This Chapter covers the following Tatums/Tatoms whose parents are not known:

To the reader:  Can you find their parents?


(Part-1). Eaton Tatum (1793-1872 Sebastian Co, Arkansas) and Brother - Wilkins Tatum (~1803-1876 Haywood Co, Tennessee.), both born North Carolina.

(Part-2). Rev. John Newton Tatum (1817 Ga. to 1875 Hillsborough Co. Florida)

(Part-3). Capt. John Tatum (8 August 1798 Orangeburg County, SC to 3 May 1838 Jackson or Leon County, Florida.

(Part-4). Nathaniel Tatum (1770/80 to 1840 Twiggs County, Georgia)

(Part-5). Thomas Tatum “I” (ca1750 to 1813 Charlotte Co., Va.) +wife Margaret Dagnell (1754 - >1850+)

(Part-6).  William Tatom in 1767 Orange County, North Carolina

First compilation 1 December 2015, this update 9 November 2021, James R. Murphy,


(Part-1): Eaton Tatum (1793-1872) and Brother Wilkins Tatum (~1803-1876)


Eaton Tatum

Born 4 January 1793 North Carolina; exact location is not known.  NC from US Census x 3.

Name: Used Eaton Tatum or Eaton Tatom in every source.  No suggestion of an additional name although Eaton may be a middle name.

Married 1st on 27 September 1826 Tennessee to Charlotte B. Reynolds (1811 to 1855); 2nd about 1858 to Josephine Ann Little (~1822 to >1880) who has several name variations.

Died: 28 March 1872, buried at the Tatum Family Cemetery near Jenny Lind, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Known brothers and Sisters: Wilkins Tatum and Sarah Tatum

Parents: not known (see below)


“Wilkins” Tatum

Born ~1803 North Carolina; NC from US census x 3

Name: Used “Wilkins Tatum or Wilkins Tatom” in every US Census and source.  No suggestion of an additional name.

Married: Elizabeth Richardson (~1806 to >1870), daughter of Lebious Richardson.  Beware that two different Elizabeth Richardsons married Tatoms in Dickson County, TN.

Died: 13 November 1876 in Haywood County, Tennessee (unidentified source), and unknown cemetery.

Parents: not known (see below)

Credit goes to Angie L. Dixon for pointing out Wilkins and Eaton Tatum problems, emails courtesy 29 September, October 1 and 2, 2015.

Thanks go to Lloyd Anderson for his research into Wilkins and Eaton Tatom, emails courtesy 29 October 2021.


Eaton and Wilkins Tatum, brothers; Sister Sarah

Basic Problem – who was the father?


One question was whether Eaton and Wilkins were children of Howell Tatum (1765-1833) who settled in Georgia and Alabama beginning in the year 1786.   He is detailed in the chapter: Nathanial Tatum – 1670.   Several website listings indicate two of his sons were Eaton Tatum (4 January 1793 to 28 March 1872, per gravestone) and George Wilkins Tatum (1803 to 1876).   Their “George” in Wilkins Tatum may derive from an 1840 US Census for George W. Tatum, Lauderdale County, Tennessee which is the wrong person.   Removing this source, Wilkins Tatum, so far, has only two known names – Wilkins and Tatum.   This is compounded by’s website stating the parents of Eaton Tatum were Howell Tatum + Henrietta Organ.  


The US Census records for 1850 thru 1870 repeatedly state Eaton and Wilkins Tatum were both born in North Carolina – that’s six times North Carolina for both.    Georgia’s Howell Tatum never lived in NC during when they were born or during their living years.   Furthermore, his son Organ Tatum’s grave stone states he was born 27 August 1793 and conflicts with Eaton’s grave stone 4 January 1793 (both on  Based on this, there is no way that Eaton Tatum could be a son of Georgia’s Howell Tatum (1765 – 1833). 


However, this searcher cannot rule out Tennessee’s Howell Tatum (1753-1822) even if only Edwin Tatum has been identified as a son.


One interesting source was found….   “History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas,” 1889, page 1370.   Found in Google Books by entering “Eaton Tatum” with the quotation marks.


