Blake – First Three Generations

John Blake “I” (Probably Immigrant)


Born about 1640, but not much to base an estimate.

Died:  25 May 1700 at Wrentham, Suffolk County, Massachusetts^ (became Norfolk County in 1793).

Immigrant?  Probably

Married to Bridget __ about 1666

Parents: Speculation exists

Research caution: Many other Blakes in Dorchester, Boston and Wrentham, including John and James Blake.


Bridget __


Born:  about 1644

Died:  30 May 1706 at Wrentham, Suffolk County, (became Norfolk County in 1793), Massachusetts. Published Wrentham Death Records show “Bridget Blake, widow of Joh__, 30 May 170_.” ^

Maiden name and Parents: No information

^ Wrentham Vital Records - birth, marriage, death; available online.


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John Blake (~1640 to 1700)


            This chapter is written to for descendants of David Blake (1764 to 1854) and his wife Martha Daggett.  This reconstruction has just started and much more work needs to be done.


This Chapter Covers the Following Blakes:


John Blake “I” (~1640-1700) + Bridget __.  England, Sandwich, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Wrentham, Suffolk/Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts. Children are (I), (II), (iii), etc; Grandchildren are (1), (2), (3), etc; Great Grandchildren are (i), (ii), (iii), etc.  Birth dates not sequential.


(I). Isaac Blake (1660-1689)

(II). Andrew Blake (1661-1755) + Sarah Stevens.  Wrentham and Norfolk, Suffolk/Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts.  9 children.

(iii) Capt. Robert Blake (~1676-1735) + Sarah Guild.  Wrentham, Massachusetts. Ten children.

(IV). John Blake “II” (~1663-1728) + Joanna Whiting.  Wrentham, Massachusetts.  Children are (I), (2), (3), etc. 

(1) Anna Blake 1691

(2) Bridge Blake 1693

(3) John Blake “III” 1694-1722

(4) Mary Blake 1696

(5) Abigail Blake 1698

(6) Hannah Blake 1700

(7) Dinah Blake 1701

(8) Margaret Blake 1704-1704)

(9) Annabel Blake 1706.


(10) Major James Blake “I” (1689-1765) + Ann Bullard.  Wrentham, Suffolk/Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts.  Children are (i), (ii), (iii), etc. 

(i) Ann Blake 1715-171?

(ii) John Blake 1716-1812 + Elizabeth Bragg,

(iii) James Blake (II) 1718

(iv) Hannah Blake 1720,

(v) Mary Blake 1723

(vi) David Blake (1725-1725)

(vii) Margaret Blake (1728-1736), (viii) Aaron Blake 1730,

(ix) Ann Blake 1732

(x) Solomon Blake 1734-1771 + Abial Pond.  Wrentham, Six children


(xi) Moses Blake 1726->1771 + Sible Fuller.  Wrentham, Suffolk/Norfork Counties, Massachusetts; Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachesetts; Providence, Rhode Island.  Children are (a), (b), (c), etc:

(a) Josiah Blake 1753-1840 + Judith Lyon

(b) Sarah Blake 1755

(c) Hannah Blake 1757

(d) Benjamin Blake 1760 + Sarah Appleton

(e) Molly blake 1762 + Job Bears


(f) David Blake 1764-1854 + Martha Daggett of Marietta, Washington County, Ohio – see their own chapter


(g) Joseph Blake 1766 twin

(h) Dolle Blake 1766 twin

(i) Cyril Blake 1769

(j) Simeon Blake 1771-1834? + Lavina Peck of Marietta, Washington County, Ohio


Controversy over John Blake’s Origins

Confusion with Dorchester, Massachusetts Blakes


            This John Blake is theorized by some to be an immigrant.  One source states John Blake who died 1700, sailed from England on the ship “Resolution” with son John Jr. to Massachusetts.  This source cannot be confirmed.   Another source believes this John Blake (~1640) belonged to different John Blake, also born ~1640, died 1688/89, lived in Dorchester, and left a will.  Dorchester’s John Blake belonged to the William Blake line, as noted:


     1st generation: William Blake (~1594 England – 1663 Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts),  A number of James Blakes descend from this line as noted at the end of this chapter.

