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William B. Hogan and 1st & 2nd wife Sally D. Mallory – Barren County, Kentucky


This Chapter is Divided into the Following Parts

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Part A – Summary for William B. Hogan (1780/90 to 1835)

Part B – Details for William B. Hogan and wives

Part C – Children and possible children of William B. Hogan and 1st wife - possibly Sally Scott.

C-1: William S. Hogan (1816 – 1900) + Mary Adams

C-2: Daughter, name unknown (1811/20)

C-3: (possibly) James A. Hogan (1819/20 – 1880+) + Sarah Mayfield

Part D – Children of William B. Hogan + 2nd wife Sally Mallory

D-1: Malvina Hogan or Melvina Hogan (~1823 to ?1886)

D-2: Elizabeth Hogan (~1826 to ?)

D-3: Alexander Hogan (1833 - >1865?)

D-4: Jerome N.C. Hogan, alias Napoleon B. Hogan (1833 – 1908+) + Susan A. Middleton

D-5: Robert Thomas Hogan (1834 – 1922) + Nancy G. Dale

D-6: Martha Ann Hogan

Part E – Thoughts on y-dna Test Results – Which Hogan ancestral lines appear the closest? 

Part F - Some Yearly Kentucky County Tax Records for Hogans and some Hagans; includes Simpson County, Barren County, Warren County, Allen County, Monroe County, Green County, and data for a William B. Hagan after William B. Hogan’s death.

This review - last revision 2 December 2020,, James R. Murphy



(Part A).  William B. Hogan (1780/90 to 1835)

Birth date and location: Birth date estimated 1780-1790, based on his 1830 census.   Was he born later?  Birth State unknown.   1880 Census of by two sons (2nd marriage) stated their father was born in Kentucky, Virginia & Ireland – no consensus.    Possible son – James A. Hogan (1819/20 Ky. to ~1880+) stated on his 1880 US Census that his unnamed father was born in Virginia. 

Married 1st (maybe or maybe not to) 4 June 1816 Logan County, Kentucky to Sally Scott, but need to confirm.  Her parents are not known.  Married 2nd to Sarah D. Mallory, “Sallie” on 23 July 1822 in Barren County, Kentucky by Jacob Lock, a Baptist Minister.   First marriage mentioned by 2nd wife on her pension application three times without details or first wife’s name.

Description from pension application: 5’ 10”, 150 pounds, black hair, black eyes, dark complication.     

Occupation unknown: Later years - probably farming. 

Locations: Moved around during early years.  (1) likely in 1819 Simpson County, Kentucky – nearby to an older James Hogan on son’s Alexander P. Hogan’s land.  (2) Lived in Barren County, Kentucky for about 10 years per widow’s pension application.  Died 1835 in Warren County, Kentucky.  No recorded deeds have been found.

Died 31 October 1835 in Warren County, Kentucky per widow’s pension record.

Children by 1st marriage – appears to have 2 sons and 1 daughter per 1820 census…if his record.  More on this later in chapter.

Children by 2nd marriage - 3 sons and 3 daughters.  See detailing in children of William B. Hogan.

Parents: After extensive review in 2020, they have not been identified.

Family History survived: Zero

Under consideration as possibly related –

James Hogan of 1819-1823 Simpson County, Kentucky and his two sons (i). Alexander P. Hogan (1785/89 to 1881) and (ii). Nathaniel S. Hogan (1806 – 1870+) who both on their 1850, 1860, 1870 census stated that they were born in Virginia, but location(s) not yet known.  Major problems - These Hogans arrived in Kentucky on/before 1819 and William B. Hogan by 1812 when he enlisted in the War of 1812 in Green County, Kentucky.    Also, this James Hogan and his sons had multiple slaves, and Wm. B. Hogan never had any.   At one point, lived very close to each other in Simpson County.

Sons by 1st marriage – (1). William R. Hogan (1816 to 1900) of Clark County, Kentucky.  Living descendant recently tested showed a perfect match of 37 out of 37 y-dna markers compared with a living descendant of William B. Hogan.*     (2). Also, under suspicion is James A. Hogan (1819/20 to 1880+) of Simpson County and Missouri.  As of this latest revision, his relationship appears promising, but needs more evidence.  

* from Cydni Hanes, email July 2020.


Sarah D. Mallory, “Sallie” (1801/02 to 1889)

Born: ~1801 or 1802 per 1870 and 1880 US Census.  Age 57 on 5 December 1859 pension application.

Widow years: Lived on her own side of the family; did not remarry.

Died prior to 12 December 1889 per pension records. 

*Information is from Cyndi Hanes/propoflady, email courtesy 2 June 2019.  Thank you, Cyndi for all your help.


Details for William B. Hogan (Part B)


1812 August 25 to October 31 – War of 1812-1814:  1st enlistment for Private “William B. Hogan” in Capt. William Ray’s Company and Capt. Warner Elmore’s Company of 1st Regiment, Kentucky Light Dragoons.  He enlisted in Green County, Kentucky (per pension application) and is his first known record.   Capt. Warner Elmore was on the 1815 Green County tax list and filed his will here.   Analysis   of other members of this military company are not helpful. 

War of 1812 Pension Application Files on; Sallie Hogan widow’s pension application.

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky- soldiers of the War of 1812, by the Kentucky Legislature, 1891 page 36.


1814 November 20 to 1815 May 20 – War of 1812-1814: 2nd enlistment for Corporal “William Hogan” in Captain Robert Paxon’s Company, Kentucky Detached Militia, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel William Mitchusson.   In Mitchusson’s Regiment, William B. Hogan fought at the Battle of New Orleans on 8 January 1815.  Paxton lived in Adair County, Kentucky and died 1 March 1815 at the Battle of New Orleans.   Other names of interest in this unit were Private Nathan Hogan and Private John Hogan.  This John Hogan died 9 January 1815 in service, according to the Adjutant General of Kentucky report.  His tiny estate administration was handled by Warren County, Kentucky’s “James Hogan,” formerly of Union County, South Carolina, who is not the same Simpson County, Kentucky James Hogan.  

War of 1812 Pension Application Files on, Sallie Hogan’s widows pension application who was requesting a pension and bounty land.   

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky- soldiers of the War of 1812, by the Kentucky Legislature, 1891 pages 280-281


(likely) 1815 Green County, Kentucky tax list which includes other Hogans in this county:


James Hogan 1001, no other tax details. (image #690/1399,

Prosser Hogin 2004, no other details.  (#690/1399)

James Hogan 1143, no other details (#690/1399)

* William Hogan 1000, no other details (#692/1399). 


* Probably is Wm. B. Hogan.  This is the only time William Hogan shows up on Green County tax lists (reviewed from 1795 through 1827).  Notice that William is not on the same image as other Hogans; i.e.- not living near other Hogans.


