William Hogan 1777-1826




·       David Allen Bible Records from Helen Bandfield

·       Records - Elk Lick Baptist Church, Estill County, Kentucky

·               Humphrey Hogan (born 1809) in 1872 Lincoln County, Kansas

·                1805 Tax Record for William Hogan in Virginia

·                1831 and 1834 Arkansas for Washington Hogan?   

·       DNA Results link to Humphrey Hogan – the Long Hunter – See Part-N


This Review includes the following Hogans:


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(Part-A).  William Hogan “I” (1777 Tennessee to 1826 Kentucky) + wife Nancy Wadlow (1778 Maryland to 1835+ IN), and their children underlined from oldest to youngest.


(Part-B). Rebecca Hogan (1799 TN to 1873 Iowa) + James Morphew (1805 NC - 1871 IA).  Details found in James Morphew (1805) chapter.  Children: (B-1). Nancy Morphew (1826 to 1901) + James Scott + Elijah Eggers; (B-2). Rev. William H. Morphew (1829 to 1912) + Sarah Allumbaugh + Mary A. Hines; (B-3). Rebecca Mahala Morphew (1831 to 1900) + Elijah Allumbaugh + Thompson Cool + Al Keller; (B-4). Elizabeth Morphew (23 Dec. 1932 – child); (B-5). Ruth Ann Morphew (1834-1912) + Moses J. Tatum; (B-6) James Riley Morphew (1836 to 1912) + Sarah Melisa Smiddy; (B-7) Humphrey Sturges Morphew “I” (1839 to 1919) + Mary Ellen Shields + Amanda Gish; (B-8) Daniel Hiram Morphew (1841-1841); (B-9) Avis Selene Morphew “Celinda” (1842 to >1910) + Sylvanus Johnson; (B10). Ester Margaret Morphew (1846-1901) + Squire D. Morris.

(Part-C). William Hogan “II” (1801/04 TN to 1888 KS) + Hannah Allen? + Jane Gorden.  Children: (C-1). Mary Ann Hogan (1831 IN) + William H. Tharp; (C-2). James M. Hogan (1832/34 IN to 1900+) + Martha A. Blake; (C-3). Elizabeth Hogan (1837 IN to 1915 KS) + Elihu Hawkins Tharp; (C-4). William Anderson Hogan (1841 In to 1899 OK) + Abigail Ann Pitt; (C-5) Andrew Jackson Hogan (1843 IN to 1922 KS) + Anna M. __ + Sarah Emiline Sienallen; (C-6). Sarah J. Hogan (1846) + Jesse H. Beeson; (C-7). Dorcss Emilia Hogan, “Emma” (1846/47 IN) + Charles Fribie; (C-8). Martha E. Hogan (1850) + _ Adams; (C-9). Thomas J. Hogan (1852) + Ida P. _; (C10) Rachael Hogan (1855).

(Part-D). Washington Hogan (1802 to 1834 IN)

(Part-E). John W. Hogan (1803/05 VA to 1860+) + Cynthia Eggers (1806/07 to 1860+).  Children: (E-1). William Hogan (1825/30); (E-2). James Hogan (1828/29 to 1881+ MO) + Mary _ + Melinda Jane Todd; (E-3). _ Hogan (1825/30), (E-4). Sarah Hogan (1831/21 MO), (E-5). Daniel Franklin Hogan (1841/42 MO), (E-6). Jane Hogan (1853/54 MO)

(Part-F). Solomon Hogan (1805/09 to 1869 IN) + Abigail Monett.  Children: (F-1). Mariam Hogan (1831/32 to 1850); (F-2). Solomon Hogan “II” (1836/37); (F-3). Hannah Hogan (died 1850), (F-4). Nancy Hogan.

(Part-G). Humphrey Hogan (1809/10 KY to 1894 KS) + Jane Chambers.  Children: (G-1). Dr. William W. Hogan (~1840 IN to 1871 KS) + Ellen A. Bostwick; (G-2). Mary Jane Hogan (1834/35 to 1877) + Dr. James D. Gilpin; (G-3).  

(Part-H). Nancy Hogan (1811 KY to 1888 IA) + David Allen (1804/1811 NC to 1885).  Children: (H-1). William L. Allen (1829-1909) + Amanda Akens + Tabitha Eggers (1832); (H-2). Jonathan H. Allen (1832 to 1893) + Jemima Harlan; (H-3). Ruth A. Allen (1833); (H-4). James W. Allen (1835 IN to 1918) + Susannah Harlan; (H-5) Hester Allen (1837 IN); (H-6). Francis Wesley Allen, “Fanny” (1838-1901) + Melissa Allen; (H-7). Hannah J. Allen (1840-1841); (H-8). Clark D. Allen (1842 IN); (H-9). Solomon Marion Allen (1846 IN); (H10). Jane N. Allen (1846 In to 1930) + Nathan Harlen; (H11). Sarah Catherine Allen (1846 to 1849), (H12). Walter Leland Allen (1852 to 1904).

(Part-I). Mahala Hogan (1821) + Joseph T. Eggers (1820-1899 IN).  Also, found in Daniel Eggers, Sr. (1752) Chapter.  Children: (J-1). Mary E. Eggers (1839/40 IN), (J-2). Nancy M. Eggers (1842/44 IN); (J-3). George Dallas Eggers (1844); (J-4). Landrine Eggers (1845/46 IN); (J-5). Jesse B. Eggers (1847/48 IN), (J-6). William Joseph Eggers (1851/52 IN); (J-7). Julia A. Eggers (1858 to 1902 IN)

(Part-J). Hester Hogan/Ester Hogan (1821 KY to 1902) + Landrine Tatum (1827-1923).   Details in James Tatum (1755) chapter under James Tatum “II.”   Children: (L-1). James W. Tatum (1846/47 IA); (L-2). Tabitha Ellen Tatum (1849 IA), (L-3). Nancy Rebecca Tatum (1849/50 IA); (L-4). Clinton Asbury Tatum (1851/52 IA) + Julia Louise Baumgarden; (L-5). Rosetta or Susannah Tatum (1852 IA); (L-6). Lydia Tatum (1852/55 IA); (L-7) Margaret Tatum (~1856 IA) + _ Hayes; (L-8) Landrine J. Tatum (1859 to 1913) + Polly A. Halstead; (L-9). Mary Tatum (~1860 KS); (L10) Henry C. Tatum (1866 IA).

(Part-K. Elizabeth Hogan (1815/20 to 1835+); Part-L. Francis W. Hogan (>1821 to 1834/35+); Part-M. Thomas Hogan (late 1820’s to 1834/35+).


(Part-N, Part-0).  Finding the earliest years of William Hogan (1777) and Y-DNA results.       


Part-A.  William Hogan (1777 – 1826) and wife Nancy Wadlow/Wadlaw (1778 – 1835+)


William Hogan

     Born:  31 July 1777 ***, Tennessee ****.  (Stars indicate source, given below)

Died:  12 Feb. 1826 *** or 14 February 1826** in Estill County, Kentucky

Married to Nancy Wadlaw,* estimated ~1798 at unknown location

Parents: (1) Y-DNA results point to Humphrey Hogan (~1740's) + Rebecca Johnson; See Section XII for explanation.  (2) Also, four descendants of William Hogan were named Humphrey. 


Nancy Wadlow*

Born:  15 October 1778 *** or 15 October 1775 ** or 1779* in Maryland ****

Died:  8 October 1853 (very hard to read) *** (burial site needs to be identified).  Date doubted.  Last noted in 1835 and is possibly on an 1840 census.

Parents:  William Wadlaw* and Rachael Love (born in Maryland).*


Sources *


Gary Tharp and Bud Miller have tirelessly explored this family line with me and their help has been fantastic.  There is no way I can say enough about their efforts.   And to you, Bud, all those mailings to me now add up to a stack of papers 7 inches high!


(*1.) Information is from Mrs. Roy (Gladys) Allumbaugh of Boise, Idaho and is considered a family record.  Her source is probably a 1926 letter by B. Frank Allumbaugh, as related by Donna Alumbaugh in her 1981 book, “Allumbaugh and Alumbaugh Family – 1740-1981.”  This Allumbaugh source is our only record of the “Wadlow” or as written “Wadlau” surname.  Details follow in write-up below.


 (**2.) Information is from the Bible of James Morphew (1805) which was in the hands of Harold Morphew, a descendant of James Riley Morphew.  This was sent by ?  to myself in 1963 and discussed in a letter to Theodore R. Specht, dated 7 January 1964.  It was forgotten until kindly relayed by Jerry Specht in his 11/2002 e-mail.  This Bible does not give the maiden name for Nancy, wife of William Hogan.


(***3.) Information is from the Bible of David Allen (born 1804), who married Nancy Hogan (born 1811), courtesy of Helen Bandfield 11/2002).  This gives us our best dates.


(****4.) from US 1880 Census records.


(I). Our Earliest Family Record for William and Nancy Hogan


Our earliest record comes from Gladys Allumbaugh, Boise, Idaho in 1965, whose source was from some old family papers, probably by B. Frank Allumbaugh of Boise, Idaho in 1926, who wrote: 


“Rachel Love, born Maryland, married “William Wadlau.”   Daughter Nancy, born 1779, married William Hogan of Tennessee.  Their daughter Rebecca, born 1799 Tennessee, married James Morphew October 1825 Estill County, Kentucky....”


This letter is found in “Allumbaugh-Alumbaugh Family 1740-2001” by Donna Jean Allumbaugh, 2nd Edition, 2003, page 1330.  This Allumbaugh source included other family history information which appears very accurate.

(II). Discovering their Earliest Years

              William Hogan and Nancy Wadlow’s Birth State:  William Hogan has presented fascinating puzzles to solve because family records were silent about his origins, his parents, and his earliest years.   No family records indicate where William Hogan was born, only that William Hogan was “of Tennessee.”  One information source is the 1880 U.S. Census which lists parent’s birth state.  These are frequently wrong and require confirmation with other records.  The following was found with four of his children who lived long enough to be in the 1880 census records:


                                   Birth Year      Father born     Mother born

(1) William Hogan “II” (1802/04).......Maryland........Maryland

(2)  Nancy (Hogan) Allen (1811).........Tennessee......Mar?l??d, (Maryland.)

