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Three Daniel Hogans are now Candidates to be son of Thomas Hogan “I” (ca1716)

Found Under Thomas Hogan “I” (ca1716 to 1779)


Part 1 - This Chapter has the following Hogans


John Hogan of 1710 Stafford County, Virginia

William Hogan (ca1690 to 1757) + Margaret _  (Will 1767);

Daniel Hogan (ca1720) + Ann

John Hogan (ca1720 to 1778) + Mary Ann Catlett

Thomas Hogan (ca1716 – 1779 will)       


Results in this review are mostly based on records found in these counties.  This is written for you - the reader to review the details and decide what happened with these Hogans.   Even so, there are still family puzzles needing your help to resolve.    Marriages are a major problem and sometimes we are left with almost no information (or no information) about a wife.  Final years for John Hogan “I” (ca1720) are still a mystery and need more work.   In later years, records spelled some of these Hogans as “Hogain.”   When there is a lack of good information to estimate a birth or death date, “ca”= circa is placed before the date, indicating an unstable date estimate.

This update 14 March 2020,, James R. Murphy


Part 2 - Early Hogans in Colonial Fauquier and Prince William Counties, Virginia


(A). John Hogan of Stafford County, Virginia – Earliest Hogan in area (maybe)


This John Hogan is recorded in 1710 and 1711 with 740 acres.  Stafford County Courthouse burned and many records were lost.  Speculation exists that he might be the father of William Hogan (ca1695 – 1754), John Hogan (1711 or ca1720), and maybe Thomas Hogan (~1716-1779).  But…this is only speculation.  More research is needed.  


(I). William Hogan (ca1695 to 1754) and wife Margaret __ (died 1767, will)

Born ca1695, difficult to estimate – could be earlier

Parents – not known, but suspect an earlier generation in America. 

Immigration date – not known

Family records exist - zero.  His family requires reconstruction.

War Records – died before French-Indian Wars of 1755+

Married Margaret __, date unknown who has a 1767 will.   Current theory is their marriage was about 1720.

Occupation: Tobacco grower.

Earliest Record – 1724 Tobacco Tender – Stafford County, Virginia:  William Hogin, 1 tithable, 4018 plants. 

Will - 1754 September 23:  Prince William County, Virginia Will of William Hogan, reported for William Hogan with Margaret Hogan Executrix, son Daniel for proof, as identified in Order Book, page 139.  Actual will not yet found and could be lost.


Children of William Hogan and Margaret include (1) – (5):


(1). Charles Hogan, (ca1737 Fauquier County, Va.) per will; possibly last child.  Has records from 1759 to 1767 and then disappears from view.

(2). Mary Hogan, per mother’s 1767 will, married __ Banester

(3). (probably) James Hogan who was a bondsman during William Hogan “I” 1754 Estate Administration.  He appears only from 1757 to 1761.

(4). Daniel Hogan (ca1720) is listed as a son in the 1754 Estate Administration.    Wife was Ann __.  Earliest record is 1742 Land Grant and last in 1763.  He appears to be the Daniel Hogan who makes records in these two counties.  Mixes with other brothers.  Children, if any, not identified.

(5). William Hogan “II” (ca1725/30).  Wife was possibly Elizabeth __ and owned land next to his brother Daniel.  First record 1749 is “William Hogan, Jr”.  Some William Hogan records show him mixing with Charles, James, and Daniel Hogan.  This helps separate him from a later William Hogan, the son of Thomas Hogan.   In later years, this is less clear.   Last record is possibly in 1786.  In his 1775 Fauquier County tax, his second male in his tithe is John Hogain, who should be his son.  Based on this entry, one son is:

(i). John Hogan (ca1754) is noted in 1775 and 1783 tax records.  In 1781, this most likely the John Hogan who purchased 400 acres in 1781 Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Va.) on the head waters of the Lick Branch of Sleepy Creek.  His 1810 US Census of Berkeley County, shows 1 male 10-15, 3 females 0-9, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 45+.  Next door to him is Martin Hogan, 1 male 0-9, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 10-15, 1 male 26-44.  John Hogan left for Logan County, Kentucky in 1810.    This John Hogan has a son William Hogan who lived near him in Logan County.   Martin Hogan was still in Berkeley County in 1813 but soon left for Logan County.


(II). John Hogan “I” (ca1720 to >1778) of Prince William County 

Born: Beware of a tobacco plant record in 1724 Stafford County listing a” John Hogins,” age 13 serving with William Farrow, head of household.  May or may not be our subject.   Birth year estimate of ca1720 seems to fit better, but this could change with better information.

Married Mary Ann or Maryann Catlett, daughter of John Catlett whose 1778 will mentions Maryann Hogan and John Hogan as an executor.

Parents not identified.

Family records: zero

War Records – So far, nothing; French-Indian War from 1755-1759 should be checked.


Earliest Record – 1745 Sexton in Church, followed in 1747 with 500 acres at Broad Run in 1747 Prince William County, Virginia.  After this, his trail becomes faint and may be in Prince William County where fewer records survived.

Migration away from area – unknown

Will or estate record: Does not appear to be the 1775 Estate Administration record which is very incomplete.  This may be a reference to a different John Hogan’s estate administration in 1770.  This last John Hogan married Mary Francis Carrell/Carroll.   John Catlett ‘s 1778 will indicates our subject John Hogan was still alive.

