Stewart Ellison - 2nd Generation

Stewart Ellison

Elizabeth Melvina Blake



Stewart Ellison

Born:  1 May 1809 in Ireland.  Near Londonderry?

Died:  1888 at Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas and is reported buried at the Baptist Churchyard in Minneapolis.

Married 31 October 1832 at Lawrence County, Ohio to Elizabeth Blake (county record)

Parents:  James Ellison, Sr. (1776 – 1865) and Mary Stewart (1788 - >1870)


Elizabeth Melvina Blake

Born: 1811 in Ohio

Died:  1889, probably at Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas

Parents:  David Blake (1764 – 1854) and Martha Daggett (1765 – 1849), early pioneers of Ohio.  This source is from Hope McFarland. 

J.R. Murphy, - revised 16 February 2005


            Stewart and Elizabeth Blake Ellison are most deserving to be remembered, but much work is needed to recover their story.  They lived in the following locations:


            1840 and 1850:  Tiffin Township, Adams County, Ohio

            1860:  Post Office of Wheat Ridge, Oliver Township, Adams County, Ohio

            1870: Osage Township, Miami County, Kansas

            1880: Center Township, Ottawa County, Kansas 


            Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth Blake were married in Lawrence County, Ohio in 1832.  It is now confirmed Elizabeth's brother David Blake, Jr. and his wife Mary were living in Franklin Township of Adams County beginning about 1830.  Even her brother Jabez M. Blake is mentioned in their 1834 deed.  Stewart somehow met Elizabeth while she was visiting in Adams County and they married in Lawrence County at a location near the home of her parents.  David and Martha Blake lived in the SW corner of Gallia County.



Adams County, Ohio Deeds for Stewart Ellison


            On 1 January 1839, James Rogers and his wife Mary Ann of Mercer County, Ohio deed to "Steward Ellison" of Adams County for $3128 and tract of 60 acres on the waters of Lick Fork of Bursh Creek, on the most southerly corner of Andrew Ellison's survey #4921.  Witnesses: Robert Grant, Benjamin Manley.  Signed: James Rogers, MaryAnn Rogers.  (Deed book 20, page 163.) 


            On 11 January 1842, Samuel Stewart paid $30 to Stewart Ellison for one brown mare, payable 1 September 1843 with interest.  Signed: Samuel Stewart.  (Deed Book 22, page 404)


            On 4 November 1846, Thomas Huston and his wife Mary E. Huston deed to Stewart Ellison of Adams County for $229 a tract of 10 acres on the waters of Lick Fork, Bursh Creek to the corner McClennand's land.  Witnesses:  Ellen Ralstin, J. Hempleman.  Signed: Thomas Huston, Mary Huston.  Recorded 29 April 1851.  (deed Book 32, page 477)


            On 10 June 1848, John Dunkin and his wife Orphy Dunkin of Adams County deeded to Stewart Ellison for $25, part of lot #5, laying NE in lot 5, situate in the town of Dunkinsville.  Witnesses:  Oliver Vreber, Sara Kane Dunkin:  Signed: John Dunkin, Orpha Dunkin.  


            On 25 June 1849, Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth Ellison, his wife of Adams County, deeded for $200 to Orlando Murphy of Adams County lot #4 in Tiffen Township, with buildings in Dunkinsville.  Witnesses: Oliver Vreber, J.P., John T. Vreber.  Signed: Stewart Ellison, Elizabeth M. Ellison. (Deed Book 29, page 27)


            On 16 January 1855, Leonard Foutts and his wife Elizabeth deeded to Stewart Ellison 9 ¾ acres of land for $29.25 on the waters of Lick Fork of the Ohio Brush Creek in Tiffin Township, part of survey #14078 adn #15407 entered in the names of E.P. Hendrick and patented to William Robe.  Witnesses:  Oliver Vreber, Minerva Vreber.  Signed: Leonard Foutts, Elizabeth Foutts.  Pecorded 15 January 1855.  (Deed Book 33, page 244).


            On 6 April 1856, Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth M. Ellison of Adams County sold to John Ames of Adams County, for $323.75 land (64 acres) on waters of Lick Fork of Bush Creek, part of a survey #12772.  Witnesses:  John Ellison and J.C. Milligan.  Signed: Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth M. Ellison.  ( Deed book 35, page 227)


            On 2 August 1858, Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth M Ellison, his wife of Adams County deeded to Hannah Ames for $35 a tract of 7 acres in Adams County on the waters of Lick Fork of Brush Creek, bounded by J.B. McClelland's land and was part of Jacob Dulys survey.  Witnesses:  John Oliver, Joshua H. Oliver.  Signed Stewart Ellison, Elizabeth M. Ellison. (Deed Book 36, page 663.)     



