Squire Willcoxen 1778 - 1837


Squire Willcoxen (variable spellings from Wilcox to Willcockson)

Sarah Tatum


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Squire W.* Willcoxen

        Born 16 March 1778 in Rowan County, North Carolina (bible record).

        Married about 1799 in N.C.

        Died 1 May 1837 at age 59 years, 1 month, 15 days, Fulton County, Illinois; buried

               Shields Chapel Cemetery, Buckheart Township section 7, NE ¼, Fulton County.

        Parents:  Samuel Wilcockson (1755 – 1825) and Anna Jordon (1756 – 1840)

        Military:  War of 1812; Lieutenant (possibly Captain), Eighth North Carolina

               Regiment, 5th Company

        Farmer and Baptist Minister 


Sarah Tatum

        Born 10 January 1780, Virginia

        Died: 21 April 1863 Fulton County, Illinois; buried Shields Chapel Cemetery

        Parents:  James Tatum, Sr.  (1755 – 1830) + Amy Sharp (~ 1761 to 6 July 1853)

2nd Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story – J.R. Murphy, 16 February 2008


* Middle initial is from church records of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Fulton County, Illinois where “Squire W. Willcoxen” was a member.   




1.  Rowan County, North Carolina, in Davie County area.

2.  Wilkes/Ashe County, North Carolina to 1815

3.  Estill County, Kentucky, 1815 to about 1827

4.  Fulton County, Illinois, settled in 1828


                           ASHE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA YEARS     


Squire Wilcockson, Anna Wilcoxon, and Samuel Wilcoxson, Jr. are listed in the records of the Three Forks Baptist Church near Boone, Watauga County, North Carolina.  The 1800 U.S. Census for Ashe County, N.C. has Squire Wilcox and his wife, both age 16-26 and no children.



Deeds/Land Grants/Witness Records of Squire Wilcoxson in Ashe County


            18 January 1800:  State of North Carolina Land Grant #67 (brother Samuel had Grant #68) to Squire Wilcoxen, 100 acres in Ashe County, beginning on a Ridge of Old Field Creek.  Entered 23 November 1799.  Patent 2 January 1801.


            7 January 1804: Squire Wilcoxan and Philip Church witnessed a deed from Elizabeth Blackburn to James Tatum, 100 acres on New River. (Ashe County Deed Book B, page 164) 


            27 November 1806:  State of North Carolina Land Grant #660 to Squire Wilcox for 50 acres...on Little Elk Creek, registered in the County of Ashe.  Entry date not available, Patented 27 November 1806.


            24 September 1810:  Squire Willcockson, William Green, and John Blackburn witnessed a deed from Lewis Sheppard to James Tatum, 200 acres, S. Fork New River. (Ashe County Deed Book D, page 291)


            20 December 1813:  Deed from Samuel Wilcox to Esquire Wilcox, both of Ashe County, 100 acres, for $150 a tract of land lying in Ashe Count on Old Field Creek...beginning at a white oak on a Ridge of Old Field Creek, from a Land Grant of Samuel Wilcox #67 for Samuel Wilcox together with appertainances, etc.  (Signed:) Samuel Wilcoxen.  Witnesses: Barnet Owen, William Tatum.  Entered May 1813. by D. Earnest.  (Ashe County Deed Book C, page 392).   Comment:  This is very confusing if one reads the details, i.e. Land Grant  #67 is whose land?            



Squire was in the War of 1812 – 1814 and was a Lieutenant in the Eighth Regiment, 5th Company of Ashe County, North Carolina.  His unit was detached from the Ashe Regiment.  Information source is the muster rolls of War of 1812 for N.C.  Also in same company was Samuel Wilcoxen (Jr.) and James Tatam (spelled Fatam).  Squire’s time spent in the military is not known.  Several requisitions for soldiers from Ashe County were made by Major General Thomas Pickney, to march to the defense of the southern frontier of the 6th military district of the United States with one in 1812 and another on Wednesday, the 1st day of March 1815.   Squire’s pension record was requested 8/00 and no file could be found.  


What is known about the 8th Regiment is this:  The Sixth District of the United States covered Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.  Thomas Pickney became the Major General Commander of the 6th District in 1812 and his plans included garrison of coastal forts, maritime surveillance, Indian control, and ability to counter any British attack.   The largest part of the 8th regiment was sent to the Florida border, with other detachments sent to Fort Hawkins on the Creek Indian frontier and to Beaufort, South Carolina.  Pickney’s biggest problem was to clothe, feed, arm, supply blankets to the new troops, whose ragged troops actually became a huge embarrassment in front of new recruits.  Only the original North Carolina rifle regiment and one battalion of the 10th Regiment saw action against the British.  (From “Frustrated Patriots, North Carolina and the War of 1812,” by Lemmon, Sarah McCulloh.)  