(3)  Ester (Hogan) Tatum (1822/23)...Kentucky*.......Tennessee*

(4)  Humphrey Hogan (1809)..............Tennessee......Maryland. 

* information discounted, see census record at end of chapter for reason


Three of four records state Nancy Hogan (1778-1853) was born in Maryland.  This is good evidence that Maryland was her birth state.   Only two 1880 census records state William Hogan (1777-1827) was born in Tennessee.  This is less useful.    


Y-DNA Evidence:  Y-DNA evidence suggests a 92% chance that William's father was Humphrey Hogan (~1745/50 to 1789/90), who migrated to Tennessee Territory about 1771.   There is an 8% chance that the ancestor was further back in time, most likely with the next earlier generation.  Details of the Y-DNA tests are found at the end of this chapter.   


Given these y-dna results, William was likely born in today's Sullivan County, Tennessee.   His birth year of 1777 predates Middle Tennessee and places him among the earliest children born in Tennessee. 

Filling in William Hogan’s earliest years from 1777 to 1800:    Speculation now suggests William left his parents when he was between the ages of 14 to 17.  This seems to coincide with his mother’s 2nd marriage to William Hines.  Instead of migrating westward with his brothers, he turns eastward for unknown reasons.  He probably was a drifter before meeting his future wife in ~1798, either Sullivan County, Tennessee, Washington County, Virginia, or some other unidentified location.  


Wife Nancy Wadlow: The search for Nancy Wadlow's origins can be found in the chapter about Maryland Wadlows.  The “Wadlau” surname is thought misspelled and should be “Wadlow.”    Even though the Allumbaugh papers state her parents were William Wadlau + Rachael Love (born Maryland), they still are poorly identified.  There are a handful of William Wadlow records that could her father in both Maryland and in Washington County, Virginia.  The problem is that these records are so spotty that they might belong to someone else.


Washington Hogan Puzzle: Earlier, Washington Hogan was thought to be a brother of William Hogan.  The David Allen Bible states Washington Hogan’s birth date was 1802, making him a son.  After William Hogan died in 1826, one could speculate that Washington Hogan assumed the role of male head of this family with his mother, brothers and sisters.  In 1834, Washington Hogan died, and his 1834-1835 Putnam County, Indiana probate created much confusion.   His “heirs” were mis-interpreted as his children when in fact they were relatives.    There is nothing to indicate Washington Hogan married or had any children.      



From 1799 to 1823


U.S. Census records 1850 and others give the birth state for the children of William + Nancy Hogan, and are helpful showing Hogan movement from Tennessee to Kentucky.


Rebecca Hogan (1799)........... born Tennessee

William Hogan (1801/04)....... born Tennessee

John W. Hogan (1804/05.........born Virginia (1860 U.S. Census)

Solomon Hogan (1805-1809)..born Kentucky (Information questionable)

Humphrey Hogan (1809/10)...born Kentucky

Nancy Hogan (1811)................born Kentucky

Mahala Hogan (1819/22)........born Kentucky

Hester Hogan (1822/23)..........born Kentucky


These records indicate William Hogan and family exited Tennessee as early as 1803.  No location in Tennessee has been found and this becomes part of the mystery.   The birth state for his son John W. Hogan (1804/05) was Virginia, if his 1860 census record can be counted on.  This suggests the Hogan family was already on the move away from Tennessee.  Surprisingly enough, the only Hogan to be found on the complete Washington County, Virginia personal tax records is a William Hogan for the year of 1805.  




              John W. Hogan was born 1804/05 in Virginia, according to his 1860 U.S. Census (courtesy of Cindy Lowe, e-mail 1 April 2004).   Furthermore, the only Hogan to be listed on Washington County, Virginia personal property taxes was a William Hogan in the tax years of 1804 and 1805.  This looks like our William Hogan. 

(V). William Hogan in 1810 Knox County, Kentucky


              The 1810 U.S. Census of Knox County, Kentucky lists a William Hogan, with data strongly suggesting our subject: 


              William Hogan:

5 males born 1800-<1810

1 female born 1790-<1800

1 male and 1 female born 1765-1784.  


 A second William Hogan Sr. is listed in the 1810 Knox County Census, who was born ~1757 and died 1827.    It is reported that he married 1st to Nancy Wadleigh, 2nd Sarah (Grant) Fullington, and 3rd to Hannah Mayes.  The similarity of Wadlow and Wadleigh names is a “show stopper” and is hard to explain.  “Wadlow” doesn’t sound like Wadleigh until one understands that Maryland and Virginia Wadlows freely interchanged their surname spelling with “Wadley.”  Possibly, Nancy Wadleigh” researchers confused her with our own Nancy Wadlaw/Wadlow.    Also, the “Wadleigh” spelling suggests New England origin and is not found in colonial Maryland and Virginia. 


No Knox County deeds could be identified belonging to our William Hogan, suggesting he was a renter or transient.  Yearly tax records for Knox County from 1800 to 1816 indicate that there were only two William Hogans in the year 1810.   The one with one adult male 21+, two horses, and no slaves is likely ours.   He does not appear again in the 1811, 1815, and 1816 tax records (1812, 1813, part of 1814 tax records are missing or unreadable).  Our William Hogan is found next in 1805 Washington County, Virginia.   After that, he surfaces again in 1816 Estill County.

(VI). Hogans in Estill County, Kentucky 1816-1828


1816 – 1827 Estill County, Kentucky tax lists: These begin in 1808 and our William Hogan is recorded yearly beginning 1816 through the year 1827.  There appears to be two different tax lists and they are not quite the same in content.


1820 July 18 - Estill County Court:   Case of William Richardson versus Samuel Plummer; covenant broken 25 February 1818.  The defendant rented Miller’s Old Cave, lying on the north side of North Fork of Kentucky River in a survey of land belonging to Samuel Smith.  Plummer was to pay 10 pounds per hundred weight of salt peter as rent and $500 sum if defaulted.  The Court determined that the defendant broke his covenant.  Witnesses included William Hogan and Thomas Brinegar.


1823 Estill County, Kentucky Tax: William Hogan is listed on the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River with 4 children between ages 4 and 14. 


1824 Estill County Tax: William Hogan is listed on the "Middle Fork" with 50 acres with 6 children between 4 and 14 years of age.  In 1824, Washington Hogan is recorded with 0 children between 4 years of age and 14 years.


1824 January 17 – Kentucky Land Grant for Estill County:  On “17 January 1824, surveyed for William Hogan, 50 acres of land with his improvement on Buffalo Creek...to Washington Hogan marker.”


              A survey followed showing a narrow six-sided funnel shaped piece of land, without reference to where the creek may be or where on the creek this land lies.  There appears to be two Buffalo Creeks on the South Fork of Kentucky River, as pointed out by Bud Miller (2/2003).   First Buffalo Creek is on the present-day boundary between Owlsey and Clay Counties, north of Oneida, Clay County, Kentucky.  The second is “Lower Buffalo Creek” which has its mouth in present-day Lee County at a landmark called “Lower Buffalo” and runs upstream in a southeast direction for a short distance into northern Oswley County.   This latter creek is near the mouth of Elk Creek and general location of the Elk Creek Baptist Church.    This is most likely the Hogan location.


1825 Estill County Tax: The children's listing was dropped.   In 1825, William is now on Buffalo Creek with two white males over 21 and 1 horse. 


1825 July 7 – Estill County Marriage Bond: William Hogan (Jr.) to Hannah Allen.


1825 - 1828 Elk Lick Baptist Church records show Hogans, Allens, Eggers, and Morphews belonged to the Elk Lick Baptist Church near the South Fork, whose records were compiled by Dr. Dennis L. Brewer and can be found online.   Thanks to Dr. Brewer, these records are a tiny window into the lives of these people and include:


1825 December 28 – Elk Lick Baptist Church: Nathan Murphy (Morphew) became treasurer.


1826 Elk Lick Baptist Church: In 1826, James Agers (Eggers) was a moderator and trustee and Daniel Eggers, Jr. Minister.  The Church agreed to receive “experiences” within the church with the help of Brethren which included Nancy Hogan, John Hogan, Humphry Hogan, (and a 2nd) Nancy Hogan on 1 May 1826.  D. Allen (David Allen) was in a church squabble in June.


1826 July 29 – Estill County Marriage Bond: John Hogan to Cynthia Eggers on 29 July 1820.  Comment: Year was misread and should be 1826.


1826 September 20 – Estill County Marriage Bond: Bond reads “for the sum of 50 pounds to which payment made...James Murphey and William Hogan, between James Murphy and Rebecca Hogan.  Signed: William Hogan, 20th day of September 1826.”  A previous report of Rebecca Hogan married to James Morphew on 5 October 1825 was not found on last visit.


1826 Estill County Tax: Names are:

Washington Hogan with 1 white adult male over 21 and no horse

William Hogan with 1 white adult male and no horse

Nancy Hogan, 50 acres in Estill County, no adult male and 1 horse.


There is an additional Hogan listed, but can’t read it.  It looks like Leneyn or Garyn Hogan.  Only the “yn” is clearly written.  Probably, this is someone reaching age 21 and could be son Solomon or Solomyn Hogan.     


1827 Estill County Tax:  Washington Hogan is noted on the South Fork of the Kentucky River.


1827 April 1 - Elk Lick Baptist Church: Church licensed Brother William Hogan to the ministry.  Jonathan Hogan is on their 1827 records.  This would be William Hogan, Jr.


1827 May 8 – Estill County Marriage Bond: Nancy Hogan to David Allen.  Marriage bond in 8 May 1827, which reads: ...David Allen and John Hogen...sum of fifty pounds...8th day May 1827...marriage shortly intended ...between David Allen and Nancy Hogan.  Signed David Allen and John Hogan.


1827 September 1 - Elk Lick Baptist Church: Those leaving the church (dismissed) by letter (usually moved away):  James and Sary (Sarah) Agers (Eggers) - his wife; John and Cynthia Hogan - his wife


1827 September 15 – Estill County Deed showing sale of William Hogan’s probated land: “15 September 1827 between Washington Hogan and all the heirs of William Hogan, deceased, of Estill County, Kentucky and Jacob Bowman of Clay County, Kentucky for $150 sell tract or parcel of land lying and being in Estill County and in ‘Buffalow Creek’ waters of the South Fork of the Kentucky River, beginning at said Hogans improvement...50 acres of land with appurtenances belonging or in any __ appertaining unto the said Jacob Bowman and his heirs forever and the said Washington Hogan and heirs doth agree to and with the said Jacob Bowman...defend said bargained premised from them and said heirs of William Hogan deceased...by them the said heirs of William Hogan deceased and said Washington Hogan and the heirs of William Hogan deceased.”


