawaugh, Daniel Occoning, Henry Costraine order versus Con. Morphew for 80 pounds of tobacco each as evidence versus Thomas Atwell.  Referred to next court. 

(WMLC Order Book 1675/6 to 1688/9, by John Frederick Dorman, page 18-19)


1676 Westmoreland County Court:  Richard Conawaugh, age 35 years or thereabouts sayeth that your deponent did see one of Thomas Attwell's hands by name of Thomas lead Con. Morphew's mare in a rope and did hear Thomas Attwell give order for the same.


Daniel Ocamcadge, age 36 or thereabouts sayeth that he did see Cor. Morphew's mare with the print of a rope about her belly and that your deponent went with Morphew to the mare and desired him to wire the mare who answered he would if he would pay him; if he would make it appear that he was not the cause of it he would pay him. 


John Paine, aged 34 years or thereabouts, sayeth that coming home on Saturday night your deponent's father told your deponent his mare was gone in the woods with a rope about her and he would go down to Thomas Attwell's about it and did.  And your deponent followed after and when I came to Attwells. I met my father, Con. Morphew and Attwell coming along the pasture leading the mare and she was hardly about to go. And heard Attwell say he took the mare in his wheat patch with a rope about her and took her up himself and tied her in a tobacco house and would not trust his man with it.  Recorded 10 May 1676 and sworn in Court.

(Ibid, Dorman, page 60, with some spelling improvements)


1688 May 31 - Westmoreland County Court:  Patrick Muckleroy versus Thomas Woodlock and Cornelius Morphew.  The defendants confessed judgment for 500 pounds of tobacco for goods bought and at the outcry of Patrick Miskill's estates. 

(WMLC Order Book 1675/6 – 1688/9, Part 6, John F. Dorman, 1988, page 655)


1694/95 January 31 - Westmoreland County: Gawen Corbin versus Jno Paine, Executor of Cornelius Murfee.  Order attachment for the Sheriff.   On 30 May 1695(?) Judgment is granted the Honorable Rick A. Lee, Esquire, and Gawen Corgin, Gent., against John Paine, executor of Cornelius Murfee for 1.17.4 due by account proved by Mr. Ellis.

(WMLC Order Book 1690-1698, by John F. Dorman)


1694 October 31 - Westmoreland County:  The last will and testament of Cornelius Murfee was produced by John Paine, one of the executors (Samuel Bonum, the other executor, having relinquished the said trust) and proved by George Harrison and James Paine and a probate granted, George Harrison security.  Ordered that John Paine do return of true inventory of the estate of Cornelius Murfee.  Ordered that Mr. Thomas Tanner, William Huslerigy, and Abraham Smith appraise the estate. 

(WMLC Order Book 1690-1698, Part 3, by John F. Dorman, 1964, pg 15)


Comment: The Westmoreland County will for Cornelius Morphew has not been found.  Deeds and wills for the period of 1672-1690 seem to be missing at the Library of Virginia.  If the will or estate administration could be found, we might better understand him.


1694 October 31 - Westmoreland County: James Paine, being summoned as witness on behalf of Jno. Paine, executor of Cornelius Murffee, to prove the last will of Cornelius, ordered John Paine pay him 40 pounds of Tobacco.  George Harrison has like order. 

(Ibid, J.F. Dorman)


1701 July 31 - Westmoreland County: Deed by Arthur King of Farnham Parish, Richmond County to James Byard, 100 acres in the forest of Nominy in Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, binding upon the land of ...Cornelius Murfee, deceased....

(Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds and Wills, No. 3, 1701-1707 by John Frederick Dorman, page7-9)


Other Morphew and Murphews

in Colonial Richmond and Westmoreland Counties, Va.

John Murphey/Morphew (ca1680 to 1742) – see his own chapter


1679 July 30 - Westmoreland County:  Captain John Lord, high Sheriff did arrest Andrew Ard at the suite of Mr. Robert Vaulx, attorney of Step. Morphew, for 920 pounds of tobacco.

(WMLC Order Book 1675/6 to 1688/9 by John Frederick Dorman, 1982, page 5)


1687 May 26 - Westmoreland County:  Upon sufficient proof, there is due to John Minor 300 acres of land for the transportation of the after named persons into this colony:  (included) Margaret Murfew. 

(WMLC Order Book 1675/6 to 1688/9, Part 3, by John Frederick Dorman.)


1694 July 26 - Westmoreland County:  Margrett Fitzgarrard, an Irish Woman was accused by Mr. John Bolton of a misdemeanor.  It appeared by the oath of Margrett Murfee, Frances Burk, Mary Pusell, and Ellenor Ramsy who came into this country on board the Biddiford Ship mentioned in said information along with the said Fitzgerald and were in the company with her when Mr. Bolton came on board the ship.....   Mr. John Bolton, Clerk, Minister of Copeley Parish, was accused by one Margrett FitzGarrard, an Irish woman servant to Mr. James Johnson of aforesaid parish for several high crimes and misdemeanors by him.   (In conclusion) ordered the sheriff to take Margett Fitzgarrard into his custody and immediately convey Margett to the common whipping post and give her 34 lashes or stripes on her bare back well laid on and then discharge her. 

(WMLC Order Book 1690 - 1698, Ibid, by John Frederick Dorman)          


(1 - continued). Coastal Virginia - Northeast: Northumberland County: adjacent to Westmoreland and Richmond Counties which have Morphew entries.  


