Aaron Morphew 1796/97 - 1860+

Aaron Morphew

Nancy Sample



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·                     Silas Morphew (1827 - 1912): In "Republic of Winston" During Civil War

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Details on Daniel Silas Morphew, (1847 – 1929)

Details on Silas Buchanan Morphew ( 1856 - 1922) and Children

·                     1858 - Aaron and Silas Morphew Granted Right to Build Dam


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Info from Anita Rogers on Lunettie Jane Morphew (1854 - 1933)

Additional Gravesites Identified for Aaron Morphew descendants  


Aaron Morphew

Born: ~1796/98

Died after 1860 in Arkansas and buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery near Arkadelphia, Clark County, Arkansas

Married on 1 November 1823 to Nancy Sample.  Source of date has not been determined.

Parents: Silas Morphew (~1752 to 1807) + Elizabeth England (1758 to >1830)


Nancy Sample

Born 23 November 1805 to 25 November 1862 and buried same cemetery.

Died 25 November 1862

Parents: William and Keziah Sample


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This chapter covers the following Morphews:


Aaron Morphew (1796/98 to 1860+) + Nancy Sample – Walker County, Alabama, Clark County, Arkansas.  Their children (I) – (XII) and grandchildren (1), (2), etc.


(I). John Morphew (1823 – 1911) + Amanda Hawkins – Walker County, Alabama, Hot Springs and Clark Counties, Arkansas

(1) Nancy Jane Morphew (1843/44) + Lewis C. Horn

(2). Martha A. Morphew (1846/47)

(3). Daniel Silas Morphew (1847 to 1929) + Mahala A. Sturdivan + Nancy J _.

(4). Rebecca Morphew (1849) + William M. Jones

(5). Mary Morphew (1850)

(6). William Thomas Morphew (1852 to 1931) + Priscilla Ann Horn

(7). John Riley Morphew (1857 to 1902) + Virginia Roquemore Simon

(8). Rosetta E. Morphew (1859 to 1926) + Robert N. Gossett

(9). Parthenia Morphew (1862)

(10). Eda Morphew (1865/66) + Jessie E. Dunson

(II). Silas Morphew (1827 to 1906) + 3 x married including Sophonie Ann Rockmore: Walker and Winston Counties, Alabama, Wayne County, Tn, Pike County, Arkansas

(1). Levi Clinton Morphew (1853/4) + Nancy Catherine Ingle

(2). John F. Morphew (1852 to 1905) + Joanna Simmons

(3). Livinia K. Morphew (1852/53)

(4). Lunettie Jane Morphew (1854 to 1933) + William Washington Simmons

(5). Silas Buchanan Morphew (1856 to 1922) + Maretta? Channel

(6). Kerry A. Morphew (1867/68)

(7). Seburn Asberry Morphew (1870 to 1930) + Mary Jane Bonner

(8). Sophonia C. Morphew (1876/77)

(9). David Montgomery Morphew (1879 to 1966) + Naomi Lee Linville

(III). Elizabeth Morphew (1829 to 1895) + _ Cheatham

(IV). William Morphew (1831)

(V). Keziah Morphew (1833 to ?) + Isiah Hopson – Winston County, Alabama

(VI). Solomon Morphew (1836 to 1908) + Nancy A. Markham – Walker County, Alabama, Hot Springs, Scott, Pike, Sevier Counties, Arkansas

(1). Elizabeth Morphew (1855/56)

(2). William “Billie Pa” Albert Morphew (1856 to 1925) + Minerva Ann Hughes

(3). Martha M. Morphew (1864/65)

(4). Sarah A. Morphew (1866/67)

(5). James Albert Morphew (22 September 1870 to 29 November 1947) +  Laura Francis Rush

(6) Nancy N. Morphew (1872/73)

(7). John Thomas Morphew (1874 to 1957)

(8). Joseph A. Morphew (1877/78)

(VII). Seborn H. Morphew (1838 to 1862 –Civil War)

(VIII) Eliha A. Morphew (1840 to 1864 –Civil War)

(IX). Calvin Morphew (1842)

(X). Jeramiah  Morphew (1843 to 1864 - Civil War)

(XI). Gaynor Prince Morphew (1848 to 1922) + Catherine Cantrell

(1). William Hiram Isiah Morphew (1867 to 1939) + Eliza Tipton Palmer

(2). Mollie Angeline Morphew (1873) + Watson Carver

(3). Nancy C. Morphew (1876)

(4). E. America Morphew (1878)

(5). Levi Thomas “Bud” Morphew (1878) + Syrena Defora White

(6). Ada Morphw (1887) + James K. Hughes

(7). Obediah Boise Morphew (1888 to 1978)

(8). James Blaine Morphew 91893) + Margie Jones + Leona Peterson

(XII). Hiram Peterson Morphew (1850) 


Overview for Aaron Morphew (1796/97 to 1860+) + Nancy Sample


Aaron’s family left North Carolina for Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama and later Kirby, Arkansas where Aaron died.  Descendants lived at Paris and Texarkana, Texas, and also the southeast corner of Oklahoma and the western part of Arkansas.  There are several state senators and sheriffs among this most interesting clan.  Aaron and Nancy Morphew had six sons serve in the Civil War, with 2 Union (John and Gainor Prince Morphew) and 4 Confederate (Solomon, Jeremiah, Elihu, Seaborn Morphew), of which the last three did not survive the war.  One needs to separate out the non-relative, Aaron Murphree, found in multiple states.  Readers are invited to help correct errors, better define, and expand these Morphews.   


Aaron and Nancy Sample Morphew are found in the following census records:


1830 - Where?

1840 - US Census of Itawamba County, Mississippi – Aaron Murphy, (adjacent father-in-law William Sample (age 60-70), James Sample, and Jeremiah Sample)

1840 Walker County Tax Record: Aaron Murphew, John Murphew.

1843 December 1843 – Mississippi Land Grant: Aaron Morphew -  Land office at Pontolic, (1) Grant #15174  to Aaron Morphew, 160 acres.  (2) 1NW Chickasaw, Township 8S, range 10E, section 36; (2) Grant #16203, 50.94 acres,

1844 December 9 – Mississippi Land Grant: Aaron Morphew -  1SE Chickawaw, T-8S, R-10E, S36.


This is mountainous land in Itawamba County, Mississippi, on Briar Creek, with bottom land on west end.  The two lands are slightly east of Mississippi State Highway 23, and about 1 to 1.5 miles from the Mississippi-Alabama border.  The SE land is 1 mile northeast of Bound’s Crossroads and 2 miles east of Eastman landmark.


1850 - Walker County, Alabama

1850 August 1 – Alabama Land Grant #14636:  Aaron Morphew, 40 acres, 1 SESW Huntsville, Township-12S, Range-9W, Section-21. 


This is the south end of the town of Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama.


1857 April 2 – Alabama Land Grant #22434: Aaron Morphew, 119.89 acres, (a) N½NW Huntsville, T12S, R-9W, S-22 and (b) SESW Huntsville T12S, R-9W, S-15.   Alabama Grant #22733 to Aaron Morphew, 79.99 acres, same date, NWNE portion of T12S, R-9W, S-22 and S15.  Adjacent to Grant #22434.   

1858 Walker County, Alabama – right to build dam

1858 February 3 – Alabama:  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Alabama in General Assembly convened, to an Act to enable Silas Morphew of the county of Walker to erect a dam therein named, approved 5 February 1856, by so amended as to allow Aaron Morphew to avail himself of benefit of the said act and that said act be further amended, so as to allow said Aaron Morphew to raise the said 7 ½ feet above the mud sills and not higher.  Approved 3 February 1858. 

Alabama: 1858 Acts of General Assembly of the State of Alabama by Alabama...page 377

1860 July 2 – Arkansas Land Grant: land office Washington.  Grant #15398 to Aaron Morphew, 80 acres, SESE 5th PM, T-5S, R-24W, S-32. 


 This land is near Caney Valley (landmark), Pike County, Arkansas, about 4+ miles due south of Glenwood City and about 3 miles east of Kirby in Pike County.    County deeds have not been researched and these land grants don’t necessary mean they lived on these lands, but may have been nearby.  They furnish useful clues.

1858 Walker County, Alabama – right to build dam.


Children of Aaron Morphew and Nancy Sample are:


Aaron Morphew is noted with roman numerals (I) (II) (III), etc.

