Daniel Eggers 1752 - 1828

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·         Elk Lick Baptist Church website and records for James Eggers and Daniel Eggers, Jr.

·                     Daniel Jr. founded Clear Creek Baptist Church – Putnam Co. In

·                     Daniel, William & Landrine Eggers in 1777 Augusta County, Virginia.

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·                     Crawford County, Missouri Eggers Clan 1840+

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  • Orange County, New York Records for Daniel Eggers
  • Family Record naming Pheoby Rider



Baptized:  26 April 1752, Freehold Valley, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Died after 1825 in Indiana.  Some records say Wayne County, Indiana

Married:  Date unknown, but estimates range between 1772 – 1780.

Parents:  George Eggers (1725-1730 in Germany to after 1766) and Avis Baird, Bowne (about 1728) who married 1 July 1749, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Military:  One or two brothers were in American Revolution, but so far nothing found for Daniel.  



Born:  5 January 1755, location unknown. 

Died before 1820 U.S. Census, actual date unknown.

Family records for maiden name:  Yes.   See below.    

Parents not known; speculation exists. 


2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, previous revision 1 January 2006; this revision 19 October 2012.


This Chapter Includes:

Daniel Eggers + Pheoby Rider (Parents).  Children are 1 - 9:

Exact birth dates presumed Bible records, but sources not known


(1.) Martha (Patty) Eggers (birth date ???) + Henry Chambers + ??? John Seaney

(2). Avis Eggers (~1778 to 1823) + Joseph Morphew

(3). Daniel Eggers “II” (12 November 1782 – 1842)

(4). James Eggers (16 April 1786 to 1851) + Sarah (Sally) Rash

(5). Landrine Eggers (1790/94 to 1842) + Tabitha Tatum

(6). William Milton Eggers (~1795 to 1886) + Mary (Polly) Tatum

(7). Benoni Eggers (10 April 1801 to 1830) + Lydia Dollar

(8). (Probably) Ann Eggers (1798/1800 to 1860+) + William Rash

(9). (Probably) Mary Eggers (11 April 1795 – 1878) + Enoch Wright    


Locations Where Daniel Eggers Lived with Estimated Dates:


1754 to 1766 - Freehold Valley, Monmouth County,  New Jersey

1766 + … Highlands of New York, per Landrine Eggers’ pension application

1775 – 1776 -  Goshen, Orange County, New York

1777 Augusta County, Virginia

1778 to 1788 -  Rowan County, North Carolina

1788 to 1811 - Wilkes/Ashe County, North Carolina

1813 to 1825/28 - Franklin/Wayne/Union Counties, Indiana

Final years – where?   Wayne County, Indiana?


Origins of Pheoby/Phebe Rider


            There is family record evidence for the Rider maiden name: “Grandmother Rebecca Morphew Allumbaugh’s Genealogy: Our great, great grandparents were Daniel Eggers and Pheby Rider who were married in North Carolina.”  …(condensed and rewritten) daughters were Pattie Eggers who married Henry Chambers (she was married 3 times, 1st to Chambers), and Avis Eggers who married Joseph Morphew.  Benjamin Eggers married Lydia Dollar who was a daughter of William and Ruth Dollar.   Remaining children were not mentioned in write-up.

March 1965 letter by Gladys Allumbaugh who was a source for four Allumbaugh family history letters.    Her source was B. Frank (Benjamin Franklin) Allumbaugh (1854 – 1931) of Boise, Idaho in 1926.    From: “Allumbaugh – Alumbaugh Family 1740 – 2001,” 2nd Edition by Donna Jean Alumbaugh,  pages 1330, 1331.


            One or several website sources suggest father may be John Rider with family links to Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  Nothing further is known.  There is also a record of a William Rider in 1772 New Windsor, Orange County, NY who was named a fence viewer. ^    To this writer, it is not yet clear whether Daniel Eggers married Pheby Rider in Orange County, New York or in North Carolina.

^ History of Orange County, NY by Ruttenber and Clark, 1881, page 235.


Monmouth County, New Jersey, to about 1766


1752 April 26 – Monmouth County, New Jersey: Old Tennent Church recorded “George Eagger” baptized Daniel on this date.  


Orange County, New York, about 1766 to 1778


1775 Goshen, Orange County, New York:  1775 Signers of the (Loyalty) Pledge in Goshen, Orange County, New York.  There are 12 columns of names extending for 4 pages.  The following names appeared on page 501 in column #3, as spelled:


Landrine Eggers (5th name)

Elijah Egars (#21st name)

William Eggers (26th name)

Daniel Egger (27th name and no "s")


            From "An Outline History of Orange County," also called "Eager's Orange County," by Samuel W. Eager, Esq, 1846 and reprinted 1969.


1775 September - Orange County Tax List:  Wawaynda Town (the next township west of Goshen Town(ship); also noted as District Number 10 by James Little (Tax) Assessor with 78 names.  This list gives name, estimate of property in pounds, shillings, and pence.  Made under provincial authority – September 1775.


Daniel Eggers (Eagers?) ...0.12.3  (column 2, #7 entry)

William Eggers...1.12.7 (column 2, column 2, #10 entry)


            The authors on page 676 indicate District #10 included a portion of the present territory of Goshen (Township).   Wawayanda was relatively unpopulated until the Revolution.

"History of Orange County, New York, Compiled by E. M Ruttenber and L.H. Clark, 1980, Volume 2, page 677.


Augusta County, Virginia 1777


1777 Augusta County Tithables:  Names included "William Eggars," "Daniel Eggars," and "Landrine Eggars" adjacent each other, tithes taken by Daniel Smith.  There were no Riders on this extensive tithable list.  Several sources had suggested Daniel met and married Phoeby Rider here.  


Rowan County, North Carolina, About 1778 - 1787


1778 Rowan County Tithables: William and Daniel “Agers”  


The first land grant below may be Daniel’s first home site in North Carolina.


1779 January 5 - Rowan County: North Carolina Land Grant Entry Number #1623 on 5 January 1779, Issued 4 November 1784 to Daniel Eagers for 238 acres lying on the waters of the Beaverdam Branch in Rowan County.   Land was surveyed by Griffith Rutherford, dated 18 October 1782 for “Daniel Aggers” and description states this land was on the waters of Swearing Creek, with boundaries on John Danceys line…Adam Holmstollersline…Joseph Smith’s lines.   Swearing Creek is in today’s Davison County and flows south to empty into the Yadkin River. 


1784 Rowan County Tax:  Daniel and Landrine Eggers. Daniel is not only the next 1787 tax list. 

1790: Daniel Eggers of Wilkes County, sold two tracts of Rowan County land.  Witnesses for both were Ezekiel, William Baird and Landrine Eggers.


Wilkes and Ashe Counties, North Carolina, About 1787 - 1811

(Ashe County established from Wilkes in 1799)


1787 Wilkes County tax list: Daniel Eggers

State Census of North Carolina 1784 – 1787, by Alvaretta Kenan Register, 1971/ 2001, page 172


1778 December 29 - Wilkes County: “Daniel Eggors” entered this date for State of North Carolina land grant #1884 on Elk Creek at the mouth of a small branch in Wilkes County… 50 acres.   Land was granted 7 October 1799. (F:350 and Y:107)


1779 September 27 - Wilkes County:  Entered this date; State of North Carolina land grant #1917 to “Daniel Eggors” 65 acres in Wilkes County on the North Fork of Elk Creek... on mountain side and crossing creek.  Granted 1799. (F.351)


1789 Wilkes County: State of North Carolina Grant #939 to Daniel Eggors, of 250 acres in Wilkes County, on the “Blew Ridge” between head of Elk Creek and New River, to Nathan Horton’s corner, to a conditional line between said Eggors and Nathan Horton.  (Wilkes County deed book B-1, page 401 and land entry book #229). 


This land is in today’s Watauga County near mile marker 282 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The exact location has not been defined.   It is near the top of the mountain ridges and does not seem to be farming land.  Possibly, it was used for hunting and to get away from N.C. hot summers.


1790 Wilkes County (8th Company) U.S. Census: Danl Egers; 2 w. males <16, 1 w. male ?>16, 3 females all ages.   In the same column is Henry Chambers, Mary Murphy (Morphew), and Sarah (Morphew) Coleman.  Arthur Fletcher reported the “Eighth Company included all or nearly all of what was to be Ashe County in 1799.  Total of free white males over age 16 with heads of families totaled only 77 person for all of future Ashe County.

"Ashe County – A History," by Arthur L. Fletcher, 1963, pages 48-49


1790 November 6 – Wilkes County (today’s Watauga County): Daniel Eggers and his wife, Pheoby, became two of the first members and organizers of the Three Forks Baptist Church. 


Three Forks Baptist Church still exists today; with both the original and present-day sites located on the north bank of South Fork of New River, which is about 2 miles east of the present town of Boone, Watauga County, North Carolina.  The church claims to be the earliest still existing church west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of the Smokies, and its earliest records are deposited in a bank vault at Boone.


Some Eggers appearing on the membership lists for the 1790 – 1800 era were: Daniel Eggers, Pheobe Eggers, Avis Eggers, Joannah Eggers, Landrine Eggers, Daniel Eggers Jr., Mahala Eggers.  Excommunicated were Landrine Eggers in 1797; Daniel, Pheobe, and Mahala Eggers in 1799.  On 1 April 1801, church members temporarily excommunicated Comfort Wade when she told Phoebe Eggers that a certain piece of cloth was cross-barrel and others that it was tow linen. 


“Daniel owned a number of land tracts during these years, and included the following in Wilkes and Ashe Counties, North Carolina.  There was 150 acres on the North Fork of Elk Creek; 250 acres on Blue Ridge between the head waters of Elk Creek and New River; 210 acres on Elk Creek; and 100 acres on the South Fork of New River.  Daniel lived near James Morphew, Sr.”   From a letter by Arlie C. Morphew.


1796 Wilkes County: State of North Carolina grant #1350 to “Daniel Eggors” 50 acres in Wilkes County on Arnold’s Branch of Elk Creek, beginning at Vanderpools corner.  Granted 1796. (Deed Book D, page 53).   Whether this was his home site is not known.


1796 December 1796 – Wilkes County: State of North Carolina Grant #1910 to Daniel Eggers on a branch of Elk Creek in Wilkes County. 


Deeds/Land Grants for Eggers in Ashe County, North Carolina


1798 November 27 – Ashe County: North Carolina State Grant #36 to Daniel Eggers 50 acres in Ashe County on New River...on the bank of said river a little below the first fork(?) below the Even Eack (?) running south to the river bank then up the meanders of said river....   Patent granted 13 November 1800.     


1802 March 6 – Ashe County:  Daniel Eggers sold to John Allen, both of Ashe County for $350, 250 acres in Ashe County on the Blue Ridge between the head of Elk and New River on Nathan Horton's line.  Signed: Daniel Eggers.  Witnesses:  Nathan Horton, Thomas Triplett.  Entered February term 1803.  (Ashe County Deed Book A, page 406)


1803 January 3 – Ashe County: Daniel Eggers sold to John Allen, both of Ashe County, North Carolina for $500, 200 acres in Ashe County on the South Fork of New River on Jonathon Buck's line...to John Allen's line.  Signed: Daniel Eggers.  Witnesses Nathan Horton, Thomas Triplett.  Entered February term 1803.  (Ashe County Deed Book A, page 407)


1803 January 3 – Ashe County: Nathan Horton deeded to Daniel Eggers 200 acres on the waters of the South Fork of New River...corner of Janeth Buck's line...on a ridge...in John Allen's line...granted to said Horton by the State.  Signed:  Nathan Horton.  Witnesses: Thomas Triplett, Henry Chambers.  Entered 11 November 1805 term.  (Ashe County Deed Book B, page 367).


1806 April 1 –Ashe County:  Joseph Morphew sold to Daniel Eggers Jr., both of Ashe County, 100 acres in Ashe County for $200...beginning at a Spanish Oak at the lower end of a bottom running south crossing said river.   Signed:  Joseph Morphew.  Witnesses:  James Eggers, Daniel Eggers.  Entered August 1811 term.  Acknowledged by Joseph Morphew in order to be registered.  (Ashe County Deed Book V, page 441) 


1810 November 15 – Ashe County: Daniel Eggers, of Ashe County sold to William Lenoir, of Wilkes County, three adjoining tracts of land, one of which lay on both sides of Arnold’s Branch of Elk Creek.  The third adjoining tract began at “Jas. Murphy’s (Morphew’s) corner.”  Entered 28 September 1815. 


1811 October – Ashe County:  Daniel Eggers Senior deeded to Edmond Blackburn 65 acres on (/) day of October 1811, both of Ashe County for $70...more or less lying and being in the county....situate on New River...a stake in New River...to a white oak near a mill...to a stake in the river...then down various courses of the river to the beginning.  Signed:  Daniel Eggers. Jrat: Ephraim Norris, Joseph Murphew.  Registered November term 1811. (Ashe County Deed Book V, page 441)     


1813 November 8 – Ashe County:  Daniel Eggers of Franklin County, Ohio sold to Jacob Ingram of Ashe County, North Carolina 100 acres in Ashe County for 50 pounds on the waters of New River, the South Fork.  Signed:  Daniel Eggers by Landrine (his x) Eggers.  Witnesses:  Benjamin Chambers.  Entered November term 1813.  Acknowledge by Daniel Eggers in order to be registered.  Test: David Earnest C.C.C.  (Ashe County Deed Book C, page 416)


1817 July 24 – Ashe County: Daniel Eggers “of the County of Wain (Wayne) & State of Indiana” deeded 50 acres to Levi Blackburn.  Signed: Daniel Eggers.  Witnesses: Matthew Tatum; Landrine Eggers; James Tatum; William Rash.  Proved by oath of Matthew Tatum November Term 1817 (From Cindy Lowe).   Comment: this writer is unable to find this deed, but Levi Blackburn is recorded in Ashe County in 1814 and 1830 tax/census records.      

Franklin, Union and Wayne County, Indiana, about 1813 – 1825+

(Union County established 1821 from Franklin and Wayne Counties in 1821)


Back in 1804, Daniel and James Eggers witnessed an Ashe County, North Carolina deed of Joseph Morphew on the South Fork of New River.  In 1806, Joseph Morphew sold this land to his father-in-law Daniel, both noted living in Ashe.  James Eggers was probably the first son to leave North Carolina in 1813, and was quickly followed by Daniel Eggers, Jr. before the end of 1813.    Daniel Eggers, Sr. is probably the Daniel Eggers listed in 1815 Ashe County, North Carolina tax records, and presumably came to Indiana by 1818 when he was about the age of 66.                         


Deeds in Franklin and Union Counties, Indiana for Eggers


Union County was established 1821 from Franklin and Wayne Counties, Indiana.  Harrison Township is in today’s Union County.   Most or all the early Indiana lands lay in today’s Union County.


1813 April 20 - Indiana: James Eggers purchased 144.18 acres of land (Range1; Township 11; Section 2 NE).  This lies in today’s Center Township, Union County. 

“First Land Entry Book of Union County, Indiana,” by Arnold L. Dean, 1994 and “Indiana Land Entries – Cincinnati District 1801-1840” by Margaret R. Waters.)


1813 December 11 – Indiana: “Daniel Eggers, Jr.” purchased 161.12 acres (Range 1; Township 12; Section 35 SE ¼) in the same county.”  This is in Harrison Township, Union County.