All Green County taxes are filed into groups, i.e. “A’s, B’s, C’s, etc.  Within each group, they are not alphabetical, and likely listed via tax visit.  Early tax records were dated when taken until 1809 and not there-after.  Taxes with four numbers, such as 1002 - 1st number is white males 21+, 2nd blacks 16-20, 3rd number total blacks, 4th number horses.  Most tax records give acreage of land, which county land was in, water course, in whose name patented.  If no land listed, this suggests the person was working on someone else’s farm, renting, homesteading before purchasing, or such.


(questionable) 1816 June 4 – Logan County, Ky: Marriage of “Wm. B. Hogan” to Sally Scott (county record).

Kentucky, County Marriage Records 1783-1965,


              Sally Scott is the big question here.  Is she William B. Hogan’s 1st wife?  Review of other Hogans in Logan County, Kentucky was inconclusive as to whether she belonged to a different William Hogan.


(maybe) 1817 - Warren County, Kentucky: Wm. Hogan 90 acres Trammel (Creek) + 40 acres, 1001. 


This is only year he appears in Warren County tax lists.  There is many “Hagans” in this county which occasionally had their surname misspelled as Hogan.  However in 1819, a part of Warren County became Simpson County.  


1819 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax (1st year saved):

“Wm. B. Hogan”, 1001 (Key: #1 - 1 w. male 21+, #2 Blacks 16+, #3 Total Blacks, #4 – horses)

James Hogan, 117 acres, Drakes Fork, 1142


Problem is that there is another William B. Hogan living in Montgomery County, Tennessee which is not too far away.  In adjacent Logan County, Kentucky is a third William Hogan living on Whippoorwill Creek.  It is easy to imagine one of these moving about.  Neither appear to be possibilities.


1820 US Census of Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky which is not an alphabetic listing:

William Hogan – 2 males and 1 female 0-9, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 26-44.  No blacks. Six names away from:

James Hogan – 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 45+, no females, 6 blacks.    


This census shows William Hogan with his 1st wife, if interpreted correctly.    Pension application by his 2nd wife mentions this first marriage three times, but without any other details.   His 1st wife and children cannot be found on the next 1830 census.   Speculation – She died and her Scott kin took over and raised her children. 


Notice that James Hogan’s age 45+ would place his birth year back to 1775 and probably earlier. 


1821 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax: Names alphabetically listed in A’s, B’s, C’s, but not within letter groups.

James Hogan – 127 acres D. Creek; In whose name entered - A.P. Hogan, 11153 (#2 is total voters, otherwise the same).  Next name on list is:

P. Alexander Hogan – 110000.  Next name on list is:

Wm Hogan 110000


1822 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax (irregular attempts at alphabetical list such as A’s, B’s)

Wm Hogan 11000 (two names from Alex P. Hogan)

Alex P. Hogan – 11000 (next James Hogan on list)

James Hogan – 127 acres D. Creek, in whose name entered – A.P. Hogan, 111403 (#5 is now town lots and #6 horses


1822 July 23 – Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky: “William B. Hogan” married this date and place to Sally D. Mallery. (county record).


The only Mallory in this county in 1823 was a Fleming Mallory.*    Several family trees indicate he was born in Goochland County, Virginia which borders Louisa County, Virginia.   Marriage records show a Rev. Lewis Chaudion did marry Fleming Mallory to Judith Mallory, daughter of Sally Mallory on 31 August 1807 in Goochland County, Virginia with surety being Thomas Dickerson. *   

* Marriages of Goochland Co., Va. 1733-1815” by Genealogical Publishing Co. 


1823 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

James Hogan 117 D. Creek, in whose name land entered - A.P. Hogan, 1142 (#2 & #3 slaves)


1824 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

Alex P. Hogan 127 acres Drakes Creek, 110000 (found on last page of 1824 tax)


James Hogan is now missing and later records for him have not been found.  Simpson County lost its county records, so a will or estate administration would no longer exist.


1824 Barren County tax list: William Hogan 1 white male 21+ and 2 horses.  No other details.  Tax lists checked from 1820 through 1847.  Tax lists are yearly, with 1837-1839 missing. 


Only other Hogan on these Barren County tax lists is James Hogan (1791 to 1865), who had 56 to 157 acres on the Nobob Creek in Barren County and no slaves (William B. had none).   He does not appear close to William Hogan on these tax lists, even though the lists were grouped by A’s, B’s, C’s.   His parents and origins are not known.  Furthermore, the 1830 US Census for this James Hogan indicates he is much younger than Simpson County’s James Hogan (born on or before 1775).


1828 Barren County tax list: William Hogan, 1 white male 21+ and no horses.  No further details.

1829 Barren County tax list: William Hogan 1 w. m. 21+, 2 children 4-15 years of age, no horses.   There are no tax lists for 1830, 1831, and 1832.

1830 US Census of Barren Co., Kentucky: William Hogan 1 male + 2 females 0-4, 2 females 5-9, 1 female 20-30, 1 male 40-50 (image 39/130).


              From this census, possible names can be added with estimated birth dates: William Hogan (1780/90), wife Sally Hogan (1800/10), children – Malvina Hogan (1822/25), Elizabeth Hogan (possibly 1822/25 or 1825/1830), Martha Ann Hogan (1825/1830), female Hogan - no name (1825/30), Alexander Hogan (1825/30).  Missing are Jerome Hogan and Robert Thomas Hogan, presumed born after 1830.    His 1830 US Census of Barren County indicated two close neighbors, William Parker 100011+ 00001 (1 male 30-40 and 1 female 20-30, etc.).  Next was Thomas Parker which included one male 60-70, and 1 female 40-50, etc. 


1834 April 1 – Warren County, Kentucky: Birth of son Robert Thomas Hogan, per his death certificate.


1835 October 31 – Warren County, Kentucky: Death of William Hogan, per widow’s pension application.


1835 to 1837 – Barren County Court:  In October and December 1835, a summons was issued to “Sarah Hagen” as to why her children should not be bound.    In February 1836, this court ordered Elizabeth Hagan, orphan of Wm. Hagen, to be bound to James Ferrell to learn the art of spinning and housekeeping until she reaches the age of 16.  The October 1836 Court order Martha Hagen and Alexander Hagen, orphans and child of William Hagen to Robert T. Mallory to learn the art of farming and housekeeping.   In November 1837, the court that Jerome N.B. Hogan and Robert T. Hogan (also shown as Hagan), children of Sally Hagen, (being in court consent) to be bound and learn the trade of farmer until age 21.  Jerome about 6 and Robert about (age) 4. 

 From Cyndi Hanes/propoflady, email courtesy 2 June 2019.