Children’s names are likely:  

(i). John Hogan who married Molly Mauzy in 1780. Earliest record 1778 and last record 1797 in Fauquier County.  Served as a 2nd Lieutenant for Fauquier Militia in the American Revolution during 1780.

(ii). Rawleigh Hogan who married Peggy Conway in 1786.  Earliest record 1778 and served in the American Revolution under Capt. Benjamin Harrison.

(iii). Bathsheba Hogan (1764 – 1850+ White Co. IL) who married John Nelson in 1780.  Nelson was in the same military unit as Rawley Hogan under Capt. Benjamin Nelson.

(iv). Barbara Hogan who married in 1786 Fauquier County to Samuel Stephenson.


(III). Thomas Hogan “I” (ca1716 to 1779 will) + wife – not known, of Prince William and Fauquier Counties, Virginia. 

Born ca1716 

Parents: Not known

Family records: not specifically identified


War Records- Undetermined.

Married, name unknown and not found in county records; maiden name reported by others to be Elizabeth Griffin and appears incorrect.


Earliest Record – 1741 Prince William County Land Grant

Will 1779 March 1 – Prince William County, Virginia:  Will of Thomas Hogan: Names sons - Thomas Hogan, William Hogan, Daniel Hogan, grandson – Thomas Hogan, Daughters Mary Hogan, Elizabeth Hogan, Sarah Hogan and Charlotte Hogan.  Notice that his will does not name a son – “John Hogan.” 

Genealogy: A Weekly Journal of American Ancestry, Volume 4, Number 9, Oct. 1914, page 81; reported to be WB G/39.  Actual will is in Will Book G/39 with Inventory in Inventory Book G/57, but original not seen.


Children of Thomas Hogan “I” and Elizabeth per will:


(1). Thomas Hogan “II” (ca1745 to ~1804) married Judith __ who is only noted once in a 1796 deed.  This is their last Fauquier County record when he and wife Judith sold their land.  1792 Fauquier tax records indicate he has a son – Thomas Hogan, Jr. or “III”.   In 1796, Thomas Hogan has a deed in Hampshire County, Virginia (now W. Va.) suggesting a migration path and he owned a mill.    In 1800 Hampshire Co. Personal Tax, there is Thomas Hogan Senior, Thomas Hogan, William Hogan, and Elizabeth Hogan.  By 1810, there is only the younger Thomas Hogan “III,” 1 male + 1 female 26-44 and who has two daughters.   Elizabeth Hogan, whose age and generation is unclear in these records, should not be forgotten.  Children of Thomas Hogan “II” and his wife Judith, (i), (ii):


(i) Thomas Hogan “III” (ca1774 to 1832 Hampshire Co., Va., will).   Has two daughters, Susanna Hogan and Mary Hogan.  If he is age 21 in his 1792 tax, his birth date would be estimated to be 1771.


(ii). William Hogan (ca1779).  Appears only in 1800 and 1801 tax records in Hampshire County, Va. (W. Va) then moves on.  The two records for free males 21+ suggest he is very young, and if so, 1800 – 21 = 1779 for a birth date.   Future findings could change this.


 (2). William Hogan (ca1745/50) who is son of Thomas Hogan “I:” Earliest records in these two counties belong to William Hogan, Jr. son of William Hogan.  Unable to separate the two in later years at this time, but probably this William Hogan did not make records in Fauquier and Prince William Counties.  Unable to track at this time.  Further review is needed.


(3). Daniel Hogan.  There are three possibilities – (a-1) to (a-3):


(a-1). Daniel Hogan (29 July 1753 to 19 January 1787 Orange County, North Carolina) married Sarah Lloyd.  The Lloyd book* lists Daniel Hogan + Sarah Lloyd, but does not specifically state Daniel’s origins or relationship to Col. John Hogan.  Daniel and Col. John may or may not be brothers.  Daniel and Sarah Lloyd Hogan have sons - (i) & (ii):


(i) Thomas Lloyd Hogan, Senior (5 August 1785 to 4 July 1858 Orange Co. NC) + wife Elizabeth Freeland (8 August 1790 to 14 September 1852 and both are buried at Thomas Hogan Cemetery, Orange County, North Carolina.  Notice his birth date conflicts with the next son. 

(ii) Daniel Hogan “II” (4 January 1786 to 5 July 1849 Orange County, NC per

* Thomas Lloyd of Brunswick County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina,” by Betty Scanlan Collins and Gerald Edward Collins, found online at


(a-2).  Daniel Hogan (ca1745 to 1801+) of St. Paul Parish, Ga. and Warren County, Georgia:  Birth date estimation is in question.  If he was age 25-35 when he received his 1774 English land grant, then a rough estimate might be ca1739—1749.   For the moment, let’s use ca1745.    Wife’s name likely was Tabitha, who was the mother of William Hogan (1786 to 1856) of Washington County, Louisiana.  Other children are more problematic and include John Hogan who married 1802 in Warren Co. Ga.

Details from a future Daniel & William Hogan of Georgia chapter.


