Andrew Steyer 1827 - 1881



Andreas (Andrew) Steyer

      Barbara Hermann

      Louisa __



Probable brother or cousin to Andreas Steyer


Clues to Hermann Family

A possible ship's record – right family ???


Andreas (Andrew) Steyer

Born:  1827 in Baden-Baden, Germany (family record)

Died:  19 October 1881, buried at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois in Lot 128,

Section “H”.

Married  1st to Barbara Herman on May 7 1854 at New London, Connecticut. (family record).

2nd to Louisa (__) Timm, about 1874.

Parents:  unknown

Occupation:  cabinet maker

Immigration:  date unknown


Barbara Herman (various spellings possible – Herrmann, Hermann, etc)

Born:  Date ?  Bavaria, per 1880 census of daughter.

Died:  before 1870 in Illinois

Parents/relatives unknown.  Speculation exists on Frederick Herrmann/Herman (~1831->1880), a barber, and his mother Margaret or Margaretta Herrmann/Herman  (~1806->1880) of New London City, New London County, Connecticut, born both Germany.  See 1870 and 1880 U.S. Census records at end of this chapter


Louisa (maiden name unknown) Timm

    Born:  1830/31 Hesse Casel, (Germany?)

    Died:  not known

    Parents:  not known

    Married 1st to __  Timm.  (See 1880 Census below)        

           Morphew/Murphy Story, 2nd Edition, by J.R. Murphy, 12 February 2006


Family Records about the Steyers


From Louis Klaumann (in J.W. Murphy’s History):  “Our Grandmother Barbara Hermann Steyer had one brother who lived as a bachelor, so far as we know.  He was a violin maker in New London, Connecticut.  When he died, there was a small estate which came to our mother, and Henry Steyer went to New London at the settling of the estate and brought home four violins, one for his son and three for his sister’s sons.  I finally sold mine.”


“Our Grandfather Andreas Steyer was a cabinet maker, fine paneled furniture, even piano cases.  All this fine work was done by hand until machinery came in and took over which left Grandfather without work.”


“After Barbara’s death, he remarried, a widow with several children but had none himself except the two mentioned:  Fredericka and Henry, who could not get along with the other children and soon left on their own, coming to Kansas after Fredericka’s marriage to Herman Klaumann.  Henry had one son Earl Steyer.  But we do not know his whereabouts.  Before Charles Klaumann’s death, he had some Herman letters which he could not read and a few documents in German.”


Other Andrew Steyer Records


Andrew Steyer is listed on the 2nd Ward 1870 and District 75 of 1880 Cook County, Illinois Census. 


     Chicago residence location on 1880 Census record:  North by the South side of 12th Street, east by the west side of Troop Street, south by the north side of 14th Street, and west by the east side of Laflin St.


 On the 1880 census, Andrew is listed with a 2nd wife, Louisa, whom nothing else is known at this time.  In fact, confirmatory evidence is needed here.


Reports On Possible Steyer Relatives:


            VG (e-mail of 9 February 2006) picked up a Steyer of interest.  "I've been working on my husband's genealogy...Gillard and Steyer...although my huband's lineage has no direct relation to the Steyers, only indirect (via) a great-great uncle.   This great-great uncle was William Gaillard who married Charlotte Steyer, daughter of Elizabeth and John R. Steyer.  Census records show:


1870 U.S. Census of New London, New London County, Connecticut:  John R. Steyer, age 48, occupation – cabinet maker, birthplace Frankfort; Eliza K. Steyer, 49, born Frankfort; Charlotte H. Steyer, 18, Milliner, born Connecticut; Augusta L. Steyer, 17, Milliner, born Connecticut; Pauline Steyer, 15, born Connecticut.


1880 U.S. Census of New London, New London County, Connecticut, page 53A:  Elizabeth Steyr, age 62, born Hanover; Charlotte Goilard, daughter, 28, Connecticut; William A. Guilard, son-in-law. 33. Connecticut; Elizabeth Goilard, granddaughter, 2 Ct; Pauline Goilard, other 6 months, Ct; Augusta Steyr, daughter 27 single, Ct; William Goddard, other 28 Ct. single; William Palmer, other 29 Ct; Charles Carrol, other, 24 Ct.         


