Peter Brous 1783 - 1860

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Henry Brouse/Brous “I” is probable father of Peter Brous

Henry Brous “I” Served in America Revolution



Peter Brous (Brouse)

Born 17 December 1783 Pennsylvania            

Died 4 November 1860, and buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Perry Township, Marion County, Iowa.  Both tombstones spell the name as “Brous”

Married Rebecca Schock on 9 December 1809 at the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia (From “Pa. Marriage Records,” by Pa. Archives, 1876)

Parents: Possibly Henry Brous “‘I” - see Section Four


Rebecca Schoch (also Shoch)  

 Born: 31 December 1789 at Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  

 Died:  28 June 1876 in Iowa and is buried next to Peter Brous.   Tombstone states died at 86 years, 6 months, 28 days; birth date calculation based on this.

 Parents: Reported to be Henry Schoch/Shoch and Sarah Castor  

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This Chapter Includes:


Section One – Known Locations for Peter and Elizabeth Brous

Section Two – Peter Brous: Are his Parents Henry Brous/Brouse and Ann Craven?

Section Three – Rebecca Schock: Are her Parents Henry and Elizabeth Schoch?

Section Four: Concerning other Brous/Brouse/Brauses in America

Section Five: Overview of Peter and Elizabeth Brous

Section Six: Children of Peter and Elizabeth Brous

Section Seven: Census Records for Peter Brous.   


Section One - Known Locations for Peter and Elizabeth Brous


~1810 to 1825 - Philadelphia County, Oxford Township, Pa: Peter was a trustee of the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.*   Probable brother - Henry Brous “II” married in this same church in 1810.

1825 to 1844 – Highland County, Fairfield Township: On 1830 & 1840 U.S. Census as Peter Brous and Brouse

1845 - Mahaska County, Iowa 1845

1846 to 1876 - Marion County, Iowa, 1846 –

* History of Philadelphia 1609-1884 by John Thomas Scharf & Thompson Westcott, Volume 2, page 1284.


Section Two - Origins of Peter Brous

 Parents Henry Brous/Brouse and Ann Craven?


The following are clues to Peter Brous’ parents.    Despite the surname rarity, further evidence would be useful.   However, all 7 children indicated Peter Brous was born in Pennsylvania and none stated he was foreign born.^

^ Based on their 1880 Census which gives the parent’s birth states.


1768 September 17 – Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania: Henry Brouse married Ann Craven, Abington (today’s Montgomery County). +    Another source states the marriage was 23 September 1768. ++

+ From Pennsylvania Marriages to 1790 on  Their source: “Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were Issued in the Province of Pennsylvania Previous to 1790, Vol. II, 2nd Series Pa. Archives, 1890

++ Marriages and Deaths of Montgomery County Pennsylvania 1685 – 1800, by Charlotte Meldrum, 1999, page 66.


1774 - Philadelphia County, Moreland Township (now extinct): Assessments included Henry Brous. *     

* History of Montgomery County, Pa, Vol. 2, William Joseph Buck, 1975, page 983.


1779 – Philadelphia County, Moreland Manor (Manor later changed to Township):  Taxes included Henry Brouse. *  ^^ 

^^ Proprietary, Supply, and State Tax Lists of the City and County of Philadelphia (Pa.), by Philadelphia Archives, 3rd Series, Volume 14, 1897, William Henry Egle.  Egle’s source spells name as Henry Brow.


1781 April 14 - Philadelphia County, Pa: “return of names and surnames of all white male inhabitants of the Lower District of the Manor of Moreland that are between the ages of 18 and 53 years that are capable of bearing arms: (Includes) “Henry Brouse” 

( microfilm 20449, Miscellaneous Early Pa. and Other Records, unpaged.)


1781 September 20 – Philadelphia County, Pa: Return of the 2nd Battalion of Philadelphia County, who were notified to meet at the house of Abraham Duffield, Inn-holder in Lower Dublin Township on the 20th of September 1781 in order to perform two months tour of duty, commencing the 20th of the __ month.   2nd Class recruits (included) “Henry Brouse” with the notation “Marched September 20.”  His Company is unclear as some headings were cut off at the microfilm top.  Nearest preceding group which could be read was the 6th Company of Capt. John McGlaughlin.  (ibid)


Undated – Philadelphia County, Pa: Muster roll of militia of 1st Company of the 2nd Battalion of Philadelphia County Militia commanded by Benjamin Mc Vaugh with Col. Benjamin Dungan.   Date is between 1781 and 1783.


