George Tatum ~1721 - 1801


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George Tatum

Born - estimated 1721 (up to 1730), likely Prince George County, Virginia

Died before May, 1801 in Rowan County, North Carolina

Married:  Lucretia __ about 1750

Parents projected by this writer to be either (1) Samuel Tatum (~1692 - 1758), son of Nathaniel (1670's- >1738) + Elizabeth Tatum, Grandson of Samuel Tatum “I,” or (2) Samuel Tatum “II” (~1670 – 1750)     

Brothers and Sisters:  Suggested to be (i) John Tatum (7 June 1710 – 1774), (ii) William Tatum (26 June 1717 Prince George County, Virginia) and (iii) Elizabeth Tatum (29 November 1718 same county). 

Family Records: none identified, some information suggests otherwise.                    


Lucretia __

Surname suggested is Owens, original source not known.   

Born: estimated between 1720 - 1730 in Virginia

Died: Last known record is February 1785

Parents not known.   


Morphew/Murphy Story – Jim Murphy, previous revision 21 March 2011; this revision 16 October 2011


Research Notes – Who Were George Tatum's Parents?


            These are tough years to research in Virginia.  So many Virginia court house records have been lost that the back trail often becomes puzzling or disappears.  Those ancestors that didn't own land become nearly invisible during their migration paths.  Then there is so much confusion with "family ancestral lines" on various websites and books.  Can anyone distinguish a genuine family record with facts from guess-work and misinformation?   That is why efforts are being taken to reconstruct the ancestral lines.


            Speculation exists on the parents of George Tatum.  No proof exists and there are no family records to help us.  George has two grandsons named "Samuel."  That's an impressive workable clue!


Tatum Book Source – "History of Watauga County, North Carolina" 


“Father of George (Tatum) and Joseph was James, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.  James’s wife was a Miss Sheppard of Ashe.  James was born in Rowan County, from which he came to Ashe before the Revolutionary War when he was 14 years old.  His father had come to America from England.”  

From “History of Watauga County, North Carolina” by John Preston Arthur, 1915. 


Comment: The problem with Arthur is that he thoroughly messed up Morphew and Egger write-ups and cannot be relied upon for accuracy.  James Tatum was (1) unlikely born in Rowan County, unlikely his wife was Miss Sheppard, and unlikely his father was an immigrant. 


Other Tatum Book and Website Sources


            A number of sources including indicated George Tatum had the following ancestry in early Virginia.* 


                        1st generation - Nathaniel Tatum, the immigrant (born 1599)

                        2nd generation - Samuel Tatum (I) + Mary

                        3rd generation - Samuel Tatum (II) + Phebe

                        4th generation - Samuel Tatum (III) + Elizabeth.

                        5th generation – George Tatum (~1721+)


* One such source is "The Tatham Family of Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina," by B. Vincent Ballard, 1987 and found at the Library of Virginia.               


            The problem is that Samuel Tatum “III” never existed.  Efforts have been taken on to reconstruct the ancestors of George Tatum.  Because of this, major changes to the line-up were made in 2009.                  


Tatum Y-DNA Results


            The website, has y-dna test results from a growing number of Tatums.  Under the Tatum banner, test subject T-15 is a descendant of James Tatum (~1755) and his father, George Tatum (~1721).  Comparison of his results with test subjects T-10, T-11, T-13 and T-14 show a tight relationship, with fingers pointing to the immigrant - Nathaniel Tatum (1599) as a common ancestor.


George Tatum in Dinwiddie County, Virginia to 1758

Established 1752 from Prince George County

Dinwiddie County lost its records before the 1780's


1755-1761 Virginia:  James Tatum and Amy Sharp were born in “Virginia,” according to James Tatum (“II”), a grandson of George Tatum, in his 1880 U.S. Census of Salt Creek, Mitchell County, Kansas.


Brunswick County, Virginia 1758 to 1785


1758 Brunswick County Deed:  Peter Daniel and his wife Sarah of St. Andrew Parish in Brunswick County (deeded) to George Tatum of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie County on 13 December 1758 for 30 pounds Virginia (money) 136 acres on the south side of Nottaway River, joining Crab Louse Run, John Avery, Isaac Howze, Short, Grasse Branch.  Witnesses: John Daniel, Thomas Simmons, Randol Daniel, James Harwell.  Proved 23 January 1759.    

("Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books (DB), Volume 3, 1755-1764," by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., 1998.  Bradley has five such volumes and further references will be shortened to the authors last name, the original deed book and page; i.e. Bradley DB 6/315)


            Comment: Crab Louse Run (Creek or Branch) is now called Mason's Branch of Indian Creek.  This can be found on the Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer.  The creek is in the very northeast corner of today’s Brunswick County just south of where the Nottaway River strikes the Brunswick – Greensville County line.  Across the Nottaway River is Dinwiddie County.    Other Brunswick Tatums lived as close as one or two streams to the south. 


