Humphrey Hogan ~1682 - 1739


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  • Marla Goodrich finds Humphrey Hogan's Age


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  • Speculation on where son Charles Hogan went - see Section V


Humphrey Hogan

Born about 1682 (based on being age 52 in 1734)*  

Married on 10 January 1713 at St. Ann's Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland to Rebekah Murphy (church record)

Died 1739 in Maryland

Parents: Unknown

Immigrant – not known, but likely

Indentured Servant during early years?  Not known, but worth researching.     


Rebekah Murphy

Born: Not known, but estimated 1690-1695 

Died: Not Known.   Last known record is probably Humphrey’s 1739 probate.  

Parents: Not known.  No evidence can be found tying her to Patrick Murphey who lived in NW corner of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Patrick married ~1686 to Mary Gray, widow of John Gray, and had 3 daughters - one named Rebecca Murphy who was born between 1687 and 1702 in Maryland.   (From Marla Goodrich, email courtesy 25 May 2010 to Bud Miller and 4 October 2010). 

Children: one known - Charles Hogan.

Immigrant?  Not known




* More Maryland Deponents 1716-1799," by Henry C. Peden, Jr., page 54, which states:  "Hogan, Humphry, age 52 in 1734, Anne Arundel County.  Information courtesy of Marla Goodrich 27 August 2009, as reported by Bud Miller.


First writing: 3 November 2006; Current revision: 1 October 2011

by Bud Miller and Jim Murphy,


This chapter is divided into the following sections:


(I)     Comment about Maryland’s Humphrey Hogan

(II).  Humphrey Hogan in Maryland

(III). Humphrey Hogan, Deceased

(IV). Son - Charles Hogan in Maryland

(V).  Speculation on where Charles Hogan disappeared


(I). Comment about Maryland’s Humphrey Hogan


            The relationship of this line to any other Hogans is not known.  However, there is a striking similarity of names – Humphrey, Rebecca, and Charles to the line of Humphrey Hogan (1740's to 1789) - the Long Hunter.   Where Charles went after 1741 is subject to speculation – see section on Charles Hogan at end of this chapter.


(II). Humphrey Hogan in Maryland


1713 January 10 - Ann Arundel County, Maryland: The marriage of Umphrey Hogan to Rebekah Murphy was recorded at St. Ann's Episcopal Parish, Anne Arundel County. 

Anne Arundel County Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, by E. Edward Wright, 2004, page 68.


1720 March 6 - Baltimore County, Maryland:  Probate of Dr. John Rattenbury, deceased, lists of debts of (includes) Humphey Hogan.   

(Page 75 from "Family Tree Maker's Family Archives, CD #206; Genealogical Records – Maryland Probate 1674 – 1774," Liber/Folio 3.302.  Similar records to follow will be shortened to CD #206 Probate with Liber number, a period, and then folio number)     


            All of Humphrey Hogan's known lands were in "Duvall's Delight", a tract of 3108 acres resurveyed 10 November 1714.  Lands described for John Duvall began "at a bounded birch tree standing at the mouth of a branch called Rogue's Harbour Branch and on the north side of the said branch upon a point by the Patuxent River and on the north side of the north branch of the said river."  The north branch of the Patuxant River should be the Little Patuxant River.  Conveyances:


04/06/1709...Charles Carroll from John Duval..............3108 acres

11/21/1716...Edmund Benson from Charles Carroll.......150 acres

06/12/1717...John Ryan from Charles Carroll.................100 acres

03/13/1718...John Elder from Charles Carroll.................100 acres

05/20/1719...Thomas Davis from Charles Carroll...........200 acres

05/20/1719...William Pockitt from Charles Carroll.........100 acres

06/11/1719...Henry Sewell from Charles Carroll.............100 acres

06/11/1719...Edward Hall and Joseph Hall from Charles Carroll....100 acres

07/16/1723...Humphrey Hogan from Charles Carroll.....157 acres

05/16/1724...Thomas Worthington from Henry Sewell....100 acres

11/01/1727...Phillip Hammond for Hannah Benson from Edward Benson..150 a.