            From Arthur B. Ellison in 1952:  “Stewart Ellison was an underground man (in Ohio).  That is he helped slaves escape across the Ohio River and run them north to the next station.  Father (Stewart) went clear through the Civil War.  First 3 years as an enlisted private.  The last two as scout and spy.  Was caught and sentenced to be shot but got away.”   So far confirming this has been unsuccessful.  .


            Stewart Ellison at about age 60 and his wife Elizabeth came to Kansas before 1870, settling first in Miami County, Kansas and then northwest of Tescott, Ottawa County, Kansas.  (From Hope McFarland, undated, but before 1968).  A ¾ section of land in Ottawa County originally granted him was held by his great-granddaughter, Bernice E. Murphy, until the 1990’s.  Stewart Ellison's name was carved in the wall of a tiny rock canyon on the property which crested high to overlook the landmark of Rock City to the northeast.


            Stewart Ellison died in 1888 and “the funeral was in the Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Kansas, and was attended by a large congregation as he was an old resident and highly respected (from a newspaper clipping).”


     Information on the children comes from Arthur B. Ellison, Hope McFarland (1905-1968), and census records.   The children of Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth Blake:


(I). Harriet Ellison was born 10 December 1839 (1830 to 1840 per census) and died in Adams County before 1850 (suggested by 1850 census).


(II). Joseph Ellison was born possibly 1835 and 1840 (per census) and died in Adams County before 1850.


(III). Mary Jane Ellison was born between 1836 and 1840 (per census) and died at the age of 20.


(IV). Thomas Blake Ellison was born 3 February 1842 in Adams County, Ohio and died 13 May 1927 Medford, Portland, Oregon.  He married on 11 October 1874 at Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas to Mary E. Knox, who was born at Decorah, Iowa on 4 January 1853 and died 22 June 1944 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Bessie Medley of Portland, Oregon.   They lived in Kansas for 21 years, in Missouri for 4.5 years, and 32 years in and near Medford, Oregon. 


            Thomas B. Ellison was a volunteer in company D, 24th Ohio Regiment and served in the army of the Cumberland and throughout the war.  He was a member of the Masonic lodge in Minneapolis, Kansas.  In 1878-9 was a member of the Kansas House Legislature (Greenback Party) and for many years he was a township trustee of Ottawa County.  He also was a member of Chester A. Post, Grand Army of the Republic (Info from Hope E. McFarland, undated).


            Children of Thomas Blake Ellison and Mary Knox are: 


            (1) Arthur B. Ellison (21 April 1876) married about 1912 to Emma H.   His letter is recorded in the James Ellison Chapter, and was earlier given the incorrect middle initial of "W.".  Census records indicate they lived in:


            1910 Medford City, Jackson County, Oregon

            1920 and 1930 Portland City, Multnomah County, Oregon

            1953 Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon.


            Arthur and Emma Ellison had 2 daughters.

                        (i) Mary T. Ellison (1906/07). 

                        (ii) Dorothy M. Ellison (1909/1910) and died 1926, per A. B. Ellison.



            (2) Enid Ellison (July, 1880) and married Labon O. or Otto? Caster and lived in Phoenix, Oregon. 


            1910 U.S. Census - Roxy Precinct, Jackson County, Oregon

            1920 U.S. Census – East Phoenix, Jackson County, Oregon


            Their children are (per census records):


                        (i) Elva E. Caster (1901/02)

                        (ii) Thomas M. Caster (1904/05)

                        (iii) Marjorie C. Caster (1906/07)

                        (iv) Sybil E. Caster (1912/13)                


            (3) Harold S. Ellison (September 1883) who married Ada __ and lived in Carson, Washington.  1920 and 1930 Census records do not indicate children and locates them at:


            1920 and 1930 – Wind River Precinct, Skamania County, Washington.


            (4) Bessie Ellison (28 June 1888 to June 1983 at Sacremento, Sacremento County, California) who married to Grover William Medley.   They had two sons (per census) and in 1930 had Mary Ellison, widow age 76, living with them.  They are recorded living in the following locations:


            1920 and 1930 Medford, Jackson County, Oregon     


            (5) Frank Ellison was born in January 1896 and died in February 17, 1946 at St. Paul, Minnesota and married Sadie __.   Frank was a railroad engineer on the Milwaukee Railroad for 30 years (from Arthur B. Ellison letter).   Frank married at the age of 30 to Sarah _ who was born in Denmark and had a prior marriage.   The 1930 census record suggests they had one daughter and several children from her previous marriage.   Frank lived in the following locations, per census records:


            1920 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, alone in a boarding house

            1930 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.