1759 September 28 - St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County:  Processioners named are "Samuel Harwell, John Tillman and George Tatum between Lower Cut Bank Road, Sweed's Road, the Path that leads to Kittle Stick Chapel to the Head of Simons' Branch and the Nottoway River."  

("Bath Parish Register 1827-1897 of Dinwiddie County, Virginia and St. Andrew's Parish Vestry Book 1732-1797 of Brunswick County, Virginia," by William Lindsay Hopkins, page 69-70.  This and further references will be shortened to i.e. Hopkins, page 79.)


1760 – St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County:  Their Vestry Book states Processioners included George Tatum.  (Hopkins, page 71)


1760 July 7 - Brunswick County:  John Daniel of Brunswick County deeded to John Pearson 100 acres in St. Andrew's Parish, joining Crablouse Run...witnessed (by) George (his "x") Tatum, (etc).   (Bradley DB 6/547)


1761 December 30 - Brunswick County:  Hugh Edwards and his wife Sarah of Halifax County, North Carolina deeded Brunswick County land to William Snipes of Dinwiddie County…86 acres in St. Andrews Parish on the south side of Crablouse Run, joining Isaac Howze, Grassy Branch, George Tatum.  Witnessed (by) William Edwards, John Howze, George (x) Tatum.  Proved 26 April 1762. (Bradley DB 7/104)


1763 December 29 – St. Andrew Parish, Brunswick County:  Processioners include Drury Smith, Thomas Sadler and John Andross between Stith's Road, Birch's Road, Junchatapurse Road and Tatum's Road.  John Rose, John Turbyfill, and George Clarke between Harrison's Road, the Great Creek, Tatum's Road and Junchatapurse Road.  Samuel Harwell, John Tillman and George Tatum between the Lower Cutbank Road, Sweed's Road, the path leading from Kittle Stick Chapel to the head of Simon's Branch, the said branch and Nottoway River.  (Hopkins, page 77)


1764 March 26 – Brunswick County:  Isham Daniel and his wife Martha and John Jones of St. Andrews Parish in Brunswick County (deeded) to William Jones of Dinwiddie County 26 March 1764, (for) 35 pounds Virginia (money) 100 acres joining John Bounshire, myself, George Tatum, Grasse Branch, William Epps former land.  Witnesses omitted.  (Bradley DB 7/511)


1767 St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County:  Processioners: William Edwards, George Tatum, and John House between the Lower Cutbank Road, Sweed's Road, the path that leads from Kittle Stick Chappel to the head of Simmon's Branch, the said branch and Nottoway River.  (Hopkins, page 83)


1768 June 27 - St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County: Processioner's Returns included William Edwards, George Tatum, and John Howze. (Hopkins, page 84). 


1768 December 2 - Brunswick County: Polls taken at an election of Burgesses, George Tatum, John Tatum, Edward Tatum, Nathaniel Tatum, China Tatum.

                        (from Laura Ashuarth Crumpler as found on 


1769 November 27 – Brunswick County:  William Snipes and his wife Sarah of St. Andrew Parish in Brunswick County (deeded) to Buckner Lanier of said county, 27 November 1769, 86 acres of the south side of Crablouse Run, joining Isaac House, Grassey Branch, George Tatum; also 100 acres which had belonged to Isham Daniel who conveyed it to John Jones gentleman who conveyed it to the said Snipes, joining George Tatum....proved 27 November 1769.    (Bradley DB 9/567)  


1771 – St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County:  George Tatum is listed as a processioner.  (Hopkins, page 90)


1773 – St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County:  George Tatum is listed for keeping William Whitemore, Bird Hawell, and Ransom Harwell, 27 November 1773.  (Hopkins, page 93)


1773 May 24 – Brunswick County:  "Whereas John Marshall and Henry Morris in the year 1762 did become two of the securities for the Parish Collection of the dues and demands, levies on the tithables of Saints Andrews Parish which were collected and only in part accounted for by Thomas Jackson, the Acting Collector...suit has commenced upon the said Bond...pending in the County Courts of Brunswick the payment of the balance on which likely to fall and perhaps terminate in the ruin of their family innocence as themselves (that) we the parishers knowing that if the said money is paid into our vestry it can operate only so as to lessen our Levies in the future a trifle hardly perceptible to us as individuals do of our own free will and accord...declaring these presents are by us intended and designed...full discharge against the said Bond for our respective shares and claims...witness our hands this 24th May 1773."  (signed by approximately 535 persons including Chaney Tatum, Edward Tatum, F. Tatum, George Tatum, Joseph Tatum, Nathaniel Tatum.  (Bradley, DB 11/138)


1775 November 25 – St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County:  George Tatum, processioner.  (Hopkins, page 96)


1780 January 10 - Virginia: Daughter Sarah Tatum is listed as born 10 January 1780 in Virginia. Virginia is confirmed in her 1860 U.S. Census of Fulton County, Illinois. 