1664 – Northumberland County, Virginia:  Patrick Morphew, of Northumberland County, in a deposition, age not indicated, stated he was a servant to Mr. Garlington about 5 years previously (page 578).   A further statement by Christo(pher) Garlington indicated Patrick Morphew and John Taylor were his servants about 5 years previously.


            Patrick Morphew deposith __(in court?), five years (of service?), argued that there came some sows with a __ of pigs to my Master's, Mr. Garlington's house and my Misses said:  She could find it in her heart to kill those wild hogs (which) for her were killed....

“Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720, M to Z.” and Virginia Colonial Abstracts , Series 2, Volume 1, Northumberland County, Virginia 1678 – 1713, page 12 and Deed and Will Abstracts of Northumberland County, Virginia 1662-1666 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, 1993, page 62


1699 June 22 - Northumberland County:  Joane Murfew, servant to Nicholas Edwards, being brought to this court to be adjudged, is by the court adjudged to be 15 years of age and ordered she serve her said Master according to Law. 

Northumberland County, Virginia Records of Indentured Servants, 1650-1795, page 1146


1700/01 February 19 - Northumberland County:  Nicholas Murfew, servant to Mr. Daniel Sivillivant, being brought to this court to be adjudged, is by the court, adjudged to be ten years old and ordered he serve his Master or his assignees according to Law.  (Ibid, Part 1, page 1190).


1720 January 16 - York County Court noted a Nicolas Morphy, plaintiff, and Jane Bennet, defendant, is dismissed. 

From "York County, Va. Deeds, Orders, Wills, Etc. 1708-1710," by Sherry Raleigh-Adams


1701 April 16 - Northumberland County:  Mable Newgent, servant to Joseph Holt having had a bastard child as she hath made oath by Daniell Murphew, also servant to the said Holt, it is ordered she serve her said Master for her said default according to Law and half a year for her fine her Master having engaged to pay the same.

Ibid 22 June 1699 entry, page 1197


1702 September 16 - Northumberland County Court: Certificate to Major Radham Kenner 1700 acres, for transporting 34 persons, (including) Jone (Joan) Murphew.

(Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Volume 1, Northumberland County, Virginia, Series 2, Volume 1, Northumberland County, Virginia 1678-1713.


1708 May 13 - Northumberland County Private Court at house of Peter Contancean, deceased.  Daniel Murfy and Thomas Stratton confess judgment to Katharine Palmer, widow surviving the administration of Peter Contanceau deceased, payment of 1210 pounds of tobacco due for goods purchased at outcry belonging to Mr. Contanceau. 

Northumberland County, Virginia Court Order Book 1699-1713, Part Two, Page 576


1711/12 January 16 - Northumberland County:  Daniel Murphew, deceased inventory of his estate, value of 7140 pounds of tobacco, presented by John Meath and Mable his wife, late relict and widow of Murphew.  (18/144, ibid, page 16.)


1711 December 19 - Northumberland County, Virginia:  John Meath and his wife Mabel were given the administration of the estate of "Daniell Murphew, deceased."

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Volume 1, Northumberland County, Virginia 1678-1713


            Same date:  John Meath and Mable his wife Relict of Daniel Murphew late of this county deceased came into court and made oath that Daniel Murphew departed this life without making any will and on their motion and giving security for their just and faithful administration of the said deceased's estate is granted them for obtaining Letters of Administration in due form.  On 16 January 1712, Court noted an inventory and appraisal of said deceased estate, no details listed. 

(Northumberland County, Virginia Court Order Book 1699-1713" by Charles and Virginia Hamrick, page 758-759, 766)


1713 June 18 - Northumberland County Court Sessions:  Henry Murphew made oath in this court that he attended (court) 15 days in the suit between the plaintiff (name not given) and Samuel Downing defendant. 


1713 September 16 - Northumberland County Court:  Daniel Murphew, aged 7, orphan, son of Daniel Murphew, deceased with the consent of his mother now Mable Meath, the wife of John Meath, to serve as shoemaker apprentice to the said John Meath until 21. 

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Volume 1, Northumberland County, Virginia 1678-1713, Page 138  and Northumberland County, Virginia Court Order Book 1699-1713, Part Two, by Charles and Virginia Hamrick


1713 May 20 - Northumberland County:  Terence Murphew, servant to William Heath, is by ye court adjudged to be 15 years old and ordered that he serve his said Master according to Law. 

Northumberland County, Virginia Records of Indentured Servants, 1650-1795, page 1431


1716/17 January 16 - Northumberland County:  Elizabeth Murphew, servant to William Medcalf, came into court and agreed to serve her said Master the term of one whole year after her indentured time is expired and ordered that she perform the said accordingly.  (Ibid, page 1457)


(1-c). Coastal Virginia – Northeast: King George County


King George County, Virginia – From St. Paul's Parish Register 1715-1798


Alexander Murphew married Ann Darbin on 8 April 1722/23. 

Helen Morphew married Thomas Williams on 4 September 1723.

Frances Murphy, daughter of Alexander and Anne Murphy, was born 24 Feb. 1725/26

Sarah Murphew, daughter of Alexander and Anne Murphew, was born 24 October 1731.


1731 – King George County:  Will of Mark Jones: I, Mark Jones of Hanover Parish of King George (County), being sick and weak but sound and perfect mental health, my last will...all my lands lying and being between the western branch of Muddy Creek and River of Rappahannock....   I give to a little girl by the name of Frances Murfee, a good large feather bed and furniture that was my Grandfathers.  27 July 1731.   Court held 3 September 1731. 

