Silas Morphew ~1752 - 1807

Silas Morphew

Elizabeth England


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  • Silas Morphew (~1752) recorded death
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·                     Leah Greer Barrow Recalls Greer Herbals

·                     Descendants of Abijah Fairchilds Murphy (1847 – 1880), son of Hiram Murphy/Morphew (1815/16 - <1870), courtesy of Jean Murphy

·                     "My Father was the Toughest Man I Ever Knew, - James Archie "Arch" Murphy, Sr. (1910 – 1964), from his son.  (see Section on Uriah Morphew (~1780)


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Morphew Descendants y-dna Marker Tests

More on Calvin Lee Murphy (1925 to 1998) from his son

Memories of Luther S. Murphy (1916 to 1986) from Jennifer Langley


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Additional Grave Sites Identified for Silas Morphew Descendants  

James MacDonald Morphew (1865 to 1946) and Family

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Thomas Arthur Morphew (1867 to 1944)

From Michael Ingram


Silas Morphew

      Born ~1752, North Carolina or possibly western Virginia. 

      Died about November 1807 near Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina.  See discussion below.  Tradition is 1808.

      Married Elizabeth England 1775 at Chatham County, North Carolina (from pooled family records, source and reliability unknown.  Date seems too early.

Parents:  James Morphew (~ 1730 to 1775/83) with first name in dispute.   Name of "Joseph" has not been found.  Wife was Mary Burke (born ~1732 in Pa. and died after 1802, possibly in Ashe Co., N.C.)


Elizabeth England

      Born 1758 in Somerset County, Maryland

      Died after 1830 in Roane County, Tennessee

      Parents:  John England and Ann Jane Grant

            2nd Edition Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, previous revision 17 March 2013; this revision 30 August 2014   


     *See Special Map of “Some Landmarks in Watauga County, North Carolina – map6.TIF


This Chapter Covers the Following Morphews

(except for Aaron Morphew who has his own chapter)


Silas Morphew “I” (~1752 to 1807) + Elizabeth England.  Children are (I) through (IX) and grandchildren are (1), (2), (3), etc:


(I). Uriah Morphew (~1780 to 1840+) + Anna Fairchild. Children are 1 – 5.

(1). (Probably) Charlotte Morphew/Murphy (1807 to 1860+) + Singleton Durham

(2). Daughter, name unknown (1807/10 to ?)

(3). (Possibly) William Morphew (~1810 to ?)

(4). Sarah J. Morphew/Murphy (1812 – 1880+) + Richard Snow

(5). (Likely) Hiram Morphew/Murphy (~1815 to 1860+) +Emeline Frizzell

(II). Obediah Morphew/Murphy (>1782 to 1847/50) + Mary Berry.  Children 1 - 10

(1). Permelia Morphew (1817 to 1890+) + John McCarroll

(2). James B. Morphew (1820 to 1903/05) + Louisa Jane Houser

(3). Josiah Berry Morphew (1822 to 1870+) + Malinda __.

(4). Elizabeth England Morphew (1824 to 1870+)

(5). Silas Davis Morphew (1827) and (6). Nancy Wells Morphew (1829)

(7). Sarah Jane Morphew (1832) and (8). Mary Ann Morphew (1833)

(9). Claissa Harlow Morphew (1834 to ?) + Isaac Tipton

(10). Jesse Wells Morphew/Morphew (1837 to 1865 Civil War) + Lucinda J. Campbell

(III). Silas Morphew/Murphy “II” (~1784 to 1834+) + Matilda Clayton and had at least four daughters, names unknown.

(IV). John M. Morphew (1787 to 1841) + Sarah Blackburn. Children 1 - 11

(1). Elizabeth Morphew (1815 to 1850) + William Miller

(2). Jean Morphew (1817 to 1819)

(3). Rhoda Margaret Morphew (1819 to 1860+) + Levi Norris

(4). Levi Morphew (1821 to 1914)

(5). Silas Morphew (1823 to 1885) + Louisa Greer

(6). Mary Morphew (1825 to 1845)

(7). Martha Morphew (1825 to 1870+) + John Grubb

(8). Lazarius Morphew (1827 to 1847)

(9). Keziah Morphew (1831 – 1870+)

(10). Sarah (Sally) Morphew (1840 – 1900+)

(11). Lorenzo Dow Morphew

(V). Aaron Morphew (1796/97 to 1860+) + Nancy Sample.  (See his separate chapter).  Children are 1 – 12.  Three sons died in the Civil War.

(1). John Morphew (1823 to 1911) + Amanda Hawkins

(2). Silas Morphew (1827 to 1906) + Joan Simmons(?) + Rachel __ + Sophronie Ann Rockmore

(3). Elizabeth Morphew (1829 to ~1895) + __ Cheatham

(4). William Morphew (1831)

(5). Keziah Morphew (1833) + Isaiah Hopson

(6). Soloman Morphew (1836 – 1908) + Nancy A. Markham

(7). Seborn H. Morphew (1838 to 1862 Civil War)

(8). Elihua A. Morphew (1840 to 1864 Civil War)

(9). Calvin Morphew (1842)

(10). Jeremiah Morphew (1843 to 1864 Civil War)

(11). Gaynor Prince Morphew (1848 to 1922) + Catherine Cantrell

(12). Hiram Peterson Morphew (1850)

(VI). James Morphew (~1789)

(VII). Rhoda Morphew (~1788 to ?) + Samuel Todd

(VIII). Jennie (Jane) Morphew (~1790 to 1828+) + George Wells

(IX to XI). Peggy, Kizzy, Sallie Morphew - per family records.


Y-Dna Marker Tests for Different Morphew Descendants 


            To date (January 2013), four Morphew descendants have had their y-dna tested and their results are posted at under the Morphew surname.   No English, Australian, or New Zealand Morphew (variant spellings) have submitted tests and are invited to do so.  Results show the following:


Y-DNA Tests for Descendants of Silas Morphew “I” (~1752 to 1807)


Subject 159482: 1 – J. Morphew (~1720-<1783), 2 – Silas Morphew “I” ~1752-1807, Aaron Morphew, Gaynor Prince Morphew (1848 – 1922).  This subject had 35/37 markers matched with the next subject 128995.  Their common ancestor was Silas Morphew (~1752 – 1807) 


Subject 128995: 1- J. Morphew (~1720-<1783), 2- Silas Morphew “I” ~1752-1807, 3- Uriah Morphew/Murphy ~1780->1840, 4-Hiram Morphew/Murphy  ~1815->1860, 5-Abijah F. Murphy 1847-1888, 6-William Robert Murphy 1877-1945 and on for 7 generations.  This subject had 64/67 markers match with subject 48170 making their common ancestor to be James Morphew (ca1715 to <1783).  


Y-DNA Tests for Descendants of James Morphew “II” (~1750 to 1829)


Subject 48170: 1 - J. Morphew (~1720-<1783), 2-James Morphew “II” ~1750-1829, 3-Joseph Morphew ~1775->1820, 4-James Morphew 1805-1871, 5-Rev. William H. Morphew 1829-1912, 6-Riley H. Murphy 1853-1935 and so on for 8 generations.


Subject 180150: 1 - J. Morphew (~1720-<1783), 2 – James Morphew “II” ~1750-1829, 3 – Joseph Morphew (~1775->1820), (probably Benjamin Franklin Morphew “I” (1811 – 1897).  Has 35/37 matches with the first 3 subjects.   


            Y-Dna marker comes from the y-chromosome and only males can pass this on.  This makes for an excellent test confirming Morphew lines.   So far, no mismatch marker has been identified as common to a certain line of Morphew, but more tests may do so.  

Adult Locations for Silas and Elizabeth England


            Silas Morphew + Elizabeth England lived in the following locations, some still being speculative.


1775 - Chatham County, N. C:  Marriage of Silas Morphew to Elizabeth England.

1783 - Guilford County, N.C: Guilford County Quakers mention Silas has moved.

1785/86 - Surry County, N.C: tax lists

1790 - Burke County, N.C:  "Silas Murphy" on U.S. Census list with the Englands.

1807 - Burke County, N.C: "Silas Murphey" recorded death near Morganton.

1810 - Wilkes County, N.C:  Elizabeth Murphey near sons Silas and Uriah.

1814-1823 - Knox County, Tn:  Children marry here: Silas, Obediah, and Jennie.

1830 - Roane County, Tn: Elizabeth Murphey (Silas’ widow)  - head of household on U.S. Census.


Details about Silas and Elizabeth Morphew – 1775 to 1807


Silas married Elizabeth England at Chatham County, N.C. in 1775 with the source being Arlie C. Morphew.  Why Chatham County has been the source of much speculation, but it has not been well researched yet.  John England was clearly living in Rowan County, N.C. in 1768 (tithable record) and in the newly divided off Surry County in 1771 (tithable record).  In fact, what were both doing in Chatham?  Arlie Morphew speculated that John England, father of Elizabeth, traveled back and forth to his father, William England, in Chatham County.


Silas Morphew was considered a Tory by some, at least enough to attempt to hang him.  We don’t know the year, which could tell us more of the story.  The years could be from 1775 to 1783.   After the war, Tory lands and property were seized.  In Wilkes County, Benjamin Cleveland hunted down his enemies for hanging.  Cyrus Grubb states Silas was saved when a woman held him up by the legs till help came.  In this case, Silas needed to leave the area for a safer site and, perhaps, we will find him living in an unusual location.   He does give us one clue.  The Quaker Church records at Deep River (Guilford County) note the following:


1783 – Guilford County, North Carolina: Deep River Quaker Meeting on their 7th month 1783 notes “Silas Murphy having been under the care of the preparative meeting, now requests to be joined in membership which this meeting grants (From Quaker microfilm records at Guilford Collage).”  The Quaker Encyclopedia indicated he had moved.    


1785 - Surry County, North Carolina taxable: 1785 "Silas Murphy" and 1786 "Silas Murphew," but Silas has no acreage. 


1786 Census of Surry County, N.C: Silas Murphy is in Captain Wright’s district and shows 1 male 21-60 years of age, 3 males under 21 and above 60, 2 white females all ages.   His brother James is also listed here.


1790 - Burke County, North Carolina Census: Silas “Murphy” is recorded and in the same county is Daniel England, John England Sr., John England Jr., Joseph England, and Thomas England, all related to Silas’ wife Elizabeth.   


1790 July – Wilkes County, North Carolina: Silas Murphey is recorded present at the Wilkes County estate inventory sale of Youngs Coleman.  His sister, Sarah Morphew was Coleman’s widow.  


1791 Yakin County (formerly Surry County) Land Grant Map: Map shows “Silas Morphew” with a land grant near Forbis Creek (details not known).  This was formerly seen at the website


1795 – Burke County, North Carolina: Silas is mentioned in the will of John England, father of Elizabeth, which was probated at Burke County.  It gives to Silas’s wife “one calf, one cow, no more, no less.”  The wording suggests that John England had disapproved of Silas, but the reason is not known.  Silas was probably living in Wilkes County at the time.


1790 to 1800 – Old Ashe County (now Watauga County): Membership list at Three Forks Baptist Church (formerly Ashe County, now Watauga County) includes Elizabeth Morphew.  The list covered the years 1790 to 1810.  If Silas was living there, he entered no land in the South Fork of New River area. 


1807 November 10 – Burke County: "On 10 November (1807), Robert Craig, Esq. of Morganton, (died) of a sudden illness.  Also, Messrs Silas Murphey, John Bryant, Jonathon Duckworth, __ Moor, and Mrs. Mary Bradley, in the vicinity of the same place.  All of whom were called in the course of four days of the disease which has proved so epidemical of late, in every quarter of the union." 

TM, Thursday, 10 December 1807, Volume 3, page 4, as entered in "Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers 1799-1819," Volume One.   


1810 US Census of Wilkes County: Silas' death was confirmed in this census which lists Elizabeth Murphy head of the household, with possible names added:


Elizabeth Murphey - 1810 U.S. Census of Wilkes County:

2 females 0-<10; 1 female 10-<16; 2 females 16-<26 - Rhoda, Jennie, Peggy, Kizzy, and Sallie.

1 female 45+  - Elizabeth Morphew   

3 males 16-<26 – Silas, John M., Aaron (Where is James?)


Comment:  Note that one son is missing here and Uriah Murphy/Morphew has his own Wilkes Census.  Some of Elizabeth's daughters seem rather young and that raises questions about grandchildren. 