Children of Andreas Steyer and Barbara Hermann:


1.  Fredericka Steyer was born 19 February 1855 in New London,* Connecticut and died 7 November 1928 (family record, except New London).  She married Herman Klaumann, Jr. in July 1875 at Cook County, Illinois (county record).


2.  John Steyer was born 30 September 1860 and died 18 November 1862


3.  Henrich “Henry” W. Steyer was born 9 September 1863 in Illinois.  At the age of 16, he is listed in the household of Herman Klaumann in Iola, Allen County, Kansas.   On 23 May 1889, Henry purchased the Iola, Kansas grocery business from Herman Klaumann, his brother-in-law, and was still in that business in 1912.*  He married about 1885 to Clara Shank (July 1863 Indiana) and had a son, Earl Steyer (April 1887 Kansas.


Children of Andrew Steyer and Louisa __.


      1.    Minnie Steyer, born 1874/75.


      2.    Edward? (Eddie) Steyer, born 1878/79


* "Kansas, A Cyclopedia of State History....with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence." Standard Pub. Co. Chicago, 1912, 3 volumes.


Possible Ship's Record For Hermanns:


Port of Departure: Le Havre, France

Place of Origin: Baden

Destination:  New York

Ship's Name: Irene

Arrival Date: 9 February 1853

Passengers named under Herrmann:  Jean Herrmann 50, Margarite Herrmann 50, Madeline Herrmann 26; Frederic Herrmann 23; Philippe Herrmann 21; Sophie Herrmann 17; Baptisk Herrimann 21, Marie Herrmann 12, Auguste Herrmann 9; Therese Herrmann 8.


Comment:  I'm having difficulty finding anyone but Margarite and Frederick Hermann, and our Barbara Hermann could be Sophie Hermann, born 1835/36.  Proof is lacking. 


Census Records for Steyer and Hermann


1860 U.S. Census of New London Connecticut:


            Frederick Herman 28, Barber, born Germany; Margaretta Hermann 54, born Germany. 


1870 U.S. Census of Cook County, City of Chicago, Illinois, Ward 2:

Steyer, Andrew 43, cabinet maker, born Germany

Fredricka 15, born Connecticut

Henry, 6, born Illinois


1870 U.S. Census of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 8th Ward


            Louisa Timm 39 Hesse Casel, Washerwomen, Louis Timm 9, Illinois; Anna Timm 7, Il; Matilda Timm 5, Il; Emma Timm 1 Il; 


 1880 U.S. Census of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois (page 304B, district 75 ED)

            Steyer, Andrew, 53, cabinet maker, born Prussia, parents born Prussia

                        Louisa, 42, wife, born Hesse Castle, parents born Prussia

            Timm, Anna, sdau, age 18, at home, born Illinois

            Timm, Matilda, sdau, age 15, dress maker, Illinois

            Timm, Emma, sdau, age 11, Illinois

            Steyer, Minnie, dau, age 5, Illinois

            Steyer, Eddie, son, age 1, Illinois


1880 U.S. Census of New London, New London County, Connecticut, (page 53A)

                      (in same household)       


            Steyr, Elizabeth, age 62, born Hanover  (Unknown relationship, if any)

            Goilard, Charlotte, daughter, 28, Ct.

                          William A., Son in law, 33, Canada

                              Includes 1 child and others

            Steyr, Augusta (f), single, 27, Ct.


            Frederick Hermann 49, born Germany, parents born Germany;  Margaretta Hermann 73, mother, born Germany, parents born Germany.  


1900 U.S. Census of Iola City, Iola Township, Allen County, Kansas


            Henry Steyer, September 1863, 36, married 14 years, Ill, Germany, Germany, Merchant Grocery, Clara Steyer, July 1863, 36, 1 child/1 living. Ind. Ohio, Ky; Earl Steyer, April 1887, 13, Kansas.