Grandchildren noted with (1) (2) (3), etc.

Great grandchildren with (i) (ii) (iii), etc.

Great-great grandchildren with (a) (b) (c), etc.

Great-great-great grandchildren with (aa), (bb), (cc)

Great x4 grandchildren (^1), (^2), (^3)

Some census records are at end of this chapter.


(I). John Morphew: (21 April 1823 Alabama - 6 September 1911 and buried at the Langley Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery Road, Langley, Pike County, Arkansas with 31 other Morphews).   He married to Nancy Amanda (Mandy) Hawkins (2 January 1827 – 14 March 1905) and is buried at same cemetery).   Texas Death Record for William Thomas Morphew states his parents were John Morphew and Amanda Tucker. 


 John Morphew enlisted 17 November 1863 at age 45 at Benton, Pulaski County, Arkansas to the 4th Arkansas Union Cavalry with his brother Gainer Prince Morphew.  John’s original discharge was furnished by the War Department on 29 November 1893.  The 4th Regiment, Arkansas Union Cavalry was organized at Little Rock December 1863 and served within Arkansas:


Duty at Little Rock, Arkansas until June 1865

Skirmish at Saline River, Arkansas, 15 February 1864

Operations in Arkansas against guerrillas 1-31 July 1864

Skirmish, Hurricane Creek, 23 October 1864

Skirmishes at Clarksville, 28 September and 9 October 1864


John and Amanda Morphew appear the following census records:


1850 Walker County, Alabama:  John Morphew had a 1 March 1858 land grant #22732 of 79.8 acres on Mill Creek, which is one mile east of Spring Hill (T-12S, R-10W, S-25).

1860 Hot Springs County, Prairie Township, Arkansas

1870 Clark County, Arkadelphia P.O., Cold Bath Township, Arkansas.  Next to his brother Solomon Morphew.  Spelled surname Murphy

1880 Pike County, Arkansas:  Had a 3 August 1882 land grant #1983 of 160 acres on or near the Little Missouri River (T-5S, R-27W, S22 & 23).

1900 Montgomery County, Missouri Township, Arkansas:  John Morphew and wife Amanda.  They are next to brother Silas Morphew 73, wife Sophronia 60, and son David D. Morphew 21 in census.

1910 Montgomery County, Rock Springs, Arkansas: John Morphew, 89 with daughter Parthena Morphew, 48, single; Nancy J. Horn, 66, widow; and Noah RAinwatter, 28, servant.  Census locates them in “Arkansas National Forest on Nashville and Mena? Roads.”  


John and Amanda Morphew had the following children:


            (1). Nancy Jane Morphew (1843/44 Alabama) married in Langley, Pike County, Arkansas to Lewis C. Horn.


            (2). Martha A. Morphew (1846/47 in Alabama).


            (3). Daniel Silas Morphew (23 August 1847 Alabama to 9 January 1929 Comanche County Texas and buried Van Dyke Cemetery – Texas death record), who marriages are not understood. married 1st to Savannah __ (1857/58) – married 8 years at time of 1880 census or the name is Mahala A. Sturdivant (16 November 1855 to 13 August 1884 and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas), and 2nd on 12 October 1884 Howard County, Arkansas to Nancy J. Sturdivant (March 1860) – she is listed with no children at time of 1900 census.    Name reversed on Texas death record.  No children are known so far.   They lived in the following locations:


1870 Cold Bath Township, Clark County, Arkansas with his parents.

1880 Blackland Township, Howard County, Arkansas with wife Savanah

1900 Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas with wife Nancy J.  Next to brother John R. Morphew.

  1920 Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas with sister Parthenia.


            (4). Rebecca Morphew (17 March 1849 Alabama to 5 October 1928 and buried Langley Hall Cemetery, Langley, Pike County, Arkansas) married William M. Jones (1853 to 1930 and buried same cemetery).


            (5). Mary Morphew (1850 Alabama).


            (6). William Thomas "Tom" Morphew (16 June 1852 Alabama to 30 August 1931 Comanche, Comanche County, Texas).  Married Priscilla "Prissy" Ann Horn (30 September 1855 Marshall County, Mississippi to 20 August 1924 Comanche, Texas).  Priscilla's parents were Bythel Horn and Betsy ..ekn (per her Tx Death Record).  They lived in the following locations:


1880 census for Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas, with his wife Priscilla A. 

1900-1930, they lived in Big Fork, Polk County, Arkansas. 


            Children of William Thomas Morphew and Priscilla Ann Horn are:


            (i) Mary Ella Morphew (1874/75)


            (ii) Martha Adella Morphew (27 October 1878 – 8 December 1964 at Comanche, Comanche County, Texas) and married 4 January 1896 Howard County, Arkansas to William Archie Patton (27 November 1871) – county record.


            (iii) Elihu Othenil Morphew (25 January 1888- 21 April 1986) married on 28 September 1905 to Ara Lucretia Goss (4 April 1888 to 5 December 1981 and buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Big Fork, Polk County, Arkansas)


            (iv) Henry Ellis Morphew (29 October 1893 in Langley, Pike County, Arkansas to 3 July 1993) who married Cloria or Clara Ruth Norwood (2 September 1898 Comanche County, Texas to 18 November 1952 Comanche, Comanche, Texas – Tx Death Record).   In 1930, they were living in Comanche, Comanche County, Texas.  This census lists one son and two daughters.  


            (7). John Riley Morphew (17 May 1854 Alabama – 1902 and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery, Langley, Arkansas), married in 1886 or 1887 to Virginia E. Roquemore Simon (28 November 1864 - 1 March 1946 and buried at Hall Cemetery – full name in question).  He had a 160 acre homestead entry land grant on 1 February 1897 in Pike County, Arkansas, about 2.5 miles west of Langley, Pike County, Arkansas. He was single in 1880 in Pike County, Arkansas. Children include:  (i) Grady William Morphew (3 July 1894 to 14 August 1976 and buried Dollarhide Cemetery, Foreman, Little River County, Arkansas), (ii) Claudia Donna Morphew (24 December 1892), (iii) Albert Jayhugh Morphew (6 January 1888 to 10 February 1933 and buried at Gravelly Cemetery, Foreman, Little River City, Arkansas) married on 25 December 1910 to Rosalee Davis (county record).


            (8). Rosetta E. Morphew (8 March 1859 in Arkansas to January 1926 and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery, Langley, Arkansas).  She married Robert N. Gossett in 1877 or 1878, and were living in 1900 Lamar County, Texas.  Children include: (i) Preston L. Gossett (July 1888 Arkansas), (ii) Alvis E. Gossett (May 1894 Texas), (iii) Ennis L. Gossett (November 1896 Texas).


            (9). Parthenia Morphew (December 1862 Montgomery County, Arkansas) never married.  She had an 160 acre homestead entry land grant #8457 on 22 September 1897 in Montgomery County, Arkansas, in the Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area, 1 mile south of Round Mountain (1838 feet high).   In 1900, Parthenia, single and age 37, was living with her sister, Rose Morphew Gossett, in Lamar County, Texas.                               


            (10). Eda E. Morphew (14 March 1866 Arkansas to 27 May 1953 and buried Langley Hall Cemetery) married Jesse E. Dunson (1868 to 1957). 


(II). Silas Morphew was born 18 April 1827 at Nauvoo, Walker Co, Alabama to 30 March 1906 Arkansas and buried at Hall Cemetery, Langley, Arkansas.   Possibly, Silas married three times and there is confusion on the sequence and who was first.   The 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census records indicated he was married to Rachel ___.  He married next about 1867 to Sophronie Ann Rockmore (born 13 April 1840 – 22 August 1928 and buried at Hall Cemetery).  After Silas died, Sophronie Morphew was living with the William T. Simmons family in Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas in 1910.


Silas Morphew lived the following census or other locations:


1850 and 1860 Walker County, Alabama:  Had a split 120 acre land grant #20818 on 1 March 1860, which is (1) SE corner and (2) NE corner of the town of Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama.


1861 December 3 - Winston County, Alabama:  Named in a circular dated 8 June 1861 -   "Silas Morphew."



   During the Civil War period of Alabama seceding from the Union, citizens of the County of Winston, Alabama were mostly in opposition to leaving the union.  In fact, they refused to sign Alabama's ordinance of secession.   Winston County later became known as the "Free State of Winston" and/or "Republic of Winston."