Squire returned to Ashe County, where an 1815 tax list noted Samuel “Wilcox”, Squire “Wilcox” and Samuel Willcockson.


                                ESTILL COUNTY, KENTUCKY 1816 - 1827     


Yearly tax records of Estill County, Kentucky note him there from 1816 to 1827, and in 1825 he is noted at “Hillbo” and 1827 on the South Fork.  No deeds could be found and believe he also lived at either the eastern end of the Kentucky River or on the Middle Fork of the Kentucky, where most of the other Wilcoxsons had their home.


On 11 December 1815, “Esquire Wilcox,” “Elijah Wilcox,” Jacob Brinegar, and others were served notice of the law suit, Samuel Smith versus Robert Trabee’s heirs.  The case was a dispute by a tenant, Samuel Smith, who claimed the owner, Robert Trabee, had also leased the same location to another person.  Witnesses stated that the owner had agreed to rent to Samuel Smith.  Apparently Jacob Brinegar, Esq. Wilcox and Elijah Wilcox were the current tenants in possession of the land, were named in the law suit, and were represented by David Hagan, their attorney when the case came to court in November 1818.  The result was later appealed to the Kentucky State Supreme Court, which took action in July 1830. 


On 23 April 1821, marriage permission was granted to “Garrard Almbaugh for my daughter Martha Willcox.”  This was signed by Squire Willcox, Samuel Willcox, Henry Barker, and Elizabeth Wilcockson.


On 7 June 1821, a marriage bond was filed at Estill County Court House:  “Know all men by these present that Squire Wilcoxson and Garrett Alumbaugh are held __ firmly bound unto the commonwealth in the just and full sum of fifty pounds to which payment will and timely to be made bind ourselves, our heirs, and jointly __ 7 June 1821 these present sealed and dated.  The condition of the above obligation in such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound JOSEPH ALLEN and ELIZABETH WILCOXSON, daughter of the above Squire Wilcoxson.  If, therefore, there is no lawful cause to obstruct the same, and the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full forces and virtue.  Signed: Joseph Allen, Squire Willcockson, Garret Almbaugh.  Another record of this bond states 7 June 1822.


On 16 July 1821, Squire Wilcox was a witness at the Estill County trial of Robert Trabue versus Robert Rose, at the request of Rose, occupied as a tenant a plantation at the rate of $2 per year per acres for years 1818, 1819.  Owes $120. 


On October 1821, Squire Wilcox became a witness for Patrick Masterson, who was on trial to rape of Rachael Brinegar, wife of Thomas Brinegar, which occurred in January 1821.  Later in May 1824, Rachael and Thomas Brinegar, Sr. filed for divorce.


On May 1822, Squire Willcockson gave permission for the marriage of Sarah J. Willcockson to James McGuire.  This was witnessed by Squire Willcockson, Sarah Willcoxin (her “x”), Benjamin McGuire, Joseph Allen (his “x”).  George W. Baker, either J.P or minister, records the marriage took place 14 May 1822.


In December 1822, Estill County Court books order Archibald Crawford, Jo McGuire, Samuel Plummer, and Squire Wilcoxson, or any of them, to do an inventory and appraise in current money, the personal estate of William Holmes, deceased.


In 17 March 1823, Lewis Robert, the administrator of the estate of William Holmes took Isaac Burton, Richard Easter and Samuel Easter to criminal court for breaking and entering the closed dwelling, log-house, smokehouse, corn crib, stable, and three fields being on the North Fork of Kentucky River above the mouth of Cedar Branch and nearly opposite the mouth of Mill Creek, which was in the peaceable possession of William Holmes, deceased.  The Jury found Samuel Easter guilty of forcible entry.   Jury included Squire Wilcoxon, Elijah Wilcoxon, and James Tatum.  


            In March 1827, Squire Wilcockson became the administrator of his father Samuel Wilcockson’s estate.   In 16 October 1827, Squire Willcox took Moses M. Price to court for a debt/note of $150.   The county tax records also mention him for the last time.