“Indiana Land Entries - Cincinnati District 1801-1840,” by Margaret R. Waters, and notes “Jr.”


1818 March 17 – Indiana: “Daniel Eggers, Sr.” purchased land in Harrison Township, (coordinates copied do not exist in Union or Fayette Counties).  

Source of this item was found by me (JRM) in Union County, but its source was lost, unless it was at the court house.  There was failure to find this item in other records.


These lands (except one), when plotted out, are in present-day Union County, slightly northwest of Goodwin’s Corners, with James Eggers' land in Center Township and Daniel Eggers land on his adjacent north boundary line in Harrison Township.   When some of this Harrison Township land was split up and sold in 1823 and 1825, two deeds record the name as Daniel Eggers, Sr. and these land sales were recorded in Union County.


1813 Franklin County tax List: Daniel Eggers, Jr. is missing here, because he purchased his first land on 11 December 1813 in Franklin County. 


1817 Franklin County tax list: Landrine Agers, Daniel Agers, James Agers, Matthew Tatum.  The 1822 Franklin County Tax list shows no Eggers because and lands they own are now in Union County.  These are the only tax lists available. 


1820 Wayne County Indiana US Census: Shows Daniel Sr. and Daniel Jr. living in Wayne County, and this causes confusion.  An incomplete search for Eggers at Wayne County, found no Eggers   No deeds could be found at nearby Fayette County. 


Mrs. Charles R. Long reported that Daniel Eggers Sr. helped to establish the New Salem Baptist Church in Wayne County, and added, "I have not however at this writing located (it) but must go on the word of 'kin' as to the location."

Watauga County, N.C. Heritage," by Curtis Smalling, Editor 1987, page 73


There are no surviving yearly tax records for Union County which was established 1821.  The county officials threw them out some years ago, according a librarian at Liberty, Union County, Indiana (1/2001).   


When Daniel Eggers, Senior sold two pieces of land in 1825, they lay on the waters of Four Mile Creek, and stated he was living in Union County.    All but two tracts are slightly north of Goodwin’s Corner, Union County, Indiana.





     James + Sally (x) Eggers to Matthew Tatum, both of Union County, 18 October

          1822; (Range 1; Township 11; Section 2), 32 acres

     James + Sally (x) Eggers to Laudrine Eggers, 18 October 1822; (R1;Twp11;S2), 66A

     James + Sally (x) Eggers to William Rash 27 November 1822, (R1;Twn11;S2), 48A

     Jonathan Kerney to William Eggers, 14 October 1822; (R14;Twp14;S20), 48 acres

         This land approximately 0.5 – 1.5 miles southeast of Brownsville, Union County

     Jonathan Kerney to James Eggers, 14 October 1822 (R14;Twn14;S20),  

     Landrine + Tabitha (x) Eggers to John Allen 7 October 1824 (R1;Twn11;S2), 66 acres

     Daniel Eggers (no wife listed), of Union County to James Tatum, of Estill County,

          Kentucky, 2 August 1823, (R1;Twn12;S35), 46 acres

     Daniel Eggers (no wife) to Martha Kenny, both of Union County, 22 August 1823,

         (R1;Twn12;S35) 30 acres

     Daniel Eggers Sr. (no wife listed) sells to William Eggers, both of Union County, 10

         August 1825 on waters of 4 Mile Creek, (R1;Twp12;S35), 44 acres. 

     Daniel Eggers Sr. (no wife) sells to Benoni Eggers, both of Union County, 10 August

         1825 on waters of 4 Mile Creek; (R1;Twp12;S35), 40.5 acres.  These last two deeds

            are the last mention of Daniel.

     James Tatum to Benoni Eggers, 15 August 1826, (R1;Twn12;S35)

     James Tatum, to William Eggers et all, all of Union County, 18 August 1826,

         (1;Twn11;S35), 40 acres

     William + Mary (x) Eggers with Benoni Eggers, all of Union County, sell to Jeremiah

         Grover 25 January 1827, (R14;Twn14;S20), 48.8 acres

     William + Mary (x) Eggers with Benoni and Lydia (x) Eggers sell to William Rash,

         all of Union County,  25 January 1827, (R1;Twn12;S35), 67 acres

     James Eggers to Richard Treadway, both of Union County, 29 July 1828.  Wife was

         not checked for.  (R1;Twn12;S35), 63 acres



The Final Years – Where?


Daniel Eggers, Sr. died in Wayne County, Indiana in the year 1828 according to an unknown source.  Was this location a guess based on his 1820 census record?  I think the location has to include Union and Putnam Counties, since we don’t know where he was living in 1828.  If yearly tax records exist at Wayne County, they would be most helpful.   Could the location be Union County when James Eggers sold out in 1828?   A check of cemeteries near Goodwin’s Corners might be useful, and recently the old Pentecost Cemetery, 0.6 miles west of Goodwin’s Corners, was searched without finding any Eggers (3/2001).  We do not know when his wife Pheoby died, except no wife is mentioned in Daniel Eggers’ 1825 deeds and in his 1820 U.S. Census of Wayne County, Indiana.   


There is one other observation with the children of Daniel.  The men could read and write well enough to sign their own signatures to deeds, but their wives signed with an “X” in the 1820’s in Union County.   Could it be that the males got more education?  


Children of Daniel Eggers and Pheoby Rider

            My deepest appreciation goes out to Cindy Lowe and Gary Tharp, who shared their fine research of the Eggers clan with this website.


Daniel Eggers and Pheoby Rider had at least five sons and possibly up to four daughters. The Eggers married into Tatum clan a number of times, and Union County, Indiana, deeds shows the two clans there.  Census records below suggest Eggers’ birth dates may not be quite right and some grandchildren of Daniel Senior (1752) are not understood – those belonging to Daniel Eggers Jr. (1782), James Eggers (1786), and Landrine Eggers (~1790).  Efforts are being made to resolve this.  Three Eggers married in Franklin County, Indiana – James Eggers in 1811, Mary Eggers in 1817 (whom does she belong?), and Benoni Eggers in 1819.


Children will be noted with Roman numerals such as (I), (II), (III), etc.

Grandchildren with (1), (2), (3), etc.

Great grandchildren with (i), (ii), (iii), etc.

Great great grandchildren with (a), (b), (c), etc.

G-G-G grandchildren with (I), (II), etc


 (I).  MARTHA or (PATTY) EGGERS (born ca 1772-1780 and died possibly after 1850) married HENRY CHAMBERS before 1798.   Basis for dating is an 1814 marriage by one of their daughters.


Henry Chambers was born about 1755, based on census records.  Martha possibly married 2nd on 28 August 1817 at Wayne County, Indiana to John Seaney (Keeny?).  This was the second marriage for Henry Chambers.  The name of his first wife and children are not known at this time. 


One of Martha’s names has been given as Mary, but makes little sense if she has a sister by the name of Mary.   Martha's daughter, Rebecca Chambers, married James Tatum, born 1791.  The Tatum clan has long been associated with the Eggers and Morphews, living in Putnam County, Indiana; Fulton County, Illinois; and Iowa.  Henry Chambers and family appear on census records for Wilkes County, North Carolina, in 1790, in Ashe County in 1800 and 1810.   An 1850 U.S. Census of Jefferson County, Iowa lists a Martha Allen, age 88 or 89, born North Carolina in the family of James (~1815) and Martha (~1815) Tatum (courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 28 December 2005).  This last Martha may or may not be the same person.


There are two interesting deeds appear in Union County, Indiana referring to Henry Chambers.  On 11 September 1822, Elisha Wright deeded to James Tatum 30 acres of land “which I have by my wife Anna which is a daughter of Henry Chambers, deceased (witnessed by Daniel Eggers and William Rash).   Another deed on the same date is that of Jesse Dollar who deeds to James Tatum “my part in full of said 30 acres that I have by my wife Mary, which is daughter of Henry Chambers, deceased”...(witnessed by Matthew Tatum and Daniel Eggers).


13 May 1812 Ashe County, North Carolina: Will of Henry Chambers abstracted: to wife Martha all his estate and property, but should she marry again, to be divided among children  "Rebeca Chambers, Anna Chambers, Mary Chambers, James Chambers, & Jane Chambers."  Will mentions unnamed children from an unnamed first wife.  Executors: Martha Chambers (his wife) and Landrine Eggers.  Probated date not given. 

From the original will at North Carolina State Archives, 8 February 2007 


Children of Henry Chambers and Martha Eggers

Birth dates need greater precision (From Gary Tharp):


(1) Anna Chambers (1794) married Elisha Wright.

(2) Rebecca Elizabeth Chambers (1796- 19 January 1867 at Floyd County, Iowa) married on 10 February 1814 to James Tatum “II” (6 February 1791-2 February 1887).  See James Tatum “I” Chapter for details.

(3) James Chambers (1798)

(4) Jane Chambers (1800)

(5) Mary Chambers (1805) married on 30 March 1819 in Fayette County, Indiana, to Jesse G. Dollar (6 October 1797 S.C. to 9 November 1880 Polk County, Mo.).  6 children.  



            Born about 1778, probably in Rowan County, N.C. and died 24 March 1823.

            Married JOSEPH MORPHEW about 1797.  Joseph Morphew was born either 1 January 1775 or 1779 and lived beyond 1820.


Joseph Morphew was thought to be Franklin County, Indiana, in 1813 and he does appear on the county’s 1820 census.  See next generation in the Joseph Morphew chapter.




            Born 12 November 1782 and died 23 February 1842, possibly in Crawford County, Missouri.

            Married to Jane, born _?_  (possibly between 1785-1794 per 1810 census)  and died after 1835, per deeds.  Little is known about her.    



                            Daniel Eggers, Jr. lived in the following locations:

1.  Ashe County, North Carolina to about 1813

2.  Franklin County, Indiana, 1813 – 1817+

3.  Wayne County, Indiana, 1820 – census with 3 male children and wife.

4.  Estill County, Kentucky 1825-1827

5.  Fulton County, Illinois January 1827 (Young-Hickory Township) deed 

6.  Putnam County, Indiana 1830 (Floyd Township)–6 children (?) and ?no wife.

7.  Crawford County, Missouri 1840 – 2 male children, no wife and no female children.


Daniel Eggers, Jr. enlisted in the War of 1812, in Franklin County, Indiana in the 7th Regiment Indiana Militia in Captain John Brison's Company.  The following enlisted 11 September 1813 and were discharged 12 October 1813, including:  "Daniel Eggars" and "Joseph Murphey," his brother-in-law.


Daniel Eggers and James Eggers appear in a survey land in Estill County, Kentucky.  This land was surveyed for James Eggers 28 July 1825, 200 acres of Stone Cole Fork of Elk Lick Fork of Sturgeon Creek in the presence of Daniel Eggers, Nathan Morphew house.  The 1825 Estill County tax record mentions Daniel Eggers and James Eggers and that is the only time.   In 1826 and the first ½ of 1827, records at Elk Lick Baptist Church in Estill County, Kentucky mention Daniel is active as a moderator, trustee, and then minister.


Mrs. Charles R. Long reported that Daniel Eggers Jr. helped to establish the New Garden Baptist Church in Wayne County, Indiana and later the Clear Creek Baptist Church in Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana.   Her information was from "kin" and she wasn't able to verify the information or location of the New Garden Baptist Church.  (from Watuaga County, N.C. Heritage," by Curtis Smalling, Editor 1987, pages 73+).    


In Putnam County, Indiana, Daniel appears in several deeds in Floyd Township, approximately the location of Heritage Lake. Caution is needed here – these years are late enough to be a next generation Daniel Eggers.  1835 is the last year in Putnam County in which he is recorded, before moving on to Crawford County, Missouri.



Selected Deeds for Daniel Eggers, Jr.


            Ashe County, North Carolina, deed 1 April 1806:  Joseph Morphew deeded to Daniel Eggers Jr., both of Ashe County, 100 acres in Ashe County lying on the South Fork of New River, beginning at a Spanish Oak at the lower end of a bottom running south crossing said river....  Signed: Joseph Morphew.  Witnesses: James Eggers, Daniel Eggers.  Acknowledged by Joseph Morphew in order to be registered, August term 1811.


            Franklin County, Indiana entry, 11 December 1813:  Daniel Eggers, Jr., 161.12 acres in Harrison Township, in what is to become Union County, Indiana in 1821. – see above for details.


            Fulton County, Illinois, 2 January 1827:  Daniel Eggers from Jeramiah Grove of Union County for $100.  SW art. Section 1, Township 8N, Range 2 E.  and West ½ NW qrt. S-22, T-8N, R-2E.  This is in Young-Hickory Township.


Putnam County, Indiana deed, 4 March 1835:  Daniel Eggers and Jane, his wife, sold 14 acres to Nathan Cox. (part E ½ of SW ¼ - S23, T15, R3N)

Putnam County, Indiana deed 27 June 1835:  Daniel Eggers and Jane, his wife, and James Morphew and Rebecca, his wife, sold a total of 120 acres to James Eggers (SE ¼ of NE ¼ - Section 28, Township 15, Range 3 and NW ¼ of SW – S27, T15, R3 and SW ¼ of NW ¼ - S27, T15, R3)

Putnam County, Indiana deed 25 June 1835: Daniel Eggers and Jane, his wife, sold 80 acres to Basil Ally (E1.2 SE ¼ - S27, T15, R3)          



            Names the children of Daniel Eggers (II) + Jane cannot be clearly separated from children of his brother, James Eggers (born ~1786).  Family records naming the children have not come to light.  However, do note that son James Eggers (born ~1811-1812 had a child by name of Jane.  Furthermore, since this James Eggers was born ~1811-1812, Daniel Eggers' (II) wife was likely to be Jane as far as ~1810.  The 1810 U.S. Census for Daniel Eggers II may be the best indicator for her age.  Why the 1820 and 1830 census records give the oldest female's age as much younger is confusing.  Their 1840 census is also puzzling if sons Jonathan and James Eggers were living with them.  Where are the wives and children unless they were living with James Eggers (~1786) who was nearby?   Children of Daniel (II) + Jane Eggers probably include: 


            (1) female, name unknown (born between 1811-1815)

            (2) female, name unknown (born between 1815-1820)

These two females were not living with Daniel Eggers on the 1840 U.S. Census, and perhaps, were already married or not living.

            (3) male, name unknown (born between 1821-1825)        


            (4) Jonathan Eggers (born 1811-1815).  He married Anna Eggers in Putnam County 29 July 1835 (county record).  There is one Putnam County deed in 27 July 1835 by Jonathan Eggers, grantor.  In 1850, Jonathan and Anna were living in Sugar Creek Township, Vigo, Indiana.


Crawford County, Missouri deed abstract:

"This indenture 9 November 1838 between James Eggers and Jonathan Eggers, Elizabeth Ann and Anna their wives of one part" to "Harrison N. Webb of the other part, all of Crawford County, Missouri," for $125 two tracts or parcels of lands lying in the Hooza Fork of Cotaway, aforesaid county: (1) SE of SW quarter & (2 SW of SE quarter Section 31, Township 38, Range 2 West containing _ acres each, purchase of U.S. by said James Eggers and Jonathan Eggers at the land office of St. Louis

(Signed) in presence of: James Eggers, James Sanders

(Signed by): James Eggers, Jonathan Eggers, Elizabeth Ann (her x) Eggers, Anna (her x) Eggers.  Recorded 9 November 1838.