(V).  Hannah "Fannie" Ellison was born November 1845 in West Union, Adams County, Ohio and died May 2, 1921 in Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas.  She was called Aunt Fannie and married in 1881 to Henry C. Mason.  From A. B. Ellison: Henry Mason was a cattle buyer and dealt in stocks.  His people were Bostonians and quite wealthy.  A West Union, Ohio Newspaper clipping (no date):  “Mrs. H.C. Mason of Minneapolis, Kansas is enjoying a pleasant visit her cousins, Supt. T. W. Ellison and lady, of the Home.  She has also been visiting the scenes of her childhood and girlhood days in and about Dunkinsville. She will perhaps be better recollected by her old friend as the accomplished daughter of Stewart Ellison.”  There were no children.


(VI). Ann "Annie" Elizabeth Ellison was born September 12, 1846/48 at West Union, Ohio and died November 5, 1892.   She came to Kansas with her parents and married on 19 March 1874 to Andrew "Andy" J. Smith (born January 1846).  They had one son, Frank Ellison Smith (April 1882) who was raised in part by Hannah Frances Ellison and Sue Ellison Eckart.  After Ann Elizabeth died, Andrew Smith married 2nd (about 1894) to Lovie __, and had at least one son, Ray E. Smith, born March 1897.   The 1910 U.S. Census of Los Angeles City, Los Angles County, California indicated "Frank Ellison Smith" was a boarder there.


            From A.W. Ellison:  Andy Smith ran an implement house in Minneapolis for years.  Frank Smith got a patent on a Smith typewriter in the Swedish language and made a million on it.  He died of heart trouble about in the 1920's, I think, or early 1930”s.”


            Children of Ann Elizabeth Ellison and Andrew Smith:


            (1). Frank E. Smith was born April 1882 in Kansas          


(VII). Susan "Sue" Lodocis Ellison (1854 West Union, Adams County, Ohio to 27 April 1944).  Sue was the youngest child and married William F. Eckart.   "Lodocis" may be misspelled and could possibly be "Ladocia," from her Aunt Ladocia Blake Wood.  West Union birth location is from the Lincoln Sentinel-Republican Newspaper (Kansas) obit on Sue Ellison Eckart.  See the William F. Eckart write-up for more details.        


                     Census Records for Stewart Ellison and Elizabeth Blake:


1840 U.S. Census of Tiffin Township, Adams County, Ohio, page 62:


            Stewart Ellison, 1 male + 2 females 0-<5; 2 females 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 20-<30; 1 male 30-<40.   On same census page is the family of James Ellison, age 60-<70 and a second James Ellison, age 40-<50, possibly his brother.  This census suggests but does not prove that there are two females between 0-<10 ages that are not in the above list of children.


1850 U.S. Census for Tiffin Township, Adams County, Ohio


          Stewart Ellison, age 41, born Ohio; Elizabeth Ellison 40, Ohio; Mary J. Ellison 13, Ohio; Thomas Ellison 10, Ohio; Hannah Ellison 4, Ohio; Ann Ellison 3, Ohio


1860 U.S. Census of  Post Office of Wheat Ridge, Oliver Township, Adams County, Ohio:


            Stewart Ellison 51, farmer, Ireland; Elizabeth Ellison 49, Ohio; Mary J. Ellison 20, Ohio; Thomas B. Ellison 18 Ohio; Hannah Ellison 15 Ohio; Ann Ellison 12 Ohio; Susan Ellison 9 Ohio; William Ellison 15 farmer laborer.  


1870 U.S. Census of P.O Stanton, Osage Township, Miami County, Kansas, page 426a:


            Stewart Ellison 63, farmer, born Ireland; Elizabeth Ellison 60, Ohio; Thomas B. Ellison 28, Ohio, farmer; Hanna F. Ellison 21, Ohio; Ann Ellison 19 Ohio; Susan Ellison 16 Ohio.


1880 U.S. Census for Center Township, Ottawa County, Kansas


        Stewart Ellison 71, farmer, born Ireland, parents both born Ireland; Elizabeth Elllison 70, wife, born Ohio, Parents both born Massachusetts; Francis Ellison 27, daughter, teacher, born Ohio; Larshad?, adopted, 15, Ohio, parents born Ohio; Laurs, James, 76, servant.   