                                    FULTON COUNTY, ILLINOIS, 1828+ 


“Squire Wilcoxen moved to Estill County, Kentucky about 1815 and in 1828 to the old Nathaniel Vittum place near Canton, lived 7 years on section 2, Liverpool Township, and then made their permanent home on Section 5, Buckhart Township.  The 1/4 section, last occupied, was entered for him by his son, Samuel, who had to go to Missouri to get good money, ‘wildcat’ money prevailing there.  Squire Wilcoxen was a volunteer in the War of 1812, Captain of the militia in North Carolina, was a Jackson Democrat, and an old fashioned Baptist preacher.  Was a cousin to Daniel Boone.  He died in 1837 and his widow in 1865 at the age of 83. They had 9 children.”  From “History of Fulton County, Illinois,” 1879.


In 1825, Squire Wilcoxen, Landrine Eggers, Mathew Tatum left Indiana for Illinois.  At this time Fulton County, Illinois was “wild country with few white settlers.”  From John G. Tatum in “Weekly Register: Canton, Illinois, January 3, 1907.  


Squire was an elder at the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, which was 3 or 4 miles west of Canton, whose members included Alumbaugh, Eggers, Morphew, Tatum, and Wilcoxen.  He was an elder at the Salem Baptist Church in Liverpool Township.  This Salem Church was deeded its land by Elijah Willcockson and was built in May 1834, with the following help:  Elijah Willcoxen, A. J. Willcoxen, Jesse B. Willcoxen, Major E.C. Willcoxen, J.C. Willcoxen, J.R. Willcoxen, Marshall N. Willcoxen, and others.  Sarah is recorded at the Salem (Lewistown Spoon River) and Bethel.  More information is available at http://www.carthage.lib.il.us/community/churches/primbap/FamHist-Fulton.html



On 25 April 1837, Squire and Sarah Wilcockson deeded to Jordan Wilcocksen and James F. Wilcockson, of Fulton County, 160 acres of land SE quarter, Section 3, Township 5 N, Range 4 E. (Liverpool Township), of military bounty land, in consideration of residual blood and relationship.  Signed: Squire Wilcockson and Sarah “x” Wilcockson, in the presence of witnesses James and Rebecca Tatum.



Squire Willcoxsen died on 1 May 1837 in Fulton County, Illinois, and his estate was probated, with administrators being Jordan Willcoxen (his son), William O. Spencer (son-in-law), Garrett Elumbaugh (son in law), and James Pollitt (relationship undetermined), all of Fulton County.   Towards the end of his life, his surname spelling seemed to stabilize to “Willcoxen.”



 Squire Willcoxen estate inventory included (from 2 lists) 29 July 1837:  5 head of horses including 2 mares and 2 one year old colts, 3 yoke of cattle, 4 cows and three calves, 10 head of young cattle, 19 head of sheep, 60 head of hogs running in the woods, porkes stack hogs, 6 head of stock hogs, 20 head of geese, a two horse wagon and double tree, 1 Dearburn wagon, 1 clock, 2 beds and bedding and steads, 1 bed stead, 1 flax wheel, 2 flax wheel, 2 farm steelyards, 1 shot gun, 1 musket, 1 book, 1 pair pot hooks, 1 hatchet, 1 saddle with saddle bags and bridle, 1 foot adze and cornpulses, 2 narrow axes, 1 cant irons, 2 bee hives and bee stands, 1 lot of chisels and gouges, 1 hand saw, 2 bells and bell buckle, 2 pair of harness and chains, 1 set of britch bands, 1 fan mill, 2 dry hides, 2 banshean plows, 1 shovel plow, 1 hackle, 1 halter chain, 1 auger, 1 log chain, 1 iron coedye?, 1 pitch or hay fork, 5 steel traps, 5 pounds of wool, 25 wool rolls, 1 Carter hat, 33 bushel of wheat, 1 lot of flax, 1 squaw ax, 5 deer skins, 3 reeds, 1 lot of leather, 1 speer, 1 razor, 1 stand of honey, 9 bushel of wheat, 312 bushels of rent corn, 1 lot of bacon, 1 hoe harrow. 


Retained for the widow:  one cow and calf, one year old colt, one year’s provision, one saddle and bridle, one bed and bedding and household, __, wearing apparel for herself and family, one spinning wheel, 4 head of sheep, 20 geese, one wagon and doubletree, one lot of honey and stand, 125 pounds of bacon, one bed and bedding and bedstead, 2 bushels of wheat and 3 bushels of corn. 