            This is white water rafting county today, 9-9.5 miles east of Steelsville on Missouri State Highway 8, about 0.5 miles east of Huzzah Creek Bridge.


            Children of Jonathan + Anna Eggers, per 1850 census:


(i) Zacharia Eggers (1835/36)

(ii) William Eggers (1840)

(iii) Jonathan Eggers 1841/42)

(iv) Mary Eggers (1846/47)


            (5) James Eggers (~1811/12 - >1860?), who married 1st to Elizabeth Ann Aug.  There is a Putnam County, Indiana record listing an 18 August 1831 marriage between "James Eggers" to Ann Elizabeth Aug.  If the correct couple, this gives us her last name.    James Eggers married 2nd on 22 June 1847 in Fulton County, Illinois to Mary Eveland, widow of Aaron Roberts.  Children by this 2nd marriage are not known.   James Eggers lived first in Missouri and by 1847 was in Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Also living in their 1850 home were Charles Roberts 20, Alfred Roberts 23, Ann Roberts 16, George Roberts, all born in Illinois.  


            Children of James Eggers (~1811/12) and Elizabeth Ann Aug (1st wife):


(i). Joanna Eggers (1847/48 Illinois)


(ii). Daniel Eggers (1833/34 Missouri)


(iii). Jane Eggers (1834/35 Missouri)


(iv) possibly William Eggers (~1835):  Speculation exists this following individual might be his son.  This William Eggers lived in Crawford County.

            1850 U.S. Census of Crawford County: "William Agers," age 16 (~1835), in the family of G.  B. Phillips, age 40.

            1859, 22 December - Crawford County marriage of William Agers to _ Ogle. 

            1860 Census in Meramac Township, wife is Elizabeth (Ogle), (1835/36), but no children yet.

            1861: Tax assessor's records show a William Eggers in 1861 with 3 tracts of land amounting to 140 acres (Sections 11 & 12, Township 37, Range 4W).  He lived next to Daniel Eggers (1821/22).  This may be the same William Eggers.

            1863. 1st "wife died c1863 per "Ozark Hills Friends & Neighbors 1829-2000."  This estimated date conflicts with the 1870 U.S. Census.

            ~1867: At the age 27, he became a private in the 32rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry.

            1870: William Aggers with Mary Eggers (1860/61 Mo) & Jonas Eggers (1865/66 Missouri).  Living next to Samuel Ogle (from Cindy Lowe).

            1880: William Eggers is in living the household of his brother-in-law Samuel Ogle, and included is a Jonas Eggers, age 14 who is his son. 

            1892:  The "Ozark Hills Friends and Neighbors 1829-2000" noted William Eggers, at the age of 57, died September 1892 at the home of his son-in-law Steve Anderson, and that William had been in the Civil War with the 32nd Regiment of Missouri Volunteers.


            Children of William Eggers (1835 - 1892) and Elizabeth Ogle (1845/46 - 1863):


(a) Mary Eggers (1861 Missouri) probably married Stephen Anderson on 9 March 1879 at Crawford County (per Cindy Lowe from a question on a website)

(b) Jonas H. Eggers (1865/67 Missouri).  Found in Crawford County in 1920 U.S. Census, married 1st in 1901 to Sarah A. Chandeer and 2nd to Julia B. __ (1890/91 Missouri) and had 3 children by the first marriage: (1) Fred C. Eggers (1903/04 Mo), (2) Arva L. Eggers (male, 1905/06 Mo), (3) Patric J. Eggers (1909/10 Mo).           



(IV). JAMES EGGERS was born 16 April 1786* and died 31 December 1851 Crawford County, Missouri*.  He married 1st (possibly) to name unknown and 2nd on 10 October 1811 Franklin County, Indiana (county record) to Sarah ("Sally") Rash (4 March 1791* >1860).


            * Bible Record as enclosed in Jane Eggers' 1857 application for bounty land  


                             James Eggers lived the following locations:

(1) Ashe County, North Carolina, to 1812

(2) Franklin County, Indiana, 1813 – 1817

(3) Union County, Indiana (established 1821) – same 1813 location.  1821-1825/28.

(4) Fayette County, Indiana, 1820 (Jennings Township) – census shows 7 minors and wife in family

(5) Estill County, Kentucky, 1825 - 1827

(6) Putnam County, Indiana in 1828 and 1830 with 6 youngsters (3 new children since 1820) and wife.  Could any of these children be those of Benoni Eggers.

(7) Crawford County, Missouri, 1840 with 6 males & 8 females; probably with another young family(s) with young children, either theirs or cousins.

(8) Crawford County, Missouri 1850: Sarah and James Eggers.

(9) Crawford County, Missouri 1860: Sarah alone living with Daniel + Harriet C. Eggers.


James is the first Eggers to record land in Indiana in 1813, which is located slightly northwest of Goodwin’s Corners, Union County, Indiana.  He sold the last of these eastern Indiana lands in 1828.   In 1820, he was in Jennings Township of Fayette County, but no deeds could be found.   Between 1825 – 1826, he took on the challenges of homesteading Estill County, Kentucky land.  At Elk Lick Baptist Church, James and “Sary,” his wife, are recorded on their records at http://owsleykyhist.org/elk_lick_baptist_church.htm/   Here, he becomes entangled with several church members over debt and land sales in 1828.   The church notes their dismissal (departure) by letter once in 1826, again in September 1827, and then continued issues in 1828.  James Eggers settled in Putnam County, Indiana, about 1828 and left there about 1845 for Crawford County, Missouri.  After he died in 1851, his wife Sally filed an application for a widow's pension which gives James Eggers date of death as 31 December 1851. 



Selected Deeds and Surveys of James Eggers


*Franklin County, Indiana, Deed, 11 December 1813:  To James Eggers, 144.18 acres,                                                (range 1 west, township 11 north, section NE 2)


*Union County, Indiana, Deed 18 October 1822:  James Eggers of Union County to Matthew Tatum of Union County, for $60, 32.4 acres; signed: James Eggers, Sally Eggers,                                     (range 1, township 11, NE corner of NE quarter section 2)


*Union County, Indiana, Deed 12 October 1822:  James Eggers to Landrine Eggers, both of Union County, Indiana, 66.1 acres: signed: James Eggers, Sally Eggers.               

                                                        (range 1 west, township 11, N.E. quarter of Section 2)


*Union County, Indiana, Deed 27 November 1822, James Eggers to William Rash, both of Union County, 52.1 acres; signed: James Eggers and Sally (x) Eggers.                           

                                                                                 (range 1 west, township 11, section 2)


*Estill County, Kentucky, survey 28 July 1825:  200 acres are surveyed in Estill County, Kentucky, for James Eggers on the Stone Cole Fork of Elk Lick Fork of Sturgeon Creek (South Fork of Kentucky River) in the “presence of Daniel Eggers, Nathan Morphew house.”  The county tax list records him there only in the year 1825.  This James Eggers could possibly be the next generation.  


*Union County, Indiana, Deed 29 July 1828:  James Eggers to Richard Treadway, 63 acres.                            (range 1, township 12, part of SE quadrant, section 35), 63 acres.)          

Notice that this deed appears to be lands of Daniel Eggers, Sr., who may be dead.   No Eggers will or probate could be found in Union County.


*Putnam County, Indiana, Crawfordsville Land Entry #6880:  James Eggers, 20 August 1828, 80 acres.  This land is in Monroe Township and half way between Greencastle and Bainbridge and about 0.75 miles north of William Eggers’ land.   James and Sally, his wife, sold this in 4 November 1834.                                          

                                                                 (range 4 west, Township 15, SW section 23) 


* Putnam County, Indiana.   James Eggers had two tracts of land in Floyd Township, with both recorded 27 June 1835, one being sold and the other purchased.  Both appear to be his last record in Putnam County.    These lands appear near the western shore of Heritage Lake, created later by a dam.   One tract purchased was from Daniel and Jane Eggers, James and Rebecca Morphew - (R3, T15, SW ¼ of NW ¼ Section 28).  The other tract was: (R3, T15, SW ¼ of NW ¼ Section 23).  There is another James Eggers who marries on 18 August 1831 to Ann Elizabeth Aug in Putnam County and must be considered.


            Crawford County, Missouri (abstracted).  27 January 1849 between James Eggers and Sarah his wife of the first part and Daniel Eggers party of the second part, all of the county of Crawford Missouri.  Witnessth that the party of the second part will keep with him on the premises hereinafter described the parties of the first part during their natural lives and support maintain nourish and furnish them all things whatsoever for there comfort and keep them the said parties of the first part from want in every particular during their natural lives the parties of the first part, has granted bargained and hold conveyed and confirmed unto the party of the second part his heirs and assignees forever the following described real estate situate laying and being in the county of Crawford, Missouri, to wit:  East ½ of SW quarter of Section 11, Township 37, North in Range #4 west in the district of Sands subject to sale at Jackson, Missouri containing 80 acres entered in the name of James Eggers.....

(Signed) James Eggars, Sally (her x) Eggars.

Be it remembered that James Eggers and Sally his wife both...personally appeared before me on 27 day January 1849.   This land was about 2 miles SE of the center point of Steelville near the south side of Missouri State Highway 10 on Whittenburg Creek.      



            No family records naming the children of James Eggers have been identified.  The children's names to follow are speculative.


Children of James Eggers + __, a first marriage per 1810 census:


(1). Cynthia Eggers (28 January 1809* - >1860) married John W. Hogan 29 July 1820 (year should be 1826) at Estill County, Kentucky (county record).  See John Hogan record in chapter about William Hogan (1777).


(2). Male, name unknown born 1805-1810 – not on 1810 Census but found on 1820 and 1830 Census records.   


Children of James and Sally Eggers:


(3). Avis Eggers (~1813 Ohio or Indiana to 14 February 1894), who married 1st on 19 August 1833 in Putnam County, Indiana (county record) to Benjamin Piatt (1813).  Avis married 2nd on 11 May 1854 in Crawford County, Missouri to Elijah Piatt (1824 Indiana).  The name was spelled Pyatt in later years.


Children of Benjamin Piatt and Avis Eggers were (i) Elizabeth Piatt (1837/38 Mo), (ii) William Piatt (1840/41 Mo), (iii) Mary J. Piatt (1841/42 Mo), (iv) John Piatt (1843/44), (v) Daniel Piatt (1845/46 Mo), (vi) Benjamin Piatt (1848/49 Mo), (vii) Aves Piatt (1850/51 Mo).  "Aves 'Avis' Pyatt, wife of Elijah was born c1814 Indiana and died 14 February 1894, at the home of son, William Pyatt and buried at the Charley Martin graveyard."  (from Ozark Hills Friends and Neighbors 1829-2000," by East Central Missouri Ozarks, Ozark Heritage, Volume 4, page 226)


(4) William Eggers (estimated born between 1812-1823 and died before 1850).   In Crawford County, Missouri, William Eggers married Mary Piatt on 24 December 1841 (county record).  Mary Piatt was possibly known as Polly, but this is not certain.  This was a double wedding with Sally Eggers, who married John Piatt on the same date.   The Piatt association gives weight that his parents were James and Sarah Eggers.  Absolutely nothing else can be found about him, not even the origin of the middle initial "A" found on website listings.  This William Eggers cannot be traced on the 1850 U.S. Census and may be dead.  Mary possibly married 2nd as Polly Eggers, (born ?) on 19 January 1848 in Crawford County to Richard Shaw, by Benjamin Pyatt, Preacher of the Gospel (county record).  The 1870 Census of P.O. Cuba, Benton Township, Crawford County, Missouri noted a Mary Shaw, age 54, housekeeper born Virginia, Mary Shaw, age 15 born Missouri, and Sarah Eggers 25, born Missouri. (Courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email 11 January 2007). 

(5). Caty Eggers (24 April 1814*).   According to Cindy Lowe, she may fit the 3 June 1830 Putnam County, Indiana marriage of Catherine Eggers to William M. Kinder.  (email courtesy of Cindy Lowe, 11 January  2007)   

(6-7). Two more females born 1810-1820, as noted on the 1820 census, but missing from 1830 census.


            (8) Daniel Eggers (Jr. 1821/22), who married 11 March 1840 in Crawford County, Missouri (county record) to Harriett Caroline Reeves (1821/22).  Previously, marriage was stated to a Sarah Thomas at Crawford County, Missouri on 26 November 1840.  Thomas could not be found on the actual Crawford County marriage books.  Daniel and Harriett Eggers lived in Crawford County, Missouri in 1850 and 1860.  In 1860, Sarah Eggers, mother age 70, was living with them. 


            "This is to certify that Daniel Eggers, Jun. and Caroline Reeves on the 11th of March 1840 was in matrimony by me, (signed) Daniel Eggers, P.G.  Recorded on the 14th of March 1840 and (signed) H.E. Davis Recorder" at Crawford County.


            The Crawford County Tax Assessor noted in 1861, 1865, and 1866 that Daniel Eggers had three tracts of land amounting to 400 acres.  The land was about 2 miles SE of Steelville on/near Missouri State Highway 19 (Sections 11 & 14, Township 37, Range 4W).   Next to him west was William Eggers in 1861 with 3 tracts of land amounting to 140 acres (Sections 11 & 12, Township 37, Range 4W).  Daniel Eggers' 1870 census lists him with a Cuba Post Office, Merimac Township, Crawford County.


            Children of Daniel Eggers + Harriett Caroline Reeves determined as from census and other records, as best understood are:   


(i) James M. Eggers (1840/41 Mo) on 3 May 1861 Crawford County married to Catharine Baker.  The 1861 Crawford County Tax Assessor's notes him with only personal property. 


(ii) Absalom Hugh Eggers (1842/43) married 1 January 1865 Putnam County, Indiana to Harriet S. Morphew (1842).  They are on the 1870 and 1880 U.S. Census for Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana.  Their children: (a) Malinda C. Eggers (1866 In); (b) Lucy H. Eggers who married William Woolsey and had 8 children, (c) Thomas J. Eggers (1872 In); (d) Stephen A. Eggers (1874 In), (e) Henry Frank Eggers (1877 In); (f) Burton A. Eggers (1880 In).


(iii) William Riley Eggers (2 August 1845 to 17 October 1921 Steelville, Crawford County) married 20 December 1866 at Crawford County to Louisa Jane King (February 1847 – 1930 and buried at Steelville Cemetery), by J. S. Halbert, J.P.   Louisa Jane King's marriage to this William R. Eggers is confirmed on the Steelville Cemetery listing.   William R. Eggers was a constable in Steelville.  In 1898, a major flood of Steelville thoroughly soaked his household goods and badly damaged his rented house (From Early Crawford County Land Records per "Echoes from the Past," by Lorene Davis).  Children mostly from census records: (a) Caroline Eggers (1867/68 Missouri), (b) Edward Eggers (February 1870 Mo.), (c) Daniel Eggers (1872/73 Mo.), (d) Austin Eggers (1874/75 Mo.), (e) Belle Eggers (11 October 1877 Steelville to 11 May 1971 Rolla, Mo.) married James Robert Cunningham, and she was a school teacher, (f) Mamie Eggers (April 1880 Mo.), (g) Lulla M. Eggers (March 1883 Mo.), (h) Lilbern Eggers (March 1875) who married on 19 January 1899 to Elizabeth Ogle (January 1877).       