Last Years of Elizabeth Morphew (1808 – 1830+)


After this point in time, the trail of Elizabeth England Morphew becomes hard to follow.  Until recently, she was thought to be the oldest female in the 1820 and 1830 household of Silas Murphy, who lived in the Burke County, North Carolina.   Evidence is increasing that this Silas belonged to James Morphew (born ~1750) and that the correct Silas Murphy/Morphew, Jr. had migrated to Tennessee to become a Private in the War of 1812-1814.  An 1830 Census of Roane County, Tennessee records an Elizabeth Murphy who must be our Elizabeth England Morphew.  She was head of the household and was born between 1750-1760.   This same 1830 Census lists Obediah Murphy and John McCarroll, who married Permelea Morphew.   Elizabeth does not appear again, but by 1840, Uriah Murphy is now in the same county. 


The Old Morphew-Gentry Cemetery in Watauga County, North Carolina

Called Morphew Cemetery on


It is not known where Silas and James were buried.  However a very old Morphew-Gentry Cemetery is located at Stony Fork, Watauga County, North Carolina, on a mountain top along the eastern bank of the South Fork of New River.  Readable grave stones belong to descendants of Silas, including Cyrus Grubb, who furnished some of the earliest clues about the clan.  As one inspects the rows of Morphew stones, the dates become older as one walks east.  In the eastern-most grave stones, the writing is no longer legible, and one wonders if these belong to Silas and even Mary Morphew, wife of the first known Morphew who probably immigrated to America.


The cemetery is located 7-8 miles east of Boone, North Carolina, and approximately 3 1/2 miles north.  Drive east from Boone, N.C. along route 421/221 to the church center called Laxon (still in Watauga County), turn Northwest on old state highway road for 0.7 miles, then north on county road 1353 (Hardin Road).  As one drives north, a small creek will meander along the west side of the road.  This creek suddenly turns west to empty into the South Fork of New River.   Not far from this point may be seen the cemetery on top of a high hill along the west side of the road.


James P. Morphew adds: The Morphew Cemetery in Watauga County is “known as the “Morphew – Gentry” Cemetery and its directions: Hardin Road now directly intersect Hwy 421 with a nice clear sign, if you happen to be looking and sober.  The cemetery is the west side, less than a mile up, but difficult to see.  Turn left on All Hallows Road, which ascends up to it, rather steeply, behind a couple of dwellings.  Don’t be shy, step on it, my car made it.”  Headstones legibly go back to the early 1800’s, there is indeed one Silas Morphew, and a few other Morphew of varying legibility and suspicion.”  This cemetery is listed as the “Morphew Cemetery on and lists grave stones.

Thanks go to James P. Morphew, email courtesy 15 January 2013.   


Letter by Mrs. Marion M. Ingram of Robbinsville, N.C.  (1971)


“I am very much interested in the problems of the Morphews during and following the War of Independence.  Because it was so much earlier than the Civil War, accounts are dim.  As fond as I am of Silas, the first, I do not believe that the story is quite true, at least the hanging.  The story my father told me is so vividly impressed upon my memory.”


“My father never told any of these gruesome tales about his fore-bearers, so when my brother, as a young boy, came home from Ash County and Watauga where he had been visiting, he had heard even wilder tales concerning the adventures of the Morphews and Greers and Grubbs.  What Cleveland’s men had failed to do, the Yankees did!  And to cap it all, the Grubbs told him that one Morphew, Silas, had been hanged!  We had something at last, on the Wiggins and Deveres – none of them could match a tale like the one we had about Silas.” 


“When my father heard that my brother was telling this tale about Silas Morphew being in some big battle and getting hanged and rescued, he told us that it was not true.  The reason I remember it so vividly, I was so disappointed!  My father said that Silas Morphew and his wife were visiting cousins.  Rumors were going around that rewards were being offered for the capture of Tory Spies.” 


“Some rough necks, my father called them, came to the house and accused young Silas of being a spy.  They marched him out across the clearing and into the woods.  His wife and cousin followed along begging and crying and entreating hard and fast, then they began to interrogate him.  To each question they asked, Silas is reported to have answered with a riddle.  Finally the men went off and left Silas, and no wonder, bested as they were at every turn with the riddles.” 


“Despite not being hanged, Silas seems to have emerged from his ordeal as a hero, for, according to my father, that spot where Silas was tried was named Riddle Gap.  (Uncle Jim Morphew told me the men heard a noise and left Silas.)  There is a Riddle Creek in Watauga County, a Riddle Gap in Yadkin, and a place once called Riddle in Surry.”


Greer and Morphew Medicinal Herbs by Leah Greer Barrow (2006)


“The Morphews and Greers got their “cash money” by gathering medicinal herbs and roots high up in the mountains and carrying them many miles to the trading centers.  In later years, several of the Greers and Morphews established a huge crude drug plant.”


Leah Greer Barrow added that her grandfather John U. Greer was born in Ashe County, North Carolina in 1867 and died 1972 in Pike County, Kentucky.  Lean "grew up digging Mayapple and Bloodroot for my grandfather.  He wouldn't let us dig the gensing.  He would pay us a little money and then he would lay it out to dry.  He then took it to his cousin for money.  ...I ran into a girl in Aiken, South Carolina with the name tag of Greer.  She married the grandson of R.G. Greer in Pikeville, Kentucky that had the herb business.  She told me that they were back in business.  My nephew lives in our home place and he sells the ginseng around $450.00 a pound.      His first cousin had an herb company in Pikeville, Kentucky, and it is still in operation today."  (e-mails courtesy Leah Greer Barrow, 9 and 10 April 2006).


Letter of Arlie C. Morphew, April 30, 1971

The England Link to Chatham County, North Carolina


“A descendant of John England, Bess A. Machtley of West Chester, Pa. has quite a book on the Englands, and I will quote a ...reason (why) John England went to Chatham County, N.C. before moving on to Burke County by 1790.  Mrs. Machtley is a descendant of Aaron England, son of John England.”


“William England, born Tyrone Ireland, came with the first Scotch-Irish immigration to Chester County, Pa., and was the first known England to settle in America.  He located in Somerset County, Maryland, after marrying 1st to Elizabeth Wilcox or Wilcoxin.  One son was born - William England.  He married 2nd to Mary Watson, daughter of William Watson, Gloucester, N.J.  There were four sons to this 2nd marriage, all born in Maryland:  Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, and John England.   With the tide of immigration moving south, he took his family in 1760 to Chatham County, N.C. where he received a large land grant.  (The reason John went to Chatham County to see his father before going to Burke County).  Of course Silas went along to get Elizabeth, but was back in the vicinity of Deep River Quakers.  Very shortly thereafter, Mrs. Machtley says there is some doubt about John England’s religion, maybe none, but we do know that Elizabeth was a member of Three Forks Baptist Church.  Mrs. Machtley says she lived down the road from the land of Goshen Quaker meeting house and cemetery.”


In the same letter, Arlie changes the subject:  “Another Morphew has popped up – Jesse Morphew, who died in 1810 and had 2560 acres of land in one tract and another 2500 acres, purchased in 1809, all in White County, Tennessee.  On May 15, 1811, an inventory of his estate was made by Uriah Morphew and presented to the courts on that date (will book A-10).  Now this is something else - for who was Jesse Morphew and why would Uriah Morphew be inventorying his estate?”  


Index to Early Tennessee Wills and Administrations lists a “Jesse Murphrey,” 1811 in White County, Tennessee Will Book A/p10.  Surname spelling is unclear and may be Murphey or Murphrey.  His estate administration has not been reviewed – JRM.


Descendants of Silas and Elizabeth England Morphew


The following are the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Silas Morphew and his wife Elizabeth England.   More concise dates are needed and inaccuracies need to be identified.  As the genealogical framework of names, dates, locations, and census records develops, hopefully more stories will come forth.  These Morphews moved frequently, which makes tracing them more difficult.


Children will be noted with roman numerals (I) (II) (III), etc

Grandchildren noted with (1) (2) (3), etc.

Great grandchildren with (i) (ii) (iii), etc.

Great-great grandchildren with (a) (b) (c), etc.

Great-great-great grandchildren with (aa), (bb), (cc)

Gx4 grandchildren with (^1), (^2)



(I.)  Uriah Morphew/Murphy (~ 1780 to >1840) married 1st to Anna Fairchild in 1806, and possibly 2nd to Nancy __.  Nancy could be another name for Anna.      


Census and Other Records for Uriah Morphew:


1804 - Wilkes County, N.C: Uriah is a witness for Moses Hull versus Landrine Eggers Trial                      

1810 - US Census of Wilkes County, North Carolina with wife and two daughters.

1811 - White County, Tennessee tax list: Uriah Murphy

1812-1814 War:  Private Uriah Murphey enlisted in Major John Chiles' Battalion, Mounted Gunmen, East Tennessee.  John Chiles was from Knox County and was probably where his troops were recruited.  Also, there was a Private Uriah C. Murphey in Colonel Thomas H. Benton's 2nd Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, who may or may not be the same Uriah with a second enlistment.

1814 April 3:  Noted delinquent on Knox County taxes; "tax release" in 1815.   

1830 - US Census of Roane County, Tennessee: Possibly Uriah is one of unnamed members in the Roane County household of Elizabeth Murphy.  This is the same county where his brothers Obediah Morphew and Silas Morphew lived.  Earlier U.S. Census records from 1790 to 1820 for Eastern Tennessee were destroyed in a fire(s).

1840 – US Census of Roane County, Tennessee: Uriah Murphy, a wife, and one son, who could possibly be Hiram Morphew.  Other children have left the nest.  Oddly enough, yearly tax records do not pick him up, but taxes for these years are strange: i.e. tax imposed for use of State such as gold watches, jewelry, plates, paintings, slaves.

1850 - Roane County, Tennessee census record:  Nancy Murphy (1782/83) is living with the family of Hiram Murphy (Morphew).  This is the only evidence we have that Uriah married a second time, unless this is another name for his first wife.    


Too little is known about Uriah and family records are needed to clarify the information.  Children of Uriah Morphew + Anna Fairchild (probably) are poorly understood, and seem to include:


(1) (probably) Charlotte (Morphew/Murphy), born 1807 North Carolina and living beyond 1860.  Charlotte's maiden name being a Morphew was suggested by Barb (Durham) Smith, in her e-mail of 6 March 2005.  Charlotte married Singleton Durham about 1826. "Charlotte belonged to the Prospect Baptist Church in Roane County...and wrote a letter of resignation about 1852" (e-mail of Barb Smith 24 March 2005).  No family records mention her.  The following associations strongly suggest a relationship to the Morphews.


1.  1830 - U.S. Census of Roane County: Singleton Durham next to Obediah Murphey.  Singleton and Charlotte then go separate ways by 1840.

2.   1840 - U.S. Census of Roane County: Charlotte Dearham without a husband is next to Richard Snow, who married Sarah J. Morphew in 1829.

3.   1850 - U.S. Census of Roane County: Charlotte Durham is two entries away from Richard + Sarah Morphew Snow.

4.   1860 - U.S. Census of Wright County, Missouri:  Charlotte Durham now living in household of son, James Harvey Durham + Sarah E. (Rose) Durham.  Two entries away are Hiram + Emeline Murphy/Morphew.

5.   Name "Charlotte" name is used for children's names by Sarah Morphew Snow and Hiram Murphy/Morphew.  Likewise, Charlotte used the name of "Hiram" for one of her children.           


(2). Daughter #2, name unknown, born 1800-<1810 (best between 1807-<1810), per census records.  


(3). (possibly) William Morphew, born ~1810 and married ~1827.  No family record mentions him or to whom he belongs.  The only record found on him is the 1830 U.S. Census of Monroe County, Tennessee with his name clearly written "William Morphew."  After this point, his trail is lost. 


1830 - US Census of Monroe County, Tennessee: William Morphew: 1 male + 1 female born 1825-1830 (0-<5); 1 female born 1810-1815 (15-<20); 1 male born 1800 – 1810 (20-<30).  An unnamed daughter and son need identification.


            A 2005 query asked whether William Morphew's male son, name unknown, could be that of a Thomas L. Murphy (~1827 ->1900) who married in Grainger County, Tennessee on 13 June 1826 to Susan Boatright.  They moved to Polk County, Missouri by 1850, Cherokee County, Kansas by 1880 and Benton County, Arkansas in 1900.   Comparison of 36 marker y-dna of a Thomas Murphy descendant to that of a Morphew descendant showed no relationship. 