(a-3). Daniel Hogan (ca1755 to 1796) of Camden County, Georgia participated in the failed 1795 Spanish East Florida Rebellion and died in a 1796 Spanish prison.  Known to have a wife and at least two children, names not known.   Also, living in both areas was a Reuben Hogan who is suspected to be a brother.  Reuben has two known sons – John Reuben Hogan and Charles Hogan, per Camden County deed.

Details from a HoganDanielWmGa.doc chapter,, not yet online.


(4). Mary Hogan

(5). Elizabeth Hogan

(6). Sarah Hogan

(7). Charlotte Hogan

(8). A grandson named Thomas Hogan

(~9). Other children, claimed to belong, but not in will – A discussion follows on whether they belong:


Some genealogy websites have linked these Fauquier/Prince William County Hogans to the following Col. John Hogan.  They report his father to be Thomas Hogan (1716 to 1779) and wife Elizabeth Griffin.      


Col. John Hogan (~1740 to ~1810) married Mary Lloyd, daughter of Thomas Lloyd (~1710-1792).   Settled in Orange County, North Carolina by 1770 or 1772.     He is not in the Prince William County will of Thomas Hogan.  This may or may not be important, but he does have strong family naming pattern for his first three sons – Thomas Hogan (~1771), John Hogan (~1773), and William Hogan (1774).   The name given to son Thomas Hogan is likely from his father-in-law - Thomas Lloyd, unless both parents were named “Thomas.”  A recent book details their history: “Hogan Genealogy: The Descendants of Col. John Hogan and Mary Lloyd Hogan of Orange County, North Carolina and Montgomery County, Tennessee,” by Cleo G. Hogan and C. E. Hogan, 1998.   This researcher has not found a copy and believes the book unavailable (12/2019).  However, Cleo G. Hogan gives a summary in “Montgomery County, Tennessee Book 2000” on page 214 which can be found on Google Books.   This account does not mention Col. John Hogan’s origins.   


              From the book “Thomas Lloyd of Brunswick County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina,” (page 27): Col. John Hogan mentioned he had two brothers on the Orange Co. NC debtor list: 1 - Zachariah Hogan who moved to and died in Anson County, North Carolina.  2 – Isaiah Hogan on a July 1777 debtor list, and who died in 1781.  Isaiah’s widow remarried and she and his son may have moved to Georgia.   Louisa County, Virginia records an Isaiah or Isiah Hogan in its Chancery Court in 1797, who cannot be the same person.     


Given these details, this conflicts with Prince William County’s Thomas Hogan “I” being the father.  Thomas “I” did not have sons named Zachariah and Isaiah Hogan. Take-away from this…Col. John Hogan does not belong here and our subject Thomas Hogan’s wife is not Elizabeth Griffin. 


Reconstruction details for another John Hogan (~1740 to 1770)

Appears to fit with Thomas Hogan “I” – as grandson Thomas Hogan in 1779 Will

And unnamed son who died before Thomas Hogan’s 1779 Will


(1). John Hogan (~1740 to 1770 Fauquier Co., Va.), who married Mary France Carroll/Carrell.

Birth date - not known; estimated roughly ca1740 if matched somewhat with wife. 

Parents unknown, but could relate to Thomas Hogan “I,” since they named their son Thomas Hogan.  

Married about 1766 to Mary Frances Carroll or Carrell (~1747 to 1836)

Death before 20 June 1770.  His estate administration is important evidence that they were an actual family. 


Earliest County Record – none found

Last County Record – Estate administration 20 June 1770.

Children – two are reported, but there seems to be only one - Thomas Hogan (estimated born ~1767) and cannot pick up his trail, but his widow mother remarried and probably left the area.     


1837 March 6 – Wilkes County, Georgia: Mary Owens (Mary Frances Carroll Hogan Owens) is reported born 1747, and had a will written 24 October 1836, and entered 6 March 1837 Wilkes County, Georgia.    She lived to the age 90 and is reported to have married 1st to John Hogan who lived in Fauquier County and reportedly had two children, one which was named Thomas Hogan.  She married 2nd to __ Owens and had six children by the second.”   


Mary Frances Carrell/Carroll was the daughter of Demse (Demsey) and Frances Carrell/Carroll.   “Demise Carrell died in Loudoun County, where his undated will was proved 13 May 1776, naming his wife “Rebekah” and twelve children, but not his eldest son, Daniel who may have predeceased him.  Executors were his wife and son-in-law Silvester Welch, and bequests included his plantation, horse, money, and slaves.”*    In his will, daughter Mary is named “Mary Owens” and Demise’s will names her son to be “Thomas Hogan.” 

* Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly – online  Vol. 27, No. 4, page 235/6, image 8/84.


Part 3 - Details of Hogans in Fauquier and Prince William Counties, Virginia


Pre or early Prince William County 1694-1743: “Grants taking up the lower water front of Cedar Run from a point on the Occoquan just east of Brentsville to the east bank of Dorrell’s Run were made to William Sprilles - Bennett and Fayolle, John Hogan, Lewis Reno, Lewis Tacquett, Philemon Waters, Wansford Arrington, Thomas Harrison and Thomas Witledge.”   Not clear which John Hogan is mentioned here.