1782 April 22 – Philadelphia County, Pa: A return of the male white inhabitant divisions of the Manor or Moreland between the ages of 18 and 53 (and) capable of bearing arms: (includes) 2nd class – Henry Brouse.   (ibid)


Undated – Philadelphia County, Pa: Delivery of the second draught (draft) of the 3rd District Lower Division of Moreland (Township) – Capt Samuel Swift: (includes) “Henry Brous – went on his own turn.”   Date is difficult to estimate.

( microfilm 20449, Miscellaneous early Pa. and other records, unpaged.)


            Tax lists for Philadelphia County and City exist for 1769, 1774, and 1779.  Henry Brous, so far, cannot be found on the 1769 tax, and the 1790 and 1800 U.S. Census.  


1810 U.S Census of Philadelphia County, Lower Dublin: Henry Brous with 1 female 10-16, 1 male and female 16-26, 1 male and female 26-45, and 1 male and female ages 45+.  


1810 July 8 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa: Marriage of Henry Brous to Elizabeth Grausback at 2nd Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.  This should be his son, Henry Brous “II” or junior, who marries in the same church as Peter Brous. 

(From Pa. Marriage Records, Pa. Archives, 1876)


1819/1821 – Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania: Will of Henry Brous, Lower Dublin, County of Philadelphia; 18 January 1819/3 November 1821.    Estate to my sons Thomas, Henry, Peter Brous.  Subject to the following conditions: My daughter Elizabeth Brous so long as she continues unmarried to have a home in my house bequeathed to son Henry; he to pay her $6 annually.  $50 to daughter Mary Delany.  Executors – sons.  Witnesses: John Repurt, William Shallcross, Jr, Peter Brous.  (WB 7/409)

(Pa Wills 1682-1834, by Colonial Roots, DCD 209, 2009)


            Keep in mind that there appears to be two Peter Brous and three Henry Brous in Pennsylvania for this era.  Making sure we have the correct ones is important.


Addentum: William Delany (31 December 1775 to February 1863), shoemaker…settled in Hatboro.  In 1800 he removed to Northampton Township, where he stayed for 11 years….  His wife was Mary Brous of Philadelphia County.  She was born 23 August 1773 and died June 1864.  William Delany was a member of the old Baptist church at Southampton, of which he was for many years a deacon.  They were the parents of 13 children: Joseph, William, Henry, Uriah, Amy, Edward, and Phebe, all deceased; and Charles, Eliza, Mary, and Isaiah, living.  The last was born 27 August 1806.

History of Bucks County, Pa., Volume 3, J.H. Battle, 1887, page 1114-1115.


Section Three – Origins of Rebecca Shoch – Under Review


Section Four – Concerning Other Brous/Brouse/Brause in America


            Pennsylvania seems to be a focal point for other Brous/Brouse/Brauses in America.  For instance, census records for 1800 and 1810 Northumberland County, Pennsylvania include Adam Brouse, Henry Brous, and an older Peter Brous, with the last two possibly sons of Adam Brouse (Senior-?).     


  Added to the mix are Nicholas Brous and Frederick Brous settled in Philadelphia.  In 1770, Andrew Brouse (~1728 to 1811) is granted 432 and 221 acres in Frederick County, Virginia (now Berkeley County, West Virginia).  One of Andrew’s descendants Lewis Brouse moved to Highland County, Ohio, which is the same county Peter Brous lived.    How these people relate is not known and care is needed to not mix them up.   A question underlying all this is – did the Brose immigrants come to America alone or with brothers and other relatives?   


Brous/Brouse References include:


1 - Brouse (Brause) Families of Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties, Pa.  (not reviewed)

2 – Brouse – Holmes Family Genealogical Notes, by Annette Holmes Thomas, 1912, 12 leaves, available at Library of Virginia.   This is about John Andrew Brouse and his children including Lewis Brouse of Highland County, Ohio.  Not reviewed.

3 – Snyder County (Pennsylvania) Pioneers, by Charles A. Fisher, 1938.  This has write-ups on Adam Brouse and (possibly son) John Brous, page 15.  Be careful, author mixes up Northumberland for Northampton Counties.

4 – Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania 1755-1855 by John Blair Lynee, 1877.    This has a few details on Northumberland County Brouses.


Section Five – Overview on Peter and Rebecca Brous


“The Brous family were natives of Pennsylvania, from whence they moved to Ohio in 1825, and from thence to Mahaska County, Iowa in 1845.   ...Prior to May 1, 1843 whites were not allowed to settle in any part of the territory now embraced by the boundary lines of Marion County.  ...The Indians ceded to the government all their lands in Iowa on May 1, 1843 and the county was first settled in 1843.  North of Pleasantville the following among others, settled soon after the summer op 1845...Peter Brous.” 