            (4). Sarah J. Morphew/Murphy (born 26 July 1812 to 1880+), who married on 5 September 1829 at Roane County, Tennessee (county record) to Richard Snow (born 1808 Greeneville County, S.C to 1892 Loudon County, Tennessee).   Richard Snow was recorded on Roane County 6th District tax records 1834 – 1851, but his name was not checked before or after these dates.  In 1834, the tax taker, Captain Bacon, noted that Snow was living in Pond Creek Valley, now SW Loudon County.   They lived in Roane County from 1829 to 1870+ and were on the 1880 Census of Loudon County.   Children of Sarah Morphew + Richard Snow, all born in Roane County:


            (i) Nancy Catherine Snow, 30 November 1832

            (ii) Mary A. Snow, 13 July 1835

            (iii) Charlotte Melinda Snow, 8 November 1838

            (iv) Andrew Jackson Snow, 23 March 1841

            (v) Sarah Emaline Snow, 23 February 1844

            (vi) John Snow, 10 September 1847

            (vii) Richard Snow, 10 December 1849

            (viii) James Madison Snow, 18 July 1852 to <1860.


            (5). (likely) Hiram Murphy/Morphew (1815/16 Tennessee to 1860+) married on 18 June 1845 in Roane County, Tennessee to Emeline Frizzell (~1820 to 1880+).  No family record tells us to whom he belonged.  He is found on the following records:


1839 October 30 – Roane County, Tennessee: Marriage license of Hiram Murphy to Fanny Dunlap in Roane County, Tennessee, with "no return," or perhaps, no marriage carried out.

1840 - Roane County Tax – "Hyram Murphy, 5th District

1842 - Roane County Tax – Hiram Murphy, 2nd District

1845 - Roane County Tax -  Hiram Murphew, 6th District

1845 June 18 – Roane County, Tennessee: Marriage of "Hiram Morphew” to Emeline Frizzell (county record). 

1850 - Roane County Tax – Hiram Morphew, 6th District

1850 - U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee with wife Emeline, three children and the elder, Nancy Murphy (born 1782/1783).  This Nancy suggests a 2nd wife for Uriah Morphew, or another name for Anna.

1850 April – Roane County: "Hiram Morphew" on Buckner Walker's list of accounts (Roane County, Tennessee Estate Book E and Estate Papers).

1860 - U.S. Census of P.O. Hartville, Wright County, Missouri.  Spelling listed as Murphy and this writer believes the spelling has permanently changed.

1870 - P.O. Canton, North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas:  Emeline Murphy without her husband, but with 10 children to feed.

1880 - U.S. Census, North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas:  Emeline Murphy and 4 children and 2 grandchildren.


Thanks go to Jean Murphy, emails 11 May 2007 – 2 June 2007, for sharing her information from Bernice Robinson, a great granddaughter of Hiram Muphy who has done much research on the Murphy's and Fairchilds.  Without their help, this would not be possible.  Some of her information is from a hand written family tree for Hiram Murphy, her source thought to be Paul Pruitt:


            Based on information from Bernice Robinson, Jean Murphy, Karen Richardson Gee, 1850 -1880 census records, and other records, the children of Hiram Morphew or Murphy are listed as (i). (ii), (iii), etc:


(i). Nancy J. Murphy (1845/46 Tennessee) married about 1876/77 to Walter Bellah (1845 Arkansas) and owned their own Randolph County farm "free of debt."  The 1900 census reported she had one child not living at the time of the census.  The name of this child is not known, but two grandchildren were: (a) Pearle Prince (June 1891 Arkansas), (b) Bell M. Prince (August 1894 Arkansas). 


(ii). Abijah Fairchilds Murphy (1847 Tennessee to 1888) questionably married 1st to Elizabeth __ and definitely to Minerva __ by the year 1874.   Marriage records for Wright County, Missouri did not survive for this period of time. 


            From Bernice Robinson and Jean Murphy: "Older living Arkansas relatives knew Abijah Murphy as "Bibe" and believed him to be the father of the clan, but records proved that untrue, rather he was the oldest son.  Living descendants reported Abijah did marry, and fathered four children but they did not know his wife's name.  Grandson, William Rodney Murphy stated that Abijah made a trip by covered wagon to Texas, and somewhere in 1877 Texas, his father (William Robert Murphy) was born in the covered wagon.  He did return to Arkansas, and both he and his wife are buried in McCullough Cemetery, but with no markers and exact dates of death unknown.  John Murphy, a grandson, reported Abijah died when John's father was only 10 years of age, established his death late 1887 or early 1888."


Locations found for Abijah Fairchild Murphy – census and other records:


1860 - Wright County, Hartville County, Missouri, Abijah with parents.

1870 - (possibly) Wright County, Hartville P.O., Missouri as Elijah + Elizabeth.  This census appears to belong to them, but the information cannot be relied upon.

1873 - Missouri: daughter Mary A. Murphy born here

1880 - Perry County, Illinois, A.F. Murphy + Minerva

188? - Sharp County, Arkansas where Abijah is buried  


The four children of Abijah F. Murphy are as listed (a), (b), (c), etc:


            (a). Mary A. "Mollie" Murphy (July 1873 Missouri  - 6 September 1933 and buried Macey Cemetery* near Monette, Craighead County, Arkansas) married Henry A. Ladd (1856 Missouri – 14 January 1920, both buried McCullough Cemetery) and lived in Sharp County, Arkansas, later moving near Red Onion and Monette, Arkansas.


            (*) Info courtesy of Willliam Dunavin, email of 22 December 2008


            (b). James "Jim" Murphy (1879-?) was reported to have two sons, names unknown.


            (c). Margaret "Meg" Murphy (December 1885).  "Her father having died when she was very young, moved to the home of her sister Mary A. and Henry A. Ladd in 1900."  She married __ Kroeger and had at least one daughter, named Goldie Kroeger.


            (d). William Robert "Bob" Murphy (14 October 1877 Texas or Arkansas to 11 June 1945 Mammoth Springs, Arkansas) married 3 December 1906 in Winston, Sharp County, Arkansas to Missouri Bell "Bell" Pruitt (1879 Blue Eye, Stone County, Missouri to 3 May 1964 Rockford, Illinois).  Missouri Bell was the daughter of John Pruitt and Millie Hutchinson.  Belle had married 1st to Jasper A. Baldridge and had a son, Otis Jasper Baldridge.  After Missouri Belle Murphy married Bob Murphy, she was granted and lived on 160 acres, homestead line, patent #93877.   This was located on Section 20, Township 20 North, Range 3 West on Martin's Creek in Sharp County near Armstrong. 


            Bob Murphy + Missouri Bell Pruitt lived in the following known locations, per census records:


1910 – 1930 North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas; noted as a veteran on the 1930 U.S. Census.

? to 1945, Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas 


William Robert Murphy + Bell Pruitt had 7 children, listed as (aa), (bb), (cc), etc:


            (aa). John Thomas Murphy (21 February 1908 Sharp County, Arkansas – 15 November 1979 - buried McCullough Cemetery) married Marie Freeze and had two children: (^1) Robert Thomas Murphy and (^2) Wanda Murphy  


            (bb). James Archie "Arch" Murphy, Sr. (18 June 1910 Banks Community, Sharp County, Arkansas to 1968 in an auto accident) who married in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas to Hazel Bell Powell (13 February 1920 Sharp County to 7 December 1987 and both buried Bradford Cemetery, Sharp County).  Hazel was the daughter of Neil Powell and Alice Smalley, and had 8 children.  They belonged to the Church of Christ. 



"My Father was the Toughest Man I Ever Knew," by James Archie Murphy, Jr.

            with Jean Murphy


            "James Archie ('Arch') Murphy, Sr. was born 18 June 1910 at Banks Community in Sharp County, Arkansas.  Banks Community was located on Martin Creek Road (County Road 59), 6 miles north of the landmark of Hilltop in the northern part of county."


            "After finishing the 8th grade and about grown up, my dad became a boxer and went around the county for matches.  Someone was always trying to whip him, even though he weighed only 140 pounds.  He soon became a champion in three counties.  Even when he went to dances or parties, someone would try to whip him.  He wouldn't back down and could even beat someone twice his size and could fight 2 or 3 men at the same time.


            My dad told me that he and his brother Luther, who was 5 ½ years younger, got into a fight with the Weaver brothers at Banks School.  This school was used for school, church, and social functions.  Luther was a hot head and he pulled a knife and cut one of the brothers.  Arch told others that he did it because Luther was so young and scared.  Arch went to the Pea Farm Prison for the attack where convicts worked in a pea field.  A few days later while Arch was working in the fields, he asked the guard if his gun was loaded because he was going to run away.  The guard said, 'now Arch, you don't want to do that, I'll shoot you.'  He ran and the guard shot him in the leg but he kept running.  He hid out at his older brother John's house for three weeks. Later he went anywhere he wanted and was never arrested."


            "At the age of 19, Arch lost his left eye when a piece of steel hit him while hammering on a car.   When he was in his late twenties, he went with a couple of guys to Kansas to work in the wheat fields.   While there, Dad was standing behind the car when a big truck ran off the road and hit him, throwing him over the car which was totaled.  He flew almost 90 steps, hitting the highway on his face and chest.  Arch was taken to a hospital were they left him in the hallway on a stretcher for dead.  His boss heard about it, went to the hospital, and found him in the hallway unconscious.  He made them take him into the operating room and fix him up.  He was out for about 40 hours and off work for quite a while.  After that, one leg was smaller than the other from his injuries." 


            "Dad used to call square dances and danced; that's how he met Hazel Bell Powell who became his wife.  Later, Arch, Hazel and her sister Lois moved to Oklahoma to work because Arch had a cousin there.  Lois ended up marrying his cousin Clifford Kimbro."


            "Their 3rd child, Betty Sue, died in 1946 at the age of 5 when she came down with diphtheria.  Hazel was told by Mary Murphy that a visitor had brought in the deadly bacteria on his clothing."


            "I remember going to Indiana to pick tomatoes, Michigan to pick cherries and southern Arkansas to pick cotton for school clothes money.  Dad worked in timber, cut logs, and hewed out cross ties with a broad axe.  He could hew out 21 to 22 ties a day.  He would cut logs and load them by himself.  During summer time when school was out, I worked with him using a cross cut saw.   I remember the first chainsaw he bought was so big that it took two men to operate it."


            "Dad would take time off from work to take people to the doctor or to town.  Rheta Powell, Hazel's younger cousin, told me that he would cut and haul wood to them when her parents were out of wood.  Arch would often stop his car to pick up others who were walking.  He was a teaser.  Wanda Baldridge was nine when Arch married Hazel.  Wanda thought the world of Hazel, but Arch would tease Wanda until she wanted to choke him.  He would pull her onto his lap and she would bite and kick him.  Everyone would be shelling beans on the porch and he would sit by Wanda, so then she would move and so would he.  Hazel would tell him to leave her alone.  Wanda was 'so embarrassed.'"


            "I remember an old school bus Dad bought.  He cut off the body to haul logs.  It didn't have any doors on it.   One day, Dad had been drinking and ran it into the ditch.  He fell out and the back wheels ran over him pushing him facedown in the mud in the ditch.  It was dark when Dwayne Young came by and found him moaning.  Dad spit up mud for a long time after that and I remember him in bed for a week.  I'm not saying this because he was my dad, but he was the toughest person I know.  My brother-in-laws found that out by working with him."


            "In 1958, he was working on a pipeline in Aurora, Illinois.  At quitting time, they were putting up blockades and signs when a lady ran him over and dragged him under her car.  After operating on him, the doctors placed him in a body case.  He tried to get Social Security disability but was turned down twice."


            "In 1959, he bought a log house with 40 acres in Sharp County with settlement money from the accident.  Social Security still wouldn't help him.  After a while, he told the Social Security people where they could put their money.  He still had five kids to support.  He threw away his back brace and went to work cutting wood.  He would come home at night, sit down in a chair to rest, and could barely get up afterwards.  In 1964, he went to work on a pipeline as a teamster driving a truck in Illinois. Later he returned to Arkansas, bought a new truck, and went to see his brother Lee before heading back to Illinois.  After leaving Lee's house, he had a heart attack on the road and hit a bridge.  My dad, Arch Murphy, Sr. died 21 July 1968.