"King George County, Virginia Will Book A, 1721-1752 and Miscellaneous Notes," by George Harrison Sanford King, 1978, page 61-62 abstract, page 87-88 Will Book A 


(2-a) Coastal Virginia - Central: New Kent County:

(2-b) Coastal Virginia – Central: Northampton County    


1640 to 1645 - Northampton County, Virginia:  Date between 1640 – 1645, James Morphew overseer to Mr. John Wilkins hath most inhumanly beate and abused one James Williams an apprentice. 

County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia 1640-1645, by Susie May Ames, Virginia Historical Society, page 276.


(3-a. Coastal Virginia – Southeastern: York County 1672-1704     


Charles Parish Church Registry 1648 - 1789, York County:


Elinor Morphew, daughter of Richard and Izabel, born 6 October 1672

Mary Morphew, daughter of Richard by Issab(ell), born 21 July, 1669

Richard Morphew, son of Richard and Izabel, born 12 November 1677

Izabel Morphew, wife of Richard, died 21 December 1677

Mary Morphew, servant to Peter Starkey, died February 14, 1697.

"Charles Parish, York County, Virginia History and Register 1648-1789," by Landon C. Bell, 1932


1667 January 20 – York County: We, Ellinor Calthorpe and Barbery Calthrope, age 20 and upwards, and Ann Calthorpe, age 16, authorize our loving friend William Harmon to request that we may have our estate equally divided amongst us by some of the neighbors.  Witnesses (included) Richard Morphey.


1668 March 10 – York County: Richard Morphey is ordered to pay John Lole 460 lbs of tobacco.


1668 June 24 – York County: Wnv(?) Harris, plaintiff, and Otho Thorpe, defendant , in a case concerning the taking of Harris's boat from Thorpe's landing without his knowledge or consent.  A jury included Richard Morphey. 


1670 July 25 - York County Court Order:  Appraisal of estate of Roger Long, decease, of New Poqauoson Parish.  Mentions debts due from several people (including) Richard Morphey.


1671 October 21 - York County Court:  Certificate is granted Richard Morphy for 100 acres of land for importing Elickson Wilkinson and Mary Jennison into this Colony.

Last 5 items from York County, Virginia Records 1665-1672," by Benjamin B. Wisiger III, 1987 


1704 March 2 - York County Court: John Hiliard, his suite against Ellinor Murfee is dismissed, he not further prosecuting.

"York County, Virginia Deeds, Orders, Wills, Etc. 1700-1702," by Mary Marshall Brewer   


(3b). Costal Virginia – Southeastern: Warwick County (south of York County)


1700 January 21 - Warwick County Court: To Major William Cary, Coroner of this County for an Inquisition on Edward Morphew, deceased, late servant to Andrew Waters.

Warwick County, Virginia – Colonial Records in Transcription, by Richard Dunn, 2006, page 88.


(3c). Coastal Virginia – Southeastern: Norfolk County (Upper or New Norfork and Lower Norfolk)


1639:  “Michaell Morphew” became a Virginia immigrant in 1639 and was noted in the Upper Norfork (established 1637) or New Norfolk County, Virginia (established 1637). 


Comment: New Norfolk County was established 1636 from Elizabeth City Shire, and in 1637 was divided into Upper and Lower Norfolk Counties.  Upper Norfolk County became Nansemond County in 1646, Nansemond City in 1972, and City of Suffolk in 1974. 


1669 April 22: Virginia Land Patent to Robert Tucker in the western Branch of Elizabeth River...joining land of Jennings, John Elliott for transporting two persons: Richard Murfee (Murphy?) and Nathaniel Debble (or Dibble).  Notes from authors – John Eliott in this patent may be Elliott or Ellett.  The name Ellett in Norfolk County records is and was Elliot depending upon the way the clerk spelled it.

Virginia Land Patents of Counties of Norfolk, Princess Anne and Warwick, by Walter and Alice Granbery, 1993. page 8.


         Comment: This above Richard Murfee may or may not be York County's Richard Morphew. 


(4-a). Northwest Virginia: Frederick County


1748 - Frederick County, Virginia: In the years 1738-1743 Frederick County, Virginia was formed from Orange County.  In 1748, Frederick County, Virginia records note in 1748 a Catherine Morphew who gave birth to a child.  No further details have come to light.

From Arlie C. Morphew, original source unknown


(4-b) Northwest Virginia: Hampshire County


1760 – Hugh Murphew in Hampshire County, Virginia. 

(From "Virginia in 1760: A Reconstructed Census," by T.L.C. Genealogy, 1996 and their reference is "Early Records, Hampshire County, Virginia, Now West Virginia, by Clara MaCormack Sage and Laura Sage Jones, 1976)


1762 - Hampshire County, West Virginia (old Virginia): Hugh Murphew deeded to Thomas Cresap land in "Frenches Neck.

History of Hampshire County, West Virginia, by Hu Maxwell, Howard Lleweleyn Swisher, 1897, page 398.


1777 and 1779 Hugh Murphy deeded land to William Corbin

History of Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia), by Clara McCormick Sage, Laura Sage Jones, 1939, page 67.           


(4-c). Northwest Virginia: Orange County


1739 February 28 – Orange County, Virginia:  Be advised that in 28 February 1739, a John Morphet came from Ireland with Mary, Margot, George, and Catherine Morphet and was awarded land in Orange County, Virginia as part of "Headrights."  Headrights were grants of 50 acres of land per "head" or per white male over the age of 16 who transported himself to the colonies and appeared in the Court of Common Pleas.  As far as I can determine, the "T" in Morphet continues to be used and the family keeps separate from the Morphews.