Robert Rose (his “x”)              Nancy Hogan                                                                                                                            

Washington Hogan                 Washington Hogan

William Hogan                         William Hogan

David Allen

Humphry Hogan

Solomon Hogan                                    



John Hogan and James Morphew


Estill County Legal Document for John Hogan and James Merphew (hard to read): 

I, Robert Clark, clerk of the court from Nancy Hogan and other to Jacob Bowman was produced to him in my office on 11 March 1828 and do acknowledge by William Hogan and Washington Hogan to be their act and deed and on the same day was proven by the oath of said Washington and William Hogan to be the act and deed of the said Nancy Hogan, David Allen, Humphry Hogan, Solomon Hogan, John Hogan and James Murphew for the purposes through in named and thereupon on the old __(document).  Signed:  Robert Clark


Apparently, additional heirs John Hogan and James Morphew are added to the list on the property sale.  Robert Rose who signed the land sale in 1827 is probably a legal representative for Jacob Bowman.


1828 February 24 – Estill County Marriage Bond: Humphrey Hogan to Jane Chambers


1828 September – Elk Lick Baptist Church: Members dismissed were Nancy Hogan, Lucy Murphy (Mrs. Nathan Morphew), James + Rebecca (Hogan) Morphew, Humphrey Hogan, and Solomon Hogan.


1828+ Estill County Tax: No Hogans except for a Levi Hogins.


(VII). Hogan in Putnam County, Indiana 1827+


About 1827, the Hogans began moving to Putnam County, Indiana, and they appear on the marriage records.  All are related, except for Thomas Hogan:


William Hogan married Jane Gorden 15 March 1829 at Putnam County, Ind.

Solomon Hogan married Abigail Monett on 15 February 1830

Mahala Hogan married Joseph Agers 15 January 1835 Putnam County, Ind.

Thomas Hogan married Jane Bell 22 April 1837 Putnam County, Indiana


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County shows the following Hogans.

With names of Wives added


David Allen + Nancy Hogan

Humphrey Hogan + Jane Chambers

John Hogan + Cynthia Eggers???

Nancy Hogan, born 1778, with children and probably Washington Hogan

Solomon Hogan + Abigail Monett

William Hogan (next to Nancy Hogan) + Jane Gorden

James Morphew + Rebecca Hogan


Not thought related:  Andrew Hogan


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana with comments and added names: 


              Nancy Hogan (Head of Household):

1 male <5; possibly Francis W. Hogan (if a male)

1 male 5-<10; possibly Thomas Hogan

1 male 20-<30; possibly Washington Hogan

1 female 5-<10; possibly Hester or Mahala Hogan

1 female 15-<20, possibly Elizabeth Hogan

1 female 40-<50, born 1780-1790.  This is Nancy (Wadlaw Hogan, born 1778, and the oldest male should be Washington Hogan.  Missing is either Hester or Mahala Hogan – one, but not both.   


1840 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana:


David Allen + Nancy Hogan (Marion Township)

Humphrey Hogan + Jane Chambers (Floyd Township)

Solomon Hogan + Abigail Monett (Floyd Township)

Joseph Agers + Mahala Hogan (Floyd Township)


Not thought related:  Andrew Hogan and Thomas Hogan, both of Washington Township, which is at the opposite end of Putnam County.

VIII. Estate of Washington Hogan Probate in 1834-36





              Reader beware!  The records below are condensed versions of the probate records filed at Putnam County, Indiana.  Two different handwritten copies of the full documents exist which aid in reviewing them.  The documents consistently state “heirs” or “infant heirs” of Washington Hogan, and at no time can anything be found to state “children of Washington Hogan,” as originally misinterpreted in my earlier condensed version.  At no time is a wife of Washington Hogan indicated or identified.  At no time is Nancy Hogan identified, except to be an heir.  The definition of “heir” become a key to our understanding.   


On 11 November 1834, James Morphew was granted letters of administration for the estate of Washington, Hogan, late of Putnam County, Indiana.  James Morphew, Daniel Eggers, and Humphrey Hogan posted $200 bond as executors and administrators. 


Heirs identified in probate proceedings dated 15 December 1834 were:  William Hogan, Humphrey Hogan, John W. Hogan, Nancy Hogan and Solomon Hogan, all of lawful age, and the following five minors under the guardianship of William Hogan: Elizabeth Hogan, Mahala Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Ester Hogan, and Francis W. Hogan, infant heirs of said Washington Hogan.   


On 12 February 1835, William Hogan was appointed legal guardian for five “infant heirs of Washington Hogan,” identified as three being between the age over 14 and under adult age: Elizabeth, Mahala, and Thomas.  Heirs under 14 were identified as Ester and Francis W. Hogan. 


For the estate sale, Reuben Young and John Burris did the inventory appraisal and Humphrey Hogan was clerk of sale.  Names of purchasers at the 15 December 1834 sale were:


       William Hogan, one bell at $0.43; 1 plough at $1.31¼; 1 reed at $0.43       

       Humphrey Hogan, 1 lot of 6 hogs at $5.75

       William King, 1 single slay at $.50

       Reuben Young, 1 froe at $0.40.

       James Morphew, 1 single tree iron at $0.56¼.

       Nancy Hogan, 1 asce at $1.50; 2 sheep at $2.25; 1 coffee mill at $0.25

       Alexander Wilson, 1 pair harness and braces at $1.62½ .

       Samuel Boyd, 50 feet of plank at $0.37½.    Total $17.83.


On 12 February 1835, James Morphew, Administrator, suggested to the court that there was not enough personal property money to pay the debts of the deceased Washington Hogan and filed for an inventory and appraisement of his land.    This land was appraised for $150 by Fielding Priest, James Allen, William Hogan, Humphrey Hogan and John W. Hogan.   On 19 March 1835, the highest bid for the land was $150 by James Morphew, who became the purchaser on 9 November 1935.   Henry Secrest, appointed a commissioner, conveyed said tract of Floyd Township land to Morphew (W½ of NW quarter Section 4; Township 15, Range 3), except 21 acres of south end to Alexander Wilson (resulting from a bond made by Washington Hogan to Alexander Wilson, when he was living). 


Nancy Hogan (William Hogan, agent for Nancy Hogan) contested to recover money in court (12 May 1835) from James Morphew, administrator, and in an 11 August 1835 trial received $126.20 judgment – details not given.  The final estate settlement occurred on 11 November 1835 (recorded 4 April 1836) indicated money paid to William Hogan - $5.73¼, A. Wilson – $0.125, Secrest for the deed - $1.50, Wilson - $1.50, H. Secrest Atty - $5, Doct Logan - $1.25, Collector Priest - $0.81, Nancy Hogan - $115.44¼, Hiram and Tabot - $3, Tabot and Co. - $19.29 ¾, Doct. Stevenson - $1.20, Young and Burrap - $1, James Eggers Crier - $0.75, James Morphew - $4.43¾, clerks fees - $9.22.  Cash on hand $15.98¾, Sale bill $17.83¾, sale bill of land $150 = $183.82.  Amount of debts paid were $183.82.          


The court records leave one confused about a number of issues. 

(1). Who was Nancy Hogan?

(2). Why did Nancy Hogan contest the estate settlement?  Nancy must be Nancy Wadlow Hogan (1778) - the mother, and this action was made to keep the remaining money in her hands, rather than being divided between all heirs.

(3).  Did Washington Hogan marry and did some of the younger children belong to him?

(4).  Why did the probate fail to include Rebecca (Hogan) Morphew and Nancy (Hogan) Allen as heirs?

(5).  Can another completely different interpretation better explain what we are reading here?

IX. Children of William and Nancy Hogan


This is the best that can be determined without family records.  If Washington Hogan (1802 - Bible record) did marry, then some of the youngest children could belong to him.  


Part-B.  Rebecca Hogan was born 28 November 1799 in Tennessee and died 23 November 1873 at Wapello County, Iowa, approximately 7 years before death certificates were issued in Iowa.    Rebecca has a 20 September 1826 Estill County, Kentucky marriage bond to James Morphew (born 1805).  See their own chapter for details.


Part-C. William Hogan “II” was born 1801-04 in Tennessee and died 8 May 1888, Chautaugua County, Kansas, buried at the West Liberty Cemetery, Salt Creek Township, Chautauqua County, Kansas.  Tombstone said to be rough and could not read.   Middle name may be Wesley, but never used.   Possibly married 1st to Hannah Allen on 7 June 1825 Estill County, Kentucky (county record), and then married 2nd to Jane Gorden on 15 March 1829 at Putnam County, Indiana (county record).  Jane was born 1811/12 and was noted living on the 1880 U.S. Census.  Gary Tharp is a senior genealogist for this line.


Events for William Hogan and Jane Gorden


1827 April 1 - Elk Lick Baptist Church, Estill County, Kentucky: William Hogan became Moderator, Deacon, and on 1 April 1827, licensed to the ministry.

1829 – 1848 Putnam County, Indiana: William and Jane Hogan bought and sold 8 parcels of land in Putnam County, Indiana from 1829 to 1848, with all but one in Floyd Township.  In Putnam County, Indiana, William Hogan was a carpenter and an early minister for a Baptist Church, which was located on the farm of Jesse Eggers.

1829 October 7 – Putnam County Land Entry #9204: William Hogan, 80 acres, SE Section 32, Township 16, Range 3 West.    His first land is in Floyd Township, next to the southern border of Jackson Township, about 3 miles ENE of Bainbridge.  Washington Hogan’s land was diagonally southeast and across from him


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana: William Hogan (next to Nancy Hogan):  2 males 20-<30; 1 female 15-<20; and 1 female <5.  (There is another entry for William Hogan in a different location with nearly the same information.  One of the two males is listed 30-<40.  Think this entry is the same William Hogan.