“Col. Mark T. Tatum, general merchant of Greenwood, is native of Dallas County, Mo., where he was born in 1836, and is the son of Eaton and Charlotte B. (Reynolds) Tatum.  Eaton Tatum was born in South Carolina in 1792, and was of Scotch descent.  At the age of 18 years, he went to West Tennessee with his brother, Wilkins Tatum, and here married Miss Charlotte B. Reynolds, who was born in West Tennessee in 1810.  About 1828, they moved to Dallas County, Mo., and in 1843 became a citizen of Sebastian County, Ark., locating at Jenny Lind, five miles northwest of the county seat.  He here entered 160 acres of land and here resided until 1862, when he sold out, and moved two miles east.  He was a trader a speculator in lands and owned about 500 acres the greater portion of the time.  He died in 1872.  His wife died in 1852, and after her death Mr. Tatum married Mrs. Josie Little, who is now living on the old homestead.  Eaton Tatum was the father of eight children by the first wife and two by the second, all now living but one….”  (Write-up continues to relate information on one son - Lt. Col. Mark Tatum, Civil War, and can be reviewed online.) 


              The Arkansas reference about Eaton Tatum’ birth state is wrong about South Carolina, since his 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses clearly state he was born in North Carolina, the same state that Wilkins Tatum was born as noted in his census records.    Therefore, if this reference has one error, it might have more.   However, it might suggest his parents were in South Carolina at some point in time.   Let’s look at the statement that Eaton Tatum went to “West Tennessee in (about) 1810” with his brother Wilkins Tatum.  In 1810, Wilkins Tatum would be about the age 7.   This might suggest Eaton and his brother Wilkins went to Tennessee with a parent - possibly a mother who might have remarried, or a relative, or a legal guardian.   


              Eaton Tatum and Wilkins Tatum are both found the 1830 US Census of Dickson County, Tennessee (as Tatom).  From 1740 through 1870, Wilkins Tatum is in Haywood County, Tennessee.  


Details for Eaton and Wilkins Tatum


1822/24 Montgomery County, Tennessee: Ferriage Accounts of Estate of Rowland Vick 1824 (Will of Rowland Vick 4 December 1822, probated January Term 1823).  Ferriage names included Wilkins Tatum 1.31 ¼ and Eaton Tatum 11.81 ¼.

Montgomery County, Tennessee Will Records, Probate D/88-89 and D/341-342 from TnGenWeb


Eaton Tatum


1830 US Census of Dickson County, Tennessee: Eaton Tatom, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 0-4, 1 female 15-19.  Next to him is Wilkins Tatom.  Not near other Tatoms in Dickson County.

1840 US Census of Polk County Missouri: E. Tatum: 1 male and 2 females 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 20-29, 1 male 30-30, employed in agriculture - 1

1843 Sebastian County, Arkansas: “Eaton Tatum moved from Missouri to Sebastian County in 1843 and settled near Massard Prairie in the “Jenny Lind” community.

Worthy of the Cause for Which They Fight, The Civil War Diary of Brigadier General Harris Reynolds 1861-1865, by Robert Patrick Bender, 2011, page 201. 

1850 US Census of Marion, Crawford County, Arkansas: Eaton Tatum 52 NC, Charlotte Tatum 39 Georgia, Ghaskey A. Tatum male 16 Mo, Thadeus M. Tatum 13 Mo, Serena Tatum 10 F Mo., Tennessee Tatum 8 Mo.(f), Louisa Tatum 2 Ark, Donna J. Tatum 0 Ark.  (Thadeus M. Tatum is Mark Tatum)

1860 US Census of Center, Sebastian County, Arkansas, p.o. Backbone, Eaton Tatum farmer 65 NC, Anne Tatum 26 (age error) NC, Louisa Tatum 14 Ark, Anne Tatum 13 Ark, Loranzey Tatum 15 Ark (m), Susan Tatum 11 Ark, Tennessee Tatum 8 Ark, Martha Tatum 6 Ark, Juley Tatum 1 Ark, James Herbon 23 Ark, John Woods 45 Ark.