11/12/1728...Edward Penn from Humphrey Hogan........157 acres

03/12/1729...John Worthington from Francis Lee & Rosanna and others....100 a

06/09/1730...Humphrey Hogan from Francis Lee & Rosanna and others..100 a

06/09/1730...Francis Lee from John Worthington.............100 acres

07/06/1730...John Worthington from Edward and Joseph Hall.........100 acres

04/17/1732...Thomas Ijams from Charles Carrol...............100 acres

06/15/1732...John Ryan from Charles Carrol.....................133 acres

03/14/1738...Humphrey Hogan from John Ryan.............100 acres

05/16/1741...Thomas Hayms from Charles Hogan..........100 acres

(From Land Office Rent Rolls, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Folios 116-171, Volume #3, abstracted by Leslie and Neil Keddie, 2002)


            Where is Duvall's Delight?  State Archives of Maryland Online has a 1941 Gazetteer of Maryland to reference.  "Rogue Harbor Branch: (branch) in Anne Arundel County; branch of Little Patuxent River, mouth (1/4) mile northeast of Woodwardville." 


            Woodwardville does not appear in the Delorme Maryland-Delaware Atlas and Gazetteer, 2000.  According to the National Register of Historical Places – Maryland, Anne Arundel County: Woodwardville is "also known as Patuxent," with 16 buildings privately owned.  Location is given at 937 to 987 Patuxent Road and 2811 to 2825 5th Ave, Woodwardville.     


            Woodwardville may or may not be exactly the current landmark of Putuxent on the Delorme map.   Wikipedia defines Odenton, Maryland, mentioning "the 1878 Maryland Directory listed the towns: Conaway, Odenton, Patuxent, Sappington and Woodwardville.   ...In nearby Woodwardville, where the B&P (railroad) crossed the Little Patuxent, A.G. Woodward was the postmaster and operated a general merchandise store in a village of 50 people."  


            However, the landmark of Patuxent appears to be very close.   Was Woodwardville on the north or opposite side of the river from Patuxent?  Amtrack runs through Patuxent.  Slightly north, these tracks cross the Little Patuxent River. At the western edge of Patuxent is the 12,700 acre Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.  Wikipedia states the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center is farmland from the colonial period through at least World War. I.   Within this center "well-known landholders such as the Snowden and Duvall families owned substantial amounts of the land during the colonial period and well through the 19th century."  Snowden Hall actually stands on Patuxent Refuge property.  Humphrey Hogan's property probably lay within the Refuge, and was in northwestern Anne Arundel County about half way between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  


1723 July 16 - Anne Arundel County, Maryland:  Charles Carroll, Esq. of Annapolis deeded to Humphrey Hogan of Anne Arundel County, Maryland for 31 pounds 8 shillings sterling, 157 acres called "Fresh Ford" being part of a tract called Duvall's Delight.  Witnesses: James Carroll and Charles Daniell.   Recorded:29 August 1723.  

(Liber RD No. 1, Folio 120-125.  Film No. 0013211.


1728 November 12 – Anne Arundel County: Humphrey Hogan of Anne Arundell County, planter, sold to Edward Penn of same county, for 100 pounds 157 acres of land now called Fresh Ford being part of a tract of land of Duvall's Delight.  Signed Humphrey (his "H" mark) Hogan.  Humphrey's wife Rebekah waived dowry.  Witnesses Lach Maccubbing and David Weems.  Signed: Humphrey (his H mark) Hogan. 

(Liber RD #1, Folio 120-125)


1728 April 8 - Anne Arundel County: Probate of Sarah Brice for second inventory lists payment from (includes): Humphrey Hogan. 