(iv) Sarah Jane Eggers (1848 Missouri- 12 February 1900) married on 20 October 1867 at Crawford County to David Partor Enloe (11 October 1844 – 10 March 1925 near Current River). They had seven children: (a) David Patrick Enloe (25 October 1887 Crawford County to 17 April 1960 Salem, Dent County, Mo.), (b) Della Enloe who married Thomas J. Webber, (c) Charles Landrine Enloe who married Sarah Pyatt, both buried Empire Cemetery, Gadden), (d) Harriet Jane Enloe married David F. Hogan, both buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, Dent County, Mo. (see John W. Hogan write-up in the William Hogan chapter), (e) Ono Elizabeth Enloe (15 December 1889 – 1903), (f) Mary Etta Enloe who married Everett Schookman.  The Enloe family came from Scotland, then Maryland, then into Indian blood.  (from Ozark Hills Friends and Neighbors 1824-200," by East Central Missouri Ozarks – Ozark Heritage, Volume 4, page 403)


(v) Jessie Newton Eggers (1 December 1850 Missouri to 12 March 1923 Hutson-Walker Cemetery, Dent County, Missouri) married about 1870 to Julia Ann Enloe (1849/50).  Possibly the 1900 U.S. Census of Washington County, Missouri found him alone as a boarder and widower.  Jessie and Julia Eggers had the following children (per Crawford County Historical Society data from Odell E. Grace Tedrow), and were recorded thus (with a little help): (a) John Eggers, died at age 8 years, (b) Mary Elizabeth Eggers who married to George Obedier, (c) Viola Mahala Eggers (born February 1880) married to Cocksey Cein and James S. Hutson (1877), (d) Harriett Caroline Eggers (February 1870) married to Rufus Anderson (August 1867), (e) Sarah C. Eggers married on 21 December 1883 in Steelville, Crawford County to John F. Anderson, (f) Lulu Salina Eggers+ (March 1874) married 1st to James Dunakey+ and 2nd J. T. Wilson (September 1872), (g) Margaret Eggers to Christopher C. Wilson, (h) Malissa May Eggers to Lewis C. Odle, (i) Susan Eggers to 1st to  __ Payne and 2nd to Alfred Goetz.

+ Thanks go to Jami Mott, email courtesy 4 April 2012.


(vi) David F. Eggers (August 1853 Missouri to >1920) married on 19 September 1875 at Steelville, Crawford County to Emily A. Reeves (1857/58 Mo.).  Information is courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 26 June 2006.  In 1880, his mother Harriet Caroline Reeves Eggers (1821/22 N.C.) was living in their household.  They lived in the following locations:


            1880: Meramec Township, Crawford County, Missouri

            1900: Doniphan, Ripley County, Missouri

            1910 and 1920:  Springfield, Greene County, Missouri


            Children of David F. Eggers per 1880, 1900, 1910 census were: (a) Maude(?) Eggers (1875/76), (b) Girney Eggers (male, 1878/79 Mo.) (c) Ida R. Eggers (February 1881 Mo.), (d) Roy E. Eggers (September 1885 Mo.), (e) Marian Claude Eggers (1 December 1887) married Nora May __ (1887/88 Kansas) and lived in 1920 Silver Lake, Shawnee County, Kansas, (f) David Elmer (or Elmer David) Eggers (July 1891), (g) Willis A. Eggers (May 1894)    


(vii) George Washington Eggers (m - 1854/55 Mo.)


(viii) Harriet Caroline Eggers (1857/58 Mo.)


(ix). Silva (or Silvia) Landrine Eggers (20 September 1863 near Butts, Crawford County, Missouri to 21 November 1938 near Butts at age 75, buried at Fairview Cemetery) married 22 October 1897 (per marriage record) to Birdie May Miller (18 October 1880 Washington County, Missouri to 28 October 1958 at Butts at age of 78, buried at the Fairview Cemetery).  Birdie May's parents were Andrew and Mary Elizabeth Miller.  They had three children: (a) one son dying in infancy, (b) Rose Eggers, (c) Dewey Eggers.  There were 10 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren at the time that Birdie May Miller Eggers died.  (Information courtesy of Cindy Lowe, email of 26 June 2006)   


            (9) Male, unknown name, born 1821-1825.   


(10)  Sarah “Sally” Eggers (27 August 1815*), who married on 20 December 1841 (county record) in Crawford County, Missouri to John Piatt (1821/22) by James Halbert, Minister of the Gospel.  Surname was later spelled Pyatt.  Children were: (i) Sarah Piatt (September 1842 Mo), (ii) Benjamin Piatt (November 1844 Mo), (iii) Phebe Piatt (1850 Mo), (iv) Rhoda Piatt (1851), (v) Isaac Piatt (1856). 


(11). Phebe Eggers (~1827 Kentucky - >1860), who married 1st on 16 August 1846 in Crawford County, Missouri (county record) to David F. Miller (~1828 North Carolina to 26 May 1863 at the siege of Vicksburg), by James Halbert, Minister of the Gospel.    In 1850, they were adjacent her parents James and Sarah Eggers.  In 1860, they lived in Union Township of Crawford County near her sister, Sarah Eggers Piatt.   Phoebe married 2nd on 15 February 1869 at Crawford County, Missouri to Nutter Meredith (14 May 1822 Kent Co., Delaware).   Children from the first marriage per census records were: (i) S.E. Miller (f- 1846/47 Mo), (ii) Mary J. Miller (1848/49 Mo), (iii) H.C. Miller (1852/53 Mo), (iv) William Miller (1854/55 Mo), (v) L. C. Miller (1860 Mo)

(14). Possibly Jane Eggers (estimated born ~1830):  Crawford County, Missouri, marriage records list “Jane Eggers” to George Bates on 4 May 1846, "by the request of the father and her offering that his father was consentive both of Crawford County, with James Halbert, Minister of the Gospel.   The parents of this Jane are not known.   The 1840 U.S. Census of Crawford County, Missouri, indicates no females living with Daniel Eggers.  Comment:  This suggests Jane might be underage.


Unsolved records:  Joseph Eggers married on 19 May 1864 to Sarah E. Miller, both of Crawford County, Missouri.  In 1850, Joseph Agers (1840/41), age 9 was living in the household of Thomas Turner. Whom does Joseph Eggers belong?



(V). LANDRINE EGGERS was born about 1790 to 1794 and died, probably, early

1842.  Married TABITHA TATUM, BORN 1793/94, marriage date not known.  



                        Locations for Landrine Eggers

1.  Ashe County, North Carolina

2.  Franklin County, Indiana, 1820

3.  Union County, Indiana to 1824.

4.  Fulton County, Illinois, 22 June 1825 deed and in 1830 census, shows Landrine with 6 minors in his family and James Eggers next door.  Also, he appears on the 1825 Fulton County Census with 2 males 21+, 3 males 0-21, 3 females any age, census enumerated 23 November 1825 (courtesy of Gary Tharp, email of 30 January 2009).   

5.  Fulton County, Illinois, 1840

6.  Tabitha Eggers, without husband, in 1850 Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Living with her son, Matthew Eggers.  Also listed separately with the family is Jane Eggers, age 15, and question if she might be Tabitha’s daughter.   In 26 December 1850 in Fulton County, there is a Jane Eggers, who marries Charles Roberts.

7.  Tabitha Eggers, age 66, in 1860, living with William Eggers in Fulton County, Illinois




Selected Deeds of Landrine Eggers


     *Union County, Indiana, Deed 18 October 1822:  James Eggers to Landrine Eggers, for $130, 66.1 acres; signed: James Eggers, Sally Eggers.

                                                       (range 1, township 11, part of NE quadrant section 2)   This land was sold to John Allen in 7 October 1824.  Signed: Landrine Eggers, Tabitha (x) Eggers.


      *Fulton County, Illinois (Canton Township), Deed 22 June 1825:  Landrine Eggers of Fulton County from Edward Cole of Vandalia, Illinois for $70, lying in the military tract in the State, SW qrt. S-33, T-7N, R-4E.   Deed: 247


      *Fulton County, Illinois (Canton Township): Deed 25 January 1826:  Landrine Eggers of Fulton County, Illinois from Edward Coles of Madison County, Illinois for $70.  NW qrt S-33, T-7N, R-4E, no acres.  Deed 397.


      *Fulton County, Illinois, Deed 14 May 1827:  Landrine Eggers from Jeramiah Grover of Union County, Illinois for $250.  Two tracts of land (1) SW qrt. S-21, Sw qrt S-22, NE qrt S-28, Township 8N, Range 1 east (Union Township); (2) SE qrt. Of S-30 and SE Qrt. S-31, T8N, R 2 E (Young-Hickory Township).  100 acres.   Deed: 574.   


      *Fulton County, Illinois, Deed 18 December 1833 (Young-Hickory Township):  Landrine Eggers from Osian M. Ross, for $10, SW qrt S-12, T8N, R-2E.  Deed 872


      *Fulton County, Illinois, Deed 2 March 1832: Landrine Eggers from Moses C. and Zerilda Johnston for $550.  NE qtr S-5, T-6N, R4E (Buckheart Township).  Deed 979


      *Fulton County, Illinois, Deed 13 July 1835: Landrine Eggers from James Eggers for $200.  N ½ of E ½ NW qrt of S-33, T-7N, R-4E.  Deed 1648. 


      *Fulton County, Illinois, Deed 19 June 1838:  Landrine Eggers from James and Jane Ann (his wife) Eggers for $1000.  160 acres of NE qrt of S-18, T-7N, R4E (Canton Township); and in the town of Centerville, lot #1 in Block #16 and E ½ of lot #4 in block #13.  Deed 4476


Grantor Indexes for this era before 1850 were missing (2/2002).  However there are the following deeds:


      *Four (should be five) deeds, Fulton County, Illinois, 19 October 1842:  From 10 persons dividing up lands:

(a.)  To Mathew Eggers and Anna, his wife, NE qtr S-33, 7N, 4E, 40 acres and 5 acres SE of said 40 acres for $1.  Deed 7795

(b.)  To James Eggers and Jane Ann, his wife; NW qrt. S-33, 7N, 4E, 30 acres for $1.  Deed 7796.

(c.)  To John H. Martin and Tabitha, his wife; NE qrt. S-5, 6N, 4E, West ½ of qtr section for $1.  Deed 7797

(d.) To William Eggers and Nancy, his wife; NW qtr S-33, 7N, 4E; 40 acres and 5 additional acres for $1.  Deed 7798

(e)  To Samuel S. Brooks and Elizabeth, his wife.  This deed was missed in the search (2/2002) but should exist, as their names appear as grantors on the prior 4 deeds.


The four (should be five) deeds were had the following grantor names, less grantee names on the individual deeds:  James Eggers and Jane Ann Eggers, John H. Martin and Tabitha Martin, Samuel S. Brooks and Elizabeth Brooks, Matthew Eggers and Anna Eggers, William Eggers and Nancy Eggers.    



Children’s names may be incomplete for Landrine and Tabitha Eggers:


(1) William Eggers (about 1815 to 1874), who married on 7 March 1833 in Fulton County, Illinois (county record) to Nancy Eveland (~1819 - 1886).  William Eggers has 2 grantee deeds in Fulton County, 1840 and 1849.  In 1848, Bethel Primitive Baptist Church notes “William Eggers (1815-1874) became a member in 1835.  William and Nancy Eggers, of Fulton County deeded to Mathew Eggers, of Fulton County, the inherited land (above).   In 1860, they were living in Chestnut Township, Knox County, Illinois. 


William + Nancy Eveland Eggers had 13 children who included:


(i) LANDRINE EGGERS (March 1836, Illinois to March 1910 Garden City, Finney County, Kansas) married 30 March 1854 Knox County, Illinois (county record) to Nancy Austin (November 1835 - >1900).  Landrine Eggers moved to Missouri and was reported in the Civil War Cavalry.


(ii) MARTHA EGGERS (~1840 Illinois)


(iii) MATHEW EGGERS (21 September 1842 Illinois – 26 August 1903 Orange County, California) married about 1861 Elizabeth M "Belta" Eggers (needs confirming).  Recorded on the 1885 Iowa State Census for Taylor County.


(iv) NANCY EGGERS (~1843 Illinois)


(v) WILLIAM J. EGGERS (8 February 1843 to 29 March 1935 Taylor County, Iowa) married 1st on 6 October 1864 Knox County (county record) to Mary Ann Houser (January 1847 - >1900) and possibly 2nd to Mattie A. Gill (needs confirming).  William J + Mary Ann Eggers had 13 children, 11 of which were living in 1900.  


(vi) JAMES EGGERS (~1844 Illinois) married on 18 February 1864 Knox County, Illinois to Christie Ann Houser (county record).  They had 5 children, with 5 of which were living in 1900.  In 1900, they were living in Clinton County, Missouri.


(vii). GEORGE WASHINGTON EGGERS (15 March 1849 Canton, Fulton County, Illinois and died 20 April 1913 St. Joseph, Missouri, and reported buried in unmarked grave at Hopkins Cemetery, Nodaway County, Missouri).  G.W. Egger’s 1913 obit mentions he was married 22 February 1865 (corrected to 1885) at Pickering, Missouri to Miss Mary (Clarissa) Flowers and this couple had four sons and one daughter, of which two sons died in infancy.   Children living at time of 1913 obit were J. L. (Jessie Lewis) Eggers and T. B. (Thomas Byron) Eggers and daughter Mr. M. E. (Mammie Ellen) Heater, all of St. Joseph.   He also left two sons by a former marriage (still living), names not given.^   He lived in the following locations:

^ From Message Board ancestry.com, posted 30 August 2006 by Lori Forsee.


(probably) 1867 October 20 – Knox County, Illinois: Marriage of George W. Eggers to Nancy J. Tucker (county record).   Mammie Flowers Eggers descendants do not remember this marriage.


1870 Knox County, Illinois – US Census:  Nancy J. Eggers is now living in the household of Josiah Tucker.  Included in the household is Josiah Eggers, age 1, born Illinois.  This should be Nancy’s son.   Husband and father, G. W. Eggers has not been found yet in 1870 census.  He appears divorced or separated at this time.   Nancy Tucker Eggers possibly married Charles Murphy who can be found in the 1880 US Census of Fulton County, Illinois with Josiah Murphy (surname should be Eggers), age 11, born Illinois and stepson Homer Agers, age 9, born Illinois.

From Cindy Lowe, Message Boards – ancestry.com, 30 August 2006.


(Unlikely, but can’t rule out) 1880 Mitchell County, Iowa – US Census:  George and wife Mary Eggers (born Wisconsin) with Estilla Eggers, age 4, born Iowa and William Eggers, age 1, born Iowa.  This may not be the correct G.W. Eggers.


1886 February 22 Union Township, Nodaway County, Missouri: George W. Eggers married Mary Flowers on this date, both of the same location (county record).


1900 and 1910 Nodaway County, Missouri – US Census: George + Mary Eggers (born Ohio)


Children of George Washington Eggers and Mary C. Flowers Eggers:

(a) Mamie Ellen Eggers Heater (December 1886 Missouri)

(b) Jesse Lewis Eggers (June 1889 Missouri)

(c) Bryan Thomas Eggers (September 1897 Missouri).