1870 US Census of Center, Sebastian County, Arkansas: Eaton Tatum 77 NC, Josephina Tatum 49 NC, Martha Tatum 16 Ark, Clementine Tatum 11 Ark, John S. Tatum 8 Ark.

1872 March 28 – Sebastian County: Death of Eaton Tatum, buried at Tatum Family Cemetery, Sebastian County, near Jenny Lind.

1880 US Census of Center, Sebastian, Arkansas: Jossiean Tatum 58 NC, John E. Tatum 18 Ark, and 7 others in household.  No Eaton Tatum mentioned.


From Marchal “Mark” Thaddeus Tatum website listing: Eaton Tatum married Charlotte Bruer Reynold (20 Jan. 1811 Georgia to 27 July 1855 Jenny Lind, Sebastian County, Ark and buried Tatum Home Place Family Plot, Jenny Lind).  In 1857 Eaton Tatum married Josia Ann Little Brown and they two children: Julia Clementine Tatum and John Eaton Standwaitie Tatum.


Wilkins Tatum


1829 Dickson County, TN Will Book: Lebious Richardson names his daughter Eliza Tatom, proven 7 October 1833 (WB B/104/106 from Lloyd Anderson, email courtesy 29 October 2021.)


              Lloyd Anderson also mentions Eliza, daughter of Lebious Richardson should not be confused with Thomas Richardson’s daughter Elizabeth who married Wm. Tatom, Jr. and who is named in William’s will 20 May 1816 (Dickson County, TN - WB A /24-26).


1830 US Census of Dickson County, Tennessee: Wilkins Tatom 1 male and 2 females 0-4, 1 male and 1 female 10-29.  Next to brother Eaton Tatom.


1832 Dickson County, TN tax lists: Wilkins Tatom

Tennessee, U.S., Early Tax List Records 1783-1895,  


1835 Tax Lists of Dickson County, Tennessee:

William Tatom Sen, 141 acres old deeded land, 250 acres other land (Image 10/4)

William Tatom Junr, 130 acres, 307 acres.  (Image 10/4)

George W. Tatom, 200 acres deeded land.  (Image 10/19)

Wilkins Tatom, 100 acres other land only. (Image 14/19)

Green Tatom, no acres, (Image 15/19).  Is next to:

James Tatom 215 acres old deeded land, 390 acres other land. (Image 15/19)


1840 US Census of Haywood County, Tennessee: Wilkins Tatum 2 males and 1 female 0-4, 1 male and 2 females 5-9, 1 female 10-15, 1 male and 1 female 30-40.  (Page 393b)

1850 US Census of District 5, Haywood County, Tennessee Wilkins Tatum 47 NC, Eliza Tatum 44 NC, all children born Tn – Jane Tatum 23, Minerva Tatum 22, Jo Tatum 15, Lelany(?) Tatum 13, Matilda Tatum 17, Thomas Tatum 10, James Tatum 7, George Tatum 6, Martha Tatum 4.

1860 U.S Census of District 11, Haywood County: Wilkins Tatum 55 NC, Eliza Tatum 50 NC, John Tatum 25 Tn, Thomas Tatum 22 Tn, James Tatum 20 Tn, Martha Tatum 16 Tn, Geo Tatum 17 Tn.

1861 December 25 – Haywood Co., TN: Marriage of Martha E. Tatum to Joseph Trales.  Witnesses – Joseph Trales and T. B. Redmox (county record).

1870 US Census of District 11, Haywood County: Wilkin Tatum 63 NC, Eliza Tatum 61 Tn, John Tatum 38 Tn – clerk in grocery, Mary Tatum 8 Tn, Traylor Feget(?) 22 Tn, farm hand.

1876 November 13 – Haywood County: Death of Wilkins Tatum.


1921 Crockett County, TN:  Death certificate of George W. Tatum names father Wilkens Tatum and mother Eliza Richardson.  From Lloyd Anderson, courtesy email 10/29/2021.  


