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 Rapid Index
 (Key name/birth date)
 •Allumbaugh, Garrett 1789
 •Bane, Mordecai~1683
 •Blake, David 1764
 •Blake, John ~1640
 •Bobbitt, Isham 1754
 •Boone, Squire 1696
 •Brous, Peter 1783
 •Burk, James ~1705
 •Daggett, John ~1602
 •Eckart, Victor ~1871
 •Eckart, William~1815
 •Eckart, Wm.F. 1843
 •Eggers, Daniel 1752
 •Eggers, Geo 1715
 •Eggers, Landrine 1757
 •Ellison, James 1776
 •Ellison, Stewart 1809
 •Frontier Alarms 1774
 •Green, Garret ~1730
 •Hogan, Humph ~1740
 •Hogan, Humphrey ~1682
 •Hogan, William 1777
 •Jones, Lewis 1784
 •Jones, Mathew 1813
 •Jones, Samuel 1756
 •Klaumann, Herm.1851
 •Klaumann, Jn ~1818
 •Morphew, Aaron 1796
 •Morphew, James~1715
 •Morphew, James~1750
 •Morphew, James 1805
 •Morphew, Jos. 1775
 •Morphew, Silas~1752
 •Morphew, Wm 1829
 •Morphews, unknown
 •Murphy, Cal 1860
 •Murphy, Garrett1850
 •Murphy, Jas W 1876
 •Murphy, Riley 1853
 •Powell, Rowland ~1670
 •Steelman, Chas I ~1705
 •Steelman, Chas II ~1745
 •Steelman, Jonath 1782
 •Steelman, Peter ~1667
 •Steyer, Andrew 1827
 •Tatum, Christopher 1683
 •Tatum, Edward ~1675
 •Tatum, George ~1721
 •Tatum, Henry 1680
 •Tatum, James ~1755
 •Tatum, Joseph ~1705
 •Tatum, Nathaniel 1599
 •Tatum, Nathaniel ~1635
 •Tatum, Nathaniel ~1670
 •Tatum, Peter ~1675
 •Tatum, Samuel ~1695
 •Tatum, Samuel I ~1640
 •Tatum, Samuel II ~1674
 •Wadlows, Maryland
 •Wadlow, Thomas ~1710
 •Wadlow, William ~1745
 •Wilcockson, David 1742
 •Wilcockson, Geo 1692
 •Wilcockson, John 1720
 •Wilcockson, Sam 1755
 •Willcoxen, Squire 1778

Welcome to The Morphew/Murphy Story

New For 2014!
John Daggett/Doggett (~1602 to 1673) of Massachusetts
- New to Website
- Watertown/Rehoboth/Martha Vineyard Island/Plymouth
  and descendants

John Blake (~1640 to 1700) of Massachusetts
- New to Website
- Plymouth Colony and Wrentham
  and descendants

Henry Tatum (~1680 to 1727)
- New to 2013 Website

Notice: Jim Murphy's email address has changed to

Treva and Ray Eckart, taken by Vic Eckart

This site is divided into 3 sections:

The Morphew/Murphy Story - by J.R. Murphy, 2nd Edition
This section tells the story of James/Joseph Morphew and Mary Burke and their descendants while detailing the line of James Morphew and Rebecca Hogan. A number of maternal ancestors are included - Burke, Eggers, Hogan, Allumbaugh, Green, Wilcoxson, Jones, Brous, Klaumann, and others.

Eckart Family Story (Kansas)
Welcome to the Eckart Family Story about William Eckart (1815-1882) and his descendants, which details the line of William F. Eckart and Victor T. Eckart.

Steelman Story (New Jersey and West) - by J.R. Murphy, 1 January 2008
This is the ongoing search to understand these Steelmans and their early Gloucester County, New Jersey Origins

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