According to Richard Dodd, "This area was of a soil and terrain type that was not conducive to large cotton cultivation.  Therefore few of the citizens had sympathy for slave owners or their interests.  Patriotic citizens began to organize in opposition to the Confederate secessionists.  Among these patriots were William Dodd and Andrew Jackson Ingle (illegitimate son of President Andrew Jackson) along with Silas Morphew.  One call to rally support came in the form of circulars asking for volunteers to form pro-union militias. 


One such circular, dated 8 June 1861, was enclosed in a letter to Governor Shorter, dated 3 December 1861:  "All persons desiring to attach themselves to a union company to form a home guard for the protection of our families and property is earnestly requested to meet us at A. J. Taylor's Store on the 14th and at William Dodds Store on the 15th.  Come one come all good patriotic Union men."  Named on this circular were W. B. Manasco, Silas Morphew, C.A. Taylor, A.J. Ingles, and Andrew Kaeiser.


(From "An Antebellum and Civil War History of a Hill County of North Alabama," by Donald and Wynelle S. Dodd."  Information is courtesy of Richard Dodd, email of 22 April 2007.)


Comment: Winston County was established in 1850 from Walker County.  



1870 – Where?  Possibly "Sl. Murphreis" of Township #12, Walker Co., Alabama entered twice, but names for children and wife do not make sense. 

1871: Silas Morphew and Paul Engle bid unsuccessfully for several postal routes, including (1) from Russelville to Pikeville 45 miles and back/once a week, (2) Russellville to Tuscumbea 18 miles and back/once a week; Jasper to Jonesborough 48 miles and back, 1x/week.                 

1876 - Wayne County, Tennessee (per letter); Silas bid unsuccessfully for a mail route from Stony Fork to Trade, Tennessee, 22 miles and back/1x week.

1880 - Wayne County, Tennessee census - near sons Silas B. Morphew and John F. Morphew.  

1883 - Pike County, Arkansas tax list: “Silas Morphew.”

1884 - Blancett Township, Scott County, Arkansas: Now has a 80 acre homestead entry land grant #3308 on 2 August 1884, which is on Black Fork of Fourch River in Scott County, about 3 miles east of Blansett.

~1896 - Pike County: Noted as a Justice of the Peace with wife Sophronia Morphew.

1900 – US Census of Montgomery County, Arkansas:  Next to brother John Morphew.  Had an 80 acre homestead entry land grant #9451 on 3 July 1900 (T-4S, R-27W. S-6), but near that of Parthenia Morphew’s land grant.




Letter of Silas Morphew (born 1827)


            The following letter was written by Silas Morphew (born 1827) of Wayne County, Tennessee to his cousin, Levi Morphew of Stoney Fork, North Carolina, dated 12 March 1876:  (From "Watauga County Heritage, North Carolina, Volume 1, 1984, permission on 22 September 2004 to use letter, courtesy of Genealogical Society of Watauga County, P.O. Box 126, Boone, North Carolina, 28607.)


Dear Cousin Levi:


            It is with pleasure that I seat myself to drop you a few lines, that you may learn by them that myself and family is well and hope that these lines may reach you in due time and find you and all of the connection doing well.


            I received your kind letter and was glad to hear from all of you once more, I have nothing strange or interesting to write more than hard times.  Money is scarcer than I have ever known it to be.  Corn is worth one dollar and fifty cents a bushel.  Bacon is 15 cents per pound, coffee 30 cents, mules 50-100 dollars, milk cows 20-25 dollars, land rate from 1-10 dollars per acre.  I have not heard from any of our kin folk in several years since they all went to Arkansas.  I am going to write cousin William Miller today.


            Cousin Levi, in your next letter, write me your age.  I will be 49 years the 18th day April (1876) next month. 


            Levi, I have had a great deal of bad luck during my short stay in this world, unfriendly don't even describe it.  I have lost two wives and eleven children.  I am now living with my 3rd wife.  My youngest child (is) two months old.  I have eight children still living.


            I will close, hoping to hear from you soon, so as ever remain your cousin until death does us part. 


Silas Morphew




The children of Silas Morphew (1827) + Rachel __ are not only incomplete, but children by another wife may be mixed here or with the later list:


            (1). Levi Clinton Morphew (1853/54 Alabama):  Married Nancy Catherine Ingle (21 August 1856 Winston County, Alabama – 20 October 1887, near Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama and buried Wakefield Ingle Cemetery.)   Levy and Nancy C. are on the 1880 census of Walker County, Alabama.  Children: (i) John David Morphew (1872/73), (ii) Levi Washington Morphew (May 1884), (iii) Martha Jane Morphew (~1876), (iv) Mary Morphew 1882/83 – 1911), (v) Rachel K. Morphew (1878/79 – 1942 Lemesa, ? County, Texas), (vi) Robert B. Morphew (13 January 1887 Alabama – 23 October 1959 Alabama and buried at Union Cemetery, near Spring Hill, Walker County, Alabama), (vii) Sarah E. Morphew (18?? Winston County, Alabama - ~1920 Pushmataha County, Oklahoma).


            (2). John F. Morphew (14 January 1852 – 14 February 1905 and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery, Langley, Pike County, Arkansas (photo proof).   He married on 22 July 1875 Lauderdale County, Alabama to Joanna Simmons (county record).  Joanna Simmons was born 23 February 1856 Tennessee and died 17 May 1926 and buried same cemetery).  They lived in the following locations:


1880 Wayne County, Tennessee - in the household of mother-in-law M.D. Lynville (1814/15 Virginia) with “J.F.M. Morphew” and “wife Joanah Morphew” and son __, age 1.  "Mother" in household could be the name of Kazia? Sim(m)ons.  (October 1829 Tn)

1900 Arkansas, Mountain Township, Pike County. John F. Morphew, Janaury 1852, farmer, married 24 years.  Wife Joana Morphew February 1856 with 7 children at home.  Total of 9 children born and 7 living in 1900.

1902 Arkansas, Pike County - had a 165 acres homestead land grant on 7 March 1902 on T-5S, R-26 and R-27 near his uncle, John Morphew (~1823) in Pike County, Arkansas.  


            John F. Morphew + Joana Simmons had the following children:


(i) Silas P. Morphew (26 April 1881 to 27 April 1963 and buried Langley Hall Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas) married Rosa Belle Jones (16 February 1886 to 19 September 1964 and buried same cemetery)

(ii) Emily J. Morphew (October 1883 Tn)

(iii) Rox A. Morphew (October 1886 Tn)

(iv) Sherman L.  Morphew (24 December 1888 Ark) married Artie Flora “Missy” Jones (3 July 1888 to 22 October 1989 and buried at Underwood Cemetery, Yale, Payne County, Oklahoma).

(v) Sophronia A. Morphew (June 1891 Ark)

(vi) Claudia B. Morphew (October 1893)

(vii) Herbert L. Morphew (May 1898 Ark)

(viii) Millard R. Morphew (1902).


            Children #viii and #ix probably belong to Silas and Sophronie Ann Rockmore, but without better information, the mother of #vi and #vii is in question.


            (3). Livina K. Morphew, 1852/53.


            (4). Lunettie Jane Morphew was born 28 February 1854 and died 24 October 1933 Pike County, Arkansas, buried at Academy Cemetery, Nathan, Pike County, Arkansas.  She married 1873 to William Washington Simmons (12 June 1854 Ashridge, Hancock County, Alabama to 1927 and buried same cemetery).    William Washington Simmons was a twin son of Robert Giles Adam Simmons and Carolyn Elizabeth Taylor.

Family information courtesy of Anita Rogers, emails 29-30 March and 6 & 9 April 2012.  Thank you Anita!


They lived in the following locations, per census records:


1880 - Winston County, Alabama: William Simmons 25, L Simmons 27, with Rachel Simmons, 6, Sarah F. Simmons 4, and William E. Simmons 2; Adjacent are the households of Giles Simmons, John Simmons, and Jackson Simmons.   

1900 + 1910 US Census of Pike County, Self Creek, Arkansas: 1900 Census states William and Lunettie Simmons had 10 children with 9 still living.

1920 - Pike County, Murfreesboro, Arkansas

1930 - Pike County, Self Creek, Arkansas: Lunettie Simmons – widow 78, living in the family of Charley J. Ward 52 + Leona Ward 49, also with Calvin Simmons, 26.   Calvin was a son of William E. Sommons and 2nd wife Delia Ann Lowery.