(Part-2) Rev. John Newton Tatum (1817 to 1875)


Rev. John Newton Tatum or John N. Tatom

Born 10 April 1817 in Liberty County, Georgia per 1850 and 1860 census records

Middle Name: Standard sources show John N. Tatum, but original source for Newton is unknown.  

Married 27 December 1838 Tattnall County Georgia to Nancy Copeland (Possibly not a county record).  Dates per grave stone and location per 1850 and 1860 US Census

Died 5 December 1875 and buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Keysville, Hillsborough County, Florida, with his wife, per

Parents: Not Known. 

Occupation: Minister

Surname spelling: Both Tatum and Tatom.  Cedar Grove Cemetery uses “Tatum.”


Nancy Copeland

Born 19 April 1821 Liberty County, Georgia

Died 8 March 1906 and buried same cemetery as husband

Parents reported to be Jessie Copeland (1790-1847) and Charlotte Surrency (1785-1870)


Known Details


1820-1830 US Census of Georgia:  No Tatums by any spelling listed for counties along southeastern section of Georgia; counties near or about Tattnall and Liberty. 

1840 U.S. Census of Georgia, Liberty County: John N. Tatom 1 male 0-5; 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20.   This Georgia Census is interesting because there are no other Tatums by any spelling in a ring of counties around them.  John N. Tatum appears to be alone.

1844 Georgia Property Tax Digest/2 lists: N. John Tatum & John N. Tatum, Liberty, 220 (acres), Pine Land, Tattnall, 178 ½ and 30 Pall(?).

1848 Georgia Property Tax: J.N. Tatum, “Oak and Hickory upland.  

1850 to 1870 U.S. Census of Georgia, Tattnall County.  Both the 1850 and 1860 census records state John N. and wife Nancy were born in “Liberty.”   This should be Liberty County, Georgia.  Their 1870 census incorrectly indicates a second son named “Joseph” born 1861 who should be Jasper A. Tatum. 

1880 US Census of Georgia, Tattnall County: “Nancy Tatom” age 59, mother, living in the family of Jesse + Louise Tatom.   John N. Tatum is now dead. 


Children of John N. Tatum + Nancy Copeland, all born Tattnall County, Ga.


(1). Jesse C. Tatum (1841). Married as J. C. Tatom 8 November 1865 Tattnall County to Louisa Surrency

(2). John Tatum (1843)

(3). Jordan R. Tatum (1844).  Married as Jordan R. Tatom 20 December 1866 Tattnall to Josephine D. Douberly.

(4). Mary Tatum (1848).  Married as Mary Tatom 19 December 1869 Tattnall County to James J. Thompson

(5). Joseph M. Tatum (1850).  Married as Joseph M. Tatom 29 November 1868 Tattnall County to Nancy S. A. Lynn.

(6). Caroline Tatum (1852)

(7). Jacob Tatum (1854)

(8). Nancy Tatum (1858).  Married as Nancy E. Tatom 17 December 1884 Tattnall County to J. T. Kicklighter.

(9). Jasper Allen Tatum (26 April 1861 to 21 April 1927 and buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Keysville, Hillsborough County, Florida.   Married Louisa Dolly Keen.  Used the name of Allen Tatum in his 1900 and 1910 census records.


(Part-3): Capt. John Tatum (8 August 1798 Orangeburg County, South Carolina

to 3 May 1838 Jackson or Leon County, Florida.


Capt. John Tatum

Born 8 August 1798 Orangeburg County, South Carolina per Orangeburgh German Swiss Society.

Married: 2 February 1826 Beaufort County, South Carolina to Phoebe Harriet Cleveland (15 December 1801 Beaufort County, SC to 25 September 1864 Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida

Died 3 May 1838 Jackson or Leon County, Florida.