List of Notes belonging to the Estate

One on Jonathan Wayne for $52.50

Executed on 26 January 1833 – Oliver Jones, Sam’l Cozad, $50

2 May 1837 – Joseph Allen, $100

11 Oct. 1836 – Daniel Wells, $20

29 July 1837 – Garret Ellembaugh $35.08

                     - Strawther French, a very desperate case.


            Book Accounts

George Clark Dr. $17

Eli McKinny, $2.00, doubtful

R. M Becket, 0.25 doubtful

J.T. Willcockson 1.50

J.T. Willcockson and Samuel Willcockson, $10.50

Norris Jenning – desperate and doubtful is Norris Jennings case.


Sworn before Elijah Willcockson, J. P.   


The 1860 census of Buckhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois shows Sarah Willcoxen living with her son Jordan.    


Children of Squire Wilcoxen and Sarah Tatum (too many dates are estimates and more work is needed).  Last name spellings are generally Willcoxen, but not reliably so:


1.  Elizabeth Willcoxen was born about 1800 in North Carolina.  County records show  Elizabeth Wilcoxon married 1st on 18 June 1822 at Estill County, Kentucky to Joseph Allen 18 June 1822, and 2nd on 26 May 1842 at Fulton County, Illinois, to Benjamin F. Roebuck  “The History of Fulton County, Illinois,” 1879, states the wife of Joseph Allen was a daughter of Squire Willcoxen and that Joseph Allen and his wife were early settlers.  Census records show a Joseph Allen in Fulton County, Illinois in 1835.  The history further states “the widow of Joseph Allen married Benjamin F. Roebuck.”


2.  Martha (Patsy) Willcoxen was born 18 Sept 1802 in N.C. and died 8 September 1851 at Hastings, Mills County, Iowa and is buried at the Shields Cemetery, Canton, Fulton County, Illinois.  Married Garrett Allumbaugh.  See next generation.


3.  Sarah J. Willcoxen was born about 1804 in N.C. and married James McGuire on 14 May 1822 by George W. Baker in Estill County, Kentucky.   Children of James McGuire and Sarah Willcoxen are reported* to be: (a) Altemus McGuire (12 July 1823), (b) Preston Blair McGuire (7 June 1825), (3) Cindarilla McGuire, (4) I.N. McGuire (16 August 1832), C. Elizabeth McGuire (5 October 1837), (5) William Crayton McGuire (3 July 1839, (6) Elizabeth McGuire (6 January 1842), Ellenor McGuire (20 June, 1845).  In the 1850 U.S. Census, Altemas and Preston McGuire and their families were living next to each other in Page County, Iowa.  Preston moved about 1852 and in 1860 was living in Sonoma County, California.   


            *Info from a 1904 letter of Elizabeth McGuire Trosper, passed to Gary Rodgers, courtesy of Donna Alumbaugh, email of 16 February 2008    


4.  Anne Willcoxen (1805/06 North Carolina to >1850) married on 9 September 1829 in Fulton County to Asa Smith (county record) and perhaps, marriage again.  Census records show an Asa Smith in Fulton County in 1830 and 1835.   An 1850 census in Liverpool Township listed an Aaron Moteinger and Anna Moteinger 49, born North Carolina with three Smith Children: Jordon Smith (1833/34), Spud(?) W. Smith (1836/37), and Asa Smith (1840/41), all born in Illinois.  Is "Anna Moteinger" our Anne Willcoxen?


 “The first death to occur in the (Liverpool) Township was that of a son of Asa Smith, a grandson of Francis Smith” (From “History of Fulton County, Illinois, in Spoon River County 1818-1968,” by Helen H. Clark, 1968).


5.  Jordan T. Willcoxen was born 5 September1807 in N.C and died 19 October 1867 Fulton County, Illinois.  He is on the 1850 U.S. Census of Buckhart Township, Fulton County, Illinois and in 1860 is still a bachelor.  Jordan is recorded teaching the first school in Liverpool Township in the kitchen of John Farris.