            From "My Dad was the Toughest Man I Ever Knew," by James Archie Murphy, Jr. with Jean Murphy, 31 May 2007



            (cc). William Rodney "Rod" Murphy (22 August 1912 to 5 July 1996) and buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis, Missouri) married 1st to Mary Wicker and had 5-6 children, and married 2nd on 28 May 1932 to Beulah Haze James Bridgewater (21 May 1914 Wirth, Sharp Co, Arkansas to 26 September 2004), who was daughter of Grover Allen and Elva Tennessee (Prewitt) James Bridgewater.    Beulah had 1st married on 28 May 1932 to Thomas James Oral Bridgewater (26 July 1909 to 12 April 1955) and had 4 children.  (courtesy Calvin Lee Murphy, email 19 November 2008 and N.C. Ferguson, email 29 May 2012)


            (dd). Luther Shelby Murphy (2 January 1916 Sharp County, Arkansas – 12 April 1986 of Williford - buried in Baker Cemetery, Sharp County, Arkansas) served as PFC U.S. Army in World War II.   He married 1st to Madeline __ and had two children; married 2nd to Thelma June Boldin, lived in Michigan, and had seven children; married 3rd to Maxine __, lived in Arkansas, and had no children.   By the time of his death, Luther had four sons and five daughters and 11 grandchildren.  Luther was an auto finisher and buffer.


            From Jennifer Langley, email of 28 February 2009 – thank you Jenny:


            "Luther's grandchildren called him 'Peto' (pronounced 'pee-toe') which my older sister Mitzi started as she was the first grandchild.  We called our grandmother Thelma 'Nany' (pronounced 'nanny') which my sister also started."    


            "I have fond memories of Peto, although very few, as he moved out of state when I was very young.  He used to sit us on his calf with his leg propped over the other while holding our hands and move his leg up and down saying 'ride the pony up to town, hold on tight so you don't fall down.'  He never seemed to tire of it and he would laugh just as hard as we would.  He would catch me in the butter as I loved sneaking into it, and wouldn't tell my mom.  She caught him once with me on his lap, butter in one hand and tablespoon in the other.  He called my mother Karen, his older daughter "Sissy."  From what I can remember, he was a gentleman and was always very kind to us.  He and my Nany spoiled all of their grandkids.  Luther never hesitated to tell someone exactly what he thought or how things were. 


            After Luther and Nany divorced and he moved to Arkansas, we went to visit him.  I remember he told us to stay way from the river because of the snakes. He also killed a tarantula in the house in front of us.   He passed away when I was fourteen." 


            (ee). Velma Florence Murphy (1918) married Earl Bowlind/Bolin and had at least one daughter. 


            (ff). Missouri Thelma Murphy (22 July 1921 – 23 May 2002 and buried at Baker Cemetery, Sharp County, Arkansas) married Johnny Ellis (28 June 1921 – 31 December 1993) and had one son


            (gg). Calvin Lee Murphy was born 31 December 1925 and died 24 November 1998 in Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas and buried at Baker Cemetery, Sharp County, Arkansas).  Information is shared from Calvin Ray Murphy, II, email of 15 November 2008 – thank you Calvin. 


            Calvin Lee Murphy married 1st to in 1946 in Yuma, Arizona to Mary Mattie Lou Snyder (1923), daughter of John Quincy Adams and Ella Mae Barker Snyder of Summertown, Tennessee.  Calvin married 2nd on 1961 in Reno, Nevada to Jacqueline Joyce J. Reid; 3rd in the early 1970's in Rockford, Illinois to Guenevere "Ginny" Ghent, 4th 1978 in Randolph County, Arkansas to Nancy S. "Sue" Smith ( – county record).    According to Jean Murphy, he had at 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren at the time of his death.


            From Calvin Murphy II: "My father was one of those young men who went to the post office on Monday, 8 December 1941 and lied about his age to get into the war.  He claimed to be 16 and that meant he was drafted into the Navy in 1943.  He fought in some of the closing battles of World War II, like Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and later in the Korean conflict.   During his 19 years and 6 months in the Navy, he earned 14 medals, including the Asia-Pacific Campaign medal, Good Conduct, 8 battle medals, and a letter of commendation from President Harry Truman.  Dad never really talked about the wars and after his divorce with Mom, I really didn't get to know him until later years."


            Also buried at Baker Cemetery is Luther Shelby Murphy, Missouri Thelma Murphy Ellis, Carolyn Jaunelle Murphy (died 9 September 1964) – infant daughter of Calvin Lee Murphy I.  There is also a cemetery marker to William Rodney Murphy who is actually buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis.   


 (iii). Sarah C. Murphy (April 1849 Roane County, Tennessee - <1910) "married in the 1870's to __ Sconce.  He died young leaving her pregnant with their child.  In the 1880 census, Sarah C. Sconce was back at home in 1880 with her and her mother and her son and a ten year old child Mary P. or J. Sconce, who may a step-daughter.   The 1900 U.S. Census reported she had only one child and one child living, her son – David Wesley Sconce (March 1878).  Sarah married 2nd as Mrs. Sarah C. Sconce 10 March 1889 in Sharp County (county record) to a farmer, Isaac W. Buckles (born 2 January 1847/1848 Sharp County – 23 June 1928 who is buried in Moten Cemetery, Fulton County, Arkansas).  The 1910 U.S. Census reported Isaac to be a widower.      


(iv). Henry C. Murphy (1850/51 Tennessee to <1893) married (question if correct wife and family) Mary A. __ (~1859) and one known child (a) Oscar Murphy (1875 Missouri) who married Maude __.  Children of Oscar Murphy + Maude were: (a) Virgie Murphy, (b) Mattie Murphy, (c) Stella Murphy, (d) Ramon Murphy, (e) Paul Murphy, (f) Cleveland Murphy, (g) Mevel Murphy, (h) John Murphy, (i) Flora Murphy  


(v). John W. Murphy (November 1853 Kentucky) married on 3 August 1884 at Sharp County to Jane Sconce (county record).  On 6 April 1899, John W. Murphy and wife Mary Jane sold to D.W. Sconce their share of inherited land from Hiram and Emmaline Murphy a tract of 28 acres in Sharp County, Arkansas ¼ section corner on west side of section 6, township 20 north, range 3 west.  Children of John W. Murphy + Mary Jane were: (a) Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Murphy (Feb. 1885) married about 1908/09 to Landy Armstrong, (b) Martha A. Murphy (never married), (c) Mary M. J. Murphy married George W. Byers, (d) Truly C. Murphy (August 1899). 


(vi). Charlotte Emeline Murphy, 1852/53 Missouri married as "Charlotta M. Murphy" on 13 May 1892 at Sharp County to M.C. Collins (county record).  Morgan Collins was born September 1851.  They had: (a) James A. Collins (May 1894) and (b) Monroe Collins (December 1897 - died young).


(vii). Hiram R. Murphy (1854/55 Missouri).


(viii). Uriah Jackson Murphy (1855/56 Missouri) married Elizabeth Collins (born April 1855). 



Known Lands of Uriah Jackson Murphy


            On 27 January 1899, Heirs of Hiram and Emmaline Murphy, the same heirs plus U.J. Murphy and his wife, Elizabeth, sold to David W. Sconce their share of inherited land in Sharp County, Arkansas described as West part of NW quarter of Section 6, Township 20 N, Range 3 west.  


            Homestead lands 13 March 1890:

                                         NWSW, 5th PM, 21 North, 4 West, Section 35

                                         E1/2SW, 5th PM, 21 North, 4 West, Section 35

                                        SWSW,   5th PM, 21 North, 4 West, Section 35     


            Children of Uriah Jackson Murphy + Elizabeth Collins were:


            (a) Sarah A. Murphy (April 1880 - <1900)

            (b) Emma Jane (March 1882)

            (c) Margaret Murphy (August 1884) married Arthur Stevens

            (d) Thomas Jefferson Murphy (29 December 1886) married on 21 April 1912 to Lulu Duboise and had three children – (aa) Pearl E. M. Murphy married __ Ehrhardt, (bb) Willie Dee Murphy married Thelma M Angietti, (cc) Floyd Murphy married Blanche Taylor.

            (e) John Murphy (July 1889)

            (f) Amanda Murphy (January 1892)

            (g) Joseph Murphy (October 1895) married 1st on 23 September 1916 to Bertha Pondarvis and 2nd to Oma Davis Lester.  Children of Joseph Murphy + Bertha Pondarvis were: (aa) Alvin J. Murphy married Thelma Dickey, (bb) Amanda Viola Murphy married Raymond Robinson, (cc) James Wesley Murphy (never married), (dd) Eva Murphy married __ Haag, (ee) Pauline Murphy married J. W. Hatfield.    


(ix). Mary E. Murphy (1856/57 Missouri).


(x). Martha Ann Murphy (1860/61 Missouri) married on 12 February 1882 at Sharp County to John M. Taylor and had the following children: (a) John Wesley "Wes" Taylor, (b) Richard Dee Taylor married Mary __, (c) Sarah Jane Taylor married Milton M. Baker, (d) Laura B. Taylor married William Baker, (e) Ida Bell Taylor married John W. Henry, (f) James Walter Taylor married Ora Kester, (g) Verlie Taylor married Albert Iwan, (h) Della G. Taylor married Carl Iwan, (i) Lula Taylor married Edd G. Rickard, (j) Lucy Pearl Taylor married _ Aymen.  


(xi). Louisa Murphy (1861/62 Missouri)


(xii). Margaret Melissa Murphy (30 April 1862 Missouri to 13 June 1931) married Joseph Collins (11 October 1857 to 14 June 1935) and had: (a) William Henry Collins married Survellia Pendarvis, (b) Sarah Emmaline Collins married William Ellis, (c) Louisa Elizabeth Collins married James Crittendon Burr, (d) Joe Davis married Ida England, (e) James Lee married 1st Lula Davis, 2nd Bertha Pondarvis, 3rd Hazel Robinson, (f) Lewis Robert Collins married Lucille B. Pendarvis, (g) Bessie Gladis Collins married William Allen "Jinks" Pendarvis, (h) Amos Collins married Muriel Taylor, (i) Essieleen Collins married George King and no children (j) Jessie Ray Collins married Mary Anna Collins. 


(II.)  Obediah Morphew/Murphy (>1782 to 1847/1850) married Mary Berry on 18 March 1816 in Knox County, Tennessee (county record) and used the name “Murphy” on the marriage record.  Mary Berry was born 10 April 1797 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and living in 1850 with the family of John + Permelia McCarroll.   Obediah had three sons enlist in the Civil War – James B., Josiah B., and Jesse W. Morphew.


Records for Obediah Murphy and Mary Berry:


1816 - Roane County, Tennessee Militia Company.  "Obdiah Murphy" fined $1 by Captain West's Company.  "Obediah Murphy" married Mary Berry on 18 March 1816 in Knox County, Tennessee.

1817 - Roane County Militia:  August Muster, "Obediah Murphy fined $1.

1830 – US Census of Roane County, Tennessee:  Obediah Murphey is listed with his birth date between 1780-1790.

1831 May: Both became charter members of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  (Courtesy of Jeff Berry, e-mail 29 September 2004.)

1836 August 5 - Knox County:  "Obediah Morphew" recorded a personal property sale to Jett Jefferson, details not seen.

1840 - Knox County, Tennessee:  Obediah Morphew, with same birth date range

1847 October 24:  "Brother and Sister Obediah Morphew...applied for letters of dismission which were granted," from Mount Olive Baptist Church.  (Courtesy of Jeff Berry, e-mail 2 October 2004.)  

1850 - Roane County, Tennessee: Only wife, “Mary Murphy,” and two children, Elizabeth and Clarissa H. Murphy (listed next to her daughter Permelea and John McCarroll).  Obediah is missing and is presumed dead.  Their son, Jesse (Murphy), age 15, is living in the adjacent family of Charles Tallifero.


Children of Obediah Morphew and Mary Berry:


(1) Permelea Morphew (14 June 1817->1890) married John McCarroll (born ~1810/15 – 1880/90) on 2 December 1834 in Knox County, Tennessee (county record).

As reported in the National Banner & Nashville Daily Advertiser on Wednesday, 26 March 1834: "Miss Parmela Murphey married in Knox County, Tennessee to Mr. John McCarrol." ("Marriages From Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851," edited by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. 1978.) 


John McCarrol + Permelea Morphew have been found in the following locations:


1834 - Knox County Tennessee marriage.

1845 – 1851 - Roane County Tax, 6th District.  Not checked thereafter.

1850 and 1860 - U.S. Census of Roane County Tennessee in 1850 and 1860

1880 - U.S. Census of Rhea County, Tennessee in 1880. 


Their children are: (i) Albert McCarroll (1835 - >1890), (ii) Mary McCarroll (1838), (iii) Joseph McCarroll (1842), (iv) Elizabeth McCarroll (1845), (v) Charles J. McCarroll (1847), (vi) William F. McCarroll (1849), (vii) John E. McCarroll (1851/52, (viii) David O. McCarroll (1855), (ix) Delila A. McCarroll (1856/57), (x) Clara Louisa McCarroll (1858/59).


