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This review includes the Family Line of Jordan Calaway Murphy:


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Jordan Calaway Murphy, "Cal” or “J.C.” or “Jordan” (Spelling of “Calaway” is uncertain) (Part A)    

   Born:  28 March 1860 at Canton, Fulton County, Illinois*

Died:  25 March 1939 (aged 78) and buried Mount Auburn Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas (


1st to Louisa Van Dusen in Clark County, Iowa in 1878 and a 2nd time 26 January 1907, Corning, Iowa (county record).  Louisa Jane married 2nd to Harrison Pettis. 

2nd to Mildred __, born 1879/80.  Marriage date and early years not understood; first noted in 1915 State census of Kansas - Topeka, Shawnee County.

Parents:  William Morphew (1829 – 1912) and Sarah Allumbaugh (1830 – 1872)


Louisa Jane Hines Van Dusen (Part A)

Born:  3 February 1858* in Missouri

Died:  8 September 1921 at Manett* or Bremerton, both Kitsap County, Washington and is buried as Louisa Jane Pettis in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Bremerton, Kitsap Co., Washington (per

Children: (A-1). Albert Lee Murphy (1881 – 1946); (A-2). Chauncy Calloway Murphy (1882-1966); (A-3). John Barton Murphy (1884-1899), (A-4). Orris James Murphy (1886 – 1954), (A-5). Lottie Rachel Murphy (1889 – 1944), (A-6). Ernest Jesse Murphy (1892-1963), (A-7). Doris May Murphy (1898 - >1930)

Parents:  Simeon Van Dusen and ?


Milly or Mildred L.  __ (part B)

Note: Poorly understood, as a well as her daughters.

Born:  1879/80 Missouri

Died:  after 1925

Children: (B-1?). Betty Hughes (1910) – not understood, (B-2). Ruth Murphy (1916/17), (B-3). Kathleen C. Murphy (1919)

Parents: Unknown

                  * email courtesy of Megan McCloskey, 8 August 2010


             2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, previous revision 6/24/2016; this revision 30 August 2021.  Thanks go to Donna Alumbaugh for numerous additional information and corrections.     


Known locations:


1880 U.S. Census for Osceola Township, Clarke County, Iowa: Morphew, Calaway, age 20, born Illinois, parents Illinois; Louisa, wife, age 22, born Missouri, parents Indiana  


1895 Iowa State Census for Randolph, Iowa, Fremont: Jordan C. Murphy 24 born Iowa, Louisa J. Murphy 26 Missouri; Albert L. Murphy 3 Iowa; Chauncy Murphy 2 Iowa


1900 U.S. Census for Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa; Murphey, Jordan, head, March 1860, 40, married 21 years, born Illinois, father; born Indiana, mother born Illinois; Louisa Murphy, wife, February 1858, 42, married 21 years, born Missouri, father born unknown, mother born Indiana; Albert L. Murphy, son, January 1881, 19, single, born Iowa; Chauncy C. Murphy, son, April 1882, 18, single, born Iowa; Lottie R. Murphy, daughter, October 1889, 10, single, born Iowa; Jesse E. Murphy, son, August 1892, 7, born Iowa; Doris M. Murphy, daughter, January 1898, 2, born Iowa


1910 U.S. Census of 7th Street, City of Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa: Duncan, Fred, head, 39, married 1 year, Carpenter, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa; Lottie Duncan, wife, 20, Married 1 year, Iowa, Ill, Iowa; Edward Scammahorn, stepson 5, Iowa, Ill, Ia; Lewis Scammahorn, stepson 3, Ia, Il, Ia; Louisa Murphy, mother-in-law, 52, Divorced, Missouri, Ind, Ind; Doris Murphy, sister-in-law, 12, Ia, Il, Mo.  In the next household is:


Murphy, Chancy, head 28, married 7 years, Iowa, Illinois, Miss; Nellie Murphy, wife, 28, married 7 years, 3 children, 1 living, Iowa, Mi, Iowa; Minnie Murphy, daughter 5, Iowa, George Duncan, father-in-law, 76, widower, Mi, Mi, Mi, Charles Allen, nephew, 12, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. 