Tatum relatives nearby:  Not known

Parents: not known    


Problem: Orangeburgh German-Swiss Society wrote that Capt. John Tatum’s father was Christopher Tatum “IV.”  There was no Chris Tatum “IV.”   Capt. John Tatum, born 1798, doesn’t fit in census records for John Tatum (~1765 – 1820) - son of Christopher Tatum (1740/45 to 1792 Orangeburg County, South Carolina).   John Tatum (~1765 – 1820) had no male children born from 1795 to 1810 as noted in census records.   Y-dna testing would be helpful to rule out being a descendant of a different immigrant; i.e., Abel Tatom/Tatum


              From the Orangeburg German-Swiss Genealogical Society on the “Migration of Capt. John Tatum.”   …He married on 2 February 1826 to Phoebe Harriet Cleveland, born 15 December 1801 in Beaufort, South Carolina; died 25 September 1864 in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida.  Above information to the Society was provided by Gene Jeffries 22 February 2000. 


Details for Capt. John Tatum + Phoebe Harriet Cleveland


1830 Leon County, Florida – US Census: John Tatum – 1 male and 1 female 20-30; 2 females 0-5

1838 February 12 - Tallahassee, Florida:  From the State Executive Office, the following were nominated for the office of Justice of Peace:  Leon County: includes John Tatum

House Journal by Florida Legislature of Representatives, 14th Session 1836-1837, pg 107/Google Books

1839 September 2: Tallahassee Land Office granted John Tatum 40.03 acres of land –cash sales.

US Bureau of Land Management: Florida Land Records on 

1840 Jackson, Florida Territory – US Census: P.H. Tatum, 2 females 30-40, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 10-15, 1 male and 1 female 5-10, 1 male 0-5.  Phebe Tatum is now without her husband John.


Children of John Tatum and Phoebe Harriet Cleveland were:


(1^) Elizabeth Amanda Tatum (Dec. 1826) married 7 April 1849 Leon County to John B. Keen

(2^) Susan Almeria Tatum (8 August 1828) married 16 January 1850 Leon County, Florida to James T. Maghee.

(3^) Henrietta Virginia Tatum (16 August 1830)

(4^) Leonarah Marion Tatum (28 December 1831)

(5^) Cornelia O. Tatum (23 September 1833?) married 18 April 1850 Leon County, Florida to P. B. Brokaw.

(6^) Thaddeus Preston Tatum (27 September 1835 to 4 July 1873 and buried at Old City Cemetery, Tallahassee, Florida per  In 1850, Preston Tatum (born 1833/34 Fla) is living in the household of Alfred A. Fisher, age 39. 

(7^) John Lawrence Tatum (4 March 1837).  In 1850, John Tatum (born 1835/36 Fla) is living in household of John R. Lloyd and wife Phebe Lloyd (born 1809/1810 SC. 


(Part-4): Nathaniel Tatum (born 1770/80 of Twiggs County, Georgia) – Unknown Parents


Nathaniel Tatum

Born 1770 to 1780, per 1830 and 1840 US Census; nothing more specific

Marriage: Wife’s name not known.

Died: last noted living 1840 in US Census

Location: Twiggs County, Georgia.  No other Tatums in county.

Brothers and Sisters: Not known; no Tatums nearby.

Children: Not known  

Parents: Not known.   Several tracks may be possible:

(1). Nathaniel Tatum from Currituck County, North Carolina, whose brother Holowell Tatum went to Tennessee on or before 1820. *    Details at end of write-up.  

(2). An unknown grandchild of Nathaniel Tatum (~1705-1750 Edgecombe County, North Carolina) who is a descendant of Edward Tatum (~1675 to 1739 Surry County, Virginia)

(3). Possible descendant son of Nathaniel Tatum (1745 to >1785++) who was the son of Robert Tatum (1725-1759) + wife Keziah Doby.   This Nathaniel Tatum’s last traceable record was in 1785 Prince George County, Virginia.

(4). Somehow related to the Nathaniel Tatum Sr. and Jr. who migrated to Greene and Hancock Counties, Georgia in 1789+.   

(5). A Nathaniel Tatum who is none of the above.