(2) James B. Morphew (18 October 1820 Knox County, Tennessee to 27 June 1903 and buried at Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee County, Oklahoma).  He married 1st to Louisa Jane Houser on 7 February 1839 at Knox County (county record).   Louisa Jane Houser was born 23 February and died 11 March 1881 and is buried using the Morphew surname at the McKendree Cemetery, Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas.    James B. Morphew married 2nd on 28 November 1881 Logan County, Arkansas to Martha Ellen Bankston (county record).   Martha Bankston, according to the 1900 census, was born October 1855 in Alabama. lists her as born October 1855 and died 19 June 1939 and buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. 


Family records for James B. Morphew and Louisa Jane Houser note two children taking the Houser surname. In 1860, James M. Houser was living next door to James B. + Louisa Morphew. He married again on 28 November 1881 at Logan County, Arkansas to Martha E. Bankston (born October 1855 to 1905+). 


James B. Morphew enlisted in Civil War, Companies H and F., 24th Missouri Infantry, Union, and his wife, Martha E. Morphew, filed his death to the military pension services on 16 October 1905.    His date and place of enlistment is not yet known, but the soldiers of the 24th Missouri Infantry, called the “Lyon Legion,” were mostly recruits from the southwest part of the State.  Company “F” was one of two companies which built pontoon bridges, something that the Confederate Army did not have.   Major battles for the 24th included (Company F mostly elsewhere in Arkansas and Missouri):

Pea Ridge, Arkansas, March 6-8, 1862

Battle of Pleasant Hill, April 9, 1864

Pursuit of Price through Arkansas and Missouri, September 7 to October 6, 1864

Battles of Nashville, Tennessee, December 15-16, 1864

Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River, December 17-28, 1864


James B. Morphew is noted in the following records:


1840 - Knox County, Tennessee: Children from another family with him

1843 December 7 – Knox County: Louisa Jane Murphy sold to Robert K Clayton 111 acres in Knox County on the waters of the South Holston and Big Pigeon.  Details not seen but believed to be in Knox County Will Book H2, page 375.

1860 - Cass Township, Stone County, Missouri

1870 - Pierce Township, Stone County, Missouri

1880 - Clark Township, Logan County, Arkansas

1900 - Indian Territory, Creek Nation, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, west of McKerry Trailways


The children of James B. Morphew are not understood.  According to Brett Houser, "James Britton Morphew fathered two children by Louisa Jane Houser, his step-daughter, who were James Madison Houser and Louisa Jane Houser (Brett Houser, e-mail of 25 March 2005).      


(i). James Madison Howser (1847/48 Tennessee to 1896 Logan County, Arkansas married 1st on 24 August 1878 in Logan County, Arkansas to Rhoda Elizabeth Turner (4 April 1856 Walker County, Georgia) and 2nd Martha Elizabeth Kerr and lived in Stone County, Missouri.  According to Brett Houser, "James Madison Houser...married twice or three times, (and) one of his wives was German and taught John Sherman Houser some German.  From what I cal tell, that would have been his 2nd wife, but I'm not positive (Brett Houser e-mail 28 March 2004). 


Children of James M. Howser + Rhoda Elizabeth Turner: (a) James Abraham House (27 October 1884); (b) Charley Houser; (c) Cerila Martilla House (~1885); (d) Thomas Jefferson House (3 August 1886).


Children of James M. Howser + Martha Elizabeth Kerr: (a) John Sherman Houser (20 January 1876); (b) Sarah Houser (1869); (c) George W. Houser (1871); (d) Clara Houser (1874).      


(ii). Louisa Jane Howser (Howser on the 1860 Census and Morphew on the 1870 Census), 1852/53 Arkansas who married a Proctor, with last known location of Christian County, Missouri.)

(iii). Link Mary Morphew (f), 1858/59 Arkansas

(iv). Lacy Francis Morphew (m), 1864/65 Arkansas

(v). Lear Cordia Morphew (f), 1867/68 Missouri


Names of children of James B. Morphew + 2nd wife Martha Bankston:


(i). Clara E. Morphew, born July 1885, Arkansas.


(3) Josiah Berry Morphew (29 August 1822 Tennessee to ?).   The 1860 and 1870 U.S. Census indicate his wife to be Malinda __ , born 1824/25 Tennessee.  They married about 1847 and lived in the following areas:


1848 – 1851 Roane County Tax: "Josiah Morphew," 6th District, (not checked thereafter.)

1850 - U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee – with Levi H. Davis, age 21            

1860 - P.O. Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky

1870 - P.O. Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois


There are two Civil War entries for a Josiah B. Morphew.   


(1). “Josiah B. Morphew” Enlisted 18 October 1861 in Company E., 20th Kentucky Infantry (Union), as a private at Smithland, Livingston County, Kentucky, which is on the Ohio River, across from the State of Illinois, and close to Saline County, Illinois – see below.   “Deserted on 15 July 1862 in Nashville, Tennessee.”  Then Josiah appears again.


(2). “Josiah B. Morphew,” Residence - Saline County, Illinois.  Enlisted 29 October 1862 in Company F., 120th Illinois Infantry Regiment on 29 October 1862.  Transferred to Company A, 120th Illinois Infantry Regiment.  Mustered out of service on 10 September 1865 in Memphis, Tennessee.  


He is later given a pension, recognizing his services in Kentucky and Illinois.  In this same 120th Regiment, in Company F. is Joseph B. Morphew, whose parents and relationship to Josiah are not known. 


The 1860 and 1870 Census records indicate the following children for Josiah B. + Malinda Morphew:


(i). Myra E. Morphew (f), born 1847-49 Tennessee

(i). Nancy E. Morphew, born 1851/52 Tennessee

(ii). Prior S. Morphew (m), born 1852-54 Tennessee

(iii). Lydia J. Morphew, born 1869/70 Illinois


(Regarding names below:  Beware that in Roane County, Tennessee is a non-relative Benjamin and Nancy Murphy, with unnamed children.  Further questions are (1) marriage of Elizabeth Murphey to James G. Ewing on 23 December 1849, and (2) a Mary Murphey to Elijah M. Ewing on 11 October 1853 at Roane County.  One book on Roane County History states that Elijah M. Ewing married Nancy Murphy, daughter of Benjamin and Nancy Murphy of Roane County.)


(4) Elizabeth England Morphew (26 November 1824 - >1870).  Living with family of John McCarroll in 1850.  

(5) Silas Davis Morphew (7 March 1827 to 18 August 1829)

(6) Nancy Wells Morphew (12 April 1829)

(7) Sarah Jane Morphew (14 June 1832)

(8) Mary Ann Morphew (6 October 1833)


(9) Clarissa Harlow Morphew (4 May 1834).  1850 Roane County census noted her age to be 16.  “Clarissa Morphew” married Isaac Tipton on 13 October 1852 at Knox County, Tennessee (county record).  The following children are known: (i) Isaac Butler Tipton (29 July 1855) (ii) Mary D. Tipton (19 January 1858).


(10) Jesse Wells Morphew/Murphy (12 February 1837 to 1865 and is buried at Andersonville Nation Cemetery, Sumter County, Gerogia) was living with the Charles and Elizabeth Tallifero family in 1850 in Roane County, Tennessee.   He married in Roane County as “Jesse Murphey” to Lucinda J. Campbell on 19 October 1863, with a directory note stating that there is additional information of importance on the original record (not yet seen).   On 17 October 1868, Lucinda J. Murphy married 2nd to Elkany Brogen at Roane County, Tennessee.


 Jesse Morphew enlisted as a private in Company A, 2nd Tennessee Infantry (Union).  “Lucinda J. Morphew,” widow, filed for Civil War compensation on 25 May 1865.  It is not known at this time if there were any children.  The 2nd Regiment was organized 28 September 1861 and was involved in the following:

Battle of Mill Springs, 19 January 1862

Cumberland Gap Campaign – occupation, 28 March to 18 June 1862

Evacuation and Retreat from Cumberland Gap, beginning 17 September 1862

Pursuit of Morgan, July 1863

Operations in Eastern Kentucky against Scott, 25 July to 6 August 1863

Burnside’s Campaign in East Tennessee, August 1863 to February 1864

Recapture of Cumberland Gap, 9 September 1864

Knoxville Campaign, 4 November to 23 December 1864

Operations against Wheeler in East Tennessee, 15 August to 31 August 1864

This Regiment lost 27 killed and 613 to disease.

Jesse Wells Morphew died at the Andersonville Prison, dated undetermined (from Jeff Berry, e-mail of 02 October 2004.)   


(III.)  Silas Morphew/Murphy “II” or Jr. (~ 1784? to >1834).  “Silas Morphee” married Matilda Clayton on 11 November 1823 at Knox County, Tennessee (county record with John Jurden, bondsman).   There is a Silas Murphey who served as a private in the War of 1812 in the 3rd Regiment (Johnstons) of East Tennessee Militia.  Names of children are not known.


Possible locations Silas Morphew, Jr. lived:


1810 - Wilkes County, North Carolina, probably in the family of Elizabeth Murphey and was not the Silas Murphey recorded on the census which is four entries from James Murphey/Morphew, born ~1750.

1812-1814:  Private Silas Murphey in 3rd Regiment (Johnstons) of E. Tennessee Militia.

1820, 23 November - Roane County Regiment.  "Siles Murphy" fined $1 by Major Wester.

1823 (November 11) - Knox County, Tennessee marriage to Matilda Clayton

1826 - Roane County tax list ("Sylas Murphey")

1828 - Roane County tax list ("Sylas Morphew")

1830 - Roane County, Tennessee census, with birth age between 1790-1800, with four female children and an older female (born between 1770-1780).  This couple is a mystery and family records are needed.

1833-1834 Roane County tax list” "Silas Murphy."  Please note that there is a "John Morphew" on the 1831 Roane County tax list.  Whom is he and whom does he belong?  There is a "James Murphy" on Captain Bacon's 1833 Roane County tax list, who is on Bacon's list and territory as was Silas Murphy.  John and James do not appear again.  Silas fails to make the county tax list after 1834. 


The 1834 Roane tax was different, in that Captain Bacon's list sometimes recorded locations, and included Richard Snow (who married Sarah J. Morphew), Charles Taliaferro (head of household who later housed Jesse Wells Morphew in 1850), and Silas Murphey (Morphew).  Both Snow and Talaferro were living in Pond Creek Valley, now in southwest Loudon County.


1837 February 6 – Knox County, Tennessee Tax: "Silar Murphy" - one poll insolvent  

1854 November – Roane County, Tennessee:  "Silas Murphy" on notes and accounts of Thomas Rodgers.

(Roane County, Tennessee Estate Book E and Estate Papers).  Is he the same Silas Morphew?


            Projected children of Silas Morphew (Jr.):


(1). Daughter #1, name unknown, born 1820 – 1825

(2). Daughter #2, name unknown, born 1825 – 1830

(3). Daughter #3, name unknown, born 1825 – 1830

(4). Daughter #4, name unknown, born 1825 - 1830             



(IV.)  John M. Morphew (dates vary – 10 March 1787 at Wilkes County, N.C. to 3 January 1841 at Ashe/Watauga County, N.C. and buried at the Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County).  He married Sarah (Sally) Blackburn on 15 April 1813 at Ashe County, N.C.   Sarah (born 20 October 1799 and died 29 September 1873 and buried same cemetery) was the daughter of Benjamin Blackburn and Elizabeth Adkerson.  Some dispute Benjamin Blackburn being the father and believe him to be his brother, Levi Blackburn.  John was a school teacher at Ashe County and sometimes used the name of Murphew on deeds.  Sarah was living in Watauga County in 1850, 1860, and 1870. 



Children of John M. Morphew and Sarah (Sally) Blackburn:


(1). Elizabeth Morphew (2 August 1815 to 12 April 1859 and buried at Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County, North Carolina) married William Miller.  They are on the 1850 census living in Watauga County.   Their children were: (i) N.C. Miller 1837/38, (ii) Alfred Miller (1837/38?), (iii) John M. Miller (11 October 1843 to 27 April 1930, buried at Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County), (iv) Ellen Miller (1845/46), (v) Levi Miller (1848/49).