1910 Cal Murphy: cannot find census record


1915 Kansas State Census – Topeka, Shawnee Co.: J.C. Murphy male, 47 Illinois, Millie Murphy 37, Kansas; Bessie Murphy 6 Kansas; Evelen Murphy 3 Kansas; Evert Murphy, male 1 Kansas


1920 U.S. Census of Topeka, Ward 2, District 156, Shawnee County, Kansas:  Please note “head of household” was written "Millie" when it should have been Cal Murphy and other data may be wrong.


Millie I. Murphy or Millie J. Murphy, head, age 50 male, teamster transfer company, IA, IA, IA; Mildred L. Murphy, wife 40, private family “enterprise” Mo. IA. Ky; Bessie M. Murphy, daughter 10, IA; Ruth M. Murphy, 3, IA; Kathleen C or E Murphy 1, IA.  


1925 Kansas State Census – Shawnee County.  J.C. Murphy, head, 62 Iowa; Millie Murphy 47 wife, Missouri; Ruth Murphy, daughter, 9, Kansas; Kathleen Murphy, daughter, 6 Kansas.


1939 March 25 - Topeka, Kansas Newspaper obituary:  Jordan Cal Murphy, born March 28, 1860 at Canton, Illinois died Wednesday night in a local hospital.  He had been a resident of Topeka since 1911 and for 14 years was a teamster for the Merchants Transfer Company and made his home at 1425 North Jackson.  Surviving him are 9 children: Mrs. Kathleen Hunsucker, Mrs. Ruth Williams and Mrs. Betty Hughes of Topeka; Chance and Bert Murphy of Corning Iowa; Ernest and Orace (Orris) Murphy in Illinois; Mrs. Lottie Hayward of Long Beach California, and Mrs. Doris Flieder of Bremerton, Washington.  The body is at Conwell’s mortuary. 

From Donna Alumbaugh, email courtesy email 15 June 2021.    


Memories of the Cal Murphy Family (Part A)


Mrs. Howard Jones on Cal Murphy: “I know my father felt badly about the changing of his name from Morphew to Murphy.  I remember when I was small of hearing he and mother talking about it.  He was worried that their marriage wasn’t legal because he was married using the name Murphy.  Another thing, my mother was married under the name Hines, while her name should have been Van Dusen.  Her father’s name was Simeon Van Dusen who was killed in the Civil War and her mother died and an Uncle Hines took her to raise and she was like his own daughter (he did not adopt her) and she always went by the name Louisa Hines.  So, the two of them were always worried about the mix up in names.”


“Father was 18 years of age and mother was 20 years old at the time of their marriage, and from what mother told me their years were a struggle to provide food, shelter, and clothing.  They had a large family and I can remember then both working very, very hard.  Father would work on farms as a hired hand and mother would cook and wash clothes and I remember her telling how she would take old clothing someone would give her and make pants and seats for the boys – and all that without a sewing machine.  They moved around quite a bit just in Iowa and finally father went to work on the railroad.  I can remember too that he used to do hauling and in the winter time he would go to the coal mines north of Corning and get coal and sell it to the people in Corning.”


“It was a real struggle for them and sometimes I can’t blame them for separating.  There was always sickness, but then too, I try to remember the fun we always had together.  Dad and Mother both had a wonderful sense of humor.  Like the time Dad was plowing the garden; it was the day before Good Friday and they just had to get those potato plants out on Good Friday and it started to rain and here was Dad with the horses and plow out there in the rain and mother following along behind planting those potatoes, wringing wet but laughing to beat the band.”  To me it was all superstition but they always raised the best garden in the neighborhood.  Everyone wanted Father to plow up their gardens for them.”    


“You wrote about homesteading.  I think that was one of father’s pet peeves.  Mother always wanted to go west, but he sat his foot down and said no and you know when a Murphy says no, it’s no!  So, they never homesteaded.”


“After Father left home and went to Kansas he got a divorce, it seemed like our world really fell to pieces, especially for my youngest brother and I, and then we heard he was married again.  We knew that he would never come back.  So, after a while mother and I came out to Washington to live with my oldest brother who was here in Bremerton.  We stayed here one year and went back to Iowa where Mother stayed until she became ill.  I had come back to Bremerton and married and this has been my home ever since.  Mother came and lived with us.  She passed away in 1921 and is buried here.”