(Page 92, CD #206 Probate, 8/554)


1728 November 12 - Anne Arundel County: Edward Penn of Anne Arundel County sold to Humphrey Hogan, planter of same county, for 100 pounds sterling, 106 acres of land called "Penn's Purchase" being part of a larger tract called "Roper Grey," originally taken up by one William Roper.  A tract called Roper Range is next to the 106 acres.   Witnesses: Lachd MacCubbing, David Weems.  Signed: Edward (his E) Penn.  Wife Judith gives up her right to Dowry. 

(Liber RD #1, Folio 129-133)


1730 July 8 - Anne Arundel County: Humphrey Hogan, planter of Anne Arundel County sold to Nicholas St. Lawrence, planter, of said county for 33 pounds sterling, this same 106 Acres, being part of a tract called "Roper's Gray."  "Memorandum: 8 July 1730, there came before us two of his lordships Justices of Ann Arundell County Court the within mentioned Humphrey Hogan and acknowledged this with granted 106 acres to be the right estate of the said Nicholas Saint Lawrence; at the same time also came the wife of the said Humphrey Hogan who being examined out of the hearing of the husband freely and voluntarily she ceased all rights...Signed: Mor.d Hammond and D. Veems.

(Liber TI (TJ) No. 1, folio 285 thru 288, Film 0013211)


            Comment:  Another tract of land, called Darky's Chance, surveyed 06/14/1706 was surveyed for Thomas Lynthcomb adjoining a tract of land called "Roper Gray" on the north side of the north branch of the Patuxent Roper Gray. 

("Land Office Rent Rolls, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Folios 116-171, Volume #3, Leslie & Neil Keddie, 2002)


1729 August 15 - Anne Arundel County: Extension List of Debts (Three Pages) owed to Estate of Amos Garret: (including) Humphrey Hogan, City of Annapolis, William Hagan.

                        (Page 52-53, CD #206 Probate, Liber 15, folios 46-73. 


1730 June 9 – Anne Arudel County: Francis Lee and his wife Rosana of Anne Arundel County, planters, sold to Humphrey Hogan of same county, planter, for 30 pounds sterling and 12 pounds currency, 100 acres of land being part of a larger tract called Duvall's Delight laid out by Charles Carrol, Esquire and sold to the said Francis Lee by deed indenture of the 12th of June 1717...Beginning at three bounded white oaks standing near John Ryan's line.... Witnesses: J. Worthington and John Howard.  Signed: Francis Lee and Rosanna (her "R" mark) Lee.  Rosana, wife of Francis gave up her rights to the title.  Witnesses: J. Worthington, John Howard.  Recorded 19 June 1730.  

(Liber TI #1, also called TJ, #1, folio 254-257. Film FHL 0013211)


1730 August 15 - Ann Arundel County:  John Jordan, Esq. received payment from (including) Humphry Hogan.

                         (Page 138, CD #206 Probate, 10.390)


1734 December 4 – Anne Arudel County: Mortgage (loan collateral) between Humphrey Hogan, planter of Anne Arundel County and John Rian (Ryan), planter, of same county for 25 pounds currency paid to Humphrey Hogan by said John Ryan.  Humphrey Hogan granted as collateral all that tract he bought of Francis Lee (now) called "Indian Cabin Rock" being part of a tract called Duvall's Delight containing 100 acres on the East side of Putuxent River    


1738 March 14 – Anne Arudel County: Humphrey Hogan redeemed the note describing the land on the East side of Putuxent River. Concerning the sale of...100 acres of land conditionally to be so conveyed upon the payment of 25 pounds current money.  In full Satisfaction, the said John Ryan do hereby acknowledge...satisfied and paid.  Witnesses: Samuel Smith and Lance Todd.  Signed: John "his R mark) Ryan. 

(last 3 paragraphs, Liber RD, No. 2, folio 179 and 180.  (Film No. 0013212 and Liber RD No. 1, folio (page 132 and 133.  Film No. 0013213).  


(III). Humphrey Hogan, Deceased


1739 December - Anne Arundel County: Probate record of Humphry Hogan, December 1739 and 20 September 1740.  Valuation 190.6.0. 