1850 US Census of Division 1, Barren County, Ky, Jerome W. N. Hogan 17 Ky, Robert F. Hogan 15 Ky in the family of Allen Self, age 49, farmer.  (image 19/179)

1850 US Census of Division 1, Barren County, Kentucky: Andrew Walters 55 Ky, Louisa V. Walter, 44 Va, Sally Hogan 48, Va, Lucetta Hogan 8 Ky. (image 17/59)

1860 US Census of Division 2, Barren County, Kentucky: Andrew Walters 64 Ky, Jane Walters 64 Va; In separate unit next to Walters: Sally Hogans 58 Va., Lucetta Hogans 18 Ky (Lucetta is thought to be a granddaughter).

1870 US Census of Precinct 5, Hart County, Kentucky: Andrew Water (Walters) 77 Va; Jane Water 68 Va; Sally Hogan 68 Va, James Gill 65 Ky

1880 US Census of Waterloo, Hart County, Kentucky: James Gill, farmer, widowed, 75 Ky, Va, SC; Sallie Hogan, sister, widowed, age 79, Va, Va, Va; Virginia Walters sister married 73 Va, Va, Va; Fred Walters, brother, married age 88 Ky, Pa, Ireland, Sallie Billings hired housekeeper married, 24, Ky,


Children of William B. and 1st wife, possibly Sally Scott (Part C)


(C-1).  William S. Hogan (1816 to 1900) + Mary Adams   


William S. Hogan

Birth – March 1816, per 1900 US Census.  Bolling Green, Warren County, Kentucky* birth place may be in a Clark County history book or military record, but needs a source.  Winchester Democrat (newspaper) for 28 December 1900 stated he was age 85 when he died (i.e. born 1815). 

Middle name reported to be Scott, per Clark County KyGenWeb by Marigold Hogan (in about year 2000).  If correct, this could be a major clue to his origins.

Locations lived – Warren and Clark Counties, Ky.   Descendants may still live in Clark County.

Married on 26 December 1839 Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky to Mary Adams (county marriage record).  Mary Adams (1816 to >1880) was the daughter of William Adams + Sarah Bledsoe - “Sallie.”

Occupation: Clark County Jailer at Winchester, a Sherriff (per Marigold Hogan), and farmer

Military – Mexican War under John S. Williams.  Mexican War pension application or military papers not found yet, which could to be the source of “Bolling Green, Kentucky.”   Civil War: 11th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA under Col. Chenault (Col. David Waller Chenault, CSA).  No CSA pension has been found.   Died 23 December 1900 at home near Pinchem, Clark County, Kentucky (obit).

Brothers: none mentioned. 

Parents: Y-dna testing shows a perfect match 37 out of 37 y-dna markers, which give an estimated 92% chance this is a correct.  1880 and 1900 Census state father was born in Kentucky.


Children, per marigoldhView.Posts/1999 and Clark County KyGenWeb by Marigold Hogan:


(b1-a). James William Hogan (18 November 1840 Winchester, Clark Co. Ky. to 10 April 1892 Madison County, Missouri) + Lucy Ann Ballard (d. 1885), daughter of John William Ballard and Nancy Bybee of Albemarle Co. Va.  Ancestor of Marigold Hogan.


(b1-b). Steven Lewis Hogan (16 March 1842 Winchester, Clark C. Ky to 4 January 1905 Monroe County, Missouri and buried in Fox Cemetery on the Hall Farm, Middle Grove, Missouri.  11 Children under “Stephen Louis Hogan” Family Record. 


(b1-c). Robert A. Hogan (2 December 1843 to 1861 when POW in Union Army Custody).  Wife was Adeline and had one child.


(b1-d). John Thomas Hogan (11 March 1846 to 24 January 1930 and buried Winchester Cemetery, Clark Co. Ky.) married Elisa Jane Brandenberg (February 1846 to 24 January 1930), daughter of Joseph Brandenburg and Sarah Gravett.  Recorded as members of the Elk Lick Baptist Church.


(b1-e). Sarah Elizabeth Hogan (16 June 1848).  Found in 1860 and 1870 US Census with father William S. Hogan, then becomes lost.


(b1-f). Emily Ann Hogan (16 Dec. 1850)


(b1-g). Samuel Howard Hogan (25 September 1852 to September 1919 and buried Logan Lick road Cemetery Clark Co. Ky.) married Sally Mann (? – 1920 Census + and buried same cemetery).


(b1-h). Clifford Turner Hogan (18 November 1854)


(b1-i). Henry Jefferson Hogan (20 July 1857 Winchester, Clark Co., Ky to December 1888 or 1889 at 35 years of age, killed in a railroad accident.  Had a wife, named __. 

* Hogan line, posted by marigoldhView.Posts, 06 Oct. 1999, and edited 20 November 2001.  Surnames Hogan Ballard, Money, Chandler. 


Details for William S. Hogan + Mary Adams


1850 US Census of District 2, Clark County, Kentucky:  William Hogan 33 Ky, Mary Hogan 33 Ky, James W. Hogan 9 Ky, Stephen L. Hogan 8 Ky, Robert N. Hogan 6 Ky, John T. Hogan 4 Ky, Sarah E. Hogan 1 Ky.


1860 US Census of Clark County, Ky: William Hogan 44 Ky, Mary Hogan 44, Ky, James W. Hogan 18 Ky, Stephan Hogan 18 Ky, Robert N. Hogan 16 Ky, John T. Hogan 14 Ky, Sarah E. Hogan 12 Ky, Samuel H. Hogan 6 Ky, Clifton T. Hogan 5 Ky, Henry J. Hogan 3 Ky.


1860 September 22 – Clark County, Kentucky:  A badly blurred microfilm of “we the undersigned heirs of William Adams, Sen., deceased do hereby agree to appoint…divide his lands to the heirs (and names Sarah Adams, widow of William Adams, but not as an executrix.).   Lot No. 8, containing 27 acres to Polly Hogan, late Polly Adams.   At end of document, the following signed: John W. Adams, Lewis Adams, N. I. Rayland, William R. Watts, William S. Hogan, Elizabeth Bradley, Sarah Adams – her mark +, Stephen Adams.   (DB 40/283-286+        


1870 US Census of Winchester, Clark County, Ky: 

William S. Hogan 54, Jailor of Clark, Kentucky, Mary Hogan 55, Ky, Sarah E. Hogan 21 Ky, Samuel Hogan 17 Ky, Clifton T. Hogan 16, apprentice at Printing, Jefferson C. Hogan 13 Ky, Anderson Miller 22 Ky, B. Ky. Farm Laborer, Clark Spencer, 35 B. Ky, Farm Laborer.

James W. Hogan, 29 Ky, farmer, Lucy A. Hogan 33 Ky, John W. Hogan 7 Ky, Allen J. Hogan 6 Ky, Mancy J. Hogan 3 Ky, Stephen L. Hogan 0 Ky, Catharine Jordon, 12 B. Domestic Servant.