Thanks go to Lori Forsee for sharing her information, e-mail of 30 September 2005.  Lori Forsee stated she was told of a William and Ralph Eggers from an earlier marriage. 


(viii) SARAH A. EGGERS (~1851 Knox County, Illinois)


(ix) JOHN EGGERS (1853)


(x) PHOEBE EGGERS (1855 Knox County, Illinois) married on 22 February 1872 to Joel Tillman (county record).


(xi) AMAZIAH EGGERS (1856) married 1st on 10 June 1875 Knox County, Illinois to Martha Jane Tallman (county record) and 2nd on 15 December 1884 in Grundy County, Illinois to Mrs. May Sanders.


(xii) ANDREW JACKSON EGGERS (12 August 1858 Knox County, Illinois – 10 February 1941 Fulton County Illinois and buried East Midway Cemetery in Hickory Township.)


(xiii) LYDIA EGGERS (1864) married 1st on 5 March 1879 Knox County, Illinois (county record) to Elijah Milton Eggers (14 July 1854 – September 1933) and 2nd on 14 July 1882 Knox County, Illinois to Cyrus M. Walton (county record).  


(2). Mathew Eggers (20 August 1815 to 8 August 1899 in Henry County, Miss.  Married 1st on 7 December 1834 to Anna Tatum (14 September 1816 to 24 December 1886 in Taylor County, Iowa) and 2nd on 14 November 1887 to Lavina Pierce in Lawrence, McHenry County, Illinois.  In 1860, living in Chestnut Township, Knox County, Illinois.


(3) James Eggers (1811/12 to before 1870), who married Jane Ann Spencer (1813) on 19 July 1829 in Fulton County, Illinois (county record).  Jane Ann has two Fulton County deeds in 1847, and another deed granting land to James Eggers.  James Eggers has numerous deeds in Fulton County.   In February 1844, James Eggers purchased 16 acres on the south bank of Spoon River in Fulton County and built a grist mill.  In September 1851, James Eggers platted a town of 52 lots, calling it London Mills (Young-Hickory Township) and mill as London Mill, with the mill in operation for more than 50 years (from “History of Fulton County, Illinois in Spoon River Country 1818-1968) by Helen H. Clark, 1968.   In 1860, they are in Arapahoe County, Territory of Kansas.


(4). Elizabeth Eggers (~1820), who married Samuel S. Brooks: 6 children.  Lived in Fulton County, Illinois, before moving to Knox County.  In the “History of Knox County, Illinois,” 1912, by Ransom J. Brooks:  Elizabeth Eggers Brooks was the daughter of Landrine and Tabitha. (from Georgann Hickman via Cindy Lowe)


               (5). Tabitha Eggers (14 March 1824):  Tabitha married on 21 December 1839 at Fulton County, Illinois to John H. Martin (16 April 1824).  John married on 29 April 1876 in Dayton, Columbia County, Washington to Persis Minerva Tuttle and had one daughter, Peris Helen Martin (1877).  Children of John H. Martin + Tabitha Eggers were (i) Landrine E. Martin (1841-1872), (ii) Betsey Matilda Martin (1843-30 September 1905), (iii) Tabitha Elizabeth Martin (18 February 1845 – 20 February 1922 Dayton, Columbia County, Washington.  (information courtesy of Gary Tharp, email 16 December 2004). 




            Born 1795 and died 16 October 1886 in Putnam County, Indiana

            Married MARY (POLLY) TATUM, born 6 February 1799 and died before 1870.  The 1822 will of her father, James Tatum, stated her name to be Polly Eggers.  William Eggers married 2nd to Elizabeth __.  


                                       Selected Deeds of William Eggers

          *Union County, Indiana, Deed:  Jonathan Kerney to William Eggers on 14 October 1822, both of Union County, for $300, 48 acres, Sold to James Mott on 25 January 1827.  

                                               (east of 2nd principal line, range 14, township 14, section 20)

          *Union County, Indiana, Deed:  Daniel Eggars, Sr. to William Eggers on 10 August 1825, both of Union County, on the waters of 4 Mile Creek, for $300, 44 acres

                                                       (range 1, township 12, part of SE quadrant, section 35)


           *Putnam County, Indiana, Crawfordsville Land Entry #6124:  William Eggers, 1 January 1828, 80 acres.  This land is in Monroe Township and is half way between Greencastle and Bainbridge.  At this time, William Eggers lived about 0.75 miles south of James Eggers.                                        (Range 4 west, township 15, SW section 26)


There are numerous other Putnam County deeds, including

                James Morphew to William Eggers in 10 March 1837

               William Eggers to James Morphew in 5 February 1842.

               William Eggers, Sr. + Mary to William Eggers, Jr. in 25 February 1847.

               William Eggers + Mary to Jesse Eggers in 26 March 1851

               William Eggers + Mary to Jesse Eggers in 28 October 1861




William was “in the War of 1812 and came to Indiana when it was a territory, being an early settler of Putnam County.  He was born in 1795 and died 16 October 1886.”  (From “History of Putnam County, Indiana,” 1887).


                                   Locations which he lived: 

           (1)  Ashe County, North Carolina

           (2)  Fayette County, Indiana, 1820

           (3)  Putnam County, 1828

           (4)  Putnam County, 1840 (Monroe Township)

           (5)  Putnam County, 1845 (Monroe Township tax list)

           (5)  Putnam County, 1850 (Floyd Township)

           (6)  Putnam County, 1870 (Jackson Township) with wife Elizabeth   

           (7)  Putnam County, 1880 (Monroe Township) with wife Elizabeth



Children of William M. Eggers and Mary Tatum are (From Cindy Lowe):


(1). William Milton Eggers, Jr. born 1827/28 and died 29 June 1899 Putnam County, Indiana).  He is thought to have married Nancy Carver, but her surname needs to be confirmed.  On 25 February 1847, William Eggers, Sr. sold land in Putnam County to William Eggers, Jr. (SE qr. of SW qr. of S21, T15, R3.)  In 29 April 1853, this land was sold by William Eggers, and Nancy, his wife, to Jesse Eggers: 5 children.   


            (2). Jesse Eggers, born 11 January 1818 at Fayette County, Indiana and died 6 April 1914 at Jackson Twp, Putnam County, Indiana).  Married on 20 April 1837 Parke County, Indiana (county record) to Sarah E. Morphew (30 May 1820 to 9 August 1897),   Parents of Sarah E. Morphew were James Morphew (~1781-845) + Mary (Polly) Glass (~1794-1838).  Jesse and Sarah owned a number of tracts of land and lived in Putnam County, Indiana.  They lived first on 80 acres of land in Floyd Township of Putnam County (Section 21, Township 15, Range 3) and later in Jackson Township.  On a corner of their first farm, there was a Primitive Baptist Church.  They lived in the following areas, per census:


            1845 Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana Tax List.

            1850 Floyd Township

            1860 – 1880 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana

            1900 Jackson Township, Putnam County: Jessie, age 82, with son George W. Eggers and family.

            1910 Jackson Township, Putnam County: Jessie, age 92, in household of nephew William F or G. and Lela A. Eggers.


            Children of Jesse Eggers and Sarah E. Morphew are:


(i). JOHN WESLEY EGGERS (8 August 1838 to 24 February 1903 in Putnam County) married on 19 January 1862 in Putnam County to Matilda Ann Sutherlin (19 November 1843 Jackson Township, Putnam County).  Matilda was a daughter of Roland and Betsey Sutherlin.  John was a farmer, miller and carpenter and resided on 183 acres in Section 10 of Jackson Township.  He was reported to be a Democrat and was a member of the Baptist Church (From "History of Putnam County, Indiana, 1887").   Their children:


            (a) Sarah L. Eggers (6 May 1863 to 9 September 1901 Jackson Township, Putnam County married 3 June 1883 Putnam County* to Martin T. Henry (3 June 1883 Putnam County)


            (b) Denman Eggers (1866 to 16 September 1888 Putnam County)


            (c) Newberry Dennis Eggers (4 January 1867 to 18 September 1883 Putnam County.


            (d) Genora (Nora) Francis Eggers (6 September 1874 to 1951) married 17 February 1895 Putnam County* to John L. Henry (1872).


(ii). WILLIAM RILEY EGGERS (6 May 1840 to 6 November 1931 in Hendricks County, Indiana) married 3 September 1865 Knox County, Illinois to Sarah Ann Edwards (~1850 Illinois - >1880).  William R. and Sarah Ann Edwards Eggers lived in the following locations, per census:


            1870 – 1880 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana

            1900 Jackson Township, William R. Eggers without wife.

            1910 Jackson Township, William R. with son's family, George G. Eggers

            1920 Washington Township, Brown County, Indiana with same 1910 family


            They had the following children: 


            (a). George Granville Eggers (26 May 1875 Knox County, Illinois to 6 November 1945 Indianapolis, In.) married on 27 October 1895 Hendricks  County, Indiana* to Nora Belle Merritt (18 July 1876 Tipton County, Indiana to 21 February 1953 Putnam County, In.), daughter of John Wesley Merritt and Lydia Louzina Lamb.   They lived in the following locations, per census:


            1900 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana with father, William R. Eggers.

            1910 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana

            1920 Washington Township, Brown County, Indiana

            1930 Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana


            George G. Eggers + Nora Belle Merritt had the following children:


                        (I) Opal Irene Eggers (6 November 1896 Putnam County) married 31 October 1912 Putnam County* to Charles A. Irwin (17 August 1885 Logansport, Cass County, Indiana.


                        (II) Ottie Adolf Eggers (27 November 1907 Putnam County to 27 August 1985 Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana) who married on 19 December 1932 at Paris, Illinois to Myrtle Howard Pickett (9 September 1912 to 10 August 1989).  "Ottie was always called Doc, but wasn't a doctor though.  He was primarily a farmer, but had a trucking company at one time, as well as working on the railroad.  ...He was over six feet tall and Myrtle maybe 5' 3."  After a stroke, Ottie loved to be taken to White Castle for Hamburgers.  (from Waynette Porter, e-mail of 26 January 2005 and letter of 28 February 2005, which included information below.)


                        (III) Elmer Harold Eggers (5 March 1906 Roachdale, Putnam County to 15 April 1978 Hendricks County, In) married 1st to Pearl Christina Cassity (23 December 1908 Putnam County to 15 December 1929 Groveland, Putnam County), daughter of Ambrose Dudley Shelly Cassity and Laura Alice Eggers and 2nd to Mary Belle Heckathorn (31 July 1915).


                        (IV) Arley Wayne Eggers (21 October 1909 to 8 November 1984 Hendricks County, In).


                        (V). Vera I. Eggers (17 August 1913).


                        (VI twin) Merrill Merritt Eggers (17 August 1913 and died same day). 


            (b). Mary Lulu Austin Eggers (28 December 1889(?) to 1974), who married 1 January 1908 Putnam County, Indiana* to Ottie Clint Perkins (1890 – 1959).


(iii). MARY JANE EGGERS (10 April 1843 to 1940) married on 4 March 1860 Putnam County* to Charles Thomas Myers (1834 Kentucky to 1919).  Eleven children


(iv). GEORGE WASHINGTON EGGERS (5 February 1846 to 30 July 1928 Jackson Township, Putnam County) married on 22 August 1867 Putnam County to Mary Margaret Jane McCloud (2 September 1850 to 10 November 1887).  They had the following children: (a) William B. Eggers, (b) Mary A. Eggers, (c) Delana B. Eggers (possibly 1879 to 1949 Hendricks County Indiana Stilesville Cemetery) married 9 September 1899 Boone County, Indiana* to Mary F. Plunkett (d). James H. Eggers, (e) George Franklin Eggers (1874 – 1952, buried in Amo Cemetery Hendricks County, In.) married Mary Levina Lewis (1898-1956, buried same cemetery)


(v). PATRICK HENRY EGGERS (17 November 1847).  Alternates between Henry and Patrick on census records.  Probable marriage record at Putnam County is Henry H. Eggers to "Semantha E. Morris," for 26 September 1869.  Furthermore the 1870 U.S. Census for Jackson County, Putnam County shows a Patrick Eggers, age 22, and Samantha Eggers, age 18 Kentucky.  They had the following children, per 1880, 1900 census and websites:  (a) Arizona A. Eggers (1869/70); (b) Elizabeth F. Eggers (1872/73); (c) Nancy L. Eggers (1874/75); (d) Emma T. Eggers (1876/77); Mary Eggers (1877/78); Jessie Kenneth Eggers (5 March 1884); Rosetta F. Eggers (17 February 1886); Grace Alma Eggers (24 December 1890); Otho Day Eggers (son , December 1892).  


(vi). MAHALA ELLEN EGGERS (30 December 1849)


(vii). SARAH ELIZABETH EGGERS (5 May 1852 to 1891) married on 11 June 1873 Putnam County* to Levi David McCloud (1855 – 1931).  From Cindy Lowe and websites – They had the following children: (a) Lilly Laura McCloud (1874-1937) married on 15 July 1890 Putnam County* to James D. Higgins (1873-1956); (b) Levi D. McCloud (1877-1945) married on 20 October 1899 Putnam County* to Annie Luettie Merritt (1880-1965).  Annie Merritt was the sister of Nora Belle Merritt who married William Granville Eggers; (c) Jesse Lenora McCloud (1878-1957) married on 24 June 1891 Putnam County* to William Long Dickerson (1860-1957);  (d) Alonzo McCloud (1880); (e) Edgar Harrison McCloud (1882-1960) married Retta Mae Pinkerton (1897-1966); (f) Ellsworth McCloud (1885).  Thanks go to Waynette Porter for her help on this family (letter of 28 February 2005)


(viii). JESSE (JAKE) D'BRIGHT EGGERS (3 September 1860) married first 23 October 1884 Putnam County, Indiana* to Emily McFerran and 2nd on 23 October 1886 at Hiawatha, Kansas to Lilly Florence Housh.  Two children by 2nd marriage: (a) Athella Eggers (27 November 1888); (b) Lora Eggers (8 June 1897).


                        (* after marriage is a county record, confirmed)          


            (3) Joseph T. Eggers, 14 April 1820 to 4 April 1899 and buried at Barnard Cemetery, Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana), who married on 15 January 1839 in Putnam County, Indiana, (county record) to Mahala Hogan (~1821 to ?).   Joseph T. Eggers and Mahala, his wife, have a 16 December 1853 deed in Putnam County.  There are other Putnam County deeds between 1845 and 1853.  They lived in the following locations, as noted by census records:


            1840-1850 Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana

            1860-1870 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana  


Children of Joseph T. Eggers and Mahala Hogan, as reported by census records are: (i) Mary E. Eggers, 1839/40, In; (ii) Nancy M. Eggers, 1842/44 In; (iii) George Dallas Eggers, 15 November 1844, Indiana (cemetery stone, Barnard); (iv) Landrine Eggers, 1845/46 In; (v) Jesse E. Eggers 1847/48 In; (vi) William Joseph Eggers,1851/52 In; (vii) Julia A. Eggers (1858/59 In.


            (4). Daniel B. Eggers, 10 February 1830 to 27 November 1917 in Hendricks County, Indiana).  Married 1st on 18 January 1849 to Mary Lydia Ann Todd (1837-1901) in Putnam County, Indiana (county record).  Both purchase and sell a number of tracts in Putnam County.  Several grantor deeds state “Mary Lyliann,” his wife.  Daniel married 2nd on 29 August 1853 at Putnam County to Rebecca Catherine Morphew (1837/39 to 1901).  Rebecca's origins are discussed in the Chapter of Joseph Morphew (~1775), under his daughter Elizabeth.