Fulton County, Illinois, deeds for Jordan Willcoxen


            1833, Jordan Willcoxen was deeded a lot from Wade and Nancy Long, in the town of Utica, Fulton County (town doesn’t exist today) for $8.  Deed: 3578

25 April 1837, Jordan Wilcockson and James F. Wilcockson, was deeded from Squire and Sarah Wilcockson, 160 acres SE qr. Section 3, Township 5 N, Range 4 E, Fulton County from Illinois military bounty land.  Deed: 3922

7 September 1846, Jordan S.Wilcoxon was deeded from Sarah Galentine, Fulton County, for $100, a quit claim 40 acres, NE qr. S-8, T-6N, R4E.  Deed: 13368   


6.  Amey Willcoxen was born about 1810 in North Carolina.  “Amey Wilcoxen” married William O. Spencer 19 July 1829 at Fulton County, Illinois (county record).   William O. Spencer, Garrett Ellumbaugh and James Pollitt were executors of the estate of Squire Willcoxen in 1837.


7.  Samuel Wilcoxen was born 12 October 1813 in Kentucky and died 24 May 1893 Fulton County, Illinois; buried in Shields Chapel Cemetery.  Samuel married on 6 January 1841 at Fulton County, Illinois, to Lucinda Carver (born 1823/24 Estill County, Kentucky to 12 July 1882 Fulton County).   Samuel Wilcoxen volunteered for the Black Hawk War of 1830-1831.  The family lived in Buckheart Township, Fulton County and Samuel had a saw mill and 992 acre farm in the county.  Both Samuel Willcoxen and his wife are on the 1880 U.S. Census for Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois, with their son-in-law Frank Bonner and his two children, (Charles) Frank and Fred Bonner.  Samuel’s Fulton County will in 3 January 1890 gives extensive details for his two grandchildren, Frederick Bonner and Charles Bonner, and made his son, George W. Wilcoxen, Trustee.



Fulton County, Illinois, Deeds for Samuel Willcoxen


            7 September 1846, Samuel Willcockson was deeded from Sarah Galentine, Fulton County, 40 acres for $100, quit claim, part of NE qrt. S-8, T-8N, R-4E.  Deed: 13368

            23 January 1847, Samuel Willcockson was deeded from Garret and Martha Allumbaugh, 23 acres, part of NE qrt. S-5, T-6N, R4E.  Deed: 13369

            14 April 1848, Samuel Willcockson was deeded for $500, south of Big Creek and ½ width of creek, piece of land known as Mill Property.  Part SW qrt. S-20, T6N, R-4E.  Deed: 13370

            27 August 1848, Samuel Willcockson was deeded from James and Rebecca Tatum, Fulton County, 2 parcels totaling 80 acres S-16, T-6N, R-4E.  Deed: 13371



Children of Samuel Wilcoxen and Lucinda Carver are:

(a) Ellen Wilcoxen (31 December 1842 Illinois) married Elijah Johnson (20 March 1836 to 1911).  Elijah's parents were Richard Johnson (1797-1870) + Catherine Fouts (1800-1880).  Elijah and Ellen Johnson lived on their farm adjoining his father Richard Johnson, as noted in the 1860 – 1870 U.S. Census records and in 1880 had his mother Catherine Fouts Johnson living with them.  Their children were (i) Fanny F. Johnson (1872), (ii) Charles E. Johnson (January 1875 Illinois), and (iii) George Franklin Johnson 7 June 1880 Illinois to 3 June 1960 Washington) who married Gertrude Ellen Keyser (30 December 1879), who moved to Yakima County, Washington in 1909, then to Olympia, Thurston County, Washington in 1938, and died in Enumclaw, King County, Washington (kindly shared by Edmund Johnson, e-mail of 19 July 2004).


(b) Anna Wilcoxen (2 February 1851 – 8 May 1879), who married Frank Bonner.       (c) George W. Wilcoxen (15 August 1853.


(d) James Wilcoxen 1843/44


(e) John W. Carey 1841 (adopted)


8.  James F.? Willcoxen was born about 1814 in N.C.   Census records show a James Wilcoxen in what is Liverpool Township, Fulton County, Illinois in 1840. Help is requested in tracing this individual.


9.  Ellen (Ellenora) Willcoxen was born 19 June 1818 at Estill County, Kentucky and died 12 September 1839.   


    CENSUS RECORDS FOR THE WILLCOXENS with names and birth dates added


1800 U.S. Census of Ashe County, North Carolina


Wilcox, Squire: 1 male and 1 female 16-<26


Wilcox, Samuel: 3 males and 1 female 0-<10; 1 male and 2 females 10-<16; 1 male and 1 female; 16-<26, 1 male and 1 female 45+.