            Correction to a previous error:  In 1736-1743 Orange County, a family by the name of Miles Morphew (died 1741), his wife Elizabeth, and sons James and Miles were reported living on the East Fork of the Rappahannock River.  Further research finds the surname was variously spelled Murfye, Murphy, Murphey, and Morphey.  There is no Morphew or Murphew spelling.


1747/48 February 3 - Orange County Virginia:  Tilman Viscarbar, assignee (in 1795) of Thomas Corbin for whom survey 3 February 1747/8, 329 acres in fork of Krooked (chain carriers for surveyor) Ambrose Corbin & Gabriell Murphew.  Surveyor: George Hume. 

Germanna Colony Notes #767 at 


(4-d). Northwest Virginia: Culpeper County


1753 September 26 - Culpepper County, Virginia (formed from Orange County in 1748/49):  Theophilus Jones, assignee (in 1774) of Alexander McQueen – 26 September 1753 surveyed n.c. 700 acres in Gourd Vine (chain carriers) Francis Cooper, and James Murphew.  Surveyor - George Hume. 

From Message Boards – Culpeper County Virginia,, author Lucinda Ferguson 6 February 1999, subject: Cooper


(4-e). Northwest Virginia: Fauquier County          


1759 - Fauquier County, Virginia: "Gabril Murphy" is listed on George Lambkin's 1759 tithable list for the Northern District of Fauquier County, Virginia

From "Fauquier Families 1759-1799," Volume 1& 2 by John P. Alcock 


1760 Fauquier County:  Gabriel Murphew is named in a lease for Manor of Leeds on Thumb Run with wife Ann and daughter Mary Anne.  

Fauquier County, Virginia Deed Book, number 1, page 162.


Comment:  Beware that there seem to be several Gabriel Murphys in Virginia AND North Carolina about the time of the America Revolution.   Who is related and who is not?  One such listing is this:  On 14 October, 1778 in Orange County, North Carolina, "Gabriel Murphy, Sr." was entered in the Entry Taker's Book 640 acres on both sides of Tom's Creek of Stony Creek, including his improvements, warrant being issued 8 February 1779. 

"Abstracts of Land Entries: Orange County, North Carolina 1778-1795," by Dr. A.B. Pruitt.  Caswell County, North Carolina has on its tax lists Gabriel Murphy for the years 1777, 1780 and 1784.   


1763 and 1765 – Fauquier County:  In 1763, Sarah Murphew complained against mistress Mary McNamara.  In 1765, she was discharged from service to Mary McNamara, who had not educated her. 

Fauquier County, Virginia Minute/Order Book #2, page 212 and #3 page 161, 1765


1768 – Fauquier County: Miles Murphew is sued by Anthony Thornton.  

From Minute/Order Book, volume 3, page 375.


1770 and 1777 – Fauquier County:   Miles Murphew is noted on manor rent rolls.


1771 – Fauquier County: James Jeffries Murphew: Bound to William Ball.  From Minute Book 4, p366.


Comment:  James Jeffrey Murphy, born about 1751 (range 1747 to 1753), was a Virginia Revolutionary War soldier (private) who migrated about 1811 from Shenandoah County, Virginia with his son Daniel Murphy to Indiana Territory, that part becoming Orange County, Indiana.   Murphy married 1st to Magdalin Newlin in 1786 and 2nd to Margaret __.   He fought at the battles of Monmouth, Jamestown, Eutaw Springs and was discharged at Winchester, Virginia.  So far, the spelling of "Murphew" has been found only once for him and I think that's not enough confirm his earlier surname spelling.  


1777-1778 – Fauquier County: John Murphew/Murphey and Miles Murphew.  Both reported on same tax taker list, but the actual list was not seen.


1780 August – Fauquier County: James Walker, four years old, 22 October last; bound to John Murphew, shoemaker.  Fauquier County, Virginia Minute/Order Book 5-473. 


1783-1799 – Fauquier County tithables/tax lists:  John Murphew/Murphey


1781 – Fauquier County:  John Murphew/Murphey was discharged by Lt. Col Benjamin Temple of 4th Regiment Light Dragoons.  Pvt. In Capt. William Triplett's Company, discharge 9/21/1781. 

Minute/Order Book, Volume 6, page 8


1781 September 24 - Fauquier County:  Marriage bond of  John Murphew/Murphey to Jane Waddell, with bond by James Waddell.


1784 – Fauquier County Tax list:  Abraham Murphew


(5). Virginia - Locations not stated


1744 May:  John Morphew is transported from London to Virginia on the Justitia, under Captain Jack Campbell and was from Essex County, England.  This is a felon ship. 

(From “The Kings Passengers to Maryland and Virginia,” by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1997.) 


1754:  "Robert Murphew" is listed twice as "Murphew" and twice as Robert Murphy in the French-Indian War payroll of Captain Andrew Lewis’s Company, Virginia, from 29 May until 29 September 1754.  From 29 July – 29 September 1754, his detachment was sent to Augusta County under the command of Captain Andrew Lewis.            

Family Tree Maker's Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812 Military Records CD


1758:  "John Murphew" is recorded on the rolls of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company for November and December 1758 – Fort George.  (Ibid)


1695 Virginia: Bryan Morphew and Edward Morphew arrived in Virginia 1695. 

(From Nell Marion Nugent, Abstractor, Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 3, 1695-1732)


(6a). Maryland – Southwestern: St. Marys County


1648:  James Morphew was transported to Maryland.

From Skordas, Gust, editor: “Early Settlers of Maryland: An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents 1633-1680 in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland."  Genealogical. Pub. Co.,1968.