Appraisers: Richard Davis, Benjamin Gaither. 

Next of kin:  Charles Hogan, Rebecca Hogan 

Administrator: Alexander Black (Page 31, CD #206 Probate, 25.176).


1740 September 20 - Anne Arundel County: Humphrey Hogan -  payments by Alexander Black to William Black (merchant in London), William Rogers, Daniel Dulany.   

                        (CD #206 Probate, 18.43)


1740 September 25 – Anne Arundel County: Humphrey Meredith.  Received from (estate of) Humphrey Hogan

                        (Page 66, CD #206 Probate, 18.47)


1741 July 22 – Anne Arundel County: Amos Woodward, Esq. a second inventory is cited...received from Humphrey Hogan

                        (page 94, CD #206 Probate, 18.310)


(IV). Son, Charles Hogan in Maryland


1741 March 8 - Anne Arundel County: Estate of William Anderson probated.  Moneys received from (included) "Charles Hogan."  (CD #206)


1741 May 16 - Anne Arundle County: Charles Hogan deeded to Thomas Ijams (Jiams), planter, of said county, for 30 pounds sterling, 100 acres of land in aforesaid county of the east side of Patuxant River being part of a tract called Duvall's Delight.  Witnessed by Alexr Warfield and Lance Todd.  Signed: Charles Hogan (no x).  Then came the within mentioned Charles Hogan before us two of his Lordships Justice of the Peace for Anne Arundel County and acknowledged the with deed....  And at the same time came Mary, the wife of the said Charles Hogan and upon private examination and out of the hearing of her husband acknowledged the said land and premises according to said laws before.  Testator:  Alexander Warfield, son of Richard.  Lance Todd.  Signed: Charles Hogan (no x). 


1741 June 8 - Anne Arundle County: Received of Mr. Thomas Ijams the sum of four schillings sterling for his Lordships (it being the alienation fine on the within mentioned 100 acres of land by virtue of a commission from Benjamin Tasker, Esq, his aid Lordships agents and receiver.  Richard Dorsey.  (Liber Book RB #1, folio 64 and 65).


(V). Speculation on Where Charles Went


            Warning: Charles Hogan of Maryland and Charles Hogan of North Carolina may be two different persons.  Name association and timing is excellent, but evidence is lacking.   


1 - Orange County, North Carolina:


1755 Orange County, North Carolina Tax List:  (Includes) "Charles Hagen" – one white poll. 

                        From 1755 North Carolina Tax Series by Mountain Press, undated.


            Orange County, North Carolina borders Halifax County, Virginia. Our Long Hunter - Humphrey Hogan (born 1745/50) has his very first record in 1758 Halifax County.  For details, see his chapter.


2 - Halifax County, Virginia for any record of a Charles Hogan

(Halifax shares a common border with Orange County, North Carolina)


1756 March 5 - Halifax County, Virginia Court – Owens Trial (Abstracted).


            Court being thus constituted, said William Owen, Jr. and John Owen were led to the bar in custody of William Irby, Gent. Halifax Sheriff.  William Owen and John Owen confessed with William Doulter and Thomas Whe__ last 25 July.  Mentioned in this court was Charles Hogan of North Carolina, who had often found them diet and ammunition and greatly importuned these examinants to enlist, and swear him as one of their conspirators, which they did not care to do, but they have often hired him to go about as a spy to discover if anyone were threatening these examinants. Hogan confessed to examinants that he had committed many robberies, particularly defendants attached, seized and robbed William Hinton of Johnston County, North Carolina of....   (Also mentioned William Doulter on Town Fork in North Carolina.). 

From Halifax County, Virginia Court Orders 1755-1758, Plea Book No. 2, Part 1, 1992, TLC Genealogy, pages 53-54. 


            Comment: ‘William Owens" is mentioned on the 1755 Orange County, North Carolina tax list.