 “Father’s family life after he left us is quite unknown to me.  I know he had several children.  Some died during the flu epidemic in 1918 - 1919 and there still are two girls living in Topeka, Kansas at the time of his death.  One daughter’s name is Ruth Williams and the other one Kathleen Hunmaker.  I haven’t heard from them since he died.  Dr. Jim, I just don’t see how any of this could possibly be of any interest to any one but since you asked for it, I have done my best.  I was only 9 years old when Father went away and he was my whole world.  I loved him very much and tears come to my eyes when I think of what might have been if only they had stayed together.” 


Children of Cal Murphy and Louisa Van Dusen


              Thanks go to Megan McCloskey for sharing her family records from her great grandmother - Hansine "Christine" Larsen, who married Jessie "Earnest" Murphy, emails of 11 & 16 August 2010.  Thank you, Megan.  Without this help, much would be lost.   Megan's family records will be marked with a star. "*"


 (A-I). Albert Lee Murphy was born Sunday, 16 January 1881* in Iowa and died 31 May 1946 (family record) and buried at Acacia Memorial Park, Lake Forest Park, King Co., Washington per  He married 18 June 1903 Clark Co., Iowa to Mary Ann Helard (1883 to 1961 and buried same cemetery), with county marriage record stating she was born Marysville, Missouri and was the daughter of Cornelius Helard & Elizabeth Jackson.   


1920 U.S. Census of Pacific Avenue, Ward I, Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington: Murphy, Albert. L., head, 38, born Iowa, father Ill., mother Missouri, butcher meat market; Anna M. Murphy, wife, 32, Mo., Ky. Mo., waitress hotel; Helen A. Murphy, daughter 15, Iowa.


1930 U.S. Census of Aberden, Grays Harbor, Washington, 114 West Heron St - rented: Albert Murphy 48, Proprietor Grocery, born Illinois; Mary A. Murphy 42, wife.


Known Children of Albert Lee Murphy + Anna M. _


(A1a). Helen A. Murphy (1904/05)


(A-2). Chauncy Calloway Murphy, “Chance” was born Monday, 3 April 1882* in Iowa and died 1966 and is buried Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning, Adams Co., Iowa per  He married 26 April 1902 Corning, Adams Co., Iowa to Nellie Duncan (1883 to 1964 and buried same cemetery) and was living in 1910 and 1920 in Corning, Adams County, Iowa.  Nellie Duncan’s parents per county marriage record were George Duncan and Sarah Green.


1910 U.S. Census of 7th Street, City of Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa ( image 12/20):  Murphy, Chancy, head 28, married 7 years, Dray Driver, Iowa, Illinois, Miss; Nellie Murphy, wife, 28, married 7 years, 3 children, 1 living, Iowa, Mi, Iowa; Minnie Murphy, daughter 5, Iowa, George Duncan, father-in-law, 76, widower, Mi, Mi, Mi, Charles Allen, nephew, 12, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa.  Next to Fred Duncan Family with mother Louisa Murphy, mother-in-law, divorced, Missouri.   


1920 U.S. Census of City of Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa: Murphy, Chaunce, head, 38, teamster, Iowa, Iowa, Mo., teamster; Nellie Murphy, wife 37, Iowa, Iowa, Mich; Minnie C. Murphy, daughter 15, Iowa; Frances H. Murphy, son, 4 3/12, Iowa; Robert U. Duncan, boarder, 28, single, Iowa, N.J. N.J.   


1930 U.S. Census of Corning, Adams County, Iowa: Chance B. Murphy 45, married at age 21, owner truck driver, Ia, Il. Il; Nellie Murphy, wife, 47, Ia. Mi, Mi; Francis Murphy, son 14, IA; Minnie Keefe, daughter 25 divorced, IA; Nellie Keefe, granddaughter 9, IA; Raymond Keefe, grandson 7, Ia.


1940 U.S. Census of Corning, Adams County, Iowa; Chance C. Murphy, head, 59, married (3)8 years, Iowa, Trucker; Nellie D. Murphy, wife, 56, married (3)8 years, Iowa; Minnie Miller, daughter 33 Iowa; Frances Murphy, son 24 Iowa trucker, Betty Murphy, daughter-in-law 17, Iowa, Raymond Keefer, grandson 17 Iowa, Shirly Miller granddaughter 4 Iowa.