     2nd generation: John (Thorne -?) Blake (~1618 England – 1688/89 Dorchester, Massachusetts and has a Dorchester will.   Will mentions no children and some think he probably had none.          


Earliest Records for our Subject - John Blake (~1640 to 1700)


            John Blake became a co-executor in a 1679 Indian Will for John Wampers which stated Blake was from Plymouth (Colony) in New England.    Later in 1686 when Wamper’s lands were divided, a 1686 deed noted John Blake living in Wrentham and was formerly from Sandwich.   The town of Sandwich in Plymouth Colony was founded in 1637 and is Cape Cod’s oldest town.  


Details for John and Bridget Blake


1679 September 5 - England: (Abstracted) Will of John White, alias Wampers, late of Boston in New England, mariner, 5 September 1679, proved 1 October 1679.  I do give, devise and bequeath unto my very loving kinsman John a Wonsmock, Pomhamell and Norwarunnt all my estate lying and being in New England, commonly called or known by the name of Assenham East-stock….   I give to George Owen of St. Alhallowes the Wall in London, Chirurgeon, 400 acres of my land situate in Bedford in New England….   I gave to my friends Edward Pratt of St. Paul, Shadwell, Middlesex, victualler, and John Blake of Plymouth in New England, husbandman, the rest and remainder of my lands, tenements, plantations, grounds, etc (no details)…and make them joint executors.  Proved by the oath of John Blake, on the executors named in the will….

Genealogical Gleanings in England by Henry F. Waters, 1901, page 1609.


1685: John was fined for selling rum, powder, and bullets to the Indians. 


1686 August 25 – Wrentham, Suffolk County, Massachusetts: Cutter states: “John Blake, the immigrant ancestor…settled at Wrentham, a town formerly part of Dedham, a town adjacent to…Boston and Dorchester.  About all that is known of him is from a deed (Suffolk 16/89) in which John Blake, now of Wrentham formerly of Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1686 with Edward Pratt and others divided lands previously bought of John Wanpumn (Wampers), alias White, an Indian of Assanuesock, then deceased.”

New England Families by William Richard Cutter, 1913, page 523.


1686 Wrentham: John Blake is reported to be a Selectman for Wrentham.


1688 – 1691 Wrentham, Suffolk County:  John Blake is on the tax lists for 1688 through 1691.   In 1689 a trial convicted John and John Jr. on an assault on Ebenezer Littlefield.


Children of John Blake “I” and Bridget __ are probably:

2nd Generation Blakes are listed as (I), (II), (III), etc.

3rd Generation Blakes are listed as (1), (2), (3), etc.


I. Isaac Blake, born 1660 and died 8 March 1689 at Wrentham ^, was old enough to possibly be married.


II. Andrew Blake, born 1661 at Wrentham and married 14 August 1696 at Wrentham Sarah Stevens. ^  Andrew died 2 June 1755 at Norfolk, Mass. at the age of 94. ^   Sarah, wife of Isaac Blake, died 29 October 1732. ^   Children of Andrew Blake + Sarah Stevens, born per Wrentham Vital Records:

^ Wrentham Vital Records, birth, marriage, death.

1. Isaac Blake (11 May 1697)

2. Sarah Blake (21 January 1699/1700)

3. Mary Blake (22 May 1702)

4. Andrew Blake (7 August 1704)

5. Stephen Blake (11 March 1706/07)

6. Comfort Blake (27 February 1708/09)

7. Joseph Blake (13 August 1711)

8. Phebe Blake (30 October 1713)

9. Submit Blake (22 July 1718)


III. Captain Robert Blake (~1676 Wrentham to 4 October 1735 Wrentham ^) married Sarah Guild in 7 January 1702/03 at Wrentham. ^

^ Wrentham Vital Records, birth, marriage, death. 