(6). Not these Nathaniel Tatums: (1) Nathaniel Tatum (1759 to 1844) of Brunswick County, Virginia until 1816, then moved to Davidson and Maury Counties, Tennessee, (2) Nathaniel Tatum (ca1770 to 1819) of Lincoln County, Tennessee – son of Edward Tatum (1747/50 to 1835) + Martha Daniels of Henry County, Virginia (see Peter Tatum Chapter).  No wife or children. (3) Nathaniel P. Tatem/Tatum (1818 Norfolk County, Virginia to 1890 Dyer County, Tennessee), true Tatem descendant. (4) Nathaniel Tatum (1814 to 1880+ Boone County, Indiana) – son of Jonathan Tatum (no dating); grandson of Nathaniel Tatum (~1735 to 1808) and wife Phebe Fort. 


Details for Nathaniel Tatum (born 1770/1780 to 1840+)


At this point in time (19 Oct 2015), there are few clues to work.   Do not confuse with Nathaniel Tatum (~1780 to 1860+) of 1830 Pickens County, S.C. who migrates to the same general area in Georgia. 


(unlikely) 1810 US Census of Buncombe County, North Carolina: Nathaniel Tatom - 4 males 0-9, 1 female 16-26, 1 male 26-45.    A better fit is Pendleton District’s (South Carolina) Nathaniel Tatum (~1780 to 1860+).

(maybe, maybe not) 1810 April 25 – Baldwin County, Georgia: Marriage of Nathaniel Tatum to Mary Ann Plummer (county record).   How and to whom does he belong?  He seems so out of place.  Baldwin County is adjacent to Hancock County and not far from Twiggs County.


1814 January 24 – Twiggs County, Ga tax receivers: Nathaniel Tatum; also 10 January 1815.         

1818 Twiggs County Tax: Capt Wiley Belcher’s District #28 –Nathl Tatam with no listed property.

1820 US Census for Twiggs County did not survive

1826 Twiggs County, Georgia tax: Nath’l Tatum with no further data.

1830 US Census of Twiggs County, Georgia: Nathaniel Tatom - 1 male 5-9, 1 female 40-50, 1 male 50-60

1840 US Census of Twiggs County, Georgia: Nathaniel Tatom - 1 female 40-50, 1 male 60-70.  

1850 US Census of Twiggs County: No Tatums by any spelling, but census handwriting is such that it permits miss-interpretation.


Information on Currituck County’s Nathan and Halowell Tatum


* 1817 March 1 – Currituck County, North Carolina: Will of William Tatum, probated May 1817.  Wife Winny, Sons - Peter Lugg Tatum, Holowell Tatum*, Nathan Tatum.  Other legatees: Annis Brunsey, Elizabeth White, William Tatum Tillet,  Exrs: Wife and Samuel Thompson, William White.  Witnesses: Jas. Nicholson, James White, William Bell.   More information on Currituck Tatum/Tatems at end of “Mariner Tatems” chapter.  Family line appears to be grandfather - Thomas Tatem/Tatum, father – William Tatem/Tatum, Sr., son - Nathaniel Tatum, with birth estimates not yet possible.  

Abstracts of Wills and Other Records, Currituck and Dare Counties, North Carolina, 2009, Gary Jones and Gordon C. Jones.  Surname spelling is mostly Tatum.

* 1820 Rutherford County Tennessee: Holewell Tatum -  1 female 0-9, 1 male and 1 female 10-14, 1 male and 1 female 26-44.

1830 Maury County, Tennessee: Hollwell Tatum, 1 female 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 40-49, 1 male 50-59

1840 Maury County, Tennessee: Hallowell Tatum, 1 male 5-9, 1 female 20-29, 1 female 50-59, 1 male 60-69.


(Part-5) – Thomas Tatum “I” (ca1750 to 1813) + wife Margaret Dagnell

Virginia Counties: Gloucester, Cumberland, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Charlotte


Thomas Tatum “I”

Born unknown, roughly estimated ca1750, location unknown

Married Margaret Dagnell on 13 August 1774 Cumberland County, Virginia (per American Revolution widow’s pension application).