Children of William Washington Simmons + Lunettie Jane Morphew:

(i). Rachel Simmons (1874)

(ii) Sarah F. Simmons (1876)

(iii) Leona Simmons (17 July 1880 to 29 September 1945) married on 16 July 1899 to Charley J. Ward.

(iv) Albert Adam* Simmons (30 July 1883 to 14 October 1942) married, age 20 of Kirby, married on 10 November 1901 Montgomery County, Arkansas to Minnie Ella* Cowart, age 16 of Kirby, Pike County, Ar. **

(v) Charlie Marion* Simmons (12 August 1884/85 to 8 August 1948) married, age 21 of Daisy, Pike County, on 7 August 1904 Pike County to Anne Jones of Daisy, Pike County. **

(vi) Asa Silas Simmons (12 August 1886 to 21 April 1944) married, age 24 of Kirby, on 15 January 1911 Pike County to Mattie Ray, age 20 of Kirby, Pike County.**

(vii) John Vincent Simmons (8 November 1888 Philadelphia, Arkansas* to 5 July 1969) married on 8 September 1923 to Willie Barnes.

(viii) Christopher Columbus Simmons (19 October 1894 Daisy, Pike County, Arkansas to 18 October 1955 Malvern, Hot Springs County, Arkansas) married Myrtle Mae Stokes.

(ix) William Ervin Simmons (19 February 1878 to 22 October 1951 Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas) married 3 times (1) at age 22, married 13 May 1900 Montgomery County, Ar. to Charlotte C. Walls, age 17 of Kirby, Pike County, Ar. **  (2) Delia Ann* Lowery, (3) at age 42 married 5 October 1923 Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas to Clara Corrine Laurent of Murfreesboro (3rd wife).


* WWI Draft Registration Card, Pike County, Arkansas from ancestry.com

** Marriage records are county records found on ancestry.com


            (5). Silas Buchanon Morphew (12 November 1856 Alabama to 2 February 1922 Boswell, Choctaw County, Oklahoma).  Married about 1877 to Marietta or Maretta (Mary) Channel (born 10 October 1858 Georgia to 9 December 1949 Brookston, Lamar County, Texas).  Maretta Channel's father was William Channell (per Texas Death Record).   In 1910 and 1920, they were living in Hunter Township, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.  They had three children with three living per the 1910 census:


            (i) William Prince Morphew (13 April 1879 Wayne Co. Tn. to beyond 1917) married Johnnie Foster.*   They are difficult to trace.  His WWI 1918 registration card is hard to read but probably Boswell, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.  One child - Fred E. Morphew - has been identified at this time:


(a) Fred E. Morphew (15 July 1904 Roxton, Lamar County, Texas to 27 November 1976 Paris, Lamar County, Texas.*) who married Theresa Merle Maynard (18 February 1906 Texas to 4 January 1964 Paris, Lamar County, Texas*).  Theresa is the daughter of J.T. Maynard and Sarah Jane Maroney.  F.E. Morphew was in the Texas State Senate from Paris.

            * from Texas Death Records.


            (ii) Marion David Morphew (24 October 1882 Wayne Co. Tn to January 1974 Paris, Lamar County, Texas) married 1st to Lula Sissel Aiken (12 January 1889 Copper Texas to 26 June 1965 Paris, Lamar, Texas.  Lula was the daughter of T.H. Sissel and Elva Hatton.  She married 1st to __ Aikers and had two previous children – Wilma Aiken (1910/11) and A. M Aiken (son).  They lived the following locations, per U.S. Census: 

1910 Oklahoma, Choctaw County, Baswell Ward 2

1920 Oklahoma, McCurtain County

1930 Texas, Lamar County, Paris with their mother Marietta Morphew.


            Children of Marion and Lola Morphew are: (a) Wilma Morphew (1908 Oklahoma), (b) Kenneth Morphew (29 October 1912 Oklahoma to 20 May 1938 Wichita County, Texas and buried in Paris, Lamar County, Texas*)


            (iii) Burr Whitton Morphew (28 June 1888 Pike County, Arkansas to 25 September 1959 Paris, Lamar County, Texas – Texas Death Record).  Burr married 1909 to Beulah __ (~1892/93 Texas).  They lived in the following locations per U.S. Census:


1910 Texas, Lamar County

1920 Oklahoma, Choctaw County, Hunter Township

1930 Texas, Lamar County, Precinct 2.         


            Children of Burr W. and Beulah Morphew are: (a) Emmit Edgar Morphew (24 July 1910 Brookston, Lamar, Texas to 8 April 1969 Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas and buried Cooper, Texas), (b) Jewel Morphew (1912/13 Oklahoma), (c) Merle Morphew (1915/16 Oklahoma), (d) Lloyd Morphew (1919/1920 Oklahoma), (e) Gladys Morphew (1923/24 Texas), (f) Bernie Morphew (daughter – 1928).   


            (6). Kerry A. Morphew, 1867/68.


            (7). Seborn (or Seburn) Asberry Morphew (18 November 1870 Alabama to 20 January 1930 and buried at Hall Cemetery, Langley, Arkansas), who married to Laura C. Rogers (11 August 1870 to 16 July 1928 and buried Langley Hall Cemetery).*   Note that there are two Seburn (or Seborn) Morphews, (born 1838 and 1868/69).   After Seborn died, the family's movements are not known.


1900, 1910, 1920 census of Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas with very poor census taker's recordings. 


            Children of Seburn A. Morphew and Laura Rogers per census record except one, all born Arkansas are: (i) Jesse  Morphew (August 1889 to 1961) married on 17 February 1907 Langley, Pike  County, Arkansas to Bertha J. Lawless, (ii) Virgil Rayburn Morphew (1 July 1892 Langley, Pike County, Arkansas to 22 August 1976 Webster, Harris County, Texas,* and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery), (iii). Lillie May Morphew (January 1895), (iv) Maudie Emma Morphew (November 1896), (v) Virginia E. Morphew (October 1898), (vi) – later children are less clear, possibly Luella Etta Morphew (1902/03), (vii) Paton or Pate A Morphew (1905/07), Dessie Morphew 1908/09), (viii) Ralph W. Morphew (1911/12), (ix) possibly Oclin? P. Morphew (1918/19).       


* Texas Death Record of Virgil Rayburn Morphew stated his parents to be Seburn Asberry Morphew and Laura Rogers.


            (8). Sophronia C. Morphew, 1876/77.   The following may or may not belong; An 1 September 1881 marriage in Logan County, Arkansas exists for Saphonia Morphew to Charles Jones (county record).


            (9). David Montgomery Morphew (6 October 1879 Arkansas to 6 February 1966 and buried at Hall Langley Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas) married on 16 January 1904 Pike County to Naomi Lee Linville (county record).   Naomi was born 13 May 1885 Wayne County, Tennessee and died 13 November 1947 and was buried in the same cemetery.  Their children included (per ancestry.com listing and Boyce Wakefield, e-mail 12 September 2005):  (i) Flavie "Velton" Mophew (f); (ii) "Dovie" Camden Morphew 28 November 1912 who married a Wakefield; (iii) Homer Oscar Morphew, 7 February 1915 to 21 March 2000 and buried Langley Hall Cemetery (iv) "Ennis" Voyle Morphew 2 May 1916; (v) Alvis Doyle Morphew, 7 September 1918 to 19 March 1987 and buried at Langley Hall Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas; (vi) female, living in 2005.


(III). Elizabeth Morphew (16 July 1829 - ~1895) married __ Cheatham and had the following children: (i) Andrew Cheatham, (ii) Kizzie Cheatham, (iii) Nancy Cheatham, (iv) Sophronia Cheatham.


(IV). William Morphew (25 October 1831)


(V). Kissiah or Ceziah (Kizzy) Morphew (20 October 1833) married Isiah Hopson (born 1832/33) and were living in Winston County, Alabama in 1880.  Children are thought to be: (i) Louis Hobson, (ii) Sarah Hobson, (iii) Wily A. Hopson (1861/62, born Alabama) 


(VI). Solomon Morphew (11 January 1836 to 13 September 1908 and buried at Mill Creek Cemetery, DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas).  Solomon married Nancy A. Markham (8 February 1840 to 18 September 1909 and buried same cemetery.  