1880 U.S. Census for Culver Township, Ottawa County, Kansas: Census taker – T.B. Ellison.  


        Ellison, Thomas B, 37, farmer, Ohio, Ireland, Ohio; Mary E. Ellison, 27 wife, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts; Arthur Ellison 4, son, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois.


1900 U.S. Census of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas:


            Henry C. Mason, may 1844, age 56, married 19 years, Cuba, Maine, Mass; Francis Mason, November 1850, 49, M-19 years, no children, Ohio, Ireland, Mass.


            Andrew Smith, January 1846, 54, married 6 years, Illinois, Ky, Ky, dry goods; Lovie Smith, August 1864, 35, Married 6 years, one child, one living, N.Y. N.Y. N.Y.; Frank E. Smith, son, April 1882, 18, Kan, Ill, Ohio; Ray E. Smith, March 1897, 3, Kansas.


1900 U.S. Census of Roxy Precinct, Jackson County, Oregon


            Thomas B. Ellison, February 1842, 58, married 26 years, Ohio, Ireland, Ohio; Mary E. Ellison, January 1853, 47, married 26 years, 6 children, 5 living; Illinois, Conn, Mass; Arthur B. Ellison, April 1876, 24, Kansas; Enid Ellison, July 1880, 19; Harold S. Ellison, September 1883, 16, Bessie Ellison, June 1888, 11; Frank Ellison, January 1896, 10.


1910 U.S. Census of South Medford Precinct, Medford City, Jackson County, Oregon


            Thomas B. Ellison 67, married 26 years, Ohio, England/Ireland, Ohio

Mary E. Ellison 57, wife, married 26 years, 6 children, 5 living, Illinois, Conn, Mass; Bessie Ellison, 21, Kansas; Frank Ellison 20 Kansas; Harold Ellison 27, Kansas.


1910 U.S. Census of Roxy Township, Jackson County, Oregon:


            L.O. Castor, 40, married 9 years, Missouri, ?, Iowa; Enid Castor 28, married 9 years, 3 children, 3 living; Kansas, Ohio, Iowa; Elva Castor 8, Oregon; Thomas Castor 5, Oregon; Margory Castor 3, Oregon.


1910 U.S. Census of Los Angeles City. Los Angeles County, California:


            Frank Ellison Smith, lodger, 27, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio


1920 U.S. Census of Portland City, Multnomah County, Oregon


            Arthur B. Ellison 43, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois; Emma Ellison 43, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri; Mary T. Ellison, 13, Oregon, Dorothy M. Ellison 10, Oregon.


1920 U.S. Census of City of Medford, Jackson County, Oregon


            Thomas B. Ellison 77, Ohio, Ireland, Ohio; Mary E. Ellison 67, Ill, Conn, Mass.


            Grover W. Medley 31, Missouri, Missouri, Kentucky; Bessie E. Medley 31, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois; John W. Medley 7, Oregon.


1920 U.S. Census of East Phoenix, Jackson County, Oregon


            Labon O. Caster, 49, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio; Enid E. Caster, wife, 39, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa; Elva E. Caster 18 Oregon, Thomas M. Caster 15 Oregon; Marjorie C. Caster 12, Oregon; Sybil E. Caster 7, Oregon.


1920 U.S. Census of Wind River Precinct, Skamania, Washington:


            Harold Ellison 36, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois; Ada E. Ellison 29, Oregon, California, Vermont.


1920 U.S. Census of St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota:


            Frank Ellison 22, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa, Railroad, boarder in house of Sarah McDrew(?).


1930 U.S. Census of Wind River, Skamania County, Washington:


            Harold S. Ellison 45, married first at age 27, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois; Addie Ellison 41, married first at age of ?  Oregon, California, Wisconsin.


1930 U.S. Census of Bayless (Street, Avenue?), St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota:


            Frank Ellison 40, married first at age 30, Kansas, Ireland, Iowa; Sarah Ellison, wife 48, married first at age 18; Denmark, Denmark, Denmark; Vivian Ellison 23 Minnesota; Evelyn Ellison 20, Minnesota; Rosemary Ellison 9, Minnesota.


1930 U.S. Census of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon:


            Arthur B. Ellison 53, married first at age 35, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois; Emma H. Ellison 53, married first at age 16, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri.


1930 U.S. Census of Medford, Jackson County, Oregon.


            William Medley 41, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, married first at age 23; Bessie Medley, wife, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, married first at age 23; John W. Medley, son, 17, Oregon; William Medley, son, 5 Oregon, Mary Medley, mother-in-law, 76, Widow, Illinois.