1880 US Census of Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky:

Will. S. Hogan 64 farmer, Ky, Ky, Ky; Mary Hogan 65 wife, Ky, Ky, Ky; Sam Hogan 27 Ky Ky Ky.


1900 US Census of Magisterial District 5, Clark County, Kentucky:

Samuel H. Hogan Sept. 1852, 47, Widower, Ky Ky Ky; Shirley F. Hogan March 1883, son 17, Ky Ky Ky; Jesse D. Hogan March 1886, 14 Ky; William C. Hogan June 1888, 11, Ky, Mattie C. Hogan Dec. 1890 9, Ky, Lealor^ M. Hogan Dec. 1894 5 Ky, Dorah F. Hogan, July 1897 2 Ky; William S. Hogan father March 1816, 84 widower, Ky Ky, Ky.

^ name could be Elander


              Check of census takers info on father and mother’s birth place suggests these items were poorly answered or recorded.  Nearly everyone on the same page had only Kentucky named.  But this doesn’t help us with the correct answer.  


(C-2) Daughter, name unknown (born 1811/20), daughter of William B. Hogan + 1st wife, is indicated in 1820 US Census of Simpson County for William Hogan.


(C-3) Possibly…James A. Hogan (1819/20 to 1880+) + Sarah Mayfield, “Sallie.”  

Labeled – Kansas City, Missouri Hogans. 

Warning – This Hogan line is projected to belong here, but further evidence is needed.


James A. Hogan

       Birth: 1819/1820 Kentucky

Married: 17 April 1856 Clark County, Kentucky – James Hogan to Sarah Mayfield

Wife: Sarah Mayfield - “Sallie” (January 1840 to 1910+)

Occupation: Farmer

Locations: Clark County, Kentucky; Lafayette & Cooper Counties, Missouri

Military: In Missouri by 1860, no military records found, so far.

Died: last known record 1880

Brothers under consideration - William S. Hogan 

Parents: per 1880 US Census, Father, name not given, was born in Virginia.  This line needs to be found and to have y-dna tests which might help.


Details for James A. Hogan + Sarah Mayfield


1840 US Census of Clark County, Kentucky: James Scott – 1 male 0-4, 1 male + 1 female 5-9, 1 Male 10-14, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 20-29, 1 male 30-39.


1850 US Census of District 1, Clark County, Kentucky:  James Scott, 46, Ky; Martha Scott 41 Ky; William Scott 20 Ky; Robert Scott 13 Ky, Thomas J. Scott 11 Ky, Daniel Scott 8 Ky, Ann E. Scott 5 Ky, James Hogan 29 Ky.


Notice the name of Scott.   This may be a clue! 


1856 April 17 – Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky:  Marriage of James Hogan to Sarah Mayfield (County Record).

Kentucky Marriages 1785-1979 database,


1860 US Census of Davis Township, Lafayette, P.O. Lexington, Missouri:

N.S. Hogan, 54 Va. farmer born Virginia; Maria S. Hogan 48 Va; Josephine Hogan 21 Ky, Thos V. Hogan 18 Mo farm hand; Wm Hogan 12 Mo; Augustus Hogan 7 Mo.  “Nathaniel S. Hogan.“   The next listing is:

* James A. Hogan 41 farmer, Ky; Sarah Hogan 22 Ky; Mary A. Hogan 3 Ky, Tunlda? Mayfield 18 Ky.  The next listing is:

James O. Hogan 33 farmer Ky; E.O Hogan 20 Mo., Ed. Hogan 6 Mo.; Terry Hogan 5 Mo; Anna Hogan 1 Mo., A. P. Hogan 70, farmer, Virginia.  


All three families lived adjacent each other in this census which not alphabetic in listings.  Speculation: James A. Hogan is related to the other two Hogans in some way.   


1870 US Census of Lebanon, Otterville, Cooper County, Missouri: James A. Hogan, 53, farmer, Ky; Sallie Hogan 29 Ky, Mary A. Hogan 12 Ky, William O. Hogan 11, Mo; Sallie P. Hogan 6 Mo, Florency Hogan 10/12 Mo; Thomas J. Hawkins - age can’t read, house carpenter, Ky; William Mayfield 21, works on farm, Ky.  


1880 US Census of Lebanon, Cooper County, Missouri: James Hogan 60 farmer, born Ky, father born Virginia, mother born Ky; Sallie Hogan 39, wife, Ky, Ky, Ky: Alice Hogan 21 Mo; Sarah Hogan 16 Mo, William Hogan 18 Mo, Florence Hogan 10 Mo, Olvel Hogan 6 Mo. (male).  William Mayfield 33 - brother in law, Ky, Ky, Ky; __ Greathouse, 32, Va, Va,Va, broader, R.R.; John Vickers, 33 Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, boarder, R.R


According to this census, notice that the father of James A. Hogan was born in Virginia!


Six Children of James A. Hogan + Sarah Mayfield


(c3-a). Mary A. Hogan (1857 Kentucky) married Millard F. Williams about 1883 and lived in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri in 1910.


(c3-b). Alice Hogan (~1859 Missouri)


(c3-c). William O. Hogan (~1860 Missouri to 1920+ unknown date) – under reconstruction without family records and needs to be confirmed as correct. William O. Hogan of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri married 1st on 17 August 1887 Jackson County, Missouri to Lemmie Thornberry, spelled also Lemontine / Lemantine Thornberry of Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri (county record).   Lemmi Thornberry Hogan died 1 February 1914 and is buried at the Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.  William O. Hogan, birthdate of 1860, married 2nd to 6 April 1916 Jackson County, Missouri to Mattie F. Smith of Jackson County, Missouri (county record).   William O. Hogan and Lemmie Thornberry had three sons.


Details for William O. Hogan


1900 US Census of Sedalia Ward 4, Pettis County, Missouri (one family)

Hogan, W. O., head, September 1861, 38, married 13 years, mo. Ky. Ky, Carpenter

Hogan, Lementine 41, May 1859, married 13 years, 4 children, 2 living, Ind, Ind, Ind.

Hogan, George W. 8, December 1891, Mo. Mo. Ind.

Hogan, Henry 2, October 1897, Mo. Mo. Ind.  o


1910 US Census of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri (one family)

Hogan, William O. head, 44, married age 23, Ky. U. Sky, Laborer

Hogan, Semmie, wife 50, married at age 23, 5 children, 3 living, Ind, Ind. Ind.

Hogan, George son, 20, Mo. Ky, Ind.

Hogan, Henry, son 12, Mo. Ky, Ind

Hogan, Charley, son 8, Mo. Ky, Ind.