1780 April 24 – St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County: George Tatum is a processioner. (Hopkins, page 100)


1782 – Brunswick County tax records: James Tatum, George Tatum, Jesse Tatum, Joseph Tatum, Nathaniel Tatum, and Paul Tatum.   

(“Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787," by Augusta B. Folthergill and John Mack Naugle, 1966.)


1784 April 10 - Brunswick County:  James Lanier of Dinwiddie County (deeded) to Randol Daniel of same 10 April 1784, 86 acres which Shepherd Lanier bought from Caleb Vaughan, joining Crablouse Run, George Tatum, Tatum's cart path, Isaiah House... Proved 28 June 1784. On 10 April 1784 this land was again sold and mentioned joining George Tatum. 

Brunswick County, Virginia Will Books, Volume 1, by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. WB 1/337).  


1785 February 28 – Brunswick County:  Deed of George Tatum and wife Lucretia of Brunswick County, Virginia sold to Lewis Lanier of same, for 140 pounds Virginia (money) 131 acres beginning at the fish hole on Crablouse Creek, Grassy Branch, Buckner Lanier, John Birdsong, the great path from George Tatum's to James Tatum's, Isaac House, Avery, Nat Gregory.  Witnesses:  Buckner Lanier, Anistotle Eddridge, Buckner Daniel.  Proved 28 February 1785. 


Rowan County, North Carolina


1801 May – Rowan County, North Carolina: Hailey Tatum is listed guardian by Frankey Tatum, Orphan of George Tatum, bound with James Tatum and Rudolph Leut or Liat, for 100 pounds.        

(Rowan County Court Pleas and Quarter Sessions, May 1801, page 80).


1801 May – Rowan County: At the same court, administration of the estate of George Tatum was granted to Hailey Tatum, who qualified and gave bond with James Tatum and Rudof Liat or Siat for 100 pounds.  (Same source, page 80)


Children of George and Lucretia Tatum


            No family records have been found for the children of George and Lucretia Tatum.  In some instances, there appears to be a wide birth date separations between children.  This might suggest other children were born and we don't know their names.  Greater precision is needed for birth dates.  Some information is from Gary Tharp who has compiled Tatum records.  


(I). (probably) John Tatum (suggested born about 1751 Virginia, but could be later).


            The following 1790 U.S. Census of Rowan County, North Carolina is significant since all three individuals are next to each other on the census:


            Jean Tatom, 1 white male 21+, 3 white males >21, 4 females.

            Lawrance Tatom, 0 white males 21+, 1 white male <21, 6 females

            John Buckner, 1 white male 21+, 1 white male <21, 2 females


(II). James Tatum was born about 1755, with location reported to be Petersburg, Virginia.  See his own write-up chapter.


(III). Haley Tatum was born about 1760, likely in Brunswick, County Virginia and died before 20 August 20 1820 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Haley married Parmelia Coates who died before 1819. 


            The following are events and sightings:


1780-1782:  Haley Tatum, Salisbury District: North Carolina Comtroller's Office Certificates for North Carolina soldiers in the American Revolution, page 2865

1790 April 6 - Rowan County:  Benjamin Kelly, Plantar deeded to Haly Tatum, both of Rowan County, 207 acres for 100 pounds land on the waters of Backman's Creek in Rowan County adjacent Joseph Garrowoods, Elijah Owens, Edward Howard, and Jesse Buinik(?)   Signed: Benjamin Kelley:  Witnesses: Elijah Owings and Benjaman Owings.   No court date.  (12/369)   

1793 Rowan County: Petition includes Haly Tatom.

1800 U.S. Census of Rowan County: Haly Tatom, 1800 U.S. Census of Rowan County, N.C.

1801 Rowan County:  Haley Tatum is appointed administrator to George Tatum estate.

            Haley Tatum, 1801 – became guardian of Frankey Tatum, orphan of George Tatum.

1806 August 30 - Rowan County:  Haley Tatum deeded to William Grace, both of Rowan County 50 acres for $100, a tract or parcel of land situated in Rowan County on the south prong of Peter's Creek...adjacent William Grace, Nicholas Clicks, Benjamin Buckner.  Witnesses were Britain J. Haymoor and Benjamin Buckner.  Entered February Session 1809.