Robert Blake’s farm was on the east side of Blake’s Pond on Crown Hill.  Sarah Guild was the daughter of John Guild and married 2nd to Nathaniel Perry.  She died 30 July 1757.  Title of “Captain” was reported on his gravestone.*


Biographical Dictionary lists Robert Blake, (c1675 Sandwich or Wrentham – 1735 Wrentham); Wrentham House of Representatives 1725, 1728-32, 1734; selectman 1714-1717, 1719; moderator 1726; Capt. 1730; married Sarah Guild (1683 – 1757) in 1703.  10 children; farmer.  In eight terms in the House of Representatives. He had one committee.  Sarah married 2nd Nathaniel Perry in 1738. **

New England Families by William Richard Cutter, 1913, page 523.

* Ancestry and Allied Families of Nathan Blake 3rd by Almira Torrey Blake Fenno Gendrot, 1916

** Legislators of the Massachusetts General County, 1691-1780: A Biographical Dictionary by John A. Schutz,"


Children of Robert Blake + Sarah Guild

per Wrentham Vital Record, which includes parents names


1. Bette Blake (21 July 1703)

2. Sarah Blake (18 August 1705)

3. Robert Blake (22 December 1707)

4. Josiah Blake (4 March 1709/10)

5. Nathan Blake (13 March 1711/12)

6. Ezra Blake (4 May 1714)

7. Hephzibah Blake (8 October 1716)

8. Obadiah Blake (9 June 1719)

9. Ester Blake (23 July 1721)

10. Elijah Blake (13 October 1723)


*IV. John Blake “II” was born about 1663, possibly in Wrentham, Suffolk County (became Norfolk County in 1793) and died 1728.   John Blake “II” married 6 February 1689 Wrentham to Joan Whiting. ^    Joanna Whiting was born 26 September 1665 in Dedham, Massachusetts and died 10 October 1739 at Wrentham, Massachusetts.^   Her parents were Nathaniel Whiting “II” (1644 to ?) and Joanna Gay (1645 to 1708)

^ Wrentham Vital Records, birth, marriage, death.   


            John Blake “II” was noted in Wrentham in 1710; was a selectman 1694, 1699, 1708.  He was a farmer and is reported to have a will.  John Blake and Joanna Whiting had 10 children; farmer, and had a will. **

** Legislators of the Massachusetts General County, 1691-1780," found at


     John Blake “II” died before his last child was born and at about the same time as his mother (???) which may suggest an infectious epidemic, such as measles, smallpox, or flu.


1714 November 18 – Suffolk County, Massachusetts (Abstract): John Blake of Wrentham, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Bay, New England, Planter, for consideration of the good will which I bear to my son James Blake, viz: (!) four acres of land for a house lott only excepting a convenience way to his mill as it lyeth on the west side of the road bounded on Stoney Brook north, Common Land west.  (2) Thirty six acres on the east side of the road bounded on Stoney Brook in part north, and bounded on yet land above John Blake south; Common Land in part east, chiccre in part north.  (3) Twenty acres of land with meadow which lies down stream on Stoney Brook bound on the land with Meadow Gay’s south west, and with ye brook south east, and on the land with meadow of Anthony Hancock north east.   All the lands lie situated in the town of Wrentham.  18 November 1714.  (Signed) John Blake (seal).  Witnesses: Steaser Metcalfe, Bridget Blake, John “x” Downs.  Entered 1 January 1714/15 (DB29/26)


1714/15 January 6 – Suffolk County, Massachusetts: John Blake of Wrentham, Suffolk County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, New England, Husbandman and Joanna his wife deeded to Andrew Belcher, Addington Davenport, Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., John White, and Edward Hutchinson, Gent., trustees named and empowered by the General Court or Assembly, held at Boston 20 October last, instituted in an act for the making and __ sum of 50,000 pounds, in bills of credit on this Province in such manner…witness that the said John Blake and wife Joanna…for 100 pounds credit on Massachusetts Bay…the said John Blake’s…messuage tenement or dwelling house and barn, and all…with its tract of land lying in Wrentham containing about 200 acres…lying bounded southwest by the land of the heirs of Thomas Thurston, deceased; northwest by the land of Samuel Swisher(?); northeast by the land of James Blake, with all other parts lying in the Common, the highway or road going through the said land.  …John Blake, the mortgager to be paid with interest.  5 June 1724.  Received of John Blake by the hand of his son James Blake, 25 pounds, eight shillings, 6 pence.  (DB29/25)    