1840 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: William Hogan: 1 female <5; 1 male + 1 female 5-<10; 1 female 20-<30; 1 male 30<40    


1845 Floyd Township, Putnam County tax list, no details


1850 U.S. Census of District 13, Wapello County, Iowa: William Hogan 48, carpenter, born Tennessee; Jane Hogan, can’t read birth date, Indiana; Mary Hogan 20, Indiana; James Hogan 18, Indiana; Elizabeth Hogan 13, Indiana; Anderson Hogan 8, Indiana; Andrew Hogan 7, Indiana; Sarah Hogan 5, Indiana; Emeline Hogan 3, Indiana; Martha E. Hogan 5/12, Iowa.   Adjacent to James + Rebecca (Hogan) Morphew.


1856 Iowa Census of Washington Township, Franklin County: William Hogan 52, years in state – 8, born Tennessee; Jane Hogan 44, Indiana; Mary A Hogan 26, Indiana; James M. Hogan 23, Indiana; William A. Hogan 15, Indiana; Andrew J. Hogan 13, Indiana; Martha E. Hogan 6, Iowa; Sarah J. Hogan 4, Indiana; Dorus E. Hogan 9 (F), Indiana; Thomas J. Hogan 4, Iowa – same; Rachael A. Hogan 22 months, Iowa – same


1860 U.S. Census of Marysville Township, Paola. P.O., Lykins County, Kansas, page 123: W. Hogan 54, farmer, Tennessee; Jane Hogan 48 Indiana; M.A. Hogan 30 Indiana; William Hogan 18, Indiana; A. J. Hogan 16 Indiana (m); S. J. Hogan 14 Indiana (f); D.E. Hogan 12, Indiana (f); M.E. Hogan 10 (f) Iowa; T. J. Hogan 7, Iowa (m).


1880 Salt Creek Township, Chautauqua County, Kansas, Pg. 377D: William Hogan, 76 Tennessee, farmer, parents born Maryland; Jane Hogan 64, In, parents born North Carolina.

Children of William Hogan and Jane Gorden (source - Gary Tharp): (C-1 to C10)

C-1. Mary Ann Hogan (16 April 1831 Putnam County, Indiana to 10 July 1903) married about 1868 in Kansas to William H. Tharp (5 August 1813 Franklin County, Indiana). 

C-2. James M. Hogan (1832/34 Putnam County, Indiana to >1900) married about 1857 to Martha A. Blake (~1835 Indiana to >1900 Oklahoma).  James M. and Martha Blake Hogan lived in the following locations:

Information, courtesy of Christine Zimpel, emails of 1 March 2008 and 4 March 2008, a descendant of Charles E. Hogan and Gary Tharp, several emails, including 3 March 2008:

1856 Washington Township, Franklin County, Iowa Census: James M. Hogan in his parent's residence of William and Jane Hogan.

1860 P.O. Chapin, Clinton Township, Franklin County, Iowa U.S. Census:  With wife Martha A. Hogan

1865 Lexington Township, Lexington Township, Johnson County, Kansas Census

1875 Palestine Township, Sumner County, Kansas Census

1880 District 191, Oxford, Sumner County, Kansas U.S. Census with James M. Hogan's father born Tennessee and mother Indiana. 

1900 Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma, US census:  With children and grandchildren living at home, including sons Charles E. Hogan (widower) and Albert L. Hogan.


James M. Hogan + Martha A. Blake had the following children:


(C2-a) Charles Edgar Hogan (November 1858 Iowa), a carpenter, married 1st about 1878/79 to Ida B. __  (~1858/59 Illinois to before 1900), 2nd about 1902/03 to Lower(?) M. (~1866 Indiana), and 3rd to Rosa __ (~1866 Indiana).  Lower had children from her first marriage.  


Charles E. Hogan lived in the following census locations:


1880 Oxford Township, Sumner County, Kansas

1900 Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma with Charles' parents

1910 Driftwood, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

1920 Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma


              Based on their 1900 census, children of Charles E. and Ida B. Hogan are probably: (aa) Frank Hogan (October 1880 Kansas), (bb) Grace Hogan (May 1887 Kansas), (cc) Bessy Hogan (April 1890 Kansas).   From the 1910 census record, one child of Charles E. and Lower M. Hogan was (dd) Peter Oder Hogan(?), (1904/5), with one known step-son, Ira Barkman (1892/93 Kansas). 


(C2-b) Albert L. Hogan (14 May 1860 Iowa to 11 September 1928) married about 1902/03 to Phoebe C.  __ (20 November 1885 Kansas to 6 June 1982 and both buried Pawhuska Cemetery, Osage County).  They lived in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma.  Their children per census records are: (aa) Clifford Hogan (1904/05 OK), (bb) James Hogan (1906/07), (cc) William Hogan (November 1909).


(C2-c) Lincoln "Grant" Hogan (February 1866 Kansas to 1932) married to Emma L. __ (July 1851 Illinois to 1910 and both buried Pawhuska Cemetery, Osage County, Oklahoma and 2nd to Matilda __ (~1866).   Emma had been previously married to __ Blackford with 3 known children.  


              Grant Hogan lived in the following locations, per census records:


1885 Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas

1900 Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma

1910 + 1920 Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma. 


              Children of Grant and Emma L. Hogan are: (aa) Anna May Hogan (December 1884 Kansas), (bb) Clarence Hogan (October 1886 Kansas).   


(C2-d) James W. Hogan (1869/70 Kansas)                           

C-3. Elizabeth Hogan (16 May 1837 Putnam County, Indiana to 18 November 1915 Elk City, Montgomery County, Kansas and buried West Liberty Cemetery, Salt Creek Township, Chautauqua County, Kansas) married Elihu Hawkins Tharp (9 November 1833 - 1920, Canton, Fulton County, Illinois).  They had 7 children who include: (C3-a) Harriet Janett Tharp (1855-1907); (C3-b) Mary Jane Tarp; (C3-c) Frank Elswork Tharp (1869-1959); (C3-d) Adelmer M. Tharp (1872-1947).    

C-4. William Anderson Hogan (19 October 1841 Putnam County, Indiana to 2 January 1899 Lincoln County, Oklahoma and buried New Zion Cemetery at Chandler) married in 1866 Johnson County, Kansas to Abigail Ann Pitt (1 January 1846 Des Moines County, Iowa to 26 February 1923 and buried at same cemetery).

Corrections and additions, thanks go to John Cory, email 16 and 18 March 2012 


1861, and 1864-1872 Johnson County, Kansas:  William A. Hogan was a Civil War Sergeant in Company H, 12th Kansas Infantry Regiment.  In 1866, he married in Johnson County to Abigail Pitt.   No children are noted on his 1870 census.

1872-1877 Sumner County, Kansas

1877+ Salt Creek Township, Chautauqua County, Kansas:  300-acre farm where in 1881 William A. Hogan was elected to the State Legislature on the Republican ticket.   In 1883, William A. Hogan sold out and located at Sedan and engaged in contracting and building.   

1900 Fox Township, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Abigail without William

1910 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Abigail as mother to Lucretia Lynges

1920 Chandler City, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Abigail with Lucretia

Their biography in William G. Cutler's 1883 "History of the State of Kansas," noted they had living three children: Lord Hogan, Lane Hogan, and Crete Hogan, but by combining their 1880, 1900, 1910 U.S. Census records and with the help of John at [email protected], the following is projected:

(C4-a) Lula H. Hogan (14 October 1870 to 16 November 1958) married in 1898 to Thomas G. Blayney

(C4-b) Lane Hogan (1 April 1874 to 25 August 1899 at New Zion Cemetery, Lincoln County, Oklahoma)

(C4-c) Stella Hogan (1878),

(C4-d) Lucretia (Crete) Hogan (December 1881 to 1954), who married William E. Lynges, both buried at New Zion Cemetery.                                                                                                     

C-5. Andrew Jackson Hogan, “Uncle Jack” (16 November 1843 Putnam County, Indiana to 25 September 1922 Chautauqua County, Kansas and buried Saint Charles Cemetery, Grafton, Chautauqua Co. KS) married 1st to Anna M __ and 2nd on 26 October 1865 Johnson County, Kansas to Sarah E. Sienallen (by Wm. H. Reece, Minister of the Gospel - County record) and is buried same cemetery, gravestone findagrave.com; another source indicates maiden name was Lewallen.   Andrew J. Hogan served as a Corporal in the 12th Kansas Infantry during the Civil War from 14 August 1862* until 6 August 1865.

* Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas for the year 1864, Levenworth, 1865, page 497                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

1880 US Census of North Longton, Elk County, Kansas:  Andrew J. Hogan 36, IN, KY, IN; Sarah Hogan 35 wife MO, TN, TN; Sarah J. Hogan 19 KS, Curtis E. Hogan 7 KS, Luther Hogan 4 KS, Dora E. Hogan, 2 KS.  (image 2/27)

1900 US Census of Lafayette Township, Chautauqua, Kansas: A. J. Hogan, November 1843, age 56, IN, KY KY, head, farming, married 35 years; Sarah E. Hogan October 1845, 54, MO, KY, TN, wife, 9 children, 6 living, married 35 years, C. E. Hogan Feb 1873, 27, KS son, farming; L.E. Hogan November 1875, 24, son, farming; Emma Hogan January 1878 22, KS, teaching school, Lillie Hogan Jan. 1887, 13, KS; George Hogan January 1884, 16, KS, son.


1910 US Census of Lafayette, Chautauqua County, KS: Andrew J. Hogan, 64, married 44 years, IN, KY, IN; Sarah E. Hogan 64 wife, married 44 years, 8 children, 5 living, MO, Ky, TN; Curtis E. Hogan 37 KS, single, George J. Hogan 25 son KS.  

1920 US Census of Belleville Township, Chautauqua Co, KS: Andrew J. Hogan, 76, widow, KS Ky In; Curtis E. Hogan 46, son, single, KS, In, Ark.

Children of Andrew Jackson Hogan and Sarah E. Sienallen, born Kansas:  

(C5-a) Sarah Jane Hogan (29 March 1870)

(C5-b) Curtis Eugene Hogan (18 February 1873 to 16 November 1942 and buried at Saint Charles Cemetery, Grafton, Chautauqua Cp, KS.)

(C5-c) Luther Ellsworth Hogan (18 November 1875),

(C5-d) _ Hogan (18 November 1875, female),

(C5-e) Dora Emmaline Hogan (18 February 1878),

(C5-f) Lillian Elizabeth Hogan (19 January 1881),

(C5-g) George Jesse Hogan (8 February 1884 Elk City, Montgomery County, Kansas.  