            Children of Daniel B. Eggers and Mary Lyiann Todd are: (i) Sarah Catherine Eggers (11 January 1850); (ii) Delila Ann Eggers (18 November 1852 to 1917 Putnam County.


            Children of Daniel B. Eggers and Rebecca Catherine Morphew are:  (i) Mary Ellen Eggers (4 March 1855); (ii) Jesse E. or Alexis Jess Eggers (4 October 1857); (iii) Melissa Eggers (possible twin 1860), (iv) Daniel Douglas Eggers (28 May 1860 – 1940); (v) Dennis B. Eggers (15 January 1863 – 1946 Hendricks County, Indiana); (vi) Clarinda Elizabeth Frances Eggers (19 July 1869 – 1890); (vii) Truman Eggers (29 August 1873); (viii) Landrine Eggers, (~1874 and not on 1880 census); (ix) Nathaniel Eggers (1879).


            (5) Tabitha Eggers (1832).  Married William Allen on 19 February 1854 in Putnam County, Indiana.


            (6) Enoch Eggers (14 February 1834 to 28 February 1919 in Nebraska).  Married to Lydia Brock Burnett (1835-1916 Nebraska) on 14 October 1857 in Putnam

County, Indiana.  In 21 August 1858, Enoch Eggers, and his wife, Lydia, sold Putnam County land to Daniel B. Eggers.  Four children.


            (7). Squire Franklin Eggers (19 June 1837 in Putnam County to 14 June 1923 in Putnam County, Indiana.  Married 1st to Nancy M. Morris on 29 July 1863 and 2nd to

Amanda Emaline Sutherlin (20 February 1843 – 1 March 1923 Putnam County) on 28 September 1864 in Putnam County, Indiana.  Six children 2nd marriage.  Numerous deeds in Putnam County.


(8). (Probably) Lydia Eggers, born between 1821 and 1825, and married John P. Lewis in Putnam County, Indiana, on 2 November 1843.  Both are found on www.familysearch.net with Lydia listed as a daughter of William M. Eggers. 

Gary Tharp:  “Lydia may be mixed up with Lydia Eggers, daughter, of Landrine Eggers (from e-mail 17 November 2001).”

Cindy Lowe:  “I do show a female born between 1821 and 1825 in the household of William Milton Eggers in the 1830 and the 1840 Putnam County, Indiana, Census who could be a fit for the Lydia who married John Lewis (my records still show her as unidentified) (from e-mail 18 November 2001).”



            Born 10 April 1801 and died 4 May 1830 at Fulton County, Illinois

            Married LYDIA DOLLAR on 3 July 1819 in Franklin County, Indiana (county record).  Lydia Dollar was born 4 July 1805 and died 2 October 1872 and was the daughter of William and Ruth (Beasley) Dollar.  Lydia married 2nd to Mathew Tatum on 1 August 1830 at Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois – see Tatum Chapter 




                                   Selected Deeds of Benoni Eggers

    *Union County, Indiana, deed:  “Daniel Eggers Sr.” to Benoni Eggers on 10 August 1825, both of Union County, on the waters of 4 Mile Creek7, 40.5 acres; (range 1, township12, section 35).


     *Union County, Indiana, deed: James Tatum to Bennoni Eggers, on 10 August 1826, 46 acres (range 1, township 12, NE quadrant of SE quadrant, Section 35)


     *Union County, Indiana, deed:  William Eggers and Benoni Eggers to Jeremiah Grover on 25 January 1827, for $30, 48.8 acres; signed: William Eggers, Mary (x) Eggers, Benoni Eggers, Lydia (x) Eggers.  (Section 20, Township 14, range 14)


      *Union County, Indiana, deed, William Eggers and Benoni Eggers to William Rash, on 25 January 1827, 67 acres; signed William Eggers, Lydia (x) Eggers, William Eggers, Mary (x) Eggers.  (range 1, township 12, part of SE quadrant, section 35)


      *Fulton County, Illinois (Section 8 of Buckheart Township), deed, “Benjimin Eggers” and Benjimin underlined, from Joel Wright, 80 acres for $80.  South ½ of NW qtr. section 8, township 6 north, range 4 east.  Signed in presence of the “deceased” underlined before signing 6 August 1830 - deed 874.  


Fulton County grantor indexes for this era were missing and so the important subsequent transfer of deed with detailing was missed.  However, deed #875 might be this transfer, probably to his wife, who had already married 2nd to Mathew Tatum on 1 August 1830.   It is possible names of the children would be given on this deed.   



Children of Benoni Eggers and Lydia Dollar are (From Cindy Lowe):


                (1). William Eggers (~1820?). 


                (2).  Pheobe Eggers (14 February 1822).  Married Andrew Goforth (8 December 1818) on 1 March 1838 in Chesternut Township, Knox County, Illinois.                       Five children.


                (3).  Elizabeth Eggers (17 October 1824 to 27 June 1908)Married Berlin Edward Shields (1811) on 24 January 1839 in Livingston, Fulton County, Illinois.  Twelve children.


                (4).  Mary Eggers (21 March 1826 to 18 March 1912 in Eldon, Wapello County, Iowa.  Married 1st to R.P. Willis (died 11 June 1847) on 16 June 1842 in Fulton County, Illinois – 2 children.  Married 2nd to Benjamin F. Thomas (20 March 1808 – 12 May 1902) on 25 August 1851 – 6 children.


                (5) Elijah Eggers (12 October 1827 to 27 February 1909 in Bladensburg,

Wapello County, Iowa.  He married Nancy Morphew (5 October 1826 to 15 January 1901 at Bladensburg, Wapello County, Iowa) on 19 March 1846 in Fulton County, Illinois) – there may not be any children living to adulthood.


                (6). Benjamin Franklin (or Benoni) Eggers (11 April 1829 to 12 October 1901) in Fulton County, Illinois).   Living with the Mathew Tatum family in 1850 in Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Married Mary M. Phelps on 30 August 1853 at Knox County, Illinois (county record).  Nine children.


(VIII). (Probably) ANN EGGERS

            born about 1798 to 1800 and probably living 1860+

            Married WILLIAM RASH on 26 August 1813 in Wayne County, Indiana (county record).  William Rash was born 1790/91 and died 1880+


            William and Ann Rash may have had as many as nine children.  William’s father was Thomas Rash, born 1760-1770, who lived next to him on the 1840 census.


        William Rash was closely allied with the Eggers, and is listed on the 1820 U.S. Census of Franklin County, Indiana, with two youngsters, one of which is recorded older than the 1813 marriage (these records can be inaccurate).  They are in U.S. Census of Franklin County 1820 and Union County in 1830, where Ann is listed born between 1790 – 1800.  In 1840 census of the same county, William Rash is listed without an adult female, which looks suspiciously like an omission.  Statewide Indiana marriage records do not list another William Rash marriage.     Later, both seem to be the couple that appears in Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana in the 1850 and 1860 Census (see end of chapter).  Here, Ann’s birth date is better defined to be 1798 to 1800, making her marriage at a very young age of 14 or 15.  In 1880, William Rash was still living in Randolph County.


       Please note the parentage between Daniel Eggers, Sr. and Ann is not certain, and one must also consider William Eggers (1750 - ~1802), whose children may have traveled to Indiana with the Eggers clan.



                                Deeds of William Rash

      *Union County, Indiana, deed 27 November 1822:  James Eggers sold to William Rash for $372, 52.1 acres.                                (range 1 west, township 11, section 2) 

      *Union County, Indiana, deed 25 January 1827:  William Eggers and Benoni Eggers sold to William Rash, 67 acres.                                  (range 1, township 12, Section 35)


IX. (Probably) MARY EGGERS

Born 11 April 1795 Virginia and died 4 August 1878 and buried Clear Creek Cemetery, Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana (from Cemetery Records of Putnam County, Indiana, compiled by Putnam County Historical Society.)

Married ENOCH WRIGHT (county record) on 21 April 1817 Franklin County, Indiana.  Enoch was born 25 December 1788 and died 31 January 1853 at the age of 64 years, 1 month, and 6 days and was buried in the same Clear Creek Cemetery.



In 1820, Enoch and Mary Wright are recorded on the Franklin County Census, and are next to Elizabeth Wright, who is most likely Enoch’s mother.   In 1830, they are on the U.S. Census for Union County (formed 1821 from Franklin and Wayne Counties), with an older female. Again, this is probably Elizabeth Wright (born 1760-1770).  This parentage to Daniel Eggers, Sr. is probable, but not yet proven and his 1800 census does suggest a 4th daughter.  Cindy Lowe adds: "I have Mary placed tentatively as a daughter of Daniel and Phoebe, ...but William Eggers (1750) is an interesting possibility (with) two daughters (in the 1790 U.S. Census of Ashe County, North Carolina, Morgan District).  "I ruled out James Eggers as a possible parent since I have in d/o/b listed as 1786 and Mary's d/o/b as 1795 (e-mail of 2 March 2005).


Children of Enoch and Mary Eggers Wright as reported by Gary Tharp on ancestry.com:  (1) Lucinda Wright, (2) Elizabeth W. Wright, (3) Louisa Wright, (4) Abslom Frances Wright (18 October 1824 Union County, Indiana), (5) Julia Ann Wright (30 October 1830), (6) Elenor Caroline Wright (~1833), (7) Martha Jane Wright (21 February 1836 Putnam County, Indiana), (8) Mary Melissa Wright (30 January 1839, (9) Leander Benton Wright (26 April 1843), (10) Frank Peyton Wright (15 June 1853.


One son was Absalom F. Wright (18 October 1824 to 7 July 1891), farmer and Stock-raiser in Floyd Township of Putnam County, Indiana.  Absalom's parents Enoch + Mary Eggers Wright came to (now) Union County, Indiana in 1810 and moved to Putnam County in 1834.  He began farming on his parent's land grant and by 1862 became a carpenter.  In 14 October 1849, he married to Mary Chatham (born 24 June 1827 Decatur County to 3 December 1919), daughter of J.W. and Sarah Chatham.  In February 1865, Enoch enlisted and served in Company C, 148th Indiana Infantry in the Civil War until September 1865.   After the war, he became a Justice of the Peace and Assessor.

"History of Putnam County, Indiana," 1887 


Absalom Wright and Mary Chatham had 9 children including: (1). Josephine B. Wright, (2) Franklin P. Wright, (3) Edgar A. Wright, (4) Omar C. Wright, (5) Robert Wright, (6) Hattie B. Wright, (7) Julia A. Wright, (8) Carrie M. Wright. 

"History of Putnam County, Indiana," 1887




1775 Orange County, New York, tax lists for District 10:

            William Eggers 

            Daniel Eggers


1777 Augusta County, Virginia Tithable List, includes adjacent each other: William Eggars, Daniel Eggars, and Landrine Eggars. 


1778 Rowan County, North Carolina, tax lists, Captain Moore’s District, include:

           Daniel Agers

           William Agers (six entries from Daniel Agers)


1783 Rowan County tax list of Captain Carson

           “Laundryn Eggors,” 3 horses and mules, 7 cattle, worth 14 pounds.


1784 Rowan County, North Carolina, tax lists, Captain Carson’s Company

            Landrine Eggers, 350 acres, 1 white person taxed

            Daniel Eggers, 250 acres, 1 white person taxed


1787 Wilkes County, North Carolina, tax list:  Daniel Eggers


1790 U.S. Census for Rowan County, North Carolina

            (Names and birth years are added, and if wrong, can be very misleading.


       Agers, Landrine; 1 male 0-<16  Hugh (1785); 1 male 26-45  Landrine (1757); 5 females all ages: Hannah (1779), Mary (1782), Joanna (1787), wife Joanna (<1755) and one unknown.


1790 U.S. Census of Wilkes County, North Carolina


        Eger, Danl: 1 male 0-<16; James (1786); 2 males over 16+, Daniel Jr. (1782) and Daniel Sr. (1752); 3 females all ages; Martha (~1773), Avis (~1778), wife Pheoby (1755).  On same page as Mary Murphy (Morphew), Sarah (Morphew) Coleman,                     Thomas Allison (married Anna Morphew), and Henry Chambers (married Martha Eggers.)


       Chambers, Henry:  2 males >16; 1 male <16, 1 female.                  


1800 Ashe County, North Carolina Census with names and birth dates added:


       Agers, Daniel: 3 males born 1790 to 1800, William M. (1795), Landrine (1790+), Benoni (1801)? 1 male born 1784 to 1790 James (1786); 1 male born 1774 to 1784,     Daniel Jr. (1782); 1 male born 1755 and older   Daniel Sr. (1752); 2 females born 1790 to 1800   undetermined names; 1 female born 1755 to 1774   Pheoby (1755); left home earlier – Avis (~1778), Martha “Patty” (~1773)     


       Agers, Landrine: 1 male 10-<16 Hugh Eggers (1785); 1 male 26-<45 Landrine Eggers (1757); 1 female <10   Lydia Eggers (1791); 1 female 10-<16 Joanna Eggers (1787); 2 females 16-<26, Mary (1782) and Hannah (<1779); 1 female 45+.  If this record is accurate, this puts Joanna’s birth before 1755 


      Agers, William: 1 male 26-45; 1 female to 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 26-45. 


      Chambers, Henry (Page 76): 1 male 45+, 3 females 0-<10, 1 female 16-<20.


1810 U.S. Census of Ashe County, North Carolina (Only first name initial used on census - many microfilm entries were unreadable and had to be combined with an Ashe County Website census listing.


       On census page 11:


Taytim, J.  1 male 0-<10, 1 male and 1 female 10-<16, 1 male 16-<26; 1

female 26-<45; 1 male 45 on.   (James Tatum) 


Norris, E.  2 males and 1 female 10-<16; 1 female 16-<26, 1 male and 2 

females 45 on.  Ephriam Norris married Mary Morphew (born ~1755).


Murphy, J.  3 males and 1 female 0-<10, 1 male 10-<16, 1 male and 1  

female 26-<45 (microfilm interpretation).  This is Joseph Morphew + AvisEggers.


Eggers D.  1 male and 1 female 16-<26.   This should be Daniel Eggers, Jr.


Eggers J.  1 female 0-<10, 1 male and 1 female 16-<26.  Should be James Eggers, but puzzling unless we are looking a first marriage, since James Eggers married Sarah "Sally" Rash in 1811.


Eggers L.  1 male 0-<10; 1 male and 1 female 16-<26.  Should be Landrine Eggers, son of Daniel Eggers, Sr.


     On other pages of same census:


Eggers, D. 1 male and 1 female 16-<26; Twice entered, see above 21.


Eggers, D. 1 male 0-<10, 1 male + 1 female 10-<16, 1 female 16-<26, 1 female 26- <45, 1 male 45+.  Should be Daniel Eggers, Sr.


Eggers L, 1 male and 1 female  45+, 1 female 16-<26.  Should be brother to Daniel Eggers, Sr. 


Eggers, H. 2 males and 1 female 0-<10; 1 male 16-<26; 1 female 26-<45. Hugh Eggers.


Chambers, H.; 3 males and 1 female 0-<10; 1 female 10-<16; 1 female 26-<45; 1 male 45+



1813 tax list for Franklin County, Territory of Indiana:  James “Agurs” and “Joseph

            Murphy.”   No Eggers in 1812 list.