Children of John Blake “II” and Joanna Whiting, all born at Wrentham:

(3rd Generation Blakes, (1), (2), (3), etc. - not in birth date order)

* Births/Deaths are recorded on Wrentham Vital Records with parent’s names


1.  Anna Blake (7 October 1691, twin8)*

2.  Bridget Blake (27 March 1693)*

3.  John Blake “III” (22 July 1694* to 24 December 1722*)

4.  Mary Blake (8 April 1696*)

5.  Abigail/Abigaell Blake (30 July 1698*)

6.  Hannah Blake (15 March 1700*)

7.  Dinah Blake (15 September 1701*)

8.  Margaret Blake (15 June, 1704* to 1704?*)  

9.  Amiable/Annabel Blake (15 October 1706*)


10.  Major James Blake (7 October 1689 at Wrentham, Suffolk County (now Norfolk County), Massachusetts and died 12 January 1765 at Wrentham.  Wrentham records show he was married in Dedham on 15 December 1714 as James Blake of Wrentham and Ann Bullard of Dorchester.   Ann, widow of James Blake, Esq, died 16 December 1767. ^   Ann’s parents were Samuel Bullard (1659 to ?) and Hannah Thorp (1665 to ?).  Do not confuse with multiple Dorchester James Blakes.

^ Wrentham Vital Records, birth, marriage, death.  


            James and Ann Blake lived at Wrentham, Massachusetts.  James Blake (1689 to 1765) of Wrentham was noted in Wrentham in 1740, 1742-1744.  He was a selectman 1722, 1743-46; moderator 1742-45, 1747; Captain in 1739 and Major in 1746.  He married Ann Bullard (1693-1767) in 1714; had 11 children, was a farmer, has a will.  There were notes, bonds, sawmill, and one slave.  He had two committees in these four legislative years.

** Legislators of the Massachusetts General County, 1691-1780," found at


            Possibly, this is the same James Blake, Esq. of Wrentham who married Andrew Blake of Wrentham to Mrs. Dorcas Woodward on Dedham on 15 December 1714.

Vital Records of Dedham, Massachusetts 1635-1845, on line at


1743 May 25 to 1744 April 28:  House of Representatives of Massachusetts:  Wrentham, County of Suffolk -  Captain James Blake


1744 May 30 to 1745 April 25: House of Representatives of Massachusetts: Wrentham, County of Suffolk – Major James Blake

Acts and Resolves, Public and Private of the Province of Massachusetts, by John Henry Clifford, Alexander Strong Sheeler, and William Cross Williamson, 1905, page 236 and 462.


1745 April 23/24 - Suffolk County:  Following instructions from the governor, James Blake wrote a letter to Capt. Baruch Pond, with orders for five armed soldiers from the Wrentham Military Company under the command of Captain Jonathan Bane (or his designee). – letter was to be auctioned.


            Children of James Blake “I” and Ann Bullard, all born Wrentham:

4th Generation (i), (ii), (iii), etc - not in birth date order

“*” Births/deaths are recorded from Wrentham Vital Records which gives parent’s names


i. Ann Blake (4 October 1715* to 27 November 171? *)


ii. John Blake (30 October 1716 to  23 January 1812 at Wrentham, Mass.)  Listed as Captain John Blake, son of Captain James Blake, married on 16 July 1741 (location ?) to Elizabeth Bragg (1719 – 1804).  John is on the muster roll of Wrentham 1778 as Lt. John Blake, Captain Goodale’s Company.


iii. James Blake “II” (23 March 1717/18)*

iv. Hannah Blake (23 August 1720)*

v. Mary Blake (6 February 1722/3)*

vi. David Blake (25 January 1724/5* to 30 April 1725*)

vii. Margaret Blake (21 May 1728* to 7 July 1736*)

viii. Aaron Blake (24 April 1730*), “son of James and Ann Blake,” (Wrentham Births)   In the Revolutionary War.