1920 US Census of Kansas City Ward 15, Jackson County, Missouri

Hogan, William O., head, 57, Mo. Ky. Ky, Carpenter Metropolitan

Hogan, Mattis F., wife, 62, Ky. Ky, Ky.

Hogan Charles A., 18, Mo. Mo. Mo. Truck Driver Std. Oil. 


Children of William O. Hogan + Lemmie Thornberry


(c3c-1). George W. Hogan (21 December 1890 to 19 May 1931) + Bertha Wilkerson


George W. Hogan was born 21 December 1890 and died 19 May 1931 in Dallas, Texas.   On his Texas death certificate, George W. Hogan was listed with his father being William O. Hogan and Mother - Lemontine Thornberry.   G.W. Hogan was buried in Kansas City, Missouri at the Elmwood Cemetery.   He married at age 25 on 3 November 1920 Jackson County, Missouri to Bertha Wilkerson who was age 25 (county record).  In his 1930 US Census, George W. Hogan was living alone in a boarding house without a wife.   It is not known if they had any children.      

Texas Death Certificates 1905-1982,


(c3c-2). Henry Hogan (October 1897) as listed on 1900 census and Charles A. Hogan (~1898) as listed on 1920 census. Difficult to trace.


(c3c-3) Charles A. Hogan (8 August 1901, Kansas City, Missouri to December 1978 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri).  Married Ethel J. Hunt (1900 to 1989).   


              Charles A. Hogan, age 22 married 1 June 1923 Jackson County, Missouri to Ethel J. Hunt, age 22 (county record).  WW II Draft Card for 14 February 1942 states he, Charles August Hogan was born 8 August 1901 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.  He was an employee of Country Club Dairy.  His height was 5’ 7” and had brown eyes and brown hair.   Per SS record, Charles died December 1978 in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.  Children, incomplete, include (i). Catherine Louise Hogan (29 July 1932), (ii). James Leroy Hogan (~1930), (iii). Charles E. Hogan (13 August 1925).       


 1930 US Census of Kansas City, Jackson Co. Missouri, (one family), 8th Street

Hogan, Charles A. head, age 28, married at age 21, Mo. Mo. Mo. Salesman Dairy

        Hogan, Ethel F., wife, age 29, married at age 22, Kansas, England, NY

        Hogan, Charles E., son, age 4 & 8/12.  Mo. Mo. Kans.


1940 US Census of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, 8th Street

Hogan, Charles, head, 30 Mo, Truck Driver Retail

Hogan, Ethel, wife 40, Kansas

Hogan, Charles Jr. 14 Missouri., James Hogan, son 10 Mo., Catherine Hogan, daughter 8 years


Back to Children of James A. Hogan

Sallie Price Hogan Ellsesser (1864 to 1921)


(c3-d). Sallie Price Hogan (1864 Missouri to 1921 Kansas City, Jackson Co. Mo. and listed as Sallie Price Hogan Ellsesser on, also Sarah Hogan, also Price S. Elhasser.  Sallie Price Hogan married 1st 10 August 1882 Bates County, Missouri to W. F. Haas of East Boone Township, Bates County, Missouri (county record).  Married 2nd about 1891 to John W. Ellsesser. shows confusion with Sallie Price Hogan (1864 to 1921 Kansas City, Jackson Co. Mo.) who married John W. Elhasser / Ellsesser (1862-1938) about 1882, claiming she was the daughter of John Milton Hogan and Elizabeth H. Dishman.  Census records listed below show the problem.   See James and Silence Hogan chapter (enter “Dishman”) for John M. Hogan and children.


Details for Sallie Price Hogan + John W. Ellsesser 


1900 US Census of Kansas City, Ward 09, Jackson County, Missouri.  All 5 persons appear as a unit. 

#198 Elhasser, John W., head, city employee, April 1862, 38, married 9 years, Ohio, Germany, Germany

  Elhasser, Price S. wife, January 1864, 36, married 9 years, no children, Mo. Ky. Ky.

#199 Hogan, Sallie E. Mother-in-law, January 1840, 60, widow, 6 children with 5 living. Ky. Ky. Ky.

Hogan, Lou, brother-in-law, September 1872, 27, single, Mo. Ky, Ky.

Mayfield William T., uncle, Dec 1848, 51, single, Ky, Ky, Ky, carpenter. 


1910 US Census of Kansas City, Ward 8, Jackson County, Missouri:

Williams, Millard F., Head, 49, Married 27 years, Mo. Ky. Ky:

Williams, Mary A., wife, 52, married 27 years, 1 child / 1 child living. Ky, Ky, Ky;

Hogan, Sarah E., mother-in-law, 70, widow, Ky, Ky, Ky.

Mayfield, William T. Boarder 61, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.


1920 US Census Kansas City, Ward 7, Jackson County, Missouri

Ellsesser, John W. 57 Oh hio, Germany/Germany, Germany, Germany, Custodian School.

Ellsesser, Sallie P, wife 55, Mo. Ky _, Ky _/

Hogan, Sallie E. mother-in-law 79, Widow, Ky, Ky _, Ky _.


Back to Children of James A. Hogan

Florence Hogan and Orvil Hogan – “Lou”


(c3-e). Florence Hogan (~1869 Missouri) of Jackson County, Missouri married 15 May 1895 to Lewis E Weaver of Wyandotte County, Kentucky (Jackson Co. Mo. county record).


(c3-f). Orvil Hogan or Olvel Hogan, also Lou Hogan (September 1872 Missouri).  Uncertain of his correct name and cannot trace after 1900. 


Children of William B. and 2nd wife Sally Mallory (Part D)

From Cyndi Hanes, email courtesy 2 June 2019


(D-1). Malvina Hogan or Melvina Hogan (1823 to before 1886).   Difficult to trace.  Possibly did not marry.


(consider) 1880 US Census of Edmonson County, Kentucky: William Dennison 56 farming, Ky, Ky, Ky; Moranda Dennison 58 keeping house, Ky Ky, Ky.  Boarding House which includes “Melvina Hogans,” 57, single, boarding, Ky, Ky Ky, disabled.


(D-2). Elizabeth Hogan (1826 to ?).  Cannot trace. 


(D-3). Alexander Hogan (1831 - >1865?).  From Cyndi Hanes: “Alexander went to work for his uncle.”  Trial notes in a law suit by Robert Mallery’s 2nd wife against the heirs of Robert Thomas Hogan, that there is a note that there was mentioned Alexander died in Arkansas during the Civil War, but nothing has been found to verify that. 


(possibly) 1850 US Census of Christian County, Kentucky: Harrison P. Barner 31 Brick Layer, Kentucky in a household of brick Layers, including Alexander Hogan 19, Brick Layer, Kentucky. 


(D-4). Jerome N.B. Hogan (December 1833 to 1908) married Susan A. Middleton.