Solomon Morphew was a private for the Confederate States of America, Company H, 33rd Arkansas Infantry, and enlisted (at age of 25) on 18 May 1862 in Clark County, Arkansas.  He and his brothers Jeremiah and Elihu Morphew enlisted at the same time, were in the same company, and all three were last noted to go on sick leave on 4 August 1863 at Monroe, Louisiana.  They, then, presumably joined another CSA unit. On 16 April 1864, Jeremiah and Elihu were killed by bushwhackers while on furough.    The 33rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment was organized on 11 July 1862 and little is known about the unit activities during the period that the three Morphew brothers served.   Research needs to track their further activities.


Solomon and Nancy A. Morphew are noted in the following locations:


1858 - Walker County, Alabama:  Had a 81.5 acres land grant #24535 on 1 March  1858, about 2.5 miles east of Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama (T-12S, R-9W, S-19).  It is not known if he lived on this land.

1860 - Hot Springs County, Arkansas.

1860 -  Pike County, Arkansas:  Had a 40 acre land grant #15528 on 2 July 1860, on or near the Antoine river, near Ebenezer Cemetery and Primitive Baptist Church (T-5S, R-24W, S-32).

1870 - Arkadelphia P.O., Cold Bath Township, Clark County, Arkansas.  Lived next to brother John Morphew.

 1880 - Scott County, Arkansas.

 1883 - Pike County, Arkansas:  Had a 119.44 acre homestead entry land grant #145 on 15 January 1883, on or near the Little Missouri River (T-5S, R24W, S-33; T-6S, R-24W. S5 & 6).   Isolated and not known if he lived on this land.   On 1883 Pike County tax list: “Solomon Morphew”

  1906 - Sevier County, Arkansas:  Nancy A. Morphew homestead land grant on 22 March 1906 (T-7S, R-32W, S28 &33) in Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas, which was 1 mile west of Rolling Fork Creek, and quite mountainous.   Could Solomon be dead before 1908?


A descendant, Yvonne commented about the above question of Solomon dead before 1908 (e-mail 3 January 2004):  “I think 13 September 1908 is Nancy’s death date, not Solomon’s.  There is a problem in that the Morphew’s land was put under a reservoir and the Morphew’s buried on the farm were moved to Mill Creek Cemetery so we have no death dates.”


 Solomon and Nancy A. Morphew had the following children: 


            (1). Elizabeth Morphew (1855/56 in Arkansas)


            (2). William Albert Morphew “Billie Pa” (2 June 1856 in Arkansas to 3 May 1925 DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas/Mill Creek Cemetery).  William married about 1878 to Minerva (Nerva) Ann Hughes (b. 19 November 1854 Arkansas – 22 December 1939 Ultima Thule, Arkansas/ buried Mill Creek Cemetery Sevier County)  They had two homestead land grants in Mill Township, Sevier County, Arkansas, with land 1 mile west of the De Queen Dam.   A descendant, Yvonne kindly furnished the information on William A. and Minerva Morphew and their children  (e-mail of 3 January 2004):


(i). Nancy (Nannie) Elizabeth Morphew was born 15 April 1879 Howard County, Arkansas and died 26 May 1959 Itabel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma.   She married on 10 August 1898 at Petty, Sevier County, Arkansas to Robert Lee Nethery, who was born 13 April 1878 Sevier County, Arkansas and died 20 October 1918.


(ii). Robert (Bob) Milton (or Marven) Morphew was born 23 September 1882 at Pike County, Arkansas and died February 1964 at Dequeen, Sevier County, Arkansas.  He married about 1905 Sevier County to Allie Gertrude Lambert), who was born 26 July 1890 and died 8 May 1989 at Dequeen, Sevier County, Arkansas and both are buried at Mill Creek Cemetery, Kellum, Sevier County, Arkansas.


(iii). Rosie Ellen Morphew was born 18 November 1883 at Pike County, Arkansas and died 28 November 1982 at Idabel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma.   She married on 8 July 1900 Sevier County to Joseph (Joe) Henry Hammett, born 29 May 1880 Miller County, Arkansas and died 14 August 1940.


(iv). Minerva (Della) Rebecca Morphew was born 31 January 1886 and died 3 March 1970.  She married 29 December 1908 to Bolin (Herman) Keeney, born 22 November 1886 and died 26 October 1971 Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas. 


(v). Sarah (Alice) (Aunt Babe) Cordellia Morphew was born 17 September 1888 and died 24 November 1966.  She married on 27 September 1907 to Jesse Franklin "Frank" Keeney, born 24 September 1883 and died 10 December 1963 Dequeen, Sevier County, Arkansas. 


(vi). James (Albert) Morphew was born 24 May 1892 at Dequeen, Arkansas and died 5 September 1980 at Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas and is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas.  He married Janie Sherifield (or Shuffield), born 30 June 1899 and died 4 June 1988 Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas and is buried same cemetery. 


            (3). Martha M. Morphew (1864/65).


            (4). Sarah A. Morphew (1866/67).


            (5). James A. Morphew (22 September 1870 Arkansas to 29 November 1947) married about 1893 to Laura Francis Rush* (16 September 1876 Texas to 4 March 1942 and both buried at Wanette Cemetery, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma).  They are noted in the following locations:


1899 August 16 – Sevier County, Arkansas: Homestead land grant of 160 acres, next to land grants of Nancy A. Morphew and William A. Morphew in Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas.

1900 Sevier County, Mill Creek Township, Arkansas

1910-1930 US Census of Oklahoma, Pottawatomie County, Easton Township


            Children of James A. Morphew and Laura F. Rush, per census records:


(i). Ollie Zephinue Morphew (18 March 1894** Arkansas to 21 February 1957 – 12 Miles on Garden City Highway, Midland, Texas and buried Shawnee County, Oklahoma*) married Jeanette __ (1894 to 1990 and both buried Wanette Cemetery, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma).    They lived in 1920 Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma and 1930 Wewoka, Brown? Township, Seminole, Oklahoma.   

(ii). John Earl Morphew (30 June 1896** Arkansas to 3 October 1963 and buried at Wanette Cemetery, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma)

(iii). (can't read) (son - November 1898 Arkansas) – not on 1910 census

(iv). George Addison Morphew (20 November 1899** Arkansas)

(v). Sylvie M. Morphew (son – 1902/03 Arkansas)

(vi). Velma V. Morphew (1911/12 Oklahoma)


            * Texas Death Records states the parents of Ollie Morphew were James Morphew and Laura Rush.  **from WWI Draft Registration card.


            (6). Nancy N. Morphew (1872/73).


            (7). John Thomas Morphew (13 February 1874 to 4 October 1956 Pauls Valley, Ok.) married Mary Jane Bonner on 1 June 1894.   Mary Jane was born 22 November 1875 and died 1 March 1957 and both are buried at Green Hill Cemetery, McClain County, Oklahoma.  In 1910, they were living in Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas. 


John T. and Mary Jane Morphew had the following children:


(i) James Madison Morphew (19 February 1903 Dequeen, Arkansas to 9 January 1985 and buried Maysville Cemetery, Garvin County, Oklahoma)

(ii) Lee Baine Morphew (9 March 1895 Maysville, Ok.)

(iii) Sam Henry Morphew (3 May 1896)

(iv) Dolly Jane Morphew (6 February 1901)

(v) George Washington Morphew (10 May 1905) married Dona Bell Robertson (19 January 1905 to 28 February 1953 and buried at Maysville Cemetery, Maysville, Garvin County, Oklahoma.)

(vi) Marie Lenore Morphew (25 September 1908)

(vii) John Eldon Morphew (9 July 1912).


            (8). Joseph O. Morphew (17 May 1877 to 10 March 1949 and buried at Mill Creek Cemetery, Kellum, Sevier County, Arkansas).   In 1910, single and living in Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas.


Also Silas and Sophronie Morphew have the reported children: Alice Morphew and Kizzy Morphew, no dates. 


(VII). Seborn or Seburn H. Morphew (20 January 1838 – 5 July 1862 at Little Rock, Arkansas Hospital) married Mattie __.   He had a 160 acre homestead entry land grant on 20 May 1862 in Pike County, Arkansas on the Little Missouri River, 4+ miles for the western county border and 3+ miles south of the county north border. 


 Seaborn H. Morphew enlisted on 7 May 1862 in Clark County, Arkansas as a private in Company F, 37th (Bells) Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA, and died three months later on 5 July 1862 at a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital.  The Regiment was organized in Pope County, Arkansas under the command of Colonel Joseph C. Pleasants.  Their first engagement did not come until the Battle of Prairie Grove on 7-8 December 1862.