(A2a) Minnie Murphy (1904/1905) married 9 June 1920 Corning, Adams County, Iowa to Kenneth Bryant Keefe (divorced) and 2nd to __ Miller


(A2b) Frances H. Murphy (son, 22 May 1915 to 25 July 1978 and died Creston, Union Co, Iowa and buried Carl Cemetery, Adams County, Iowa per   Married 1s to Betty Jean Lawrence (14 April 1923 Forsyth, Montana to January 1951 and buried Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning, Adams Co., Iowa per   He married 2nd 5 December 1968 to Alice Isabel Shinkle (10 October 1916 Corning, Adams Co. Iowa to 25 August 2000 and buried Carol Cemetery Adams County< Iowa.).


16 October 1940 draft card states Francis Harold Murphy, next of kin – Mrs. Betty Murphy, wife of Corning, Adams County, Iowa.  Family records not available but aware of one son with mother being Betty Jean Lawrence):


(A2b1). Lawrence James Murphy (15 July 1941 – birth certificate – mother Betty Jean Murphy,


(A-3). John Barton Murphy was born on Monday, (24) or 25 August 1884* and died 12 April 1899* at the age of 14 and is buried at the Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning, Adams County, Iowa.


(A-4). Orris James Murphy was born on Thursday 27 August 1886* and died 2 March 1954 and is buried at Valley Memorial Park, Spring Valley, Bureau Co, Illinois per   He married Carrie Agnes Lehnhausen (22 October 1891 Lenore, LaSalle Co., Illinois to 5 June 1977 and buried same cemetery.  They had two children born after 1920 at La Salle, La Salle County, Illinois (her family record). 


1930 U.S. Census of Hope, La Salle, Illinois: Orris J. Murphy, head, 46, married 26? Years, 43 Iowa, farmer; Carrie A. Murphy 38, married 21 years, 38 Ill. Wife; Gaylord A. Murphy, son, 7, Ill; Shirley T. Murphy, daughter 3 Illinois.


(A4a). Gaylord Anthony Murphy, “Murph” (30 October 1922 at Magnolia, Putnam Co., Illinois to 17 January 2005 and buried Saint Joseph Cemetery, Spring Valley, Bureau Co, Ill. per  He married 20 September 1947 Arlington, Bureau Co., Illinois to E. Catherine McCauley at Arlington, Bureau Co., IL (3 December 1922 Raywick, Marion Co. Ky to 2 September 2021 Peru, LaSalle Co. Illinois and buried same cemetery).    Three children: Patricia Donna Maureen (Terry) Holzner, Gayle Murphy of Mequon, Ozaukee Co., WI (male) per obid on wife and grandchildren include Peter Murphy and his wife Alyssa; great grandchildren include Samuel Murphy.         


(A4b). Shirley Theresa Murphy (8 March 1927 Losant, LaSalle Co., Ill at La Salle, Illinois to 12 October 2014 Peru, La Salle Co., Ill. And buried Valley memorial Park, Spring Valley, Bureau Co., Illinois per  She married Emil Pizzamiglio on 1 June 1946 at Arlington, Illinois and had two children. 


(A-5). Lottie Rachel Murphy was born Friday, 18 October 1889* and died 26 February 1949 (family record) or 26 February 1944 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California (obid with errors/ as “Lottie Murphy Scamahorn.”   There is much confusion over her.   One record indicates her first name to be Charlotte.  Her middle name of “Rachel” comes from the county marriage record.  Her father’s 1939 obit names her “Lottie Hayward” of Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California.   Census records after 1910 have not been found yet. 


Lottie married 1st on 12 June 1904 Corning, Adams County, Iowa 1904 to Fred Scammahorn of Corning, Adams County, Iowa (county record) and had two sons.  The 1910 census to follow indicates she married 2nd about 1909 to Fred Duncan (born 1880/81) and family records fail to mention Duncan.  It was reported that Lottie married 3rd on 7 March 1914 at Seattle, Washington to James L. Coney, but cannot confirm.   


1910 U.S. Census of 7th Street, City of Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa: Duncan, Fred, head, 39, married 1 year, Carpenter, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa; Lottie Duncan, wife, 20, Married 1 year, Iowa, Ill, Iowa; Edward Scammahorn, stepson 5, Iowa, Ill, Ia; Lewis Scammahorn, stepson 3, Ia, Il, Ia; Louisa Murphy, mother-in-law, 52, Divorced, Missouri, Ind, Ind; Doris Murphy, sister-in-law, 12, Ia, Il, Mo.


Children of Lottie Rachel Murphy + Fred Scammahorn:


(A5a). William Edward Scammahorn or William Edwin Scammahorn was born 7 May 1905 at Corning, Adams County, Iowa.  Very traceable.