ix. Ann Blake (19 June 1732)* married Wheaton Comfort


x. Solomon Blake (8 October 1734* to 8 February 1825), “son of Capt. James Blake and Ann.”*  Solomon married Abial Pond and had the following children, born in Wrentham: (a) Abial Blake (19 December 1772)*, (b) Alpheus (2 March 1775)*, (c) Benjamin Blake (16 January 1782)*, (d) Caleb Blake (1 May 1762)*, (e) Daniel Blake (1 January 1771)*, (f) Levi Blake (1 April 1769)*,


*xi. Moses Blake was born 10 May 1726*, possibly at Wrentham, Suffolk County (now Norfolk County), Massachusetts and died after 1771.  His intention of Marriage was 21 October 1752 at Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts to Sible Fuller. ^^ ** ^     Sible Fuller was born 1 June 1734 at Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts and died 13 August 1785 at Providence, Rhode Island *   Her parents were Josiah Fuller (1704 to ?) and Mehitabell Ormsbee (1710 - ?).   Moses Blake’s occupation was a joiner/carpenter.   


Locations involved: Wrentham, Norfolk County, established 1793; Suffolk County, established 1643); Rehoboth, Bristol County, established 1643 from New Plymouth Colony; Providence City, Rhode Island.   Do NOT confuse with New Hampshire’s Moses Blake. 


Overview of Moses Blake (1726 to <1771)


            Moses Blake was a joiner (cabinet and fine wood worker) had a joiner’s shop in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

From “Vital Records of Rhode Island,” per Americana, Volume 31, page 364.


“Moses is said to have served in the Revolution.  Now Mrs. Gurley wrote me in Dodge City, Kansas (about 1945) that she looked in all the libraries, etc., and could not find where Moses had shown service.  At that time I was going into the D.A.R. but Moses kept me out.  He died during the war, but they decided it was of an illness.”

   Letter of Hope McFarland of Kansas, written in the 1950's.


Details for Moses Blake


1752 October 21 – Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts: Moses Blake of "Providence" married Sible Fuller of Rehoboth this date.

Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts to about 1850, 2nd edition, Search – ReSearch Publishing Corporation.


1752 December 30 – City of Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island: Comfort Wheaton of Providence, Providence County, Colony of Rhode Island sold for 190 pounds a deed to Moses Blake of same location, house carpenter…a certain lott of land in said Providence on the west side of the rhoad that leads from the bridge in said Providence to Pawtuxet…bounded on the northwest side of said road by Mr. Hllbos house lott.  Signed Comfort Wheaton (seal).  Witnesses: Elijah Baron, Joseph Snow.  Entered 5 January 1753. (DB13/149) 


         On 25 June 1756, Moses Blake and wife Sibill Blake, of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, sold this land (approximately 93 x 50 x 106 x 50 feet) with appurtenences to John Page of Rehoboth, worker in brass. (DB 14/252)


1757 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts: "A list of those Persons that were licensed at September Court 1757 (Inholder and Retailer Licenses), Rehoboth: (includes) Moses Blake.

Rehoboth, Seekonk, Ma 1632 – 1812 (Narragansett Bay Region), Volume III, Part 1 and 2, by John G. Erhardt, 1990, page 590, 600.


1759, 1765, and 1769 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts: Moses Blake was reported to show up on Rehoboth "polls"; not confirmed.

From “Consider the Years of Many Generations, John Blake of Wretham, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants," by Kenneth Pond Blake, Jr., 1963 


1764 Rhode Island: Their son - David Blake stated on his 1850 U.S. Census that he was born in Rhode Island.


1767 April 1- Bristol County, Massachusetts:  Moses Blake of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts Bay, New England deeded to Caleb Fuller of Rehoboth, ferryman, a strip of land 16 by 8 feet with 2 foot variations being near a place called Fuller’s Ferry.  Signed: Moses Blake and Sibil Blake.  Witnessed by Mary Jones, John __, Jr.   Entered 27 November 1777.   (DB 58/88)


1781: Kenneth Pond Blake, Jr. states "in 1781, heirs of Moses Blake appear in a deed so that he must have died before this."