1648/9: James Morphew, servant at St. Mary’s Hundred.  Date first recorded 1648/9 and last recorded 1652/3.  Occupation – Overseer.

            Maryland State Archives on-line



William Stone, Esquire, Governour plaintiff against Mr. William Battan, defendant:  The Governour moves the Councell by Petition to have relieft against the defendant for 10,000 pounds of Tobacco and Caske which he alledgeth he hath been damnified by the defendant by Entertaining his overseer to drink in his house & otherwise plaintiffs petition; the defendant pleads he wants his proofs in the Busieness and request the Court to Grant him respite till the next Court, which is ordered accordingly by which time he is to Summon his Wittness: and to appeare peremptorily.


His Lordships Attorney complained against William Battan for selling or retailing of wine and other strong drink & suffering the same to be drunk in his owne house without license contrary to the Law of England in the behalfe and the said Battan not denying the same, it is ordered that he pay one hundred pound of tobacco & caske fine to the Lord proprietary for his offence in that respect.


The Deposition of Robert Taylor aged about 30 yeares being Sworne and Examined in open Count the 20th January 1652 sayeth that he doth conceive that the governor was much damnified for want of plants the last yeare, and he doth alsoe believe that the drink which James Morphew had at Mr Battans was the cause of it, and verily believeth the Governour could not be less prejudiced then twelve hnds of Tobacc by the said James Morphews neglect in his occasions the last yeare.  Sworne in open Court.


The Deposition of John Tompkinson, aged 35 years or thereabout Sworne and Examined in open Court this 20th January 1652 sayeth: That James Morphew Servant or Overseer to William Stone Esquire Governour of this Province did neglect his busieness in the beginning of the year in drinking at Mr. Battans, thereby neglecting sowing of tobacco seed and for the want of plants could not plant his crop in a seasonable time as other men did, by which means the said Governor as this Depon' verily believeth was damnified in his crop to the value fifteen or sixteen hhds of Tobacco at the least more then he made, and further this depon' sayeth not.   Sworne in open Court


            (Maryland Court and Testamentary Business, 1649-50, page 219 as found in Maryland State Archives on-line).  Location not determined.            



(6b). Maryland – East Central: Talbot County


James Murphew of Talbot County, Maryland


James Murphew, born ca1630.  Little to estimate a birth date.

Married 1st to __; 2nd to Mable Dawson.   After Murphew died, Mable married 3nd to Matthew Tilghman Ward.

Died before July 1699 Talbot County, Maryland

Children: reported no children

Brothers/Sisters – not clear in his will, but had relatives in the area

Named as “Captain” in one record.    


1661 July 18 - Talbot County, Maryland Court:  "Whereas Mary Benam Servant unto James Murphew hath Run away Severall day to the November of Sixteen besides more days her Master forgave her, the Courtt hath ordered that the said Mary Benam serve her Master James Murphew....... 

(Proceedings of the County Court of Talbot (1662-1674), Volume 54, page 501.


1673 June 17 - Talbot County Court: "James Murphew brought his servant serve sixe yeares." 

(Proceeding of the County Court of Talbot (1662-1674), Volume 54, Page 564)


1674 December 13 – Talbot County/entered 9 November 1677: Will of Thomas Campher of Talbot County of Campher’s Neck and Fairless on Great Choptank River mentions “James Morphy, overseer and guardian of his son William Campher. 

Maryland Probate Records, Calendar of Wills, Vol 1, 1635-1685 onCD206 Genealogical Records,, Inc, 2014  (5/335).


1686 December 9 – Talbot County: Richard Medcalfe, City of Yorke, has list of debts: (including Capt. James Murphey).  (ibid source)


1689-90 - Talbot County - an Address to the Kin and Queen's most excell't Maj'ty...we abhorr and detest the falsehood and unfaithfulness of John Coade, and other his Associates and Agents, who first by dispensing untrue Reports of prodigious Armies of Indians and French Papists invading us did stir up unjust jealousies and dismal apprehensions in the less cautious sort of people of their Province...and disposed the people to mutiny and tumult, made a further insurrections, and extorted the lawfull Government from the Lord Prop'r..... (Many signatures including) James Murphy, Mich'l Turbutt....

From Petitions from Archives of Maryland as found in "Citizens of the Eastern Shore of Maryland 1659-1750, Volume 1, compiled by F. Edward Wright, 1986, page 48.


1691 December 14/1692 October 20 - Talbot County:  Will of Vincent Lowe of Great Choptanke Island.  To wife Eliza, Foster Tubutt, Mary Turbutt – daughter Michael Turbutt, brother Nicholas in Parish of Denly, England, left testator by his mother Ann Lowe....:  Executors: Jas. Murphie, Michael Turbutt.  Test: Jno Lowe, Thos. Roberds, Grase Heneks.  (6.7 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume II)


1694 August 4 - Talbot County:  Will of James Sedgwick.  To cousins Margaret and Ann and their heirs, to cousins James Dawson, John Wrightson, Francis Wrightson, personalty.  To cousin Mary Wrightson - said plantation to pass to her son, Francis Wrightson.  Exs: Cousins James Murphy and Mary Wrightson, afsd.  Test: Lawrence Knowles, Robt. Sands.   (7.77 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2)  


1694 Talbot County: "...Appointing the following persons, commissioners and justices, vizt (included) Mr. James Morphey... 