(VIII). Elihu A. Morphew was born 25 June 1840 and died on 16 April 1864 during the Civil Waqr and is buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Pope County, Arkansas.. 



Elihu Morphew Letter, dated 17 January 1861


The following letter was written by Elihu A. Morphew from Redland, (County at time undetermined) Arkansas near the Little Missouri River to his cousin Levi Morphew of Stoney Fork, North Carolina.  (From "Watauga County Heritage, North Carolina," Volume One, 1984, telephone permission 22 September 2004 and courtesy of Genealogical Society of Watauga County, North Carolina, P.O. Box 126, Boone, North Carolina, 28607.


            Dear Cousin Levi:


            It is with pleasure that I seat myself this evening, to let you know that we are all well at this time and hope when you get this letter, it will find you all well and doing well.  I haven't anything of much importance to write to you at this time.  The health of our people is good.  Times are terrible hard in this country with cotton 9 and ¾ cents per pound, corn is 2 dollars a bushel, wheat 2 dollars a bushel, pork 5 cents per pound, land $5.00 per acre.


            You wrote to know my principles on politics.  My principles are just like yours dear cousin, I am a Democrat, me and all the rest of my brothers are Democrats.  I don't think it will ever do to free the slaves.  It looks like to me that the Union will be torn to shreds or smashed and if it is, it will come to War dear cousin, and if it does come to war, it will be the worse war we ever heard of, so no more on that subject.


            Mother sends her best respects and love to all of you, especially your Mother, she often talks of you and wishes to see you all.  You wrote and ask if I wanted any of the fawsed corn or not.  I would be glad if you would send me some to get a start, at least enough for a start.  So with that must close.  Write to me as soon as you get this letter, and excuse my hand write, for I am writing on my knee and by fire light, so no more at this time, but remain your cousin with affection until death.


Elihu Morphew



On 18 May 1862 Elihu enlisted in Clark County, Arkansas as a private (at age 22) in Company H, 33rd Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States of America with his two brothers Jeremiah and Solomon Morphew.  All three left their company on sick leave at Monroe, Louisiana on 4 August 1863 and failed to report back.  The three, presumably, joined with another CSA unit. 


On 16 April 1864 Elihu and Jeremiah Morphew were on furlough “and with two neighbor boys, Hampton Leitze, and Josuah Kirby, doing some clearing on some land they hoped to be able to farm....On a nice spring day, they were at work when a party of bushwackers appeared, beat, robbed, and shot all four, and their women folk had to bury all in the same grave in Mount Zion Cemetery at New Hope, Arkansas.”  (from “Morphew History,” by Arlie C. Morphew, 1970, page 17.)   


(IX). Calvin Morphew (10 March 1842).  


(X). Jeremiah Morphew (13 December 1843 to 16 April 1864 New Hope, Arkansas Civil War and buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Pope County, Arkansas).    Jeremiah was a private in the Confederate States Army – see story above. 


(XI). Gaynor Prince Morphew (1 October 1848 at Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama to 9 January 1922, Texarkana, Texas) married Catherine Cantrell (born July 1852).   Gainer P. Morphew enlisted at the age of 16 on 17 November 1863 at Benton, Pulaski County, Arkansas in Company B, 4th Arkansas Union Cavalry with John Morphew, his brother – see details under his brother, John Morphew.  


Gaynor and Catherine Morphew lived in the following locations per U.S. Census:


1870 and 1880, Pike County, Arkansas

1900, 1910, 1920 Bowie County, Texas 


Gaynor Prince Morphew and Catherine Cantrell had the following children, born at Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas, except James Blaine Morphew: 


            (1). William Hiram Isiah Morphew (29 September 1867 Arkansas to 4 July 1939 Bowie County, Texas) married Eliza Tipton Palmer (b. 16 January 1868 Arkansas to 1 November 1949 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas).   They had the following children:

            (i) Lucius Leonard Morphew (4 August 1889 to 22 March 1989 Jacksonville, Duval County Florida) married Ruth E. Arrington and had the following children: (a) Elvin "Leonard" Morphew (26 December 1915 Texas to 28 August 1976 Linden, Cass County, Texas – Texas Death Record) married Ida Lucile Morphew (27 August 1920 Arkansas to 25 October 1937 Cherokee County, Texas, daughter of Raymond Smith and Mattie West), (b) Charlotte R. Morphew (1924 Texas)

            (ii) Junius Palmer Morphew (20 January 1892 Pike County, Ark.)

            (iii) Franklin Pierce Morphew (3 Mary 1894, Palmer, Texas – WW1 Draft card info - to 16 January 1969 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas – Texas Death Record) married Ada Myers (May 1897 Texas to 10 July 1931 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas).  Ada was the daughter of D. H. Myers and Eva Della Grossman - Tx Death Record.    Grossman surname causes confusion.  About age 3, Eva Grossman was by her aunt, Harriet Snyder who was married to David Grossman.  Eva used Grossman in about half of her records.  Thanks go to Ted Pack + 1943HotWheels for this information, email courtesy 11 March 2011 


            (iv) Annie Mollie Morphew (20 August 1896 Texarkana, Bowie Co, Tx.)

            (v) Mary Era Morphew (5 November 1898, Palmer, ? Co. Tx.)

            (vi) Charles Henry Morphew (29 June 1901, Palmer, ? Co. Tx.)

            (vii) Grace Morphew 20 October 1903, (Texarkana, Bowie Co, Tx)

            (viii) Arthur Lincoln Isiah Morphew (23 March 1907 Texarkana, Bowie Co. Tx.)


            (2). Mollie Angeline Morphew (20 May 1873.  Married Watson Carver


            (3). Nancy C. Morphew (3 March 1876 Arkansas).


            (4). E. America "Marcia" Morphew (9 May 1878 Arkansas).


            (5). Levi Thomas "Bud" Morphew (20 March 1881 Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas to 29 July 1968 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas*).  Married 1901 to Syrena Defora White (28 March 1882 Georgia to 6 August 1964 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas*).  Syrena was the daughter of Richard McGee White and Syrena Garrett.*  They lived in the following locations, per U.S. Census:


1910, 1920 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas

1930 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas


            Children of Levi Thomas Morphew and Syrena White:

            (i) Olive Morphew (1903)

            (ii) LeRoy Morphew (1905-2001)

            (iii) Daniel Spears Morphew (1908-1995)

            (iv) Richard P. Morphew (1911)

            (v). Joseph Henry Morphew (1915)

            (vi) newborn not named (30 June 1917 Dallas, Texas and died that day*

            (vi) Helen Marie Morphew (~1918)

            (vii) newborn, not named (5 April 1921)*

            (viii) Ethel Luellen Morphew (~1922)

                        * Texas Death Record


            (6). Ada Morphew (24 July 1887).  Married James K. Hughes.


            (7). Obediah Boise "Bud or Obie" Morphew (25 October 1888 to August 1978 Dallas, Texas) married Madie Bell (Aunt Nickie) Markham (October 1890 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas to 26 December 1986 Dallas Texas).  Madie Bell Markham was the daughter of Richard E. Markham and Mary Jane Smith.  They lived in the following locations per census records:


1910 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas with his parents G.P. Morphew

1917 WWI Draft Card: 13th and Apple Street, Texarkana

1920 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas


            Children of Obediah Morphew + Madie Bell Markham are:

            (i) Letitia Morphew who married/divorced (> 1930) to Harold Baxter Spurr and lived in Seminole, Oklahoma

            (ii) Juanita Morphew (5 October 1910 Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas)

            (iii) Obediah Boise Morphew, Jr. (1 August 1914 to April 1986 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.  Thanks go to Sherry Collins for added details, email of 17 October 2006).


            (8). James Blaine Morphew (1 May 1893 at Comanche, Comanche County, Texas).   Married first to Margie Jones, and 2nd to Leona Peterson and 3 children.