“Consider the Years of Many Generations John Blake of Wretham, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants," by Kenneth Pond Blake, Jr., 1963


1783 January 17 – Providence, Rhode Island:  Daughter Molly Blake (17 April 1762***) married on 17 January 1783 at the Congregational Church West Side of Providence River, Providence, Rhode Island to Job Bears, son on Charles Bears*. 

*** Vital Records of Rehoboth 1642-1896, Marriages, Intentions, Birth, Deaths," by James N. Arnold, Part II, 1897/1992.   Includes children's births and parent's names

* "Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850," by James N. Arnold


1785 August 13 – Providence, Rhode Island: "Sibball Blake, wife of Moses," died at Providence, Rhode Island.  Record was from the Congregational Church on the West Side of the (Providence) River.* 

* "Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850," by James N. Arnold


Children of Moses Blake and Sible Fuller:

5th Generation Blakes (a, b, c, etc)

(Births are recorded on Vital Records of Rehoboth)^


a.  Josiah Blake (30 December 1753*** to 14 July 1840 reported in Phillip, Franklin County, Maine) married (1) Judith Lyon of Lister on September 1781^, (2nd) Betsy Lyon, (3rd) Sarah Ferguson. 


Served in the American Revolution.  The following details could be a mix with another Josiah Blake and need further research. 


1775 April 19: Rehoboth, private, Captain Phanuel Bishop’s company, which marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775 with service of 8 days. 

1775 May 1 - enlisted 1 May 1775 Service was for 3 months. 1 week, 1 day;

1775 August 1: Muster roll dated this date, in Capt. John Perry’s company of Col. Timothy Walker’s (22d) regiment.  Company returns (1) dated 6 October 1775; (2) order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Camp at Roxbury, Oct. 26, 1775.

History of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, Leonard Bliss, 1836/undated reprint.

1776: in Rhode Island Regimental pay of Captain Hoppin’s Company for the month of September 1776: Josiah Blake           

1777: in Capt. Loring Lincoln’s Company of Lieut. Col. Flagg’s Regiment.; service, 5 days; marched to Bennington on an alarm in 1777; also Capt. Josiah White’s co., Col. Job Cushing’s regiment.; enlisted Sept. 5, 1777; discharged 29 November 1777; service, 3 months 4 days; enlistment 3 months; company raised to reinforce Northern army under General Gates.  Roll sworn to in Worcester County.  He was a Sergeant by the end of his service.


1781 September 1 – Rehoboth: Josiah Blake of Rehoboth married Judith Lyon of Lister (Rehoboth Town Record^).

1781 April 28 – Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island (microfilm over-exposed on left side and unreadable): Caleb Fuller of Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, ye Ferryman, for seven hundred and fifty…(can’t read) deeded to Josiah Blake of …(can’t read) of Massachusetts Bay Colony...a parcel of land situated in Rehoboth …(can’t read, but should be Bristol County, Massachusetts)…on road to Pawtucket that leads to Fuller’s Ferry, about 9 acres adjacent to John Daggett, excepting a small dwelling house, but includes my Ferry Boat and all my rights, my tackle…and contains about 1 acres being land belonging to the town of Rehoboth….   Signed: Caleb Fuller.  Witnesses: Obediah Brown, Mary Peck.   Recorded 16 May 1781.  (DB 19/342)  


         Caleb Fuller is the brother of Sybil Fuller Blake


b.  Sarah Blake (3 April 1755***)


c.  Hannah Blake (8 October 1757***), not listed in one source


d.  Benjamin Blake (26 March 1760*** to ???) was reported married to Sarah Appleton on 5 January 1777 at the Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island.*   There was a Benjamin Blake who was a private in Colonel Elliott's Company, Colonel Lippitt's regiment, Rhode Island and was on the company pay roll September 1776.*  


Confusion continues to exist with a Benjamin Blake (born ~1765 + wife Phebe and 2 children), a Massachusetts Revolutionary Soldier who settled in Maine and died there 1840.  


e.  Molly Blake (17 April 1762***), daughter of Moses Blake, married on 17 January 1783 at Providence. Rhode Island to Job Bears, son on Charles Bears.  Rehoboth Town Record records this marriage 1 September 1781, both being of Rehoboth.  The Rhode Island marriage record is from the Congregational Church West Side of the (Providence) River, Providence, R.I. - founded 1720, and states "Molly Blake, of Moses.*.    Molly appears to have married, dated not determined, 2nd to Joshua Tucker (born 15 January 1766).***  The 1790 U.S. Census lists a Molly Bears living in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Ma. with one white male under 16 years.  She is next to Susannah Bears with a total of 2 free white females.