1815 tax list for Ashe County, N.C:  Landrine, Hugh, and Daniel Eggers

1817 tax list for Franklin County, Indiana:  Landrine Agers, Daniel Agers, James Agers.  1822 tax list for Franklin County, Indiana:  No Eggers


1820 U.S. Census of Fayette County, Indiana


Eggers, James, - 1 male and 4 females 0-<10; 1 male and 1 female 10-<16; 1

male and 1 female 26-<45. (Jennings Township)


            Eggers, William, same page as James Eggers  – 2 males 0-<10, 1 male and 1

female 16-<26.


1820 U.S. Census of Wayne County, Indiana


            Eggers, Daniel, Sr. Wayne County, 1 male and 1 female 16-<26, and 1 male

45+.   Daniel Sr.’s wife is missing here.  Possibly Benoni Eggers + wife Lydia Dollar.


            Eggers, Daniel Jr., Wayne County – 3 males 0-<10, 1 male and 1 female 26-

<45.  Appears to be unidentified wife and 3 unknown children.


1820 U.S. Census of Franklin County, Indiana – all are on the same page of the census:


            Murphy, Joseph (Morphew).  1 male and 2 females 0-<10, 2 males 10-<16, 1

  male 16-<18, 1 male and 1 female 16-<26, 1 female 26-<45, 1 male 45+.  What is interesting here, is that on both sides of him on the census are John Pentacost and Andrew Pentacost.  The Pentecost Cemetery is only 0.6 miles west of Goodwin’s Corners.  Three entries away is:


            Tatum, James.  3 males and 2 females 0-<10, 1 female 16-<26, 1 male and 1

female 26-<45 and next on the census is:


            Rash, William.  1 male 0-<10, 1 female 10-<16, 1 male and 1 female 26-<45. 

 An four entries away is:


            Agers, Landrine.  3 females 0-<10; 1 male and 1 female 26-<45.  The next entry

 following is:


            Murphy, Nathan (Morphew).  1 female 0-<10, 1 female 16-<26, 1 male 26-

 <45.  On the page preceding these families are:


            Wright, Enoch.  2 females 0-<10, 1 male and one female 16-<26.   Next to him:


            Wright, Elizabeth  1 male 10-<16, 1 male 16-<18, 3 males 16-<26, 1 female 45+


1820 U.S. Census of Ashe County, North Carolina


            Eggers, Landrine (son of George Eggers); 1 male 45+; Landrine (1757); 1 female 45+; Joanna (~1755)      


1830 U.S. Census of Union County, Indiana, page 238


             Rash, William:  1 male and female 0-<5; 1 male 5<10; 1 female 10-<15; 1 male

and one female 30-<40; 1 male and 1 female 70-<80.  


             Wright, Enoch: 1 female 0-<5; 1 male 5-<10; 2 females 10-<15; 1 male and 1 female 30-<40; 1 female 60-<70.   (oldest appears to be his mother)             


1830  U.S. Census of Indiana, Putnam County


            Agers, James, 1 female 0-<5, 2 males 5-<10, 3 females 10-<15, 1 female 15-<20,

1 male and 1 female 20-<30, 1 female 30-<40, 1 male 40-<50.


Eggers, Daniel, 1 male 0-<5, 1 male 5-<10, 1 female 10-<15, 2 males 15-<20, 1 female 20-<30, 1 male 40-<50.  (Daniel Eggers, Jr.)


From Cindy Lowe, email 9 September 2001:

     Daniel Eggers:  These are probably two of the three males who appeared in the 1820 census...which narrows their dates of birth to 1811 to 1815.   One of the two males is probably Jonathan Eggers who married about 1835 and is living next door to Daniel in 1840 census.  The female 10-<15 does not appear in the 1820 census and her identity is unknown.  (Jonathan married Anna Eggers 29 July 1835 – Indiana marriage records.)


 The rest of Daniel Eggers’ children need to be identified - JM.


            Eggers, William, 2 males 0-<5, 1 female 5-<10, 2 males 10-<15, 1 female 15-<20, 1 male 30-<40 


1830 U.S. Census of Fulton County, Illinois (no townships given)


            Tatum, Mathew  2 males and 1 female 0-<5, 2 females 5-<10, 1 female 20-<30, 1

male 30-<40.  Next to him on the census is:


            Dollar, William.  1 male 80-90.


            Eggers, James.  1 male and 1 female 15-<20.  Next to him is:


            Eggers, Landrine. 1 male 0-<5, 2 females 5-<10, 3 males 15-<20, 1 male and 1

 female 30-<40.


            Wilcoxen, Squire.  2 males 0-<5, 1 female 5-<10, 1 male 20-<30, 1 male and 1

female 50-<60.


1840 U.S. Census of Monroe Township, Putnam County, Indiana – 1st three next to each other.


            Morphew, Mary, 1 male 20-<30, 1 female 10-<15, 2 females 15-<20, 1 female

  30-<40, 1 female 50-<60.


            Morphew, Joshua, 1 female 15-<20, 1 male and 1 female 20-<30, 1 female 30-<40.


            Agers, William, 2 males 0-<5, 1 male and 1 female 5-<10, 2 males 10-<15, 1

female 15-<20, 1 male and 1 female 40-<50.  


1840 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            Agers, Joseph, 1 male 15-<20, 1 female 20<30


            Agers, Jesse, 2 males 0-<5, 1 male and 1 female 20-<30.


1840 U.S. Census of Union County, Indiana (Page 311)


            Rash, William; 2 males and 1 female 0-<5; 2 males 5-<10; 1 female 10-<15; 2

 males 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30; 1 male 50-60.


            Rash, Thomas (next entry), male 70-<80. 


1840 U.S. Census of Township 7 North, 4 East, Fulton County, Illinois:


            Tatum, James.  1 male 5-<10, 2 males and 1 female 10-<15, 1 male 15-<20, 1

 male and 1 female 40-<50.  Next to him is:


            Agers, William.  2 males and 1 female 0-<5, 1 female 5-<10, 1 male and 1

female 20-<30.


1840 U.S. Census of  Township 6 North, 4 East, Fulton County, Illinois:  The middle three are listed adjacent each other, and Silas is on the same page.  James Agers is on the previous page


            Agers, James, 3 males + 3 females 0-<5, 1 male + 1 female 20-30


            Wilcoxen, J.J. 1 male and 1 female 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30, 1 male 30-<40,

 female 50-<60.


            Eggers, Landrine.  1 male and 1 female 15-<20, 1 female 40-<50, 1 male 50-



            Ellumbaugh, Garret  1 female 5-<10, 2 males 10-<15, 3 males 15-<20, 1 female

30-<40, 1 male 50-<60.


            Morphew, Silas: 2 males 0-<5; 2 males 10-<15; 1 male 15-<20, 3 males + female 20-<30; 1 female 30-<40; 1 male and 1 female 50-<60.       


1840 U.S. Census of Merrimac(?) Township, Crawford County, Missouri 

                   (First two are next to each other)


            Eggers, Daniel, 1 male 10-<15, 1 male 15-<20, 1 male 50-<60.  No females


            Eggers, Jonathan, 1 male 0-<5, 1 male and 1 female 20-<30


            Eggers, James, 1 male and 1 female 0-<5, 2 males and 2 females 5-<10, 1 female

10-<15, 1 male and 1 female 15-<20, 2 males and 2 females 20-<30, 1 female 40-<50, 1 male 50-<60.


              From Cindy Lowe e-mail 10 September 2001:

     Daniel Eggers married Caroline Reeves 11 March 1840 (not 1845, according to online Missouri marriages.  ...While I don’t know with certainty which Daniel married Sarah Thomas, I have yet to see any proof that this same Daniel (b. circa 1822) married both and it would seem unlikely.  ...I think this problem began with Daniel b. 1822 being posted as if he were Daniel b. circa 1782 and has snowballed from there.


1850 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana:


            William Eggers 56, born North Carolina; Mary Eggers 53, North Carolina;          Tabitha Eggers 18, Indiana; Enoch Eggers 15, Indiana; Squire F. Eggers 12, Indiana


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001: 

     Tabitha Eggers (1832) married William L. Allen (182): no children,

     Enoch Eggers (about 1834) married Lydia Burnett (1832): 4 children

     Squire Franklin Eggers (1837) married Amanda Emaline Sutherlin (1843):  6 children


           Joseph T. Eggers, 29, born Indiana, in Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana; Mahala Eggers, 29, Kentucky; Mary E. Eggers, 10, Indiana; Nancy M. Eggers, 7, Indiana; George P. Eggers 5, Indiana; Landrine Eggers 4, Indiana


           William Milton Eggers Jr., William Milton, Illinois; in Floyd Township, Putnam County, In; Nancy Eggers 25, North Carolina; Ursula E. Eggers 1, Indiana


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001

       Ursula E. Eggers (1849) married to William A. McCloud (1843)


           Jesse Eggers 32, North Carolina, in Floyd Township, Putnam County, In; Sally Eggers 30  (Sarah E. Morphew, born 1820); John W. Eggers 14; William R. Eggers 12; Mary Eggers 8; George Eggers 6; Henry Eggers 4; Not named Eggers 0/12


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001

     John Wesley Eggers (1838)

     William Riley Eggers (1840)

     Mary Jane Eggers (1843) married Charles Thomas Myers(1834): 13 children

     George Washington Eggers (1846) married 1st Mary Margaret Jane McCloud (1850):            

         5 children; 2nd to Mary Elizabeth Galbreath (1868): 4 children

     Patrick Henry Eggers (1847) married Samantha Morris (1857: 8 children

     Mahala Ellen Eggers (30 December 1849)

     Sarah Elizabeth Eggers (1852) married Levi David McCloud (1855): 6 children

     Jesse D. Bright Eggers (1860) married 1st Emily McFerran, 2nd Lillie Florence Housh;

          two children.


           Daniel Eggers, Indiana, in Jackson Township, Putnam County, In; Mary L. Eggers 20, Indiana; Sarah K. Eggers, 8/12, Indiana


1850 U.S. Census of Buckhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois


           Mathew Eggers, age 35, farmer, $200, born Indiana; Ann Eggers 33, Indiana; Andrew J Eggers 12, Illinois; Rebecca Eggers 10, Illinois; Tabitha Eggers 7, Illinois; Henry Eggers 3, Illinois; Jane Eggers 15, Indiana (living with family, but listed as though separate; Tabitha Eggers 56, North Carolina (living with family, wife of Landrine Eggers, ~1790, deceased)



From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001:

    Mathew Eggers (1815) + Ann Tatum (1816), 7 children: 

        Andrew Jackson Eggers (1838) + Sarah A. Moore (1835);

        Rebecca Eggers (1840) + Madison Adkins (1837);

        Tabitha Eggers (1842) + Charles A. Brooks (1842);

        Henry William Eggers (1846 + Mary Elizabeth Miller (1845);

        Nancy Eggers (1847);

        Mary T. Eggers (1852 +John William Brooks (1848);

        Martha Eggers (1854).

           Jane Eggers ( I don’t know who this Jane Eggers is!  Either Jane is a partial name or she married an Eggers.)


           James Eggers 38, farmer, born Kentucky; Mary Eggers 40, Illinois; Alfred Roberts 23, Illinois; Charles Roberts 22, Illinois; Ann Roberts 16, Illinois; George Roberts 11, Illinois; Daniel Eggers 16, Missouri; Jane Eggers 15, Missouri; Joanna Eggers 2, Illinois  


From Gary Tharp e-mail 6 September 2001

    This James Eggers married 2nd to 27 July 1847 to Polly Eveland (1804), daughter of John Eveland and Elizabeth Jones.   


From Cindy Lowe e-mail 10 September 2001:

     James Eggers married Mary “Polly” Eveland Roberts 22 June 1847 in Fulton County, Illinois.  Polly Roberts was the former Mary “Polly” Eveland who married Aaron Roberts in Fulton County 31 August 1825.


         Also in this township in 1850 are the following:

             Mathew Tatum, age 62 + Lydia, 45

             Peter Allumbaugh, age 25

             Garret Allumbaugh, age 62

             Samuel Willcoxen, age 36

             Jordon Willcoxen, age 40

             Silas Murphey (Morphew), age 66

             Preston Goforth, age 72 + Obedience, 67.


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001

     Preston Goforth (~1778) + Obedience ? (~1786): 3 children – (1) Andrew Goforth (1818 married Phoebe Eggers (1822), daughter of Benjamin Benoni Eggers (1801) +  Lydia Dollar (1805).



1850 U.S. Census of Hickory Township, Fulton County, Illinois


         James Agers 38, N.C. miller; Jane Ann Agers 37 unknown; Sarah Agers 19, Illinois; Daniel Agers 17 miller, Illinois;  Elijah Agers 15, Illinois; Betty Agers 13 Illinois; Rachel Agers 11 Illinois; Landrine Agers 8, Illinois; Mary Emma Agers 1 Illinois.  (From Cindy Lowe)                                                                   


1850 U.S. Census of District 26, Crawford County, Missouri – page 246


         James Agers age 61, farmer, born North Carolina; S. Agers, age 59, born Virginia  (Sarah Rash Eggers); The above three entries from A. Piat, who may be Avis Eggers Piatt.               


         D. Agers 28, (m) Indiana   (Daniel Eggers) – page 230); H.C. Agers 28, (m) North Carolina; J. M. Agers 9 (m) Missouri; A. H? Agers 7 (m) Missouri; W. B? Agers 5 (m) Missouri; S. J. Agers 2 (f) Missouri


       From Gary Tharp (condensed):  Regarding Daniel Eggers (D. Agers) in this above census and in the next 1860 census, James M. Eggers (J. M.) and Absalom Hugh Eggers (A.H.) belong to Sarah Thomas (married 26 November 1840 in Washington County, Missouri) and children born later to Harriet Caroline Reeves (married 11 March 1845 in Crawford County, Missouri.). 


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001

         J.M. (1841) James M. Eggers + Catherine Baker;

        A. H. (1843) Absalom Hugh Eggers + Harriet S. Morphew (1842), daughter of Nathan Morphew and Lucy McCloud.


     From Cindy Lowe e-mail 11 November 2001:  “It makes no sense to me that Absalom Hugh and James M. would belong to Sarah Thomas – since I believe that Daniel’s marriage to Harriet was in 1840 and James was born in 1841.”  


1850 U.S. Census of Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana (page 50)


         William Rash 59, farmer, born Virginia; Anna Rash , 50, born North Carolina; David Rash, 27, farmer, Indiana  (should be Daniel ?); Sarah A. Rash 23, Indiana; William H. or N. Rash 19, farmer, Indiana; Joseph M. Rash 17, ditto, Indiana; Samuel C. Rash 14, Indiana;  __ W. Rash 10, Indiana; not named Rash, 4, Indiana.  Next to this family is:


          Thomas B. Rash 25, farmer, born Indiana; Mary A. Rash 21, Indiana; Nancy B. Rash 1 Indiana.


1850 Sugar Creek Township, Vigo, In, 12 November, 1850:


            Jonathan Eggers 37, Ind, farmer; Anna Eggers 34 In; Zacharia Eggers 14 In, William Eggers 10 In; Jonathan Eggers 8 In; Mary Eggers 3 In.