(2). Jean Morphew (2 March 1817 – 2 January 1819)


(3). Rhoda Margaret Morphew (20 July 1819 - >1860) married Levi Norris (born 7 July 1812 - 1894).  In 1850 and 1860, they were living in Watauga County, North Carolina.  Their children are: (i) Sarah Norris (1835/36 N.C.), William Norris (1837/38 N.C.), (iii) John M. Norris (1840/42 N.C.), (iv) Mary M. Norris (1842/44), (v) Henry B. Norris (1844/46 in N.C.), (vi) Zachary T. Norris (1847/49), (vii) Silas S. Norris (1849/50 N.C.), (viii) Ellen M. Norris (1851/52), (ix) Kiziah S. Norris (1853/54 N.C.), (x) Lorieza? D. Norris (1856/57 N.C), (xi) Elizabeth A. Norris (1860 N.C.).


(4). Levi Morphew (18 June 1821 – 24 May 1914 per grave stone and buried at Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County).  He did not marry.      


1849 – Watauga County: Levi Morphew was a constable of Watauga County and called the first court to order in Watauga County (established 1849). 

1850 - U.S. Census of Watauga County: Levi was living with his mother and was farming.

1861: Levi Morphew enlisted on 11 May 1861 at age 39 as a Private in Company D, 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment (Confederate) from Watauga County, North Carolina.  The Regiment write-up noted that Private Levi Morphew of Company D wrote to his parents complaining that he didn’t like the difficult training camp.  Later, Levi saw the advantages of the training and wrote, “We take it tolerable... I enjoy myself first rate and stand up to it as well as any of them.”   On 29 June 1862, The 1st Cavalry Regiment was ambushed near Willis’ Church, losing 60 men.  Levi was there, and after several riderless horses spooked his mare into racing wildly off, he fought for control, while hurting his elbow and losing his hat and gun.   The 1st North Carolina Cavalry gave outstanding performance for the Confederate Army and was called to numerous battles and engagements.  The source of Levi Morphew comments and more details about the 1st N.C. Cavalry are found at


1870 - U.S. Census of Watauga County: Levi is noted living adjacent to his mother

1880 and 1900 - U.S. Census of Watauga County Stony Fork: Levi was living with his sister Sally. 

~1883 – Watauga County: Levi Morphew had a Watauga Superior Court suite with Elisha and Joseph Tatum to correct Ashe and Watauga county lines between the mouth of Meadow Creek and a high knob near Cranberry Methodist Church.

1910 US Census of Stony Fork, Watauga County: Levi Morphew, age 88, single, now without his sister Sally.  Levi is adjacent to Cyrus A. Grubb, age 60, and his household.  


(5). Silas Morphew (20 July 1823 to 4 February 1884* Watauga County, North Carolina and buried at the Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County, NC) married Louisa Greer (born 21 September 1832 Ashe County, N.C. to 13 March 1914 and buried at same cemetery).

Death date from Silas Morphew, deceased, estate administrative records found on NC Estate Files,   These records also stated the family then consisted of (widow) Louisa Morphew with two daughters, Elizabeth and Nelia Morphew.   Their farm had 3 cows, 2 oxen, 2 yearlings, 1 calf, 1 black colt, 1 mare, 8 hogs, and 2 sheep.


Silas was a soldier for the Confederate States, and was given a pardon from the President of the United Stated in 1866 (from U.S. 40th Congress House, 1st Session).  On 30 September 1850, Silas Morphew became the postmaster for the Brushy Flat Post Office in Watauga County, N.C., and later was reported to be Postmaster of Rutherwood in Watauga County.  Postmaster General records show Silas unsuccessfully bid for several postal routes, including from Greer's Store to Trade, Tennessee and Boone to Gap Creek in 1880. 


Silas and Louisa Morphew lived in the following locations:


1850 – US Census of Watauga, Watauga County, North Carolina: Silas Morphew 27, farmer without anyone else.

1860 – US Census of Blue Ridge, Watauga County: Silas Morphew 36 with Louisa Morphew 26 with Margarett S. Morphew 8; John F. Morphew 5, Marion F. Morphew 3 male, Samuel E. Morphew 7/12.

1870 – US Census of Oldfield, Ashe County, NC: Silas and Louisa Murphy with 8 children.

1880 – US Census of Oldfield, Ashe County, NC: Silas and Louisa Murphy with 6 children. Last child Cornelia M. Morphew (born 1875) is missing.

1890 - U.S. Census burned in a fire and nearly everything was lost

1900 – US Census of Pine Swamp, Ashe County, Louisa Morphew (surname hard to read), born September 1831, age 68, widow; with granddaughter Francis M. Morphew, born November 1893, age 6.

1910 – US. Census of Pine Swamp, Ashe County: Louisa Morphew – widow living in family of James B. and Ruth Morphew.


Silas Morphew + Louisa Greer had the following children:


(i). Margaret Loretta Morphew (4 February 1852) married on 30 May 1875 Watauga County to George F. Phillips (county record).  Marriage record states Margaret was living in Ball Mountain Township, Watauga, North Carolina.  Family records and 1888 administrative records for S.E. Morphew list George Phillips’ middle name to be “W” or “Washington,” instead of middle initial “F.”  


(ii). John F. Morphew (17 July 1854 to possibly 1897 or 98).  Cannot trace after 1898.  There is another John F. Morphew (1852 – 1905 Arkansas) and wife Joanna Simmons who must be very carefully separated – refer to Aaron Morphew chapter to see why. 


General index to two Watauga County, North Carolina deeds names our subject - J. F. Morphew and a Susan Morphew as grantors dated 1898 and J. F. Morphew with an unnamed wife in 1897.    The following may be our subject: marriage of “John F. Morphew” on 23 December 1891 Calhoun County, Alabama to Susie Hughes (county record).  His only census found is 1880, which names his occupation as a lawyer.  He was living with horse trader and barber in Boone, Watauga County and no wife.   Watauga County, (DB 2/392) has a declaration for _ F. Morphew - deceased of McDowell County by his administrator M. F. Morphew.  The first initial of _ F. Morphew is unreadable.  This involved Alice Morphew, a minor who was under the guardianship of R. L. Nichols and involved 2 tracts of land.   Alice is likely to be their daughter.


As a lawyer, “J. F. Morphew” has several impressive records.   Google Books report him representing cases in (1) 1896 North Carolina Supreme Court, (2) 1887 US Circuit Court and (3) 1898 United States Supreme Court! 


(iii). Dr. Marion Frank Morphew (3 February 1857 to 16 April 1920) married Julie C. Bryan (19 December 1866 to 18 March 1911 and both buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Marion, McDowell County, NC) and lived in Marion, McDowell County, North Carolina.  He was also a druggist and had a drug store in Marion for 25 years.  Google Books has entries for him under the spelling “M. F. Morphew” and “Morphew McDowell County.”   M. F. Morphew was a North Carolina State Senator in 1901. 


Children of Dr. Marian F. Morphew and Julie C. Bryan are: (a). Louise Morphew (November 1889), (b). Franklin Bryan Morphew (25 April 1894 to 20 February 1939 - same cemetery), (c). George W. Morphew (April 1900) and (d) Jessie M. Morphew (5 February 1885 to 29 May 1887, same cemetery).


(iv). Samuel Ellis Morphew (1 November 1859 to 1888) never married.  His estate files filed in 1888 Ashe county names the following heirs: G.W. Phillips and wife Lauretta; J. F. Morphew; M.F. Morphew; James Scott and wife Sarah; J.M Morphew, T.A. Morphew; George Teague and wife Elizabeth; and M.C. Morphew.  The last three were under age 21 and their appointed guardian was M.F. Morphew.  One problem encountered with S.E. Morphew’s estate was his 1/9th share in the land inherited from his father Silas Morphew, deceased in 1884.    


(v). Sarah M. Morphew (7 May 1862) married on 21 July 1881 Ashe County to James M. Scott (county record).


(vi). Thomas Arthur Morphew (28 August 1867 to 1944 **) married on 7 October 1896 Graham County, North Carolina (county record) to Lillie Ann Slaughter (23 December 1872 to 12 January 1911 **).   Attended the University of North Carolina and studied law under his brother, Judge John Finley Morphew.   He passed the bar in 1895.   In 1903, he became a lawyer for Southern Railway* and later went into private practice.


** burial at Old Mother Church Cemetery, Robbinsville, Graham County, NC.

Thanks go to Michael Ingram for his help, emails courtesy 21 and 28 August 2014


1900 US Census of Cheoah, Graham County, North Carolina: Arthur Morphew, born August 1869, Lawyer, all born NC, Lillie Morphew Dec 1872, 1 child, 1 child living, “Harrel Morphew,” son October 1872.

1910 US Census on Main Street, Marion, McDowell County, NC: Thomas A. Morphew, 41, married 13 years, practicing attorney; all born NC, Lillie Morphew, wife, 37, 4 children, 4 living; Arthur A. Morphew 12, Robert B. Morphew 8, Lillian M. Morphew 2, Marion B. Morphew 2.

1920 and 1930 US Census of Cheoah, Graham County, NC: In 1920 - Thomas Morphew 53, widower, general practice lawyer; all born NC, Robert B. Morphew  18; Marion Morphew, 11 daughter, Maggie Slaughter 50, sister-in-law, Belle Slaughter 39, sister-in-law.  In 1930, same five - with Robert B. Morphew general practice lawyer, and Marion Morphew, public school teacher.  

1940 US Census on East Chestnut, Robbinsville, Graham County, NC.  Belle Slaughter 60 single, head of household, project forewomen, WPA (can’t read); T.A. Morphew 72, brother-in-law, widower, private practice lawyer; Jack Morphew, nephew, 39, single, private practice lawyer; Edward D. Ingram, 32, nephew-in-law, druggist; wife Marion (Morphew) Ingram 32 and their two children and 2 lodgers.   


Children of Thomas Arthur Morphew + Lillie Ann Slaughter, (a) to (d):


(a). Harold Morphew (24 October 1897 to 29 November 1910** of appendicitis), also 1910 census listed him  incorrectly and should be Arthur H. Morphew.

(b). Robert Bruce “Jack” Morphew (11 November 1901 to 29 May 1966**) married Jeanette Campbell (17 March 1903 to 18 June 1978**).  Jack Morphew was lawyer in Graham County.  A report states served three times in the North Carolina House of Representatives, including 1931-1932 and later as a state senator.  One child.

(c) Lillian Margetta Morphew (1 February 1908 twin to 25 April 1913**)

(d). Marion Belle Morphew (1 February 1908 twin to 8 June 2000 **) married Edward Dixon Ingram (24 February 1908 to 16 February 1967**).   Two children.


(vii). Elizabeth E. Morphew (15 February 1870) married 21 November 1886 at Ashe County to George W. Teauge (county record).


(viii). Cornelia M. Morphew (2 January 1875); last noted on S.E. Morphew’s 1888 administration record as M.C. Morphew.


(ix). James MacDonald Morphew (6 January 1865 Ashe County, N.C. to 20 May 1944 per gravestone and buried at the Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, Ashe County, NC) married 3 times: (1st) on 14 February 1892 Watauga County, North Carolina to Naoma M. Michael (county record), (2nd) on 7 January 1901 Ashe County to Dora J. Burkett (county record) and (3rd) on 3 May 1904, address Pine Swamp, Ashe County to Ruth Mae Goodman (county record).   Ruth Goodman was born 20 August 1882 and died 27 September 1959 per stone and buried at the same cemetery).  JMM had many Watauga County deeds.


James MacDonald Morphew + Ruth Goodman lived in the following locations:


1900 – Jefferson, Ashe County, NC: James Murphey 35, born January 1865, wid? (widower), merchant. No one else in household.

1910 – Pine Swamp, Ashe County, NC: James M. Morphew 45, married x 3, current marriage 6 years, Wife Ruth Morphew 27, married x 1, current marriage 6 years, daughter Mabel Morphew 16, sons Glen Morphew 5, Howard Morphew 2,  unnamed son 6/12, and Louisa Morphew – mother 78.

1920 – Stony Fork, Watauga County, NC: James M. Morphew 55, wife Ruth M. Morphew 37 and 5 children -  Mable F. Morphew 26, Glenn G. Morphew 15, Howard  H. Morphew 12, John J. Morphew 10, and Irene Morphew 8.

1930 & 1940 – Jefferson, Ashe County, NC: James M. Morphew with wife Ruth and various children.  In 1930, they are living on Trade Road 16.         In 1940, daughter Irene Morphew, single, is still living with them.


            From James P. Morphew, email 15 January 2013.  Thank you James!