(A5b). Lewis Scammahorn was born 1 September 1907 at Corning, Adams County, Iowa.


(A-6). Ernest Jesse Murphy was born Thursday, 4 August 1892 in Mavern, Mills County, Iowa and died February 1963 and is buried Oak Lawn Cemetery, Dwight, Livingston Co, Ill. Per   He used Ernest for his first name and married 1st about 1913 at the age of 22 (per 1930 census) to __ and 2nd on 21 March 1921 Livingston County, Illinois to Hansine "Christine" Paulsen (Poulsen) Larsen (November 2, 1888 to March 1983) who emigrated from Denmark in 1906.   Christine married first to Ole Larsen who died of a heart attack and had at least one daughter and possibly more children. *

* Megan McCloskey, emails courtesy 11 & 16 August 2010.   

Ernest J. Murphy- Christian Larsen marriage is also recorded in Livingston County, Illinois.    


              John Zdroj remembers his grandparents Ernest and Christine Murphy: “I lived with them for about one year when I was a small child.   My mother (Virginia Murphy Zdroj) wasn’t expected to live from cancer so all of us kids were shipped out to relatives of Mom’s.  Grandpa was a farmer most of his life but sometime in the 1950’s he got out of farming and became a carpenter until he retired.  He was a big time Chicago White Sox fan!  Grandma was a sweet old woman.  She was taller than Grandpa.  He was kind of on the short side, maybe 5 foot 4 inches.  For the 13 years I knew him, he always had pure white hair.” 


Grandma had two older brothers that were farmers – Uncle Karl and Otto.  They were from North or South Dakota.  They also came from Denmark before Grandma.  I remember them telling me, before they came to the U.S., they were told the streets were made of gold over, here.  They said they were really disappointed when they got here.” 

John Zdroj, courtesy email 27 April 2016.  John, thank you for the memories!   


Details for Ernest Murphy + 1st wife name unknown + 2nd wife Christine Poulsen


1917 June 5: "Ernest J. Murphy" filled out his draft registration card, stating he was born 4 August 1898 in Malvern (Mills County), Iowa, was single, a farm laborer employed by Louis George in Pierce-? Township, living in Hinckley, De Kalb County, Illinois, medium height, brown eyes, black hair, and claimed poor eyes.

1920 U.S. Census of Hope, La Salle, Illinois stated Ernest J. Murphy was age 27, born Iowa, "divorced," and indicated that he was living by himself.         

1921 March 21: Ernest Murphy married Mrs. "Christine" Larsen, the 2nd marriage for both of them.

1930 U.S Census of Goodfarm, Grundy County, Illinois: Ernest Murphy, age 37, farmer, age 22 when first married, born Iowa; Christina Murphy, wife, age 41, age 26, born Denmark, age 26 when first married; Louise Murphy, 8 Illinois; Vernia-? Murphy 6 Illinois; Ernest Murphy 4 Illinois; Edna Larson step daughter, 18, single, Illinois

Viola Murphy step daughter 16 single Illinois.

1940 US Census of Vienna Township, Grundy County, Illinois: Ernest Murphy with wife Christina, children Louise, Virginia, Ernest, Jr. and Betty Murphy.

1942: "Ernest Jesse Murphy, Sr." filled out a WW II draft registration card stating he lived in Verona, Grundy County, Illinois, and was born 4 August 1892 Malvern, Iowa.

1963 February: Social Security record for "Ernest Murphy" stated he died in Illinois on February 1963.

1983 March – Grundy County, Illinois: "Christine Murphy" filled out her social security record stating she was born 2 November 1888.  She died March 1983 and her last residence was Morris, Grundy County, Illinois.   


Children of Earnest Murphy + 1st wife __.


(A6a) Viola Murphy (~1913/14) is found on the 1930 U.S. Census of Goodfarm, Grundy County, Illinois. 


Children of Earnest Murphy + Christine Paulsen:


(A6b). Louise Murphy Hanley (1921/22) has a last known location in Morris, Grundy County, Illinois. *  Louise Hanley was named as a sister when Virginia Zdroj died.

US Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection,


(A6c). Virginia Lorraine Murphy Zdroj (12 November 1923 Gardner, Grundy County, Illinois to 18 September 2013 Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri) married Edward James Zdroj, Sr. (November 1919 to February 1992), and both are buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.).*   Both were Navy veterans.