(XII). Hiram Peterson Morphew (12 October 1850)


Census Records for Aaron Morphew and Descendants


1840 U.S. Census of Itawamba County, Mississippi


      Murphy, Aaron:  2 males 0-<5; 2 females 5-<10; 1 male 10-<15; 1 male 15-<20; 1 female 30-<40; 1 male 40<50.  Next on the list is:


      Sample, William:  2 females 15-<20; 1 male 20-<30, 1 female 50<60; 1 male 60-<70


1850 U.S. Census of Western Division: Walker County, Alabama (note misspelling carefully, it is wild):


Murpu, John 26, farmer, Alabama; Munday Murpu 23 (f), Al.; Nancy Murpu 7, Al.; Martha Murpu 4, Al.; Daniel Murpu 3, Al.; Rebach (m) 1, Al.; Mary 2/12, Al.  Two entries away are:


Murpu, Aaron, 52, farmer, South Carolina; Nancy Murpu 43, South Carolina; Elizabeth Murpu 19, Al.; Keziah Murpu 16, Al.; Solomon Murpu 16, Al.; Seburn Murpu 12, Al.; Lihugh Murpu 10, Al.; Calvin Murpu 8, Al.; Jaramiah Murpu 6, Al.; Garner Murphu 6, Al.; (and in the following, note the change in ages, possibly suggesting sometime different), William Murpu 20, Al.; Nancy Murpu 14, Al.   Next entry is:


Muphu, Cilus, 22, Al.; Rachael Muphu 16, Al.; Levy Muphu 4/12, Al.


1860 U.S. Census of Western Division, Walker County, Alabama, 11 July 1860:


      Morphew, Silas, 33, born Alabama; Rachel Morphew 25, Alabama; Levi C. Morphew 10, Alabama; John T. M. Morphew 9, Alabama; Livinee K. Morphew 7, Alabama; Jane Morphew 5, Alabama; Silas B. Morphew 3, Alabama.


1860 U.S. Census of Prairie Township, Hot Springs County, Arkansas


      Morphew, Solomon, 23, farmer, Alabama; Nancy A. Morphew, 21, Mississippi; Elizabeth Morphew 4, Alabama; William A. Morphew 2, Arkansas.  Next to them is:


      Morphew, John, 37, farmer, Alabama; Amanda Morphew, 33, Tennessee; Nancy J. Morphew 16, spinner, Mississippi; Martha A. Morphew 13, Alabama; D.C. Morphew 11, Alabama; Rebecca Morphew 10, Alabama; William T. Morphew 8, Alabama; John R. Morphew 5, Alabama; Rosetta Morphew 1, Arkansas.


1860 U.S. Census of Arkadelphia Post Office, Colbath Township, Clark County, Arkansas, page 162:


      Murphey, Aaron, 63, farmer, N.C.; Nancy Murphey 54, Tennessee; Elihu Murphey 20, Alabama; Jeri? Murphey 17, Alabama; G. P. Murphey 13, Alabama, Hiram Murphey 10, Alabama.


1870 U.S. Census of Antoine Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Morphew, Gainor P., 23, farmer, Alabama; Catherine Morphew 19, Alabama; Isaih Morphew 2, Arkansas; and in same household is Catherine’s 3 sisters – Susannah  Cantrel 14, Arkansas; Mary E. Cantrel 12, Alabama; Emiline Cantrel 9, Arkansas. 


1870 U.S. Census of Arkadelphia P.O., Cold Bath Township, Clark County, Arkansas:


John Murphy, 44, farmer, Alabama; Amanda Murphy 43 Tennessee; Daniel Murphy 23, Alabama; Rebecca Murphy 21, Al; William Murphy 18, Al; John Murphy 16, Al; Rosetta Murphy 11, Ar; CPAP 8, Ark; EEAM 4, Ark; Rory King 27, Al.  Next entry is:


Sol Murphy 37, Al; Nancy Murphy 28 Ms; Elizabeth Murphy 13 Ala; William Murphy 11 Ar; Rosetta Murphy 10, Ar; Martha Murphy 7, Ar; Sarah Murphy 2 Ar.


1880 U.S. Census of Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Morphew, John, 56, Al, blind; Amanda Morphew, wife, 53, Tn; Rebecca Morphew 30, single, Al; John R. Morphew, 26, single, Al; Rose E. Morphew, 21, single, Ark; Parthenia Morphew 18, single, Ark; Eda Morphew, 14, Ark.


      Morphew, William T., farmer, blind, 28, born Alabama; father Al; mother Tn; Priscilla A. Morphew 25, wife, born Miss; Mary F. Morphew 5 dau, Ark; Martha Morphew 1 dau, Ark.


1880 U. S. Census of Antoine and Clark Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Morphew, Prince, 35 Al; Catherine Morphew, wife, 30, Al; Isah Morphew 13, Ark; Mary Morphew 11 Ark; Nancy C. Morphew 5 Ark; E.A. Morphew 2, Ark.


1880 U.S. Census of Clark Township, Logan County, Arkansas (misspelled surname)


     “Morphen, James B.” 60, Tn.; Eliza Jane Morphen, wife 70, Tn.; George J. Quinn, other, 16, Mo.; Frank M. Lacy, other, 15, Arkansas; Ortilia Lacy, other 12 Missouri.


1880 U.S. Census of Blackland, Howard County, Arkansas


     Morphew, Daniel 32 Al; Savanah Morphew, wife, 24, Al.; Nancy Sturdivant, sister-in-law, single, 20 Arkansas.


1880 U.S. Census of Blancett Township, Scott County, Arkansas (misspelled surname)


     “Morpha, Solomon,” 45 Al.; Nancy A. Morpha, wife, 40, Ar.; Martha M. Morpha, 15 Ar.; Sarah A Morpha, 13, Ar.; James A. Morpha 10 Ar.; Nancy N. Morpha 7 Ar.; John T. Morpha, 5 Ar.; Joseph O. Morpha, other, 2, Ar.


     “Morphw, Silas” 53, Al.; Sophronia Ann Morphw, wife, 40, Ar; Keery A.R. Morphew, daughter, 12, Ar.;  Sebron A. Morphw 11 Ar.; Sophronia C. Morphw 3, Ar.; David D. Morphw, 1, Ar.; Charity J. Stow, other, 19, Ar.; Lucy S. Hooker, other, 6, Ar.; Milliam S. Hooker, other 3 Ar.


1880 U.S. Census of North Township, Sharp County, Arkansas


      Emeline Murphy 61 Tn, Tn, Tn; John W. Murphy 25 son, Ky Tn, Tn; Charlotte E. Murphy, daughter, Mo; Martha H. Murphy 19 Mo; Sarah R. Slonce 26, Tn; Marg. Slonce 10 Arkansas; Daniel Solonce 8 Arkansas;      


1880 U.S. Census of Township 12, Winston County, Alabama


      Hopson, Isiah, self, age 47, born Alabama; Kissiah Hopson, wife, 46, Alabama; Wily A. Hopson, son, 18, Ga.


1880 U.S. Census of Township 12, Beat 4, Walker, Alabama:  “Levy Merphy” 26 Alabama; C. Nancy Merphy, wife, 29, Al; J. David Merphy son, 7, Al; J. Martha Merphy, dau, 4, Al; K. Racho Merphy, 1 dau, Al.  (Initials appear to be reversed)


1880 U.S. Census of 2nd Civil District, Loudon County, Tennessee:


      Richard Snow 67 N.C; Sarah J. Snow 71 N.C.; Mary A. Snow 45, daughter, Tn. 


1880 U.S. Census of District 2, Rhea, Tennessee


      McCarrol, John, age 70, born Tennessee; Permelia McCarrol, wife, 65, Tn; John McCarrol, son, single, 28, Tn; Delilia McCarrol, daughter, single 23, Tn; Louisa McCarrol, daughter 22, Tn.


1880 U.S Census of Oldfields, Ashe County, North Carolina (misspelled surname)


      “Morphen, Silas” 56, N.C.; Louisa Morphen, wife 50, N.C.; Samuel E. Morphew, 20 N.C.; James M. Morphen; Thomas A Morphen 12 N.C.; Elizabeth E. Morphen 9, N.C.; Martha C. Morphen 6 N.C.; Sarah M. Morphen 18 N.C. (daughter).


1880 U.S. Census of Stony Fork, Watauga County, North Carolina


      Levi Morpheu, single 58, North Carolina; Sally Morpheu, sister, single, 40, N.C.