Proceedings of the Council of Maryland 1693-1697, Volume 20, page 65


1698 October-November – Talbot County: "Whereas Col. Vincent Low, late of Talbott County by his Last Will and Testament did devise unto James Murphew & Michael Turbutt, his Executors to be sold for the payment of his just bests...lands lying in Talbott County in the branches of Tuckaho and in Cecil County called Ladys Delight and (adjacent) Timber Ridge.   ...that the said James Murphew and Michael Turbutt are both dead before they disposed and made sale of the said lands...." 

Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, Mary 1697/8-July 1699, Volume 22, page 281


1699 May 2 - Talbot County:  Will of James Murphey.  To brother-in-law Lawrence Knowles and his 3 eld. child. (unnamed), to brothers Ralph and John Dawson, and to young. child. (unnamed) of father – Dawson, personalty.  Wife (unnamed), extx. And residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.  Test; Jas. Kenner, Rich'd Dawson, Sam'l Broadhurst, Henry Wharton. 

(6. 258, Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2,


From Betty Miessner: "Captain James "Murphy" is supposed to be buried in the Tilghman Family Graveyard at Rich Neck Manor, Tilghman Point, NE of Claiborne, Talbot County, Maryland, together with his second wife, Mable Dawson.  After Capt. James died she married Matthew Tilghman Ward.  Mable died in 1702, age ?2.  She had no children by Capt. James. 

email courtesy of Betty Miessner, 8 April 2007 and her source – "Tombstones of Talbot County," Volume 2, pages 108, published by Upper Shore Genealogical Society    


Other possible clues in Talbot County


1732 June 5 – St. Peter’s Parish, Talbot County:  James Murphey married Elizabeth Mackway


1733 Talbot County, Maryland list of Taxables:

(a) (includes) James Murphey/1

(b) Mr. Nichs. Goldsborough, James Murphey, Joseph Synors, Owen Tagan, Joseph Jones, Samuel Prince....

Ibid, page 19 and 20.  


1733 September 3 – St. Peter’s Parish, Talbot County: James Murphey married Mary Mason.

Maryland and Delaware Church Records 1600-1800s,  MD EasternShore VITAL Records, Book 2, St. Peter’s Parish,Talbot County on CD178,, Inc.  


(6-c). Maryland – Southeastern: Somerset County


1686 Somerset County, Maryland:  John Murphew is noted as a tanner in Somerset County, Maryland, with a tract of 400 acres at “Kilkenny” on 31 March 1686. 

(from “Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700,” by Peter Willson Coldham, 1995.  Also indirectly suggests he may be an immigrant in the year 1686. 


1687 September 3/1688 June 9 - Somerset County:  Will of John Murfue.  To wife Bridget, 400 acres "Kilkeny," during life.  To two sons, Thomas and John, said land at death of wife.  Wife Bridget executrix and residuary legatree of personalty of the benefit of all testator's child.  Test; Jno. Jones, Eliza William Jas Round 

(4.312. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2, 


Undated, but listed with other 1693 probates, Somerset County:  Probate of John Murfew.  "An additional inventory was cited" for English money of 18.1.11. Administrator was Thomas Morris.   

Maryland Probate Records 1674-1774, Family Archives CD #206   


(6-d) Maryland – Northeastern: Baltimore County/Hartford County


 John Morphew who married Mary Elliot

John Morphew born: ca1680

Married Mary Elliot on 7 March 1707 St. Georges Parish Church, Baltimore County, Maryland

Died before 5 August 1729 Baltimore County.  His widow Mary married 2nd to Richard Morris on 25 December 1734 at St. Georges Parish, Baltimore County.

Land was known as Murphy’s Hazard

Parents: not known

Brothers/Sisters: not known


Details for John Morphew and wife Mary Elliot


1707 March 7 – Baltimore County: John Murphew married Mary Elliot in Baltimore County, Maryland.  However, they are recorded as John Morphew + Mary Eliot at the St. Georges Parish Church, near Perryman, Harford County, Maryland, page 28 Parish Register.  Church records also state the marriage to be 7 March 1707.  John Morphew died 7April 1729, according to St. George’s Parish Register.   Mary Murphew then married Richard Morris on 25 December 1734 at St. Georges Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland.  About 1729, Murphy or Murphey became the standard spelling.


1729 March 30 and August 5 – Baltimore County:  Will of John Murphy (Murfey):  To son John ½ (50 acres) of plan. __.   To son Edward, other half of said plan. "Murfey's Hazard:" sons to be of age at 21; who son John arrives at the age the Vestry of St. George's Parish to appoint 2 men to divide said land.  Should either son die without issue, said pt. or whole to fall to next heir, and so from heir to heir, without sale, forever.  To wife Mary, Estx., 1/3 personal estate, residue to child. Equally.  Test:  Mary Burchfild, Ann Curtis, Ann Swelvan, Owen Swelvan (Swillivant)  (19, 783 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 6)


Children of John Morphew + Mary Elliot


Sons and daughters of John and Mary Morphew recorded at St. Georges Church are, as spelled. 


1. Dorcas Murphew, born 20 January 1709 and died 15 February 1711.  Confusing this death date is this parish entry: "February 26, 1736, then was born Sarah Murphey, daughter of Dorcass Murphy. 


2.  John Murphey/Murffy, born 11 March 1710.  No parents were listed, but in will


3.  Edward Murffy, born 20 December 1712.  No parents were listed but John and Mary Morphew/Murphy appear to be the only recorded Murphys at this church during this period.   In will


4. Cathurinah Morphew, born 28 September 1719


5. Timothy Morphew, born 17 June 1721. 


1730 August 10 – Baltimore County: Timothy Murphy and his mother Mary Murphy widow of Henry Millane, said Timothy to serve indenture until he is 21.  Signed Mary (x) Murphy and Henry Millane.  Witness: Roger Mathews. 