From “History of Marion County, Iowa,” 1881


Peter settled 1846 in Marion County (Petty Township) along the high north bluffs of the Des Moines River.  Later he obtained land 6 miles directly south of Prairie City in order to have better farming land, but sold it in 1855.  In about 1850, his widowed daughter, Sarah Brous Worley, and her 3 children lived with them a short time before remarrying in 1854.  About 4 miles northwest of them was Vandalia, a town which in the 1860”s boasted of a population of 400, 2 hotels, and a newspaper.  Today the town is nearly gone, but the old village square remains with a church and about 20 old houses still being lived in.  Many old foundations may be seen recalling better times.


Several miles south and slightly west of the Brous’s was Swan, Iowa which is a genuine ghost town, complete with abandoned houses and stores still standing.  In one corner of the old town are a few residents, but for the most part, the town lies deserted.  It appears that up to about 1000 people may have lived there at some time.


Section Six - Children of Peter and Elizabeth Brous


(I). James M. Brous.  Born 5 April 1817 Pennsylvania and married Mary Karr at Highland County, Ohio on March 21, 1839.   Mary Karr was born 1819/20 Ohio.


U.S. Census and Tax Records


1847 - Marion County, Iowa Tax.

1850 – Marion County: James M. Brouse

1860 – Marion County, Perry Township: James M. Brouse and family.  Next door is Mary Carr, age 74, with 3 females; followed by the family of Eli Brouse.

1870 – Marion County, Perry Township: James M. Bouti, (Brous) and family including Mary Car, age 83

1880 - Marion County, Perry Township:  James Brous and wife Mary with son Charles, wife Frances, and their two children, Bessie Brous - age 5, and Altie Brous - 3 (f).  Census notes unnamed parents of James Brous were both born in Pennsylvania


“Perry Township being a rough, timbered region, wild game was quite plentiful at an early date, and even with the past few years wild cats and lynxes have existed there.  We may relate a little wild cat adventure, of which J.M. Brous was the hero.  It occurred in the spring of 1846 when Mr. B. was employed in making rails some distance from his house.  Observing a large elm stump, about 20 feet high, with a hole in it near the ground, he incautiously put his head in it to see what discoveries he could make.  And his discovery he did make caused him to withdraw his countenance as speedily as possible, for within a very short distance of it was a great mother wild cat and her three kittens.  Mr. B. had no gun, so he closed the hole securely, went for help, and soon the old cat was ousted from her den, killed by dogs and the kittens captured.  After being retained a short time they were not deemed a safe breed to adopt as a part of the domestic circle and were dispatched.”  (From: “Pioneers of Marion County,” by William M. Donnell, 1872)


“James M. Brous, farmer and attorney, one of the pioneers of Marion County.  He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 5th, 1817 and lived there until 12 years of age, and then removed to Highland County, Ohio and lived there until 1845, and then came to Iowa and settled in Mahaska County, where he remained until 1846, and then came to Marion County and settled in Perry Township.  He owns a farm of 180 acres, and in addition to his agricultural pursuits and various offices he has held, he has had quite an extensive law practice, and has a good reputation as a wise counselor.  He has held all the township offices, and at present is a justice of the peace.”  (From: “History of Marion County, Iowa,” 1881.) 


Children of James M. Brous + Mary Karr

From census records, children born Iowa, except Melinda


(1). Melinda Brous (1840/41 Ohio)

(2). Sandford E. Brous (1843/44)

(3). Charles G. Brous (1847/48)

(4). Albert H. Brous (1849/50)

(5). Matilda Brous (1853/54)

(6). Elmira Brous (1855/56)

(7). Melissa Brous (1857/58)


(II). Benjamin F. Brous, born 25 September 1824 and married in 4 May 1848 at Marion County, Iowa to Jane Johnston of Miami County, Ohio. 


Census Records:


1870 & 1880 – Marion County, Perry Township, Iowa; 1880 Census reports both unnamed parents of Benjamin Brous were born in Pennsylvania


“Benjamin F. Brous – farmer and stock-raiser, P.O. Swan.  Benjamin was born  September 25, 1824 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  When he was only 5 years of age his parents moved to Highland County, Ohio, where he was raised and educated.  In the fall of 1846 he moved to Marion County, Iowa and lived there until 1848, when he moved to Jasper County, and in 1852 he returned to Marion County, where he now resides.  Mr. Brous being raised in a timbered country, and thinking that was the only place to make a farm, he settled in the timber and by severe toil he now has a farm of 184 acres, 80 of which are in cultivation.  He also has one of the best houses in the township, being two stories and finished in the best of style.  He was a member of the board of supervisors nine years, township clerk about 5 years, assessor 6 years, justice of the peace 22 years, township trustee 6 years.  (From:  “History of Marion County, Iowa, “ 1881.) 