1710 Stafford County, Virginia: King’s 1704 Quit Rents of Virginia for land owners: John Hogan, dated 1710 Stafford County, 740 acres. 


              Stafford County, Virginia (established 1664) with King George County (est. 1720/21) broke off lands to make Prince William County (established 1730/31).   In 1758, Fauquier County was established from Prince William County.  


1711 August 28 – Stafford County, Virginia Land Grant: To John Hogan, grantee.  486 acres on the eastward or lower side of Occoquon River, adjoining land of (the same) John Hogan. 

Northern Neck Grants, No. 4, 1710-1712, p. 45 (Reel 289), Library of Virginia.  


(maybe) 1724 – Overwharton Parish, Stafford County:  Tobacco Tenders

William Hogan, 1 tithable, 4018 plants.

William Farrow, 2 blacks, and John Hogins, age 13, 3? Tithables, 12,026 plants.

Stafford County Virginia Tithables 1723-1790, Volume One, John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr., 1990, pages 27 & 30.


(maybe) 1731 – Prince William County: The “poll list for the election of Burgesses for the county of Prince William,” 1731 contains many Irish names including William Hogan….

Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Volume 5, page 112, per Google Books


1741 November 14 - Prince William County, Virginia Land Grant to William Hogan.  583 acres upon the branches of Champ Run and Licking Run, branches of Cedar Run adjoining land of Savage, Dubutt and the Brent Town Tract. 

Land Office Grants at Library of Virginia.


Former Brent Town and Brent Town Road (still exists) appear to be partly within today’s Marine Corps Lands (Quantico); in Fauquier County and west of the Fauquier – Prince William - Stafford border triangle. 


1741 – Prince William County, Virginia Land Grant to Thomas Hogan.  226 acres adjoining Charles Carter, Mr. Burgess, Holzelaw, and Thornton’s land.   

Land Office Grants at Library of Virginia, Grants E, 1736-1742, p. 249 (Reel 291). 


1742 December 20 - Prince William County, Va:  Daniel Hogan.  Land Grant of 434 acres adjoining land of Savage, Hughs, Carter, Debutt, &c. 

Land Office Grants at Library of Virginia.


1745 – 1747 Prince William County, Virginia: 

1745 July 11.  At a Vestry held at the Vestry House of Dettingen.  To John Hogan for being Sexton six months.  To (pay) John Hogan 250 pounds of tobacco.

1746 October 4.  At a Vestry held at Quantico Vestry House in Dettingen Parish.  Ordered that John Hogan be continued Sexton at Broadrun Chapel; (to help in) the laying of the next Parish levy.   To (pay) John Hogan, 500 pounds tobacco.

1747 November 9.  At a Vestry held at Quantico Vestry House.  To (pay) John Hogan at Broad Run 500 pounds of tobacco.

"Records of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, Virginia 1745-1802," 1976, pages 3 - 6.  Found online.


1747 - Prince William County, Virginia:  To John Hogan at Broad Run....(listed for) 500 acres. (ibid source)


1749 April 24 - Prince William County, Virginia (Established 1727):  William Hogins and wife Margaret of the Parish of Hamilton, Prince William County sold to James Hooper of same Parish 50 acres of land, south side of the Mountain Road, part of a 583-acre grant to William Hogins in the 15th year of the reign of Lord King George.  Signed William (x) Hogins and Margrit (e) Hogins.  (DB 1748-149/pg 181-1840)


1749 April 26 – Prince William County, Virginia:  William Hogins, Jr. and Daniel Hogins witnesses to suit by Thomas Hooper, Jr.  (DB_/PG 200)


1753 November 26 – Prince William County, Va: William Hogan, Daniel Hogan, Isaac Coppedge and John Catlett - appraisers of estate of Thomas Drummond.  (Minute Book, PG. 310)


1754 September 23 - Prince William County, Va: Last will and testament of William Hogan.  Margaret executrix, son Daniel for proof.  (noted in Order Book, page 139).   Actual will appears missing.


1754 September – Prince William County Court Bonds:  William Hogan, deceased.  Margaret Hogan, Extx; Bonds for William Hogan, James Hogan, Sec. 23.  

County Court Notebook, Vol. 1-5, October 1921 Issue, per Google Books,


1759 Fauquier County Tithables

Charles Hogan – 1 tithe.   All tithables here taken by Thomas Marshall in the Southern District.  

Daniel Hogan and William Banester 2 Tithes.    

James Hogan, Reason Young – taken together as 2 tithes

Will Hogan – 1 tithe.   

Source - Fauquier Families, Volume 2 (Supplement) by John P. Alcock, 2001, pages 8, 9, 14   


Fauquier County tithables and personal property lists exist for 1759, 1766, 1768, 1775, 1777, 1778, 1781, 1783.  Some of these are incomplete and sometimes do not help us understand who is living in the county.  The Fauquier Families, Volume 1 and 2 by John P. Alcock is an important reference and source for many of these records.  This book briefly summarizes findings found in Fauquier County records.


1760 March 28 - Fauquier County, Virginia (established 1759 from Prince William County): Daniel Hogan appointed surveyor of road from the crossroads at Hogan's Ford to meet the Acquila Road at Brent Town. 