1807 September 8 - Rowan County: Avery Buckner deeded to Haley Tatum, both of Rowan County 78 acres for $157, a tract of land of the west side of the North Yadlin River... adjacent Atkinson, John Taylers, and Hendricks, being a ½ of a tract of land granted to Humphrey Marshal, then to James Miller.  Witnesses were Benjamin Buckner and Soloman "x" Bank.  Entered August 1808 Court.  (DB 21/294)

1810 U.S. Census of Rowan County:            Haley Tatom

18?? – South Carolina: Haley Tatum lived in Buncombe County, South Carolina at one point.

1820 August 20 - Rowan County: Hailey Tatum (deceased) is noted on a probate 20 August 1820 with Jessie Tatum becoming the appointed guardian of his underage children, Samuel Tatum and Haley Tatum (“II”)  


            Children of Haley Tatum per 20 March 1819 will were (1) Milley Tatum Merrel, (2) Hardy Tatum, (3) Haley Tatum (“II”), (4) Samuel Tatum and had a niece by the name of Centy Buckner


(IV). Lucretia Tatum was born about 1767, likely in Brunswick County, Virginia.  Lucretia married on 22 July 1786 Rowan County, North Carolina to John Riley Buckner, (~1765 to 8 June 1854 in Madison County, North Carolina).   Her name is also given as Elizabeth Lucretia Tatum.   


The following are sightings:

1789 Rowan County Tax List of Captain Pearson's District (part that became David County:  John Buckner – 1 white poll.

1790 U.S. Census of Rowan County, North Carolina

1793 Rowan County Petition: (names include) Haly Tatum, James Tatem and John Buckner.    

1800 U.S. Census of Rowan County, North Carolina


(V). (probably) Lawrence Tatum, estimated born 1760-70's based on his 1790 census.  Other sources suggest 1749 or 1753.


1790 U.S. Census of Rowan County, North Carolina: Lawrence Tatum with 0 white males 21+, 1 white male <21, 6 females.  He is next to Jesse Tatum and John Buckner.


            From Linda Glaus (email to Paulette Tatum, 7 November 2008) has information from other researchers.  Lawrence Tatum was born 1749 Dinwiddie County, Virginia and died before 1800 in Granville, North Carolina.  Lawrence's parents were George Tatum and Lucretia Owens.   He married Delilah Marsh (died 1808 in Granville County) and is recorded with 5 additional females in his 1790 census record, at least one being a daughter.  


            Children of Lawrence Tatum and Delilah March are incompletely known:

            (1). Delilah (Delly) Tatum was born 12 September 1779 and died before 13 August 1838 in Pope County, Illinois.   She married on 23 June 1794 Rowan County, North Carolina to David Buckner by Rev. Edward Buckner, brother to Henry Buckner who was David's father.  Delilah married 2nd to William Goodman.   Delilah with or after David's death moved to Illinois.  One son was David Buckner who married Nancy Newton.        


(VI). Jesse Tatum was born ~1777 and died 1855 in Sampson County, North Carolina.  He married on 10 March 1810 in Rowan County, North Carolina to Leah Owen (~1779 – 9 October 1847 Cherry Hill, Davie County, North Carolina.   


The following are sightings:

1807 September 8 – Rowan County: Avery Buckner deeded to Haley Tatum 78 ¾ acres on west side of North Yadkin River adjacent Jesse Tatum.  This adds evidence linking brother and relatives. 

1810 March 10 – Rowan County: Jesse Tatum married Leah Owen, daughter of Elijah and Hannah Owen.

1812 February – Rowan County: Jesse Tatum – February 1812, purchased 138 acres on Andrews Mill Creek in the Forks of Yadkin River from two individuals

1820 August 20 – Rowan County: Jesse Tatum and Richmond Pearson are granted Rowan County administration of Hailey Tatum, deceased, estate.  Also, Jesse Tatum was appointed guardian to Hailey Tatum's to minor sons, Samuel Tatum and Haley Tatum.

1821 Rowan County: Jesse Tatum purchased 78 ¾ acres of land originally owned by Hailey Tatum and willed to daughter Millie Merrill.

1825, 1831, 1837, 1845 – Rowan and Davie Counties: Jesse Tatum purchased various lands, Davie County established in 1836 from Rowan County.

1854 May 4 - Davie County: Will abstract of Jesse Tatum of Davie County, North Carolina and Fork Baptist Church membership listed their children: (1) Lucy Tatum who married Benjamin Fox Eaton, (2) Elizabeth (Betsey) Tatum who married Benjamin Harbin Eaton, (3) Ezra Washington Tatum who married Sophia Catherine Click, (4) Samuel Owen Tatum who married Mary Rich.   (source - Pink Elizabeth Tatum)