Squire Boone – 2nd Generation Boone


Squire Boone – 2nd Generation Boone

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Squire Boone

   Born:  25 November 1696 at Devonshire County, England

Died:  2 January 1765 Rowan County, North Carolina.  Buried at the Joppa Cemetery, Mocksville, Davie County, North Carolina

   Married:  Sarah Morgan on 23 September 1720 at Philadelphia County, Pa.

   Parents:  George Boone was born 19 March 1666 at Stoke, Devonshire County,

            England and died 27 February 1744 at Exeter Township, (now) Berks County,

            Pennsylvania.   Mary   Maugridge was born 1668/1669 at Bradninch, Exeter,

            Devonshire County, England and died 2 February 1740 at Exeter Township, (now) Berks County, Pennsylvania.

    Immigration: before 1713

    Occupation: Blacksmith and weaver


Sarah Morgan

   Born:  1700 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

   Died:  1777 Rowan County, North Carolina

   Parents:  Edward Morgan and Elizabeth __


                  2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, last revision 7 March 2009.


     This brief Boone review is written for to give continuity to our family story.  More definitive research and sources can be found elsewhere, including numerous Boone books at the libraries.   The Boone Society, Inc, at http://www.boonesociety.org  publishes the "Compass," a quarterly newsletter.   Newer findings are available here.  

George Boone (1666-1744 + Mary Maugridge (1668/69-1740)


     George Boone + Mary Maugridge (both Quakers) lived in America in the following locations.


(1) Abington, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1717  

(2) North Wales, Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, Pa. 1718+

(3) near Reading, Oley Township,(now) Berks County, Pa.,

(4) Exeter Township, Berks County, Pa.


Squire Boone (1696-1765) + Sarah Morgan (1700-1770)


    Squire Boone + Sarah Morgan (both Quakers) lived in the following locations:


(1). Chalfont, New Britain Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1718 – tenant farmer, not yet married.  After their marriage, reported they lived here and not Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

(2). Purchased his farm at Chalfont, New Britain Township, Bucks County, Pa., 1728              

(3). Oley (now Exeter) Township, now Berks County, Pa, 1730 to 1750.   Homestead built here and sold 11 April 1750..


            As time passes, problems with the Friends of Exeter Quakers force Squire to move to North Carolina.  First his daughter (1742), who was already pregnant, married John Willcockson, who was not a Quaker, making a very difficult situation for Squire.  Then, Israel Boone married a woman who was not Quaker (1747).


(4). Yadkin Valley about 1750, (old Anson County, future 1753 Rowan County, later 1836+ Davie County, North Carolina).


            Squire purchased for 10 shillings a large tract (640 acres) of land on Bear Creek from agents of Earl of Granville, 29 December 1753.  Near his land lived the family of Joseph Bryan; four of Squire’s children marry Bryans.  In 12 October 1759, Squire Boone and his wife, Sarah, deeded to Daniel Boone, son of said Squire Boone, 640 acres on Bear Creek granted by Granville 29 December 1753.  During this time, increasing Indian Wars forced Squire Boone and some children eastward, possibly to Maryland.  When he returned, he became a Justice of the Rowan County Court of Pleas.   Squire, Sr. died in 1765.


Children of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan are:


(1). Sarah Boone was born 7 June 1724 at Bucks County, Pennsylvania and died 1815 Madison County, Kentucky.  She married John Willcockson on 1742 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  See next generation.


(2). Israel Boone was born 9 May 1726 at Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died ?.  He married Martha __, on 1747 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  In 1747, Exeter Friends (Quaker) meeting condemned Israel’s marriage because Martha was not a Quaker.  They settled at early Fort Boonesborough with title to 1400 acres, after which the deed later proved invalid.


(3). Samuel Boone was born 20 May 1728 at Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died about 1816 in Fayette County, Kentucky.


(4). Jonathan Boone was born 6 December 1730 in __ County, Pennsylvania.


(5). Elizabeth Boone was born 5 February 1732 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 25 February 1825 in Kentucky.  She married William Grant, Jr. about 1750 in North Carolina.


(6). Daniel Boone was born 22 October 1734 at Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 26 September 1820 at St. Charles County, Missouri.  He married Rebecca Bryan, age 17, a tall brunette, on 14 August 1756 in Rowan County, North Carolina. 


            In 1759, Daniel bought 640 acres from his father in Rowan County (now Davie County), on Bear Creek slightly east of Center, N.C. (Interstate 40).  On 25 April 1759, Daniel and John Boone became military scouts for Rowan County, and were sent out after Daniel Hossey and others were killed by Indians.   In 13 July 1763, Rowan County ordered a wagon road to be built from Shallow Ford on the Yadkin River to the town of Salisbury; those enlisted to aid the project were Samuel Bryan, Morgan Bryan, James Bryan, Robert Forbush, and Daniel Boon.  On 21 February 1764, Daniel Boone and his wife Rebeckah (signed with “x”) sold to Aaron Vancleave the 640 acres on Bear Creek.  In 13 October 1764, Daniel Boone claimed a bounty from Rowan County for one wolf. 