“Things we know for sure, as well as can be remembered, from what I was told, so it must be true.  Around 1905, James McDonald Morphew built a house on a couple of hundred acres on the south bank of the south fork of New River, near Brownwood (a 1-store corner), a few miles from Todd, all in Ashe County, NC, to impress his new (lastest) 3rd wife, and get her out of the rain.  He and his wife, Ruth Goodman Morphew, raised 5 children in the house, by the river, and the railroad tracks.”


            “In 1919, the youngest, William, age 5, passed away from an unknown, sudden sickness.  William is buried there in the Morphew-Gentry cemetery, with ancestors going back at least to the early 1800’s (some stones are unreadable).  The Riverside house still stands, new red, surrounded by a wonderful ridge-top subdivision.  Had he known, he would have kept the land.  The death of William so saddened his mother that the family sold the Riverside estate in 1919 or 20, and moved north 15 miles to Beaver Creek (near West Jefferson) where her (Goodman) family owned much of the valley, and still does, along with a few other Ashe County important families (just ask them).  Ruth Morphew was with child at the time, making the move by horse and wagon all the more enjoyable.”  


            “In 1920, she gave birth to her youngest, Paul, said to be a bit indulged, as the youngest by 9 years.  In 1925, James M., Ruth and the family built a house on the west edge of the County Seat of Jefferson (which is 2 miles from West Jefferson, but far superior, unless, of course, you are from West Jefferson), near where James had opened a country store, and kept a farm.   They remained in Jefferson until they passed, James in 1946 and Ruth in 1959.”


Children of James MacDonald Morphew and 1st wife Naoma M. Michael:

            (a). Mabel Francis Morphew (20 November 1893 to 28 February 1938 per stone and buried at Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, Ashe County). 


            Children of James MacDonald Morphew and Ruth Goodman:

            (a) Glen G. Morphew (30 December 1904 to 30 August 1994) ^^

            (b). Howard H. Morphew (24 August 1907 to January 1972) ^^

            (c). John James Morphew (28 September 1909 to 10 May 1985 per gravestone and buried at Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, Ashe County) ^^

            (d). Irene Morphew (8 September 1911) **

            (e). William Woodrow Morphew (26 October 1914 to 16 November 1919 per gravestone and buried Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County, NC).

            (f). Paul Everett Morphew (18 October 1920 to 15 February 1998 and buried at Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, Ashe County) ^^


            “Irene remained in Jefferson, taking a job at the Post Office in the mid-30’s, at the suggestion of her family for reasons unknown (possibly a discount on Stamps?), becoming Post Mistress of Jefferson in 1939, which scared the daylights out of her.  (We have the Commission, signed by FDR).  So scared was Irene that she only lasted until 1978, and still enjoys one of those inflation-adjusted Fed pension that we hear about.  Irene just celebrated 101st birthday last September 2012.   Ah, but she drank little and never smoked in public.”


“All four boys – Glen, Howard, John and Paul moved to Detroit in the 1920’s and 30’s, where the money was, and they didn’t have to steal from their father’s cash register.”  All the sons of James M. are now passed.  Howard in the 1970’s, John in 1985, Glen in the 90’s, and Paul in 1998.  All took to smoking and drinking a healthy, early ages and continued well into their sixties and seventies, except Glen, who quit smoking after a heart attack for some unknown reason, and was punished by living much longer.”  


“Paul Morphew (1920-1998) and Iris managed to have two lovely children while meandering around Detroit for 45 years.  In Detroit, nobody stayed in Detroit, but nearby.  Paul, the indulged youngest, retired from Ford Motor in 1980, and moved with his Northern wife (Iris Carpenter Morphew of Wellington, Ohio) back to Ashe County, up on Big Horse Creek, Northwest of Lansing, “up a creek,” as it were.  Lansing is some 10 miles from Jefferson, population 200 in the 1980 census, allowing for the occasional absence from Church.  Paul and Iris and various mutts relaxed on Horse Creek entertaining any relatives that stopped by, and could find it.  Paul passed in 1998 and is buried in Jefferson, it being a smaller hill than the Morphew-Gentry ridge.    Iris moved closer to West Jefferson, with many thanks from the other drivers between Big Horse Creek and Jefferson.” 


^ Quoted family information is from James P. Morphew, email courtesy 15 January 2013.  Thank you for the great write-up!

^^ Social Security Death Record

** People of the New River: Oral Histories from Ashe, Alleghany, and Watauga Counties, NC by Leland R. Cooper and Mary Lee Cooper, 2001.  Has an excellent oral narrative by Irene Morphew in 2000.


Continued – Children of John M. Morphew (1787 to 1841) + Sarah (Sally) Blackburn


(6). Mary Morphew (15 September 1825 – 18 November 1845)


(7). Martha Morphew (25 September 1827 to 18 September 1893) married on 26 February 1848 Ashe County to John Grubb (county record).  John Grub was born 19 April 1818 and died 20 September 1890 with both buried at Morphew-Gentry Cemetery, Watauga County.    In 1870, they lived in Stony Fork/St. Ony Fork Township, Watauga County, North Carolina.  They had the following children: (i) Cyrus A. Grubb (17 December 1844 N.C. to 28 November 1919), (ii) Mary L. Grubb (1852/53 N.C.), (iii) Ellen Grubb (1859/60 N.C.), (iv) Margaret E. Grubb (6 June 1861 N.C. to 24 July 1942, buried at Morphew-Gentry Cemetery)  , (v) __ Grubb (1863/64 N.C.), (vi) Julia Grubb (1866/67 N.C.).  Cyrus Grubb was the source of Morphew information in John Preston Arthur’s 1915 “History of Watauga County” book.


(8). Lazarus Morphew (11 June 1829 – 11 October 1847)


(9). Keziah Morphew (10 March 1831) married George W. Watson and lived in Watauga County in 1850 and in 1870, lived in Stony Fork/St. Ony Fork Township, Watauga County, North Carolina.  They had the following children:  (i) Isaac S. Watson, (ii) John Watson, (iii) Sarah Watson (1854/55 N.C., (iv) Celia Watson (1864/65 N.C).


(10). Sarah (Sally) Morphew (5 January 1840 to (probably) 20 June 1903) did not marry, was a weaver, and was living with her mother in 1860 Watauga County, North Carolina, and later with her  brother Levi Morphew in 1880 and 1900.  The Morphew-Gentry Cemetery has a gravestone for a “Sarah Morphew,” who died “June 20, 1903.”


(11). Lorenzo Dow Morphew did not marry.


(V.)  Aaron Morphew (1796/97 to 1860+ and is said to be buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, near Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas).  Aaron married Nancy Sample (1805/06 to 25 November 1862) on 1 November 1823.  Nancy was the daughter of William and Keziah Sample.   There is a whole chapter devoted to Aaron Morphew + Nancy Sample and their descendants.


(VI.) James Morphew (~ 1789 to ? ).  Family records state he did not marry.


(VII.)  Rhoda Morphew (~1788 to ?).  Family records state Rhoda married Samuel Todd, but no details. 


(VIII.)  Jennie (Jane) Morphew (~ 1790 to <1828?).  Family records indicate that Jennie Morphew married George Wells, but with no details.  There is a Knox County, Tennessee marriage record (county record) for a Jane Murphy to George Wells on 8 July 1814.    


            Given this is the correct family, children's names are not understood.  Jackie Ginn on listed one daughter of "Jane Murphy" to be Mary Jane Wells, born 30 June 1825.  Jackie noted that George William Wells married 2nd on 17 September 1828 at Blount County, Tennessee to Catherine Yearout.   According the 1830 U.S. Census of Blount County, Tennessee, Jane Murphy did have one son born 1820-1825 and two daughters, one born 1815-1820 and another born 1820-1825. 


1830 U.S. Census of Eastern District, Blount County, Tennessee: George Wells: 1 male + 1 female 0-<5; 1 male + 1 female 5-<10; 1 female 10-<15; 1 female 20-<30; 1 male 60-<70(?).   

 (IX, X, XI.)  Peggy Morphew (~1796), Kizzy Morphew (~1800), and Sallie Morphew (~1802), per family records.  Never married.                    


Census Records for Silas and Descendants


1785 Taxable Property Owners in Surry County, North Carolina


      Murphy, Silas, 1 white poll in Captain Humphrey’s district.


1786 Surry County, North Carolina


      Murphey, Silas: 1 male 21+, 3 males <20 or 60+, 2 females


1790 Morgan district, Burke County, North Carolina


      Murphy, Silas: 1 male 16+, 5 males <16, 2 females.  


1810 U.S. Census of Wilkes County, N.C., page 279:


      Murphey, Uriah:  2 females 0-<10; 1 male and 1 female 26-<45;

      Murphey, Silas: 1 male 26-<45, 2 females 0-<10, 1 female 16-<26.

      Murphey, Elizabeth: 2 females 0-<10; 1 male and 1 female 10-<16; 3 males and 2 females 16-<26, 1 female 45+.


1820 U.S. Census of Burke County, North Carolina


     Murphy, Silas, 2 males + 2 females under 10, 2 males 10-<16, 1 female + 1 male 26-<45, 1 female 45+


1830 U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee:  Entries are not close to each other.


      Murphey, Obediah:  1 female 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10, 1 female 10-<15, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male 40-<50. (page 24)

      Murphey, Silas:  3 females 0-<5, 1 female 5-<10, 1 male + 1 female 30-<40, 1 female 50-<60.   Who is this oldest lady?  (page 39)

      Murphey, Elizabeth:  1 female 5-<10, 2 females 20-<30, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male 40-<50, 1 female 70-<80 (born 1750-1760).  Could she be the wife of Silas Morphew (1752) and the others some of her children and grandchildren?  (page 26)

      McCarroll, John: 1 male 20-<30, 1 female 15-<20. 


1830 U.S. Census of Monroe County, Tennessee:


      Morphew, William: 1 male and 1 female 0-<10, 1 female 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30 (Pg. 38).  Who does he belong to?   There are no other Morphews/Murphys in the county.


1830 U.S. Census of Burke County, North Carolina


      Murphey, Silas:  1 male 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10; 2 males 10-<15; 2 females 15-<20; 2 males 20-<30; 1 male and 1 female 40-<50; 1 female 60-<70. 


1840 U.S. Census of Knox County, Tennessee, pages 68 and 69:


      Morphew, James B: 1 female 5-<10; 3 males and 1 female 10-<15, 1 male 15-<20, 1 female 20<30.


      Morphew, Obediah: 1 male 0-<5; 1 female 5-<10; 1 female 15-<20; 1 female 40-<50; 1 male 50-<60.     


1840 U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee; page 95 – printed number


      Murphy, Uriah:  1 male 20-<30; 1 female 50-<60; 1 male 60-<70   


1850 U.S. Census of Watauga County (no townships), North Carolina


      Morphew, Sarah 52; Levi Morphew 29 farmer; Sarah Morphew 10


      Watson, George 26 farmer; Kizziah Watson 19


      Norris, Levi 38 farmer, N.C; Roda M. Norris 31 N.C.; Sarah Norris 14, N.C; William Norris 12, N.C; John Norris 10 N.C; Mary Norris 8 N.C; Henry Norris 6 N.C., Zacari Norris 1, N.C.


      Miller, William 40 farmer; Elizabeth Miller 36; N.C. Miller 12; Alfred Miller 12?; John Miller 6; Ellen Miller 4; Levi Miller 1.


1850 U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee:


Snow, Richard 42, S. Carolina; Sarah Snow 38, N. Carolina; Nancy C. Snow 17, Tn; Mary Snow 15 Tn; Charlott M. Snow 12 Tn; Andrew J. Snow 9 Tn; Sarah E. Snow 6 Tn; John Snow 3 Tn; Richard Snow 1 Tn.  (house #360)              


      McCarroll, John, 39; Parmelia McCarroll 33, Albert McCarroll 15, Mary McCarroll 12, Joseph McCarroll 8, Elizabeth McCarroll 5, Charles J. McCarroll  3, William McCarrol 9/12.  (house #367)


      Murphy, Mary 53, Virginia; Elizabeth Murphy 25 Tn; Ann E. Davis 25 Tn; Clarissa H (or W). Murphy 16, Tn. (page 349 – house #367)


      Tallifero, Charles, 50:  in family is Jesse Murphy 15, born Tennessee (page 349 – house 368)


      Murphy, Josiah B; 28 Tn; Malinda W. Murphy 26 Tn; Myra E. Murphy 2, Levi H. Davis 21 Tn. (house #373) 


      Murphy, Hiram; 34, Tennessee; Emeline Murphy 28, Tn; Nancy J. Murphy 5, Tn; Abifa? F. Murphy 4, Tn, Sarah C. Murphy 1, Tn; infant 3/12 Tn, Nancy Murphy 67, N.C.  (page 351).  Who is Nancy Murphy?  (house # 409 – same as Mary Murphy)


1860 U.S. Census of Blue Ridge District, Watauga County, North Carolina.


      Morphew, Silas 36, North Carolina, Louisa Morphew 26, N.C., Margaret S. Morphew, 8, N.C., John F Morphew 6, N.C., Marian F. Morphew 3, N.C., Samuel E. Morphew, 4/12 N.C., Next door is:


      Morphew, Sarah, 62, widow, N.C., Sarah 20, weaver, N.C., Rebecca Cooper 58, housekeeper, N.C.  On the same census page is:


      Norris, Levi, 47, Ohio; Rhoda M. Norris 40; Tennessee, John M. Norris 18, N.C;  Mary M. Norris 18, N.C; Henry B. Norris 16, N.C; Zachary T. Norris 12, N.C; Silas S. Norris 10, N.C; Ellen M. Norris 8, N.C; Kiziah S. Norris 6, N.C; Lorieza? Norris 3, N.C.; Elizabeth A. Norris 1/12, N.C.