It appears Henry Millane is wrongly identified or is the master to which Timothy Murphy must serve.   


1760 February 13 - Baltimore County: Timothy and Elizabeth Murphy ("son and heir of John Murphy") of Baltimore County, Maryland sold to Aquila Hall, of same county for 90 pounds, 100 acres on the east side of branch of Rummer Run.  Signed Timothy (x) Murphy.  Witnesses: John Hall, Rebecca Mathews, James Heath, Amos Garrett. 


Timothy and William Murphey were noted to have the same pew #23 with five other members at the St. Georges Parish Church, about the year 1770. (Above from Heritage Books Archive CD #1959 – Baltimore County, Maryland – Deed Records, Volume 2," by John David Davis, and Family Tree Maker's Family Archives, Genealogical Records – Maryland Probate Records 1674-1774 on CD #206., and Church Records on CD #178: Maryland and Delaware 1600s-1800s from Family Line Publications)


Children of Timothy and Elizabeth Murphy recorded at St. Georges Episcopal Church, formerly Baltimore County, now today's Harford County, Maryland: (i) Mary Murphy 24 November 1745, (ii) John Murphy (2 March 1747), (iii) William Murphy (3 August 1749), (iv) Dianah Murphy (17 December 1752), (v) Timothy Murphy (15 October 1753), who married Martha Gallion 5 January 1786 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, (vi) Ufan(?) Murphy (22 December 1756), (vii) Joseph Murphy (2 October 1759), (viii) Martha Murphy 10 Mary 1763), (ix) Sarah Murphy (22 August 1766)        


6. Rachel Morphew, born 27 December 1723 and died 3 January 1724


7. (possibly) William Morphew, born 16 August 1725 7.   There is a William Murphy family at this church who married on 2 August 1751 to Sarah Gissard and had the following children recorded at St. Georges Parish:  (i) William Murphy (born 12 September 1752) and (ii) Joab Murphy (born 3 November 1755.  This church later noted William Murphey + ”Mary his wife" had a daughter, Catherine Murphey, born 27 January 1762.  


8. Honour Morphew, born 13 September 1728


(II). Patrick and Sarah Morphew


1675 December 30 - Anne Arundel County: Patrick Morphew is in list of debts to Thomas Turner probate.   Again on 6 October 1677: Patricke Morphew is again noted to owe payment to Thomas Turner.  Prior to that on 10 May 1674, Thomas Turner mentions debts by Patrick Murphey and others.


1696/97 Proceeding of the Council of Maryland: Petition of Alexander Lumbley Esqr. read and complaining against one Patrick Morphew of Baltimore County.

Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, Volume 23, page 437 as found on Archives of Maryland Online.


1702 August 11: Sarah Murphew, wife of Patrick Murphew, became administratrix to John Copos in a probate 11 August 1702, county not listed. 

From Maryland probate records, Family Archives CD #206


            Comment: John Copas or Copus was a planter of Baltimore County Maryland, who married Sarah Teale, mother of Ales Teale.   Son was Thomas Copus, who married Jane.   John Copus had 100 acres on the north side of Patapsco River patented by himself on 6 September 1683.  It is possible that Sarah Teale Copas married next to Patrick Murphew.


1707 February 9 -  Baltimore County:  Michael Owens Turloe mentions estate of John Carrington with payments to Patrick Murphey, Thomas Hutchins, Thomas Bordley. 


(6-e). Maryland - Baltimore Port of Arrival, post colonial


1833 Baltimore Port of Arrival:  Joseph J. Morphew, age 26; Elisabeth Morphew, age 24; Richard Morphew, age 5; and Talme Morphew, age 13


From Rick Trezise: “…there’s a chance (Joseph J. Morphew) could turn out to be Joseph Jeffery Morphew, Bapt. 1809 Falmouth, Cornwall, England.  The age is a year or two out but then…and son of Captain Joseph Morphew and Elizabeth Codd.  He was a Falmouth mail packet captain (ships Swallow and later Nocton) who carried the mails to and from South America, the Caribbean and North America to Falmouth, England. 

email, courtesy Rick Trezise, 15 February 2012


(7). Massachusetts


164?  Bryan Morphew, born 164? at Ire, Massachusetts, is mentioned in the genealogy column of the Boston Transcript; reference date not known.


1753:  Edward Murphew married Mary Salter on 6 July 1753 at Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts. 


(8-a). North Carolina – East Coastal: Bertie, Chowan, and Halifax Counties


William Morphew/Murphey


William Morphew/Murphy born ca1690

Married Ann __, noted in his will

Died 1736/37, probably Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Daughters: Ester Murphy, Mary Murphy, Martha Murphy.  No sons


1720 North Carolina Patent Book 13: Patent #3419, page 76, William Murphew, 5 April 1720 530 acres in Chowan joining Arthur Dairs and Concaconcua Swamp.  Witnesses: C. Eden, Richard Sanderson, William Reed, Thomas Pollock, John Hecklefield.