Died 27 October 1813 Charlotte County, Virginia per pension application

Known Virginia Counties from census and other indirect records which may be inaccurate:

Powhatan County, Cumberland County, Prince Edward County, Charlotte County.

Early years need research

Parents and relatives: Not known

Revolutionary War Soldier, Private. 


Margaret Dagnell, wife

Born 1753/54 Gloucester County, Virginia per 1850 US. Census

Died after 1850 US. Census of Charlotte County, Virginia

Parents: not known

Children per widow’s pension application: (1) Elizabeth Ann Tatum (12 February 1776), (2) Polly Henderson (1 December 1777), (3)  James Tatum (3 January 1781), (4) Richard Tatum (29 December 1783),  (5) Henry Tatum (15 January 1786), (6) Judith or Juda Tatum (27 November 1788, (7) Thomas Tatum ‘II” (11 November 1791), (8) Peggy Tatum (7 June 1794), (9) Jesse Tatum (5 November 1797).  

Widows Pension Application at age 86 - Charlotte County, Virginia: F-W4601 R2343.      


              Researcher’s Comment (J. Murphy): This Thomas Tatum has an almost identical namesake who is Thomas Tatum (~1750’s to >1810/21+), son of Joshua Tatum (~1711 to 1765) and grandson of Christopher Tatum “I” (1683 to 1751).  This latter Thomas Tatum migrated to South Carolina on or before 1787 with his brother Christopher Tatum (1740/45 to 1792+).   While in South Carolina, he was not recorded on a census as a head of household, so is assumed living with others.  No wife or family has been identified.  He and John Tatum did serve in the same Revolutionary War Company in South Carolina.   In 1821(?), Christopher Tatum and Margaret Tatum, administrators for Thomas Tatum, filed for an additional payment for his Revolutionary War services.  This writer questions whether Thomas had been disabled during his war service.   Margaret Tatum’s relationship is not known, but might be the widow of Christopher Tatum.  The similarities between the two Thomas Tatums raise questions.


Details for Virginia’s Thomas Tatum (ca1750 to 1813) and wife Margaret Dagnell


1774 August 13 – Cumberland County, Virginia: Thomas Tatum married Margaret Dagnell (per widow’s pension application).

1776 to 1781 Virginia:  Thomas Tatum served two three month tours of duty under Capt. Joseph Michaux (who was from Prince Edward County), Colonels Randolph and Skipwith in the Virginia Troops.  He was at the Battle of Guilford, siege of Yorktown and surrender of Cornwallis, after which he assisted in guarding prisoners to Winchester.  It was stated that he served more than 6 months.  (From Margaret Tatum widow’s pension application.)

1810 US Census of Charlotte County, Virginia: Thomas Tatum 1 male 10-15, 2 males and 2 females 16-25, 1 male and 1 female 26-44, 1 male and 1 female 45+.

1830 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Margarett Tatum – 1 male 5-9, 1 male and 1 female 30-39, 1 female 40-49, 1 female 70-79.

1850 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Margaret Tatum 96 Gloucester County, Va., (“Glouster Ct”) Polly Tatum 61 Cumberland County, Va., Judith Tatum 58 Cumberland Co., Va., Richard Daniels 24 farmer, Cumberland Co.   Next to Jesse Tatum 52 planter, born Prince Edward Co.

1860 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Judy Tatum 71 Prince Edward Co; Polly H. Tatum 82 Powhatan Co, Va; Richard P. Daniel 39 Charlotte Co.   Birth counties in the 1860 census conflict with the 1850 census.


Children of Thomas Tatum and wife Margaret Dagnell


(1). Elizabeth Ann Tatum (12 February 1776)


(2). Polly Henderson, Polly Tatum (1 December 1777, possibly Cumberland County per 1850 census or Powhatan County, Virginia per 1860 census).   ‘Henderson” is from her mother’s widow’s pension application.  


1860 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Judy Tatum 71 Prince Edward Co; Polly H. Tatum 82 Powhatan Co, Va; Richard P. Daniel 39 Charlotte Co.  