John Zdroj, email courtesy 27 April 2016.

“Virginia Lorraine Zdroj” is the given name at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, per

Birth locations from US Cemetery and death location from Funeral Home Collection,   


(A6d) Ernest James Murphy, “JR” (19 February 1926 Dwight, Livingston County, Illinois^^ to 23 January 2002 and buried Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Elwood, Will County, Illinois per “was a Corporal in the USMC during WWII and was a rear gunner in some kind of aircraft.  Mom (Virginia Murphy Zdroj) said he had been shot down twice during the war in the Pacific.  All his sisters and parents always called him “JR.”   Gravestone also states “beloved husband and father.”  Married Doris J. Scubic (4 March 1930 to 22 Sept. 2017 and buried same cemetery) 17 September 1949 Morris County, Illinois.    Children need to be identified.  SS indicated his last known address was 202 Pin Oak Dr., Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois.

John Zdroj, email courtesy 27 April 2016.

Birthplace from SS application, last known address is from SS Claims, per     


(A6e). James Murphy died at childbirth*

(A6f). Edith "Edi" Murphy Allison (deceased) *


(A6g). Betty Christine Murphy (1934 -1994 and buried in Fairview Cemetery, Northern Arkansas) married on 30 August 1952 to Delmar R. "Dick" White (20 February 1932 to 9 July 2011 Baxter County, Arkansas, per**).*   They lived in Illinois until about 1976, then in Lakeview, Baxter County, Arkansas.   Delmar was an owner of the Lakeview Boat Dock in Baxter County. **   These are the grandparents of Megan McCloskey.            


(A-7). Doris May Murphy was born Tuesday 18 January 1898* in Iowa and a letter by her indicated she was living in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington about 1920.  She married Paul Flieder before 1917 and lived in Kitsap County and Howard Edward Jones on 10 March 1958 Kitsap County, Washington.  See her letter.  She had one daughter: (A7a). Albertine Fleider (~1919).


1910 U.S. Census of 7th Street, City of Corning, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa: Duncan, Fred, head, 39, married 1 year, Carpenter, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa; Lottie Duncan, wife, 20, Married 1 year, Iowa, Ill, Iowa; Edward Scammahorn, stepson 5, Iowa, Ill, Ia; Lewis Scammahorn, stepson 3, Ia, Il, Ia; Louisa Murphy, mother-in-law, 52, Divorced, Missouri, Ind, Ind; Doris Murphy, sister-in-law, 12, Ia, Il, Mo.


1930 U.S. Census of Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington: Paul Fleider 42, married 27 years, born Nebraska, Proprietor Grocery Store; Doris Fleider 32 wife Iowa; Albertine Fleider 11 Washington, daughter.


(A-8 to A/10). Infants that didn't survive were Oswald Murphy was born Friday, 19 September 1879* and died at childbirth or within the first year. *  Infant daughter was born Thursday, 18 October 1888* and an infant daughter was born Sunday 3 November 1895.


Some Children of Cal Murphy and Millie __:


(B-1?). Betty Hughes or Bessie M. Murphy (~1910 Iowa).  Jordan Calaway Murphy’s obit states her name to be Betty Hughes.  Not understood, but was she adopted or did her mother have an earlier marriage.


(consider) 1930 US Census of Long Beach Township, Los Angeles Co., California:  Betty Hughes 19, Lodger in house of Mary Baldwin age 73. 


(consider) 1940 US Census of Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas, 514 Monroe St:  Betty Hughes 30, Lodger, born Missouri, Living in Long Beach, California in 1935, in boarding house of Harold and Virginia Cook. 


(B-2). Ruth Murphy (1916/17 Kansas) married John W. Williams and had at least one daughter (B2a). Lara K. Williams (1933) – see below.

(B-3). Kathleen Murphy (1919 Kansas) married William E. Hunsucker or Hansacker  


1940 US Census of Topeka, Shawnee Co., 1425 North Jackson St:

William E. Hunsacker 46, head, born Texas, Cycle Foreman building construction, Cathleen Hunsucker 21 wife, KS, Margarie Hunsucker 17 KS, daughter; Donald Hunsucker 3 son KS; John W. Williams 48 brother-in-law KS, Ruth Williams 24 sister-in-law KS, Lara K. Williams 7 niece, KS.