C-6. Sarah J. Hogan (1846) married Jesse H. Beeson

C-7. Dorcas Emilia Hogan, “Emma” (13 April 1848 – 24 May 1929 and buried Maple Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co, KS per findagrave.com) married 1st about 1868 to Albert Eugene Rolfe (1845-1877) and 2nd about 1878 to Charles T. Frisbie.   Three children per same source: (C7-a) Maude Melvina Rolfe (1872-1853, (C7-b) Kate Eugene Rolfe (1875-1911), (C7-c) Harry Loyd Frisbie (1883-1964)  

C-8. Martha E. Hogan (May 1850) married __ Adams

C-9. Thomas J. Hogan (1852) married Ida P. __.

C10. Rachel Melvina Hogan (1855 to 1922) married a Warnicke. 


Part-D. Washington Hogan was born 20 December 1802 and died 8 February 1834, probably in Putnam County, Indiana. 


He appears separately on the Estill County, Kentucky tax records for 1824, 1826, and 1827 and could suggest a separate household.  The 1824 tax list adds he had no children between 4-14 years of age, whereas William Hogan had 6 such children.  No married record has come to light on whom or if he married.  If he did have a wife, she does not appear to be alive at the time of his probate.  If he married, then some of the younger William Hogan children may be his own.


He owned land in northeast Putnam County near William Hogan, (Jr.), which was the home for his mother, Nancy Hogan, and unmarried younger brothers and sisters.  After he died at the age of 32, his 1834-1835 probate becomes a source of confusion.


There are two sightings for a Washington Hogan in Arkansas: (1) 1831 Lawrence County Tax Record (but not on any other year from 1829 to 1835), and (2) 1834 Crawford County, Arkansas.  Walter G. Hogan and descendants Humphrey Hogan (~1776) lived in Lawrence County at the time.  Our Washington Hogan died in early 1834, so this tax had to be issued early in the year to be our Hogan.    


Part-E. John W. Hogan was born 1803-05, probably in Virginia and died after 1860.  John has a marriage bond to Cynthia Eggers in Estill County, Kentucky on 29 July 1826 (county record, John without the middle initial of W).  Cynthia was born 1806/07 and died after 1860.


Cindy Lowe corrects us stating the 1820 marriage date was misread and should be 1826.  The same census record states Cynthia was born 1806/07 in North Carolina.  Cynthia Eggers’ parents are not known at this time, but Lowe suggested them to be James and Sarah Eggers, who were in Estill County 1825-1826.   John Hogan and his wife Cythnia (Scythnia) are noted on Elk Lick Baptist Church records as dismissed by letter on 1 September 1827.   Dismissal usually means they have moved.   John Hogan signed the marriage bond between Nancy Hogan and David Allen in May 1827 and signed the estate sale in September 1827.  They lived in the following locations:


1820-1827 Estill County, Kentucky.  The Elk Lick Baptist Church records twice mention the name of Jonathan Hogan.  


              1 May 1827: “Jonathan Hogan came forward and gave the church satisfaction.”


              1 June 1827: “Brother Jonathan Hogan came forward and in a report of a scandalous nature, there he stript himself and said he had as good a ‘rup’ and but as ever swam in the river.”


Jonathan Hogan is probably John W. Hogan, but is unclear.  The Mormon website – familyhistory.org mentions a Jonathan W. Hogan, of Kentucky, born about 1805, but without any further information or source.


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana: John Hogan: 1 male 0-5; 1 male + 1 female 20-<30.


(consider) 1840 U.S. Census of Merimac Township, Crawford County, Missouri: John W. Hogan:  1 male and 1 female 5-<10; 1 male and 1 female 10-<15; 1 male 15-<20; 1 male and 1 female 30-<40.  


This very Township had two large Eggers families, in fact, the very same James Eggers and Daniel Eggers, Jr., who formerly lived in Estill County, Kentucky and went to the Elk Lick Church with John and Cynthia (Eggers) Hogan.


1850 U.S. Census of Eagle Township, Monroe County, Illinois, taken 29 Sept 1850: John W. Hogan 46, laborer, Pennsylvania; Scynthia Hogan 46 North Carolina; William Hogan 19 Indiana; Sarah Hogan 11 Missouri; Franklin Hogan 8 Missouri. In the next household:


              Wm. L. Atchison 22, laborer, Missouri, Nancy J. Atchison 16, Indiana, Anna Atachison 2/12 Illinois; James Hogan 21 laborer, Indiana, Mary Hogan 28, Missouri, Scynthia Hogan 5/12 Illinois


1860 U.S. Census of Pine Hill Post Office, Jasper Township, Shannon County, Missouri (page 165/166):  John Hogan 55, farmer born Virginia; Senithia Hogan 53, mistress of house, born North Carolina; William Hogan 31, Indiana; Sarah Hogan 28, Missouri; Daniel Hogan 18, Missouri, Jane Hogan 6, Missouri.  (Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, e-mail of 1 April 2004.)


Children of John W. Hogan + Cynthia Eggers:

E-1 to E-6:


E-1. William Hogan, born 1825-31 in Indiana.  He is possibly the same William Hogan found on the 1870 U.S. Census of Cuba Post Office, Benton Township, Crawford County, with William Hogan, born 1853/54 Missouri.  This latter William Hogan, born 1853/54, may or may not be the son of James and Mary Hogan, noted next.


E-2. James Hogan was born roughly 1828/29 Indiana*** and died after 1881 Crawford County, Missouri* and was buried Lick Creek Cemetery, near Cuba, Mo.*.  James is theorized to have married 1st about 1848/49 to Mary _­_ (born 1821/22 Missouri).  James married 2nd on 22 June 1864 Crawford County* by R. L. Butler, Minister, to Melinda (Malinda) Jane Todd* (born 1834/35 Missouri***).  The Crawford County, Missouri Tax Assessor's book noted a James Hogan in 1861 with no detailing, but the name was not reviewed thereafter.   James Hogan was found in the following census locations:


1850 Eagle Township, Monroe County, Illinois with wife Mary and listed next John W. Hogan family.


1860 U.S. Census of Potosi Township, Washington County, Missouri: James Hogan 32 laborer, Indiana; Mary Hogan 37, Missouri; William Hogan 7, Illinois; James Hogan 2 Illinois, J.R. Walker 30 county surveyor, state born?


1861 Crawford County, Missouri Tax Assessor's book with no land


1870 U.S. Census of Cuba Post Office, Benton Township, Crawford County, Missouri (page 582b):

William Hogan 39, farmer, born Indiana. (No one else in household and "3" in 39 is questionable).  Page 582b.  Who is this?

William Hogan 35, farmer, born Missouri; William Hogan 16, born Missouri. (page 591a)

James Hogan 47 Illinois; Melinda Hogan 45 Missouri; Rebecca Hogan 8 Missouri; Margaret Hogan 4, Missouri; Mary J. Hogan 5 Missouri; David Hogan 3 Missouri. (page 591a)


1880 U.S. Census of Benton Township, Crawford County, Missouri, 8 June 1880: James Hogan 55, laborer, In, Tn, N.C; Malinda Hogan 40 wife, Mo. Mo. Mo; David Hogan 14 Missouri; Caroline Hogan 10 Missouri; John Hogan 8, Missouri; Daniel Hogan 6 Missouri.


James Hogan + Mary had the following known children:


(E2-a) Scynthia Hogan/Cynthia Hogan, born ~ February 1850 Illinois to <1860)


(E2-b) William Hogan (1852/53 Illinois to 1900+) married Catherine __ (August 1860) and lived in Dent County, Missouri


(E2-c) James Hogan (1857/58 Illinois).   1900 U.S. Census for James Hogan + Melinda shows that Melinda had 9 children, seven of which were still living:


(E2-d). David Franklin Hogan (12 April 1865 in Cuba, Crawford County, Missouri to February 1939**** and burial at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dent County, Missouri*) married on 14 April 1887 Crawford County, Missouri to Harriet J. Enloe (30 July 1869 Missouri).  Harriet Enloe was the daughter of David Porter Enloe (11 September 1844) and Sarah Jane Eggers (18 May 1848).**   Children: (1) Minnie E. Hogan (Nov. 1890 Missouri), (2) Raymond Hogan (April 1894 Missouri) married on 14 January 1930 Dent County Missouri to Mary Ellen Luster (16 November 1901 Dent County, Missouri), (3) Merrill Hogan (daughter, December 1896 Missouri), (4) Mary Hogan (December 1899 Missouri)


(E2-e) Caroline Hogan (1869/70 Missouri)


(E2-f) Daniel S. Hogan (March 1877 Missouri.*) married about 1896 to Mary E. __ (born January 1880 Illinois*) and lived in Dent County, Missouri.  Children: (a) James W. Hogan (March 1900 Missouri).


(E2-g) John Henry* Hogan (July 1874 Missouri***) married about 1899 to Lillie Mae Viehman.*   John H. Hogan is found on the 1900 U.S. Census of Meramac Township (Steelville), Crawford County, Missouri with his wife, Lillie (born May 1884) and mother Melinda Hogan, (born 1834 Missouri, a widow).  John H. Hogan is two entries from William R. Eggers (born 1845) who is a constable.


*   Gary Tharp, www.ancestry.com entries

** Mary Walters, www.ancestry.com  entry 9/25/2005

*** U.S. Census, various

****Missouri Secretary of State on line Death Certificates 1910-1955 at http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/resources/deathcertificates/


Continued - Children of John W. Hogan and Cythnia Eggers:


E-3. ___ Hogan, Possibly a female, name unknown, born 1825-1830 per 1840 census


E-4. Sarah Hogan, born 1831/32 in Missouri. (1850 and 1860 census records give conflicting information.)    


E-5. Daniel Hogan, born 1841/42 in Missouri (1860 census) is probably the same Franklin Hogan, born 1841/42 (based on 1850 census).  Comment:  Believe these two to be the same person. – Daniel Franklin Hogan - ???


E-6. Jane Hogan, born 1853/54 Missouri


Part-F. Solomon Hogan, Sr. is estimated born between 1805 and 1809 and died 28 July 1869 in Putnam County, Indiana and was buried Stilesville Cemetery, Franklin Township, Putnam County, Indiana (death and burial per Gary Tharp).   He married Abigail Monett on 15 February 1830 at Putnam County, Indiana (county record). 