(3). James Tatum (3 January 1781) married 9 January 1808 Charlotte County, Virginia to Sarah Morgan (county record).  He is lost to follow up after 1820.


1810 US Census of Charlotte County, Va:  James Tatum, 1 female 0-9, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 26-44

1820 US Census of Prince Edward County, Va: James Tatum 2 males and 1 female 0-9, 1 female 10-16, 1 male and 1 female 25-26d.  Page by page review of the next 1830 Prince Edward Census finds no James Tatum as head of household, nor any other Tatums.


(4). Richard Tatum (29 December 1783)


(5). Henry Tatum (15 Januarys 1786) married 14 November 1810 in Charlotte County, Virginia to Rosy Clark (county record).


1820 US Census of Charlotte Co., Va: Henry Tatum 3 males and 2 females 0-9, 1 male and 1 female 26-45.

1830 US Census of Charlotte Co., Va: Henry Tatum 2 females 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 2 males and 1 female 10-14, 2 males 10-15, 1 male and 1 female 15-19, 1 male and 1 female 40-50.

1840 US Census of Charlotte Co., Va: Henry Tatum, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 male and 1 female 20-29, 1 male and 1 female 50-59.


(6). Judith of Juda Tatum (27 November 1788, possibly Cumberland County, Virginia per 1850 census or Prince Edward County, Virginia per 1860 census.).  Did not marry.


1860 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Judy Tatum 71 Prince Edward Co; Polly H. Tatum 82 Powhatan Co, Va; Richard P. Daniel 39 Charlotte Co. 


(7). Thomas Tatum “II”” (11 November 1791) possibly married 20 July 1819 Prince Edward County, Virginia to Polly Meadows (county record).


(8). Peggy Tatum (7 June 1794)


(9). Jesse H. Tatum (5 November 1797 - Prince Edward County, Virginia per 1850 & 1860 census) married 1st to __ and 2nd on 20 October 1834 Prince Edward County, Virginia to Mary Meadows (county record).  Middle initial “H” is from his 1860 census.   


1820 US Census of Charlotte Co., Va: Jesse Tatum 1 male and 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-45, 1 female 45+

1850 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Jessee Tatum 52, planter, Prince Edward Co., Va; Mary I. or J. Tatum 34 Charlotte Co; John T. Tatum 16 Charlotte Co; Willshire or Wittshire C. Tatum 12 Charlotte Co; James H. Tatum 9 Charlotte Co; Elizabeth B. Tatum 6 Charlotte Co; Jessee W. Tatum 1 Charlotte Co.

1860 US Census of Charlotte County, Va: Jessee H. Tatum 62,farmer, Prince Edward Co; Mary J. Tatum 43 Charlotte Co; Jas. H. Tatum 18 Charlotte Co, Eliza B. Tatum 15 Charlotte Co; Jessee W. Tatum 11 Charlotte Co; Ed. C. Tatum 8 Charlotte Co.  

1870 US Census of Wyliesburg, Walton Township, Charlotte County, Va: Jessey Tatom 72 stuckster, Va, Mary Tatum 54 Va.  Nearby is Ida Tatum, age 81 with Richard Daniel 50 farmer.


(Part-6). William Tatom in 1767 Orange County, North Carolina


1767 November 10 – Orange County, North Carolina:  Indenture from William Tatom of Orange County, Providence of North Carolina to John Wells of the same county, 15 pounds money, tract/parcel of land lying and being in the County and Province aforesaid containing 30 acres beginning at the “bent” (bend) of Little River…west to the bend of river…land granted to William Tatom of a deed of conveyance from Thomas James being date 7 January 1765 “as relation being those to had and the said William Tatom doth covenant and give, etc.  Signed: William Tatom, his x mark.  Witnesses: James Kelly, John Kelly.  Entered Orange County January Court 1768.  (D.B. 3/521, image 268/705 family   


              Need to find more information.  Where did William Tatom go?  There are a number of Little Rivers in North Carolina, but best being Little River rising in Orange County and entering Eno River in today’s Durham County, NC.   DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer shows Little River flowing through the NE corner of Orange County into Durham County.