1900 US Census of House Cave, Hart County, Kentucky: Lucine Hogan, May 1872, single, Ky Ky Ky, farmer, Napoleon B. Hogan, father Dec. 1833, 66, Ky Ky Va, Bettie E., Sister May 1868, Ky Ky Ky.


(D-5). Robert Thomas Hogan (1 April 1834 Warren Co., Ky. to 29 December 1922 Hart County, Kentucky and buried Denison Cemetery, Horse Cave, Hart County per married (county record) on 26 March 1857 Hart County to Nancy G. Dale (1837-1911).   Death Certificate states he was born in Warren County, Kentucky and his father was William Hogan born in Kentucky.  R.T. Hogan shows confusion stating on census records (1880, 1900, 1910, 1920) where his father was born.   


Robert was named in his uncle’s will as an heir.*  The last we know of him in later years, the heirs of Robert Mallory’s 2nd wife filed suit against the heirs of Robert.*  Question arises whether his father named him after a grandfather(s).

* From Cyndi Hanes, email courtesy 2 June 2019


1860 US Census of Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky: Robert T. Hogan 24, farmer, Ky, Nancy Hogan 23 Ky.

1870 US Census of P.O. Rowlett Station, Precinct 8, Hart Co. Ky: R. T. Hogan 35 farmer Ky, Nancy G. Hogan 33 Ky, Thomas B. Hogan 9 Ky, Martha A. Hogan 5 Ky, William E. Hogan 3 Ky, James F. Hogan 1 Ky.

1880 US Census of Waterloo, Hart Co., Ky: Robt. T. Hogan 45 Ky, Va., Va., Nancy G. Hogan 44 wife, Ky, Ky, Ky, Thomas Hogan 19 Ky, Martha E. Hogan 13 Ky, William E. Hogan 13 Ky, James F. Hogan 11, Ky, Sarah E. Hogan 9 Ky, Lewis A. Hogan 7 Ky, Robt. L. Hogan5 Ky.

1900 US Census of District 56, Horse Cave, Hart Co. Ky: Robert T. Hogan April 1835, 65, married 43 years, Ky, Ireland, Virginia farmer, Nancy G Hogan, wife Feb 1837 63, married 43 years, 7 children, 6 living, Ky, Ky, Ky; Ada V. Hogan granddaughter May 1895, Ky.

1910 US Census of Horse Cave, Hart County, Ky: Robert T. Hogan, Sen. 76, K, married 54 years, Ky, Ireland/English, Virginia; Nancy G Hogan 76, married 54 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.

1920 US Census of Horse Cave, Hart County, Ky:” Robert T. Hogan 86, widower, Ky, Ireland, Virginia, James W. Sturgeon, 34 Ky, Ky, Ky., Susie Sturgeon 32, Ky, Ky, Ky, Noa Renick, lodger, 37, Ky, Ky Ky.             


(D-6). Martha Ann Hogan.  From Cyndi Hanes: “I know that sometime before June 1847, Martha went to Missouri as a companion to a lady (a Mrs. Herndon).    


Possibilities of Earlier Ancestors for William B. Hogan of Barren County, Kentucky (Part D)

Thoughts on Y-dna Data (Part E)


              Hogan y-dna was reviewed on for Col. John Hogan versus our subject William B. Hogan.  Col. John Hogan and other unlisted test kit had only two y-dna mismatches/mutation out of 64 compared with William B. Hogan.  Col. John Hogan becomes one of the closest matches to William B. Hogan with current y-dna results.  His history has been well researched and our subject William B. is not a son or grandson.  Recent research shows he is not descended from one of his two brothers. Therefore, their common ancestor may be further back in old Ireland.          


From the book “Thomas Lloyd of Brunswick County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina” (page 27):  Col. John Hogan mentioned he had two brothers on the Orange County, North Carolina debtor list. (1) Zachariah Hogan who moved to and died in Anson County, North Carolina.  (2). Isaiah Hogan who is on a July 1777 debtor list, died in 1781.  Isaiah’s widow remarried and she and his son may have moved to Georgia. 


Posted comment on Montgomery County, North Carolina - Zachariah Hogan (~1750 to after 1810 Montgomery County, NC) had the following children:

(i). Isaiah Hogan (1775/1784) to 1850 Giles County, Tennessee(?)

(ii). William Hogan (1780/90 to 1840-1849 Montgomery County, North Carolina)

(iii). Marmaduke Hogan (1795/1800 to 1860+ Velvet Ridge, White County, Arkansas)

(iv). Zachariah Hogan, Jr. (7 April 1798 Montgomery County, North Carolina to 14 January 1892 Montgomery Co., NC)

(v). James Hogan (~1800 Montgomery Col, NC to 1870+ in Hardeman, Co., Tn.

(vi & vii). Two daughters (1775-1784), names unknown>boards>surname Hogan, Posted by Cleo, under Zachariah Hogan (ca1750-after 1810 Montgomery Co., NC. 08 August 2006


            Notice the Montgomery County records are North Carolina and not Tennessee.  There is another William Hogan, born about 1780/1790 who can be found in the 1840 US Census of Montgomery County, North Carolina.  This discounts him being our subject William B. Hogan.  Zack’s descendants may still be living in Montgomery County, North Carolina.  The down side about this line and a bad one, is that Marmaduke Hogan’s y-dna results show two additional mismatches (total of 4 mismatches).


              The following may or may not be a brother to Col. John – Daniel Hogan (29 July 1753 to 19 January 1787 Orange County, North Carolina) who married Sarah Lloyd.  The Lloyd book lists Daniel Hogan who married Sarah Lloyd, but does not specifically state Daniel’s origins or relationship to Col. John Hogan.  Daniel and Sarah Lloyd Hogan have the following sons: (i) and (ii)


(i). Thomas Lloyd Hogan, Senior (5 August 1785 to 4 July 1858 Orange Co., NC) + wife Elizabeth Freeland (8 August 1790 to 14 September 1852 and both buried at Thomas Hogan Cemetery, Orange Co. NC).  Notice that his birth date conflicts with the next son.

(ii). Daniel Hogan “II” (4 January 1786 to 5 July 1849 Orange County, NC per

Thomas Lloyd of Brunswick County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina,” by Betty Scanlan Collins and Gerald Edward Collins, found online at


Question here is whether Daniel Hogan “I” (1753 to 1787) had a son named William?  A review indicates “no.”  So, it appears that Col. John’s brother Isaiah Hogan (ca1740 to 1781) is the only one remaining, if his descendants can be found.    Isaiah Hogan lived in Chatham County, North Carolina where he died in November 1781.   His wife Nancy became Executrix and in 1785 a John Hogan takes over executor duties.  This John Hogan appears to be a son, and he signed his records with some form of “x.”   Colonel John Hogan used a full signature.      