1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana: Solomon Hogan, 1 male + 1 female 20-30.            


1834 April 26 - Putnam County: Solomon Hogan and Abigail, his wife, deeded for $175 to James Allen 52 acres in Marion Township.  (E½ of NE section 3, township 14, range 3)

1835 December 31 - Putnam County: (1) Solomon Hogan and Abigail, his wife, deeded to Isaac Monnett, all of Putnam County, for $150, 80 acres in Floyd Township.  (W½  NW S25, T15, R3); (2) Isaac Monnett deeded to Solomon Hogan, 40 acres in Floyd Township.  This land was sold by Solomon Hogan (no wife listed) to John Waln Junior on 31 August 1845 for $3.  (NW of SW S25, T15, R3)                                            

1836 January 2 – Putnam County: Isaac Monnett granted Floyd Township, Putnam County land to his daughter, Abigail Hogan, and granddaughters, Hannah Hogan, Mariam Hogan, and Nancy Hogan, with “love and affection.”  

1840 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Solomon Hogan: 1 male <5; 2 females 5-<10; 1 male + 1 female 40-<50

1845 Floyd Township, Putnam County Tax List

1850 Putnam County: This family appears to have broken up before or by 1850.  His 13-year-old son, Solomon is in the June 1850 Census, living with the James Conlee family in Marion Township, and his daughter, Miriam Hogan is living with the Isaac Monnett family in Floyd Township.  In the 1850 November court books note the estates (deaths) of Mariam Hogan and Hannah Hogan.

1853 July 11 - Putnam County Court: Books note Solomon Hogan “adjudged insane.” (from Hogan notes at Putnam County Library),” 

1860 U.S. Census of Marion Township, Putnam County, Indiana (page 459) – “Sollomon Hogin, age 50, born Kentucky, poor farm.”  This 1860 census should not be relied upon for accurate information and we are left a bit puzzled as to when Solomon was born.

1860 U.S. Census of Placerville Township, El Dorado County, California:  Solomon Hogan (Jr.), age 22, teamster, born Indiana. 


Children of Solomon Hogan and Abigail Monett: (F-1 to F-4)

              F-1. Mariam Hogan, (1831/32 to ~1850)

              F-2. Solomon Hogan “II” (1836/37, with Birth date from 1850 Census)

              F-3. Hannah Hogan, died ~1850.

              F-4. Nancy Hogan 


Part-G. Humphrey Hogan was born between April 1809 and April 1810 in Kentucky and probably died in Lincoln County, Kansas 11-18 January 1894.  According to his son’s Civil War Pension Record, on 24 April 1879, Humphrey stated his age to be 69.   He has a marriage bond on 24 February 1828 Estill County, Kentucky to Jane Chambers (born 1808 in North Carolina).  


Bud Miller is a descendant and senior genealogist for the Humphrey Hogan Clan, and thanks go out for out to him for sharing his Humphrey Hogan information.  Humphrey and Jane Hogan lived in the following locations:


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana: Humphrey Hogan: 1 male 20-<30; 1 female 0-<5; 1 female 15-<20.


1840 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Humphry Hogan: 1 male and 1 female <5; 1 male and 1 female 15-<20; 1 male and 1 female 30-<40; 1 female 60-<70.  This last female should be his mother - Nancy (Wadlow) Hogan (1778) and the two unidentified teens might be Thomas Hogan and Mahala Hogan.  


1845 Floyd Township, Putnam County on 50 acres at Range 3, Township 15, Section 14.


1850 U.S. Census of Liverpool Township, Fulton County, Illinois: Humphry Hogan 41, Carpenter, born Kentucky; Jane Hogan 42, North Carolina; Mary J. Hogan 15, Indiana; William Hogan 10, Indiana


1851 - 1855: Humphrey Hogan was an early settler in Bremer County, Iowa (established 1851).  In the first Jefferson Township election in April 1855, Humphrey Hogan was elected Justice of the Peace and (son) W. Hogan a constable. (From History of Butler and Bremer Counties, Iowa, 1883," courtesy of Bud Miller, letter of January 2005)


1855 - November 1860: Village of Floyd and farmland in Floyd County, Iowa in 1855.  Floyd County was organized in 1854, making Humphrey and Jane Hogan among early settlers.


1860 U.S. Census of St. Charles Township, Floyd County, Iowa: Humphry Hogan 50, farmer, Kentucky; Jane Hogan 51, Kentucky; William W., Hogan 20, farmer, Illinois; James D. Gilpin 29, farmer, Ohio; Mary J. Gilpin 24, Indiana; William Gilpin 3, Iowa; Samuel F. Gilpin 6 months, Iowa; Ellen E. Bastwick 15, Ohio


1861 to early 1870 - Linn County, Missouri. 


1870 U.S. Census of Harris Township, Fulton County, Illinois, P.O. Marietta: Humphrey Hogan, 60, farmer, Kentucky; Jane Hogan 62, keeping house, Kentucky; William W. Hogan, 29, physician, Indiana; Ellen A. Hogan, 23, Ohio; James Robertson 70, retired farmer, Pa.  (courtesy of Bud Miller, 9/2002)


1872 October in Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas with wife Jane


1879 Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa.  Another 1879 entry states Saltville, Mitchell County, Kansas, which is the next county to the north of Lincoln County, where his daughter Mary Jane Gilpin settled.


1880 U.S. Census of Salt Creek Township, Mitchell County, Kansas, page 77: James R. Clark 42, farmer, household, includes: Humphrey Hogan, 70, boarder, born Kentucky, father born Tennessee, mother born Maryland.


1880 U.S. Census of Salt Creek Township, Mitchell County, Kansas boarding house.  Was he visiting at this time?  Notable on this census, are the birth states for his parents – reported to be Tennessee for his father and Maryland for his mother.


Two Known Children of Humphrey Hogan and Jane Chambers; i.e., G-1 & G-2


G-1.  Dr. William W. Hogan was born about 1840 in Putnam Co, Indiana, described as 5 feet 10 inches high, with blue eyes and brown hair, and died 30 September 1871 at Waterville, Marshall County, Kansas from an overdose of Landanum or Morphine used to treat chronic diarrhea.  He married 7 July 181 Floyd Co., Iowa to Ellen A. Bostwick and had no childen.


1861 July 7 – Floyd County, Iowa: William Hogan (age 21) married 7 July 1861 in Floyd County, Iowa to Ellen A. Bostwick (age 18) and their Minister was James Tatum (who signed an 1872 document of proof).  His Civil War pension documents states there were no children by this marriage.  Ellen remarried later to Alphons R. Bishop and lived at the Post Office Chickasaw, Chickasaw County, Iowa.

1864 August 4 - Linn County, Missouri: William W. Hogan and his brother-in-law, James D. Gilpin, enlisted as privates on 4 August 1864 at Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri in the 42nd Missouri Infantry Regiment of Captain William H. Lewis’ Company A.

1865 January 1 – Fort Donaldson, Tennessee: William was hospitalized in Nashville for measles on 1 January 1865 while stationed at Fort Donaldson, Tennessee.

1865 June 28: William W. Hogan was mustered out 28 June 1865 for disability due to resulting chronic bronchitis.

1866 St. Catharine, Linn County, Missouri: William and Ellen Hogan

1870 U.S. Census of Linn County, Missouri: William and his wife, Ellen, were living in the combined household of William W., Ellen, Humphrey and Jane Hogan, and James Robertson.  On this same census, William W. Hogan’s age is 29, and his occupation is listed as a “Physician.” 


              G-2. Mary Jane Hogan was born 1834/35 and died 1877 while living on their farm east of Lincoln Center, Lincoln County, Kansas.   She is buried in the Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln County, Kansas.  Mary Jane Hogan married 24 May 1856 in Floyd County, Iowa to Dr. James D. Gilpin (born 28 January 1829 in Delaware County, Ohio to 10 June 1893 and buried Old Milo Cemetery near Barnard). 


James D. Gilpin married 1st in Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana to Lucinda Frakes who lived only two years, 2nd to Mary Jane Hogan, 3rd on 5 March 1890 at Mankato, Kansas to Martha R. Wright in 1880, and 4th to Mary R. __.   Gilpin lived in the following locations:


1856 – 1860 Floyd Center, Floyd County, Iowa where he began medicine and married Mary Hogan

1861 – 1869 Linn County, Missouri

1864 August 4 - Linn County, Missouri: James D. Gilpin, and his brother-in-law William W. Hogan, enlisted as privates on 4 August 1864 at Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri in the 42nd Missouri Infantry Regiment of Captain William H. Lewis’ Company A.  He was disabled during his enlistment.  Gilpin’s Civil War Pension record names his widow as Mary R. Gilpin in a 27 January 1893 notation.

1870 or 1871 to 1872 - Abram, Lincoln County, Kansas in 1870 which was 2 miles east and one mile south of Lincoln.  Gilpin was Postmaster at Abram until the town was abandoned in 1872.

1873+ Lincoln County, Kansas:  Dr. James D. Gilpin and his wife "homesteaded 40 acres (Lincoln County, Kansas) south of the graveyard and lived there for years and was one of our doctors for years in times when the children died in the county with membranous croup and diphtheria. (from Lincoln Sentinel, 28 October 1915 of N.E. Rees Remembrances – courtesy of Bud Miller, 20 February 2005."

1880 U.S. Census of Elkhorn District, Lincoln County, Kansas notes James D. Gilpin, age 41, to be a physician.  This census allows us to determine that James D. Gilpin + Lucinda Frakes 1st marriage had one son: (a) Samuel F. Gilpin (December 1854).  With his 2nd marriage, James D. Gilpin + Mary Jane Hogan had seven children: (b) William Gilpin (1857/58), (c) Eva Gilpin (1861/62), (d) Jessie Gilpin (female – 1863/64), (e) Jacob Gilpin (1866/67), (f) Robert Gilpin (1868/69), (g) Stephen Gilpin (1873/74), (h) Lewis Gilpin (1875-76).