Court Minute Book, 1759-1762, page 58


1760 July 24 - Fauquier County: Jury includes Daniel Hogan and Charles Hogan.

Court Minutes Book 1759-1762, page 81


1761 February 26 - Fauquier County: Daniel Hogan, administrator of Estate of Davenport Legg.  James Hogan and William Hogan appraisers. 

Minute Book Abstracts 1759-1761, page 126.   Also, in Will 14 August 1760 – Inventory 26 February 1761, P12-13


1762 March 25 - Fauquier County: Charles Hogan, defendant with Cuthbert Bullitt, his attorney.  Daniel Hogan bail for defendant.  John Glassford, Merchant, plaintiff.  (Min. Bk 1761-1762, page 226)


1762 July? - Court at Fauquier County:  Sale of Land to Mary Bashaw from Daniel Hogan and Ann, his wife.  Also noted were 150 acres, part of 434 acres to "Daniel Hogan in 1742" and "to land of Charles Hogan."  Daniel and Charles Hogan’s lands were adjacent on small branch of Cedar Run.

Minute Book 1757-62, page 317.    Deed Book 1759-1783, page 363 to 366


1762 September 23 - Fauquier County:  Charles Hogain and Daniel Hogain, defendants in debt versus Martin Hardin, plaintiff.  31 pounds debt and fees.  (Minute Book 1761/62, page 353)


1763 August 25 - Fauquier County: Daniel Hogan, defendant versus William Carr, Gentleman and plaintiff.  Debt.  Defense attorney - James Hogain, security, debt paid was

Minute Book 1763-4, pages 163-164


1763 September 23 - Fauquier County: (1) Bill of Sale from Daniel Hogain to James Hogain and (2) Order that Church Wardens of Hamilton Parish bind Behethland Young to Daniel Hogan. 

Minute Book 1763-64/page 197


1763 November 24 - Fauquier County: Grand Jury included James Hogain and William Hogain.  They presented Daniel Hogan for "swearing three times within one month." 

Minute Book 1763-4, page 221


1764 March 22 - Fauquier County: Sale between Daniel Hogain and wife Ann of Fauquier County to William Triplet, of Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia   Land adjacent to William Hogain.    Oath: James and Betty Legg.

Several sources, including Family Archives – Genealogies of Virginia Families from “The William and Mary College Quarterly, DC 186.


1765 Prince William County, Virginia Tax: Thomas Hogan 3 tithes, 226 acres

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly – online  Vol. 30, No. 2, pg 104.


1766 Fauquier County Tithes: Thomas Hogan 181 acres.  1766 is a short list.  Also, Thomas Hogan tithes are noted in 1778, 1782-1792, 1794-1796


1767 November 20 - Fauquier County: Will of Margaret Hogan.   Son Charles Hogan – one bed and furniture, 2 iron pots, 3 plates, 1 dish, 4 basins, 4 head cattle, 2 wheels, 2 tables, 6 chairs, and “all the rest of my Lumbers.”  To “Grate grand Child” Frances Banester – one bed and Rugg, one small Pott.  To daughter Mary Banester – one large chest.  Signed: Margret (x) Hogan.  Witnesses: John William, Ann Williams, Fra. Moore.  Entered 23 June 1767 by order of John Williams and Ann Williams.  Charles Hogain granted cert. for obtaining Letters of Adm’r.  


Margaret Hogain (Inventory) date Court Order - June 1767. App’d by John Jett, William Triplett, John Williams, sworn before Mr. Gilson Foote, Gentleman, one of his Majesties Justices for the said County.  Total evaluation – L17.10.4, Returned 27 July 1767

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  Images 44-45/366, pages 120-121,


1767 and 1768 Lists of Tobacco Growers Fauquier County: No Hogans.


1767 Fauquier County, Va:  Dr. Richard Foote and William Foote, Infants in account with Gilson Foote - Guardian.  1767, 30 June: To cash paid John Nelson for smith’s work.  & August to cash paid William Hogain for Smith work….

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  Image 69/366, pg 55.


1769 August 28 - Fauquier County: William Hogain appointed surveyor of a road from Cedar Run to Stafford line on the Falmouth Road.  (Page 131).


1770 June 25 - Fauquier County:  Mary Hogain, administrator for Estate of John Hogain, deceased.  "Estate to be divided between widow and child." 

Minute/Order Book #5, page 229


1775 Fauquier County, Virginia Tithables: William Grant’s list for the southern part of Hamilton Parish

William Hogain, John Hogain – 2 tithes 


1775 March 27 – Fauquier County, Virginia:  John Hogan Estate Account.  Administrator – John Owens.  Details – Cash paid to John Riddle, George Skinker, Silvester Welch.  By – Silvester Welch, Benjamin Willoughby, John Leachman, Returned 27 March 1775

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  Page 287,


1776 May 19 – Loudoun County, Virginia: Will of Demse Carroll, undated, recorded 19 May 1776:  Wife – Rebecca Carroll.  Daughters – Frances (wife of Henry __), Rachel Carroll, Mary Ann Carrol and Cynthia Carroll, Mary Owens (and her son Thomas Hogan?), son-in-law William Smith.  Exrs – wife, son-in-law Silvester Welch (of Fauquier County).  Security for executors – John Orr.  Witnesses – William Turner, Jr., Mary M. Porter, and Henry Wiseheart. (p. 134)

Loudoun County Virginia – Abstract of Wills, Inventories, and Administrations 1757-1800, Book B/13, on


1778 Fauquier County, Virginia Tithables: for Hamilton Parish

John Hogain, Rolley Hogain, 1 N, 3 tithes.