            Y-dna results also can be looked at differently.  Hogans who CANNOT belong to William B. Hogan because the y-dna is too dissimilar.  This is immediately apparent with William Hogan (ca1675 to 1834 + wife Elizabeth Griffin descendants and includes Humphrey Hogan (test kits of Walter G. Hogan and Pearl C. Hogan/my Hogan relative).  They do not belong to our subject – William B. Hogan.  However, it is impossible to determine whether other Hogan lines are connected because of names given on their test kits do not help.   This includes Hogans from Fauquier and Louisa Counties, Virginia, Prosser Hogan, Micajah Hogan, etc.  William B. Hogan can still have a wide range of ancestors in this county. 


Various Yearly County Tax Records – Kentucky (Part F)



Simpson County, Kentucky

Major Courthouse losses noted – Tax Records begin 1819


1819 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

“Wm. B. Hogan”, 1001 (#1 - 1 w. male 21+, #2 Blacks 16+, #3 Total Blacks, #4 - 1 horse

James Hogan, 117 acres, Drakes Fork, 1142

1820 US Census of Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky:

William Hogan – 2 males and 1 female 0-9, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 26-44.  Six names away from:

James Hogan – 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 45+, 6 slaves. 

1821 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

James Hogan – 127 acres D. Creek, In whose name entered - A.P. Hogan, 11153 (#2 is total voters, otherwise the same).

P. Alexander Hogan – 110000

Wm Hogan 110000

1822 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

Alex P. Hogan – 11000

Wm Hogan 11000

James Hogan – 127 acres D. Creek, in whose name entered – A.P. Hogan, 111403 (#5 is now town lots and #6 horses

1823 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

James Hogan 117 D. Creek, in whose name entered A.P. Hogan, 1142 (#2 & #3 slaves)

1824 Simpson County, Kentucky Tax:

Alex P. Hogan 127 acres Drakes Creek, 110000 (found on last page of 1824 tax)

1825 to 1835 Simpson County, Tax: No Hogans.  Deeds and other court house records were lost.


Barren County, Kentucky Tax Lists checked from 1820 to 1847


James Hogan begins in 1826 with 1002.  Next is 1827.  In 1828, James Hogan had 56 acres on the Nobab Creek with 1002.  He is noted again 1829, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1846, and 1847.  He is not listed anywhere near William Hogan at any time.   Neither had slaves.

William Hogan is noted irregularly beginning in 1824 with 1002, no land detail, in 1828 as 1000, 1829 with 1 white male 21+, 2 children 4 to age 15 and no horses.  In 1840, (a different) William Hogan, 100 (one white male 21+ and no slaves any age), has 75 acres on Trace Creek.  In 1843, “Wm B. Hagan,” 100, has 75 acres on Trace Creek and does not appear again – checked through 1847.  Numbers 100; 1st number white male 21+, 2nd and 3rd blacks.


Warren County, Kentucky Tax Lists


Numbers such as 1132 refer to #1 being w. males 21+, #2 blacks 16+, #3 blacks total, #4 horses.  All taxes filed “A’s, B’s, C’s etc. but within each file – by date during early years.


1830 US Census of Warren Co., Ky: Nathaniel S. Hogan, 2 female 0-4, 1 male 5-9, 1 male 20-23, 1 female 15-19.

1831 Warren Co., Ky tax:  Hogan, Alex P. 66 2/3 acres, ? Creek, 1323.  No 1832 tax book.

1833 Warren Co., Ky tax: Nathaniel Hogan 1002 (#719/1134)

Alexander Hogan 66 2/3 acres, Drakes Creek in Warren 1124 (#757/1134

Nathan Hogan 1001 (#757/1134).  Notice there are two Nathan/Nathaniel Hogans.

1834 Warren Co., Ky. Tax List: Parts are badly light struck.  There is no 1835 tax.

Nathan Hogan 1001 no details (image #750/1134)

A (can’t read) Hogan 1124, Drakes Creek in Warren County. (#751/1134).  No 1835 tax.

1836 Warren Co., Ky. Tax List: 3 lists

A.P. Hogan 1226, 66 2/3 acres Drakes Creek in Warren Co.,

Nathaniel Hogan 1132, no other details.


Allen County, Kentucky (established 1815 from Barren and Warren Counties)

A certain William Hogan/Hagan of the Middle Fork was of interest here)


1816 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan 1003, 100 acres Allen Co., M. Fork, Thompson (under whose name).  Also is a William Hagan.

1818 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan 1002, 145 acres. NFDC (North Fork, Drakes Creek?)           

1820 US Census of Allen County, Kentucky: William Hogan 2 females 0-9, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 26-44; one foreigner not naturalized (wrong - not found on original image).  There are a number of Hagans (census reviewed line by Line)          

1820 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hagan 1004, 100 acres T? Fork, (image 161/1183, # 1 for w. m. 21+, #2 for Blacks 16+, #3 for total blacks, #4 is horses).  Next on listing is

William Hogan 1002, 145 acres, Allen, So Fork, patented.

1821 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogans 1002, 145 acres M. Fork.  Also, a William Hagan 1005, 100 acres, Tramel water course, E. Rodgers (under name of)

1822 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hagan 1004, 145 acres, L. Fork

1823 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan, 1003, 145 acres, M. Fork. (278/1193 mixed with Hagans including a William Hagan 1002, 100 acres, Tramel, E. Rodgers.)

1824 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan, 1001, 145 acres M. Fork.  (Also, a William Hagan and William Hagan, Jr.) 

1825 Allen County, Ky. Tax: Will. Hogan, 1003, 145 acres M. Fork

1826 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hagan, 1004, 145 acres, M. Fork

1826 May 16 – Allen County, Ky: Deed from Lee Allen of Simpson County, Kentucky to William Hagans of Allen County, Kentucky…200 acres in Tramels Creek of East Branch Drakes Creek.  Signed Lee Allen.  Witnesses – William Hogan, Mernek H__ten, and Sarah Hogan (both Hogans spelled with an “o”.   (Allen Co. Ky Deed Book C/503).  All are probably Hagans, but not sure – J. Murphy.  Hagans lived on Tramels Fork.   Tramels Fork William Hagan’s wife was Elizabeth, from DB D/152 and DB D/153.

1827 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hagan 1004, 145 acres

1829 Allen County, Ky. Tax: Will Hogan, 10404, 145 acres, M Fork  


1830 US Census of Allen County, Kentucky:  William Hogan – 3 males + 1 female 0-4, 2 females 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 30-39, 1 male 40-49.   If not a Hagan, this William had 145 acres on the Middle Fork, and generally ran tax numbers 1003 or 1004.  There were a number of Hagans, but the tax scribe usually showed the “o” in Hogan.  There is no 1830 Allen County Tax record.  Likely is a Hagan and not a Hogan.