            Children of Joshua Tucker and Molly Blake - daughter Moses Blake, per Vital Record of Rehoboth ^

            i. Lydia Tucker, 25 July 1794

            ii. Fanny Tucker, 23 April 1796

            iii. Polly Tucker, 22 April 1797

            iv. Betsey Tucker, 19 February 1799

            v. Joshua Tucker, 27 February 1801   


f.  David Blake (13 February 1764***) married 3 September 1785 by Rev. John Ellis in Rehoboth to Martha Daggett.  Another record states marriage 23 September 1785.  See his write-up chapter.


g.  Joseph Blake (17 March 1766 – twin***) married Lois Eddy on September 23, 1791 at the Congregational Church on the West Side of the (Providence) River, Providence, Rhode Island.*  


h.  Dolle (Dolly) Blake (17 March 1766 – twin***) marriage date for 14 October 1785 to Henry Wyatt (Rehoboth Town Record^).  Filed at Rehoboth court: marriage forbidden. ^


i.  Cyrel or Cyril Blake (10 September 1769***)


j.  Simeon Blake (13 August, 1771*** to 1834?) married Lavina Peck of Ohio on 1797.  Simeon Blake is reported to be Militia Captain at Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.


The following are sources for Moses Blake and children only:


(*). "Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850," by James N. Arnold

(**) Consider the Years of Many Generations John Blake of Wretham, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants," by Kenneth Pond Blake, Jr., 1963

(***) Vital Records of Rehoboth 1642-1896, Marriages, Intentions, Birth, Deaths," by James N. Arnold, Part II, 1897/1992.   Includes children's births and parent's names. 

(^) Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts to about 1850, 2nd edition, Search – ReSearch Publishing Corporation.

(^^) Vital Records of Rehoboth, Massachusetts 1642-1896.  


Other James Blakes,  Thought Not Directly Related


James Blake “I” (1623 – 1700) married Elizabeth Clap (15 August 1652 and died Dorchester 22 October 1732, aged 80 years.    Elizabeth was the daughter of Deacon Edward Clap of Dorchester, born about 1634 and died January 16, 1693.   James Blake “I” was the 2nd son of William and Agnes Blake, born 1623 in England and died in Dorchester 28 June 1700.  James Blake served Dorchester government from 1658 to 1685, Sergeant in the Military Company, chosen and ordained Deacon of the Church 30 June 1672.   His will was dated 26 June 1700; deceased 28 June 1700.   His brothers, all born England were (1) William Blake (1620 – 1703 Milton), (2) Edward Blake (__ - 1692 Milton), (3) John Blake (__ - 1688 in Boston), (4) Ann Blake (--) who married Jacob Legare of Boston.


James Blake (1652 – 1732) “II” married 1st on February 6, 1681 to Hannah Macy, and 2nd  on 8 July 1684 to Ruth Batchelder.  1st wife Hannah died 1 June 1683, aged 23 years.  2nd wife Ruth was born 1662 and died 11 January 1752.   James Blake “II” was the eldest son of James and Elizabeth (Clap) Blake, born 15 August 1652 and he died Dorchester 22 October 1732 at age 80 years.  He was the first one who built and lived at Dorchester Neck on the land granted in 1637 to his grandfather, William Blake. 


James Blake “III” (1688 – 1750) married Wait Simpson (born Boston in 1684 and died in Dorchester 22 May 1753).  He was the eldest son of James and Ruth (Batchelder) Blake.   James Blake “III” was born 30 April 1688 and died 4 December 1750.   Dorchester Town records shows most of his life was devoted to public service.  He was a noted land surveyor.


James Blake “IV” (1716 - ) married on 1 May 1739 to  Mary Pinson    



Blake Family, a Genealogical History of William Blake of Dorchester, by Samuel Blake, 1857.