1778 February 3 – Fauquier County, Virginia:  Will of John Catlett, Senior of the Parish of Dittingen and County of Fauquier.  Bequeaths to sons John Catlett 1-shilling sterling, William Catlett a tract of land on the east side of old Gleib Road containing 179 acres.  To son Alexander the plantation I now live on containing 179 acres.  Bequeaths to daughter Elizabeth Catlett, to daughter Jane Coppage, to granddaughter Margret Hume, to daughter Bersheba Young; remainder of my movable estate to be equally divided between Maryann Hogans, Elizabeth Catlet, Jane Coppage, Bersheba Young, Isbell Summers and Frances Priest.

Executors – Moses Coppage and John Hogan

Signed: John Catlett, Senr

Witnesses – Original Young, James Dowdall, James Holmes, Wm. Pope. 

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  Image 101-366., WB 1/326/327.  


1779 March 1 – Prince William County, Virginia:  Abstracted Will of Thomas Hogan.  Sons - Thomas Hogan, William Hogan, Daniel Hogan, grandson – Thomas Hogan, Daughters Mary Hogan, Elizabeth Hogan, Sarah Hogan and Charlotte Hogan.

Genealogy: A Weekly Journal of American Ancestry, Volume 4, Number 9, Oct. 1914, page 81; reported to be WB G/39.  Actual will is in Will Book G/39 with Inventory in Inventory Book G/57, but not seen.


1780 October – American Revolution: John Hogain, Fauquier Militia, recorded as 2nd Lieut, Oct. 1780.

Family Tree Maker’s Virginia In the Revolution and War of 1812 Military Records,, #6070-121 CD


1780 October 31 – Fauquier County, Va: Marriage of John Hogan to Molly Mauzy in Fauquier Co. Va.

1780 December 19 – Fauquier County, Va: Marriage of Bathsheba Hogain to John Nelson in Fauquier Co., Va. (both from Virginia, Compiled Marriages, 1660-1800,  


Undated (maybe - belongs here) – Warrantees Revolutionary War Service:  Private John Hogan (Anna Basham and Polly Frazier).  Continental Line Warrants, Military District of Ohio., number 8383.

Family Tree Maker’s Virginia In the Revolution and War of 1812 Military Records,, #6070-121 CD


~1776-1781 – American Revolution:  List of Capt. Benjamin Harrison’s Company of Volunteers for Fauquier County, Virginia, undated list: Rawley Hogan

US Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Virginia, Western Battalion 1781-1782, (image 146/492).


       John Nelson who married Bathsheba Hogan was in the same unit as Rawley Hogan,


1781 Fauquier County, Virginia Tithables: John Hogan – 2


1781 – Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Va.):  Land Grant to John Hogain grantee, 400 acres on the head waters of the Lick Branch of Sleepy Creek. 

Northern Neck Land Grants Virginia, Library of Virginia.  Reel 298, 1780-1788, page 181.


1782 Fauquier County, Virginia Personal Taxes: John Hogan - 2 0 3 2 (#1 W.M. 21+, #2 Blacks, #3 Horses, #4 Cattle). 

Binn’s Genealogy Virginia County tax lists.

1782 Prince William County, Virginia Personal Tax: (From Binns Genealogy)

Wm. Hogan & Dick, Hanah, Amy under 16, 1 0 0 3 black tithes, 2 horses, 5 cattle


1783 Fauquier County Virginia Personal Tax - Along Prince William line and along various roads.  #1 free males 21+, #2 total slaves, #3 slaves < 16, #4 cattle, #5 horses.  #1 free males varies in age; at least by 1790, age becomes 16+ but is vague.    There are two John Hogans on this list.   This is only time in this era that two are listed the same year.  


Thomas Hogins

John Hogins 1 0 0 1 1

John Hogain 1 1 1 9 2

Rawleigh Hogain 1 0 0 5 2 


1784 Fauquier County, Virginia Personal Tax:

John Hogan 1 1 0 3 8

Rawleigh Hogan 1 1 0 2 5

Thomas Hogans

1784 Prince William Co., Va. Land taxes:

Eliza Hogan 226 acres.   In 1787 and 1788, these 226 acres are under the name of William Hogan.  No Hogans appear again in this county through 1791.  Not checked thereafter. 


1785 Fauquier County, Virginia Personal Tax:

Rolly Hogain 11025

John Hogan 12147


1786 May 2 – Fauquier Co. Va:  Marriage bond of Rawleigh Hogain to Peggy Conway, bond by William Conway.

Fauquier Families, Volume 1 by John P. Alcock, 2001, page 173


1786 August 10 – Fauquier Co. Va: Marriage bonds of Samuel Stephenson to Barbara Hogan.

Abstracts of Fauquier Count, Virginia, Marriage Bonds,


1786 Fauquier County, Virginia Personal Tax: #5 horses, #6 cattle.

William Hogain 1 0 1 0 0

Thomas Hogain

John Hogan


1787 Fauquier County, Virginia Personal Tax: (new 2nd # is free males 16-20, otherwise sequence same)

John Hogan

Thomas Hogan (in whose name taxed), Thomas Hogan (free male 16+)


1788 Fauquier County, Va. Personal Tax:

Thomas Hogan in 1788 chargeable tax, free males – Thomas Hogan + Elijah Griffith, 2 5 0 7 (with 1st # free men).