1831 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan 145 M. Fork in Allen County and 95 acres in Simpson County  L. Fork, Beaucamp.  16005 (where 2nd number are children at school from age 6 to 15.)

1832 Allen County, Ky. Tax: William Hogan 14004, 140 acres Allen Co. on M. Fork, Hasen, 70 acres Simpson County on S. Fork.   

1832 July 12 – Allen County, Ky: Anderson Dumal/Duval of Sampson County, Kentucky deeded to William Hogan of Allen County, 145 acres in Allen County, Middle Fork of Drakes Creek for $100.  Witnesses – Levi Needer and John Nagland.  Wife Francis Dumal appeared before the county clerk. 

1833 March 20 – Allen County, Ky:  Kentucky Land Grant to William Hogan, 10 acres, M. Fork Drakes Creek, Book D/2

 Kentucky, Land Grants 1782-1924,

1835 Allen County tax list: (1) William B. Hogains, 1 w. male 21+ and 1 horse.  No details.

(2) William Hogan 16000?, 145 acres in Allen Co. on M. Fork and 90 acres Simpson Co. on S. Fork.  1 w. male 21+, 6 children in school 5-15, ? horses, 12 cattle.

1836 Oct. 10 – Allen County: Deed from William Hagan to John Carpenter, both of Allen County, Kentucky, 150 acres for $600 on Middle Fork of Drakes Creek.  Signed – William Hagan.  No wife’s name mentioned. (DB F/68).   This is year after our Barren County subject died.  Therefore, this Allen County William Hogan/Hagan could not be the same person.

1836, 1837, 1838 Allen County – No Hogans.   

1840 US Census of Allen County, Kentucky: No Hogans.

1842 Allen County, Ky. Tax: “Wm. B. Hagan,” 230 acres Trammel, 100

Checked through 1848, several missing years.


1820 Allen County, Ky; 098, 104

1830 Allen County, Ky 072 – (North of Sumner County, Tennessee) 

       1820: William Hogan 220111-10010

       1820: William Hogan 000010-20100 


Monroe County, Kentucky Tax Lists – checked from 1820-1850


    There were no Hogans in Monroe County, Kentucky tax lists from 1820 to 1850.  However there were a number of Hagans.   Beginning in 1846, there was a William B. Hagan whose acreage began at 70 acres on Mashs/Meshack Creek which grew to 400 acres in 1850. 


1850 US Census of Monroe County, Kentucky: Wm. B. Hagan age 40 Ky, Mary Hagan 32 Ky, Isaac Hagan 12 Ky, Thomas Hagan 11 Ky, David Hagan 8 Ky, William Hagan 6 Ky, M. Hagan 4 Ky, S. Hagan 2 Ky, and Solomon Goodman age 15 Ky.                                          


Green County, Kentucky Tax Records



1795 to 1802: No Hogans. 


All Green County taxes are filed into groups, i.e. “A’s, B’s, C’s, etc.  Within each group, they are not alphabetical.  Early tax records were dated when taken until 1809 and not there-after.  Taxes with five numbers, such as 10002: 1st number is white males 21+, 2nd number whites males 16-20 (this item missing if only four numbers used), 3rd number total blacks, 4th number blacks under 16  and 5th number horses and rarely includes cows.  Most tax records give acreage of land, which county land was in, water course, patented.  Hogans rarely were given such detail, suggesting they were renting, squatting, or such.


1803 Green Co., Ky. Tax: Prosser Hogan 10002

1804 and 1805:  No Hogans.

1806: Prosser Hogan 11002.  Some “H“ listings are unreadable.

1807: Prosser Hogan 11001

1808: Proser Hogan 11004

           James Hogan 11242

1809: Prosser Hogan 10002

1810: John Hogan 1002

Prosser Hogan 1004

David Hogans 1007

James Hogan 1243


1810 US Census of Green Co., Ky: John Hogan 1 male 0-9, 1 male and 1 female 16-26.  Married 27 September 1809 to Agnes Sally here.  To whom does he belong? 


1811: James Ho_an s234 (looks like “s” – many H listings unreadable)

Prosser Hogan ?00?

1812: James Hogan 1244

John Hogan 1002 with below what looks like “2185 acres of __?   May not relate to subject.

Prosser Hogen 1007

1813: John Hogan 1002 (#599/1399)

Prosser Hogan 1004 (#599/1399)

James Hogan 1001 (#599/1399)

James Hogan 1243 (#599/1399)

Nathan Hogan 1003

1814: James Hogan 1132

Prosser Hogan 1004

Jno. Hogan 1002.  Next one is:

James Hogan 1002

1815: James Hogan 1001 (#690/1399)

Prosser Hogin 2004 (#690/1399)

James Hogan 1143 (#690/1399)

William Hogan 1000 (#692/1399)

1816: James Hogan 1142 (#741/1399)

Prosser Hogan 2003, 100 acres Green Co., Robinson water course (#741/1399)

James Hogan 1002 (#743/1399)

1817: The following three are next to each other:

James Hogan 1007

Prosser Hogan 1002, 100 acres Green Co., Robinson, Cown.

Nathaniel Hogan 1001

1818: Prosser Hogan 1003, 100 acres Green Co., Robinson, Cowan

Nathan Hogan 1001

James Hogan 1001

1819: Prosser Hogan 1002 100, Green, Robinson, Cowan

James Hogan 1001

Nathan Hogan 1001


Data from a William B. Hagan after Subject’s death. 


1835 Allen County tax list: (1) William B. Hogains, 1 w. male 21+ and 1 horse.  No details.

1840 US Census of Barren Co., Kentucky: William B. Hagin, 3 males 0-4, 1 male + 1 female 20-29 (image 9/78).

1840 Barren County tax list: William Hogan 1 w.m. 21+, horses not listed, 75 acres Trace Creek, Barren County.  


Trace Creek is the southern-most tip of Barren County, and flows about one mile from its eastern source westward into Allen County and finally into the Barren River.  Nearby to the land is also Monroe County, Ky., where the small town of Fountain Run (formerly Jamestown) was established before 1820.   The nearest road to Trace Creek on Delorme’s Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer is “Hagan Road.”


1842 Allen County, Ky. Tax: “Wm. B. Hagan,” 100, 230 acres Trammel water course.

1843 Barren County tax list. William B. Hagan, 1 w.m. 21+, horses not listed, 75 acres, Trace Creek. (image 475/855). 

1850 US Census of Monroe County, Kentucky: Wm. B. Hagan age 40 Ky, Mary Hagan 32 Ky, Isaac Hagan 12 Ky, Thomas Hagan 11 Ky, David Hagan 8 Ky, William Hagan 6 Ky, M. Hagan 4 Ky, S. Hagan 2 Ky, and Soloman Goodman age 15 Ky.