1860 U.S Census of Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            Jesse Eggers 42 Oh; Sarah Eggers 38 Oh; John W. Eggers 21 In; William Eggers 19 In; George Eggers 14 In; Patrick H. Eggers 12 In; Mahala Eggers 10 In; Elizabeth 9 In.


1860 U.S. Census of Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana


       William Rash 69, farmer, born Virginia; Anna Rash 61, North Carolina; Daniel E. Rash 37, Indiana; William H. Rash 30, Indiana; George W. Rash 18, Indiana;  John W. Rash 14, Indiana


1860 U.S. Census on Chestnut Township, Knox County, Illinois (from Georgann Hickman, via Cindy Lowe)


        Mathew Eggers age 44, farmer, Indiana; Anna Eggers 43, Indiana; Tabitha Eggers 17, Illinois; Henry Eggers 13, Illinois; Mary Eggers 8, Illinois; Martha Eggers 6, Illinois; Living in same house:  Brooks, Charles, 18, Illinois


        William Eggers 45, Indiana; Nancy Eggers 41, Illinois; Matthew Eggers 19, Ill; William Eggers 18, Ill; Nancy G. Eggers 17, Ill; James Eggers 14, Ill; George Eggers 11, Ill; Sarah A. Eggers 9, Ill; John Eggers 7, Ill; Phoebe Eggers 5, Ill; Emeziah Eggers 4, Ill; Andrew Eggers 1, Ill.  (Andrew Jackson Eggers, 12 Aug. 1858 to 12 Feb. 1941)


1860 Crawford County, Missouri – Meramac Township


        William Eggers 25 In, Elizabeth Eggers 24, Mo.           


        Daniel Eggers, 37, farmer, Indiana; H.C. Eggers 38 (f) North Carolina; Jas. M. Eggers 19, (m) Missouri; A. N? Eggers 17, (m), Missouri; Wm. R? Eggers 15 (m) Missouri; S. J. Eggers 12 Missouri; J. N. Eggers 9 Missouri; G. W. Eggers 5 Missouri; H. C. Eggers 2 Missouri; Living in same household: Sarah Eggers 70, Virginia




                          Concerning the above Daniel Eggers and family:


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001 and Cindy Lowe e-mail 8 September 2001

     Jas M.    James M. Eggers (1841)

     A. N.     Absalom Hugh Eggers (1843) + Harriet S. Morphew (1841) on 1 Jan. 1865

                         Putnam County, Indiana

     Wm R.  William Riley Eggers (1845) + Louisa Jane King

      S. J.      Sarah Jane Eggers (1848) + David M. Enloe – living 1880, Franklin Co., Mo.

      J. N      Jesse Newton (1851) + Julia Ann Enloe (1850)

      G.W.    George Washington (1855)

      H.C.     Harriet Caroline (1858)

                  David F. Eggers (1859) + Emily M. Reeves

                  Sylvia Landrine Eggers (1863) + Birdie Miller

      Sarah Eggers must be our Sarah Rash again



                             More on the above Daniel Eggers and family


     From Cindy Lowe e-mail 11 November 2001:  “I’m looking again at the Daniel Eggers who married Harriett Carolina Reeves in Crawford County, Missouri.  I’m not at all certain whether he is a son of James or a son of Daniel.  Both have sons in his age category.  (Also note) Sarah Eggers, 70 Virginia.  Is this Sarah Thomas or Sarah Rash?  Note that Daniel, b. circa 1823, is living in the same township where James lived previously.  He has named his eldest son, James.  The Sarah in his household is 70, born circa 1790.  This is consistent with Sarah Rash who was born circa 1791 in the previous census.  James is no longer in the census and has probably died.  Although he is called Daniel, Jr. in the marriage record, I’m beginning to suspect that he is actually the son of James.”


1860 Enterprise District, Araphoe County, Kansas Territory


            James Eggars 48, Quartz Miller, Ind; J.A. Eggers 47 In; L.A. 17, I A. (m - miner);

Mary Eggers 11, Il; N. S. Eggers 7 (m) Il; M.S. 5 (f) Iowa.


               Eggers, L.F. two pages preceding Daniel Eggers; not reviewed.


1870 U.S. Census of New Maysville, Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana 134


            William Eggers 74, farmer, N.C; Elizabeth Eggers 62, N.C.  On each side is Nath. and Lucy Morphew, age 71 with family and Henry Morphew, age 33, with family.


1870 U.S Census of Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            Jesse Eggers 52 In; Sarah Eggers 50 In; Mahala Eggers 19 In; Sarah Eggers 17 In; Jess D.B. Eggers 9 In; John Morphew 10 In; Elmore Morphew 8 In.


            House #152: John W. Eggers, 31 In, Works in Saw Mill; Matilda Eggers 27 In; Sarah Eggers 4 In; Newberry Eggers 3 In;


            House #153: William R. Eggers, 30 In., works in saw mill; Sarah A. Eggers 19 In;


            House #154: George Eggers 24 In, works in saw mill; Margaret Eggers 20 In; William B. Eggers 2 In; Mary A. Eggers 4/12 In.


            House #155: Patrick Eggers 22 In, works in saw mill, Samantha Eggers, 18 Ky.


1870 U.S. Census of Harmon P.O., Chestnut Township, Knox County, Illinois (all page 34B)


            Andrew J. Eggers 32, Illinois; Sallie W. Eggers 34 Ohio; Mary E. Eggers 12 Il; Ann Eggers 10 Il; Henry Eggers 6 Il; William A. Eggers 5/12 Il.   Next entry is:


            William Eggers, Jr. 27 Il; Mary A. Eggers 23 Il; David R. Eggers 4 Il; Amanda Eggers 3 Il; Nancy E. Eggers 9/12 Il; Elizabeth M. Morphew 14, Il.  Next entry is:


            James Eggers 24 Il; Christe A. Eggers 23 Il; James W. (or N.) Eggers 6 Il; Clara M. Eggers 3 Il; Sarah A. Eggers 1/12 Il.  Next entry is:


            Benjamin Eggers 41 Il; Mary A. Eggers 36 N.Y; Elizabeth M. Eggers 15 Il; James M. Eggers 14 Il; Harriet O. Eggers 13, Sarah A. Eggers 11 Il; George W. Eggers 9 Il; Clara A. Eggers 6 Il; Charles H. Eggers 2 Il.


1870 U.S. Census of Knoxville, Chestnut Township, Knox County, Illinois, page 36A:


            In household of Josiah Tucker 43:  Nancy J. Eggers 19(?) Il; Josiah Eggers 1 Il.


1870 U.S. Census Merimac Township, Crawford County, Missouri: adjacent each other


         David Eggers 48, Farmer, Indiana; David Eggers 12, North Carolina; George Eggers 14, Missouri; Harriett Eggers 12, Missouri; Silvia Eggers 6, Missouri.  (Silvia Landerine Eggers, 20 Sept. 1863 to 21 November 1938 Butts, Mo; married Birdie May Mill 24 October 1887.)  Next is:


         Harriet Eggers 48, Housekeeper, Missouri.  Next is:


         Jesse Eggers, 20 farmer, Missouri; Julia Eggers , 20, Housekeeper, Hariett Eggers 1, Missouri


        William Eggers 24 farmer, Mo; Lovina J. Eggers 23, Alice Eggers 2; Edmond James  412; William Brown 8 Mo.


            William Aggers 39 Indiana farmer; Mary Aggers 8 Mio; Jonas Aggers 4 Mo.  Living next to Samuel Ogle, age 44.


1880 U.S. Census of Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana, Page 415A


         Daniel Eggers, self, age 50, born Indiana; Rebecca C. Eggers, wife, 42, In; Daniel D. Eggers, son, 20, In; Dennis B. Eggers, son, 17, In; Corinda E.F. Eggers, dau, 10, In; Truman Eggers, son, 6, In; Eggers, son, 1, In.


1880 U.S. Census of Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana,


         William Eggers 52, farmer, born Ill., father born N.C., mother born N.C; Nancy Eggers 55, wife, keeping house, N.C., N.C., N.C; Lydia Eggers 21, daughter, at home, Ind, Ill. N.C; Mary? A. Eggers 14, daughter, at home, Ill. Ill. N.C.  In the next household in the census is (page 341B):


         William Eggers 84, farmer, N.C., born N.C., parents born – not known; Elizabeth Eggers 72, wife, keeping house, born N.C. parents born – not known; (The unknown parent’s birth place is a big disappointment, especially for the mother, Pheoby (Rider) Eggers - born 1755).


         Jesse Eggers, self, 62, born In, farming, parents born N.C. (page 334D); Sarah, wife, 60, Indiana, keeping house, born In., father N.C., mother Ohio;  Jessie D.B. son, 18, worker on farm, born Indiana, father In., mother Ohio


            William R. Eggers 40 farmer, In, In, Ohio; Sarah H. Eggers 30 In In Il; George G. Eggers 5 Il;


            Patrick H. Eggers 32 In In In; Samantha E. Eggers 24 In NC Ky; Arizona A. Eggers 10 In; Elizabeth F. Eggers 7 In; Nancy L. Eggers 5 In; Emma T. Eggers 3 In; Mary Eggers 2 In;


1880 U.S. Census of Washington Township, Randolph, Indiana (page 286D)


          William Cook, self, 66 North Carolina; Nancy Cook, wife 61, Indiana; Elizabeth N. Wright, daughter, 24, Indiana; William Rash, father-in-law, 92, Virginia


1880 U.S. Census of Lincoln Township, Mitchell County, Iowa:


            George Egger 28 Laborer, Il, Il, Il; Mary (or Marg) Egger 20 wife Wisc; Estela 4 Iowa; William Egger 1 Iowa.


1880 Memamec Township, Crawford County, Missouri


            Riley Eggers 34, farming, Mo, Ky, NC; Louisa Eggers 32, Mo. N.C. N.C; Caroline Eggers 12 Mo; Edward Eggers 10 Mo; Daniel Eggers 7 Mo; Austin Eggers 5 Mo; Belle Eggers 3 Mo; Mamie Eggers 2/12. 


            House of Samuel Ogle 52, Mo, Ga, Va:  Mary Ogle 74 mother, VA.Va.Va; Mary Anderson, sister; William Eggers 45, Brother-in-law In __, In; Jonas Eggers 14 nephew, Mo In, Mo; Nancy Anderson 19 niece Mo Tn Mo. 


            David Eggers 28 Mo In N.C.; Emily A. Eggers 22 wife, Mo Mo NC; Maude Eggers 4 dau. Mo; Ginney Eggers 1 son Mo; Marriet Eggers 58, NC NC NC; Silvia Eggers (male) 17 Mo.


1885 Taylor County, Iowa Census


        Mathew Eggers 69, Indiana  (b. 1816); Anna Eggers 68, Indiana (born 1817); Living in same house; Sallie Brooks 11, Ar. (grand daughter); Rachel Adkins 16, Il. (grand daughter)


From Gary Tharp e-mail 5 September 2001

    Mathew Eggers (1815) + Ann/Anna Tatum (1816)   


From Cindy Lowe e-mail 10 September 2001:  Sallie Brooks married Herod N. Brock in Lawrence County, Indiana on 9 September 1888.  Her parents are listed as Matthew Books and Martha Eggers.  Sallie was born in Arkansas and was age of 15 at the time of marriage.   (Source: Vicki Eggers Enfield)            


1900 U.S. Census of Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            George W. Eggers, Feb 1896 54, married 12 years; In, In, In; Mary E. Eggers, January 1868, 32, Married 12 years 4 children, 4 living, In, In, In; Delany E. Eggers, son,  Sept 1879, 20, In, married; Mary F. Eggers, daughter in law, June 1879, 20 In, Married 0, no children yet; James N. Eggers, son, Sept. 1882, 17 In; Gertrude Flether, step-daughter, March 1889, 11, In; Grover V. Eggers, son, Sept. 1892 In; Algie B. Eggers, son, Jan. 1895 In; Pearl J. Eggers, daughter, September 1898 In; Jessie Eggers, father, Jan 1818, 82, widower, In.


            William R. Eggers, head, May 1840, 60 In, widower; George G. Eggers, son, May 1875, 25, married 4 years, Ill, In, In; Mary L. Eggers, daughter, Dec 1890, 9 In; Nora B. Eggers, daughter-in-law, June 1876, 23 In; married 4 years, 1 child, 1 living. 


            Henry Eggers, Nov. 1849, 53, Married 30 years, In Ky Oh; Samantha E. Eggers, wife, Oct. 1857, 48, married 30 years, 8 children, 7 living; Ky. Ky, Ky; Jesse K Eggers, March 1884 16 In; Rosa F. Eggers, Feb. 1886, 14 In; Grace A. Eggers, Dec. 1890, 9; Otho R. Eggers (son) Dec. 1892, 7 In.


1900 Canton, Fulton County, Illinois


            Josiah Eggers, Dec 1868, 31, married 9 yrs, Il, no know, Il; Harriet E. Eggers, wife, November 1869 30, Married 9, 4 children with 2 living, Il, N.H, Oh; Bessie D. Eggers, August 1891 8 Il; Rosalie A. Eggers, February 1897, 3 Il.


1900 Hopkins Township, Nodaway County, Missouri


            George Eggers, March 1849, 56, married 14 yrs, Il, N.C, N.C; Mary Eggers, wife, June 1861, 38, Married 14, 5 children with 3 living; Oh, Pa, Md; Mamie E. Eggers, Dec. 1880, 13 Mo; Jessie L. Eggers June 1889 10 Mo; Thomas B. Eggers, September 1897, 2, Mo. 


1900 Steelville City, Meramac Township, Crawford County, Missouri


            William R. Eggers, August 1845, 54, Married 34 years, Mo Ky NC Constable; L.J. wife Feb. 1847; M-34, 8 children, 8 living; Mo. NC NC; Ed. J. Eggers, son, Feb. 1870, 30, Mo; Belle Eggers, Oct. 1877, 22 Mo; Mamie Eggers April 1880, 20, Mo; Lulla M. Eggers March 1883, 17, Mo; Inez Eggers Apr. 1886 14 Mo.    


1910 Jackson Township, Putnam County, Indiana


            William G. Eggers 22,  In, married 1 year; Lela A. Eggers, wife, 20, married 1, no children; Jesse Eggers, Uncle 92, widower, In, NC, NC.


            George G. Eggers, 35, married 15 yeas, Il, In, In; Nora B. Eggers 33, wife, Married 15 years, 4 children, 4 living, In In In; Opal L. Eggers 13 In, daughter; Elmer H. Eggers 4 In; Ottie A. Eggers, son, 2 In; Arley W. Eggers, son, 5/12 In; William R. Eggers, father 69 In, widower.


1910 Hopkins Township, Nodaway County, Missouri


            George Eggers 54, married 24 years, Il, N.C, N.C; Mary Eggers 43, Married 24; 5 children with 3 living; Oh, Pa. Va; Bryan Eggers 12 Mo.


1920 Johnson Township, Washington County, Missouri


            Jessie Eggers, boarder, May 1850, widower, Mo, Mo Mo.


1920 U.S. Census of Meramac Township, Crawford County, Missouri


            Jonas H. Eggers 53, Mo Il Mo; Julia B. Eggers wife 29, Mo U.S. U.S; Fred C. Eggers 16 Mo; Arva L. Eggers 14 Mo; Patric J. Eggers 10 Mo.