            By 1764, Daniel Boone was employed by Richard Henderson to explore new country for land speculation and sale.  In May 1769, he accompanied a group to pass through Cumberland Gap and explore Kentucky.  It is almost a year before he saw Rebecca again.  On 15 February 1770, Morgan Bryant, Daniel Boone, and others were ordered to lay off a road from one that led from the Shallow Ford to Millers and through the great gap of Brushey Mountain to George Boons at the mouth of Beaver Creek.  This road was to strike Mr. Montgomery’s road near the main Yadkin River.


            In 1772, he was living inside the eastern end of future Tennessee at a place called Sapling Grove, probably with Rebecca and family.  In September 1773, he and Squire Jr. joined pioneer families heading into Kentucky for settlement, but most returned after an Indian attack.  In 1774, James Harrod founded Fort Harrod, the first settlement in Kentucky.  Harrod later became engaged in Lord Dunsmore’s War along 250 miles of frontier and the 1774 Battle of Point Pleasant (now West Virginia) along the Ohio River.  In 1775, Daniel Boone began clearing the Wilderness Road for settlers coming into Kentucky to purchase lands from Henderson’s Transylvania Company.  During the same year, Boone and his party began building Boonesborough, Madison County, Kentucky.  The rest of the story is well captured in many books.  Two of his sons, James Boone (1757 – 1773) and Israel Boone (1759 – 1782), were killed by Indians during the early Kentucky years.


(7). Mary  Boone was born 3 November 1736 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 6 July 1819 and is buried at Oakland Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell County, Kentucky.  She married William Bryan in Rowan County, N.C.  In May 1780, William Bryan was killed by Indians, possibly near Boonesborough.     Mary married 2nd on 17 September 1818 in Pendleton County, Kentucky to Charles Smith.


            Comment: Nolan Rice (email 6 December 2008) pointed out that the William Bryan surname has different spellings, including Bryant, Brian, and the one he strongly favored – Briant.  When Pat Hagan (Franzi) was queried about this, she replied:  "What a long standing argument this is about Bryan and Bryant.  The people at the Boone Society recently asked me to deal with another who insists on mixing up the families.   Our consensus is (1) William Bryant (son of Thomas) was born ca 1754 Orange County, North Carolina.  He married Rachel Wilcoxson and he died 1 October 1824 in Boone County, Missouri. (2) William Bryan (son of Morgan Bryan) was born 10 March 1733/34 in Virginia.  He married Mary Boone, and he and his son were killed near Bryan's Station, Fayette County, Kentucky in 1780.  Some people still insist on debating the spelling, but we all know what spelling was like in those days." (Pat Hagan, courtesy email of 7 December 2008).


(8). George Boone was born 2 January 1739 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 11 or 14 November 1820 at Shelby County, Kentucky.  He married Ann (Nancy) Linville about 1764.  In 21 December 1761, Granville sold to George Boone for 10 shillings sterling, 640 acres on both sides on Bear Creek adjacent Daniel Boone.  In 16 June 1766, George Boone and his wife Ann sold 320 acres on Bear Creek to James Stewart, which was adjacent to Daniel Boone’s land.  He later settled at early Fort Boonesborough with title to 1000 acres of land, later proven not valid.


(9). Edward Boone was born 19 November 1740 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died October 1780 in Kentucky.  He married Martha Bryan about 1758 in North Carolina and showed up on the 1759 Rowan County, N.C. tithable.  In October 1780, Edward joined Daniel on a trip to the Upper Blue Licks for salt, and was shot dead by an Indian bullet.


(10). Squire Boone, Jr. was born 5 October 1744 at Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died August 1815 at now Harrison County, Indiana.  He was a blacksmith.


            In 1770, he helped his brother Daniel to explore Kentucky and in September 1773, he joined with Daniel and other families to settle in Kentucky.  He later assisted Daniel in construction of Boonesborough and brought his family and the Bryans to settle there in 1775.  In 1778, Squire was slightly wounded during a bad Indian Siege at Fort Boonesborough, but his blacksmith shop helped with the defense.  He built two artillery canons from black gum trees, but on the second shot, one canon broke.  In 1779, the Transylvania land company failed when land warrants were not recognized by the Virginia (future Kentucky) Land Commission and in 1784 new owners took over.   In 1780, Squire Boone settled near present-day Shelbyville, Kentucky.  On 23 June 1780, Captain Squire Boone’s Company of pioneer soldiers was stationed at “Painted Stone” near now Shelbyville.  Indian attacks became so bad that everyone abandoned this settlement in 1781 and headed for Linn’s Fort.  Unfortunately, several were killed on the way to safety.  Squire, son of Squire, who was at the 1782 Battle of Blue Licks, rode his horse to safety and warned other settlers of their defeat, despite a broken leg.


(11). Hannah Boone was born 24 August 1746 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 1828 in Kentucky.  She married 1st to John Stewart and 2nd to Richard Pennington.