1820 U.S. Census of Estill County, Kentucky with names suggested


Wilcoxen, Squire: 2 males and 2 females 0-<10; Samuel (1813), James (~1814), Ellen (~1816), Amy (~1810); 1 male and 2 females 10-<16, Jordan (1807/1808), Anna (1806), Sarah (~1804); 2 female 16-<26, Patsy (1802), Elizabeth (~1800); 1 male and 1 female 26-<45, Squire (1778), Sarah (1780).


1830 U.S. Census of Fulton County, Illinois


Wilcoxen, Squire.  1 female 5-<10, 2 males 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30, 1 male and 1 female 50-<60. 


1840 U.S. Census of Fulton County, Illinois


A.   Township 5 North, 4 East – this should be Liverpool Township (First 5 are listed next to each other):


Wilcoxen, James.  1 male 0-<5, 1 female 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30.


Wilcoxen, Nancy.  1 female 0-<5, 1 male and 1 female 5-<10, 1 female 30-<40.


A. J. Wilcockson.  1 male and 1 female 20-<30


Elijah Wilcockson.  1 male and 2 females 5-<10, 2 males and 1 female 10-<15, 1 female 15-<20, 1 male and 1 female 40-<50.


Elijah C. Wilcockson. 1 female 0-<5, 1 male and 1 female 20-<30


B.  Township 6 North, 4 East  (This should be Buckheart Township)


S.S. Wilcoxen.  1 male and 1 female 15-<20, 1 male 20-<30, 1 male 30-<40, 1 female 50-<60.  This is Sarah Wilcoxen, wife of Squire, deceased 1837.           



1850 U.S. Census of Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois


Willcoxen, Samuel, age 36, farmer, $2160, born North Carolina; Sarah, age 75, born Virginia (Sarah Tatum, wife of Squire Wilcoxen); Cinthia, age 25, born Kentucky; Ellen, age 8, born Illinois; James, age 6, born Illinois; Jordan , age 40, $1600, born North Carolina; Carey, John  age 8, born Illinois; Carper, Jacob, age 17, farmer, born Pa.


The next census listing is Mathew Eggers, age 35, farmer, $200, born Indiana and family.


Two entries away is Garret Allumbaugh, age 62, farmer, $1500, born Virginia, and next door is Peter Allumbaugh, age 25, blacksmith, born Kentucky.


1850 U.S. Census of Liverpool Township, Fulton County, Illinois


Aaron Moteinger 31, farmer, born Ohio; Anna Moteinger 49, North Carolina; Jordon Smith 16, Illinois; Spud(?) W. Smith 13, Illinois; Asa Smith 9, Illinois              


1860 U.S. Census of Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois


Willcoxen, Jordon, 52, farmer, born North Carolina; Sarah, 80, born Virginia; In the household is William Bolin, 16, farmhand, Ohio; and Sarah Carney, 55, Virginia.  On the same page is next:


Willcoxen, Samuel, 45, farmer, born North Carolina; Lucinda Willcoxen 35, Kentucky; Ellen Willcoxen 17, Illinois; James Willcoxen 15, Illinois; Anna Willcoxen 9, Illinois; George Willcoxen 6, Illinois; John Cary 18, farm hand.


1880 U.S. Census of Buckheart Township, Fulton County, Illinois:  Samuel Willcoxen 66, N.C.; Lucinda, wife 56, Ky.; Charlotte Collin, other, 16, Illinois; Minnie Rash, other, 14, Illinois; Frank Bonner, son-in-law, widower, 35, Ireland; Fred Bonner, grandson, 10, Illinois; Charles Bonner, grandson, 8, Illinois.


1880 U.S. Census of Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois:  Elijah Johnson 44, Ill, N.C. N.C; Ellen Johnson 36, Ill, Ky, Ky; Fanny F. Johnson 8, Ill; Charles Johnson 5, Illinois; John Oleman 27, __, Pa, parents born Pa; Mary Raish 16, servant, born Illinois, father born Canada, mother born Illinois, Cathy Johnson 78, mother, born N.C., parents born N.C.


1900 U.S. Census of Canton Township, Fulton County, Illinois:  Elijah Johnson, born March 1836, age 64, married 35 years, born Illinois, parents born N.C; Ellen Johnson, wife, December 1842, 57, married 35 years, 3 children, 3 living, born Illinois, parents born Ky; Charles E. Johnson, son, January 1875, 25, Illinois; George F. Johnson, June 1880, 19, born Illinois; Hattie Wager, Domestic, Jnaury 1878, 22, born Illinois, parents born Illinois.