1880 U.S. Census of  Pickeyville Precinct, Perry County, Illinois:


      Murphy, A.F., 38 Farmer, Tennessee, Tn, Tn; Minerva Murphy, 30 wife, Ky, ?, Ky; Mary A. Murphy 7, daughter Missouri, Wm. R. Murphy 2, Arkansas.  (courtesy of Jean Murphy)


1900 U.S. Census of 1st Precinct, Bowie County, Texas:


      Morphew, G.P, head, born October 1848, age 51, married 30 years, born Ala., Father born Ohio, mother born Ala; Catherine Morphew, wife, July 1852, age 47, married 30 years, 10 children, 10 living, born Ala, ?, Ala; L.F. Morphew (son), March 1881, 19, single, Ark; Ada Morphew, July 1883, age 16, Ark; Obey Morphew, October 1888, age 11, Texas; Jim Morphew, may 1892, age 8, Texas.  Listed next to them is:


      Morphew, W.H., head, September 1867, age 32, married 14 years, Ala., Ala., Ala; Eliza Morphew, June 1867, age 32, married 14 years, 5 children, 5 living, Ark, Ala, Ala;  Lauszios? Morphew, son, August 1869, age 10, Texas; Junian Morphew, son, June 1892, age 7, Texas; Frank Morphew, son, March 1894, age 4, Texas; Anie, daughter, February 1896, age 4,Texas; Ezra Morphew, October 1898, age 1, Texas.


1900 U.S. Census 1 Justice Precinct, District 62, Lamar County, Texas.


      Gossett, Robt. N.; February1868, age 32, married 13 years, born Mississippi, father born S.C., mother born Alabama; Rosa I. Gossett, wife, March 1859, 41, married 13 years, Arkansas, parents born Georgia; Preston L. Gossett, son, July 1888, 11, Ark.; Alvis E. Gossett (son), May 1894, 6, Texas.; Ennis L. Gossett, November 1896, 3, Texas; Willise D. Gossett, sister, December 1882, 17, single, Arkansas; Partenia Morphew, sister-in-law, December 1862, 37, single, Arkansas, parents born Georgia; Davis M. Morphew, brother-in-law, October 1878, 21, single, Arkansas, parents born  Georgia.                               


1900 U.S. Census of Missouri Township, Montgomery County, Arkansas


      Morphew John, head, April 1821, 79, married 52 years, Ala, N.C. Tn; Amanda Morphew, wife, January 1827, 73, married 53 years, 10 children, 8 living, Tn, Unknown, N.C; Next to them is:


      Morphew, Silas, head, April 1827, 73, married 32 years, Ala. N.C. Tn; Sophronia Morphew, wife, April 1840, 60, married 32 years, 10 children, 5 living, Ga., Ga., Ga; David D. Morphew, son, April 1879, single, Ala., Ala., Ga.


1900 U.S. Census of Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Morphew, Seaburn A. head, November 1869, age 30, married 11 years, born Alabama, father born Alabama, mother born Georgia; Lickie??? Morphew, wife, August 1871, 28, married 11 years, 5 children, 5 living, born Arkansas, father born Tn; mother Alabama; Jesse B. Morphew, son, August 1889, 10 Ark; Virgie R. Morphew, son 1892, 7, Arkansas; Lillie M. Morphew, dau. 1895, 5, Arkansas; Maudie E. Morphew, 1896, 3, Arkansas; Virgie E. Morphew, dau. 1898, 1, Arkansas. (Virgie R. #1 is their son and Virgie E. #2 is Virginia E., their daughter)


      Morphew, John R, head, May 1854, 46, married 13 years, born Alabama, parents born Mississippi; Virginia E. Morphew, wife, November 1863, 36, married 13 years, 7 children, 3 living; born Alabama, parents born Georgia; Albert J. Morphew, son, January 1888, 12, born Arkansas; Claudia A. Morphew, dau. Dec. 1891, 8, Arkansas; William G. Morphew, son, January 1894, 5, Ark.


       Morphew, Daniel; August 1847, 52, M-15, born Alabama, parents born Mississippi; wife Nancy J. Morphew, March 1860, 40, Married 15 years, no children, born Arkansas, parents born Mississippi  


1900 U.S. Census of Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas


      Morphew (or Morphin), Bill, January 1858, 41, Married 23 years, born Arkansas, parents born Alabama; Monica Morphew, wife 1853, 46, married 23 years, 6 children, 6 living, born Arkansas, parents born unknown; Robert Morphew, son, Sept. 1881, 19, Arkansas; Rosita Morphew 1883, dau. 16, Arkansas; Della Morphew, dau. January 1886, 14, Arkansas;  Alice C. Morphew, dau. Sept. 1888, 11, Arkansas; Albert Morphew, son, May 1893, 7, Arkansas.   The next entry is:


      Morphew, Nancy, head, February 1842, 58, widow, 9 children, 6 living, born Alabama, parents born Tennessee; Joseph O. Morphew, son, March 1878, 21, single, born Arkansas; Jennie Morphew, mother, August 1823, 78 widow, born Tennessee, parents born Georgia.


      Morphew, James, head, Sept. 1870, 29, Married 9 years, born Arkansas, parents born Alabama; Laura F. Morphew, wife, September 1876, 23, married 9 years, 4 children, 3 living, born Texas, father Alabama, mother Miss; Allie Morphew, daughter, March 1894, 6, Arkansas; John Morphew, son __ 1896, 4, Arkansas; Sinji??? Morphew, son, November 1898, 1 Arkansas.


1900 U.S. Census of 1 Ward Muskogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma


      Morphew, James B., October 1820, 79, married 18 years, born Tennessee, father born N.C., mother born Tennessee; Martha E. Morphew, October 1855, 44, Married 18 years, 6 children, 5 living, born Alabama, parents born Alabama; Clara E. Morphew, July 1885, daughter, 15, single, Arkansas; Bouston, William H., step-son, April 1874, 26, single, Arkansas; Thomas L. Bouston, step-son, July 1876, 24, single, Arkansas; John H. Bouston, March 1878, 22, single, stepson, Arkansas;  James B. Bouston, June 1880, 19, single, Arkansas.                                 


1910 U.S. Census of Mountain Township, Pike County, Arkansas


      Murphew, Daniel S. 62, Married 26 years, born Alabama, father born Georgia, mother Pa.; Nancy J. Murphew 50, married 26 years, no children, born Arkansas, father Georgia, mother Mississippi.


      Simmons, William T. 35, married 5 years, born Tn, parents Tn; Sophronie Morphew, grandmother, 69, widow, 7 children, 5 living, born Tn, parents born Tn; William J. Morphew, cousin, 16, born Arkansas, father born Arkansas, mother Tn.


      Morphew, Davis M, head, 31, married 6 years, born Arkansas, father Miss, mother Georgia; Omi? Morphew, wife, 24? married 6 years, 1 child, born Tn; son name ??, 5, born Arkansas.


      Morphew, Silas P., head, 28, married 4 years, born Tn, parents born U.S; Rosy B. Morphew, wife 24, married 4 years. 1 child, 1 living, born Arkansas, father born ?, mother Arkansas; __ Morphew, daughter, 2/12 Arkansas


      Morphew, Seburn, head, 40, married 21 years, Alabama; Sarah Morphew, wife, 39, married 21 years, 10 children, 4 living, born Arkansas, parents born U.S.; Virgie Morphew, son, 18, Arkansas; Mary Morphew, dau. 16, Ark; ?? Morphew, dau. 4, Ark; Novila Morphew, dau. 8, Ark; Etta Morphew, dau. 7, Ark; Burton? Morphew, son 4, Ark; Dessie, dau. 1, Ark. 


      Morphew, James (or Jessie B), 28, married 3 years, Ark; Bertha Morphew, wife, 19, Ark; Mytle Morphew 3, Ark; Essie Morphew ?, Ark.


      “Mophus, Joana,” head 50, widow, 10 Children, 8 living, Born Tn, parents born Tn; Claudia? B. Mophus, 16 Ark; Herbert Mophus 12 Ark; Williard Mophus 7, Ark.   Who is this Joanna?   Is she a Morphew or Morphis?  


1910 U.S. Census of Mill Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas (May)


      Morphew, John, head, 36, married 11 years, born Ark, father Al, mother Al; Mary J. Morphew, wife, 35, Married 17 years, 6 children, 6 living, born Ark, father Al, Mother Texas; Lee Morphew, son 16, Texas; Sam Morphew, son 15, Texas, Dellie, dau. 10, Ark; Jim Morphew, son 5, Ark; Surge?, son, 6, Ark, M??R, son, 2, Ark;   Next household is:


      Morphew, Joe, head, 34, single, born Ark, parents born Alabama.