Rolley Hogan 1 0 0 1

John Hogan 1 2 0 4  


1789 Fauquier County, Va. Personal Tax:

Thomas Hogan, Thomas Hogan 1 5 0 6  (tax list B)

Rawleigh Hogan 1001 (tax list C, May 13)

John Hogain 1204 (tax list C, May 27)


1789 Fauquier, County, Va:  Minutes/Order Book - Clary Hogan bound to John Nelson.  Nelson married Bathsheba Hogan in 1780.

       The Fauquier Families, Volume 1, John P. Alcock, page 173, Minutes Book 0/2111    


1790 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:

Thomas Hogans, Thomas Hogan, 1 (# free males 16+) and 5 (blacks), (tax list A)

John Hagan, Lewis Walter, 2 2 0 5 (#1 free males), (tax list C)


1791 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:

John Hogan 1 2 0 4 (tax list C)


1792 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:  (# 1 are free males 16+)

Thomas Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Jr. 2 4 0 4 (tax list A)

John Hogan, Lewis Walter, 2 2 1 4


1793 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:

John Hogan, Lewis Walter 2 2 1 4


1793 March 20 – Fauquier County, Virginia: Inventory of Francis Manuel, deceased.  App’d by William Foote, Henry D. Hooe, John Hogain; sworn before Wm Stuart.  Total evaluation L40.10.), Returned 24 June 1793.

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  Image 238/366, page 222. 


1794 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:

Thomas Hogan, Thomas Hogan Jr. 2 4 1 5 (Tax List A)

John Hogan, Lewis Walter 2 2 1 4 (Tax List C)


1795 Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax:

Thomas Hogan, Thomas Hogan 2 4 1 5 (tax List A)

John Hogan, Mason Garret 2 3 0 5 (tax List C)


1796 Fauquier Co. Va. Person Tax:

Thomas Hogan, 1 4 0 2 (tax list A)

John Hogan 1 3 0 5    (End of available yearly tax records online, except 1799)   


1796 – Fauquier Co. Va: Thomas and Judith Hogan deeded 208 acres on Glady Branch to Charles Martin (DB 13/260). 

Fauquier Families, Volume 1 by John P. Alcock, 2001, page 173, DB 13/260


1796 – Hampshire County, Virginia (W. Va.): Samuel Jones and wife Ester of Hampshire County deeded to Thomas Hogan of Fauquier County, Virginia 114 acres on Knobby Mountain.  Witnesses – John Candift, Joseph Jacobs.

Early West Virginia Settlers, section Hampshire County, Virginia Deeds, Genealogical Publishing Company, CD 520.


1797 February 24 – Fauquier County, Virginia: Inventory of John Johnson, deceased, App’d by William Wood, James Wood, John Hogain, first sworn before William Stewart:  Total eval.: L390-.18.10, Returned 27 February 1797.  

Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills and Inventories Accounts 1759-1800.  WB1/326/327.  Image 283/366.


1799 – Fauquier Co. Va. Personal Tax: No Hogans.

1799 – Fauquier Co. Va:  John Hogan voted.

The Fauquier Families, Volume 1, John P. Alcock, page 173, DB D 14/351   


1810 US Census of Fauquier County, and Prince William County, Virginia:  No Hogans


Part 4 - Other Records of Interest

(1). Hampshire County, Virginia (now W. Va.)


1793 December 14 – Hampshire County, Va. Court:  On the report of persons who were appointed to view the way propose for a new road from Doutharts up Mikes Run to Hogan’s Mill, ordered that Gerard Irwin be summoned to appear at February Count next to cause if any why the said road should not be opened accordingly.

Hampshire County, Va. (W. Va.), Volume 1, Minute Book Abstracts 1788 – 1802,, page 118.


              Mikes Run can be found on Delorme West Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer.   It is actually in Mineral County, West Virginia and empties eastward into Patterson Creek.   It is southwest of the landmark of Burlington, Mineral County, West Virginia.  The next creek to the north is Mill Run, which might be a reference to Hogan’s Mill.  Both Mikes Run and Mill Run have their origins on the extended ridge of Knobly Mountain.


1796 – Hampshire County, Virginia (W. Va.): Samuel Jones and wife Ester of Hampshire County deeded to Thomas Hogan of Fauquier County, Virginia 114 acres on Knobly Mountain.  Witnesses – John Candift, Joseph Jacobs.

Early West Virginia Settlers, section Hampshire County, Virginia Deeds, Genealogical Publishing Company, CD 520.


1797 Hampshire County, VA:  James McGuire of Hampshire County deeded to Thomas Hogan of Hampshire County 296 acres on Carns Run.  Witnesses – Thos. Jones, Sam’l Jones, William Jones, Robt. Jones.   Recorded – 17 June 1797.