Children of Benjamin Brous and Jane Johnson

Per Census Records, children born Iowa


(1) Ida or Sarah S. Brous (1848/49)

(2) Martha Brous (1850/51); missing on 1860+ census records.

(3) Mary R. Brous (1852/53)

(4) Rama or Ramey Brous (1855/56 - f)

(5) Sylvester Brous (1859/60)

(6) Alice or Rosalis Brous (1861/62)

(7) Almeda B. Brous  (1863/64- f)


(III). Sarah Brous was born 10 October 1822 near Philadelphia, Pa., and died 17 January 1897.  She married 1st to Jacob Worley on 28 July 1842 at Highland County, Ohio.  She married 2nd to Mathew Wilson Jones 14 May 1854 at Marion County, Iowa (county record).   Her 1880 U.S. Census states her parents were both born in Pennsylvania.   See the Mathew Jones write-up for more information.


(IV). Elizabeth Brous was born about 1820 and possibly married John C. Miller at Highland County, Ohio on 7 April 1842.  Elizabeth married James Miller 29 June 1848 in Marion County, Iowa.   The next may or may not be our person.  The 1880 US Census of Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa has a John and Elizabeth Miller, both age 60.  Elizabeth’s parents reported both born in Pennsylvania.


(V). Hannah M. Brous was born about 1828 and married William C. Harp on 11 March 1847 in Marion County, Iowa.  1880 US Census of Otley, Marion County, Iowa has W.C. and Hannah Harp.  Hannah’s parents reported both born Pennsylvania.


(VI). Rebecca Ann Brous was born 1832/33 and married James Farlie on 11 December 1853 in Marion County, Iowa.  On U.S. Census of Des Moines, Jasper County, Iowa as James and Rebecca Faley.  Rebecca parents reported both born in Pennsylvania  


(VII). Eli Brous was born 9 October 1826 at Philadelphia, Lancaster County, Pa. and died 15 May 1892 at Hood County, Texas.  Eli married 29 August 1854 at Marion County, Iowa to Sarah Parker (2 May 1833 Tn to 9 January 1890).


Census Records for Eli Brous


1850 – Marion County, Iowa: Eli and sister Rebecca Brouse are living with sister Sarah (Brous) Worley and family; They are adjacent Peter and Rebecca Brouse.

1860 – Marion County, Perry Township:  Living with Eli and Sarah Brouse are his parents Peter and Rebecca Browse.

1870 – Marion County, Perry Township: Family has mother Rebecca Brous, age 81.

1880 – Stephans County, Texas: Elis and Sarah Brous with 5 young ones. 


Children of Eli Brous + Sarah Parker, all born Iowa


(1). Clarinda “Clara” Brous (1854/55)

(2). Samuel W. Brous (1856/57)

(3). Mary C. Brous (1858/59)

(3). Edna “Eddy” Brous (1860/61)

(4). Lucy Brous (1864/65)

(5). Frederick M. Brous (1868/69)

(6). Orla(?) Brous (1871/72 - m). 


Section Seven - Census Records for Peter Brous


1810 U.S. Census for Oxford Township, Philadelphia County, Pa., page 52: Peter Brous; 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 16-26.  Lower Dublin Township has

(a) Thomas Brous 31020 - 20010

(b) Henry Brous 00111 - 01111


1820 U.S. Census for Oxford Township, Philadelphia County, Pa, page 88: Peter Brous           1 male 0-<10; 1 male 26-<45; 1 female 0-<10; 1 female 25-<45. 

(a) Lower Dublin Township has a Thomas Brause 310012 - 02001

(b) Oxford Township has a Nicholas Brous 110010-30010.


1830 & 1840 - U.S. Census of Highland County, Fairfield Township, Ohio.  Peter Brous/Brouse


1847 Tax List for Marion County, District 18, Iowa, page 060, Peter Brouse 


1850 U.S. Census for Marion County, District 18, Iowa – all in one household

            Brouse, Peter, age 66, farmer, $2070 real estate value, born Pa.

                         Rebecca, age 61, Pa.

            Worley, Sarah, 28, Pa.  (reads 38, but not correct)

            Brouse, Eli, 32 farmer, Pa.

            Brouse, Rebecca, 17, Ohio

            Worley, Rebecca A. 7, Ohio

            Worley, John Wesley, 6, Ohio

            Worley, Mary Jane, 4, Ohio