1860 U.S. Census of Roane County, Tennessee:


      McCarroll, John, 52, Permelia McCarroll 43, Mary McCarroll 22, Joseph McCarroll 18, Elizabeth McCarroll 15, Charles J. McCarroll 12, William F. McCarroll 10, John E. McCarrol 6, David O. McCarrol 5, Delila A. McCarrol 3, Clara L. McCarrol 1.


      Snow, Richard 51, S.C; Sarah Snow 47 N.C: Andrew J. Snow 19 Tn; Polly Snow 24 Tn; Sarah Snow 16 Tn; John Snow 12 Tn; Richard Snow 10 Tn.


1860 U.S. Census of Western Division, Walker County, Alabama, 11 July 1860:


      Morphew, Silas, 33, born Alabama; Rachel Morphew 25, Alabama; Levi C. Morphew 10, Alabama; John T. M. Morphew 9, Alabama; Livinee K. Morphew 7, Alabama; Jane Morphew 5, Alabama; Silas B. Morphew 3, Alabama.


1860 U.S. Census of Cass Township, Stone County, Missouri


      James B. M. Murphy 40 Tennessee; Louisa P. Murphy 49, Tennessee; James (_?) Howser 12, Tennessee, Louisa P. Howser 7, Arkansas.


1860 U.S. Census of Arkadelphia Post Office, Colbath Township, Clark County, Arkansas, page 162:


      Murphey, Aaron, 63, farmer, N.C.; Nancy Murphey 54, Tennessee; Elihu Murphey 20, Alabama; Jeri? Murphey 17, Alabama; G. P. Murphey 13, Alabama, Hiram Murphey 10, Alabama.


1860 U.S. Census of Hartville P.O., Wright County, Missouri:


      Hiram Murphy 48 Ky; Emeline Murphy 39 Tn; Nancy J. Murphy 14, Tn; Abejah Murphy 13 Tn; Sarah C. Murphy 11, Tn; Henry C. Murphy 9 Tn; John W. Murphy 8 Ky; Charlotte E. Murphy 7, Mo; Hiram R. Murphy 5, Mo; Uriah Murphy 4 Mo; Mary E. Murphy 3, Mo.


1860 U.S. Census of District 1, Crittenden County, Kentucky, P.O. Galena, 6 July 1860


      J. B. Murphy 36, farmer, Tn; Malinda Murphy 35, Tn; M.E. Murphy (f) 11, Tn; Nancy E. Murphy 8, Tn; P.S. Murphy 6 (m), Tn; Lydia J. Murphy 10/12, Illinois.


1870 U.S. Census of St. Ony Fork Township, Watauga County, North Carolina


      Watson, George 47, N.C; Kizza Watson, 39, N.C; Sary N. Watson, 15, N.C; Sela M. Watson, 5, N.C.


      Grubb, John, 53, N.C.; Martha Grubb 42, N.C; Cyrus Grubb 20, N.C; Mary L. Grubb, 17, N.C; Ellen Grubb 10 N.C; Margret Grubb 9, N.C; K__ Grubb 6, N.C; Julia Grubb 3, N.C.


1870 U.S. Census of Stoney Fork Township, Watauga County, North Carolina.


      Morphew, Levi, 49, born North Carolina.  The next household listing is:

      Morphew, Sarah, age 73, born North Carolina.


1870 U.S. Census of 7th District, Roane County, Tennessee


      Richard Snow 60 S.C; Sarah Snow 58 N.C; Mary Snow 38 Tn; John Snow 22 Tn; Richar Snow 20 Tn; J.S. Rose 23, merchant dry good, Tn.  


1870 U.S. Census of P.O. Canton, North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas


            Emeline Murphy 50 Tn; Nancy Murphy 24 Tn; Sarah C. Murphy Tn; Henry Murphy 19 Tn; John Murphy 17 Tn; Emeline Murphy 16 Mo; Jackson Murphy 14 Mo; Mary E. Murphy 11 Mo; Martha Murphy 9 Mo; Louisa Murphy 8 Mo; Margret Murphy 7 Mo.  


1870 U.S. Census of Township 9, Range 6E, P.O. Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois:


            J.B. Morphew 45, farmer, Tn; Malinda Morphew 45 keeping house Tn; Nancy E. Morphew 18, Tn; Prior L. Morphew (male) 17, Tn; Lidy J. Morphew 10, Illinois


1870 U.S. Census of Hartville P.O., Wright County, Missouri:


            Elijah Murphy, 23 Farmer, Tennessee, Elizabeth Murphy 22, Kentucky.


1870 U.S. Census of Pierce Township, Stone County, Missouri:


            James B. Morphew 49, farmer, Tennessee; Lousa J. Morphew 58, keeping house, Tennessee; Lousia J. Morphew 17, Arkansas; Link May Morphew (f) 7, Arkansas; Lacy Francis Morphew (m) 5, Arkansas; Lear Cordia Morphew (f), Missouri.   


1880 U.S. Census of Clark Township, Logan County, Arkansas (misspelled surname)


     “Morphen, James B.” 60, Tn.; Eliza Jane Morphen, wife 70, Tn.; George J. Quinn, other, 16, Mo.; Frank M. Lacy, other, 15, Arkansas; Ortilia Lacy, other 12 Missouri.


1880 U.S. Census of Blackland, Howard County, Arkansas


     Morphew, Daniel 32 Al; Savanah Morphew, wife, 24, Al.; Nancy Sturdivant, sister-in-law, single, 20 Arkansas.


1880 U.S. Census of North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas


      Emeline Murphy 61 Tn, Tn, Tn; John W. Murphy 25 son, Ky Tn, Tn; Charlotte E. Murphy, daughter, Mo; Martha H. Murphy 19 Mo; Sarah R. Slonce 26, Tn; Marg. Slonce 10 Arkansas; Daniel Solonce 8 Arkansas;      


1880 U.S. Census of Township 12, Winston County, Alabama


      Hopson, Isiah, self, age 47, born Alabama; Kissiah Hopson, wife, 46, Alabama; Wily A. Hopson, son, 18, Ga.


1880 U.S. Census of 2nd Civil District, Loudon County, Tennessee:


      Richard Snow 67 N.C; Sarah J. Snow 71 N.C.; Mary A. Snow 45, daughter, Tn. 


1880 U.S. Census of District 2, Rhea, Tennessee


      McCarrol, John, age 70, born Tennessee; Permelia McCarrol, wife, 65, Tn; John McCarrol, son, single, 28, Tn; Delilia McCarrol, daughter, single 23, Tn; Louisa McCarrol, daughter 22, Tn.


1880 U.S Census of Oldfields, Ashe County, North Carolina (misspelled surname)


      “Morphen, Silas” 56, N.C.; Louisa Morphen, wife 50, N.C.; Samuel E. Morphew, 20 N.C.; James M. Morphen; Thomas A Morphen 12 N.C.; Elizabeth E. Morphen 9, N.C.; Martha C. Morphen 6 N.C.; Sarah M. Morphen 18 N.C. (daughter).


1880 U.S. Census of Stony Fork, Watauga County, North Carolina


      Levi Morpheu, single 58, North Carolina; Sally Morpheu, sister, single, 40, N.C.


1880 U.S. Census of  Pickeyville Precinct, Perry County, Illinois:


      Murphy, A.F., 38 Farmer, Tennessee, Tn, Tn; Minerva Murphy, 30 wife, Ky, ?, Ky; Mary A. Murphy 7, daughter Missouri, Wm. R. Murphy 2, Arkansas.  (courtesy of Jean Murphy)


1900 U.S. Census of Missouri Township, Montgomery County, Arkansas


      Morphew John, head, April 1821, 79, married 52 years, Ala, N.C. Tn; Amanda Morphew, wife, January 1827, 73, married 53 years, 10 children, 8 living, Tn, Unknown, N.C; Next to them is:


      Morphew, Silas, head, April 1827, 73, married 32 years, Ala. N.C. Tn; Sophronia Morphew, wife, April 1840, 60, married 32 years, 10 children, 5 living, Ga., Ga., Ga; David D. Morphew, son, April 1879, single, Ala., Ala., Ga.


1900 U.S. Census of Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Morphew, Seaburn A. head, November 1869, age 30, married 11 years, born Alabama, father born Alabama, mother born Georgia; Lickie??? Morphew, wife, August 1871, 28, married 11 years, 5 children, 5 living, born Arkansas, father born Tn; mother Alabama; Jesse B. Morphew, son, August 1889, 10 Ark; Virgie R. Morphew, son 1892, 7, Arkansas; Lillie M. Morphew, dau. 1895, 5, Arkansas; Maudie E. Morphew, 1896, 3, Arkansas; Virgie E. Morphew, dau. 1898, 1, Arkansas. (Virgie R. #1 is their son and Virgie E. #2 is Virginia E., their daughter)


      Morphew, John R, head, May 1854, 46, married 13 years, born Alabama, parents born Mississippi; Virginia E. Morphew, wife, November 1863, 36, married 13 years, 7 children, 3 living; born Alabama, parents born Georgia; Albert J. Morphew, son, January 1888, 12, born Arkansas; Claudia A. Morphew, dau. Dec. 1891, 8, Arkansas; William G. Morphew, son, January 1894, 5, Ark.


       Morphew, Daniel; August 1847, 52, M-15, born Alabama, parents born Mississippi; wife Nancy J. Morphew, March 1860, 40, Married 15 years, no children, born Arkansas, parents born Mississippi  


1900 U.S. Census of Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas


      Morphew (or Morphin), Bill, January 1858, 41, Married 23 years, born Arkansas, parents born Alabama; Monica Morphew, wife 1853, 46, married 23 years, 6 children, 6 living, born Arkansas, parents born unknown; Robert Morphew, son, Sept. 1881, 19, Arkansas; Rosita Morphew 1883, dau. 16, Arkansas; Della Morphew, dau. Janaury 1886, 14, Arkansas;  Alice C. Morphew, dau. Sept. 1888, 11, Arkansas; Albert Morphew, son, May 1893, 7, Arkansas.   The next entry is:


      Morphew, Nancy, head, February 1842, 58, widow, 9 children, 6 living, born Alabama, parents born Tennessee; Joseph O. Morphew, son, March 1878, 21, single, born Arkansas; Jennie Morphew, mother, August 1823, 78 widow, born Tennessee, parents born Georgia.


      Morphew, James, head, Sept. 1870, 29, Married 9 years, born Arkansas, parents born Alabama; Laura F. Morphew, wife, September `876, 23, married 9 years, 4 children, 3 living, born Texas, father Alabama, mother Miss; Allie Morphew, daughter, March 1894, 6, Arkansas; John Morphew, son __ 1896, 4, Arkansas; Sinji??? Morphew, son, November 1898, 1 Arkansas.


1900 U.S. Census of 1 Ward Muskogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma


      Morphew, James B., October1820, 79, married 18 years, born Tennessee, father born N.C., mother born Tennessee; Martha E. Morphew, October 1855, 44, Married 18 years, 6 children, 5 living, born Alabama, parents born Alabama; Clara E. Morphew, July 1885, daughter, 15, single, Arkansas; Bouston, William H., step-son, April 1874, 26, single, Arkansas; Thomas L. Bouston, step-son, July 1876, 24, single, Arkansas; John H. Bouston, March 1878, 22, single, stepson, Arkansas;  James B. Bouston, June 1880, 19, single, Arkansas.