Part-H. Nancy Hogan was born 2 November 1811 in Kentucky and died 7 February 1888 in Hansell, Franklin County, Iowa (Bible record); buried at Dumont, Butler County, Iowa – Harland Cemetery.  She married May 1827 at Estill County, Kentucky to David Allen (born 9 June 1804 in North Carolina and died 21 November 1885 - Bible record).  There is another entry in the same David Allen Bible lists his birth also as 9 June 1811.  Richard McLoud and Helen Bandfield are genealogists for this line.  Helen has the David Allen Bible which has provided valuable dates.  


David and Nancy are said to be the first settlers of Ingham Township, Franklin County, Iowa.   Notable in their 1880 U.S. Census is Nancy’s father listed born in Tennessee, and her mother in born Maryland (not Massachusetts as originally stated).


1827 Estill County, Kentucky: Nancy has an Estill County, Kentucky marriage bond with David Allen on 8 May 1827, with signatures of John Hogan and David Allen.  David Allen signed the 1827 Hogan land transaction, indicating that Nancy was an heir. 


1830 U.S. Census of Putnam County, Indiana: David Allen: 1 male 30-<40, 1 female 20<30.


1840 U.S. Census of Marion Township, Putnam County, Indiana: David Allen:  1 male + 1 female 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10; 1 male 10-<15; 1 female 20-<30; 1 male 30-<40.


1850 U.S. Census of Locust Grove Township, Jefferson County, Iowa; page 107; David Allen 46, farmer, N.C; Nancy Allen 40, Kentucky; William Allen 21, Kentucky; Jonathan Allen 18, Iowa; James Allen 15, Iowa; Esther Allen 14, Iowa; Wesley Allen 12, Iowa; Clark Allen 9, Iowa; Marion Allen 7, Iowa; Jane Allen 4 Iowa.  (courtesy of Bud Miller)


1856 Iowa Census for Washington Township, Franklin County: David Allen 52, in state 4 years, born North Carolina; Nancy Allen 44, Kentucky; James Allen 20, Indiana; Ester Allen 19, Indiana; Wesly Allen 17, Indiana; Clark Allen 13, Indiana; Marion Allen 11, Indiana; Jane Allen 9, Indiana; Leland Allen 4, Iowa


1860 U.S. Census of Ingham Township, Franklin County, Iowa: David Allen 55, farmer, North Carolina; Nancy Allen 48, Kentucky; Francis W. Allen 21, Indiana; David C. Allen 19, Indiana; Solomon M. Allen 15, Indiana; Nancy P.J. Allen 14, Indiana; Ester M. Allen 22, Indiana; Waller L. Allen 8, Iowa.


1870 U.S. Census of Ingham Township, Franklin County, Iowa, page 379: David Allen 67, farmer, North Carolina; Nancy Allen, 58, keeping house, Kentucky; Leland Allen 18, Iowa.


1880 U.S. Census of Ingham Township, Franklin County, Iowa, lists (page 424): David Allen 76, farmer, born North Carolina, father and mother born N.C; Nancy Allen 68, keeping house, born Kentucky, father born Tennessee, mother born (very difficult to read) Mar_l__d or Maryland.  They live next door to James and Susan Allen.   


Nancy Hogan and David Allen had 12 children; i.e., H-1 to H12:


H-1. William L. Allen (born 9 October 1829 – 1909, who married 1st to Amanda Akens and 2nd to on 19 February 1854 in Putnam County, Indiana to Tabitha Eggers (~1832).  (Marriages need re-confirming).

H-2. Jonathan H. Allen (10 June 1832 – 8 June 1893), who married Jemima Harlan;

H-3. Ruth A. Allen (16 February 1833-2 March 1833);

H-4.  James W. Allen  (8 July 1835 Putnam Co., In – 8 June 1918), who married 10 Sept. 1857 to Susannah Harlan;

H-5. Hester Allen (4 January 1837 In);

H-6. Francis Wesley Allen, “Fanny” (7 October 1838 or 39 In – 21 July 1901), who married Melissa Harlan.

H-7. Hannah J. Allen (2 October 1840 In. – 17 Feb. 1841;

H-8. Clark D. Allen (4 December 1842 In.);

H-9. Solomon Marion Allen (8 July 1844, In);

H10.  Jane N. Allen (11 September 1846 In. – 10 October 1930), who married Nathan Harlan;

H11. Sarah Catherine Allen (1 May 1849 Wapello County, Iowa – 13 November 1849);

H12. Walter Leland Allen (2 January 1852 Wapello County, Iowa – 7 March 1904) 


Part-I. Mahala Hogan was born about 1821, in Estill County, Kentucky and died after 1870.  She married on 15 January 1839 in Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana to Joseph T. Eggers (11 April 1820 - 4 April 1899 and buried at Barnard Cemetery, Jackson Township, Putnam County).


1840 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Joseph Agers:  1 female 0-<5; 1 female 15-<20; 1 male 20-<30.


1850 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Joseph T. Eggers 39, Indiana; Mahala Eggers 29, Kentucky; Mary E. Eggers 10, Indiana; Nancy M. Eggers 7, Indiana; George D. Eggers 5, Indiana; Landrine Eggers 4, Indiana


1860 U.S. Census of Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana, page 523: Joseph Eggers 30(?) Ohio; Mahala Eggers 42? Kentucky; Nancy Eggers 16, Indiana; George Eggers 14, Indiana; Jesse B. Eggers 12, Indiana; Joseph Eggers 8, Indiana; infant 1, Indiana.  (courtesy of Bud Miller)


1870 U.S. Census of New Maysville, Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Joseph Eggers, 49, farmer, born Indiana; Mahala Eggers, 51, keeping house, born Kentucky, William Eggers 18, farm laborer, Indiana; Julia A. Eggers, 11, Indiana.


Census records report the following children:


I-1. Mary E. Eggers, 1839/40, born in Indiana

I-2. Nancy M. Eggers, 1842/44, Indiana married Charles W. Morris and lived in Floyd County, Iowa.

I-3. George Dallas Eggers, 15 November 1844, Indiana (cemetery stone, Barnard)

I-4. Landrine Eggers, 1845/46, Indiana

I-5. Jesse B. Eggers (1847/48), Indiana

I-6. William Joseph Eggers (1851/52), Indiana

I-7. Julia A. Eggers (July 1858 to 27 March 1902 Floyd County, Iowa), Indiana, who possibly married Jasper Tatum and were living in 1880 Rock Grove Township, Floyd County, Iowa and were next door to Jesse L. and Margaret A. Eggers (Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, e-mail of 24 December 2005).


Part-J. Hester Hogan / Ester Hogan was born August 1821 in Kentucky (1900 Census record) and married on 19 March 1846 Fulton County, Illinois to Landrine Tatum.  Landrine Tatum was born 8 September 1827 in Kentucky and died 23 November 1923 Lincoln, Kansas and buried in Osceola County, Iowa.    Hester’s marriage record lists her as “Ester Hogan.”  Ester died after June 1902 and the Ocheyedan Press (19 June 1902) stated she was born in Kentucky.  Landrine Tatum was born 8 September 1827 and died 23 November 1923.   


1850 U.S. Census index for Locust Grove, Jefferson County, Iowa.  (Page 107): Landrine Tatum 28, Ill; Hester Tatum 28, born ?; James W. Tatum 3 Ill; Betha E. Tatum 1, Illinois, Nancy R. ¼, Illinois.


1860 U.S. Census of Paris Township, Linn County, Kansas, enumerated 7 August 1860: Sardine (should be Landrine) Tatum 30, farmer, Indiana; Ester Tatum 35, Indiana; James Tatum 13 Iowa; Sabittia Tatum 11, Iowa; Nancy Tatum 10 Iowa; Asbury Tatum 8 Iowa; Lydia Tatum 7, Iowa; Rosannah Tatum 5, Iowa; Margaret Tatum 3, Kansas. (courtesy of Gary Tharp).   


1870 U.S. Census of Webster Township, Floyd County, Iowa: Landrine Tatum 41, farmer, Illinois; Hester Tatum 47, Kentucky; Nancy Tatum 20, Iowa; Asbury Tatum 18, farmer, Iowa; Roseta Tatum17, Iowa; Lydia Tatum 15, Iowa; Margrett Tatum13, Iowa; Landrine Tatum 11, Kansas; Mary C. Tatum 9, Iowa; Henry C., 6, Iowa


1880 U.S. Census of Ocheyeden Township, Osceola County, Iowa, lists (pg 9): L. Tatum 49, farmer, born Illinois, father born Pa., mother born Pa; Hester Tatum 54, wife, keeping house, born Kentucky, father born Kentucky, Mother born Tennessee; H.C. Tatum, age 16, son, Iowa, Kentucky, Kentucky.  (This information is mostly wrong, except for Henry C. Tatum’s age.  He may be the source of the misinformation.)


1885 Iowa State Census of Ocheyedan Township, Osceola County, Iowa: Landrine Tatum 58, born Illinois; Township #99, Range 39, Section 19, NE NW.  Ester Tatum 64, born Kentucky, Township #99, Range 39, Section 19, NE NW.  (Courtesy of Gary Tharp)


1900 U.S Census Eastern Precinct, Knox County, Nebraska: Land__ Tatum, August 1827, 72, married 55 years, born Illinois; Ester Tatum, wife, August 1821, married 55 years, born Kentucky, 10 children, 7 living.  Enumerated 16 June 1900.  (courtesy of Gary Tharp)    


1910 U.S. Census of Ocheyeden Townhip, Osceola County, Iowa, lists: Landrine Tatum, age 82, born Illinois, father born Tenn., mother S.C; Landrine was living with his son, Charles A. Tatum family, and Hester is missing.


1913 Barnard, Lincoln County, Kansas


1920 U.S. Census of Town of Palacios, Precinct 3, Matagorda, Texas: Clinton A. Tatum, 68, married, IA, Il, Ky; Julia L. Tatum, wife, 67, Oh, Oh, Oh; Landrine Tatum, father, 92 widowed, Il, NC, NC; Enumerated 3 June 1920.  (courtesy of Gary Tharp). Landrine Tatum is now widowed and living in the family of Clinton A. Tatum.


Children of Landrine Tatum (1827-1923) and Hester Hogan/Ester Hogan (1821 to 1902)

(J-1 to J-6)


J-1. James W. Tatum 1846/47 Iowa

J-2. Tabitha Ellen Tatum (1849) Iowa.