Early Records of Hampshire County, Virginia –


1800 Hampshire County, Va Personal Tax: (# 1 white tithes 21+, #2 Horses, #3 Slaves 12+ when shown).  Tax lists filed - A, B, C’s etc.  But within each grouping such as “H” names are random.  The first three Hogans are next to each other in 1800.  William Hogan doesn’t have 3 numbers and might suggest he is living with Thomas Hogan, Jr.   Source is Hampshire County, Virginia (W. Va) Personal Tax lists 1800-1814 on For the year 1800….


Hogan, Thomas, Senior 1-2-9

Hogan, Thomas 1-2-1

Hogan, William 1-1; 

Hogan, Elizabeth 0-0-1 (not close to above three)


1801 Hampshire County, Va. Tax: 

Hogan, William 1-1, is next to:

Hogan, Thomas, Junior 1-3-1

Hogan, Thomas, Senior 1-4-8

Hogan, Elizabeth 0-0-1 


1802 Hampshire County, Va. Tax:

Hogan, Thomas, Jun’r 1-2-1

Hogan, Thomas, Sen’r 1-3-8


Senior’s last year in these records is 1804.  He doesn’t appear again and he may have died.   Elizabeth Hogan shows up intermittently in 1806, 1807, and 1813 with her last tax numbers being 0-0-3.


1832 January 22 – Hampshire County, Virginia (W. Va.):  Will of Thomas Hogan.  Wife not named, two children –Mary and Susannah.   Mentions State of Georgia “legisee.”  Dempsey Welch, Jr. “to have some of my clothes.”  Executor - John Dye.  Witnesses – John Dye, Denny Welch, Jr.

Early Records of Hampshire County, Virginia (W. Va.),, page 119.


Berkeley County, Virginia (W. Virginia)


1781 – Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Va.):  Land Grant to John Hogain grantee, 400 acres on the head waters of the Lick Branch of Sleepy Creek. 

Northern Neck Land Grants Virginia, Library of Virginia.  Reel 298, 1780-1788, page 181.


Today’s Sleepy Creek is in Morgan County, West Virginia.  The creek has its watershed extending into Hampshire County, West Virginia.


1796 Berkeley County, Virginia Land Tax Record:  John Hoggan, 400 acres.

Berkeley County, Virginia (W. Va.) Land Tax,


1812 Berkeley County, Virginia Land Tax: Martin Hogain, west side Sleeply Creek Mount, 400 acres. (image 264/496)

1813 Berkeley County, Virginia Land Tax: Martin Hogan, on western waters of ?,


Logan County, Kentucky


1810 US Census of Logan County, Kentucky:

John Hogan – 2 males + 1 female 0-9, 1 female 10-15, 2 males + 1 female 16-25, 1 male + 1 female 26-44, 1 male and 1 female 45+


1815 Logan County, Ky., Tax:

Hogan, William 250 acres Whippoorwill 1112.  Appears to be someone different than William B. Hogan of Montgomery County, Tennessee.  He is two entries from

Hogan, John Sr. 250 acres Whippoorwill 1445

Hogan, John Jr. 250 acres Whippoorwill 1112

Hogan, Martin 250 acres Whippoorwill 1384


1816 June 4 – Logan County, Ky: Marriage of Wm. B. Hogan to Sally Scott (county record).   No family line is claiming her.


1816 Logan County, Ky. Tax: (#2 slaves 16+ and #3 total slaves). 


Hogan, John Hogan, Sr., 250 acres Whippoorwill Creek, 1395.   All 4 are next to each other.

Hogan, Martin 250 acres, Whippoor 1384

Hogan, Wm. 250 acres Whippoor 1113.

Hogan, John, Jr. 250 acres, Whippoor 1003


              Whippoorwill Creek is an extremely long creek flowing, north to south near the western border of Logan County and empties into the Red River near the Kentucky-Tennessee State line.     


1824 Logan County, Ky. Tax:

Hagan, William – no land named, 1233

Hogan, John 300 acres Whippoorwill

Hogan, Martin 360 acres 1596 Whippoorwill

“same for Jane Hogan 34 acres


1825 Logan County, Kentucky tax

Hogan, John, 250 acres in Logan County 1373

Hogan, Martin 362 acres, 1474

Same for Ann Hogan 34 acres

Hogan, William, 336 acres, Whipp. 1244

Hogan, John 250 acres, Whipp.

Hogan, Martin 410.5 acres, Whipp 1476


1830 US Census of Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky:

Hogan, William - 2 males + 1 female 0-4, 1 male + 1 female 5-9, 1 female 20-29, 1 male 40-49.  Slaves 4.  All three Hogans are next to each other.

Hogan, Martin, 1 female 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 male and 1 female 40-49.

Hogan, John, 1 male & 1 female 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 female 30-39, 1 male 40-49.


1840 US Census of Logan County, Kentucky:

Hogan, William - 1 female 0-4, 2 males + 1 female 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 male + 1 female 15-19, 1 female 40-49, 1 male 50-59.   Next to Martin Hogan but not the others.

Hogan, Martin, 1 female 10-14, 2 females 15-19, 1 male 50-59, 9 slaves

Hogan, John.  2 females 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 3 females 101-4, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 40-49, 1 Male 50-59, 8 slaves.