1721 North Carolina Patent Book 3:  Patent #1810, page 68, Mathew Raiford 30 March 1721 270 acres of ye south side of Morattuck River joining William Morphew, a reedy pond, ye dividing branch and Sarah Hill.  Witnesses: Charles Eden, William Reed, Dra. Forster, Richard Sanderson, John Lovick


1721 North Carolina Patent Book 3: Patent #1882, page 86.  William Murphy, date not given, 550 acres on the south side of Morattuck River, joining Conaconara Swamp and Thomas Gooden.  Witnessses; C. Eden, William Reed, Dra Forster, Richard Sanderson, John Lovick


1721 North Carolina Patent Book 3: John Pope, date not given, 270 acres on the __ side of Morattock River, joining bunds, slash, hook meadow, and William Murphey. Witnesses: C. Den, William Reed, Richard Sanderson, Fra. Foster, J. Lovick. 

From "Providence of North Carolina 1663 – 1729, Abstracts of Land Patents," by Margaret M Hofmann, 1979.  


            Comment: Morattuck River is now North Carolina's Roanoke River, with the north bank partly within today's Bertie and Northampton Counties.  Conoconnara Swamp (creek) empties into the Roanoke River in today's Halifax County, North Carolina. 


1736/37 February 23 - Edgecombe County: Will of William Murphey of Edgecombe County* was administered early 1737, named daughters Esther Murphey, Martha Murphey, and Mary Murphey.  Executors/Executrix were wife Ann Murphey, John Edwards, and Isaac Ricks.  Witnesses were John Pope, William Goodwin, and John Strictland.

"Descendants of Jonas Ricks and Other Ricks Families in America," by Donald Milton Ricks, 1998, page 72.  Donald Ricks incorrectly listed the will as Edgecombe County which was established in 1741 from Bertie County.      


1738 Bertie County, North Carolina:  There is a will of Jacob Parrot, Bertie Precinct, North Carolina, dated 3 November 1738 and probated 18 November 1738.  Son is John and daughter is Mary Parrot.  Wife is Martha.  Executors are William Felltwood, Edward Rasor.  Witnesses are Lamb Hardy, Lovick Young, and Sarah Morphew.  The will was proven before W. Smith, C.J.


(8-b). North Carolina – East Coastal, Central: Craven County


Thomas Morphew (died February 1747)


1738 June 28 – Craven County, NC: North Carolina Land Grant entered 28 June 1738 Craven County for Thomas Morphew, by the Office of Secretary of State.  

Indexed in File No.  0432, Archive Stacks, MARS Id (folder), NC State Archives.


1746 October 7 – Craven County, NC: Will of Thomas Murphy, Sons Thomas (plantation on Trent River), Jeremiah, John.  Daughter Bridgett Murphy.  Wife and executrix - Sarah.  Witnesses – John Johns, John Abbott, John Peter.  Entered 27 February 1746/47.

Abstracts of NC Wills: Compiled from Original and Recorded Wills in the Office of the Secretary of State, NC Secretary of State, John Bryan Grimes, E.M> Uzzell, 1910, page 261.


(9) South Carolina – Pendleton County


(possibly) 1711 May 11 – Craven County, South Carolina: “Morris Morphew has a warr’t for 120 acres of land in Craven County the 11th day of May 1711.” 

Warrants for Lands in South Carolina 1672-1711; 1692-1711, S.C Governor and Council, Historic Commission of S.C. 1915, page 237.


            Craven County, South Carolina was one the first three counties in South Carolina and was discontinued ~1769.  Its boundaries often changed.


1797 September 10 – Surry County, North Carolina:  James Murphy of Pendleton County, South Carolina deeded 300 acres of Surry County, North Carolina land on Hunting Creek to Jonathon Parker of Surry County.  Witnesses included David Murphew, Isaac Debord, and David Glen.   Signed: “James Murphy” (seal), and entered in November term 1798.


1797 September 10 – Surry County, NC: James Murphy of Pendleton County, South Carolina deeded Surry County, North Carolina land to James Debord, of Surry County on the rocky branch on John Elsberry’s northwest corner.  “In the presence of Isaac Debord, David Murphew, David Glenn, signed “James Murphy” (seal), and entered in November term of 1798.

   Surry County, North Carolina Deed Books


(10-a). Pennsylvania – Philadelphia County


1732:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Church Records list the birth of Owen Morphew on 17 June 1732 and his baptism at 2 months of age.  Parents are Owen and Elizabeth Morphew


1735:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Church Records list the birth of John Morphew 14 June 1735 and recorded only one parent to be Anne Morphew.

Baptisms and Burials from the Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia 1709-1760, by Charles R. Hildebren, per


(10-b). Pennsylvania – Lancaster County


1740 - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:  There is a Henry Morphew, born 25 November 1740 and is baptized 5 April 1741 at a Lutheran Church in Conewago, Dauphin County (old Lancaster County), Pennsylvania.  His father is William Morphew and sponsor Christoph Schlaegel and his wife.


1775 - Lancaster County.:  Nickolas Murphew is noted a freeman on the Kings Tax list, Drumore Township.  


(11). Delaware – New Castle County  

Thanks go to David Cope, email courtesy of 4/12/2012


1737 August 4 – New Castle Hundred & County, Delaware: Simon Parsons, Executor for the Will of William Parsons of New Castle County sold to William Patterson of White Clay Creek Hundred a tract of land of land and premises containing 30 acres, situate near main road leading from Christiana Bridge to Nottingham in said county, bound by the lands of Dr. Jones, Andrew Murphew, Robert Black.


1741 August 14 – New Castle County: Reynold Howell of White Clay Creek Hundred in  New Castle County, farmer, sold for 50 pounds to John Eagar of same place, farmer, a tract of land and premises containing 100 acres (laid out by James McMulland, surveyor for use of Andrew Murphew).  It is situated on the north side of the road leading from Christiana Bridge to Nottingham in said Hundred….