J-3. Nancy Rebecca Tatum 1849/50, born Iowa


J-4. Clinton Asbury Tatum (12 December 1851/52 Iowa) married on about 23-25 March 1872 at Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa to Julia Louise Baumgardner (7 July 1851 Gallia County, Ohio to 1928 Tacoma with both buried at Mountain View Memorial Park, Tacoma, Washington).  Julia's parents were Andrew Jackson "Dick" Baumgardner and Harriet Ripley of Gallia County, Ohio.  Information is courtesy of Ron and Paulette Tatum, e-mails of 25, 26 January, 19 February 2007 and Census records from Gary Tharp, e-mail of 27 January 2007.    


They in some the following locations:  


1880, 1885, 1900, 1910 Osceyedan Township, Osceola County Iowa.  Census of 1910 and 1920 note father Landrine living with them.

1920 town of Palacios, Precinct 3, Matagorda County, Texas with father Landrine.


Their only child was (a) Andrew Jackson Tatum (11 December 1872 Clear Lake - probably Cerro Gordo County, Iowa to 27 May 1936 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon) married 25 March 1894 in Ocheyedan, Osceola, Iowa to Arminta Jane Hanna Tatum, “Mintie” (8 June 1876 Ontario, Canada to 1 February 1961 and both buried at Mountain View Memorial Park, Tacoma, Washington).  They lived in the following locations:


1900 and 1910 Ocheyedan Township, Osceola County, Iowa

1920 Town of Palacios, Precinct 3, Matagorda County, Texas.  This Census notes Arminta immigrated to the US. In 1879 and was naturalized in 1887.

1921 reported in Tacoma, Washington

1930 Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington 


Andrew and Mintie Tatum's children were (J4-a) Raymond A. Tatum (February 1895), (J4-b) Vivian A. Tatum (February 1897), (J4-c) Fernley A. Tatum (son, March 1898), and (J4-d) Gordon Edward Tatum (8 March 1906 Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa to 24 July 1997 in California) married in Tacoma, Washington to Vivian Geraldine Edwards (18 November 1909 Tacoma, Washington to 3 December 1994 Portland, Oregon).  Both went to Stadium High School.    


J-5. Rosetta or Susannah Tatum (1852/55 Iowa)

J-6. Lydia Tatum (1852/55 Iowa)

J-7. Margaret Tatum (1856/57 Iowa) who married a Hayes.


J-8. Landrine J. Tatum (9 March 1859 at Marysville, Marshall County, Kansas to 11 October 1913 Knox County, Nebraska) married on 8 December 1878 at Marble Rock, Floyd County, Iowa to Polly A. Halstead.   From 1891 to 1912, they lived in Crofton, Knox County, Nebraska, finally moving to Bloomfield, Knox County.  


An obit posted on the Tatum Archives at http://www.rootsquest.com/~ranlewis/ per Valerie Wood is the source of this information.  Landrine Tatum (1859) was survived (in 1913) by an aged father Landrine Tatum of Barnard (Lincoln County), Kansas, and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Margaret Hayes of Crofton, Henry C. Tatum of Blessing, Texas, C.A. Tatum of Palacios, Texas, Orville M. Tatum, Nancy Tatum, and Tabitha Tatum of Barnard, Kansas.     


J-9. Mary Tatum (1860/61 Kansas)

J10. Henry C. Tatum (February 1866 Iowa).


Part-K. Elizabeth Hogan (1815/20 to 1835+) was born between 1815-1820.  She was living at the time of the 1834-35 probate. Nothing further is known about her.


Part-L. Francis W. Hogan (>1821 to 1834/35+) was born after 1821 and probably the youngest.  Francis is reported in the 1834-35 probate.   He or she disappears from our records.  

Part-M. Thomas Hogan is estimated born in late 1820s, but this could be wrong.  Thomas was living at the time of 1834-35 probate.

The 1840 Putnam County census has an unnamed male teenager living with the Humphrey Hogan family whom could be Thomas Hogan.


 There was a listing in ancestry.com stating Thomas Hogan + Jane Bell belonged to our clan.  However, Thomas Hogan + Jane lived (1839-1848 deed, Washington Township, Putnam County) adjacent to the 1840 property of Granville M. Hogan (of Parke County, Indiana), at the opposite end of Putnam County from our Hogans.  Thomas Hogan’s 1840 Census record in Washington Township, Putnam County is five entries away from Andrew Hogan.  Furthermore, Granville M. Hogan took Benjamin Bell, Jr. (brother to Jane?) to 1839 Putnam County Court for trespass and a debt.   Later Thomas and Granville M. Hogan (are they related?) migrate to the same Township in 1860 Harrison County, Missouri.  


Because of this information, I am unable connect this Thomas Hogan to our clan or trace our Thomas Hogan.

Part-N. How William Hogan (1777) Earliest Years and Origins were Found


Family records failed to identify his parents.  Briefly, this is what is known about other Hogan lines which might have a common ancestor.  This is how research narrowed down William Hogan's parents from a large field of possibilities before using Y-DNA.  


A Hogan parent or relative becomes sharply limited in 1777 Tennessee Territory to three Hogans.  All three did migrate to Middle Tennessee about 1780:


(1) Edward Hogan + Rebecca Kuykendall.    Names of children are known.

(2) Daniel Hogan (~1733 - 1811) + Rachel (__) Harrod.  Was he married earlier?

(3) Humphrey Hogan (~1740's - 1789/90) + Rebecca Johnson    


           Negative find: An in-depth review took place of the William Hogan (~1750-1827) + Nancy Wadleigh  (1752-~1779) + Sarah Grant Fullington (1760) + Hannah H. Mayes line from Fayette/Garrard County, to Knox County, Kentucky to Madison County, Alabama, where he dies.  No link could be found, despite some amazing similarities and the intersection of the two William Hogan families at Knox County, Kentucky in 1810!   


Negative find:  The clan of Colonel John Hogan (~1745-~1810) + Mary Lloyd was reviewed with the help of their source book, “Montgomery County, Tennessee Family History Book 2000.”  No link could be found, despite having a son named William Hogan (1774 to 1836 - buried Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery in Randolph County, North Carolina) and that William had a son Alexander Washington Hogan!  


Negative find:  William Hogan of Smith County, Tennessee (possibly, a son of Lemuel Hogan) had an 1815 probate naming his heirs to be wife Nancy, and two sons, William and James, and daughter Elizabeth, who later married Holden W. Proutt.  No link could be found.  


Positive find, but not the parents of our William Hogan: There is a Hogan line that first settled at Willis Bottom, Obey River, in today’s Clay County, Tennessee.  This William Hogan, thought born about 1777 South Carolina, married Mary Spear, daughter of Benjamin Spear.  They had 10 children from ~1810 to 1829 and lived in Overton County, Tennessee.  One son was Ewing Hogan.  Origins of this William Hogan are not understood, but y-dna results are a closer match.  


The Correct Parent:  The Hogans (x 1) and Morphews (x 3) named their sons the unusual name of "Humphrey" four different times and this dramatically suggests “Humphey” was an earlier ancestor.  There was a Humphrey Hogan (born in 1740’s and died 1789/90) who was part of an exploring or “Long Hunter” party into Nashville area and down the Mississippi River in 1769 or 1770.  Humphrey Hogan first pioneered NE Tennessee between 1771 - 1774, before migrating to Middle Tennessee as a first-in settler in 1779 or 1780.  After his death in 1789/90, his Robertson County land continued under the title of Humphrey Hogan heirs, but was later sold off for back taxes.  However, in 1804/05, his wife Rebecca surfaced, now remarried to William Hines, to acknowledge the sale of the land for back taxes.  This was witnessed by Walter Hogan, Jonathan Hogan, and Humphrey Hogan (“II” or Junior) – who were his sons.  Son – William Hogan who is our subject, never showed up in Middle Tennessee records and that was why he was so hard to research.        


 Part-O. Y-DNA Results for Our Hogan and What it Means


              My understanding of Y-DNA testing is this:  Y-DNA is found exclusively in males and the testing applies only to consecutive male lines.  This cannot include even one maternal line.  Certain segments of the y-chromosome have a chemical make-up that repeat a number of times, depending on a specific location on that chromosome.  This location is called a marker.  For the marker called DYS388, there are 22 to 24+ repeats, and only those having the same number and sequence should be related.  Mutations change the number of repeats and increase as time passes.  Current Y-DNA testing uses 13, 25, 37, 64 and recently more markers are available.   A thirteen-marker test has been shown to be not useful. 


              Y-DNA tests DO NOT define which generation or which ancestor is the common link.  With an increasing number of markers tested, a likely range of generations for the common ancestor does develop, best with 0 mismatches, a wider range with 1 mismatch and with 2 mismatches even wider.


              A living descendant of William Hogan (1777 Estill County, Ky.) was tested for 37 markers against a descendant of Walter G. Hogan at nearly the same time.  At the time, the 37 markers were the most available.  The results can be seen at familytreedna.com under the surname of Hogan.  Test subjects were:  

(1) A descendant of Walter G. Hogan - a son of Humphrey Hogan of Middle Tennessee whom I now think must be kit 51038 (has no name).

(2) kit number 51665 (Pearl C. Hogan or son) who is our William Hogan, Sr. (1777 - 1826 Estill County, Ky.).   They were a perfect 37/37 match. 


Currently, familytreedna.com shows another later test for a Walter G. Hogan descendent (kit number 142586) with 36/37 marker match.  Also, nearby on the Hogan listings is Ewing Hogan - a son of William Hogan (~1777 South Carolina) + Mary Spear. 


              Our two test subjects had a score of 37 out of 37 markers matching.  That means no mutations occurred over an average of six generations to the most recent common ancestor under consideration. This common ancestor would be Humphrey Hogan – the Long Hunter, born sometime in the 1740's.   A graph shown on familytreedna.com indicates a 92% chance that the common ancestor can be 6 generations back in time, if he cannot be sooner in time.  There is an ~8% chance he could be further back in time.   Therefore, based on this graph, there is a 92% chance that Humphrey Hogan – the Long Hunter was the father of our William Hogan (1777).


              There are several 35/37 matches compared with our test subject.    Ewing Hogan actually has only one mismatch out of 25, but I think a 37 test would probably be a total 2 mismatches.  Yes, these lines are very definitely related, but further back in time, maybe even back in Ireland.